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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 9, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- ben affleck -- from "loving," ruth negga -- and music from foy vance! and now, she also mention -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for joining us. by the way, i just realized right before the door opened my fly was all the way down. [ laughter ] we are coming to you from los
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angeles. where unlike most of the rest of the country the weather is warm. we did not get snow over the weekend. we got herpes over the weekend. [ laughter ] and we took that herpes and made it into a tv show called "the bachelor." that's right. we had a new episode of "the bachelor" tonight. whether you watched "the bachelor" or the college football game i think is a good indicator of who's in charge of your house. we saw "the bachelor." [ laughter ] nick started with 30 women, now down to 21, which is dangerously low, they may have to bring in day laborers or something. this is some show. the start of the show so far this season is not the bachelor, it's a women named corinne, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. she's 23 years old, she still has a nanny, named raquel, who takes care of her. which should give you a sense of what we're dealing with here. tonight, for the group date, they had a wedding photo shoot. some of the women got to dress up as brides, some of them were
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forced to dress as bridesmaids, then they took a picture with nick. corinne got to be a bride but she was a beach bride. which meant they put her in a bikini top. a bikini top she almost immediately removed once the photographers started taking photos. she took off her top and had nick, who she just met by the way, hold her breasts like janet jackson on the cover of "rolling stone." >> cheers to you, ladies. cheers. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> nick, how are my boobs today? like he held my boobs, okay? no one has ever held my boobs like that. no one ever will. >> jimmy: i don't know. i bet someone will. [ laughter ] i bet his hands will smell like axe body spray when he does it. okay, so corinne took her top off, then nick, after she did it, awarded her the group date rose. so in case you're wondering if nick's priorities are in order, they aren't. anyway.
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this corinne, she seems this the think she's the only woman in the house. she's been very aggressively. she easily has set bachelor record for interrupting another woman's date. >> i feel in some ways connected to you. >> nick, can i say something for a second? hi. >> hi. >> can i talk to you taken? >> where are you from? >> new jersey -- >> can i interrupt you buys? guys? >> wait what? >> jimmy: yeah. she's like the bachelor version of kanye west. she's always interrupting. so tonight one of the other women, taylor, had had enough of being interrupted. so she interrupted corinne, which did not go over well. >> i interrupted taylor. then she came and re-interrupted me. >> there's a way to go about things. the way i go about things is very classy and not directed toward a character in general. the way she did it was very directed toward corinne.
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i'm like, okay, taylor. if you take a direct hit at corinne? i'm going to say something. i don't go about things like that. i don't like things like that. it's rude. >> jimmy: it is rude. [ laughter ] it's not how jesus intended "the bachelor" to go, okay? did anyone follow -- i feel like corinne might be -- i feel like she might an trump daughter we didn't know about. [ laughter ] she interrupted four dates then got angry when one of the women she interrupted came back and -- guillermo, bring in the trump board, i don't think the audience is fully comprehending this. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, all right. and also just stand behind there so we can see your feet, okay? [ laughter ] yeah, no, no, what i said. so here we go. i interrupted taylor. and then she came and re-interrupted me.
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which i guess is a word, i don't know. but there's a way to go about things. the way i go about things is very classy. she took off her top earlier in the show. [ laughter ] and not directed toward a character in general. the way she did it was very directed toward corinne. i'm like, okay taylor, if you take a direct hit at corinne, i'm going to say something. i don't go about things like that. i don't like things like that. and i think it's rude. and she's right, you know, when you work so hard to interrupt someone? and then they ruin it by re-interrupting you? [ laughter ] it's just rude. got it? >> guillermo: are we done? >> jimmy: we're done. [ cheers and applause ] i like her calling herself -- corinne is calling herself corinne. two episodes in, the bachelorettes are already using the third person.
