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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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with a child kids and eight others injured in east falls. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a horrific crash in the east falls section leaves a child dead and infant among eight
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people injured. tonight, investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. sunday night, the big story on "action news" is the investigation into a deadly crash along henry avenue. >> "action news" reporter jeff chirico live outside of children's hospital with more. jeff? >> walter and sarah, that crash killed a 5 to 7-year-old boy thrown from the rear window of the car. the car was carrying seven people, including four children. as police begin their investigation, there are big questions tonight about those kids were properly strapped in their seats. "action news" was there as emergency crews rushed victims to the hospital after a horrific crash in east calls killed one child and critically injured seven others. >> upon arrival a two-vehicle accident with multiple patients. >> investigators spent hours pouring over the wreckage along the 4200 block of henry avenue. the police say just before 4:00 p.m. a car going northbound
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crossed into the oncoming lane and was hit. seven people, including four children in the gray car, two of the children partially thrown through the rear window. two adults in the other car were also hurt. >> two to st. christophers and all in critical children. four to five adults to the trauma center in critical condition and one adult transferred in stable condition. >> witnesses say passers by including two off-duty police officers pulled people from the car and performed c.p.r. on the boy who was later pronounced dead at the hospital. and a girl taken to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses tell "action news" one car seat, but not sure how the other children were retrained. the law required children under 4 be in a child safety seat. children 4-8 must be in a booster seat. older children required to wear seatbelts. investigators have not said what
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caused car to veer into oncoming traffic. >> that would be speculation and we leave it to accident investigation. >> last check, the infant girl in critical but stable condition. the other victims are all in stable condition. live in university city, jeff chirico, channel 6 "action news." >> jeff, thank you. a car slammed into a house tonight in pottstown, montgomery county. this was the scene just before 8:00 on the 200 block of wilson street. police say it took 45 minutes to free the 19-year-old driver from the vehicle. he and a female passenger were taken to reading hospital in stable condition. the homeowners were not hurt. they told "action news" they heard a loud boom and ran out of the home. no word if the rain had anything to do with the accidents, but it sure didn't help. you might want to get used to the conditions. the rain will stick around on and off all week long. and the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> certainly in store for a bit of an unsettled week with the threat of on-and-off showers for
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the rest of tonight, and for that matter through the beginning of next weekend. we talk about what's going on. here is stormtracker radar. and the moisture we had this morning, lifting north and east. and focus the attention across the southwest through the ohio valley. tracking this moisture that will lift northward later on tonight and throughout the day on monday. as it does so, it brings us another round of precipitation. all be it light in nature, it is around for the start of the day on monday. the other part of the story is that it has been quite cool. cooler than average, especially with the easterly wind. 51 at this hour in philadelphia. 48 in allentown. 45 in the poconos. and the coast in cape may at 52. the call from accuweather over the next 12 hours, tracking scattered hours, areas of drizzle, especially with the moisture off the atlantic. patchy fog as well. 48 in the suburbs for the overnight low. dropping down to 52 in philadelphia. talking about what we can expect.
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have the umbrellas on stand by this week. the clouds dominate with limited areas of sunshine. and also watching the coast on wednesday for the potential of a coastal storm. going over all of details and letting you know when we can squeeze out some sunshine with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. watch "action news" tomorrow morning for more on the week-long wet outlook. latest forecast beginning at 4:30 a.m. only on 6abc. family and friends paid tribute tonight to a teenager from wilmington who died after being attacked inside of a bathroom in her own school. amy joyner-francis was just 16 years old. "action news" reporter christie ileto has the story from wilmington. >> it is heart-breaking, it really is. >> not a dry eye at the church in wilmington hundreds gathered to remember 16-year-old amy joyner-francis. >> what is the mood inside >> somber. >> dying after injuries after being assaulted in a girl's rest
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room in her school. karina in her dental class. >> i was like wow, she is gone, like she is never going to come back. >> her assault apparently captured on a cell phone and the police are doing countless interviews and reviewing cell phone data, no charges filed. >> i teach in the school system. there is no discipline. that's just not normal versus do that to someone. she was unrecognizable. >> i don't understand why charges are not pressed yet. >> patience in the community is wearing thin. >> you can't just have someone do that in a school or anywhere and think oh, it's ok, they are just going to get a slip on the wrist and go on about their business. they got suspended and that was the problem whiright there they should have been expelled. >> they should get a life sentence, she got a life sentence. >> the authorities will not rush the investigation. >> how do you plan to remember amy? >> her kindness. it is just really sad.
