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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 29, 2016 2:10am-2:40am EST

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time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." it's a last minute customer. >> looks up, sees them coming. >> the miracle mistake when a truck plows into a shop. >> wow. >> open the door. >> a chilly day in ohio is about to -- >> warm up. it's going to get hot. >> did oli fly in? >> why showing up at her front door isn't the only surprise he has in store. >> nicely done, mate. >> chase your dreams no matter how unattainable they might seem. >> he's a proximity pro. >> i want to call him the landscaper because he goes by the trees so close. >> watch him in action chasing his dreams. and an interesting submission to guinness world record.
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>> ready? >> go. >> see what record it is he's trying to beat. >> some people are lucky and some people are just lucky to be alive. this is a grocery store owner in thailand counting up the money from the end of the day, but he gets a last-minute customer. looks up, sees him coming. >> wow. >> that black truck lost control, smashes into the store. that man was able to see what was coming at him and jumped out of the way. >> that's an action movie sequence. the whole store collapses around him and he's running away from the impending doom. >> you saw it ran into natural gas cans. >> you can see how lucky he really is. in this video somebody else goes smashing through a glass door. it starts with a police chase. they are chasing that person in that car near an airport. they are on airport property. guy goes through some fencing and police get right behind this guy. you think the building has him penned in. after he smashes into those doors, he backs up into that car and then makes it all the way
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through into the airport. >> no! >> that car is never going to fit in the overhead baggage compartment. >> i don't think he's going to be able to check it either. too big for the baggage carousel. these guys are trying to stop him, but the car and he keeps going. >> get out of town. >> once he gets to baggage claim they say he got into the terminal and he kept going. >> i don't want to represent a car when i get to my destination. i'm taking mine with me. >> did he have a little too much eggnog? >> reports are saying the man had imbibed. police are involved, passengers were throwing stuff in front of the car. after he made his way through several glass doors, he breaks out and crashed into the parking lot and that's how they were able to catch up with him. >> you think this guy illuminated a few security issues at the airport? >> one or two. >> no one was injured in the incident, which shocks me. damage is estimated at $100,000. >> dang.
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>> this fella right there, the guy that is struggling to keep his head above water, fallen into this frozen lake, had tried to take a shortcut across this. bear in mind that the guy can't even swim, but still thought it is worth the risk in minus 6 degrees farenheit, as well. fortunately for this guy, though, these two strangers happen to be going by, saw what was going on, grabbed the stick, went out quite bravely standing on the ice that's broken next to them. eventually pull this guy out. >> that's very brave of them, because they could very well be putting their lives in danger, as well, by trying to save this dude. >> shortcut like that had ended up costing this man his life, it's not worth it. just go around. now we all know that curiosity killed the cat, but it almost got this dog in turkey, as well. you could see a frozen lake right here and every dog's favorite thing to chase, ducks right there. the ducks decide i want to go play, too.
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>> no, don't do it. >> unfortunately, can't. because as the dog breaks the frozen water, straight through. gets back to the edge, but now it's slick, dog is in trouble. >> oh, that poor dog. >> anyone do me a favor. >> put the phone down and throw me a rope. >> that's exactly what happened, gayle. security guy managed to grab himself some rope, ties the rope off on one side, lowers himself down. the dog patiently waiting, take your time, sir, i'm not going to bite you. please get closer. eventually he gets that curious pooch out of the lake. >> i'm a retriever. i can't help it. >> retrieve me! i can't imagine what it must be like to wake up in the morning and know you're going flying. and not on a plane, but actually go flying. >> pretty rad if you ask me.
