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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 31, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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claiming they're being kepted away from the homes as the search continues. to repeat, a pennsylvania state trooper has been shot. the shore point's condition not being released yet. skwlfrjts the clock is tick to go before the big count down on the eve of new years eve, final premises are being made for festivities, restaurants and hotels ready for big crowds and of course the mummers are practicing their routines for the parade. let's start with jeff chirico to show you what it has in store. >> reporter: we found pleasant of ways to ring in 2017. >> happy new year. >> visitors begin arriving early to ring in the new year philly
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style. this family is spending the weekend >> everybody wanted to come down for the night and see the fishes and we all said sure, let's go. >> reporter: there's plenty to do at the hilton at penns landing presentations are underway for not one, not two, but three new years eve parties. >> both have a couple hundred people and we have one at 9:30 more for the adults and couples. >> reporter: the chefs are working over time preparing to feed more than 1,000 dinners tomorrow night alone. >> if you missed franklin square holiday light show you'll get a final chance saturday. hosting a family friendly party from 3:00 to 8:00. there to count down as the square drops. >> i'm excited for the kids to celebrate new year. we figure 6:00 is just as close to midnight and we count down here, you would think it's midnight. >> reporter: at delbruno
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brothers the staff is working overtime to get ready for the second busiest day as shoppers plan to stock up on meats, cheesesteaks and treats for their at home parties >> what do you expect the place to look like tomorrow >> meat and seafood >> make sure you come in early before 10:00 a.m. >> julie green of the northeast is shopping early. although there's plenty to do across the city, she's planning a relaxing new years eve at home with friends. >> relax and enjoy the food and the company. >> reporter: and however you plan to spend the holidays, have fun and stay to safe. happy new year on the art museum steps, jeff chirico channel 6 action news. there will be increased security this weekend in philadelphia. extra officers will be in place tomorrow night at penns landing as thousands are expected to watch the fireworks along the delaware. on sunday morning, security will shift to outside city hall and down broad street for the annual
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mummer's day parade. philadelphia police have not given any details about exactly what security measures will be in place. . septa is offering expanded late night service tomorrow night. retail rail will operate on a schedule with added trains, ticket offices remain open until 2:00 a.m. the broad street subway and market frankford el will be running. all details plus schedule are posted on patco is offering free rides in and out of the city to help folks avoid drinking and driving, that promotion runs from 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. on sunday, this is the first time the transit agency is doing this. officials expected it to cost $20,000. what's in store weather wise for the final day of the year? meteorologist adam joseph in for cecily tynan.
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watching storm tracker 6 live double scan for us. >> i think you're going to like what you see for both saturday and sunday, better than those winter whipping winds we had today and the cloud cover that developed this and if with those lake effects snow showers that pushed in as you can see since the sun set. the clouds have fallen apart. the precipitation is gone and we're going to remain precipitation free through the upcoming weekend. for your new years eve tomorrow, sunshine and high clouds around back above normal. dover 42 and reading for that southwesterly wind still about ten to 20 miles an hour, knock a few degrees off of these temperatures to what it's going to feel like out there. still a day you're going to need winter gear, as you get into the evening, two rounds of fireworks at penns landing at 6:00. 41 degrees there. right along the river, the water with a big wide open you can get get a breeze, still wants to bundle up despite the
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temperatures, running blockage by midnight, temperatures at 40. dry, which with cloud cover. then as we get into new year's day sunday, temperatures warm, we can get to near 50 here with wall-to-wall sunshine the seconds half of the weekend. we'll take a closer look at that forecast that includes rain as we go into the new week coming up in the accu-weather forecast >> the countdown to the countdown is on with just over 24 hours left in 2016. new york city that meant testing the time square ball to make sure it's ready. they flipped the switch for the run. the water ford crystal ball more than 32,000 led lights showed off it's dazzling. and then back down. and to see the ball drop and the celebration in time square live, you continue to dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan sea
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crest. countdown begins at 8:00 on 6 abc. share to share your count with us on social media, facebook, instagram and twitter using the #6 abc action. the festive mummers' parade, the music dancer teams, feathery costumes make it an event not to be missed. dan cuellar live at 16th and jfk center city with a parade will start. hi, dan. >> reporter: how are you doing, monica. the countdown is on. also for the mummer's day parade, there's still a lot of preparations underway. from the behind the scenes look we got tonight it promises to be one heck of a show. two nights before the big parade, they were working on last minute preparations. >> last few days have been hectic. a lot of changes and glittering
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and confusion but we're ready to go. >> reporter: there are all those colorful mummers suits that seem to get more intricate every year >> all the mirrors. >> mirror man. >> that's a little bit different. >> from the traditional costume. frail string band knows what it takes to win, 18 first prizes over the years >> this is a full crecyear preparation. >> reporter: this year's grand prize winner >> you know you got to top what you did last year >> these guys have been working down here since september >> that's a lot of pressure >> it is a lot of pressure. there's a lot of good bands and a lot of great competition. >> reporter: they start being involved at a young age like 6-year-old roma >> this is all in the family >> absolutely. she loves planning out with
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daddy. >> reporter: spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and many hours preparing for the parade. for guy like kenny there's a special bond you build >> you can say what you want about the prize but it's the friends you make they last had a last time >> we're a tight knit family. >> reporter: and you guy haves a lot of fun along the way >> we do. >> reporter: for lot of these guys it's about the pride in what they do, the tradition of mummery and trying to be best in the business. you won't want to miss it. happy new year everything. live in center city, dan cuellar channel 6 action news. >> thank you, dan traffic tragedy struck tonight in burlington county new jersey, car collided with an suv on route 70 in medford. one person killed and at least three others injured. authorities not identified the victims or said what caused the drivers to crash into each
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other. we're following developing news in new york city where crews are battling this five alarm fire in queens. the fire department says at least to 14 stores have been destroyed since flames broke out about 7:00 tonight. that fire tore through the roof causing the ceiling to collapse. three firefighters have suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. no reports of what caused the fire. vladimir putin is responding to the newly improved u.s. sanctions by doing nothing. what could have escalate i do not a war. donald trump's response to it today is raising eyebrows. abc's ken gibson explains >> the russians are going, kicked out of compounds in new york and maryland allegedly involved in spying. the white house ordered expulsion of 35 russian impressive from the country.
