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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- winter wallop. a powerful christmas blizzard sweeping across the country. dangerous snow, ice and wind sparking crashes. flipping tractor-trailers on the highways. thousands of holiday travelers grounded and the storm moeing east right now. trump's christmas bomb shell. the president-elect announcing he'll dissolve his charitable foundation as he attends christmas maz, receiving a standing ovation upon arrival. plus the new shake-up in the trump administration, the staffer's backing out of his new job, why he resigned just days after being appointed. post-holiday shopping secrets. where to find the best-day after christmas deals. biggest bar gains, the stores to
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hit first and why you shouldn't wait to make your returns ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart ♪ and celebrating a pop legend. george michael, dying suddenly at age 53. found in his home in london on christmas day ♪ wake me up before you go go >> he raised to fame as one half of wham! before restoring our faith as solo superstar. ♪ i got to have faith >> captivating millions of fans. >> he made such a tremendous contribution musically. it's a huge loss. >> the tributes pouring in from around the world this morning. ♪ please don't go away good morning. if you're around for the 1980s and if you like us were you
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teenagers that voice is unmistakable sfwlit's a huge loss. that's our big story this morning. the shock to the music world. singer george michael dead at the age of 6 53. fans showing their support for the music legend, even leaving flowers at hiss home. >> online, tributes have been pouring in. george michael was a musical genius and i'm so grateful to have known him. ellen degeneres calling her friend a brilliant talent. and sir elton john posting on on instagram, i am in deep shock. i have lost a good friend. >> the pop star being remembered as a wildly successful artist with more than 30 years in the spotlight and t.j. holmes is here now with the very latest on this story. good morning, t.j. >> you mentioned that publicist
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statement. had a line, george michael had not been ill. on christmas day, fans around the world gets the news at 53 the man has passed away. the 100 million albums sold, he was able to blend r&b, soul and he pushed boubdryes no matter who you are. or where you grew up. ♪ >> reporter: that sound of george michael is unmistakable. ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ because i'm not planning on going solo ♪ >> reporter: michael woke up a new generation of music lovers. >> what do you listen to at home. >> i listen to pop, american and english.
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but basically anything you can dance to. >> reporter: the pop superstar died of heart failure sunday at the age of 53. his publicist tells abc news, he passed away peacefully at home over the christmas weekend. his career ran the musical gamut from upbeat dance hits. ♪ >> reporter: to down-tempo soul ful ballads. ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart ♪ >> reporter: and that iconic voice was also behind this holiday classic. ♪ i'll give it to someone >> reporter: but the chart-topper. left a deeper musical imprint in the '90s which gave us all a little faith. ♪ faith
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>> reporter: but those years were marked with public victories and struggles. michael made strides after coming out as gay in the '90s. lending his powerful voice in the fight against aids. in 2011, a battle with npneumona nearly cost him his life. over 100 million records sold in a career that spanned three decades with one constant -- he was a heart throb. >> i think women really get the feeling that i understand them and i write from the heart. >> reporter: this morning, millions of fans and friends are paying tribute to the icon. like the queen of soul herself, aretha franklin. >> he was on the money.
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he made such a contribution musically. it's a huge loss. >> you give people music for years and years when you write. you tie to yourself to their childhood and their growing up and it's a real privilege ♪ i'll love you until the end of time ♪ >> of course, as you can imagine, countless tributes have been coming in. madonna, just one of many that put one out. we'll put hers up. she made reference to her friend, george michael. at the end of it she made reference to 2016. go away. we get celebrity deaths every year. huge, historic figures have died. 2016, another legend, an icon gone. >> watching yo you are story,
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just a lot of nostalgia for me. he was aware his work played such a huge role in his life. >> he had r&b hits, folks, he was pop star, rock star, he was a true talent in that way. he pushed the boundaries. he talked about sexuality, it was huge what he was doing. >> he weaved important narratives. "people" magazine executive editor kate coyne and dr. ashton are joining us. ladies, thank you for joining us. jen, george michael's manager saying he died of heart failure. police are ruling out anything suspicious. >> there are some big medical clues here. some things aren't really adding up. on a death certificate doctors will put cardiac arrest as the
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final event. that's the last event before someone dies. to say heart failure has a very specific meaning in the medical world. it really wouldn't be the cause for doing an autopsy. people with heart failure, when they die, typically of symptoms, fluid buildup in the lungs and people rarely will die out of the blue suddenly of heart failure. late term, just the heart stopped, being thrown out there by his manager. medically there's a different meaning. more appropriately at that time to say sudden cardiac death. the reason they're saying it's unexplained and doing an autopsy because i don't think they know. >> kate, how would you describe his impact on pop culture? >> i think it can't be understated. tremendous, tremendous impact. i mean, you know, you talked
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about 2016 with the losses. prince, obviously, another huge one that comes to mind. unlike prince, george michael didn't play around with gender roles, he was -- he was a heart throb during the peak of his success, a heterosexual heart throb. he had to transform his career when he was outed. he was the number of songs, which bear in mind didn't have a hit factory behind them. he wrote those songs himself. he was a composure. a true musician and a tremendous talent. >> what was written about him, his music was confessional in tone. he wanted to be loved. he was loved and is loved. much more on this topic as the show continues. we move on to severe weather creating a travel mess for
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millions of people across the country. bringing icy, dangerous roads for many families heading home after the holiday weekend. abc's linzie janis is at laguardia. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. more than 100 million americans were expected to hitting the road or flying this holiday season. for parts of the country which has been a white christmas, travel is slow and dangerous. overnight, near-whiteout conditions across the northern plains. residents digging out from under a christmas blizzard packing heavy snow and winds. in grand forks, north dakota, freezing temperatures and an ice storm leading to dangozens of crashes and spinouts. high winds wreaking havoc. this semitoppled by a powerful gust. several trailers at this car
