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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and he is already in custody. the suspect is byron allen of philadelphia. investigators say that these are surveillance images of him shortly after violent attacks and he was charged in attempted murder for the brutal throat slashing of a woman in richmond and now dna has linked him to the murder of natasha gibson in september. >> we hope in the next few days we'll be able to get the confirming lab report in regard to dna and then we'll act accordingly. >> delaware district attorney jack walen says the motive is unclear and they suspect it may just have been a crime of opportunity as gibson was walking home from a bar to a friend's house on bailey street. the killer was cut and left a trail of blood and police found the suspected murder weapon in a storm drain and gibson's mother says her daughter was a loving mother who did not deserve to
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die. the developments are bitter sweet. >> it's been rough. it's been rough. but i'm so happy right now. like -- >> sources say that philadelphia police suspect allen is responsible for a half dozen other violence attacks in the kensington area, including the rape and murder of rickry morgan. and that allen has a long criminal history and spent much of the past 18 years behind bars for attempted murder, carjacking and other offenses. >> i thank god he is off the street and can't do this to anyone else. this was horrific. >> sources tell me the suspect was picked up in october on a patrol violation and he was living with his girlfriend in philadelphia and i am told she is not cooperating. >> thank you. it was november 22nd when 1808 pine street in philadelphia was the scene of an explosion
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that severely injured a 60-year-old man, the blast was sparked by jim alden opening a padded envelope and tonight lawmen think they identify aid person of interest. sara bloomquist is live at police headquarters, how did police learn about this individual? >> reporter: jim, investigators have been scouring the streets of center city ever since the bombing a week and a half ago looking for any surveillance images today they released the best, the clearest images and video they are able to find so far. they are confident that this is the person who placed the explosive tee vice at the vibs tim's doorstep and they don't know why. >> look closely at the upper left corner of your screen, the person is wearing a blue coat placing a white envelope at the row home on the 1800 block of pine street. police say that the envelope that exploded severely injuring 60-year-old jim alden and this is the still photo of the person
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that placed the envelope on the step considered a person of interest in the bombing. >> this was a specified target for this device. >> it is important that we do try to identify who the person is that constructed it and who delivered it and it may be one and the same. >> investigators believe the person is a young asian male or possibly female. they tracked him walking eastbound to the victim's home and back down 19th and westbound to seventh and lombard. the package was placed on the doorstep on november 20th at with the 30 a.m. two days before alden opened it triggering an explosion. >> i have not seen anything like it. and i spoke to colleagues and they haven't. even beyond the city. >> they believe the person took steps to conceal their identity
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a baseball cap and a cap with ear flaps over it. >> this is progressing. it's a complicated investigation and there is just an enormous amount of data that has to be gone through. >> and investigators are hoping to fine even more surveillance images they are still looking, there is a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. the number to call with tips is 251-686-tips. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." there is word tonight that firefighter artis hope has died two months after they was in the arson fire that killed two colleagues. word from wilmington, the fire department late in afternoon. hope was in the hospital since the fire on lake view road in
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wilmington and two firefighters were killed and a woman accused of setting the fire is charged with their deaths and now likely there will be three counts. paul woodland is behind bars for the hit and run death of 8-year-old jayanna powell. they say that woodland confessed to the incident that happened on november 18th. powell was hit while walking home from school with her siblings in overbrook. woodland tells police he was driving alone in his girlfriend's car but jayanna's father says his son told him and authorities that he saw a young woman in the vehicle. >> philadelphia police officials explained the succession events that led to the death last night of a woman in west philadelphia. it all began with a shootout blocks away and came to a tragic end at 52nd and locust. that is where "action news" reporter gray hall is live tonight.
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>> reporter: good evening to you. we can tell that you family and friends were too emotional to talk to us on camera, this all started with reports of shots fired in this neighborhood and it ended with the crash and the death of an innocent woman that had nothing to do with this case losing her life. >> i heard gunshots and i tried to lay back down and heard six more and then six after that. >> those with the result of a shootout. and that incident ended with a fatal crash. police spotted who they believed were part of the shooting and gave chase, it ended about six blocks away when the suspects ran into a kia battleground drifb . >> regardless of what precipitated it or why. a woman died tragically.
