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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the big story is the temperature drop. >> hi rick and monica, the arctic air is waiting in the wings and now on the cool side. 40 degrees down from the high of 432 degrees below normal. temperatures in the 20s, pittsburgh 24 but the arctic air is across the great lakes and this is the system that moves in tonight. and this system has a punch, international falls, the air temperature 6 degrees below zero and 4 in minneapolis. and it moderates as it moves here but definitely the coldest air since last season. also, that front moves into south jersey and delaware it's interacting with higher winds and that lift can pull moisture out of the atmosphere and create a burst of snow. the main problem with this is the timing. with that snow falling as the arctic air arrives, any dampness on the roads will flash freeze so the timing between midnight and 4:00 in the morning, the key
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points as far as the snow. i-95 areas southeast the potential for the flash freeze can cause icy surfaces, be careful in south jerseyth delaware for the commute and then bundle up everywhere it's brutally cold. cape may southern delaware, the windchills 10 to 15 degrees the heart of the delaware valley 5 to 10 degrees and the windchill in the delaware valley 5 to 5 below and warmer air is on the way and a weekend storm and details on that in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. breaking news now. septa police are investigating a stabbing of a 13-year-old girl happened in the hallway at the frankford transportation center, we are told she was slashed in the hand and now hospitalized with a non-life-threatening injury and police have not given
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details on what led up to the stabbing. stay with "action news" for the latest on this story. a south jersey fanly is pleading for help tonight after their loved one was gunned down just feet from his own home. iban perry was shot and his family was asking for anyone with information on a social media dispute to come forward. perry's family spoke to nora muchanic she is at willingboro police with the latest. >> reporter: rick, family members don't know the details but they have been told by friends of the victims that a disagreement on social media may have something to do with a motive and while the investigation continues, the victim's tamly is trying to cope with this term loss. >> it's just hard, a senseless killing for nothing. he lost his life right here for what? standing on the porch where her
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nephew was gunned down the bullet hole in the door behind her, she talked about the shooting death of her nephew. other teen was wounded when someone across the street opened fire. >> it's just senseless. it's so senseless, my sister and his father will never be the same. >> one of five children, iban perry was a senior and was a popular honor student that loved sports and stayed out of trouble and his friends gathered to remember him tonight was there that he was told by teens that the shooting may have been connected to a disagreement on social media. >> we are hearing it was over facebook and snap chat arguments, you know going back and form with different kids. >> this stuff has to stop. it has to stop. we are working with our community to prevent this from
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happening. >> they say perry was a muslim and members of his father's mosque in newark were coming to wash his body for burial and they are struggling with their grief. >> there is no way to make sense of it. there is no sense to it. you are sitting at 16-year-old kids. if they are grown men or even their age, why are you having access to a gun that you could be judge and jury to take someone's life away. >> reporter: now the family is asking the teens to tell a cop, or an adult if they have information. they are not commenting on the possible social media angle and tomorrow he will be buried in a private service. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. two septa workers are recovering after they were hurt during a manhole inspection. the workers are trying to ventilate this manhole in southwest philadelphia when a
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fire broke out underground. both were taken to the hospital and one is in critical condition and one is released and the cause is under investigation. day two of bill cosby's latest legal saga in norristown minneapolis county. cosby's lawyers are trying to get 13 accusers barred from testifying in the upcoming sexual assault trial. cosby's legal staff called them out dated and irrelevant. prosecutors say it will show his pattern of behavior. a councilman in upper upland county is accused of stealing $100,000 from taxpayers. they will facing theft, conspiracy and wiretapping charges. prosecutors say that mitchell steered business to willard's company and received a kick back of up to 15%. >> there is no wonder i present this to you with disgust and
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outrage, that an elected official would go to this length -- >> the alleged scheme unravelled when the town's mayor discovered hidden cameras in council chambers in the town's offices, they were traced back to willard's company and mitchell denies the alligation. there is officially a new head football coach in north philadelphia. this morning the temple owls welcomed jeff collins to the owls. he has never been a head coach before but is up to the challenge. jaime apody was at temple this morning for the big announcement. >> nice guy too, i enjoyed my time. he calls this a dream come true and pressure is what he lives for and will have a whole lot it of. taking over a temple team that posted back to back 10 win seasons. he feel like a hero when given a
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heroes welcome. called the right guy at the right time for the job. temple's fourth coach in ten years, he has the southern twang but he sounds like a philly guy. >> whenever the flyers were in town, i'm 5, 6, 7 years old. i had to see the broad street bullies and had my gear and pennant and stuff was thrown at me and i wants to see bobby clark and dave shultz and at a young age, i was drawn to the physicalality and the toughness and the never say die, never quit. which i think is philly. which i think is us. they are the broad street bullies and we live on broad street and the way these young men play is reminiscent of what i fell in love with watching the flyers as a young kid. >> that is a way to endear himself to this town right away.