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dealership knocked over, too. this building flattened by the strong winds. in flagstaff, arizona, heavy snow stranding trucks and cars on the roads for hours. leaving many to wait out the treacherous conditions on christmas day. >> yeah, no, i don't know. i'm just waiting. all i can do, right. >> reporter: travelehousands of travelers forced to wait. more than 300 flights cancelled. the rapid city and bismarck airports cancelling more than half of their flights. and add to that, more than 200 flight delays this morning. paula, always a good idea to check on your flight before you head to the airport. >> good advice, linzie. rob with an update on those dangerous conditions. good morning, rob. >> good morning, paula and dan. this has explosive development. throwing itself up into canada. wind chills well below zero and
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visibility is down to zero as well. until noon, we have those kind of conditions. warm air pumping up on the south side of this. rare kansas tornado in this. louisville, some strong storms later on this. before the warm air gets up into the northeast, some icing conditions. parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york to start. much warmer tomorrow. travel conditions across the southwest much better. northwest, another storm coming in. >> just doesn't stop, rob. the latest in the trump transition with the inauguration with just 3 1/2 weeks away the president-elect announcing that he'll be closing down his charitable foundation which is under investigation right now. abc's mary bruce is tracking it all. >> reporter: they're already busy here getting ready for the inauguration. just outside the gates on pennsylvania avenue, they're building the stands for the parade. just 25 days to go until donald
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trump is president. attending church in palm beach, florida, on christmas eve president-elect donald trump was given a standing ovation and he wished everyone a merry christmas on twitter, of course, trump spending the holiday with family but also racing to get ahead of their potential conflicts. over the weekend, announcing plans to dissolve his family foundation. to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. the foundation is still being investigated by the new york attorney general's office. saying the trump foundation can't legally dissolve until that investigation is complete. he's wading into foreign policy. making it clear he's not pleased
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with the white house's recent decision to allow the u.n. to pass a resolution to condemnen israel. the obama administration pushing back. >> after january 20th he'll be responsible for the conduct of american policy. until january 20th president obama is. it's one president at a time. >> reporter: and donald trump is still raising serious concerns after he seemed to welcome a nuclear arms race. saying the u.s. will outlast and outmatch any nuclear adversary. >> mary, a trump staff surprise. >> last week he announced jason miller will be his communications director, now miller said he won't be joining the team after all, instead, miller said, his family needs to his top priority. >> mary, thank you. let's bring in matthew dowd who's in his hometown of austin,
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texas, this morning. happy boxing day. >> happy boxing day. good morning. >> so trump, as mary reported, is shutting down his foundation, how much does that help with the overall conflict of interest issue given that he still has his company? >> think donald trump and many of his staff the thing that would anchor donald trump with problems is the conflicts related to his business. he's figured that out. but the problem is as mary and you said, he's still under investigation for problems within the foundation. it's like tom brady announcing he's no longer inflate football but still has to deal with previous games. >>matthew, so donald trump's favorability rating at this point is low, how much do these
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numbers matter? >> well, donald trump as we all know lost the popular vote on election day. part of his problem has been a majority of the country has never supported him. every single new president has taken office in the last 60 years has gone into the inaugural with a popularity above 50%. donald trump right now is at 42%. 17 points lower than george w. bush was and more than 20 points lower than barack obama was. it's problematic in governance in bringing the country together. he's made great appeals to his base and great appeals to the voters that supported him. few appeals to people who supported hillary clinton or a third party. >> 3 1/2 weeks until inauguration. matthew dowd, thank you very much. >> you're okay with the deflate comment as a bostonian. >> i'll figure him. dan, not all those gifts,
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santa was very busy. santa delivered more than 7 billion presents on christmas eve. becky worley has the best post-christmas bar gains. good morning to you. it's a good day to shop, right. >> reporter: it is, paula. let me tell you, retailers estimating holiday sales grew overall by about 3 .to 4%. the important thing for shoppers to know, online sales growing twice as much. the inventory online may be lean. in the malls, they're itchy to get rid of products. limited, 50%. express, 50%. the gap, 40% off. loft, lucky, shutterfly, 50%. in-store inventory is going to be compelling more so than
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online. this is really about hunting for deals. >> hunting for deals, so today, if you want to brave those brick and mortar stores, becky, you say today is the day to do it. i don't know if i'm that brave. >> trust me, i know many of us are shopped out. if you're going to go there are sales to be had. >> becky, stand by. we'll see you later in the 8:00 hour. more deals coming up. let's go back to rob. >> southern california, check it out, snow on the grapevine. we have another new storm system that's coming into the pacific northwest. winter stormtorm warnings poster another 2 feet. i-5 will be treacherous. time now for your select cities brought to you by macy's. , everybody, i'm
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meteorologist, karen rogers watching the radar closely, this is the ground clutter near the radar site. we're dry, but we're watching for drizzle, the concern is for freezing drizzle in the northwest suburbs, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the freezing rain advisory, looking live on sky6 live hd, commodor barry bridge, lots of clouds, brightening there, 5 is the -- 50 is the high. most of the temperatures in the mid 40s, tomorrow, showers, but another warm one. spital after a
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incident on an international flight. stars reacting to the news. also talking about some bad breaks, three nfl stars suffering serious injuries on the field. they're out for the season. can the league do more to protect its players? much more on that comrning on " morning america." body, i want to live a life that's full. full of a happiness found in living the life i want. full of the energy that comes with good health. full of the great foods i love. and at weight watchers, i don't have to choose between weight loss and living well. i live well, while losing weight. it is easier than it's ever been, and not one day have i felt deprived. most important, it works! join for free now and lose 10 pounds on us.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:23, monday, december 26. matt pellman is anyone out there right now? >> reporter: well, matt if it was like this everyday i'm not sure i would have a job. it is very quiet and no volume delays, looking good on 42 heading southbound near the gloucester premium outlets that opened at 8:00 a.m. we have a water main break leftover from queen village. columbus boulevard southbound one lane getting by. because involve is so light, there are no big delays. crash without newer lansdale, vehicle in the pole vine street you can squeeze by. septa buses or modified holiday schedule.
