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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a water main break creates a sinkhole in kensington big enough to devour a couple of vehicl vehicles next. ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. action news delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ if you're planning on spending any time out doors over the next 24 hours make sure to pile on the extra layers the temperature
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is dropping creating dangerous conditions. extra care will be required when driving since so many side streets are still coated with ice and snow. sunday night and the big story on action news is a bitterly cold night, already some schools are cancelling classes and delaying openings tomorrow, we have a list of those scrolling at the bottom of your screen. cold outside and the good news is the snow is behind us and brutal cold lingers and a nice warm up on the way this week and metrologist melissa magee is here with the first check of the accuweather forecast melissa. >> walter and sarah temperatures today have been below freezing and below 32 degrees and the cold snap continues for the second half of the weekend and high in philadelphia coming in at just 24 degrees normal for us this time of year is 40 so we were 16 degrees below average and it's still pretty frigid as you look at the numbers in the mid-atlantic and 19 philadelphia and 19 from new york city down to washington d.c. and the single digits there in
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pittsburgh and charleston west virginia now you factor in those blustery winds out of the west, northwest and feels colder feeling 9 in philadelphia, 0 buffalo, 7 charleston west virginia and four degrees in richmond virginia at this hour. satellite 6 along with action radar isdry and quiet under a mostly clear sky so with a mostly clear sky temperatures will fall off quickly and winds start to diminish from where they were earlier today, we had winds gusting from about 30 close to 45 miles per hour so here is what to expect through the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours the winds will slowly subside, temperatures once again stay below freezing, below 32 degrees tonight which means a lot of the back roads are still snow covered so this could lead to some icy patches and slick sidewalks as well. take a closer look at the forecast and we have the cold snap that continues for the start of our workweek and let you know when these temperatures rebound details coming up, with the accuweather seven day walter.
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>> thank you melissa and of course many communities across the delaware valley are still digging out from yesterday's snowstorm, in fact, some schools in new jersey and delaware have already announced they will be closed or delayed tomorrow and once again we are scrolling those at the bottom of the screen the complete list at and tune in at 4:30 tomorrow for the very latest school closings and forecast and traffic conditions to start the workweek. a woman and boyfriend both charged with the murder of her 14-year-old adopted daughter the prosecutors say they killed the girl of a rape murder fantasy and bob brooks has more on this horrific crime. >> did you kill your daughter. >> reporter: sar packer tried to shy away from the camera escorted by a number of officers she was arraigned in bucks county new town around noon and the crimes she is accused of are sick and she with her boyfriend sullivan kidnapped raped and murdered her adopted daughter
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this past summer and the couple were fulfilling a sick fantasy they had. >> it's unspeakable. when i leave here today i'm going to go home and i'm going to hug and kiss my two daughters and tell them how much i love them because i feel like that is one of the only ways that i can redeem my belief in humanity. >> reporter: according to records a major break in grace's disappearance came on december 30 when sullivan and packer attempted to commit suicide together by a drug overdose at their home and family members found them before they died and in the hospital detectives say sullivan cracked and confessed to the whole crime and i asked her about that as she left her arraignment jacob confessed to doing this do you have anything to say for yourself? court says on july 8 they took her from avington to quaker town and according to detectives sullivan said the couple attacked grace, sexually assaulted her and drugged her before they strangled her and kept her in the attic and days
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later she reported a lie that grace had gone missing to the police and sullivan is quoted in the report saying during the invest da investigation they were scared of getting caught and they dismembered the body and dumped the remains in bear creek and were found in october and dental records say they were graces and i asked sar in and out of court if she did this and kept her head down and said nothing reporting in new town bob brooks channel six action news. moving on to another disturbing story a father from new jersey accused of killing his young son expected in court tomorrow when the trial of david junior is scheduled to begin. it had been delayed back in october to give his defense team more time to prepare and plead not guilty to murder and child endangerment and the body of his son was found september 2015 near a creek close to his father's home and he reported his son missing three hours
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earlier and said he killed his son because the youngster was getting in the way with his relationship with his teenage girlfriend. a new jersey transit light rail train in burlington county caught fire tonight causing delays from both directions of the river line, 40 passengers were forced to get off the train on the florence station and board buses. the fire started in the train's engine compartment, no one was injured. a vacant warehouse in port richmond caught fire building on east butler street and abington used to be a clothing manufacturer and the thick black smoke could be seen for miles and no one injured and no word on a cause. crews say it will likely be a week to repair a water main break that created a huge sinkhole and the hole is as big to devour a couple vehicles and leave two dozen people without water on 2300 east boston street in kensington section of the city and christie is live from the scene with much more,
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christie. >> reporter: walter crews had finished work for the evening but this is a massive sinkhole that started off as a 6" water main and residents tell action news they reported little to no water pressure earlier in the morning but never imagined part of their neighborhood block would cave in. >> i heard a very loud bang and looked out front and my car was completely in a hole. >> reporter: the 2300 block of east boston became a 40-50 foot sinkhole swallowing alisa bank's new car and another vehicle. >> the street ate my car. >> never saw anything like that and the water was gushing out of the main. >> reporter: the water department had apparently arrived minutes beforehand to address some residents calls about low water pressure and leaks in basements. >> likely there is a problem with the sewer and the water main break as well so two things going on at once. >> reporter: it's not clear if aging infrastructure or weather caused the 6" water main that