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this is going to be a great season, folks. what must corinne's nanny think of all this? you know, we got in touch with corinne's nanny raquel. we asked her to watch the show tonight on camera and here's that. >> what is she doing? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. god gave up on the bachelor a very long time ago. we have a great show tonight. ben affleck is here on the program tonight. [ cheers and applause ] from the moving "loving," ruth negga is here. foye vance is here with us too. vance and ruth were both at the golden globes. yesterday i was driving with my daughter jane, she's 2 1/2 years old. shears a huge billboard on la
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gienga for the golden globes, jimmy fallon is on it as host. from the back seat my daughter says, who's that? i look around. oh, that's jimmy fallon. she goes, she's kind of like de-da. [ laughter ] i hope there's not something my wife isn't telling me. [ laughter ] the golden globes is an awards ceremony that honors movies and television. a lot of people watch the shows primarily to see what the nominees are wearing. movie stars always know what to wear. tv stars, especially young tv >> gucci. >> who are you wearing, sweetheart? >> i don't know. i got this from a tux rental place. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the best possible answer. a big winner last night, the movie set records, "la la land." won seven golden globes. which is especially surprising
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because it was only nominated for five. [ laughter ] on the tv side, i want to say congratulations to our friend and colleague here at abc, tracee ellis ross, who won best actress -- [ cheers and applause ] for her role in the tv show "black-ish." a funny thing happened when she won, our boss here at abc, ben sherwood, pay attention to the guy on the right side of the screen who tries to give tracee a high five. >> tracee ellis ross. >> yeah, you see that? [ laughter ] let's look at that one more time. you see he goes in for the high five. and sensing that one is not coming changes it. to turns out to be one of the most white-ish thinks i've ever seen anyone do. this morning abc announced "black-i "black-ish," tracee ellis ross replaced by neil patrick harris. what can't he do?
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so the big controversy last night game courtesy of meryl streep. meryl streep was the recipient of the sister sell b. demille award, a lifetime achievement award. she made a politically charged speech. the globes are handed out by the hollywood foreign press. she said without foreigners all we'd have to watch is football and mixed martial arts. which i don't know about you, that seems fine to me. [ laughter ] that didn't seem like a negative. still pizza? no? then scratch that. streep gave an impassioned speech in which she criticized donald trump for among other things mocking a disabled "new york times" reporter which he maintains he did not do. and this must have been tough for donald trump. this must have been a "sophie's choice." he could do the presidential thing and ignore this. or -- he could go on twitter. well, let's find out what he did. ladies and gentlemen, oh look, he tweeted, how about that. he tweeted, meryl streep, one of
11:45 pm
the most overrated actresses in hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a -- he waits nine minutes before the next tweet. [ laughter ] which you're sitting there wondering. did he spend that nine minutes trying to come up with something good? she is a -- did he call rudy giuliani what she say she is? what maybe trying to make it suspenseful like when ryan seacrest acts like he's about to announce the "american idol" and goes to commercial? i don't know. what is she? let's find out. she is a -- hillary flunky who lost big. for the 100th time i never mocked a disabled reporter, would never do that, but simply showed him -- and then he does it again. another seven minutes elapsed. before he tells us what he simply showed. did he show him his tax returns? [ laughter ] no. i simply showed him -- groveling
11:46 pm
when he totally changed a 16-year-old story he'd written in order to make me look bad. just more very dishonest media. and i'm going to say something controversial. he's right, meryl streep is part of the dishonest media. the very dishonest media. i bet the devil doesn't wear prada. [ laughter ] does the devil wear prada? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: and he knows this kind of stuff. i don't know what's going on but we're going to take a break. when we come back, oh, this kid, this is a 16-year-old surfer from florida. and his name's zach. not only did zach get attacked by a shark, he got attacked by a shark while wearing a shark-proof bracelet. okay? so we're going to chat with zach and perhaps his attorneys and the guy who made the bracelet when we come back. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ coming up on "look! famous people!"
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>> jimmy: welcome back. ben affleck, ruth negga, music from foye vance on the way. first i happened upon a news item about a kid from florida who has a strange shark bite story. 16 years old, surfing with his twin brother, and he was wearing a bracelet. i'm wearing the bracelet now that was specifically designed to repel sharks and guess what happened. he got bit by a shark. we tracked him down and joining us now on our big cisco screen, the wall of america, zach and zane, twin brothers. hey, guys. >> how's it going? >> jimmy: zach, you got bit by the shark? >> yeah. >> jimmy: tell us -- >> right here. >> jimmy: give us all the days, what happened? >> yeah, so i was just surfing like my backyard.