7:24 am
regional rails on a sunday schedule on this monday. >> david is off, meteorologist karen rogers joins us after the break. ♪
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a chilly 36 degrees, the national weather service has a freezing rain advisory in the northwest suburbs until 11:00 a.m., in the poconos until 4:00 p.m. we'll watch for slippery travel. lots of clouds and drizzle here and there, enough to make it feel damp and in the northwest slipping and sliding. be careful. 350 is the high, but we won't reach that until after sunset. 40s in the afternoon. tomorrow morning we make it up to 60. >> check out storm tracker 6
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♪ ♪ ♪ freedom welcome back to "gma other on a monday morning. this is one of george michael's most famous song "freedom." the pop singer found dead in his london home on christmas. much more on george michael coming up. >> he certainly was a brilliant artist. also right now a travel nightmare, just as millions of people are trying to get home after christmas. blizzard conditions and ice storms are bringing air and road traffic to a standstill. so safe, everyone, if you're are indeed travel. and politics. president-elect donald trump announcing he'll close his charitable foundation to avoid any possible of conflict of interests.
7:31 am
and you may notice that the suave t.j. holmes is back on the set this morning. paula requested that. >> yeah, for once you follow through with one of my requests. >> we're so proud of you. >> thank you, guys. >> guys, we got some good pictures for you. you can't beat this. the little prince and princess. at church for the holiday. more of these pictures. someone who's not pictured is queen elizabeth, she missed the traditional event. she's dealing with a bad cold. >> first time she's missed it in 30 years. we do begin on this monday morning with that hollywood medical emergency, carrie fisher spending christmas in the
7:32 am
hospital. suffering ard yak arrest. abc's eva pilgrim with more. >> reporter: she was the original people's princess. hollywood royalty. she had been busy in london. those around her awaiting that their princess will be okay. this morning, iconic actress carrie fisher in the hospital, surrounding by family after an in-flight medical emergency. fisher's famous mother debbie reynolds at her bedside, tweeting this update, carrie is in stable condition, if there's a change we'll share it. for all her fans and friends i thank you for your prayers and well wishers. she reportedly stopped breathing friday on a flight from london to l.a. her fellow passengers quickly jumping into action to help her. >> we have some passengers, nurses assisting the passenger. >> reporter: the l.a. fire
7:33 am
department rushing to the tarmac finding fisher in cardiac arrest. providing advanced life support on the way to the hospital. fisher taken to intensive care where her daughter arrived later that evening. fisher's brother telling abc news, she's obviously a very tough girl who's survived many things. i encourage everyone to pray for her support from fans and fellow celebrities pouring in including mark hamill, sharing this meme, did dear santa, all i want for christmas is for the force to be strong with carrie. harrison ford releasing this statement, our thoughts are with carrie, her family and friends. george lucas sharing with abc, sending love our hearts and prayers are with her. so many messages of hope coming in. every one in the family holding on to hope that she she'll recover. >> as are we. thank you, eva.
7:34 am
"good morning america" investigates on toddler germs. we put bath toys and sippy cups to the tape and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more. >> reporter: we found bacteria to mold, even when parents were diligent about cleaning. what can you do to keep your child's bath toys and sippy cups clean? some of toddlers' favorite things. with near-constant composure to a wet environment, just how clean are they? we decided to find out. "good morning america" investigates testing manier than 50 items. parents from across the country sending in sam pals. from pennsylvania to chicago. >> bye, santa. >> reporter: to southern california. >> can't wait to find out the
7:35 am
results. >> reporter: this doctor of new york-prebysterian columbia hospital. >> 100% of the bath toys and sippy cups grew bacteria. >> the health risk is probably minimal. >> hi, laura. >> reporter: good to see you. one of the things that we tested was the son's sippy cups. you said you would be surprised if we found anything. be ready to be surprised. we found fee call bacteria. >> you're kidding. how is that possible? >> reporter: for bath toys we tested ones made of rubber and foam. two positive for mold including this frog. check out the insides. they're completely black.
7:36 am
>> to ingest that it's unpredictable. >> remember your frog toy? this is all mold and then there's my favorite. the santa claus. this is what was inside santa. >> it looked like algae of some sort. >> reporter: what should parents do? clean bath toys with disinning if he can about wipes and sippy cups make sure they can be completely disassembled. and always let cups and toys dry completely. it poses a minimal health risk with a child with healthy immune system. our experts say these are germs that are found in people's everyday environments. >> everybody on this table we should say has little children around the house.
7:37 am
>> to be honest, what child toy doesn't have a little fecal matter in it. >> family television, ladies and gentlemen. family television. >> when in doubt, disinfectant or throw in boiling water. the toy. >> the horror. >> thank you, mara. thank you for grossing us out for the rest of the day. coming up, driving under the influence of coffee. a guy from california facing a dui charges, for real, after testing positive for caffeine, did he actually break the law? >> this is not for real. plus a brutal day for our football. three nfl stars suffering broken legs on the field. is the nfl doing enough to protect its players. we're back in two minutes. ♪ ♪
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now for our "big board." it's really big. breaking down this morning's top stories. first up, we all know that drinking and driving is illegal. but what about drinking coof fee and driving? this is not fake news, everybody. a california man is fighting a dui charge after a blood test allegedly revealed that he was driving with caffeine in his system. caffeine and nothing else, mind you, legal analyst areeva martin joins us now. this is income preensable. i have never heard of anything like this. the only present in his system was caffeine. >> this is such an unusual case you have this driver on a freeway and this officer saying he was allegedly swerving in and out of track. he gets arrested. he gets charged. a bratt liezer is negative. negative for alcohol and any
7:41 am
controlled substance. yet he's arrested and he's charged. he faced a pretty substantial bail and now he has to face trial for these charges. and the only thing found in one of these tests is caffeine was in his system. this is going to be really a difficult case for a district attorney to prosecute because the vehicular code doesn't include couffee as a controlled substan substance. >> i would be in jail. >> yes. >> which he might enjoy. >> we don't have to worry about this. >> no, i don't think anyone has to worry about having their fifth, sixth or their tenth cup of coffee, coffee is not a controlled substance. i don't see how the prosecutor is going to prove this case. no crime was committed.
