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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tires slashed. getting repairs has been a challenge as well on this long holiday weekend. "action news" reporter jeff cheer companchirico live along e on foulkrod street. >> reporter: i checked and philadelphia police have not made an arrest in this case. it happened early christmas morning. someone apparently went up this street puncturing tire after tire, car after car. and in this season of giving, a local businessman is pitching in. well, santa -- while santa was make his deliveries you could say the grinch left his calling card too. >> right here. this one. look like they stabbed it a row of flattened tires on the 900 block of foulkrod street. the shadowy figure in this surveillance video is believed to be the culprit striking while jason's family celebrated into the early hours of christmas morning. >> my sister was going get in the car to go home and realized her tires were
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slashed. >> reporter: not just hers, nine cars in all. angelo cruz owns two of them. >> upsetting, you know, on christmas eve, christmas. who needs that? >> reporter: the video is too grain flee to identify the vandal but it appears he or she is riding a bike stopping at each car just before two. a crews spent the day as she ising th -- assession the damag. >> i'm going to try to do away without the insurance. >> sad to see people have no heart, no feelings and come out and damage someone else's property. >> i'm offering free tires. >> reporter: when he heard about the story on "action news," bob everett of two sons auto salvage in southwest philadelphia offered free replacement tires to those affected. >> i couldn't believe people actually do this this time of year. it's the season of giving.
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we're hoping here at two sons to give back. >> reporter: and right now police have not publicly said whether they have a suspect in this case. if you know anything about who may be responsible for this is please give police a call. reporting live in north wood, jeff chirico, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you jeff. wilmington police searching for multiple gunmen involved in a shootout this afternoon that happened about 2 o'clock in the 100 block of van buren street. police arrived to find 12 shell casings scattered along the block. two homes and two cars were shot up. police say fortunately no one was hurt. homicide detectives continue looking for leads and witnesses in the christmas eve killing of an elderly shop keeper marie buck. man dressed in a dark hoodie and clothing walked into that buck's store at sixth and titan saturday morning just after her and husband left. that's when the gunman shot her 12 times. then the gunman left not taking anything. >> she was a unbelievably warm
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loving person and the worst people didn't deserve to die like that, not alone the best. >> family and friends say buck never had trouble with anyone and during 43 years of running that store she often let needy people have food on credit. they say christmas wasn't the same without seeing buck dressed like santa and they hope someone can find her killer. concern is growing tonight over this missing woman and her great granddaughter from south jersey. 71-year-old barbara briley and little five-year-old la mier was traveling to north carolina over the weekend. the family have not heard from them since they stopped to get gas in virginia christmas eve. they were traveling in a rav4. hamilton township police are assisting in the investigation. two alarm fire heavily damaged this house in collegeville montgomery county this afternoon. chopper6 overhead. the fire broke out aroba 4:00
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on march wood drive. officials say the blaze started in the garage then spread to the home. yes everyone got out without injury. the caution still under investigation. a live look at center city philadelphia from our temple university sky6 camera. beautiful picture tonight. some warm wet weather on the way before temperatures later take another tumble. let's go live outside to meteorologist melissa magee in for cecily with the accuweather ups and downs. hey, melissa. >> hey, monica. we were pretty up today although it was on the cloudy side and dull and gray across the region. right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 46. 34 for reading. 38 in lancaster. 33 in the poconos. we've got an easterly wind coming in off of the atlantic right now so we are dealing with some mist and drizzle at this hour. temperatures will be coming up. 62 out to the west in pittsburgh and 68 in charleston, west virginia. that's because of a warm front that will be lifting northward as we go throughout the rest of the evening and during the overnight hours as well.