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>> that's brandon's life, and he's got a compilation video of some of his best flights. most of the video taken in the united states, except for a few clips, but this guy is a proximity professional. i want to call him the landscaper, because he goes by these trees so close, looks like he could just clip a few branches off. >> this is dangerous. one bad calculation, one wrong move, and he could be stripped by one of these trees. >> a lot of people have some of the same comments as we do about his safety, but he's like, look, i fly for myself, i don't fly for the best video, i do this because i love it. i do this as safe as i possibly can, and that's why he's out there sharing the video with us. thank you. it's incredible. >> please, be careful. >> i love it. i love the fact that these guys are out there doing this, challenging themselves,
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challenging the sport, because it's something we've all wanted to do, except these guys are actually trained enough to learn the skills and get the experience to be able to get out there and do it. >> in brandon's case, he was brave enough to follow his dreams and he couldn't have said it any better than me. listen. >> dreams inspire me to truly live and now i live this dream every day. chase your dreams no matter how unattainable it might seem. this super chilly cold day in ohio is about to warm up. it's going to get hot. >> did oli fly in? >> no, but this handsome marine did, and he's standing right outside the door to his girlfriend's place. now, she's inside, got herself all dolled up because she's got a facetime date with her boyfriend, the marine, who's supposed to be somewhere else, not there. then when she walks to the door, you see she now has her hands over her face, can't believe her
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boyfriend is right outside the door. and it's so cute. she can't even walk. the surprise is overwhelming. she thinks this is just a visit, but guys, there's more to this visit. when he gets down on a knee and -- come on, is this picture perfect or what? >> exactly what i was about to say. even the doorway looks like something out of a disney movie. you have the sprinkling of snow, he's in his marine dress uniform. i want to go out there and say nicely done, nate. >> yes, yes, yes, i love you so much. yes! >> now over to virginia. mom here is opening her gifts. she's got one of those gifts. >> box in a box in a box. >> box in a box. that's her boyfriend there standing right behind her. they've been dating for about six years. when she gets to the last box, there's nothing in it but a piece of paper. >> i owe you? >> not an i owe you, nick.
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>> will you marry me? >> what? >> she looks over and immediately freaks out. >> was that deliberate or did he go through the process of wrapping and realize he forgot to put the ring in? >> anyway, it's another really pretty heart warming christmas proposal. light jeans, you either hate them or hate them. >> reportedly stain resistant white jean is put to the test. >> weird, because it rolls right off, but i still feel wet. >> what happens when the pants are soaked in a giant tub of wine. and an epic fail. ginger breadington! uh huh.
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skblrj like us on facebook. stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. "right this minute," the genius of the show is we get the story behind the video. isaac posted this video as proof why the chicken crossed the road. i think it's because they are working for ambulance chasers. here you have isaac driving the car with a dash cam, but the other car slows down, because that's a chicken crossing the road. isaac is the driver, gets rear ended by somebody else who was following and hit him who didn't stop. watch what happens next. >> look at this. >> went back to the other side. >> out there for fun to cause an accident for fun. >> what cracks me up is the way the chicken exits stage left.
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sorry. >> my bad. >> isaac has to pull over. that is isaac's car. the bumper looks worse for the wear, but the other car that did the rear ending, not so nice. >> this viral video clip shows all you need is four wheels to walk a dog. >> wow, how lazy do you have to be? >> that poor dog. >> that's messed up. >> that's kind of cruel and dangerous for the dog. what if the dog -- could the dog be stinky, did it pee on itself or something, didn't want the dog in the car? >> that's not an excuse. put a blanket or towel under the poor thing. this is an everlasting issue, white pants, keeping them clean while you wear them out. you buy them, they are crispy white, they are great. second you walk out the door, coffee, grass, red wine. >> spaghetti. >> everything. >> dogs. >> yes. these apparently are old navy jeans and this is a stain
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resistant material they've brought out. they are not particularly expensive, $30, $40-ish. these guys at buzz feed are putting it to the test. they are going to do it with coffee, apple juice, and cola. they put them on, first the coffee, they drop the coffee right on the white jeans and look. they are able to just wipe it right off. >> coating that's put on the material or is it something that the jean is made of? >> don't really get into the jeans themselves, but it's something i have seen pop up here and there randomly on my social media. >> i wonder how long it stays like that. >> i don't know if scotch guard could protect your pants, but that looks effective. i hope they didn't drop it while it was hot. >> right. they survived the three tests, right? the coffee, the juice, and the cola, but wine is probably the worst offender out there, so they decided to really commit and they filled a tub with wine and they were like, okay. and she soaks in the wine and
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when she comes out, if you were wearing regular white pants, what would they look like? probably deep cherry red, right? >> looks like she washed them with a red sock. >> right. that's what she said, they do have the pink tint, but they are not soaked the way they normally would. >> wow. >> which is amazing. oh, oh, oh! >> that's going to leave a mark. >> this is so rad. oh, my goodness. you know where it's going. you can feel the pain in your lower back. >> if you've ever had a fall like that, you know the feeling that it sends through your whole body. >> the time that you're in the air seems like an absolute eternity. being ski season, no shortage of this type of video out there. to rebel stoke mountain, we have santa.