7:42 am
now there may be some charges that can move forward to reckless driving. . no case of driving under the influence of caffeine. i think this case will go away. i don't think the district attorney or the law enforcement ayensies want to spend our taxpayers' dollars. >> stephen a. smith, you're a man of opinions. what do you think about this case? >> well, i'm very nervous and i have reason to be concerned. as much as visit to visit starbucks to get my vanilla latte, a guy that puts in over 1,000 miles a week on the road. i'm thinking about the discorrection of the prosecutor or police officers, why can't be there be discorrection on the part of the judge? there's nothing finite.
7:43 am
it's something that's very, very scary to be quite honest. i'm nervous. i'm sorry. nothing that's guarantee and i drink an awful lot of caffeine. i'm very concerned. >> i would never peg you as a vanilla latte kind of guy. >> i'm a versatile man. >> let's test that versatility. we want to talk about sports. stephen, a brutal day for injuries on saturday. derek carr, marcus mariota and tyler lockett, all broke their legs on the field. out for the season. have you seen anything like this? >> i have not. i have not. marcus mariota is a young stud in two years, he's been very impressive. tyler lockett, he's obviously someone that the seattle seahawks need on offense. but nothing is more devastating than derek carr, you're talking
7:44 am
about an oakland raiders franchise that hasn't been to the playoffs since 2002 when they went to the intul they haven't registered a winning record since 2002 until this season when derek carr, a young stud and mvp candidate, guides them to 12-3 record. it's an absolutely devastating loss. i can't recall this happening on the same day in the nfl. i might be wrong. i sincerely doubt it. it's shocking that it happens. but it comes with the game. >> as you mentioned, two of those players are heading to the playoffs. there's a certain risk when you play in the nfl, the question, should the league be doing more to protect its players? isn't the onus on the teams and coaches sf. >> it's a violent sport, these are freak injuries.
7:45 am
two of them broke their right fibula. it comes with the territory. no illegal hits involved. nothing excessive. nothing that didn't involve the rules the of the game. >> you're a vanilla spice latte and areva, what are you? >> i love chai tea latte. >> i feel like we're getting a window into both of your souls. thank you for your time this morning. the adorable new pictures of prince george and princess charlotte in christmas with william and kate. your chance to save big in the new year. becky worley has been tracking them off.
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7:48 am
parents and there was noticeable absent. abc's terry moran. >> reporter: there they are, the royal family at church service. at this time, minus their leader the queen. she's got what the palace is calling a heavy cold and she decided to stay indoors. >> she had gone to church. she was felt duty bound coming out of the church to meet the well-wishers. >> reporter: at 90 years old, elizabeth has slowed down a bit but she's still the epitome of duty. she almost never misses a scheduled appearance. the queen and the prince phillip had postponed their visit. prince phillip missed christmas back in 2010 after having a sent the inserted.
7:49 am
prince william and kate skipped christmas at sandrighame this year, they instead went to bucklebery with her parents. >> i think william and kate they wanted the middletons, they're grand parents too. >> the third and fourth in line to the throne, they joined their mom and dad to be with the newly engaged pippa middleton, kate's sister, with her fiance. the family will come all together. such a rare thing. amazing to think, for queen elizabeth to miss any engagement. she's an iron lady and on the mend. >> great to hear that. thank you. those pictures of those guys, i can't get enough of them. they're always perfectly dressed. i always expect george to be
7:50 am
wearing an ascot. did you see the pictures of when president obama visited him >> i just want to pinch his cheeks. >> all right. we'll talk about the death of -- the surprise death of the pop superstar of george michael found dead in his home in london. tributes pouring in overnight from around the world. >> we have a live performance from viral sensation, us the duo, they'll be sharing a mash-up of this year's biggest hits. ♪ ♪
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all fans of santa, all fans of warm weather as well. take you to cocoa beach, florida, this is all for a great cause, youngsters got on the back of their some of
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♪ this is how you say it's going to be okay to someone who just lost everything. that, yes, we'll find you somewhere to stay and yes, your children will have breakfast. every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise. help us keep it. regional rails on a sunday schedule, taking live look on sky6 live hd, philadelphia international airport, karen rogers in for david. >> reporter: good morning, matted, it is freezing and
7:57 am
chilly. we're dry, here's the forecast. watching for a drizzle here and there, temperatures in the 30s, right now, in the mid 40s this afternoon, a high of 50 later on today. clouds and drizzle around. tomorrow, an early shower, a warm high of 60 for the high. wednesday, cooler, dropping back to reality, 43. thursday, early rain, high of 49. back down to 40. we're kind of seesawing with the weather. friday, windy and colder, snow shower north and west. saturday, 39 degrees, sunday, 47. in the northern and western suburbs, we're watching for the freezing drizzle. the advisory until 11:00 a.m. a gunman shot a man in tioga this morning it is believed he was shot in
7:58 am
retaliation. >> eagles, connor barwin gets engained this christmas. see the ring at
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ last christmas i gave you my heart ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. pop superstar george michael passing away on christmas day. the tributes pouring in this morning. the beloved heartthrob touching so many lives but questions remain over his last christmas. christmas blizzard. a foot of snow blanketing highways in the plains. as the storm heads east. a warning about dangerous roads on a big holiday travel day. ♪ rushed to return. how to get the best bang for your buck, on those gift exchanges and more. plus, the insider guide to the megasales happening right now. and dishing it up with the jonas brothers. joe, nick and kevin, taking us inside their brand-new family
8:01 am
restaurant. your sneak peek right here as they say -- ♪ good morning, america [ applause ] i want them to sing "good morning america." every single morning. >> i like that. >> by the way, adrianne bankert you're going to be doing "pop news." >> it's also great to have such a wonderful audience here in times square. [ cheers and applause ] >> they had a choice to recover from their holiday hangover, too much food, too much whatever with family and friends, they chose to be here with us. we want to say thank you. >> and -- and we want to say that we question your judgment.