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to just wake up one day and she's gone. >> and no weapons were used in this attack. and the authorities indicated that charges are coming, it is just unclear when. christie ileto channel 6 "action news." police tell us two people were stabbed this evening inside of a store in north philadelphia. it happened just before 7:00 along the 200 block of west tioga street. investigators say that's where two men got into a fight. one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other. another person who tried to break up the fight was also stabbed. so far, no arrests in the case. from our new jersey news room, state police are investigating the discovery of a body in southampton township this morning. search teams out looking for a missing man made the discovery. the search party found them after 11:00 but could not determine the person's gender or age because of advanced decomposition. and looking for a man missing
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since last year. and in new jersey a terrifying experience for family in pine hill this morning. a man broke in running right into the bedroom where two children were sleeping. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> emerald woke up when a man she didn't know ran past her and into the room where two of her children were sleeping. >> closed the door and locked my kids in the room with him and i was pushing on the door and called the police. and he jumped out the window. >> the police responded to the mansion apartments in pine hill, new jersey shortly after she made the call. emerald said while the man did not take anything or hurt anyone, she was terrified for her children. >> i didn't know what was happening. i didn't know if he was going to try to do something to my kids, i didn't know. >> an unstairs neighborhood when hearing the commotion ran down for help. >> and another of our neighbors said he broke through the window
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and i know they have kids in the apartment. >> and the police were on the scene marking evidence and taking pictures. and broken windows and blinds were left behind along with patio furniture. and the police would not release information about the incident or suspects. several residents told us that the man, who seemed to be high on drugs while breaking into several apartments, was taken into custody. residents we spoke with say after the recent incident they don't feel safe and some are thinking of moving out. >> it's bad out here. >> it seems to be an issue in the complex lately, that a lot of things are going on that are a little out of the ordinary. >> attempting to contact the managers at the mansions apartments and they declined to comment. reporting from new jersey, trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." long-time congressman chaka fattah expected to be in court tomorrow. accused of taking bribes and misusing campaign funds. and last week he lost to the
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state lawmaker in the democratic primary. jerry sandusky back in court tomorrow seeking a new trial. the former penn state coach serving a 30-60 year prison term on child sex abuse charges. and saying that links affecting the trial. and others are tried separately for their role in the alleged cover-up. much more to come on "action news" tonight. president obama took the stage for his final white house correspondence dinner and critics say it was the best one yet. what he had to say about the presidential hopefuls and the unforgettable way he left the stage. as prince's family plans to come to court, those who say they have a love child coming out of the woodwork. and jeff skversky usually talks about sports, but tonight talking about diapers and
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babies. photos of his newborn baby daughter when "action news" comes right back. pet moments are beautiful,
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we have developing news out of new york city where firefighters battle a huge fire as you can see at a historic church. the flames broke out at the serbian orthodox cathedral in manhattan and the smoke seen for blocks. nobody injured and no word how it started. the church built in the early 1850s and declared a landmark. and members of prince's family head to court for a hearing for how to divide the estate. estimated in the neighborhood of $300 million, tax attorneys say that is not confirmed. and searchers for heirs are
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overwhelmed with people saying they have prince's love child. and his chef said that he had issues for weeks. >> he likes to eat light. salads and everything fresh and vibrant and energetic. >> the past few months roberts said that prince suffered from a lingering sore throat and stomach pain. and he didn't think much of it because they are common during cold winters in minnesota. could be a slow commute on mass transit in washington, d.c. as crews clean up a freight train dera rairailmenderailment. 14 cars jumped the track, one leaking sodium hydroxide a hazardous material and another leaked calcium chloride. and they are still blocking the rail line affecting service. and tomorrow the anniversary
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of the death of leader osama bin laden. and talking about the raid with cnn, barack obama saying if they had not launched the raid bin laden may have gotten away. >> after discussion with the principles it was clear to me this was going to be our best chance to get bin laden. that if, in fact, we did not take the action that he might slip away. and it might be years before he resurfac resurfaced. >> the navy seals killed bin laden just after 1:00 a.m. in his compound in pakistan. an annual tradition, and last night was president obama's last. the white house correspondence dinner giving the president one last student to skewer his opponents, media and anything else on his line. by all accounts he killed it. >> eight years ago i said it was time to change the tone of our politics. in hindslight i clearly should
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have been more specific. [laughter] >> sethe g.o.p. chairman is her as well, the republican party, the nomination process, it's all going great. keep it up. [laughter] >> for the host -- >> it is like hanging out with nba players like steph curry and it makes sense, you both like raining down bombs on people. >> and obama they said killed it. >> last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. [laughter] >> that was a slap in the face. >> seriously, what's next? >> if this material works well, i've going to use it at goldman sachs next year. earn me some serious tubmans. >> this the last time we'll see
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him as stand-up in chief. >> obama out. >> abc news, washington. >> how very funny. we may not know what is next for president obama, but we now know what is ahead for his daughter, malia. she will take a year off before she begins her freshman year at march -- harvard. and she is a senior and 17. she is said to graduate in june. no word what she will be up to this summer or the rest of the coming year. much more to come on "action news." a neighborhood in bucks county getting an unwelcomed visitor. and melissa magee with the 7-day forecast and it is a wet one when "action news" comes right back.