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forced a third of the kensington block to collapse but some homes are now without gas while the entire block is without water. work crews distributed some relief to those who have chosen to brave the frigid elements while they make repairs. whenever the basic necessities of life are taken away it becomes a problem but we will manage. >> it's pretty bad timing. especially not to have heat. >> we have a home and jobs. >> yeah and not swallowed by a sinkhole so it could be worse. >> reporter: and like that last couple said this definitely could be a lot worse and the water department is hoping to have water back as soon as possible and again likely will be out here making repairs for the rest of the work reporting live in kensington christie aletto channel six action news. >> a former economic professor convicted of killing his wife is out of prison, according to prison reports former university of pennsylvania raphael robb completed a sentence for
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voluntary manslaughter this morning the 66-year-old professors wife ellen robb was found beaten to death in the home in 2006 a year later robb plead guilty and ellen's family will gather outside the home in upper maryian where they live to advocate for victims of domestic violence. people and elderly without a place to stay tonight after fire devastated their apartment complex and broke out background 10:00 last night and action news reporter jeannette reyes is live at the scene with details, jeannette. >> reporter: walter more than 24 hours later the area here is really buzzing with dozens of crew workers, gas company crew workers but one thing you won't find is residents about 75 of them have been displaced and look behind me all that is left of the apartment building is the shell of it and we talked to one resident who said he saved a few lives and another who said all of this could have been prevented. >> i literally ran into the fire to bang on doors, my neighbors
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were asleep. >> reporter: just past 10 saturday night and he was running door to door trying to wake his sleeping neighbors who were unaware of a fire that was quickly sweeping through building 72 at the lake view apartment complex. >> i heard two little girls screaming and a police officer went up stairs and he came out with them. >> reporter: the terrified girls were rescued from a second floor room now unrecognizable was the fire leaving behind just a charred frame. >> i did not hear a smoke detector go off, my smoke detector didn't go off and my apartment was full of smoke. >> reporter: alexis apartment who was completely destroyed have other complaints that happened well before the blaze about two months ago. >> the apartment almost caught fire, the fuse box lit on fire and we called maintenance and a second time an outlet of ours burst into flames while i was vacuuming the apartment.
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>> reporter: she says although the outlets were changed as was the fuse box no one came to look into the source of the electrical fires. >> the fact that no one checked up on it after two fires in our apartment that's ridiculous. this absolutely could have been prevented. >> reporter: coming back out live to us i want you to look at the side of the building, it's pretty dark but there was a brick building or brick wall that came tumbling down during this fire and there were conflicting reports of what may have been the source of the fires and sources tell us it was electrical in nature and that that wall ended up cracking open one of the gas lines and that gas ended up fueling the flames but of course the source of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live in gloucester township with jeannette with action news. >> video shows the moment the shooting started inside the fort
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lauderdale airport and learning one of the victims had local ties. a rare sighting these days a former presidential candidate hillary clinton we will tell you where she went that created such a buzz. the sixers were in brooklyn to take on the nets and jeff skversky has highlights when action news comes right back. ♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly-made oven-toasted wraps
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hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. a palestinian man plowed his vehicle into a group of israeli soldiers in jerusalem this afternoon killing four and injuring 17 others and prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears the attacker was a supporter of i.s.i.s., the four soldiers killed three were women between the ages of 20-22 the violence ended several months of relative calm in the city. mexican prosecutors are questioning a gunman who shot an official of a u.s. consulate in guadalajara and security video shows them in a parking garage and firing in a car windshield
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as he leaves the garage and he is injured and in injured and hospitalized and no word on a motive but american citizens if the guadalajara area are urged to stay out of public places for the time being. newly released video shows the moment the gin man opened fire inside the fort lauderdale airport and obtained by the website "tmz" shows the shooter in a blue shirt casually walking and pulling the gun out of his waist band and firing and you can see people scrambling for safety and esteban santiago-ruiz is due in court tomorrow, meantime we learned today one of the victims is a south jersey native 62-year-old terry andres and he and his wife were leaving for a caribbean cruise to celebrate birthdays and one of five killed in the rampage. the white house and a crucial week for president elect
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donald trump and under a microscope and tuesday the senate is set to hold the first of at least nine hearings on his choices and delumocrats are objecting to the pace of the hearings and yet to have financial disclosure forms for some nominees and this coming wednesday trump is scheduled to hold a conference to outline plans of interest and this is his first full fledged conference since july 27. he is committed to repealing and replacing the affordable healthcare act and barack obama sat down with george and had a message for the new administration. >> my hope is that the president elect members of congress from both parties look at where have we objectively made progress, where things are working better. don't undo things just because i did them. on friday the president said he
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is open to new ideas but doubts that republicans can come up with a better healthcare plan. president obama will deliver his farewell address on tuesday night in chicago. meanwhile the audience at the final performance of the color purple on broad way gave a standing ovation last night but it wasn't for the actors it was for hillary clinton. clinton who kept a low profile since losing the presidential election two months ago attended the show with her husband and daughter and received several ovations from a sold out audience as she arrived and another round of applause when she was acknowledged by the cast after the show. still to come tonight on action news a birthday to remember and we will introduce you to a man who found an exiliterating way for life. and melissa magee has the seven day accuweather forecast when action news comes right back. perdue.