11:52 pm
kind like the avalon beach right there. and i was going down the wave, right, on my surfboard. and like i fell off. and when i fell off, i was getting tumbled around. and that's when i got bit right in my arm. so it's kind of crazy. >> jimmy: now is this easier on your family because there are two of you? [ laughter ] they've got a spare. >> not really, no. >> jimmy: zane, you were there for the incident? >> yeah, i was actually filming him at the time. >> jimmy: you were filming at the time. >> yes, i was. yeah. >> jimmy: tell us about this anti-shark band that you were wearing. how many times have you been surfing in your life? >> i've been surfing all the time for like so, although, like almost in the water every day. it happened to be the first time i put on the shark band. [ laughter ] i just got bit. i got it for christmas too. >> jimmy: you did. you get the shark band for christmas and you put it on. >> yep. >> jimmy: and the first time you get in the water?
11:53 pm
>> yeah, the first time. >> jimmy: you get bit by a shark. >> yeah. >> we were skeptical at the beginning. like oh, this thing going to work? he was saying he didn't want to wear it. i said, just wear it, it's not going to hurt you. [ laughter ] next thing you know, bit by a shark. >> jimmy: what does it feel like to get bit by a shark? >> it was honestly like not that -- i mean, it was obviously painful, but i think gas moit we of a shock. >> jimmy: zane, did you feel pain when your brother got hit? >> i knew you were going to ask that question. >> no kind of twin thing? >> half an hour before he got bit i got a bad headache. i got out of the water. i just went home. i grabbed my camera, oh, get some shots. as soon as i showed up i see him coming out of the water with blood dripping down his hand. was like, oh my gosh. start taking a bunch of pictures. >> jimmy: right, right. that's the first thing they say to do in the event of a shark
11:54 pm
bite. [ laughter ] make sure you get it on instagram as quickly as possible. >> the first thing you look for. >> jimmy: we have some of those fote goes. photos. this is not a mild incident. there you are. you really, boy -- >> that's when it first happened. >> jimmy: you guys are not going to be able to switch girlfriends now, you've got those scars. >> yeah, i got the mark right there. >> jimmy: let's bring in the inventer of the shark band, nathan garrison, how are you? >> hey, jimmy. i'm wg, yourself? >> jimmy: nathan, are you homeless now? what's going on with you? >> i'm still doing all right. i'm here at the house, working all day, chatting with zach and zane. >> jimmy: have you issued them a refund for their shark band? >> yeah, i told them they could have their money back. i also invited zach to come out on the boat with me so that he can actually see the product in action. >> jimmy: he already saw the product in action. [ laughter ]
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ] nathan, they say all publicity is good publicity. in this particular case do you agree with that statement? >> i certainly appreciate the iron northeast situation. i think it's a great reminder for all of us that there is no 100% guarantee for any safety device. and it's important that we educate ourselves about them. i understand the benefits and limitations. i'm still wearing my shark bands. i know it works and i fully stand behind the product. >> jimmy: i am wearing one right now and i have been attacked by a shark even once tonight. so that's a good sign. >> i'm glad to hear that. you're safe there in the studio. >> jimmy: does it work on dinosaurs as well? >> it works on stingrays also. >> jimmy: stingrays, okay. there's one more side i would like to hear, one more character in this story, i don't know if
11:56 pm
it's correct to call you the villain of this story. joining us from the atlantic ocean we have the shark. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you are the shark who bit this young man, is that true? >> yes, it is. >> guilty. >> jimmy: is there anything you'd like to say to zach, shark? >> zach, i feel terrible. i did not mean to bite you. i meant to bite your brother zane. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> yeah. >> oh, man. don't bite me again, man. >> jimmy: why did you want to bite zane, shark? >> i don't like him. so i was trying to get him. zach, i'm so sorry, you both look so much alike. >> oh, i know, yeah, a problem. >> jimmy: is there anything you'd like to say to the shark who did this terrible thing to you? >> just, try not to bite me again, you know? >> i'll be watching, only after zane, only after zane. >> have mercy on me, i've been
11:57 pm
through enough. >> what about the shark band? do those work to keep you away. nathan says they do. >> ha ha ha ha ha ha! yeah, right! are you serious? i'm a shark. i ate that [ bleep ] like cheerios. i've got to go, they're showing "soul surfer" on tbs. i will get you, zane! >> jimmy: oh, be careful, everybody be careful. i'm glad you're okay. all right, there we go, it's settled. tonight on the show music from foye vance, ruth negga, be right back with ben affleck so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi guys, i want to get your opinions on the first - ever chevy cruze hatch... but more importantly, i wanted to get your opinions. bark. you wanna check it out? the cruze has apple carplay compatibility. so when you plug your iphone in, some of your favorite apps show up. bark. plenty of space for all of mia's friends.
