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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 4, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EST

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action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ they talk about the fog in london. well london has got nothing on our area tonight. this is what it looked like
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tonight as the fog came rolling in near the comodore bridge and this is from sky six and temple university and it's normally a clear look at city hall, not tonight. tuesday night and a big story on action news tonight is fog tonight but we are looking at brutally cold temperatures down the road and the chance for some snow. let's get the latest from double scan radar and metrologist cecily tynan. >> big weather changes the next couple days and first of all we are finally getting rid of the rain and double scan showing we have another round of light rain that is moving through just some lingering drizzle right now across south jersey and begin to dry out as we head through the overnight hours and are still dealing with fog. philadelphia visibility not that bad, four miles but you can see allentown three miles reading a mile and a half and lancaster reporting visibility of only a half mile and we will have some fog to deal with for the morning
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commute, i don't think it will be outrageously dense but we will have lots of clouds, a few areas of fog, temperatures though not that bad, actually pretty warm, 6:00 that is our normal high for this time of year, 41 by 8:00, 43 and we have one day of very warm air. right now philadelphia 44, cincinnati 46 degrees so we are on the surge of winds out of the southwest tomorrow ahead of a cold front but behind that front it is very cold. bismarck north dakota the air temperature about 9 degrees below 0 and the wind chill currently 20 degrees below 0. once the arcic air moves in it's sticking around for a while and looking ahead windy tomorrow and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and arctic air to follow and friday looking at some snow, could complicate your morning commute i'll talk more about that coming up, in the full accuweather forecast jim. >> all right cecily and the morning team will be tracking the weather's impact on tomorrow
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morning's commute they are on the air beginning at 4:30. we have breaking news tonight from lehigh county a multi alarm fire burning out of control right now at the greenhouse complex in zionsville and montgomery and north hampton county calls to the scene to battle the flames and haul in water in tankers, the fire erupted at 8:30 and the scene is north of quaker town interchange along the northeast extension of the turnpike so far no injuries reported. the philadelphia internal affairs unit is investigating an incident caught on video involving a 12 district police officer and a teenager but the da today dropped all charges against 16-year-old pendelton and she was on the may lay on 54 and springfield yesterday
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afternoon and police commissioner richard ross said she refused commands to back away and admits to smacking the officer in the face knocking off her glasses. pendleton tells action news she was trying to help a friend's mother who was being detained by the police. >> she was dragging me by my head on the ground and car and punching me in my face. >> reporter: a source tells action news the video and witness statements seem to indicate that pendleton never intentionally tried to harm the officer. a lehigh county judge has dismissed the murder case against former pro wrestling star jimmy super fly snuka and his girlfriend's 1983 death, prosecutors allege nancy argintina was beaten and snuka said she died from a fall. the judge who dismissed the charges today said the 73-year-old is not competent to stand trial. last month snuka's lawyer revealed that his client suffers from dementia and only has six
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months to live. elsewhere on the crime front the city of chester is operating with 34 fewer police officers than its budget would allow that is probably bad news for citizens and good news for criminals. action news reporting christie aletto is live at chester police headquarters christie what are authorities saying about that tonight? >> well, the mayor's office tells us the police department is not short stapled with 72 police officers and top brass says they are a little thin and they are investigating the first homicide of the year some residents say this is cause for concern. 20 second and howard brought ch chester it's first murder of 2017 and the highest per capita murder rates in the county their detective division is slim. >> captive detectives and two active detectives right now as of today. >> reporter: three people. >> that would be correct.
