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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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st. joes narrowly escaped
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cincinnati. sunday night they have top seeded oregon. the hawks are feeling good after that last second victory but in the ncaa feelings like that are short lived. on to the next challenge. oregon is a team that went 29-six this season. >> playing a team that you have never played before, it kind of shows where we line up at and test for us and we are ready to step up to are that test. >> they are fabulous. they are as good, you know, up close and personally know what villanova looks like. i know villanova a could end up in houston. i know oregon can end up in houston. >> how about this for an exciting day of basketball on sunday, nova a and iowa tip off at 12:10. st. joes and top seeded oregon will go at 9:40. penn facing washington in the opening round of the women's tournament. even of the second quarter casey chambers just before the buzzer, you beach a. but it is downhill from there. katie, down low in the fourth
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quarter, penn loses, 65-53. to hirsch pay for boys 4a state championship. roman catholic. lemar stevens, 27 points, reman catholic wins 73-62. back to back state titles for roman catholic. that is sport. all right ducis, thank you. it was prom night all over again but this time prom goers brought their dogs. animal supporters and their loyal k-9 companion is a tended 19th annual fur ball in olde city. the nifty 50's theme fundraiser benefited the nation's first animal shelter, the morris animal refuge. "action news" at 11:30 continues next, lawmakers in new jersey are trying to crack down on a dangerous habit the you do every day. why texting and walking may not aloud for much longer. plus more than a dozen cats and dogs are removed from a home in philadelphia, we will tell you why, that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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what happening on "action news" at 11:30. mourn a dozen animals are removed from what officials say is a filthy home in the holmesberg section. plus if you text and walk in the state of new jersey, you could soon be breaking the
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law. and determined dogs had a chance for their own easter egg hunt today. we will take you to the cutest holiday tradition around. a fire in a church in darby boro won't stop one congregation from gathering tomorrow. just a after midnight fire fighters were called to ever abundant life international church in the 100 block of ridge avenue. connected to that church is a creative mind learning center and christiana contacted my which also sustained smoke and water damage. darby a's mayor has invited the church to use the boro new recreational center for palm sunday day services tomorrow. day carries trying to figure out what it will do monday morning. >> we are trying to relocate our children to the area, so if someone who is with us, who has a space or a rec center, or has a church with the basement we need to keep our children together. >> there are about 100 children who attend the day care. as for fire, investigators have not yet said how it started. animal control officers
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removed more than a dozen animals from a house from the cities holmesberg section this morning. they were notified after police received a tip that the 17 animals were living in filthy conditions at the house located in the 7900 block of marsden. fifteen small dogs and two cats were taken away by pspca. they will be cleaned up and looked over by veterinarians. it is not yet clear if the home owner faces charges at this time. this 19 year-old man is accused of murdering his grandfather. only "action news" was in chester county yesterday when sean haggard was a rested. early friday morning police were called to the park place trail are park in stanton, delaware where 69 year-old james steppi was found dead by his daughter and his vehicle was missing. police spotted it and after a chase found steppi's grandson behind the wheel. police are investigating a shooting in north philadelphia, last night that left a man in critical condition. it happened around 11:00 o'clock in the 2900 block of north reese street.