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he met with his new players this morning and is not coaching the team in the military bowl. he will be there to cheer them on and then a job to do. they are trying to get the 11th win a record for temple. >> thank you jaime. time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is trying to coach him through the traffic situati situation. >> we have a chilly feel being this situation, schuylkill between 202 and gulph mills, they have it off to the side but you can imagine it's attracting attention. as you get on the schuylkill from 422 it's slow going. and as our broken down truck farther east by montgomery drive has pulled away and everything is open there and it's still slow as you head toward center city. a crash on the roosevelt boulevard near the haldman by
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the chickies and petes. and one near 95 close to springfield avenue and that means septa's 45 trolley is shuttle busing and the construction going on on the connecter eastbound just 5 miles per hour. burlington bristol bridge or 95 is the alternate. and the water main break in cherry hill blocking browning lane. brace road is the alternate there. >> i'm stuck on the last hour. >> much more to come on "action news" at 5:00, new details on the controversial police involved shooting in central california. what we learn about the 73-year-old victim gunned down in front of his home. >> and the cap that could be key for cancer patients that are worried about hair loss, we'll tell you more when "action news" returns tonight.
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stocks closed lower today after the fed announced they are raising rates for the second time in a decade. janet yellen says the fed could
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make three more hikes in 2017. the dow was down on the day. and we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting in central california, the victim an armed 73-year-old man shot outside of his home. now amid calls for change the local police force has a brand new leader. lauren lister is live with the full story. >> reporter: rick, the family of that ellerly man killed is now asking the department of justice to investigate this as a civil rights case according to their spokesperson and there is no connection to the shooting and the change in police chief. this california community swearing in a new police chief. the change coming after controversy mounts over a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> this is a tragic event and during the holiday season that makes it that much worse. the police department
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investigating the death of a 73-year-old grandfather killed monday night. outside of his home a sea of candles and tears and family accusing police of gunning down their loved one. >> our dad was treated like a criminal and we feel he was left to die alone. without his family by his side. >> just a few days earlier this was the scene of his deadly run-in with law enforcement. the police responding to a call of an armed man in the neighborhood. >> brown jacket unknown if under the influence armed with a resolver. >> he walks out of his house and the unidentified caller identified him as the man. >> he ignored commands to show his hands, one officer fired killing him, who was found to be
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unarmed. >> police say that they did find not a gun but a crucifix and only a single officer fired he has been with the force just over a year and now placed on routine administrative leave. >> channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in the last half hour president-elect donald trump named former president candidate mitt romney's niece as the rnc chair until current chair reince preibus takes his post as chief of staff. today trump hosted some of silicon valley's elite in new york. bringing together leaders from companies like amazon, microsoft and apple. >> i want to add that i'm here to help you folks do well and you are doing well right now and i'm honored by the bounce. we are all talking about the bounce, so everyone has to like
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me just a little. >> meantime, trump continues filling out his cabinet and tapped former texas governor, rick perry as energy sent and will nominate for the secretary of the interior. hair loss is a major concern for women undergoing chemotherapy for brain cancer and now a special cap could help prevent that. a study of with women with early stage breast can, showed that the cool cap reduced hair loss by 50%, worn before, during and after chemo, it cools it to 60 degrees and they believe that is the key to preventing hair loss. >> that leaves to decreased blood clot to the hair follicle. and prevent hair loss. >> study leaders say that the
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cap seems to work better with some chemo regiments. peco is lighting up the holidays and "action news" is bringing you the best lightdy places in the area and the action cam was at chestnut hill section and it feel yours this garden railway cleated with a quarter mile of replica train tracks and so much fun for the kids. let it go! light it up! yeah! zbll meantime, saint christopher's hospital for children kicked off their annual holiday celebration and patients and loved ones got a visit from santa and mrs. claus. we want to see your holiday lights and send them to 6 abc or post them to our facebook page or email them to we'll be right back.