8:02 am
>> only dan does. only the skeptic over here. this morning, we're celebrating the life of george michael, the power voice behind so many classics "freedom," "faith." and "last christmas." much more on his life and legacy coming up the holidays are still going strong. new year's coming up. dealing with all this can be fun but also stressful. some simple solutions to help you stay sane. we'll explain coming up in just a little bit. >> whatever works. >> a new twist on your meditation. >> i pulled a hamstring so it increased my strsz a little bit. let's turn to t.j. holmes with the morning rundown. good morning, guys. we have to begin with the death of george michael, the manager said the pop icon died of heart failure at his home in london. his pub cyst said he had not
8:03 am
been ill. he just 53 years old. we'll have much more on george michael's career. coming your way in just a few moments. extreme weather now, delaying holiday travel on this day after christmas. blizzard conditions hit the dakot dakotas. after a foot of snow fell. kansas, even saw a kor nay doe and as this storm moves east millions of travelers could be affected. abc's linz jie janice is at laguardia. >> reporter: many of travelers heading back home today and this week, you have those treacherous road conditions across parts of the plains and the upper midwest and at the airports. almost 1200 flight delays on sunday. more than 300 flights cancelled sunday, add to that today, about
8:04 am
200 flight delays and cancellations, we're here at laguardia where things are moving along well. but it's still early. russian transportation minister says pilot error or a technical problem is likely to blame for the crash of a military jet in the black sea. the plane crashed in clear weather while flying to syria. new tensions this morning between israel and the white house following an u.n. vote that condemned israel settlements in the west bank. netanyahu accuses penalty obama of personally orchestrating the passage of a security council resolution friday and has called it a shameful ambush. back here, a state of emergency has been declared because of a hugesinkhole
8:05 am
forcing the evacuations of 25 homes. police here in new york city are trying to track down thieves of a fur heist. they broke the door of dennis basso's store on christmas eve and they got away with millions of fur coats. and on another note here, a giant seal went on a giant adventure that had police scrambling. . the big guy strolled the streets, i do mean a big guy, strolled the streets of a suburban town in tasmania. he weighs about 450 pounds. he dented the car, smashed the windshield. he has become a real seal-brity. i hope amy robach was watching. because i did that all for her.
8:06 am
>> amazing pictures. thank you, t.j. let's get "pop news" now. adrienne bankert. "pop news." most wonderful time of year. oprah winfrey, sledding with partner stedman and best friend gail king. i i think it's the year of onesie. >> did you get a onesie? >> i think i'm too tall for a onesie. i think you have to have a height requirement for the onesie. >> high-water onesie is cute. >> i'm too tall for anything, words i can hope some day. last year, we got -- my wife and i did get matching onesis. she'll kill me for saying that on national television. >> can we show a picture?
8:07 am
>> we'll never show a picture. >> that's very romantic. arnold schwarzenegger also celebrating by working out. he wished everybody a holiday season so fantastic it pumps you up. >> yes. >> that's my weak arnold schwarzenegger intreerpretation julianne hough posting a throwback picture. she's coming back for another season of "dancing with the stars." >> great. >> they're one powerful brother/sister act. >> yeah, yeah. it's a good thing. definitely time for giving. kate hudson treating her 6 million instagram followers of a soulful rendition of a christmas classic
8:08 am
♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay >> that's kate hudson. who knew she could sing like that. she's amazing. onesis for all. again, it's the years of the onesis. very, very cute. >> all clearly very short. >> it's okay, dan. >> it's a blessing. it's a blessing. finally pop stars to star wars, the force is still strong for rogue one, the film dominating the box office over the holiday weekend and taking in $100 million christmas weekend alone. an oregon man dozed off, he ended up being inside the theater at 1:00 a.m. on christmas eve and he triggered the alarm. because they didn't know he was in there. so, yeah. >> they have those reclining
8:09 am
seats and it's easy to fall asleep. >> it has to do with the comfy seats. >> time to relax. >> rogue one and holiday coma. it's a nice thing. enjoy. enjoy. the seats and the food and i think we're all full. i ate so many sweets. >> thank you, appreciate it. coming up here -- much more on george michael's tragic passing. many millions remembering the powerful voice behind so many hits. and the best-christmas deals. why you shouldn't wait to return those unwanted. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
8:10 am
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8:14 am
♪ we're back now with more on the passing of george michael the singer was only 53 years old and he was found dead in his home in england over the weekend. ♪ wake me up before you go go >> reporter: from his start as one half of wham! ♪ >> reporter: to his breakthrough as a solo singer, george michael reached the pinnacle of the music industry. ♪ >> reporter: but as his popularity soared throughout his decades-long career so did his personal struggles. . in 2008 michael opening to abc news about his years-long battle with depression. >> it was like depression and shock that just went on for years. it was a very eventful and bizarre -- bizarrely dark period for me that i actually thought
8:15 am
was going to go on forever. >> reporter: while another battle with drugs would lead to several arrests. and a months-long jail stint which michael said helped him shake his demons. telling "people" magazine, i realized it had to be something to do with me. in recent years the pop icon hospitalized in 2011 with a near-fatal case of pneumonia. >> i spent the last ten days since i woke up literally thanking people for saving my life which is something i never had to do before. never want to have to do again. >> reporter: the superstar keeping faith throughout. ♪ i got that have faith let's bring in dr. general ashton and kate coyne. dr. ashton, what will they be looking for when they perform the autopsy. >> they're saying the cause of
8:16 am
death is unexplained. they're attributing it to heart failure. organ system by organ similar. they'll do a toxicology. but really the big push today is to do something a molecular autopsy. if he had an hereditary gene. >> you called george michael for years. late '90s when he was outed, how tough of a time was that for him. >> a lot of gay entertainment figures. for george michael, at the peak of his career he was a heartthrob as a heterosexual, "i want your sex."