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is always a great answer. >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. from the movie "loving," for which she was nominated for a golden globe, ruth negga is here. she is from ireland as is our musical guest, it's a very irish night. "the wild swan," music from foy vance tonight. tomorrow night, amy adams and naomie harris will be here. we will have music from blink 182. and later this week, jessica biel, ll cool j, mahershala ali, octavia spencer, and music from
12:03 am
sohn and sza. please join us for all of that. our first guest is batman, and that should be enough, but he also has two oscars and three golden globes under his utility belt. his new movie which he wrote, directed and stars in is called "live by night." it opens friday. please welcome ben affleck. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm doing well, how are you? >> jimmy: i'm doing well. have you ever been to argentina? [ laughter ] the people there -- >> are lovely. >> jimmy: are said to be the funniest people in the world. >> they say that about them. >> jimmy: i guess it's appropriate to say congratulations. because last night was a very big night for the affleck family. >> it was. >> jimmy: the golden globes, your baby brother. >> my brother. >> jimmy: casey affleck -- [ cheers and applause ]
12:04 am
i mean, is like a brother to you literally. >> he literally is like a brother to me. >> jimmy: won best actor. >> that's something. my kids stayed up and watched the show. >> jimmy: wow. >> my son told me the man said casey affleck, he was so happy, had to explain to my son that there's a lot of dignity in presenting as well. >> jimmy: as well, yes. >> in presenting the award, that's very hard. >> jimmy: some say it's actually bigger than winning the award. >> it could be could be. on the meryl streep thing, i don't want to go back to the monologue, but if there's one thing truly in the world that we know is not true, it's that meryl streep is overrated. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he picks on meryl streep, it's like gandhi, terrible leader! >> jimmy: the nicest insult he can give someone is that they're overrated, you know in a way. >> i guess. pick a better shot rather than
12:05 am
the person whose photograph actually companies "great actress" in the dictionary. >> jimmy: that had to be something. i can't imagine what was going on at that moment in the night. >> it was unusual. i was just worried about my brother. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and excited. >> jimmy: and your brother, he thanked amazon. >> he did. >> jimmy: which is a company from which you order soap. [ laughter ] >> they sell books. and soap. >> jimmy: he thanked matt damon, a vile person. >> he did. he thanked anything to do with anything. >> jimmy: he thank the producers, he thanked a lot of people. >> a [ bleep ] of people. i got to tell you the truth. >> jimmy: there was one person. >> someone was omitted. >> jimmy: i noticed was not mentioned. >> i was a little taken aback. >> jimmy: i would -- his role model. the man who the blazed the trail for him. in show business. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: his brother ben. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. that's the kind of thing i would do. you know, i thank people. >> jimmy: not only is it not the
12:06 am
kind of thing you would do, i went -- because i'm a lunatic, i looked up the video of when you won the oscar for the first time. show that video. let's see it. >> robin williams, minnie driver, scars guard was great, my brother casey who's brilliant, karl houser -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you needed a little nudge. >> i need a little push. but i did say "my brother," who's brilliant. those words came out of my mouth. >> jimmy: we didn't hear anything like that last night. the thing with denzel, the thing with mr. hollywood, you know. >> jimmy: it's unbelievable. i even went so far as to look at video of eli manning to see whether he mentioned his brother when he won the super bowl. let's take a look at that. >> -- get as much help from him, he's been great, he's been a great big brother and supporter of me, and i know he'll be rooting hard for the giants. >> wow. >> and they hate each other.