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take a look at this, this is video of the first amazon prime air drone delivery it happened in england, the man named richard ordered a fire tv and popcorn and 13 mined later a
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drone left the package on his doorstep. the system is still going through testing because of heavy restrictions on drone flights there but amazon hopes to have trial runs including the u.s. soon. 13 minutes wow. one of the hot items are up for sale now. the air pods, you new wireless ear phones when on sale yesterday after a two month delay. prepare to buy them in person when they go on sale next week in stores. right now online orders will not be delivered until after christmas. the nominees for the 23rd screen actor guilds award and manchester by the sea came out the big winner. leading the pack with four nominations, lala land that earned the most nods for the golden globes only picked up two nods and modern family was also
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recognized. country music star, toby keith will headline the musikfest next year performing at the sand steel stage, tickets go on sale next tuesday december 20th at 10:00 a.m. and 6 abc is a proud sponsor of musikfest that opens august 4th. still ahead tonight at 5:00 a check of the forecast. as we look live from city hall at our temple university sky 6 cam a pretty picture of the center city skyline. cecily tynan has your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and it's going to get cold she has the details when we come right back.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board tonight. cecily tynan is here with the forecast and it's going to get really cold. >> find the layers you'll want to put a lot of them on tomorrow. sky 6 hd taking a look live of the commodore barry bridge we clouded up a the clouds ahead o arctic front and temperatures are not that bad. 40 degrees currently and reached a high of 42 degrees and allentown 33 and wilmington 36 and cape may 40 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see the
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arctic boundary easily, right here over the great lakes, this should be moving through around midnight than opens the door for arctic air and it will also bring snow to parts is our region. future tracker 6 showing around midnight temperatures dropping into the 20s in the northwest suburbs and a few snow showers breaking out in newcastle county and kent county and gets involved with the jet stream and that brings a burst of snow primarily across south jersey and delaware. the temperatures above freezing causes the snow to melt on the roads and then the cold air moves in and you get the immediate freeze, the flash freeze, could be icy surfaces tomorrow in south jersey and delaware and we get the wind. so as far as the snow the best chance will be i-95 areas southeast not a lot of snow a
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coat to perhaps an inch but with the cold air arriving at the same time could cause problems for the first part of the morning commute. >> then we get the winds, winds pick up after sunrise and once you are past 9:00 we have windchills stuck in the single digits in philadelphia stay tlg all day with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour and friday it's still cold but the winds will diminish. the five-day forecast, haven't talked about temperatures like this since last february, tomorrow windy and could have a few snow showers especially areas to the north and lehigh valley the best chance and sunshine early and then the clouds take over, bitter cold. 24 degrees but windchills close to zero in the northwest suburbs and friday 28 degrees but the winds will diminish so it won't feel quite as harsh and friday around midnight the next storm system rolls in and this tracks to the west and this pulls in some warm air and it starts to snow before a change over to ice
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and then a gradual change over to rain and the high is 46 degrees and sunday a day of transition rainy with a cold front approaching and the high 57 we likely hit that in the morning and temperatures crash and monday it clears out it's brisk and cold and 34 degrees, what you get on saturday depends on where you are and we break it down in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you cecily.
