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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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release the officer's name. that typically does happen within about 72 hours of any officer-related shooting. meantime, the district attorney will be interviewing the witnesses to decide if any criminal champs are warranted. people coming and going from the home in the 2700 block of taunton street gave us a no comment this afternoon when we asked if they had anything to say about what happened here last night. around 6:30, police were called out on a report of a disturbance. they found a 19-year-old male with a gunshot wound to the torso. the young man lives here with his father, a philadelphia police officer, who was off duty at the time. >> apparently, they got into some type of scuffle, argument or something. the off-duty either accidentally or inadvertently discharged his weapon. we're still trying to figure that out, whether it was intentional or not. >> reporter: the son was rushed to aria torresdale in critical but stable condition last night. police say the gun fired during the argument was not the officer's police-issued weapon but a personal firearm.
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a much younger son and the victim's girlfriend were also in the house at the time of the shooting. >> the neighbor texted us and said, did you see what's going on? we came out and the cops were here and everything. that's all i seen. >> reporter: people on this block were surprised by the violence especially at the home of a police officer they know to be a good neighbor. >> shots? for him to pull something like that, it would have had to have been really bad. you know? i mean, how do you respond to something like that? to shoot your own son? >> reporter: the officer would have been placed on administrative duty, but he was already on medical leave after suffering an injury on the job. again, the district attorney will decide whether criminal charges are warranted. after that, internal affairs will decide if that officer should keep his job. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, sarah. philadelphia police have
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charged joel horton with murder after he allegedly killed a woman by running her over with a car and then beating her with a shovel in logueen. police say he hit adrienne lindsay with his niece on him sunday night and then beat her from his truck. it happened in the 700 block of west louden street. still no word on a motive. one firefighter was hurt while fighting a row home fire in germantown early this morning. it happened here in the 2800 block of ash mead place about 3:00 a.m. when crews got there, the flames quickly spread. the firefighter has been treated and released from the hospital. the american red cross is helping the res dents who were displaced. a pennsylvania judge said today he wants bill cosby's felony sexual assault case to go to trial no later than june 5th of next year. he is charged with drugging and sexual assay ulting andrea constand back in 2004 at his home. prosecutors say they hope to have 13 other accusers testify at the trial. the judge didn't rule whether
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they could testify. he also didn't decide whether the prosecutors could use cosby's deposition or a phone call recorded by constan's mother in 2005. turning to the accuweather forecast now. temperatures are slowly climbing as we head into yet another heat wave. taking a live look at center city from our temple university camera now. some clouds overhead, of course. but the sun poking through right now. and tomorrow it will feel even hotter and more humid. cecily tynan is live on the weather patio with details. hi, cecily. >> hi, monica. definitely a breezy day. temperatures are gradually creeping up. we're still generally in the 80s. but that will be changing tomorrow. philadelphia, 87. reading also 87. wilmington a warm 89. allentown, 85. notice, though, closest to the coast, temperatures are cooler. cape may, 79. beach haven, 73. the reason why that's where the clouds are the thickest thanks to hermine. yes, that storm is still around. it's swirling right now about 125 miles south of the eastern tip of long island. it's moving west at 7 miles per
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hour and some of those outer rain bands are clipping the coast. stormtracker 6 showing that we do have some showers moving inland. so if you are along the coast tonight, you will see some showers thanks to hermine as that storm continues to drift to the west. once that storm's out of here, though, get ready for the heat. right now it's 87 in philadelphia, but st. louis, it's 94. memphis, 94. wichita, 92. as we head through the week, the heat and humidity will make it feel like july in september. we need the rain. i don't see much coming at all. and i'm looking at the potential for record heat on the way. i'll have more details on that when i come inside and fix my hair in the accuweather forecast. >> you look great. >> very breezy out here. well, with another possible heat wave in the works, you can check for the very latest. stormtracker 6 live radar has realtime views for you of any pop-up storms. and of course remember to follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates.