12:07 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that what tom brady tells you? >> i don't give away any of my tom brady secrets. >> jimmy: could you beat casey up if you needed to? if it came down to that brotherly -- >> it wouldn't come down to needing to. [ laughter ] that's what brothers do. >> jimmy: that would be fun for the oscar show. i am hosting. if you were to beat casey up -- [ cheers and applause ] >> you are going to be wonderful. i am going to be the bob hope for the oscars. you're going to be a friend. >> jimmy: thank you, trying to keep the bar as high as possible. that's nice of you to say. let's focus on your family turmoil right now. >> you should. >> jimmy: that is where things should be. >> definitely, that's where things are really heating up. >> jimmy: really heating up. casey, this is historic? i believe he is going to win the oscar for best actor. he was great in that movie. would this be the first time brothers have won in separate categories? i think brothers have won a category together. >> right. i don't know. coen brothers.
12:08 am
no, it would actually be historic for the first time that brothers won something separately. not just the brothers winning. this would be the very first time someone would win an oscar who didn't brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that right? >> yes. >> jimmy: yit know that about casey. >> the very first time someone wins an oscar who pulls his pants all the way down at the urinal. >> jimmy: really? [ laughter ] >> yes. most oscar winners don't do that. >> jimmy: this is special. >> historic in many ways. >> in what other ways? >> the first person who win who's scared of butterflies. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is he scared of butterflies? >> not only that, he would be the first person to win who used to touch himself watching vicki the robot from "small wonder." >> jimmy: oh my goodness. >> last but not least. i'm going to get one more in. >> jimmy: get one more in. >> this would be the very first person to win an academy award who once asked his brother if "back to the future" was a true story. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: is it? >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: ben affleck is here.
12:09 am
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>> if that's what you think we are you're making a fatal miscalculation, son. we're clerks and bankers and police officers and deputies. hell, we even got a judge. if you're getting up to fight us i'm going to rain bloody hellfire down on you and all you love. >> so you're threatening me with people who are more powerful than you? >> exactly. >> what am i talking to you for? >> jimmy: that's "live by night." ben affleck's new movie comes out on friday. you wrote this movie, you produced the movie, directed it, star in it movie. >> yeah, it was really exciting. i got this -- i was reading this book "1001 movies to see before you die." oh, i've probably seen most of these. >> jimmy: a real book? >> a real book, they sell it. then i start going through. i started watching all these gangster movies. at the same time i got the
12:16 am
script from leonardo dicaprio's company. and i thought, this is it, i want to make this sexy, pulpy, cool, fun, gangster movie with the hats and the guns and the girls. >> that's why they make movies in the first place, right? first of all, to wear a cool hat. >> who wears hats anymore? did you see that hat? that's awesome. >> jimmy: the kind of hat you go on vacation and buy it, this looks good on me. then you see one of their friends, and they're like hey, [ bleep ]. where'd you get the hat the? >> matt damon plays that role in my life. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is he a hat-wearer? >> he's a hat. i don't know about a hat-wearer. he's the kind of guy who would be like, nice suit. >> jimmy: he's bad, a bad person. >> he's a terrible person, i don't have to tell you. >> jimmy: i'm glad you're finally coming around. >> last time i was here, humped out like a pregnant lady -- >> jimmy: that was a mistake. i'm still waiting for an apology. when you make a movie set 90 years ago, is that a huge pain
12:17 am
in the ass? >> oh my god. like i did "the town," you can go out the street and shoot. this was like every extra, every set, every signage, every car -- >> jimmy: the cars. >> the whole thing had to be constructed and crafted and created so that it looked like a period movie. and i loved it but it was a lot of work. >> jimmy: right, almost like making a sci-fi movie. >> it really is. >> jimmy: you have so create everything. >> a spaceship for the 1920s. there's not much of a different. >> jimmy: i want to ask you about this i'm sure you're sick of hearing about it. this was released over the weekend. [ cheers and applause ] you, wonder woman, cyborg, the flash, and aquaman. you are by far the most muscular. [ laughter ] was that in the contract? >> i make that look pretty good, don't i. not bad. >> jimmy: are you going to direct the next -- >> i'm going to direct the next "batman." we're working on it. [ cheers and applause ] it's one of those things that's frustrating because "live by night" took a year and a half to
12:18 am
write and get ready and i worked really hard and nobody gave a [ bleep ]. "batman," everybody's like where's the "batman" script? i'm working, give me a second. >> jimmy: if casey asked to play robin, what would the answer be? >> go back to the tape. >> jimmy: he better think twice at the oscars when he gift that speech. >> he's got a scum more chances. >> ben affleck, "live by night" opens friday. thank you, ben. real we'll be right back with ruth negga! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ u too. all right, be cool. you got the amazing new iphone 7 on the house by switching to at&t... what??.... aand you got unlimited data because you have directv?? (laughs to self in disbelief) okay, just a few more steps... door! it's cool! get the iphone 7 on us and unlimited data