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"action news" continues with jaime apody, we go again on "ac news" tonight. the arctic blast is coming and is your car ready to handle the strain, nydia han has your cold weather car checklist and a man is executed on a philadelphia street and detectives are asking the public to help find his killers and a requirement for every car registered in pennsylvania is going away. we'll explain. now the details the coldest air since february is knocking on our doorstep tonight. overnight an arctic front pushes through bringing a quick coating of snow in many parts. but the dangerously cold
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temperatures and windchills hovering in the teens. the office of services along with communities in our area have issued a code blue that means continued exposure to those kinds of elements could be deadly. if you see a homeless person outside call the outreach hot line. there is the number. to get them some help. we posted code blue information on our website at and philadelphia's code blue remains in effect from tonight into next wednesday. >> "action news" consumer reporter nydia han live in winfield with more on what you can do to make sure your car is ready for the arctic blast. >> reporter: hey guys, there are a number of things you should do right now to make sure you and your family are safe on the road. number one make sure you have a winter supply box. that is the single most important thing you should do. >> sovereiurveys show that 40%
5:32 pm
motorists do not have an emergency kit in your car. >> if you are one include rock salt and a first aid kit. >> kitty litter helps to build traction if you need to get your tires out of and jumper cables and water and baby supplies and high energy snacks. janay says check your coolant and antifreeze> the number one is for car batteries, it's most important that motorists have their car battery checked ahead of the winter months. and expect your tire pressure and tread depth, and replace them if they are worn or hard. and consider using windshield wiper fluid specifically for the winter. it helps to loosen ice and snow
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making it easier to make things clear. consider switching to a winter grade oil too, and keep your car clean. wash it frequently to scrub off de-icing chemicals and salt. >> it erodes the car paint and leaves it on the windshield. and rusts under the car. and have a certified mechanic give your car a once over especially if your vehicle is more than five years old. nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. remember that this dangerous cold can be a death sentence for pets that are left outside. city ordinance says that animals have to be brought indoors unless they have adequate outdoor shelter and warm bedding, residents can be elapseded with a fine of more than $500. if you see an animal out in the control team on the number on your screen.
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and as the mercury plunges, collect back with for the very latest from updated hourly forecast to stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you'll find everything you need and stay connected with the "action news" team on facebook and twitter. >> they are hoping thatwities will help solve the execution-style murder in frankford this morning. surveillance video shows the moments when the 27-year-old man was shot and killed. it happened in the 1400 block of adams avenue. detectives recovered more than two dozen shell casings from the scene they are trying to determine a motive and identify the victim. a man in his 50s died when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a parked car and crashed into a tree this morning in southwest philadelphia, it happened at 58th and baltimore and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. and a teenager accused of killing a high school standout went before a judge today.
5:35 pm
15-year-old harrison moss and 16-year-old christopher had their hearing in quakertown charged with the shooting of isiah lewis, his body was found at colt memorial park. it was all part of a botched attempted robbery according to prosecutors. bensalem township police want to find women that targeted an elderly woman in the parks casino parking lot. one man followed the woman through the casino into the parking lot and saw an opportunity ripped her purse from the shoulder and took off in a waiting car. police are looking for the two suspects and the car identified as a silver 2007 audi q 7 and license plates, k 52 gen. philadelphia police are looking for the men in this video. on monday morning he broke into a residence.
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he took $30,000 worth of jewelry, including cold rings and bracelets and wedding bands, and took off. if you know who he is detectives want to hear from you. now to the developing situation in syria, government forces dropped bombs on aleppo today. after a cease fire deal collapsed. both the government and rebels agreed yesterday to allow safe evacuation for families caught in the crossfire and despite the deal government troops have resumed bombing raids on strongholds and some trapped there include doctors without boarders who say they are terrified. the number of fighters in iraq are down 75%, the lowest it has ever been. top u.s. officials say there are 12,000 to 15,000 left. and tighter surveillance and border controls are stopping foreign fighters from joining
5:37 pm