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hermine i lingers on along the east coast tonight. a tropical storm is in effect from new york to massachusetts. winds are causing dangerous waves and rip currents. forecasters say there could be more coastal flooding and beach erosion from new jersey to southern new england. meantime in mexico, newton has made landfall as a category 1 hurricane. arrived near cabos san lucas. tourists have been told to stay in their hotels. trip insurance, it gives a lot of customers and consumers peace of mind. but one local family contacted the "action news" "troubleshooters" for help saying the trip insurance they bought for a cruise didn't help them. in fact, it did the opposite. here's our troubleshooter nydia han with what you can learn from this. >> reporter: remember this video? this is royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. when it got caught in the eye of a violent storm back in february. but it's not just the passengers who were onboard who were complaining about the cruise. joanne pete booked a cruise on anthem of the seas for herself, her husband milton, and their
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daughter on october 16th. the invoice shows she purchased trip insurance. the petes tell me about two weeks before the cruise, milton pete underwent a routine procedure on his heart but something went wrong. >> the doctor said to me, i think now you'll have to cancel the trip. >> reporter: the peeks say they canceled their cruise about 12 days before the scheduled departure date with the understanding they'd get a full refund thanks to their travel protection plan. but the insurance company denied the peeks a cash refund offering a 75% credit on a future cruise instead. the couple says after it appealed, aon submitted a request for more information from peek's doctor. >> he submitted 80 pages of documentation. >> reporter: but the claim was denied again. aon saying you did have symptoms which caused you to seek diagnosis, care or treatment on november 16th, 2015, which occurred during the preexisting period which is 60 days before you purchased this waiver.
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>> and it wasn't a preexisting condition. it wasn't that a condition had worsened. he was never sick before for that. >> reporter: set up, the peeks contacted the "action news" "troubleshooters." >> and it was within five days i received a phone call from royal caribbean saying we've decided to honor your claim. >> reporter: yes, thanks to the "troubleshooters," the peeks got their refund for $2,641. >> i was elated. it was really a comforting feeling to know that i could call you guys, and it worked. >> reporter: the peeks tell me they'll now research outside insurance companies that aren't recommended by the cruise linl or airline they're booking with and thame compare the fine print before choosing a policy. aon affinity says it cannot say the details of the claim but can confirm they were reimburlsed in full. you can get a cancel for any reason beyond the traditional plan benefits like preexisting
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conditions. acon's full statement is on and if you have a case for the "troubleshooters," you can contact us through or call. you can also reach me through facebook and twitter. i'm nydia han, "channel 6 action news." well, all across the region^, student headed back to school today. and now "action news" was there as students at east lansdowne elementary school arrived bright and early this morning. after saying goodbye to mom and dad, the kids made their way to their classrooms to get their school day started. and it was day number one for students at chestnut elementary in ard today. once inside one teach her the students sit in a circle and introduce themselves to each other by shaking handles. in another classroom student got to work at their desk. it is that time of year. looking great. check of that traffic report. >> lot of school buses out on the roads tonight, matt.
