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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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>> you see here some dogs got in the fun this morning at the fifth annual shirley's 5k run and dog walk in montgomery county. hundreds of people, along with their four-legged friends gathered at the swim club for the event that raises money for the fund for animals, supporting animal rescues and service animal training organizations all across montgomery county. and jeff here with sports and the eagles getting in an open practice this evening. >> fans unable to see carson wentz tonight. he says he wants to play tomorrow, wanted to play out there today, but his ribs are just too sore with every little thing he does now. the eagles' fans hoping to watch carson wentz throw a touchdown or two. and on the sidelines in shorts thanks to a hairline fracture in
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his ribs. check it out, wentz still a big hit at the link tonight. everyone wants a shot at the rookie quarterback. there he is taking a selfie. you got it? he's got it. and wentz also signing autographs. but like the 17,000 fans on hand wentz can only watch the practice in shorts. >> ribs are obviously a little sore but they will be already in due time here. so i just have to give it time and we'll see what happens. contact limited here for a while, for a little bit. hopefully in the preseason i will be ready to go, but you never know with these things. >> the second straight practice, sam bradford working with the new-look offensive line. and johnson practicing with the second team as the eagles prepare for his likely suspension. and allen barber in for him and the rookie is over at left guard.
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>> you always want as many reps as you can get. so a lot of guys are trying to get better every day. tonight on "action news" sports sunday, talking more about lane johnson blaming the players' union for his failed drug test. and carson wentz. that and much more as mike joins me in studio at 11:45. chip kelly's preseason debut with the san francisco 49ers a little messy. two fumbles, and this for a touchdown. and under chip kelly they had the most turnovers in the last two years and the niners lose 24-13. how about the heat wave? no, not talking about the weather but the red hot phillies. winning four straight in the first time in more than a month and now just six games out of the wild card.
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phillies fans hit with the heat and a player hit with the ball, ouch. adam morgan drilled on his last arm and he leaves with a forearm contusion. x-rays fortunately negative. and gone is the solo shot and he is on fire today. a triple shy of the cycle. and having a party in the dugout and the phills with another in the sixth. ryan howard scores from first on the odubel herrera double. watch howard. come on, come on, get in there the phillies hang on to win 7-6 and it feels good. sweeping the rockies the first time since 2012. >> hearing how the staff is doing, but that's great. >> great to sweep a team like the rockies with their offense, that was number one. i applaud our guys.
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on a real tough day they battled the whole day, played hard. that was very special to me. >> chase utley is in town next. if you blinked you missed it. bolt the first to win three olympic golds in the dash, and gatlin gets silver by a nose. and ryan lochte one of three robbed by gun point. the taxi pulled over by men posing as police officers, putting a gun to his head before taking his money and wallet. the winningest football team in philadelphia the last 10 years is not the eagles but the soul of the arena league. hard to believe. the soul facing jacksonville in allentown. and he gets it to reynolds, what a catch! take another look and the soul
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win 55-50 and are going to the arena bowl to play for a championship against arizona, the very team they lost two other arena bowls. programs some dimension. >> and still to come tonight, following the race to the white house. what donald trump said today about his new opponent in the race. also, showing you how a group came together in delaware county to support the local police force.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips
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like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> democratic candidate hillary clinton and vice-president joe biden will be in scanton tomorrow, that's biden's home tomorrow by the way. planning on declaring trump the most uninformed presidential nominee in history. the office will argue that trump is less prepared on national security than any other previous nominee. and expected to praise clinton's economic plan. and clinton and biden were supposed to appear last month in scranton and that was canceled after the dallas shooting. and donald trump says he has a new opponent in the race, the media. and blaming the media for the
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claim that barack obama and hillary clinton are from isis. a show of support for police in delaware county. showing appreciation for the men and women in blue. and also kepted donations for the program that provides every police officer in delaware county with a protected vest. police officers and families enjoying much-needed rest and relaxation. hosting a police officer appreciation today. all active officers with free admission, along with food and beverages. a way to say thank you to officers for putting their lives on the line to protect the community.
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♪ happy birthday to you >> family and friends gathered in west philadelphia this afternoon for a big birthday
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celebration. lillian davis turns 103 today. the birthday girl wore a tiara as she indulged in some cake. growing up in the germantown section of philadelphia and worked as a nurses aide. very nice. "action news" sports sunday next here on channel 6. "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and karen edwards. have a good night and a good weekend. ♪
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♪ >> coming up tonight on sports sunday -- carson wentz's injury. we discuss how much it can hurt the rookie's development. >> if you don't have their back, how is that useful. >> and offensive lineman johnson gets offensive about his possible suspension. >> and lined towards right center field. a good sign. >> the phillies are red hot and nothing can cool them off. here we are, welcome to "action news" sports sunday i'm


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