the terror group in iraq and syria. flags were flying at half staff in connecticut to mark the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. it was this day in 2012 when 20 children and six educators were killed when a 20-year-old opened fire. he shot his mother and then killed himself. the town doesn't typically hold a memorial event on the anniversary but prayer services were planned for today and a counseling center was open for extended hours. closing arguments could begin tomorrow for dillon roof accused of killing nine parishioners at a church in south carolina. prosecutors say that the 22-year-old gunman entered the church armed and intending to kill african-americans, if
5:38 pm
convicted dillon roof could get the death penalty. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the dillon roof trial and more on aleppo, syria. say good-bye to the little license plate stickers after this year in pennsylvania. the department of transportation is doing away with them to save money and prevent sticker heft thefts. this saves $3 million a year and you will still get a printed registration card to keep in your wallet or purse. the peeloff stickers are gone in 2017. time now for an update on the highways on a chilly wednesday evening. >> speaking of stickers we have stuck traffic along 495 in wilmington. what a mess, an accident southbound approaching 95 has all lanes blocked and single digit speeds and the delay is stacking up quickly through
5:39 pm
wilmington and stay over on 95 southbound. it's crowded with speeds in ett the stopped traffic on 495 southbound or stay local on roads like 13 through the city. meanwhile coming off the platt bridge a broken don't truck at the base of the bridge is sticking out in the right lane. and traffic across the span of the platt is jammed and not better on the girard point and stick with 95 inst toward the sixers game. and a crash in the outer drive and farther south another accident approaching the schuylkill. it looks like it has cleared out of the way but still heavy and northbound is jammed with normal afternoon volume and the construction getting into new jersey on the turnpike connecter eastbound is extended until 6:00 so you have delays coming in from bucks county. >> thank you. more to come on "action news" tonight. hundreds of residents are forced out of their homes and into
5:40 pm
emergency shelters in the middle of the night. >> temple's new head football coach is introducing himself to philadelphia. and jaime apody has more on his plans for the program. >> and monica no stopping the bitter arctic air from spilling into our region, the timing and snow for some overnight tonight and a bigger mess over the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> oh boy get ready we'll have the stories and more when "action news" continues and as we head to break, here are your festive holiday lights. >> if you deck the halls we love to see them. use hasht#6abcaction and post to our facebook page or email them to fios in the house!
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a judge declared a mistrial in the case begins dalia dipit ox. jurors said they were deadlock and in her first trial she was convicted of solicitation to commit first degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison and that was overturned on appeal and prosecutors will move for a retrial.
5:44 pm
roofing materials helped to fuel a two alarm fire today in manhattan. it started on the campus of the nyu medical center and it's not yet open to the public and thick black smoke is seen on the skyline and while you moved patients impacted by smoke, no injuries were reported. and people had to send the day in emergency trailers after a tractor trailer holding toxic chemicals hit another tractor trailer. one was hauling pool chemicals and one -- and some homes were evacuated and folks on the road at the time were given this warning. >> please be patient, do not get out of your cars if you have stuck, for your own safety stay in your cars and do what you can to keep moving and be patient. >> reads were allowed back into
5:45 pm
their homes at 12:30 this afternoon after crews fully extinguished the fire. >> wow. we mentioned the big football story was temple university but the eagles are still preparing for a game against the ravens. >> we can't forget about them. the eagles may be the second most talked about football team in town. carson wentz hopefully resting his arm a bit. >> talk about being thrown into the job, carson wentz is not only on pace to break the record for passes in a season but wentz is on pace to finish with the most in rookie history. >> more for him. it's putting him in a tough situation. >> this is not what doug peterson envisioned when putting him in the starting job a week from the season. >> didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much,
5:46 pm
i felt he was capable of doing it but you never want to expose a young rookie quarterback into that. >> and by no means am i complaining about it. >> it may not be ideal but they they may have to pull the on wentz shoulders in baltimore. because the ravens have the number one defense in the nfl stopping the run and the eagles trying to salvage games and learn and build for next year. >> we asked a lot of him and he has handle tropical disturbance well and making him a better quarterback for the rest of this season and for the future. >> you realize how hard it is to win in this league and be consistent and you learn to focus in on every play and all the passes and hits wentz has taken will only speed up the learning curve for what the eagles hope is a bright future. >> it's a new era for temple again.