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>> i'll tell you what we're not excited about is a broken down bus on the schuylkill expressway. not a school bus, a septa bus here in the eastbound lanes close to girard avenue taking out the center lane and at this point no traffic's moving in the right lane either. so just one lane getting by on the eastbound side of 76. that means we're at a standstill coming away from the roosevelt boulevard, route 1. i would stick with river drives if you're headed toward the city on the schuylkill tonight. head for river drives instead. on the vine not as heavy because people are stuck back on the schuylkill but we still have that crash up ahead by broad street and westbound also now backing up approaching 76. in southwest philadelphia, watch out for a crash at 70th and buest by paterson elementary school. a wreck by cottman is gone but it's still a long slow crawl coming out of the city with speeds in the teens. radnor township has a wreck. in honeybook, 322 is closed because of a crash. park road or even the turnpike
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alternates there. and an overturned dump truck is still blocking 113 in bucks county. frets valley or creek roads, your alternates in that case. we'll check it again, wick and monica, in the next half-hour. >> much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. the college swimmer whose sentencing caused national outrage is out of jail. but find out why he was back at the police station this morning. plus -- world health organization is out with some new recommending as on the zika virus. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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the former stanford swimmer whose sexual assault punishment sparked national outrage officially registered as a sex offender this morning. brook turner got out of jail four days ago after severing only half of his six-month sentence. he was found guilty of raping an unconscious woman behind a trash bin. turner was released for good behavior behind bars, but must now register as a sex offender to the the rest of his life. fox news has reached a $20 million settlement over sexual harassment claim at the network. she's the anchor woman who sued fox news and chairman roger ailes back in july. 21st century fox issued a public apology to carlson today. ailes will pay a portion of the
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settlement he. he has continuously denied the claims. ailes left the network in july got a $40 million payout which is double what carlson got in her settlement. time for "healthcheck." the world health organization is beefing up its recommend aches on safe sex to tray to prevent the spread of the zika virus. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us with details tonight. >> the new recommendation says that couples should abstain or use contraceptives for six months if either has traveled to a zika-affected area and that is even if they have no symptoms. now, the prior guidelines had only applied to men and was for eight weeks. experts say they're taking into account new research and want to give people information to help prevent a zika infection during pregnancy. about 80% of people infected with the virus will not have symptoms. but if a fetus is exposed zika can cause devastating birth defects. and officials in florida announced seven more cases of zika spread by local mosquitoes.
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six are in the miami beach area. this brings the total to 56 non-travel-related cases in the state. in other news, for the first time, scientists have found particles of industrial air pollution in the human brain. genes in mexico and the united kingdom found nanopartcals on industrial metals like platinum, nickel and cobalt in the brains of people who live near factories or power plants. one metal detected is also found in high levels in people with alzheimer's disease but doctors say it's too early to say if this is factor in that disease. and if you are allergic to ragweed, chances are you're feeling it today. the pollen count for ragweed from the asthma center today reads that it is extreme. and this comes obviously at a bad time for kids who are heading back to school. you can help prevent symptoms by keeping allergens out of the house. that means keep windows closed
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and the air condition on. don't dry linens outside when kids with allergies come home from school, they can change their clothes and rinse off. also over-the-counter nasal sprays and non-drowsy antihistamines can relieve symptoms and do a saline rinse as well. >> codeine, in the nose area back the throat, in you can rinse that out, demive symptom also be better. >> and you or your child uses a neti pot, make sure it is only used with distilled or sterile water. and if itchy eyes are a problem at recess, wearing a tight-fitting glasses can also help your child. and of course, if symptoms don't get better, then it is time to talk to your health-care provider. rick and monica? >> thank 1 ali. much more still to come. apple is said to reveal a new iphone tomorrow. and it could come with a big change. plus, some travelers in long lines around the world. find out what was behind the
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british airways is apologizing for delays caused.
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some passengers stood in line for three hours. the airline says it has not found out the source of the problem. the glitch comes a month after delta airlines suffered a global outage that caused it to cancel thousands of flights across the country. guns are selling at a historic rates this summer. the fbi says it conducted almost 2 million background checks last month. that's up 6% from last year. and the most ever for the month of august. smith & wesson says sales were up 40% last quarter. analysts say mass shootings in the last several years have helped drive up gun sales. apple is getting ready to unveil the new iphone, and other new products. the big reveal is scheduled for tomorrow in california. the iphone 7 is expected to come without a headphone jack. that means the company will need to give us a different kind of head phone. apple is planning to live-stream the announcement from san francisco tomorrow afternoon. and you know this face. michael strahan made his debut as a full-tile member of "good
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morning america" this morning. strahan left his cohosting job on "live" four months ago to join "gna." you can watch strahan and the rest of the crew on "good morning america" every weekday starting at 7:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. we want to wish him all the best. >> yep. he'll be fine. still to come on "action news" tonight, a check of the forecast. and taking it live outside at the jersey shore. beautiful as the sun starts to go down. meteorologist cecily tynan with that exclusive accuweather forecast when connection "action news" comes right back. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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as we've been showing you throughout our newscast today, it was back to school for youngsters all across the area. teachers and staff welcomed back kids in collegeville this morning. want inside classrooms, students got to know how a typical day will be with their teachers. good luck to all the kids starting yet another school year. >> terrific. they'll be great. time to check accuweather at the "action news" big board tonight. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has a funny story about her kids at bus stop. >> they dared me to wear my santa pajamas to the bus stop. and i was like, really? and they were like, no, no, don't. i was going to. >> i think we have a picture of that. >> no! >> they didn't want me to embarrass their friend. it's hopefully, they're not watching right now because they would be embarrassed. i wouldn't be. i mean, who cares?