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>> there was another bear sighting this weekend, this time in bensalem, bucks county. this video taken by donald on
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bristol pike near the st. francis-st. joseph house. the bear peeks out from the brush at the people standing around and then goes back into hiding. not good to stand around with a black bear in hiding, just saying. and the bear looking for a dry place to sleep. >> not the brightest week on the way. we are tracking showers on and off. and also, the possibility of cloudy skies as well. so that comes with the showers. and showing you what is going on, you can see that it is dry right now for the most part. if you are stepping outside, however, or if you have been outside, you know with the easterly wind there is mist and drizzle and that's the case for the rest of tonight, and as you wake up tomorrow morning. outside we go, sky 6 live in hd looking at the ben franklin bridge, the mostly cloudy sky and watching out for areas of patchy fog as well, especially with the moisture coming off the atlantic today. cool, the hidefinitely cool.
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and 51 in philadelphia, and 47 in trenton, and 50 for reading and lancaster. 45 degrees up in the poconos. satellite 6, along with action radar, you see the moisture we had across our region earlier today and early this morning for the broad street run. and pressing now north and east. focus the attention across the ohio valley, tracking this moisture in a frontal boundary that will be lifting for towards us going through the overnight hours, for that matter, the start of the day tomorrow. looking closely, picking up areas of thunderstorm activity. this moisture will start to lose a lot of its steam as it clashes with a somewhat stable air mass across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. and the precipitation for you, futuretracker showing you 6:00 in the morning, it is mostly cloudy with areas of patchy fog and drizzle to deal with. a bulk of the moisture by 10:00 in the morning to our north, but still have to allow for a
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scattered showered or two. 3:00 in the afternoon, a few sunny breaks. and enough sunshine tomorrow getting numbers into the lower 70s in philadelphia. the wet pattern will repeat late monday into tuesday, moisture from the southwest and northeast direction. and the commute tuesday morning looks to be slow-going and soggy as well. talking about what we are tracking here. a bit of an active pattern on the way this week. a threat of rain each and every day. not a wash-out but have have the wet-weather gear on stand by. limited sunshine, and the exception of tomorrow, cooler than average temperatures in the region. the call from accuweather for the bus stop forecast tomorrow, a few showers, afternoon sunshine however. 6:00 in the morning, 53. and 54 degrees the number at 8:00 a.m. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, morning shower tomorrow. few afternoon sunny breaks. and late monday into tuesday, more showers move on through.
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it is a cooler day, high of 66. watching the coast for the potential of a coastal storm developing midweek, high 64. and thursday, friday, right into next weekend you have the threat of showers on and off because we're tracking a bit of a blocking pattern in the atmosphere, meaning the moisture just kind of stays put across the region. and the threat of showers in the forecast. showers tomorrow, and areas of drizzle, warming up but looking quite soggy this week. >> thanks. and find the seven-day forecast and a live look at stormtracker 6 double scan radar any time of the day on our website at all the rain did not stop the tens of thousands of runners training for months for this day. they pounded the wet pavement competing in the blue cross broad street run. conditions were tough, but crossing the finish line meant triumph. and katherine scott was there. >> yeah, broad street! >> broad street fills with
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runners and rain drops this morning. another year and pumped up athletes making their way down broad street. >> it's going good i am still alive. >> this is amazing. >> the race kicked off at 8:00 a.m. in olney. 40,000 runners laced up to make the trek down broad street, cecily tynan among them. and the race is always rain or shine, and organizers were prepared. >> all the volunteers are getting ponchos. we have extra heat blankets for the runners. >> you can here the squishy sneakers pound the pavement as runnerses came by and familiar faces at the water stop. nora muchanic among them. maybe not ideal conditions for runners, but nothing that will stop them. >> how was it, good? >> it was good, a little cold. >> tony was the first wheelchair racer to cross the finish line. and a runner from new york took home the men's top prize.
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and for the women it is crystal from skippack and her coach. and they lined broad street hoping to fuel the runners on. >> i really wish i was out there braving it with them. >> if they are willing to be in the cold and wet and rain, i guess i can come out and cheer them on. >> a soggy, but spectacular race. as for the runners i hope they are somewhere now getting a hot meal and hot both. >> our coverage of the broad street run continues on there we posted a link with the full results from today's events, along with dozens of photos and videos from the rain-soaked race. check out how runners from the "action news" team performed. coming up tomorrow on in the on "action news" at 11:00, food for thought. many health gurus say we should be eating more fat not less fat to lose weight and be healthier. and here is ali gorman. >> the message in several weighs
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