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>> reporter: budgeted for over 100 officers the force has 72. >> we lost about 20 and probably a dozen or so just the other day. >> reporter: a new year brought a wave of retirement as the department deals with budget constraints and waits for a new contract from the city, out of town in harrisburg the mayor spoke to us by phone. >> we are not short staffed. we knew that there were officers going to retire so we just redeployed some of our officers. >> should residents be concerned? >> yeah, in fact, residents are concerned. everybody is just talking about this situation. >> reporter: former mayor and community activist john linder says this is a public safety issue. >> the issue of staff is even increases the vulnerability. >> it makes me feel unsafe. there is not enough police officers, there is too many people who do so many different types of crimes. >> reporter: last year chester
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had 27 homicides which is lower than previous years but only a third of the cases were closed. >> it's sad. it's the way it has become and almost like the way it's going to be. >> reporter: now mayor kirkland says he hopes the police department will have a new contact sometime soon and meanwhile top brass says a new wave of recruits will be finishing the academy later this month live in chester christie aletto action news six jim. >> the search continues for a run away suspect tonight a local father killed an intruder during a violent home invasion while his wife and young daughters hid up stairs and two men barged in the home of 1900 pratt street at 11:30 last night and investigators say he opened fire on the homeowner but he had a gun and fired back and killed a suspect and the other went away the homeowner likely will not be
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charged. the man who killed his wife in his house and manual has been on the run since december 18 when police say he killed tara o'shea his wife in commercial township the couple's 12-year-old son discovered o'shea's body and ran to get help from neighbors, the 911 call reveals the moment they realized o'shea was murdered. >> my wife's son came down to my house talking about his mom is dead. >> looks like she may have passed in her sleep. >> oh, my god she was murdered. i need a state trooper out here now. >> i'm talking to state police right now. >> reporter: monell is scheduled for cumberland county court tomorrow afternoon. legal issues surrounding the hazing scandal that rocked conestoga high school last march have been resolved and three students members of the football team plead guilty to lesser
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charges of menacing a freshman player and say the three players poked the victim with a stick in the leg and did not suffer physical injuries and originally it said the 14-year-old had been penetrated with a broom handle while he screamed. the city of wilmington has a new mayor and council president and new treasurer after the swearing in ceremonies tonight and action news reporter jeannette reyes is outside of the grand opera house in the city of pop, jeannette. >> reporter: jim several newly elected leaders were sworn in and half of the city council and mayor and celebrations won't last long the real work begins tomorrow on the mind of residents is the alarming crime rate and how these newly elected leaders plan on dealing with it.
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escorted by four council members new wilmington mayor was greeted with loud applause and standing ovation just before taking his office and the swearing in ceremony was at the grand opera house on market street downtown wilmington and spoke about the city's troubling crime rate just before the ceremony began. >> we in our state and other states around the country we neglected under studies for december decades and now reaping what we sow. >> reporter: tied the record high of 28 setback in 2010. >> it's a problem and you have to take care of the under lying crime and we keep looking to police officers to solve all our crime problems we will never get it fixed. >> reporter: also sworn this was city council president. >> i'm working hard on the council and moving wilmington forward. >> reporter: in coming treasure potter. >> i believe that strengthening
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the economy here in the city, creating jobs and creating opportunities is absolutely an essential part of that. >> reporter: the two are the first black women to be elected to their roles. >> ladies, to make the move and represent, you know, little girls all over the world to do great things. >> i think tomorrow is the big day. i think governing is what is most decided. tonight is nice but it's something you got to get through. >> reporter: the mayor wants to hit the ground running, one of his main priorities is the crime rate and says he plans on strengthening the community, the neighborhood, providing jobs especially to those who are chronically unemployed. reporting live in wilmington jeannette reyes channel six action news. ♪ president elect donald trump is getting a good deal of the credit tonight for the decision by ford motor company to forgo
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building a plant in mexico instead ceo mark shields announced today that ford will invest 700 million in a michigan plant to make electric hybrid and self driving cars and create 700 jobs. said shields this is a vote of confidence for president elect trump and some of the policies he may be pursuing at the same time trump is going after gm threatening a huge border tax if they do not move chevy cruise from mexico to the u.s. and say they are made in ohio and only a small number of mexican made hatch backs are sold in the united states. the republicans in the house got the first say of the new term off to a bumpy start today when they had to reverse cores on plans to put the independent congressional ethics board. to gut that board. the scolding tweet from trump may have added to the pressure and flood of calls from advocacy
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groups and citizens and republicans and the senate are in the process of repealing obamacare and a bill was introduced to allow it to pass by 51 votes not the 60 needed to defeat a fill filibuster, 16 days to inauguration and learning of some guests and hillary clinton and former bill clinton confirmed today they will be there as will the last republican president george w bush and former first lady laura, the elder bush george hw bush and barbara simply cannot attend because of their age. still to come on action news tonight so many people are talking today about this video of toddlers caught in a furniture tip over, we will tell you what parents and legislators are now trying to do to prevent this kind of thing from happening. plus the government figures out what caused that custom's chaos at airport terminals yesterday.
