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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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. "action news" continues with rick williams. >> here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. >> the sport for killing was this case. a man is arrested for a woman's murder in delaware county. we are live with the breaking details. and a chain reaction crash involving at least seven vehicles litters a road in south jersey. and the port of philadelphia gets a 300 million shot in the arm and we'll hear about the big project and announcement just made. now, to the breaking news story from delaware county. a philadelphia man with a violent past is charged with a woman in delaware county. the suspect is back in jail and
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police say he served time before and was released and then began a new wave of crime. john rawlins is live in media where a news conference ened a short time ago. >> reporter: that is right, "action news" reported several weeks ago a blood trail from philadelphia. linked the suspect to the murder and now the same suspect is charged with four brutal sex crimes that happened miles away in philadelphia. >> he preys on women and all the victims so far are documented to be women. and as far as we can tell that is his m.o., he either slashes their throat or tries to choke them to death. >> the da talking about byron allen, charges with the brutal crimes against women. he was formerly charged today with the september murder of natasha gibson.
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it was a random encounter and that gibson did not know her attacker. >> killed her by slashing her over 20 stab wounds to her body and multiple stab wounded to her chest, face and neck, her neck was slashed open. >> police say that allen was injured in the attack and left a blood trail that extended to philadelphia where video shows him calmly buying a beer at a convenience store. allen is also charged with four slashings and six assaults in kensington and philadelphia police released photos of a possible suspect. >> we received numerous tips after releasing that. following up on the tips we were able to develop byron allen as a suspect. >> he was patrolled in 2015 after serving 12 to 15 years behind bars, the first of this set of crimes is he charged with
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occurred in april. and allen is now the prime suspect in a july murder of a woman named ricky morgan whose body was found in kensington last july. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> john thank you. in other news, crews have been working all morning lon to clear the wreckage of this large crash in logan township, gloucester county. incredibly nobody died when a tractor trailer and six other vehicles slammed into one another at the tail end of the morning rush. "action news" confirmed that the tractor trailer driver is facing a summons for reckless driving, he failed to stop along route 130 and ran in other cars and trucks backed up due to another traffic issues. new video from chopper 6 hd shows what is left after a fire broke out inside of the nut kettle at peddlers village in bucks county and called to the
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scene shortly before 6:30. and the nut kettle was fully engulfed in flames and it started at the popcorn popper and spread to st. jude's store and damaged two parked cars. fortunately nobody was injured. >> turning to the weather, winter has officially arrived and the forecast is throwing us a pleasant curveball. it's turning milder outside as we look live at sky 6 hd at wilmington delaware. camden new jersey. the cool air is icing in time for christmas and meteorologist, karen rogers, is at the big board with a preview with the seven-day forecast from accuweather. mild forecast. >> not too bad. i know what you were doing at 5:44, you were awaiting the arrival of the winter solstice, the day with the least amount of daylight. it is the longest night tonight
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and it turns longer, the days turn longer going forward. if you are sick of the darkness of the past few months you see more brightness coming up in the next few months. morning lows we start in the teens and lehigh valley and 16 degrees is the morning low in allentown and 19 in reading and we track how it is milder and the morning was cold and 27 in philadelphia and only 18 with the temperature this morning in millville. and 22 in atlantic city. and we recovered nicely, and the afternoon is not bad at all with 49 degrees as a high and 43 above average you can't beat that, not touching the record high of 67 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing a lot of clouds streaming through, with peeks of sunshine through the clouds and dry it if not a mostly cloudy day and the sun is streaming through. the current temperature is 38 and 37 in pottstown and 40 in saint davids and center city and
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recovering nicely. and 39 in browns mills and glassboro and 44 in dover, delaware. here is a look at your evening commute. no weather related woes and we stay dry. we have lots of cloud cover and high of 45 and 4:00 coming down from that at 41 degrees, 4:00 dipping to 39 at 6:00 and 7:00 it's 36 degrees under mostly cloudy skies and the overnight low getting to 30 you'll need the heavy coat tomorrow but a real warm up after that, wait until i show you the seven-day forecast a lot of high numbers there. >> thank you. this remainder stay with for the very late of, use stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to track changes coming our way. check in with our meteorologist with social media and follow them on facebook and twitter for regular updates. the search going on for dozens of people missing in the aftermath of this towering explosion at a fireworks market