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>> the other car involved in the shoot out was not located. commissioner ross says it appears they were justified when they gave chase to suspects they believed were firing shots in this neighborhood. >> it's dangerous for the public and police officers, but unfortunately that is what we do. having an innocent bystander being killed is the worst case scenario. >> what can we do? >> back out live we can tell you that police say that two brothers are arrested and the brothers were captured on surveillance video and police also found a gun inside of their car, a third individual showed up to the hospital on wednesday night. he had gunshot injuries and police believe he was shot in the shootout and has a connection to the two brothers.
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this investigation continues, live in west philadelphia, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the man accused of ripping the railing off the union league steps went before a judge today. the case against 50-year-old reginald phillips will move forward. investigators say he broke off a six foot section causing a part of the iconic stairs to collapse. he is charged with theft and other charges. ocean county became the first county in new jersey to arm high schools with life saving narcan, the nasal spray can reverse a heroin or opioid overdose. nurses and other staff learned how to administer narcan. it is already up to 180 deaths so far this year. montgomery county officials held a hearing this morning for residents to weigh in on a
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proposed property tax hike, the increase is part of the county's 2017 budget proposal. if passed it would create a new tax category to fund community college and on average homeowners would see a $66 increase and the vote is scheduled for december 15th. coming up tonight, it was not the sort of action that sixers fans came to see. the slick situation on the court that forced the cancellation of the game and we try to find some answers. and a parade of childrens bicycles took over broad street this afternoon. we'll tell you about the efforts to spread holiday cheer to military families. we dried out, 50 degrees here and much cooler air is moving to the west and we have a december chill and more rain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> and ducis rogers with the eagles getting ready for the cincinnati bengals, when "action
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news" continues tonight.
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so this is the way it looked last night at the wells fargo center as they tried and tried to dry up the floor so the sixers could play basketball. but despite their best efforts they had to call off the game and send home some unhappy fans. "action news" reporter christie aleto is back at the arena tonight. do they know what happened to the floor and why it happened? >> reporter: well jim, we are pressing the wells fargo center for answers all day long and moments ago they said they would
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release a statement tomorrow. it's unclear if this was weather related because it was humid or raining or if someone that works here simply drop the ball. it was a bizarre incident for the fans and both sets of teams. this wasn't the court action sixers fans were expected to see on wednesday against the sacramento kings. staff continually mopping the damp court and players stepped up to help dry out the space. >> they dry mopped it and wet mopped it and let it dry and there seemed to be a film on the court. >> it's unclear what caused the condensation but a team had a game on the court at noon. the game was eventually postponed. sixers fans quickly filed out of the arena. >> last night we were ready to play and i was disappointed not
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to play. >> "action news" caught up with the team practicing for friday's game and brett brown says they made the right call, i am glad ultimately we didn't play, it was completely out of rhythm when we went 45 minutes deep. >> and the first time a game was canceled because of a wet court. fans will have their tickets honored for the reschedule as well as the parking. and they will get complimentary tickets for a game in december. reporting live christie aleto, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. bikes were on parade down broad street in philadelphia this afternoon. 185 new bicycles were assembled at the bellevue, philly pops amazon and bellevue employees
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got an escort to the kimmel center that is where the bikes will be given to children of military families before the pops concert tomorrow night. >> santa is getting a bit of help this year from the workers at vanguard employers at the warehouse in wayne took part in the sponsor a child holiday program today. >> they loaded up more than 1800 toys, bikes and other gifts donated in the last month and will be distributed to local children in the delaware valley local charities.
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eagles getting ready for their trip to the midwest. they take on the cincinnati bengals a team struggling like they are. can the eagles run the table? they have to for a shot at the playoffs but before they can think about that the defense needs to shore things up. having lost six of their last eight contests.