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>> hazard do you take his sleigh away? >> yeah! santa! >> don't worry, he's just fine. thank you, santa, for that gift after christmas. this next skier at ski man's pass has a lot more powder to work with, thankfully, so he's going huge. maybe a little too big. you're not going to -- it's going to be -- like landing on a cloud. >> like he fell asleep. there's an intruder in his home. >> oh! >> look, adorable. sweet and cute and won't kill you. >> find out how this cutie made its way through. >> storybook came true. plus, max major strapped a gopro to his head and is about to blow their mind. >> think about it. yeah, that in your head, hear
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his bed. >> his storybook came true. oh, my gosh. i was just reading about you last night. >> it was before christmas when this happened. now apparently the koala bear got into the home through the dog door. while they are not necessarily known to attack, if they feel threatened or cornered, they may to protect themselves. fortunately, it was only ten minutes of cute koala terror in this home, then it worked its own way back out into its habitat. >> oh, and he's off. now this next video from thailand is going to do for your toilet what "jaws" did for the ocean. that's a snake in that toilet and it's creepy. >> if i had seen that, ironically it would have ended up causing the thing i went to the toilet to do. >> what do you do? you have to call for help. can't just reach in and grab it. >> looks like that's what these people did. they grabbed one of the rope things. >> technical term, america.
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>> yes, yes, yes, i believe other people, normal people, call it a catch pole. they are finally able to tie the rope around its head and pull it out. this thing is freaky. >> you will never be able to have any peace in that bathroom. >> world renowned mentalist, hypnotist, magician, all that stuff. when you think about magicians, what they are really doing is that amazing reaction. >> how can i give you guys a better perspective of what's happening? today we're doing p.o.v. mind reading. >> strapped a gopro to his head so you could also see what he sees. see everything he's doing and try and figure it out, but honestly, i don't know. so he goes out, starts finding people randomly asking them. >> when you were younger, did you have pets as a kid growing up, any pets? >> i had a dog. >> you had a dog. don't say the name out loud, but think of it in your head. >> he gets them to spell it in
2:35 am
their head. >> he's an expert when it comes to body language. he's done thousands of live shows, but i have no idea how he does this. >> think about it. >> piece of paper and pen in front of the camera. >> have it in your head. >> starts writing letters. in each case, completely random names. >> you didn't say this out loud. nobody here could know this. especially not me. what was the name of your pet? >> that's where you start getting just a freaked out reaction. >> why is he beating this guy up? he's got nothing to do with it. >> so good makes you slap somebody. that's how good it is. >> really did not expect it to go that way. i thought for sure it would be a bunch of wrong answers, that was it. but man, wow. >> freaky, right? >> he must have talked with friends before actually going out to them, right?
2:36 am
>> the other problem i've noticed, now he knows all their security questions. >> yeah. time to put the new toy to the test. >> oh, no! >> he can't even bend that leg. >> why the struggle is real. >> look at the back tire. it's slasheded
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you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit. don't wait, call today. ♪ love destroying stuff with a hot knife. >> oh! >> it's an iconic scene from the movie history. duelling banjo scene from
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deliverance where everyone realized just what was possible with the banjo. ♪ clearly inspired by this video, this is his submission to guinness world record. >> this is my attempt at the guinness world record for fast esteb banjo player. ready? >> three, two, one, go. >> he's digging deep. see what he's trying to beat his record time of 41 seconds, just over. look at the technique, very good when holding a banjo. is he going to break the record? 27 seconds, ladies and gentlemen, there you go. the world's fastest banjo player. >> at what point do they say we're not interested in your


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