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the evening planner showing you we're up to 47 at 7 o'clock tonight, still cloudy and misty outside. 8 o'clock 48. holding at 50 degrees at 10 and 11 o'clock tonight. we'll talk about the headlines and what we can expect, a few showers, mist and drizzle on the way overnight tonight and a big warmup on the way by to us. also tracking changes for rain later this week. we'll take a close look at the forecast and let you know how long this rollercoaster in our temperatures is sticking around with the full and exclusive accuweather seven day. monica. >> all right, thank you. meantime the weather was held up for holiday travelers, it has held up folks coming in and out of philadelphia international airport. that's where "action news" reporter john rawlins is tonight. john how have the operations been there today? >> reporter: well, it's been generally uneventful monica. sometimes the 26th of december can get really busy here but not today. looks like a lot of folks decided to stay put. there has been some severe weather to the north and west of us but it really hasn't had
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any impact here. after a christmas weekend hugs and kisses at the airport drop-off. with christmas falling on sunday, many employers made today a company holiday. there appeared to be fewer flyers than on a normal day. shortly afternoon, the wait to show a boarding pass at the terminal c security line took less than a minute. arriving passengers also surprised. >> not busy at all. like i sat at the food court. maybe a third of it was full. >> reporter: harsh weather that hit the northern plains slowed aircraft operations at minneapolis today. passengers from some other major airports reported crowds but say getting to philadelphia surprisingly easy. this woman flew from chicago o'hare. >> the plane was packed but the good news is it left on time and there wasn't any issues with any of the weather, it didn't back things up. >> it wasn't that crazy from denver 'cause then we had an early flight. it was at like 7:00 so there wasn't many people there. >> this morning no lines or anything to get through.
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we actually got into charlotte about a half hour early and then today we left right on time from charlotte to here and made it in about 20 minutes early on this flight as well. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of folks picking up their luggage a las vegas flight. it came in several minutes early tonight. that has been the story through much of the day as flights are either on time or in some cases early. some that weather in the north central states in minneapolis is affecting thing. there's a flight due in here at 8 o'clock probably won't get here until about 9:30. for the most part it's been an uneventful day for most of the travelers coming in to phl. >> thank you john. while the airport may not have been packed today malls around the delaware valley certainly were. folks were in search of post holiday deals eager to spend their new gift cards. bob brooks live at the cherry hill mall for us. bob what's the shopping situation tonight there? >> reporter: monica, good
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evening i'll tell you what, if you don't mind crowds and want some real good deals this is the place to be right now. take a look behind me. you can see the walkways have been packed with tons of shoppers. you might bump into a few shoulders but if you can fight through that we're hearing today is the day to shop. just about every store front at the cherry hill mall you'll see signs for sales. some stores even marking things down at 80 percent off. some shoppers say the sales and crowds today might be bigger and better than that of black friday. >> it's even crazier today. >> most definitely. >> reporter: that's may. she came out with her pants a tradition after the holiday mom what did you get. >> i have a lot of stuff. i have old navy, what is this. >> modell's. >> reporter: sporting goods stuff. how are the sales today, good. >> very good, yeah. >> reporter: if you can believe it may's dad paul started the tradition. he likes think ahead. >> after christmas you shop for next year. >> reporter: for courtney johnson the new tradition is she simply gives her four boys
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cash on christmas. she says she stopped liking the presents she got them. >> i just gave up. before it was gift cards. now they can walk out without losing the money i give them cash. >> reporter: now they can pick out whatever they want even if is hot pink timberland boots. >> hi mom. >> businesses like whoops macaroon say today might be their biggest year. >> reporter: dorothy had to take back these pajama pants to victoria secret. >> they were too small. >> reporter: she says the line was 30 minutes and didn't want to wait. >> it's annoying. i'm hot and ready to go. >> reporter: certainly hope everything worked out for dorothy and this is a live look at what it looks like right now at here at the mall. it's slowing down just a little bit compared to when we first got here but the mall is opened until 10 o'clock tonight. if you want in on those deals that's how long you have until. for now reporting live at the cherry hill mall bob brooks channel6 "action news. monica. >> thank you, bob.