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jeff skversky has more. >> we didn't do anything to help our team win. >> defensive coordinator schwartz is owning it. >> you don't know me well enough to see if i get away from accountability. i take ultimate responsible for what we do on defense. >> he is taking the responsibility for the hot and cold d. the biggest issue is the lack of turnovers and sacks in the last five games four turnovers and six sacks combined. they last all but one. >> we have seen the worst. he believes in us and the whole coaching staff believes in us. our job is to keep points off the board and particularly the past couple of weeks i don't think we did a good enough job of that. >> what is the solution? the eagles don't need a major
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shakeup because when you press you lead to other issues, the eagles believe they need to stay the course. >> we play tight. we got to get back to playing loose and playing cool and having fun on the sidelines, because that is when we play our best. we know the time of team and defense we are. we get after people. >> the eagles believe that if they can iron out the issues they will be among the top defenses in all of football. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." and the temple owls may be peaking at the right time. they won six straight games and saturday they will see if they have enough to win the championship. temple is in the acc choep game for the sec time. and they are thrilled to get another crack at it. >> that has to feel wonderful for you and a sense of pride for the rest of your team. >> i am proud of our program and our team and players, i am happy
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for them and for the fans and grateful to have one more chance to play and watch the seniors go out and compete at the highest level and show the country what temple football is all about. >> catch more with jaime's chat 9:45 on saturday on 6 abc i i'll be in annapolis tomorrow through game day, watch temple navy. stay with "action news" as we role. and the sixers host the magic tomorrow night and the team is confident that the floor will not be an issue like it was last night. joel embiid is turning heads, named the nba conference rookie of the month and nerlins noel returns after a stint in rehab. and has not let the latest set back keep him down.
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>> i am in a different place with all of these things and do what i can control. i think right now, i'm in a good place, you know mentally and my body feels great and i want to get back to playing basketball. >> he has a new haircut did you notice? >> i got one too today. >> i didn't notice. >> you look good too. >> thank you. cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in a moment.
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by the end of this month it will be chilly.
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>> by next friday it could be cold. arctic air is moving in welcome to december jim. today not bad stormtracker 6 live double scan showing hey we got rid of the rain finally after two days of rain. philadelphia nearly 2 inches of rain. much needed rain. and now live at sky 6 hd looking at the philadelphia christmas tree at city hall, i was down there last night and it was wet. but we dry things out and pulling in some colder air. our high for the day at 2:00 this morning. kind of an upside down kind of day. 63 degrees before the cold front moved through behind that front by 7:00, 10 degrees cooler and temperatures hovering in the low 50s, right now 50 degrees the normal high for this time of year tomorrow the normal high drops down to 49 tomorrow morning though there will be a breeze and temperatures in the 30s morning windchills will be in the low 30s and mid to upper
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20s. you'll want to bundle up if you head to work and the kids are heading to the bus stop. this is december and normal highs do drop. start at 50 degrees, by the end of the month 41 degrees and sunrise 7:04 today rising at 7:22 in the morning but look at this, the sunsets at 4:46 be the end of the month the sunsets 10 minute later and this is the month we see some snow. the average snowfall 3.5 inches. no snow today and just dry cool air moving in. philadelphia 50 and allentown 45 and cape may 51 and the poconos 36 degrees and winds are out of the west and that will be pulling in cooler air and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that this afternoon we had some clouds known as cold invection clouds high in the atmosphere causing the clouds and now the clouds are beginning to break up.
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so tonight partly cloudy skies and on the breezy side and temperatures dropping down into the 30s in most areas, 38 in philadelphia and allentown 34 and wilmington 35 and warmer along the coast close toward the water. and the boardwalk in atlantic city 48 degrees and cape may 41. tomorrow on the breezy side low pressure is up to the north and east and high pressure building in from tennessee and that brings us winds west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. and the high 51 degrees and windchills in the afternoon in the 40s, partly sunny and seasonable with afternoon highs only in the upper 40s that is what we get for december. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow 51 degrees and partly sunny and the weekend is looking nice a chilly breeze and nice on saturday. 49 degrees and drop down to 47 degrees on sunday and monday could have some sprinkles or even some snow flurries from a
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weak disturbance and another bound of rate on thursday and the potential for arctic air next friday with temperatures in the 30s. >> thank you say something about snow. >> snowflakes monday morning weak disturbance not a big deal. >> we don't mind the weak disturbances. thank you. finally santa helped to kick off the holiday festivities in camden tonight. the man of the hour arrived by fire truck to light the 32 foot tree at roosevelt park. children drank hot chocolate and of course all the sweet streets. channel 6 "action news" continues at 10:00 with brian taff and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00. i'm jim gardner we'll see you at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news, reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will president-elect make the same deal for every company? also breaking the school in lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding dozens at gun point. inside their efforts and the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now raising. this evening, the announcement from dolly parton. the abc news exclusive here


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