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sky6 taking a look over philadelphia international airport. and we do have some cumulus clouds out there but also some peeks of about bleu. those clouds moving inland from hermine out to see. but temperatures today in the 80s. it's not going to last much longer. tomorrow we should buy back in the 90s and, yes, the heat hangs on. we've had 41 days in the 90s. normal for the year, 27. and now we're looking at heat wave number seven arriving this week. could have four more days in the 90s before the week is over. right now philadelphia 87 degrees. dew point, 61. a little bit higher than yesterday. but still pretty low humidity. it is breezy. winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. pressure is steady. that ocean temperature, 72 degrees. the warmer air is out to the west where we have more sunshine. lancaster, 89. wilmington, 89. get closer to the coast, the clouds were a lot thicker. beach haven, 72. cape may, currently 79. and it certainly is the windy day. winds right now out of the
5:26 pm
north, 20 miles per hour in wilmington. 15 in philadelphia. 14 at the atlantic city airport. they've been getting that land breeze at the shore. so the green head flies are definitely biting today. now, satellite 6 along with action radar showing, yes, hermine still holds on. the center of the storm right now, less than 150 miles off our coast. and if you look at the movement, you can see it is still moving to the west at about 7 miles per hour. but it's weakening. maximum sustained winds down to 50 miles per hour. so we're really just seeing the fringe effects at the storm -- with the storm with the clouds, with some showers along the coast, and with rough surf and the beach erosion. so tonight there will be showers east of philadelphia thanks to hermine. otherwise, 71 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, 65. wilmington, 68. and cape may, 71 degrees. future tracker showing we will be warming up tomorrow at 4:30, temperatures close to 9 90 degrees. and thursday heats up even more.
5:27 pm
thursday not only will temperatures be in the mid-90s, the humidity will be a lot higher. so it's going to be uncomfortably hot thursday and also on saturday, kind of two peaks of this heat wave. so the five day at 5 showing tomorrow it will be hot, moderate humidity, not oppressive, 91 degrees. thursday, though, very hot, very humid, 95. the heat index close to 100. on friday, it's hot. not as humid, 94. but saturday, record heat, 96 degrees. very humid. and then a cold front will bring some showers and thunderstorms possibility saturday late into sunday. sunday, the heat breaks, 88 degrees. and meteorologist adam joseph will let you know what's on tap early next week coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. but, rick, don't put the shorts away quite yet. >> okay. good. all right. thank you. good to now. much more still ahead in the next half-hour of "action news at 5." a trio of vandals takes their handy work to a local business and go a step further with their cell phones. president obama makes an historic visit to the southeast asian country, the first u.s. president to do so.
5:28 pm
what he said to residents there. and the double owls are looking for redemption this week after losing their home opener. jamie apody has much more coming up in sports. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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hello good night. and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. two months until the general election, and the president yam race is closer than ever according to a new national poll. a suspected serial bank robber strikes again. this time at a popular bank in the heart of center city philadelphia. and it is time to head back to school. a good time for parents to talk to their children about how to protect themselves in a new environment. erin o'hearn talks with experts and has more on that coming up. and politics tonight. we are just 62 days away from electing the next president of the united states. and the latest national polls shows that the race is a statistical dead heat. >> the lead that hillary clinton had following the democratic national convention here in philadelphia has essentially evaporated. now donald trump is leading her in this poll. the cnn/orc poll shows the
5:31 pm
democratic nominee has 43% support. the margin of error of the poll is 3%. another notable takeaway from the poll, trump has its largest edge in the campaign as the more honest and trustworthy before him and hillary clinton, 50%-35%. well, the candidates hit the campaign trail hard today. donald trump talked national security in a town hall eatseting in virginia beach, havvmp. hillary clinton in florida. two swing states that could make or break either campaign. abc's karen travers is following all the developments from the campaign trail and she's live from washington tonight with the latest. hi, karen. >> reporter: good evening, rick and monica. this is crunch time in the race for the white house. this is the critical time on the campaign trail before the debates start to dominate the candidates' schedules. and as those polls get tighter, the attacks get sharper. it's the final sprint to election day. >> hello, tampa!