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they will be starting the new year back home >> we have to leave within hours it's just not human >> moscow promised retaliation, but putin saying in statement we will not create any for sures u.s. diplomats, we will not expel anyone, then an invitation tputin welcoming all children from the u.s. diplomats to the christmas children's show at the kremlin. experts say it's spy versus sly. >> the goal of that message was not the obama white house. it's the incoming administration. >> reporter: the president-elect seemed to accept the olive branch tweeting great move on delay i always knew he's very smart. that praise drawing fire from the top democrat on the house intelligence committee who said putin is smart. knows he can get much of what he
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wants from donald trump through little more than flattery. donald trump yet to say whether he'll keep the u.s. sanctions in place, he'll become the 45th president in three weeks. ken gibson we have now had confirmation that that pennsylvania state trooper who was shot has been killed. the district attorney confirmed that the person who did the killing near heston. jason robinson. people who live in that area are being kept away from their homes as police go door to door looking for robinson. authorities are executing search warrants. bakers hollows road. that location to be in pavan township just west of lake race. again, a heavy police presence
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with roads closed in that area after a pennsylvania state trooper was shot and killed this evening in heston pennsylvania not far from juan yet at a township. still to come, the stock market closes out 2016 we'll tell you why you may wants to check your 401k, why bill cosby now wants to move his trial out of montgomery county and why prosecutors may let that happen. also a parade. sorts to honor a young delaware county boy officers are treating like a hero >> despite the chilly wind, the temperatures was pretty seasonal. the record high 65. but 60 back in that seven-day >> jeff skversky with the sixers digging for a win against the nugget when is action news doesn't its.
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. the montgomery county district attorney may not object from the latest demand from bill cosby's lawyers, his defense team filed a motion asking for a change of venue or to bring in a jury from somewhere else. he said they may be swayed by negative news coverage. a spokes woman for the damage's office said kevin steele previously told the judge he does not oppose the request. it's not clear where cosby wants the case tried if not norristown. his trial is still scheduled for june. mourners came for funeral as far as services. family and friends gathered at the church for service it's. 81-year-old marie buck was shot in her score. they arrested him to get revenge
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for her grandson but shot her instead. the oldest african lion died at the sue. because of declining health. born in south philly africa and arrived in america me 1983, one of the most beloved animals and enjoyed walking these trails. z enda exceeded the life expectancy by eight years. zoo still has six other african lions. the coast guard suspended its search and rescue efforts for a missing plane with six people on board that vanished over lake erie. the pilot and passengers were on their way home from a cleveland game when the plane dropped off the radar, boats, planes and helicopters to spent the day searching. the initial autopsy results that came back today for george michael are inclusive.
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more tests will need to be done now. they could take weeks. michael's manager said the singer died of heart failure apparently on christmas day, he was just 53. they found no evidence of foul play. the family of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher says there will be a dual funeral for the hollywood legends. the actresses will be buried together at forest lawn hollywood hills which is the final resting place for numerous, including lou seal ball and florence henderson. the family says it will be private. if you have a 401k. today was the last day of trading on wall street and all the major industries ended up big, the dow jones industrial gain 13.4%. the as that soared nine and a half, nasdaq did not do quite as well but still 7 and a half %. small companies did the best.