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>> get ready for the winds of change and wind gusts by 6:00 are 40 miles per hour behind this arctic air and a chance of snow, we have details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. the sixers bring it down to the wire tonight against the timber wolves and ducis with highlights when action news continues. fios in the house!
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the video went viral today two little boys playing with a dresser that tips over and prompting parents across the country to consider the dangers by furniture and it's awake up call urging adults to secure chests, dressers and t.v.s. >> everybody needs to bolt down dressers to the wall. i mean we just didn't think about it so accidents are going
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to happen so we just want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope that it doesn't happen to any other family. >> reporter: while the video is difficult to watch two-year-old brock shoff is okay and it shows the heroic effort of his twin bowdy to come to the rescue letting brock wiggle out for underneath and a local toddler lost his life in a tip over like that, two-year-old collis of west chester was killed by an ikea mom dresser and prompted a massive recall this summer of 29 million units of furniture and 50 million settlement the best way to prevent these incidents is to use metal brackets or safety straps to attach the back of the dresser to the stud in the wall, pennsylvania senator bob casey plans to reintroduce a bill to congress to prevent tip overs like this currently there is a voluntary standard for the furniture industry and casey's sturdy act would require
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mandatory issues by the government and says between 2000-2011 tip overs have killed at least 363 people, the vast majority of them under eight years old. all out manhunt underway in turkey for the gunman in this weekend's deadly terror attack on a nightclub and turkey media released video of the suspect taken two minutes before midnight on saturday. the video shows the suspect smoking and getting in a taxi with a large backpack, authorities say they know the identity of the shooter but have not make it public yet and i.s.i.s. has taken responsibility for the attack that killed 39 people and customs and border protection agency now says it was a software upgrade not a malicious hack that led to last night's processing system outadjust. t thecomput thecomputers caused problems for people getting in the country and 20 airports suffered the
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airport miami, atlanta and new york and agents had to check people in by hand, the commuter system is back on line and the technical trouble did not put national security at risk. janet jackson has become a mother for the first time at the age of 50. the pop star tonight announced the birth of her son essa al-mana and jackson's agent says the delivery was healthy and stress free. soldiers will need to prove they are in shape for the job they want, army started administering new physical fitness tests today a way to assess recruits and match them with the career path that is appropriate for them. some army jobs are obviously more physically demanding than others and soldiers will have to qualify on these aerobic and strength tests, military says men and women will be judged to the same standard. we have a lot of weather to talk about coming up, from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> tomorrow is bonus with mild
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temperatures and sunshine and it will be windy but finally getting rid of the rain and storm tracker six double scan showing we have nothing more than a few pockets of light drizzle and the fog is beginning to lift a bit and action cam in center city where a lot of folks at least walking around holding tight to that umbrella, we needed it for two days straight, now we are finally drying out and temperatures pretty mild, 44 degrees in philadelphia, currently down from our high of 48 which is 7 degrees above normal allentown 40, wilmington 44, cape may 44 and temperatures will essentially be holding steady overnight and really not dropping much at all satellite six along with action radar showing we have a few showers out to the west that could swing through overnight but generally we will begin to dry out tomorrow. waking up with a lot of clouds at 7:00 the same temperature 44 degrees and sunshine breaks out by 10:00, 50 by 1:00, 53 so pretty mild but it's not going to feel that warm because we
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will be dealing with wind gusts 35-40 miles per hour as colder air rushes in and thursday what a difference a day makes. about 20 degrees colder, 35 degrees, lots of clouds, wind chills will be in the 20s, reenforcing shot of arctic air moves through late on thursday and this links up with low pressure off the coast and that will be able to pull in some moisture from the atlantic so that means friday morning some light snow, very cold, 34 degrees, the high in the afternoon, temperatures friday morning in the 20s so any snow that falls on untreated surfaces will be sticking so future tracker showing the timing around 2:00 and light snow showers breaking out south of philadelphia and then you can see it's really not a tremendous amount of snow. it's really more about the timing. 7:30 in the morning some snow on i-95 and areas to the east during the morning commute and as far as the amounts if you look at really the four mayor computer models all right around an inch in philadelphia. so about a coating to an inch could be a little bit more at