5:32 pm
>> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in the always critical state of florida. where the race is tight. >> donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: donald trump on the trail in virginia where polls show clinton with the edge. before an audience of veterans, the republican blasted clinton on foreign policy. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> reporter: but the clinton campaign without with a preemptive strike. this new ad titled "sacrifice." >> i know more about isis than the generals do. i think i made a lot of sacrifices. built great structures. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview yesterday with abc's david muir, trump dismissed ongoing calls to release his tax returns. >> as far as my taxes are current concerned, the only one who airs is the press. i don't think people care. >> reporter: taking questions from reporters for lkt sect day in a row, a first. clinton fired back. >> i just think he's dead wrong. he cheerly has something to hide. >> reporter: the thinking goes that post labor day is when
5:33 pm
americans traditionally start to pay attention to the campaign this morning a new national poll from cnn shows the race a dead heat. >> donald trump has now blown through his cash. he used to be cam at 42 or free. he's now up to 45 in this poll. he's at his personal best. >> reporter: hillary clinton is ahead in many of the key battleground states that will decide this race. but if those national polls continue to tighten, it could be that the state polls tighten as well. reporting live from washington, karen travers, "channel 6 action news." rick? >> all right, karen. thank you. pennsylvania is the coveted prize for any presidential candidate, of course. and donald trump is bringing his campaign to the southeastern parts of the state tomorrow. mr. trump will speak at the union league of philadelphia on south broad street in the morning. the event is closed to the general public. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and you should expect traffic delays throughout center city. and this reminder. you can download the 6abc news app to get breaking news alerts from the cal pain trail and live
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reports on election night. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> president obama was in laos today. he said that the u.s. has a moral obligation to help the country heal. during the first visit ever by a sitting u.s. president, obama said he would double spending to help clean up unexploded bombs and artillery shells from the era. he committed $90 million to do that over three years. >> i also know that the remnant of war continue to shatter lives here in laos. many of the bombs that were dropped were never exploded. over the years, thousands of laosians have been killed or injured. farmers tending their fields, children playing. >> president obama also took part in the start of the southeast asian nation's summit. he said in the wake of another missile launch, the u.s. will work with united nations to tighten sanctions against north
5:35 pm
korea. congress returned from a seven-week recess today, and they already have a very pressing matter to resolve. pass a spending bill by the end of this month to keep government running. this season will only last about 20 days because it is an election year, though. lawmakers will leave town again in early october to go home and campaign. congress was debating funding to combat the zika virus but it could not reach an agreement when it went on break back in july. and world series tonight will have much -- "world news tonight" will have much more on president obama's trip to laos and the candidates on the campaign trail. and you can watch all of that following "action news at 6". in other news tonight, a man accused of the april shooting death of another man in philadelphia's point breeze section will stand trial for murder. 26-year-old tieship davis is charged with murder stemming from an incident involving 26-year-old jessie williams. investigators say davis shot williams and williams shot back during some sort of scuffle inside of a jeep cherky. two guns were recovered from the
5:36 pm