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the officers were called to the scene and found a man leg on the sidewalk with the gunshot wound to the chest. he was taken to temple university hospital where he is listed in critical condition. less than an hour later shots rang out again in north philadelphia, this time two men were killed. violence happen in the 1300 block of seltzer street. investigators say first victim was shot multiple times and rushed to temple where he died. the second victim was found a short time late her in a nearby house. he was shot twice, no arrests have been made. today was all about inventing, designing, and robot, and other things were all part the of the new jersey's makers day which was held for the first time in camden. this is the inside of the leap academy university charter school's fabrication lab. the students have access to 3-d printers and robotic materials. they are encouraged to think about everything from solving global problems to developing every day items. veterans in bucks county received their id's to today at a discount, bucks county
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recorder of deeds staff traveled to the neshaminy man or in feasterville to hand out those id's. veterans had a chance to learn more about local organization that is can help them there will be a similar event tomorrow in langhorne. texting while walking but if you live shop or work or hang around new jersey you won't be able to do it much longer. lawmakers are trying to crackdown on high risk habit. the here's abc's candice gibson. >> new push to make this a criminal offence, distract walking. >> you you are not really paying attention to where you are going. >> reporter: so dangerous. >> i have been caught a couple times about to get hit the by a car. >> reporter: new jersey assembly woman introduce aid bill making violators subject to the $50 fine or 15 days in jail. it doesn't matter if you have the the right a way, if you are in the crosswalk your phone has to be put away and you have to be hand free. >> our abc cameras rolling as
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one after the the other in just an hour pedestrians caught texting in new york city where it the is legal. this is cameras captured mishaps of distract balking. this man nearly runs in the bear in the california neighborhood while fast moving rob inner london takes advantage of this guy's distraction. recent numbers from the highway association show 10 percent spike in pedestrian fatality in the first six months have last year. experts calling cell phone distraction a big problem. >> the smart phonies the new and arguablably one of the most dangerous forms of the distractions. >> reporter: now lawmakers hoping to solve this increasingly dangerous habit in its tracks. candice gibson abc news, new york. still to come tonight, catholic students delaware take part in the procession through the streets of delaware. plus they have their best easter bonnets on and baskets ready to go. we will take you to the cutest easter egg hunt around, melissa. we have light rain and wet snow on the the way as we get into the second half of our
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weekend, a dirty trick from mother nature on this first day of spring, we have information coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast.
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philadelphia street department held a rally with toy get block captains excited about working to keep their neighborhoods clean. more than a thousand block captains from across philadelphia, gathered in center city for this event. local organizations, and various city departments, set up exhibits and offered workshops for those who attended. dozens of children were treated to a special breakfast this morning, dave and busters at penns landing, hosted the alex lemonade stand
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foundation's hero breakfast with the bunny. children and their families enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet and got to meet the easter bunny. portion of the ticket sales will be donated to the alex lemonade stand foundation. hundreds of catholic high school student joined a procession through streets of the wilmington delaware this morning ahead of the palm sunday day. they carried ten by 6-foot cross more than 3 miles as part of the seventh annual diocese of wilmington youth pilgrimage. they said a prayer and mass during stops at the four catholic churches. melissa is here with another check of the accu weather forecast. we could have, trying to say what i want to say here, there could be just a little bit of snow. >> just a little as we get into sunday. rain and wet snow. not a whole lot. i wouldn't worry too much about it. the here's storm tracker six, double six radar, we are starting to dry out across the region. rain showers, we had across the area earlier today shifting a off to the east.
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still outside we will go, sky six live in hd, beautiful shot of the center city sky line on this saturday night. the mostly cloud tie but pretty calm conditions. we have a northerly win, northerly wind punches in relatively cooler air for this time of the year. these numbers north and west of town it the is 40 in slatington. thirty-seven in fleet wood. forty in center city. thirty-eight in chester. same thing in new who will an, 35. oxford. down a cross new jersey, 36 in sea isle city, 40 for browns mills and ewing. thirty-six for smyrna, and dover. thirty-seven in hockessin. here's satellite six with action radar. we had one batch of moisture across our region earlier today and bulk of the precipitation was neither south of philadelphia or in the city, that starts to shift to the east tonight. then there is low pressure off the coast of the carolinas and there is not a whole lot of moisture with it. this low pressure will work eastward, north and eastward overnight tonight and into