8:17 am
screaming teenage girls, i was one of them. it had been rumored, yes, but to have publicly confirm that, yes, he was a gay man, he had to somehow negate the songs that he had written that had been perceived written about a woman. ultimately he did grapple with it. it had an impact on his career. he never reached the same height that he did with faith. by the same token he was unfailingly brave and courageous in the face of that incident. he was very clear that his songs were always written from the heart. i can tell you it didn't change anything for me because those songs -- those songs weren't written for a man or a woman. they were written for me. >> exactly. >> you talked about writing,
8:18 am
singers have songwriters. he wrote all of his material? >> he wrote all of his material. his composition as a composure he was a tremendous songwriter, every song was written by george michael. all of his solo work written by george michael. he was an incredible talent. >> lot of people don't know this, before she got her medical degree, dr. ashton was one of those screaming girls. >> i was. >> thank you, both, really appreciate your expertise this morning. coming up on the show -- the biggest sales to look for on this day after christmas and why you shouldn't wait long to return easy those unwanted gift. sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up!
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. welcome back to "good morning america." i'm here with myy friends from west virginia. appropriately dressed in white. everybody wanting a white christmas, didn't get one here in new york. idaho, check it out, ski santas. if you showed up dressed up as first your local weather forecast, check it out. thanks, rob, we're dry right
8:23 am
now, just a little ground clutter near the radar site. let's go outside and show you what it looks like, commodor barry bridge, lots of clouds up above. it's chilly with temperatures in the 30s a bit of a breeze. we get a high of 50, but that doesn't happen until after sunset. most of the day, temperatures in the 40s, and clouds and gristle and watching for the potential of freezing rain in the northwest suburbs until 11:00 a.m. 911. lot of gifts were unwrapped this weekend. if you're planning on returning some of them, becky is back with why you shouldn't sleep on those returns. becky, we got some clothes and some video games here. do they put this here you want to say these are the things that should be returned most haasly. >> clothes don't fit, especially shoes and video games, maybe you
8:24 am
already played the one you received. so, most important return tip do it soon because you get the full value of the item. you know this, without the receipt, the value goes down. if you bought online, not a sure thing to take it back to the physical store. check out return policies. many stores mandate that you have an i.d. with you. bring sure to bring your driver's license or some form of i.d. when you return. and what about drones. one here in the studio. i'm told if i lean in too fast i'll get an unwanted hair cut. >> here's a thing about returning drones, the return window is incredibly short, often, why, pause they can break so fast. target gives you two weeks to bring it back. walmart, 15 days and toys r us gives you a month. >> lot of people get gift cards,
8:25 am
kind of no-brainer, not always a no-brain zbler right, what if you get a gift card for a store you never go to, they're not returnable. you can regift them or sell them for a portion of the value. there are sites like >> let's talk, this is a huge shopping day for people who still have the stamina. what are the sales you're looking at today. >> you know clothes are big today. big blanket discounts at many of the big games. lucky brand 50%. some of the online sites. today is a day for deal hunting in stores. cut those items that didn't sell. really, today is the day to be out there with the looking glass. >> you've got a special tip on what people should be buying
8:26 am
today? >> yeah, my sales guru, they say jewelry prices expected to go up in january and february, i want to usher in valentine's day immediately after christmas, if you have a big purchase, maybe a ring, now is a decent time for savings. think about jewelry. >> okay, becky, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. coming up, the viral sensation the us the duo are here with their unbelievable duo. their live performance of 2016's biggest hits straight ahead here on monday morning. ♪ ♪
8:27 am
>> hey, everyone, 8:27, monday, december 26. i'm matt o'donnell. it's nice to have the roads all to yourself, isn't it, matt pellman? >> reporter: so much elbow room, it's so roomy out there, matt o'donnell. normally at this hour we see stacked up traffic on i-95 by allegheny. we're seeing speeds in the 50s. the ramps from i-95 to the columbus boulevard are open, but a a reminder the water main break is still there. we have an accident off the northeast extension at the holiday inn. injuries with that one. one on the white horse pike laurel road. mass transit, abnormal schedules, for instance the
8:28 am
regional rails on a sunday schedule. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look at dilworth park. the crews will breakdown the christmas village. you can head to the rothman rink ginning at 11:00 a.m. to ice skate. karen rogers in for david murphy. >> reporter: 0 degrees, look at the windchills, feels like 31 degrees. 26 in trenton and 32 in wilmington. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're watching for freezing drizzle possible in the lehigh valley. cloudy and drizzle at times, high of 50. we don't reach that until after sunset. most of the day you're in the mid 40s. tomorrow an early shower you're watching for the warm day, 60 degrees for the high. much cooler on wednesday, 43. thursday, early rain and 49. friday, windy and colder again, 40 with the chance for a snow shower north and west, the temperatures go up and down, matt. >> recycle your christmas tree, i tweeted out a link for the
8:29 am
philadelphia streets department where you can drop it off for free next week.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "good morning america" live from times square. ♪ ♪ we have a great audience here this morning. i have to say a very enthusiastic. >> that's right. very enthusiastic. they've been given a lot of caffeine. christmas was just 24 hours ago. many of us are still recovering. how was the holiday? we appreciate you being here with us this morning. we'll talk about our families reacted to christmas. my house, i have a 2-year-old. this is my son's first christmas being awaken. he was so excited. he insisted on sleeping under the tree. we weren't sure if santa was
8:31 am
going to come. in the end, though -- >> how do you define naughty? >> the other day he was standing over me when i was taking a nap and i had covers on me and he said, daddy, march. i disciplined him by getting up and marching. so, anyway, saen that did come. we got some shots of my son opening gifts. >> he wasn't that naughty. >> no, he wasn't. we tried to institute a new holiday tradition, wear holiday sunglasses. he took them off after a nba nansecond. >> you had 15 people. i have 15 people. my family members, we call it beautiful chaos. my whole family.