scene. >> also in delaware county, a woman shot this afternoon in collingdale. this was the scene along the 100 block of spruce street. investigators say it happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. still not clear who shot the woman or how badly she was injured. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. a 90-year-old driver died when his car collided with another vehicle in upper darby, delaware county, this morning. chopper 6 was over the scene at west township lang road and blythe avenue just after 6:30. police say the second driver did stay at the scene. however, authorities arrested him because he has outstanding warrants in montgomery county. three vandals used their creativity on a building in philadelphia's northwood section and now police need your help finding them. directives-- the three suspects walked up to the building here in the 1000 block of full crod street. wrote the letters rmd on the building, stood back, took pictures of it, and then took
5:37 pm
off. if you recognize the vandals, please call police. and do you know the man in these pictures? he allegedly robbed a td bank in the 100 block of south 11t 11th street in center city sunday afternoon. he handed the teller a note demanding cash. police and the fbi believe he also robbed the citizens and high period banks two weeks ago. anyone with information is asked to come forward, please. all right, come time for an update on the commuter home on a tuesday night. >> matt pellman. >> it's a little bit confusing but don't be confused about this. the schuylkill doesn't look good. that's the bottom line, rick and monica. heading eastbound especially, coming away from the boulevard we're just starting to pick up the pace into girard. they just cleared that broken-down septa bus. so all three eastbound lanes reopened but still a 40-minute ride should ideally be 14. there's a crash on the end of the ramp from the schuylkill to city avenue. so that too is slowing us down. and just getting word of a broken-down vehicle on the
5:38 pm
northeast extension, northbound near lansdale, left lane out of commission because of that dv. just 12 miles per hour coming north of mid-county up to lansdale. you might want to go up 309. word of that just coming in. also a crash in radnor township. 252 is an all the niment. in honey brook, a stretch of 322 is closed because of a wreck. park road or the turnpike gets you around that. in bedminster this is upper hanover, crash along wayfield road in montgomery. 113 is reopened. rick and monica, back over to you. >> all right, matt. thank you. again, still to come on "action news" tonight, a new school year, new teacher, a new environment. all things that can cause stress for students and parents. and still to come, erin rn with more on how to talk to your kids about recognizing questionable situations at school and how to stay safe. adam? >> it was 80 degrees today. you can see all the 90s to the south and west. another heat wave moving in. we'll let you know how hot it's
5:39 pm
going to get in accuweather. plus jamie apody with eagles trade news. plus temple football in sports when "action news" comes right back. ♪ i don't want to lie down.
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it was back to school day for many children across our region today. and it's not just getting to know a new routine or getting your supplies ready. >> students are facing even more challenges that parents should be aware of. and "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live with those details. hi, erin. >> reporter: hi. conversations about staying safe in what has become a very flex world should never have a summer hiatus. however, some of these conversations can seem uncomfortable it can help them protect themselves without being fearful. from elementary school to college, education becomes more complex and some social issues kids have to deal with. mary pew, the executive director of the child advocacy project, an organization that offers pro bono legal services for children who are victimles of abuse. >> there's research that proves education and awareness leads to prevention. >> reporter: that means recognizing the signs of abuse,
5:43 pm
what do about it, and how to talk to your kids. >> they've done some growing over the summer. so you want to reinforce your safety issues and sometimes introduce new strategies. >> reporter: as the new school year starts, kids are introduced to new adults in their lives like teachers and coaches. >> 75% to 85% of those who harm children are people close to the family and known to the child. so stranger danger sernot effective. >> reporter: she says regardless of age, children should know they have a safety net of a few adults and there should be no secrets kids keep from their parents. >> when kids are very young, want to say, this is your body. this is your boundary. and no one is allowed to touch the bathing suit area ever. >> reporter: pew suggests teaching by role playing and "what if" scenarios. just like kids don't learn how to write a bike through talking, they don't learn safety skills just through talking. make sure your young ones always have access to a phone and know how to dial 911.