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the shore again friday morning not a lot of snow but enough to cause some problems for the commute so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast take advantage of tomorrow partly sunny and mild 55 degrees and gusty wind in the afternoon, temperatures really drop on thursday, 35 degrees, lots of clouds, some of that snow, thursday night into friday morning, 34 degrees and heading into the weekend still watching the coast, latest computer models do keep that low pressure to the south, a miss for us but a little too close for comfort and continue to track it and 32 degrees and drop down to 10 degrees below normal on sunday and even colder on monday despite the sunshine and 29 and a high of 40 on tuesday and cold air getting a touch of snow and david murphy will have the latest on action news tomorrow at 4:30. >> thank you cecily and a plan to build wind mills off new jersey coast appears to be dead in the water tonight a u.s.
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energy department spokesman says the department is revoking most of the 47 million dollars it pledged for the project in 2014 saying the private energy company failed to meet a december 31st deadline to secure a power deal. rhode island recently opened the country's first commercial off shore wind farm. ♪
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sixers trying to exact some revenge on the timber wolves. >> tonight a nail biter how much of your nails do you have left? sixers may not be good yet but they are fun to watch and tonight they faced the t wolves and beat them 24 points back in november and beat named the eastern conference and scored 25 points and sixers lead by as many as 26 points but late in the fourth quarter they are up three and a triple of the night a big one and ties the game at 91 less than two seconds to go and bret brown what can you draw? allow covington and it dropped,
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the sixers win 93-91 their second straight win and perhaps most exciting of the season covington with the game winner. >> it's my first ever and just how it's executed and everything and makes you feel a lot better. >> it was great, i was happy for him. the whole game and he got booed and made that play and together i got us the win. that was great. >> i just felt like they were going to chase robert thinking that he was going to shoot it. and you know he was long enough to go get it. he made a heck of a catch and heck of a finish. >> reporter: one of the eagles grates and may soon be known as a nfl great and named a finalist for the pro football hall of fames and dawkins one of 15 modern era finalist for the class of 2017, this is his first year of eligibility. owens is also a finalist and they will be announced superbowl
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weekend. still ahead hear the reason behind the flyers recent slide and hawks end z254jz zi0z
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y254jy yi0y
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flyers and michael is back and activated from injury reserved and anthony heads back with the phantom and missed 20 games with a knee injury and they will host the new york rangers tomorrow and the ten win game streak seems like a long time ago and flyers lost six of seven games and wayne simmons explains what
2:08 am
has been different. aside from the lost two games anneheim and san jose we were not aggressive and talking and did not have the snarl we had during the ten-game winning streak. i think it's natural to have a little bit of a let down but can't let it go that far. this is something we ought to stop in a hurry. >> reporter: get your snarl back. college basketball st. joes is sure to have a tough road ahead the hawks leading scorer lost for the season were a knee injury and tonight at rhode island without him and the first half with the high percent shot and tie the game at 16 and doesn't get much better from there rhode island has 20 points and nailed five of the rams 16 three pointers and st. joe loses by 30, 88-58 and that is sports. >> thank you ducis and history was made tonight in morsetown burlington county with his family by his side delgatto was
2:09 am
sworn in as the new mayor during the town council reorganization meeting and the first hispanic and served on the council since 2014 now he is mayor and jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by night live and his guests is henderson and depo and music by posner and it continues at 4:30 with edwards and o'donnell and with cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire action team i'm jim gardner have a good night. ♪ blinds to go roller shades.
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