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in center city philadelphia it was a saint holiday season is coming to a close. crews were breaking down the christmas village that surrounded city hall. it's one of the city's biggest holiday attractions. more than 80 vendors sold wears from thanksgiving to christmas eve. coming up on "action news" tonight from inauguration to the passage of the beverage tax philadelphia mayor jim kenney talks about the issues that have kept him busy in his first year in office. a pep rally under way right now for the temple university football too. ahead a preview of their matchup with wake forest in the military bowl. melissa. >> and monica, storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you a cold front off to our west. that heads our way overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning and temperatures will be rising because of that. details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> all right. we'll have those stories and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> a drexel university professor is defending a controversial social media post. on christmas eve george ciccariello maher tweeted all i want for christmas is twenty eight genocide. the professor said his message was meant to be satire. drexel released a statement calling the comment deeply disturbing. university officials say they're taking the situation very seriously and they have a meeting to discuss the matter with that professor. it has been nearly a year since jim kenney was sworn in as mayor. vernon odom sat down with ken flee to reflect on his first year in office and to look ahead to what's next. >> reporter: mayor kenney flashes something of a is that
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correct casarcasticsmile. he's a busy man who just last week wore a christmas costume to the delight of young children. >> i think if you walk around smiling all the time you'll go crazy. >> reporter: the mayor is reflecting on his victory over opponents of his sweet and beverage tax soon to be implemented. >> we have nine community schools up and running. we'll have 25 before the end of the term. and we're moving forward with rebuild. >> reporter: police community relations appear to be stable and improving since he phased out the so-called stop and frisk program that triggered so many charges of illegal racial profiling. >> aggregate pedestrian stops are down, weapons confiscations are up. we're stopping the right people. >> reporter: how do you explain that? >> common sense, discipline, training. >> reporter: what about the
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federal probe of union boss johnny doc tea? he's constantly in the fbi headlights. they have the files from mayor kenney's campaign but the mayor says he's done nothing wrong and hasn't heard a thing. >> he is a friend of mine and we grew up together but i don't know what the federal government doing or not doing and i can't really speculate. >> reporter: as mayor kenney looks ahead to the new year, one of the most intriguing and unpredictable questions on his mind, what could he look forward to from the donald trump white house? >> he's talking about big infrastructure projects for cities and states. i'm all for that 'cause that means jobs. we do -- we do disagree on some issues relative to immigration and other types of socialers. >> reporter: will president trump, for example, take away federal funding because philadelphia clinging to sanctuary city status refusing to turn over nine criminal undocumented workforce immigration authorities a threat donald trump made on his road to the white house. i'm vernon odom channel6
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>> jamie is here with sports. temple versus wake who will win. >> temple. i'm calling it. temple owls putting the finishing touches on preparations for tomorrow's military bowl against wake forest. let's take a live look. there are the cheerleaders. it's the temple alumni pep rally in downtown washington, d.c. going on as we speak. owls fans and the cheer squad excited to see their team vy for their 11th victory of the season. >> they decided they wanted to come down here. they said coach make eight business trip for us. put together a schedule that's going to be all about winning. >> the leadership, the guys know that, you know, if we don't come for a fight we can't lose this game. >> we just ready to go out there tomorrow, try to get this w cap off the season, get this 11th win i think that's the most important thing right now is trying to get this 11th win. that way we could make history
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again. >> eagles get back to work tomorrow to get set for their final game sunday against the cowboys. let's talk big picture. what does this team need to be successful next year. >> nfl analyst paolantonio has his take. >> carson wentz is your franchise quarterback. he extends plays. he's got moxie and smarts. he's touch he fights. big picture number two. the defense needs to be fixed. they need to get a play making cornerback. a so-called shut down cornerback either through free agencies or the draft. somebody where you can put him on the number one wide receiver and you can go get the quarterback and the second thing that needs to happen is jim schwartz remains the defensive coordinator, this team must blitz more.
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schwartz must blitz in 2017. >> i agree. blitz, okay hope sixers fans took a nap and had some coffee today. the sixers out west. they'll take on the kings tonight at 10:30 p.m. our tim time. the villanova wildcats atop the ap poll. they play wednesday against depaul but all eyes looking ahead to saturday when they visit creighton. congrats to good guy and eagles linebacker connor bahrain got a future wife from santa this christmas. he instagramed this picture with his new fiancee laura flashing her new bling with the caption whew merry christmas y'all and had an engagement wing emoji. >> if you can't get a super bowl ring you go with the next best thing. >> they're both winners. thank you. melissa magee with that accuweather forecast coming up for you next. we'll be right back.