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>> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back to the show. still to come, music from foy vance. our next guest was born in ethiopia, raised in ireland, educated in england, but most importantly, she receives her awards here in the united states of america. she was nominated for a golden globe for her performance in the movie, "loving." please welcome ruth negga. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:24 am
>> jimmy: that is a spectacular dress. that's the kind of dress i'd wear if i was a woman. >> it's mary coventry. who is a british designer. >> jimmy: i was going to say, that looks like her work. lau [ laughter ] congratulations on your big night, golden globes, that had to be an amazing thing to be part of. >> it was great? meryl streep gave you a shout-out. >> she did. >> jimmy: not a donald trump kind of shout-out, a nice shout-out. >> she did, i'm still sort of noting,e infloating from that. i haven't absorbed it. >> jimmy: she knew things from your life. do you know her personally? >> well, no -- no, not at all. i mean, it's just -- it was a bit creepy. no, it wasn't. >> jimmy: she's stalking you, yeah. >> i would wish for that. >> jimmy: i bet. you must have been -- that must have been crazy. sitting there and suddenly she
12:25 am
starts talking about you. >> i couldn't believe it. it was incredibly surreal and just so -- a complete dream come true. i have been such a fan of hers for so long. >> jimmy: i'm told she's like not overrated at all. [ laughter ] >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: i know. >> i can't cope with that. what planet? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i saw "loving." you are unbelievably great in it. [ cheers and applause ] i had no idea you weren't an american. >> thank you so much. >> jimmy: you have a southern accent in the film. coming from ireland, is that hard to get that just right? i had no idea. i just assumed you were an american. >> well, i think the thing is that -- i don't think i've ever done anything in my own real true voice. >> jimmy: right now are you using your own voice? >> yes. >> jimmy: you are, all right. this is the first time we're really hearing you? >> yes.
12:26 am
another irish actress, saoirse ronan, she said someone asked her, ac sents give you such a varied career. and the opportunity to play lots of different people. i love accent work. it just intrigues me. >> jimmy: did you learn them -- is this one you had in your pocket? or is this something that you -- no like is this something you learned when you were a kid and went in saying, i can do southern, i can do brooklyn, i can do whatever? or is this something you specifically learned for this role? >> i kind of hopped around different schools and stuff. i think when you do that -- it's actually quite a common theme with actors. you know, who like have those kind of childhoods where you're bouncing around places. you sort of develop an ear. because you just -- sometimes you want to fit in so you sort of like vocally acquiesce. >> jimmy: right. sometimes actors will say that they watched american tv shows and that's how -- then you --
12:27 am
>> oh, yeah, of course. yeah, i mean, everybody -- our gaze is always to america culturally. movies, tvs. >> jimmy: what did you watch? you always just assume that whatever your local tv shows are -- are there sitcoms 0 something you would watch? >> i remember it was only like two channels and they didn't start -- i remember on saturdays, until like midday. outbe staring at the tv waiting for midday for your two channels. we've progressed. >> jimmy: is that why you moved, came to los angeles? >> i used to watch -- you know the 1950s "batman"? the music? >> jimmy: i loved that. >> jimmy: really. >> eartha kitt was cat woman. >> jimmy: you really were on a delay there television-wise. >> i know, i'm dating my country. then when i was a teenager -- do
12:28 am
you remember a tv series, got canceled after one season, "my so-called life"? >> jimmy: yeah, sure, claire danes was on it. was she at the golden globes this year? she was there last year, i know that. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: have you met claire danes? >> no, no. >> jimmy: that's going to be magical. [ laughter ] >> see how i got that in there? >> jimmy: you were on the cover "w" magazine with natalie portman. [ cheers and applause ] this is not your typical two shot. what happened? how did this happen? was this a candid moment? >> i can't believe she agreed to be on the cover with me, it's amazing. no, it was kind of just really normal. >> jimmy: did the photographer tell you, we want it to look like you're about to kiss? >> yeah. >> jimmy: or maybe do mouth mouth or something like that? >> i think it's really romant romantic-looking. >> jimmy: it is. it actually is, a great photograph. it really is. it's interesting. >> no, we just -- it was actually just -- i'd met -- i
12:29 am
think for the first time, five minutes before that happened. >> jimmy: really? >> five minutes. popped a mint, got on with it. >> jimmy: that is an important little tip for actors, pop a mint. >> always. >> jimmy: was there any actual kissing that happened? or was it just circling each other? >> that's under wraps. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who did you bring to the golden globes with you? >> i brought my cousin david. >> jimmy: how did cousin david get picked to go? >> well, all the rest of my family are furious. >> jimmy: they are, they wanted to be accompanied? >> we've known each other since we were like 3, best friends. we like be obsessed with films. and we used to go to the video store. remember those things? video stores? >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> we'd pick out -- get like three videos each. we'd like live for the weekend to watch them. we used to watch these romances.