8:32 am
>> that doesn't look chaotic. >> that's perfect. >> this is probably take 395. my family loves it, though, i don't know about you guys, when my family comes to visit i don't want them staying anywhere but we me. we call it beautiful chaos. this year, in the midst of all this, 15 people at the house, two of my kids get sick. one of them has to go to the e.r. and then the kicker in this, the hot water and the heat went out. okay, murphy's law. the hvac guy came over and said it might take a couple of weeks. i don't have a couple of weeks. it thought about sending them to your house for a hot shower. >> send them my way, no problem. >> we were boiling water. we had hot water. >> you still don't water? >> it came back the next day. >> i love how you're still so cheerful about this. >> not the family part, it's the
8:33 am
lack of hot water. >> it came back on. >> live shot of your house right now. >> we love the holidays. our holiday traditions going way back, my mom, i remember on christmas eve we always had to read the story of jesus, kind of morphed into having the grandkids act out the nativity and this year i had a video. we did nativity video. this is my mother's idea. she likes to maintain this on christmas. we did nativity. you can see my dad passing out in the back. i caught him on camera. watch this. >> what does christmas mean to you? >> me? it means i can get a couple of naps. >> slept through the whole thing. christmas in our household.
8:34 am
>> he has to right to do that. >> the guy is almost 81. god love you, dad. >> robert, what did you do for christmas. >> all eyes with or sabina. >> she's adorable. >> our tradition is just like every other day at the house. me in the kitchen cooking and my wife opening up a bottle of wine. he here's my daughter. she said something's a lit off because she wanted to keep tasting. she's many little helper in the country. she's always cooking with me. every single day after school she cooks with me. >> and your daughter, you both have gorgeous daughters. your son is cute, too. your daughter has serious moves. >> she does. our family is about food.
8:35 am
italian food gets crazy. we went with the cookies this year. last two years, that's my daughter doing her thing. we also do a thing with snoopy. you can buy it at cvs. listen and watch. >> that's a onesie with a tutu. >> working off those cookies. >> we dance to some hanukkah songs, too. >> okay, we got to talk about our most famous songs of 2016. can we go around the table. it's that time of year >> i was trying to find a clean one. i'm a fan of dj khaled song with drake. many people might know. my brother's yeah, don't share that one. the hit of the summer.
8:36 am
>> j.t. "can't stop the feeling." and when i saw "trolls." it cemented that. >> ultra beam, "kanye." >> i'm going to go with rihanna's "work." what if we could blend all of those into one? >> somebody can. >> joining us right now us the duo. >> hey, guys. merry christmas. [ applause ] . >> so, last year you guys did a mash-up you had 10 million views. husba husband/wife duo. some of the favorite songs of 2016. you'll perform it for the first time ever exclusively on "gma." [ applause ] >> so, we want to hear the performance in just a minute. how do you pick the songs, how
8:37 am
do you assemble them, what's your secret? >> it's quite the process. we make a list of our favorite songs. we spend about two weeks narrowing it down. how to get them all in three minutes. once she approves we go with it and put it online. >> smart man. >> that's the marriage preservation attitude. >> can you play it for us. >> yes. >> awesome. ♪ ♪ ♪ once i was 7 years old mama told me go make yourself some friends are you're lonely ♪ ♪ i don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight ♪ ♪ i love cheap thrills
8:38 am
♪ work work work work ♪ keep on hoping by the ocean ♪ wish we could turn back time ♪ to the good old days ♪ now we're stressed out ♪ treat her better i need one dance ♪ ♪ work work work ♪ ♪ get it over >> audience: rachel, rachel,
8:39 am
rachael. >> surprise,! >> announcer: season 11 surprise party premiere. next rachael! ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
yes, it's cold but not unbearable. we're celebrating our tenth annual warm coats, warm hearts drive, partnering with burlington and kids fashion delivery. the stars of "rogue one" stopped just bring your gently used coats to your local burlington store drop them off there. this is filled to the are rim. we need more, we have 87,159
8:42 am
coats donated already. go to our website to learn how you can donate a coat how someone can use it. first a check on the local forecast. >> reporter: a great idea, rob. you'll need the coat today. we're watching for the potential of freezing drizzle, we have not seen any just yet in the northern and western suburbs until 11:00 a.m. in the poconos until 4:00 p.m. otherwise high of 50 and lots of clouds. new year it's supposed to be a relaxing time. the holidays can also be very stressful. we're dealing with party planning, financial worries and the ig dignities of traveling. check it out. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> reporter: they call it the most wonderful time of the year. but the holidays can also bring
8:43 am
boatloads of stress. enter meditation. studies suggest that meditation can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and literally rewire your brain and you don't have to sit cross-legged for hours at a time. the co-founder of mindful meditation studio and the author of the "the buddha walks into a bar." overindulging the holiday season is when americans gain the most weight during the year, fatty food everywhere -- at parties, at home and at the office. here at "good morning america" headquarters we have something called the festivus table. >> i can't resist the siren call of the festivus table. >> here they do some next level snacking.