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>> going to be an unusually warm day tomorrow. let's find out the details from melissa magee. >> real warm. you'll notice the increase in temperatures early tomorrow morning. we'll show you what's going o on. a frontal boundary moving through. there could be a few showers. there's some mist and drizzle outside already right now. here's a picture outside. sky6 live in hd look at the ben franklin bridge on this monday evening. we've got a mostly cloudy sky and an easterly wind certainly having an impact on our temperatures. right now in philadelphia, we're coming in at 46. but it's just 34 up in the poconos. 38 in lancaster. milder right along the coast,
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fledge beach haven and the upper 40's for atlantic city and cape may. visibility is certainly an issue with that moisture coming in off of the atlantic. we're down 2 miles in atlantic city, same thing for reading and allentown so definitely give yourself some extra time if utility on the roads. the clouds, the mist and the drizzle will be with us as this frontal boundary comes through. so here's satellite6 along with action radar. mostly cloudy right now. you can see some frozen precipitation we had across our region earlier today lifting off to the north and east. this warm front lifts to our north and we'll widen out the picture. you can see we've got a cold front stretched out across the great lakes back through the ohio valley. not a whole lot of precipitation associated with this but what you will notice is an increase and a rise in our temperatures. so, right now in philadelphia we're actually coming in and coming up. temperature at 46. it's 64 in cincinnati. 74 degrees in memphis. you notice off to the north and west much colder. just 14 in bismarck, north dakota. 35 in omaha, nebraska. 41 degrees in chicago. so, the milder issue comes in
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tomorrow and the cooler air rushes in behind it as we get into the middle half of our work week. over the next 12 hours we're tracking a few showers. we'll bottom out at 39 in lancaster, 38 reading, 47 in millville, 46 trees in philadelphia for the overnight low before temperatures rise overnight tonight. so, 8 o'clock tonight future tracker6 showing up a couple of showers. yeah, we have that mist and drizzle overhead and as you wake up tomorrow morning as the front comes through a couple showers will be around in the poconos down to lancaster. but here's the overall setup for us on our to us. early morning showers. then it's mild by the afternoon coming in at 62 from for an early high temperature. this cold front moves off to the south and east on wednesday, high pressure returns, partly sunny but much cooler, high temperature coming in at 44 degrees by wednesday. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. a few morning showers tomorrow. otherwise it's warm, a high temperature of 62. partly sunny and cooler on wednesday and at 44 for the high and still 44 is where we
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should be or if not two ticks above average by then. on thursday, on and off rain, a high temperature in at 46. and in the wake of that on friday windy and much colder, only 40 for the high. saturday clouds and sunshine for new year's eve, a high temperature of just 39. it's going to be chilly as we ring in the new year, 2017. clouds and sunshine on sunday for the first day of january, a high temperature of 48. and monday a mostly cloudy sky with a high temperature coming in at 47 degrees so we've got those showers to deal with early tomorrow morning, month today. not a whole lot of precipitation expected but milder early in the day as you step outside by 6, 7 o'clock temperatures already in the middle and upper 50's so very warm for us tuesday. >> terrific. thank you so much melissa. a local sports arena is being transformed for a major event this week. a hundred truckloads of dirt were dumped inside the sun national bank in trenton turning night a racetrack and
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obstacle court for monster jam which opens wednesday and runs through friday there. the big trucks of course defy gravity racing up and over the big mounds. then on saturday they will move all that dirt out again. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is up next. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams and ducis rodgers. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. hope to see you right here at 11:00. >> ♪
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as we come on the air tonight, extreme weather colliding with holiday travel. the blizzard on one of the year's busiest travel days. airport delays stacking up tonight. passengers stranded. highways shut down. and the northeast facing treacherous driving conditions right now. george michael's mysterious death. tributes pouring in for the pop star, found dead on christmas. the new questions tonight about his final days. trump versus obama. the war of words tonight. donald trump firing back after president obama suggests he could have won the election. state of emergency. the dangerous sink hole swallowing an american neighborhood. residents forced to evacuate in the middle of a holiday. and go ahead. make my christmas. the great len


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