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in mexico. children are among those unaccounted for and the video shows the destruction the blast left behind killing at least 31 people. more now on the recovery of survivors and the search for the missing. >> the video is incredible and the aftermath-deadly. a fireworks explosion causing a chain reaction. >> for witnesses overwhelming and unbelievable. and the explosion so powerful this person called it sheer chaos, it happened in mexico 40 miles of mexico city during the market's busiest week before christmas and new years eve. overnight the red cross moves in rushing the victims to the hospital and some with burns over 90% of their bodies. >> angel martinez is desperate
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her boyfriend is still missing, this morning she and other family and friends flooded the market site hoping for answers. rosily survived the blast but back at the scene looking for three family members including two children. >> as for the investigation it's still unclear how this happened but this is the third major explosion at the market in the last 11 years but the first time it turned deadly. abc news new york. back here governor tom wolf and senator bob casey discussed the port of investment program at the port of philadelphia. the money will be put toward infrastructure and creating jobs and doubling container capacity and positioning the port for further growth. >> this is from turning
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philadelphia from just another competitor to being the preeminent port. >> the initiative ranks among the largest investments by a state along the east coast and is expected to continue through the year 2020. >> all right we are less than a month away from the presidential inauguration and today president-elect donald trump will meet with his incoming national security adviser in florida. aids to trump say that meetings with retired general michael flynn were planned for the acted of violence in berlin and turkey. he met with other members of the incoming national security team with vice president elect mike pence in washington. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a couple turns the tables by celebrating their divorce and their daughter helped them plan the party. >> and the federal government is documenting social security checks we'll tell you why and who is feeling the pinch the most.
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we are breaking news from new jersey this hour. look at this, a large fire is burning at a furniture store in north bergan, new jersey. it's a fourth alarm and extended to the rear of the building and no word of injuries but fire officials are on the scene fighting this huge fire in north jersey we'll keep you updated on new information there. new york real estate mogul robert durst is back in court facing charges. he is accused of killing susan ber man. focusing on the disappearance of his first wife and berman killing. in that episode durst appeared
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to mutter to himful that he had quote killed them all. syrian state television reported that evacuations have resumed in aleppo, there are 60 buses prepared to evacuate about 3,000 fighters and civilians from the oppositions last foot hold in the city. the last convoy set to leave aleppo before the government resumes full control of the city for the first time since 2012. police in los angeles, california, are figuring out the motive of a former reality show contestant there. the alleged killer someone she crossed paths with and now under arrest. lisa marie nagel vanished over the weekend and premiered in the bridal show in 2010 and when questioned he admitted that her body was at his home and nagel reportedly taught nursing
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classes and rogers was run of her students. a boy's father is angry that the school is not doing more about the way that one teacher conducted class. that a middle school teacher uses sex and drug references in his lessons they snapped a problem that references texting nude photos and the school system did a complete investigation into the matter and the math teacher was given a written reprimand. >> but to wash it under the table and not do an actual investigation this is a bad precedent for teachers that may go down the road. >> the father has taken his children out of the teacher's class. >> nick wax talked to the
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blissful people at the center of it all. >> they threw a party. 24 years of marriage over. >> russellbrating the death of something. >> we are not celebrating the divorce but the way we did it. keep the friendship we have been keep the family group together. >> we just did a lot of self examination and realized we had fallen out of love. >> when it happens to a singer -- ♪ never ever getting back together ♪ >> they mournfully. >> i didn't feel sad at all, we thought it was fun. >> were there sticking points like an old album -- >> none. >> we figured out that we didn't
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care about the stuff. just things. >> this girl and her sister who is not here are the most important things to us. >> i think there is a lot of animosity when couples accesepa due to the finances. >> i bought everything with my money -- >> we are both much poorer than we used to be. but again just things. >> they actually exchanged gifts. >> you gave him a toaster oven? >> how do you make this work? >> a lot of work and humility and sacrifice and discussion and careful thought and professional help. >> finishing each other's sentences. >> any chance of reconciliation? >> no, he is super cute but no, now available. >> okay that was nick watt reporting for abc news. still ahead another check of the
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forecast as we look live outside the sky 6 hd showing you the battleship new jersey and sailing in calms waters on the first day of winter.