5:44 pm
make sure you have access to all your children's social media sites and check them weekly. these conversations will not membersly fun should be frank and continue through middle school, high school and college as issues get more complex. >> they need to be prepared about what do in case of emergencies for themselves or a friend that they know that they can have that conversation with you and you're going to tell them straight. >> reporter: of course, for more safety tips, just head to our website, guys, back to you. >> thank you, erin. and meantime, they kicked off a new school year with some excitement here in bala cynwyd this morning. students started a new year with smiles and new friends, of course. it is a fresh beginning to see who's in your class and which teacher you got. we want to say good luck with this new year of learning to everybody. >> that's for sure. all right, time for sports. jamie's here. eagles still making some trades and they get closer to that first game sunday. >> reporter: they're not stopping. >> right. >> i know. they're keeping us very busy. do you think howie rosen gets
5:45 pm
paid overtime? because he's been busy too. another deal for the eagles. today it's quarterback eric row they part with. traded for josh klein in a conditional fourth-round pick in 2018. row was a second-round pick last year. he hasn't done-and he wasn't -- done much and he wasn't on the depth chart. of course, the deal everyone is talking about still is the one that rosen pulled off last week. my, how that changed things. like this. one sports book had the eagles at 4:01ods. they've since been downgraded to 100:1. no rookie has ever taken the team to a super bowl. he's worried about the cleveland browns, week one opponent, six days from now. the team had the day off. that's five days now actually. i missed a day. team has the day off today but wentz in the meeting room getting ready. knows it won't be an easy road. >> that's the way life is.
5:46 pm
it's that the way football is. especially young quarterbacks usually experience some bumps in the road. i'm just going to take them in stride. i'm going to learn from our mistakes and keep getting better and keep putting this team in good situations to win some ball games. >> it's obviously a huge deal for him, obviously coming in, not having much time during the preseason but i think he's going to be more than ready. obviously, i think the coaches are doing a good job of not trying to put too much on his plate and not making him teal like he's got to go out there and win this game and really it's going to have to be more of a collaborative effort from the team. >> it might have to be that way on the "o" line as well. for now lane johnson is the starting left tackle. he still has yet to receive word on his suspension from the nfl. if that ruling does come down, he could appeal which would also make him eligible to play on sunday. johnson says he has no idea what's taking so long. >> it's just a long, dragged-out process. that's the way it is, so whatever happens happens. but i'm just -- plan on going this week and playing good.
5:47 pm
phillies snap their losing streak last night. they'll try to make it a winning streak tonight in florida. temple has a three-game losing streak dating back to last year. the head coach said yesterday was the best practice for his team in three years as they got a bitter taste of army's loss out of their mouths. they were 18-point favorites but loss on friday. the quarterback -- that was thursday. my days are all off. the quarterback was sitting it the hocker room at 1:30 in the morning. the coach said the problem wasn't the execution but the intensit to focus the attitude. >> we play hard. we play physical at times. we didn't compete at the level -- from me on down we didn't compete at the level we want to in terms of joining the competition. it's like when you start play like you feel like you're letting everybody down, you don't myplay at a high level. if you play like if i do this the coach is going to yell at me, you're not -- just go compete. >> what was coach ruehl's
5:48 pm
message to you after the army game? >> we felt like we was outplayed. so we just got to play our tails off this week and just be 1-0 at the end of the week. >> that doesn't make much sense, right? because they're 0-1. well, the 1-0 signs were plastered all over the facility so they couldn't misthat message. what does that mean? i'll explain at 6:00. and coach ruehl joins ducis rodgers to preview this week's game against stony brook saturday morning, 9:45 a.m. here on channel 6. and i know that's saturday for sure. i swear. >> okay. >> and the eagles play on sunday. >> they may on sunday. i'll be there too. >> thank you, jamie. stronger concussion rules will protect more children who play sports in delaware. governor jack markel signed a bill into law today. he said his own son was treated for a concussion. the new regulations extend concussion protections to include youth sports leagues and clubs before they were only for
5:49 pm