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sunday but consensus with this system is that the moisture shifts further east which will lower the snowfall amounts across our region, during the day tomorrow. so the call from accu weather over next 12 hours, rain continues to move out, otherwise, mostly cloudy, chilly for tonight, 29 in the suburbs for overnight low, dropping down to 35 in the philadelphia. the call from accu weather tomorrow, mostly cloudy, we have rain and wet snow around, high temperature of 43 in the city. same thing in reading. forty-one at the coast tomorrow and 40 degrees in toms river. we will time out precipitation for you, future tracker six showing you at 3:00 in the afternoon we have light showers around for south jersey and into delaware as well and as moisture getting, 9:30 tomorrow night i should say we have that snow along that i-95 corridor and areas north and west, rain for central new jersey and south jersey and delaware as well but as the storm system pull as way on the back side i think coastal sections of new jersey will pick up on a
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little bit of accumulation. sunday's snow event for the most part there is a 50 percent likelihood this is a nuisance event, coat to go an inch for most locations. one to 3 inches on have snowfall is likely, about 35 percent chance of that. especially across coastallal sections of new jersey. this becoming a maryland rate or heavy snowfall event looks to be very small, chances from five to 0 percent. not a major concern. most likely coat to go an inch for most locations and one to three for coastal new jersey as moisture pull as way tomorrow night. also, spring tomorrow, spring arrives at 12:30 in the morning, increasing daylight and temperatures. that is something to look forward to even though we are tracking wet snow, starting come. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you high tomorrow 43, breezy and sunny on monday in at 51. mostly sunny and warmer by tuesday in at 55. spring sunshine returns, mid week, we're up to 68 degrees. even warmer on thursday, in at 72, and for good friday, it is
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mostly cloud which a couple of showers possible late in the day, otherwise, a high temperature of 66, and then next saturday, in the bad, sunshine, included sharing skies, still above average with a high of 60 degrees, sarah so not bad tomorrow. >> very nice rebound. >> if you go to the star bucks regularly there may turnout that the coffee chain could owed you money. two customers filed a class action lawsuit that claims star bucks knowingly serves customers lattes that are 25 percent smaller than their menu claims. it says that the cups themselves are not actually large enough to contain number of the fluid ounces promised. star bucks says the lawsuit is unjustified. chipotle is still trying to entice customers back after two out breaks ofe coal lie this fall. they plan to give way to second one million-dollar to free foot to customers. just lah month chipotle offered free burritos to customers after closing down for a full day to conduct
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company wide safety training to get the coupons for that free food you have to sign up to receive chipotle e-mails. a father of six was shot to death in the friend a's home. now more than a year later his family is hoping you can help them as search for the killer goes on. here's our rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> he had a lot of joy in his life, you know. >> reporter: thirty-five year-old harold gordon was known to family and friend aster he will and poly man. gordon's mother says her son was a family man and father of six. on january 3rd, 2015, gordon was watching one of his sons when his aunt says she got a even if call. >> supposedly he had a phone call, saying come help me out, these guys doing this about this basketball court. >> reporter: linda says around 5:00, gordon went to the friend's house on the 1,000 block of division street in camden. the friend, wasn't home.
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that is when police say gordon was shot, multiple times. >> it appears as though he was in the raining place at the wrong time. >> reporter: family gather at coupe are university hospital and stood vigil by gordon for days. he unfortunately succumb to his injuries january 23rd. >> he did not deserve whatever happened to him. >> it is extremely frustrating. it is frustrating to talk the two families because you want to give them justice and to make them understand legal process and what we have to go through to get witnesses to come forward and have courage to dot right thing. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is administering a $3,500 reward for arrest and convictions for person responsible. all you have to does call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> the families are the ones, the victims at the this point and we're in mourning. we will continue to mourn until we have justice for my nephew. >> for crime fighters i'm rick williams for channel six
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"action news". some of delaware's top high school basketball players took the courts this afternoon to raise money for a good cause. >> fans in the stand cheered on their favorite team representing, north or south delaware. the blue/gold all-star basketball game was a chance for high school seniors to play one last time before they graduate. all proceed benefit best buddies, delaware. much more to come on "action news" tonight including sports, the flyers take on the penguins as they battle for a wild card playoff spot. ducis rodgers with the the details when "action news" comes right back. lemme get a mcpick 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics
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game, every shift, every shot is crucial, and they entered the day a point out of the wild card spot the in the east. hosting pens this afternoon at wells fargo certainty. michael neuvirth scratched right before, in favor of the steve mason. tied all at one in the second period but wheels come off the cart. two goals in 90 seconds. that was karl and chris kunis, one that goes wide, hits off mason's skate. flyers lose four-one. detroit wins in florida tonight. the flyers are new three points back. >> we definitely let the a game go there which, it is a frustrating feeling i'm sure for everybody. you know, we have been playing some good hockey lately and this afternoon wasn't our best game. >> and villanova next plays tomorrow afternoon in the second round of the ncaa tournament. nova held a practice in brooklyn this afternoon. cats will face iowa, same team that narrowly beat temple yesterday. cats had an easy time in their opener with unc/ash will but
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they expect a tougher test from the hawk eyes. >> they are in the top five the whole year. i think, we all know he how good they are and we all see the game they have lost, two points to wisconsin, four points to ohio state, all close games. they could have been higher seed then us, and we know it the will be a really tough game. >> they are a good team playing good basketball. beat a very good temple team yesterday in overtime. i think our guys are, very could go is in event of how good this team is. >> so award st. joes gets for beating cincinnati, how about top seeded oregon tomorrow night. hawks, concede they don't know much about the ducks. coach martelli says he has people all over the the country congratulating him from last night's big win. >> that win touched a lot of people, none more so than the philadelphia story when you have villanova a in the afternoon, temple with that crushing loss and with st. joseph's, you know, philadelphia loves college basket the ball and they love
11:57 pm
winning. >> the union will finally give their home fans a peak, the team will play its home opener tomorrow afternoon against new england revolution. union split their first two games on the road and that included a victory last sat the day. >> it doesn't mean anything unless we bounce back and come into our house now and in front of our fans and have the same effort that we showed on the road. sunday's union/revolution match can be seen here on six abc. coverage begins tomorrow at the 2:00 p.m. sarah, back over to you. ducis, thank you. six abc hosted a broadcast pioneers career day for dozens of local students. future journalist stopped by to learn bin tern ships and tips on land ago this first job. "action news" reporter sharrie williams was on hand to share advice with one of our executive producers and assignment desk editors. students also took a tour of the station. finally tonight, it was an early easter treat for some
11:58 pm
very determined dogs in wilmington today. this is the paws for people easter bone hunt at sky line united methodist church. dogs along with their moms and dad searched for hidden eggs, filled with dog bones, treats and prizes. these pups were talented enough to carry their own easter baskets. castle will is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning with gray hall, nydia han and chris sowers. for walter perez, melissa a magee, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm czar bloomquist. have a great night. >> ♪
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two weeks ago, an investment banker took a frozen sausage to the head from a tenth-floor window ledge. well, it's a pretty old building. maybe it just fell. maybe it got a little help from someone. there's markings here on the stone. what, a chisel? or a crowbar. i found marks up on the parapet as well. i got c.s.u. dusting it for prints. that's a long way to go for a murder. who'd want to drop a gargoyle on someone? well, someone who wants to make it look like an accident. he'd have to make sure our victim stood there long enough. had someone tampered with the front door lock when you guys arrived? give that man a prize. yeah, we had to pop the lock to get in the building. super says our victim's name is will medina. he's got an apartment up on four, and guess who's got the keys. i do. (police radio chatter) this place looks like a museum. well, that's because mr. medina was the associate curator... (ryan speaking indistinctly) at the new york history museum. well, that would explain this. and i thought a 100-inch flat screen would be the ultimate bachelor accessory. well, he wasn't a total bachelor. what makes you think that? the... second toothbrush in the bathroom.
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the scented candle on the tub. the pair of high heels under his bed, all suggesting that he was in a casual but steady relationship. hmm. nicely played. however i do think you misjudged the relationship only slightly. "eat, pray, love." judging from the condition, i'd say she's read it more than once, meaning that she's a woman on the other side of a search for identity-- a romantic, someone who wouldn't be satisfied with just a casual relationship. and who's to say that that book isn't his? oh, i love that book. neighbor on two says the front door worked just fine at 7:00. (beckett) which means that the killer must have tampered with it after then. (esposito) beckett, calendar. check out today's date. (beckett) "c.t. 5:30. 1127 avenue of the americas." 5:30. that's two hours before the murder. (ryan) it's an office building downtown. let's check it out after we finish our sweep. okay. you know, we might want to swing down by the museum, see if any of his colleagues can shed some light on who might want to drop a gargoyle on mr. medina's head. either you're being a good cop,


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