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and we are back looking live from sky from spring mountain, there is plenty of snow ready for skiers but on this first day of winter temperatures on the mild side and nobody is complaining here. that is for sure. and we are not really skiers. >> and we are not complainers. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry right now looking pretty good. it was cold this morning but warming up this afternoon. lets go outside and see what is looks like, another shot with the temple university camera, sky 6 hd looking live at center city and lots of clouds up above and for the most part high, thin clouds and some of that sunshine
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kind of filter through a bit and lots of clouds today and 40 degrees is the temperature and protectiony dry atmosphere and high pressure is building in and winds are light today and picking up tomorrow and the ocean temperature is 40 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar really showing how those closes filled up through the region and started in the overnight hours and built ever since. a good amount of cloud cover in the lehigh valley and built in the north first and clouds and sunshine and not as cold. 32 for the high in the lehigh valley. and down the shore a bit more fine throughout the day and now clouds are billing in. 46 is the high and mild for this first day of winter. leads look at the hour by hour forecast this first day of winter. 4:00, 41 coming down from the high of 45, temperatures several degrees above average and 10 degrees above yesterday
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afternoon. at 6:00 we are starting to dip into the 30s. 38 degrees but we stay dry and 8:00, 34 and 10:00 bear by aloof freeding with the overnight low of 70. tomorrow we track the front that comes through and ahead of it, we get a mild surge, 50 degrees for this time of year it will feel pretty good and a slight chance of showers as the front comes through and it mostly clom comes through dry and the wind gusts up a gusty breeze and nonetheless a high of 50 and if you head to the eagles game because it's cold at night. windchills in the 20s with the northwest wind gusting at times at 16 miles per hour and kickoff 38 degrees at 8:25 for the eagles and by the fourth quarter 35 but don't forget it will feel like the 20s when you factor in the chilly wind.
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looking at your exclusive accuweather forecast, through the entire seven day period temperature as above average and today is just the beginning yesterday in the 30s and this afternoon we top off in the 40s, 45 on this first day of winter. tomorrow by the afternoon you get this gusty breeze kicking up and a cold start and decent afternoon with the high of 50 and well above average and a shower sneaks in and we stay pretty dry, a good amount of sunshine coming in and 46 for your high and saturday begins hanukkah and santa's arrival for christmas eve and maybe some showers or a period of rain, it may be wetter on saturday than originally thought. we'll fine tune the forecast over the next couple of days. sunday christmas day dry and sunshine and 49 degrees, mild for this time of year, up to 50 on monday, it looks like now we see more clouds than sun for the beginning of kwanzaa and tuesday the height of it we'll hit at least 55.
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some models suggesting even higher than that. and 15 degrees above average. and story for the snow lovers, staying that way in this mild trend at least for now. >> thank you karen. in other news student loan debt is apparently sticking around and the federal government is docking social security checks to recoup old loans, the government has collected $1.1 billion from social security recipients to pay back student loans and those over 50 and receiving disability benefits were most affective. it left thousands with social security checks below the poverty line. apple's delayed wireless ear buds are available at apple stores. they pushed back shipment dates until now but they are already
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selling out fast and in-store pickup for the philadelphia area is not available until february 16 and according to apple's website.
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breaking news from upper chichester, delaware county, chopper 6 hd is over the scene of an accident involving state police there. apparently it happened as police were pursuing a suspect, two people are in custody and they are still looking for a third suspect. it happened just about a half hour ago along i-95 near exit 4, upper chichester, delaware county, no word of injuries but state police were in pursuit of suspects and they are still looking for a third. as we pull out a number of state police cruisers on the scene as
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this story continues to unfold and we'll have more information tonight on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. in the meantime karen rogers with one last look at the winter forecast. >> 54 degrees and dry and lots of clouds and your high of 45 and we'll come down and it will be 41 degrees at 4:00 and 6:00, 38 and lots of clouds and peeks of sunshine but feeling mild for this time of year. >> that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon see you tonight.
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