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lake michigan. this is the michigan city light house ice shelf in northwest indiana, you can see those frozen chunks on the lake. this light house was built in 1904 and the only public operating light house in indiana. a check for the accuweather forecast with metrologist melissa magee we are holding on to the middle of the week and looks like a nice warm up is on the way. it's on the way but before we get there we have a lot of cold air to deal with overnight tonight and as you wake up tomorrow morning and show you what is going on with storm tracker six live double scan radar and it's dry no issues with precipitation, no issues with snow we had snow to start our weekend off and as we close things out the cold is king. sky six live in hd from temple university camera looking at city hall southbound on broad street and mostly clear sky but frigid and bundle up and philadelphia is 19, 16 allentown, the teens for reading
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and lancaster single digits in poconos in at 7, 19 philadelphia and 16 degrees in trenton but it feels much colder when you factor in the winds. earlier today we had winds gusting any where from 30 to nearly 45 miles per hour so it made it feel much colder and it's still that way at this hour. nine in philadelphia and feeling like 3 in reading, 7 below in the poconos and current wind chill in cape may and trying to subside but the wind chill sticking along, dry and quiet under a mostly clear sky and lighter winds and temperatures will fall off quickly and bottom off with 4 degrees in the suburbs for overnight and ten in philadelphia with the west, northwest wind at 4-8 miles per hour. future tracker six showing as you wake up tomorrow at 6:00 it feels one below 0 in atlanta kaes --
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lancaster and feeling like 4 for atlantic city and millville and as we go throughout the afternoon hours you really want to address for wind chills in the teens and most spots the exception of the poconos feeling like four degrees after coming up, from sub 0 temperatures so here is the set up on monday and high pressure reigns supreme and it's 20 and plenty of sunshine and cold and minus the wind we had and a ridge of high pressure moves further to the east by tuesday so it's not as harsh by then coming in at 38 for a high and tracking a frontal boundary coming on through so some mixed precipitation is likely north and west of the i-95 corridor before the front lifts on through and as it comes on through temperatures will rise which means the mixed precipitation changing over to all liquid but the big warm up walter was referring to comes on wednesday. the cold air retreats to the north up into canada and highs in wednesday and beyond 50 and flirting with 60 and lots of
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clouds and rain but we will take it by 50 and 60 by the latter half of the workweek. on monday it's cold minus the wind high pressure 27 dress for the single digits for the morning and the teens by the afternoon. it's chilly on tuesday mixed precipitation north and west the high of 38. temperatures rise overnight so by wednesday early rain and some fog but it's milder by the afternoon in at 53 and even warmer by thursday in at 60, 57 on friday with a shower possible and next weekend it's cooler with temperatures only in the 40s and we are tracking some midst. thank you. the holiday shopping season is over and seems like business was good for retailers the actual numbers are expected to be released sometime next week but predict they will increase .5%, despite the positive outlook holiday sales were not strong enough to save stores and macys and sears announced they are
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closing stores and the limited is shutting down altogether. well the iphone is about to celebrate its 10th birthday tomorrow it will be exactly ten years since the late apple ceo steve jobs introduced the device that changed the world and iphone quickly took off and started the smartphone age and sales were flat last year but the company is set to deliver a brand new device this coming fall. coming up, jeff skversky has sports. dolphins helping some of our wounded warriors heal that and more when action news comes back. y254jy yi0y
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. the horn for the ice sickle run and it was limited to major streets to keep the runners safe and benefits the ymca and mike clark legacy named after a try athlete from delaware. >> jeff here with sports the flyers trying to get their groove back. >> trying and they are on a real bad run right now, they are really struggling. the flyers have gone from red
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hot to ice cold since their ten game winning streak the flyers last eight of the last ten games and tonight they had shot after shot to take down the best game and steve mason in columbus where they have not won this 12 years and andrew mcdonald shoots and scores one-nothing flyers not so fast they review it and michael called for goalie interference although he never touch ee ee eed sergei and flyew it for possible goalie interference and this is unreal just their like anderson and flyers down and 16 seconds left and flyers tied in one and over time and nick and lose 2-1 and dropped 8


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