8:44 am
>> everywhere. >> i love chocolate. >> you look at this and what does it feel like? >> stressed out for one. >> these things right here, an issue. >> right now. >> i'm like, i need them right now. >> reporter: the trick for preventing overconsumption is to hit the mental pause button. >> just hitting pause cuts through the speedy busyness of my mind. i don't have to act out on every impulse. >> stopping and taking a few deep braets can actually work. >> in through the nose and out through the mouth. are you ready? in. out. how do you feel. >> feel better already. >> reporter: another tip, when you do decide to eat the cookie, slow down and taste the thing instead of blindly inhaling it. it may allow you to eat less. there's also travel --
8:45 am
>> we're stressed by how busy it is. >> reporter: tip, when you're freaking out, take a beat and remember three key words -- >> just like me. >> those magic words allows us to pause, realize that we're all in it together. >> reporter: this stuff can sound but trust me this mantra can do the trick but the plans of party planning. i want silly stick. >> reporter: merely watching laura go shopping with her 5-year-old twins gives me pal paations. >> how about this? >> pink. >> i'm starting to see how this is stressful. >> you think. >> reporter: first, a quick calming trick for the kids. >> jump up and down for a
8:46 am
minute. are you ready? let's do it. everyone jump. this kind of checking in helps calm everyone down. what does your heart feel like? loud. >> reporter: i distracted the kids for a moment so he could work with mom to quickly restore sanity in a hectic day. >> close the eyes, just feeling the breath. just as it's flowing through the body. >> reporter: there's no silver bullets here. but it can reduce stress during the holidays and all year round. >> okay, so paula asked me a really good question, just to clarify you don't need to do 60 seconds of deep breathing this the store you might want to find somewhere private for that. you can apply mindfulness all throughout your life. >> although maybe 60 seconds to pause before we buy something in
8:47 am
the store is a good idea. >> absolutely. >> also, you don't need to carve out a lot of time to do this. >> no. you don't need -- this doesn't need to be 30, 6 "60 minutes" a day. 30 seconds count. >> why is wine not included as a stress reliever? >> there you go. >> jump up and down with the wine. >> i think you can take many approaches. >> thank you. >> for stress reduction. >> i'm a bad work wife because you've been meditating and speaking its praises for years and i haven't done it. i'm making a new year's resolution. >> three tips for making this a resolution, one, don't add it to your list of things to do that further stresses you out, you don't have to make a big deal out of it. 60 seconds. can make a difference. second, you don't need a perfect place to do it. you can do it in your bedroom,
8:48 am
in your office, in your car as long as you're not driving. number three, experiment with the time that works for you. and the question, how do you do this? i have some guides up on my podcast. available on coming up on the show this morning -- something that won't stress you out. the jonas family here with some delicious dishes you don't want to miss and some wine for rob. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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8:51 am
mom denise, and youngest brother frankie are here. first and foremost, you've got to have some musical about if you want to work at the nellie's southern kitchen. >> yes. you would be shocked at how many servers can sing. they serve your table. suddenly they're singing great country songs. >> god love you for having four brothers. the jonas brothers, you're all back together under one roof for the restaurant opening. what was that like? >> it was great. the restaurant opening was a great place to the family back together. >> okay, so, we're going to be making sweet caroline. the chef tried to change the recipe. >> we start out with our seven
8:52 am
mashed sweet potatoes here. we'll take the eggs. whip up the eggs and throw those in there. we'll add some sugar, some vanilla and oh, yes, this sounds good. this is my secret ingredient the almond milk we mix in there. we just mix this together. really looks nice when it's all done. our chef tried to add some extra things that weren't good for me. we said absolutely not. throw butter in there. >> you don't use a blender for that. >> i actually use my husband, get someone else to do that. we'll add it into this pan >> can we all try it? >> yes, we'll have to do the topping. start with this, the sweet potato. sweet brown sugar and we have to mix this all up really well and add in the butter if you want. >> why don't you guys start
8:53 am
tasting this right now. >> this is the finished product. >> this is low fat? >> absolutely, low fat. >> the almond milk brings down the calorie count. this is complete. we'll put this on the topping. we add this in. we bake this for about 30 minutes, 400. you guys approve? >> frankie, good luck with your restaurant. it airs tonight on the food network. make sure you tune in. we'll be right back. by peggy lee playing ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. paula asked me to say good-bye to everyone because her mouth is full. not so full that she can't talk. so great to spend the holidays with all of you. we'll be here all week. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> hey, everyone are 8:56, monday, december 26. matt pellman is going to take us shopping. >> let's go and get the
8:57 am
bargains, not a lot of people returning to work, but they might be making returns to the area malls like the king of prussia along 202. if you want to head out here, go ahead, traffic is not that bad. northeast extension there's a bad crash along sumneytown pike at towamencin. slowing on the nex because of the accident by the holiday inn. premium outlet, so far so good, modified holiday schedule on the septa buses, regional rails on a sunday schedule and dart on a sunday schedule. >> david is off, meteorologist david murphy has accuweather. >> reporter: matt, windchills are below freezing across the entire area, bundle up if you're heading out. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're watching for freezing drizzle the advisory lasts until
8:58 am
11:00 a.m. in the lehigh valley. and 4:00 p.m. in the poconos. everyone else, clouds and drizzle, a high of 50. we don't reach that until sunset. it will chilly with temperatures in the 40s and drizzle. tomorrow, showers, warm high of 60 degrees. wednesday, cooler, 43. 49 on thursday, rain. 30 on friday, maybe a snow shower on friday. >> christmas has come and gone, that doesn't mean the holiday shopping scene 0 over. on "action news" at noon be we take you to the stores. kelly ripa is next, shares blueprints from 2016. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great monday and great week.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, our viewers' choice show, featuring our top "live with kelly" moments. now, here is kelly ripa. [audience cheers] >> kelly: hey! hey, welcome, everybody. welcome, welcome, welcome. it's monday, december 26th. we've got a very special show for you today. it's the "live with kelly" viewers' choice show. [audience cheers] their choice. guys, look at art and gelman, how fancy they are. you know if gelman's in a tie, somebody's either getting buried or bar mitzvah'd. >> or it's the viewers' choice-- >> kelly: or it's the viewers' choice show.


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