schools. the updated law requires training for coaches and clearance from a doctor before a child can return to play. >> the idea just shake it off, get back in that game and you're going to be fine, that's not always true. and so we really do encourage all of our wonderful volunteers to take this seriously. >> doctors say nearly 500,000 children younger than 14 years old wind up in the e. rf with traumatic brain injuries every year. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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we're about to get seriously hot under the collar for a little bit of weather here in september. >> yeah. >> another heat wave. >> another heat wave, number seven of the year. those temperatures are going to be well above normal, in fact, records by the end of the week. it it's kind of a 50/50 shot right now. west of the city, it is fairly clear. clouds are building east to the city. and even some showers now scraping the coastline from ocean county, burlington county, even atlantic county and northern cape may county, a couple of sprinkles. and all of this is just actually the western edge of hermine, the bands of rain that are wrapping in from that tropical storm off to the east. winding sustained at 50 miles an hour so getting a little wet from long beach island, approaching atlantic city and
5:53 pm
all of this will continue to priv pivot down to the south. the heaviest of the rain is about 15 to 20 miles off the coast. but, again, where the sunshine was plentiful this afternoon, temperatures did hit 90 in some spots. right now 82 in pottstown, 86 in coatesville, if you see some fringe clouds, meaning kind of the edge of the clouds in this area, when the sun sets, get out there, take some pictures, because with the edge of some tropical storm clouds, they do keyate some spectacular sun rises and sunsets. where you are to the east, too cloudy to capture that image. as you see the cooler temperatures with the rain and the clouds, toms river, 70, 72 in surf city and as you head coast west, 86 degrees in hockessin. there's the center of hermine. again, earlier today, it was right about here. now it is right about here. so it continues its slow westerly path here with the clouds as far west as philadelphia, montgomerying, bucks county and the rain just hugging the shore line at this point in the center of hermine will get closest to us tomorrow
5:54 pm
morning before finally pushing out to sea. so for tonight, it's clear west of the city, clouds a few showers along the coast, 65, to 71 degrees. the setup as we get into wednesday, the center of hermine continues to drift away. that starts to allow the heat that's building in the midsection of the country and the northern plains, ohio valley, to push to the east. so 91 tomorrow. and just slightly humid. then as we get into thursday, this warm front continues to lift to the north. the true hazy, hot, humid weather punctures into the mid-atlantic. so 95 on thursday and feeling like the upper 90s and maybe trying to touch 100 degrees. so not only does it get hot with the air temperature, the humidity will spike. it's going to feel awful here by thursday. a little break but still humid on friday. then back to the tropical levels on saturday before finally the true break arrives with the cold front early on sunday to really drop it off sunday afternoon. the exclusive accuweather
5:55 pm
seven-day forecast -- 91 tomorrow, moderately humid, hazy, hot, humid. 95 on thursday. partly sunny, hot again, 94 on friday. record heat, 96 saturday where we could again feel close to 100 degrees over the beginning of the weekend. the cold front comes through saturday night, early sunday, with a scattered shower or thunderstorm. dropping techs in the 80s sunday afternoon. dropping humidity as well. and then beautiful here monday and tuesday, low 80s, low humidity, but we still have to get through four days of those very uncomfortable temperatures before that arrives. >> all right. thank you so much. take a break.
5:56 pm
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra.
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this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. write now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the mother of that gunned down girl in camden makes a plea to find her daughterer a killer.
5:58 pm
and some arrived to find locked doors today. a school that shut down without warning. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. "actio"action news at 6" is nex. have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
tuesday night, the campaign for pennsylvania senate seat comes through philadelphia and a montgomery county judge sets a trial date for bill cosby. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the ongoing search for the killer of
6:00 pm
8-year-old gabby carter. but tonight, we will, for the first time, hear from the little girl's parents. it is impossible for most of us to put ourselves in the place of gabby's mother, still trying to come to grips with the tragedy surrounding her daughter being caught in the crossfire two weeks ago in camden. tonight we go live to "action news" reporter jeanette reyes, who spoke today exclusively to marissa carter. tell us about that conversation. >> reporter: well, jim, it was a very difficult conversation, an emotional one. i talked to gabby's parents from everything about what gabby was like to the silence the community has shown when comes to justice for gabby. >> a bad dream and i'm going to wake up. my baby is going to come home and everything is going to be fine. >> reporter: the cruelty reality of burying a child is setting in for marissa carter and her husband. their 8-year-old daughter gabby was caught in crossfire and shot smt head while playing outside


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