12:30 am
yeah, we'll do that one day. yeah i'll agree to that. >> jimmy: you fant sized about one day being in the movies, going to an awards show? >> oh, yeah. we'd watch the oscars. stay up to watch the oscars. yeah, i'm have one of those. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: is cousin david overwhelmed? or as relaxed about this as you are? >> when you're 7 you think, yeah, i'll get one of those. as you get older, hm, a bit of work involved in that. >> jimmy: did you go to parties and stuff? stay out all night last night? >> no, no, no. i was home at 11:00. >> jimmy: oh, you're a lot of fun. [ laughter ] >> so disappointing. should have made something up. >> jimmy: poor cousin david. congratulations on the movies. [ cheers and applause ] good luck with the oscars. ruth negga, everybody. "loving" is in theaters now. be right back with foy vance!
12:31 am
12:32 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank ben affleck, ruth negga and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, his album is called "the wild swan." here with the song "moonshine" from the film "live by night," foy vance!
12:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ moonshine rum whiskey and rye give the top and tail to the mountain trail ♪ ♪ and pour that heart in the jar that's right son ♪ ♪ moonshine a little bottle of good time burns like hell but tastes like heaven ♪ ♪ get those bottles on the road you're mine ♪
12:34 am
♪ well i am a bootlegger with a truck load full of moonshine ♪ ♪ and my daddy tried to quell my crimes but i just couldn't let it go ♪ ♪ my heart was set on the money and the open road in the moonlight ♪ ♪ sooner or later i would meet and end but until then ♪ ♪ moonshine rum whiskey and rye give the top and tail to the mountain trail ♪ ♪ and pour that heart in the jar that's right son ♪ ♪ moonshine a little bottle of good time ♪ ♪ burns like hell but tastes like heaven ♪ ♪ i found myself a lover she swore she'd never leave me ♪ ♪ i found it hard to believe it but it turned out
12:35 am
to be the truth ♪ ♪ though her heart was full of trouble and it always gathered round me ♪ ♪ sooner or later we would meet an end until then ♪ ♪ moonshine rum whiskey and rye give the top and tail to the mountain trail ♪ ♪ and pour that heart in the jar that's right son ♪ ♪ moonshine a little bottle of good time burns like hell but tastes like heaven ♪ ♪ ♪ i got my boot to the board boys chasing the horizons ♪ ♪ before the sun
12:36 am
starts rising we can't have the moonshine getting low ♪ ♪ and i brewed us up an batch boys to get you howling at the moonlight ♪ ♪ flowing till the morning better on tight sleep all day cause we live by night ♪ ♪ moonshine rum whiskey and rye give the top and tail to the mountain trail ♪ ♪ and pour that heart in the jar that's right son ♪ ♪ moonshine a little bottle of good time burns like hell but tastes like heaven ♪
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight, 17 people arrested in connection with the $10 million kim kardashian jewelry heist in paris. including the $4 million ring she showed off on instagram just days before the robbery. how police tracked down the suspects. kim speaking out for the first time about that traumatic ordeal. >> they're going to shoot me in the back. >> what she's saying about the night she was allegedly tied and up threatened at gunpoint. plus bright lights. >> mommy, mommy, i'm home! >> the new documentary chroni e chronicling the mother/daughter love story of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. inside the ups and downs of their complicated relationship. >> you don't get a chance to have a life like this often. >> and carrie warning the world about her mother.


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