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their tracking index closed out the year itself up nearly 20%. for some folks, 2016 is the year that just wouldn't end. it's actually going to get longer for them meantime keepers are adding an extra second tomorrow at midnight, it's called a leap second. so you may want to start your countdown from 11:00 on new years eve to be precise. scientists say it is in the intersection to add a second to keep the world's atomic clocks in sync with the world's in rotation with fluctuates. there have been 26 of these leap seconds added to the clock since 1972. time to get a check of that accu weather word. looks like we're going to have a warm stretch >> you want that extra second. temperatures will be above normal. any of the clouds that we saw, long gone and going to get a
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little more cloud cover as we get into tomorrow evening but the clouds were actually keep things fairly warm as we go into new years eve and especially near midnight. temperatures right now 32, allentown and trenton 35 in philadelphia. right around freezing for wilmington, millville, 33 in dover, and the coldest spot in the poconos 23 degrees. all those numbers that are in the 30's, it doesn't feel like that. we still have a bit of a breeze, overall windchills still only in the 20's where they kind of sat through most of the day up in the poconos, the windchill just ten. satellite and radar all the clouds kind of bubbled up this afternoon out of the northwest did fall apart once that sun set. once you lose that interaction with that cold air that came with the winds with the sunshine, once the sun sets there's nothing to interact with it so the clouds fall apart and that remains the case. high pressure down to the south here for new years eve on your saturday.
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we'll have a milky sky with clouds approaching from the west ahead of the next system. they're high clouds but you're going to have a lot of sun to puncture through the cloud cover, 45 for a high but winds ten to 25. the 45 will feel more like upper 30's to around 40 and then new year's day that fronts is offer the coast and mild for january with high pressure coming in, 50 degrees we'll top it off here in the and if hours of new year's day but as we look at nephew for all the festivities outdoors or in, wherever you're going, 6:00 in the evening, 41 with a lot of clouds not too chilly and by midnight, really not put a big drop in temperature. many new years eve somewhere outdoors it is extremely chilly but not the case this year. for the eagles, sunday, bright sky, wall-to-wall sun, kickoff temperature fourth quarter pleasant as we round out the
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eagles with their last game with temperatures near 50. the exclusive seven-day forecast. things quickly slide down on monday, raw damp drizzly day, 48, periods of rain tuesday twe jump the temperature up to 60 and we're still well above normal wednesday, 55 degrees with sun returning and then colder air moves back into the picture here at the end of next week and there could be a coastal storm, could be interesting with colder air and moisture, whether or not it relates to snow for us we'll see but enjoy the weekend until then >> meantime a delaware county boy raise money got a big surprise himself today. >> a fleet of police officers
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presented him with a police uniform after the boy sold hundreds of bracelets to raise money for officer steve adam make and members of the trainer borrow police department gave him a uniform for thank
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last night a big problem in the fourth quarter, tonight trying to get together. sixers looking to rebound in denver after a melt-down in utah, joel embiid is back the bad news without ok for. perhaps joel embiid would like to join him. be careful, embiid stays in. third quarter, the pump, the slam, 18 for him. sixers up as many as ten. end of the third, robert loses it gets it back and drills it. wow, second straight night.
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sixers up four, they looked better tonight, how about embiid, sixers shooting nearly 50% from beyond. we're tied set up a at 117. what the wrong with steve mason, a bruised left hand on the rebound, patrick mar low beats him flyers down one after one, the flyers down one nothing in the second period. in eagles fans don't hate the cowboys enough you will hate to hear this, eagles lost eight of 11 games to the cowboys at the linc. another reason why they need to beat the boys, looking for the first win against dallas. doug pederson is proud the way his team responded through tough times. he believes it's a building block for 2017. >> there's no quit. fight is there.
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the effort has been there. and that's something these guys really bought into. these last few weeks, and so for me, that's been -- that's been kind of the -- the defining defining moment for me. these guys buying into what i've been saying. >> carson wentz celebrating his 24th birthday, big birthday at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever.
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. villanova will have their handful on the road against undefeated creighton tomorrow at 1:00. both teams 13 and 0. st. joe's number one players newkirk out his left know, if he doesn't return he'll have an mri tomorrow. lamar kimble from knew man goretti. st. joe's won four of last five. lasalle looking for the first win since 1999, this not help. 20 turnovers on the road. kyle davis finishes. lasalle loses 13th straight. dayton 68-55 the final there. palestra, first half max roth child goes coast to coast, penn 74-68.
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they've won three in a row. >> thank you, so much. jeff. jimmy kimmel live is next year followed by night line hope you have a great night, happy new year. we'll see you back here next week.
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time for the best of 2016 viral videos "right this minute". a couple's relaxing horseback ride suddenly takes a terrifying turn. >> watch closely. >> see if you can spot the scary reason why. a beauty blogger's ready to face the camera. >> as you can see, i've got a mark on the left side of my face. >> this is her first video and she wanted to focus on how she covers it up. >> see why this tutorial is really about being comfortable in your own skin. >> a cop tries to coach a driver over the golden gate bridge. >> you'll be fine, okay? >> i'm scared. >> meet the tourist who wants the bridal party to know she went the distance. >> i wanted them to basically see what i did


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