5:47 pm
again and again. for the fourth time in the past decade the owls int football co. there he is, jeff collins comes from the university of florida. he calls it a whirlwind 48 hours and running on 6 hours of sleep and diet mountain dews but is he ready? >> i know one of the questions that i'm sure will be asked i'm going to attack it right now. do you feel any pressure? back to back ten win seasons, back to back winning the east and winning the conference do you feel pressure? that is what i live for. that is what i thrive on. >> sounds great but we want insight on this guy. well we got it. collins very successful at florida and before that at might state where he coached eagles star fletcher cox. >> he brings a lot of juice and energy and comes with it every
5:48 pm
day. he is a leader and i know that from when i was at mississippi state. he wanted to lead the guys and lead the defense and be one of the guys that is making a lot of noise at practice, that is why players love him so much. dela in a new era. danny rocco comes from richmond, he knows the conference and he takes over a blue hens program that went 4-7 this year. it's all about new football coaches. >> that is a good thing. >> absolutely. >> more news and a check of the accuweather forecast when we come right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
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...his sister can live stream it... get 150 meg internet, tv and how phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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time to pull out the wool scarves and mittens and the whole deal. >> we'll feel like the michelin man. >> like the christmas story if you fall down you can't get back up. he doesn't any way. >> hey! >> stormtracker 6 live double scan clouds have moved in and they continue to thicken up and moisture blossoms socially in southern areas as the arctic front comes through and a period of snow for some overnight tonight. above freezing across the board
5:52 pm
the 23 degree threshold for read and not far in millville and cape may. sunshine the first part of the day. high clouds from the midwest and arctic air is still north and west of cleveland. and some precipitation is blossoming in virginia and as the front interacts with the strong winds called the jet streak it will develop a little bit of snow. philadelphia to the south and east around the midnight hour. but to the north and west you see the lake-effect snow machines kicking in with the very strong wind. there is the arctic front. crystal clear but cold in minneapolis and the front is moving our way. by midnight you see the light snow down to the south, temperature as above freezing it's not going to last long, not a lot of snow but it will skirt most of the southern new jersey and delaware on the brink of philadelphia, could melt on the road surfaces but the problem is, it's gone by 5:00 in the morning and clear but with the
5:53 pm
temperatures quickly dropping if roads are not treated with the little period of snow and we could see ice up conditions in those southern areas in the wee areas of the morning. 25 in allentown by 4:20 a.m. a half inch to inch midnight to 4:00 a.m. with the flash freeze and north and west dry and quiet through the overnight hours. but by tomorrow morning, windchills at 10:00. by tomorrow afternoon 7 degrees with the arctic air and 4 on friday morning and colder than that in the northwestern suburbs, and the winds ease at 20 degrees. the next storm is set up and arctic air is in place late friday night into saturday and the high is working to the east and southerly winds take over and strong low heads to the north and west and the precipitation is breaking out as the warmer air comes in to kick out the arctic air and rain is going to win out despite we'll start a little icy here late friday night into saturday
5:54 pm
morning. what to expect during that time period, lehigh valley northwestern suburbs, 2 to 4 inches of snow changing to ice and eventually rain in the 95 metro area philadelphia 1 to 2 inches of snow and quick icing and quick change over to rain and rain the rest of the weekend, delaware and southern new jersey, a coating of snow and a quick transition to rain in the southern areas. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 20s the next two days but throw the temperatures outlook at the harsh windchills. and then saturday early morning snow and ice going over to rain with a high of 46, it is rainy on sunday, a good soaking here, and temperatures will crash from near 60 back below freezing by sunday evening and then monday and tuesday it's cold with temperatures just above the freezing point and winter otherly arrives one week from today fairly quiet at 42 degrees. so a little bit of snow southern areas tonight and then a bigger mess as we begin the upcoming
5:55 pm
weekend. >> think old man winter arrived. >> and angry. >> thank you. quick break.
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5:57 pm
welcome news for residents of a north philadelphia neighborhood. the homes are being weatherized thanks to an initiative. work is underway on the 200 block of wishard street in philadelphia. the campaign aims to add 200 jobs in the next ten-years. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a brutal blast of weather is about to descend on us. and hearing wraps up in the case of bill cosby, what was heard in court about the potential witnesses. now for cecily tynan and monica malpass i'm rick williams have a nice evening. >> night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
it collapses zoneding a worker into the water and the big story the approach of brutal weather, folks were bundled up in their winter coats but down right balmy compared to what we'll see over the next couple of days.
6:00 pm
lets get the latest from meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> i'm bundled up too, there is a chill in the air but tomorrow it feels 30 degrees colder than right now. 38 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 43 that is 2 degrees below normal. and pittsburgh temperatures in the 20s. the arctic air is heading into the great lakes. international falls 7 degrees below zero. that is the air temperature. minneapolis 2 and bismark, north dakota it's zero. and that will move through later on tonight. future tracker showing as it moves in it will interact with the jet streak to the south and that pulls up the lift and that will likely pull out moisture in the form of snow mainly across south jersey and delaware in the wee hours of the morning. the problem is that that is moving in as the cold air


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