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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on vice president joe biden. but the big story on "action news" tonight is what they are calling a monumental step for joint base mcguire dix lakehurst. the base will become the next generation of air refuelling tankers and that will stop it from future closings. live at the base new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic. of course nora this is huge news for the regional economy. >> reporter: this is a huge victory for the base and the entire area. now the joint base was one of five finalists hoping to get two dozen of these kc 46 tankers and the news means that the future of this falling base could be assured for decades. >> you popping a bottle of champagne? >> tonight i will. that is wrightstown mayor reacting to news that these kc
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46 tankers will come to lakehurst. they can carry passengers and cargo and refuel other aircrafts midair. >> that is great for the area and great for the base, that means the base is cemented for at least another 20 to 25 years. they are critical to national security and the local economy. it's job security for me. i think it will benefit because a lot of the small businesses around here benefit from us being here. >> i work at the treatment plant on the base and knowing the plant will be open for a long time is positive for me. >> they were vying to bring the kc 46's here because without them the future looked dim. with the employees and residents contributing $49 million to the economy it's pivotal to the area. arlene tracy owns a tattoo shop
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in cooks down and thinks it will help business. >> locals depended on the military and a large percentage of my clientele is military. >> and for every base around the base i would think. browns mill, hanover everybody. >> the base brings in a lot of money and a lot of people and that is great for the economy and surrounding area. >> mcguire dix lakehurst is the second largest employer in the state. and we are told when the five finalists were compared they toched the other bases by a large margin. not everybody may not be toasting with champagne like the mayor is but there is plenty of reason to celebrate. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. president barack obama honored vice president joe biden at the white house this afternoon. the president opened with some
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humaner about their bromance but things got really serious. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [ applause ] >> a stunned and teary eyed biden accepted the presidential medal of freedom with distinction and only the fourth time it was awarded with distinction and he awarded it on biden for his faith and love of america. >> love without pretense and service without self regard and to live life fully. >> biden praised his family for their support and then praised the obama family for the dedication to country.
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>> i have never known a president and few people i have ever met, my whole life, i can count on less than one hand, that had the integrity and decency and the sense of other people's needs like you do. >> it wasn't just emotion today. biden made some news as well. he confirmed today that intel leaders did in fact brief him and obama oubstantiated information about president-elect trump that it may leak. and they have made two arrests in the death of long time shop owner. one suspect is 14 years old and "action news" reporter gray hall is outside of the victim's market on the 100 block of north claymont street. you have the full story.
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>> reporter: the community clearly heart broken by this crime trying to make sense of it all. if you look behind me this memorial continues to grow for that beloved store owner who lost his life for less than $50. is from daniel hernandez added brooms to the makeshift memorial a spot that is a reminder that a life was lost on north clayton street in wilmington, delaware. the shop owner is not coming back. >> i lost my brother in 2010 and it's hard to deal with something like that. like a robbery. he always asks me how is your family taking it and i could see it in him. it's really sad. >> 22-year-old dante dorsett and a 14-year-old are charged with the robbery that took the life of the store owner. once they linked them to the crime dorsett admitted to coming
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in the store and demanding money and there was a scuffle and he shot him in the head. >> i came here when i was younger all the time and my dad knew him. it hurts me to see someone innocent die. it's happening all the time it's crazy. >> medics transported him to the hospital where he later died and dorsett and the teen got away with only $20, former customers are grieving and in disbelief. they are happy the suspects are in jail but does not take away the pain. >> i went to my doctor's appointment that monday and found out and i thought oh my body why him? >> it doesn't ease the pain, how people from around this area, the one in the store probably bought groceries from this gentlemen and went in there and killed him. it's sad. >> and so back out live while the grieving continues so does the legal process, the
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14-year-old was in court today and the judge set bail at $945,000. the 22-year-old suspect will be in court january 18th for a preliminary hearing. >> thank you. vandalism at a synagogue will be the topic of discussion at a town watch meeting tonight in the tacony section of philadelphia. this morning crews replaced eight largeains of class. the windows were smashed last friday. the second time in as many months that vandals struck the synagogue. wash was restored late this afternoon to 50 homes in philadelphia. crews spent the day repairing a broken water main on it's 3400 block of west clear field street and the pipe burst shortly
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before 10:00 this morning, the philadelphia water department says it's hard to pinpoint the cause because a number of different plumbers were on the block doing work. in new jersey the lieutenant governor is officially the candidate for governor. she has not announced but filed paperwork to run in the primary. the state's first lieutenant governor, and elected with chris christie in 2009 she is a lawyer that served as monmouth county sheriff's office and now wants to be governor. a new jersey judge wanted to hold a new hearing in the complaint against governor christie. that christie violated the official misconduct statute by failing to reopen the lanes of the george washington bridge and defied christie's motion to
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dismiss the complaints against him. this wawa told a lottery ticket worth $120,000. it matched all five balls, 1, 13, 22, 25 and 29. the store gets a bonus for selling the winner. a man from delaware county won thousands of dollars in free fuel. anty truit from linwood collected his $5,000 sunoco gift card. he is one of 14 nationwide winners in the free fuel contest. was among millions in the rewards transactions. and fiphilabundance gets a g check in the holiday food drive and the sixers get back to work after last night's last second
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win against the knicks. it felt like late april today with temperatures in the mid-60s but much colder air is moving in in time for the weekend along way chance for snow. i'll have all the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and ducis rogers with sports and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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american airlines honored three employees yesterday with the all american hero award. when the three women sprang into action for a traveler having a medical emergency at the airport. they performed cpr and used an
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aed to revive the woman. a proud woman for dunkin' donuts, 6 abc's partner for the thanksgiving day parade. today dunkin' donuts got to write a big check for philabundance. >> reporter: success in the form of a $156,000 check. dunkin' donuts raised the money through a portion of thanksgiving day sales of coffee and the roast hunger rewards program held during the holiday season. >> any time they redeemed a special hot coffee offer we had for them they donated 50 cents for every redemption. >> it comes from people consuming dunkin product and putting it towards this donation. >> philabundance helps 90,000 people a week and last year they
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distribute the 23 million pounds of food. >> this helps with the farmers market and we have a nonprofit grocery store in chester, pennsylvania and we do a job training program in north philadelphia at a shelter. >> 6 abc is proud to hold an annual telethon and work with the boy scouts during our thanksgiving day parade. each year the drive strides to help more. >> we keep telling the story because it never ends just because there is a big food drive it's not over with. people still need food the next month and the next month and we keep tell being it and telling the story and people and viewers respond. >> reporting live annie mccormicking channel 6 "action news." if a denture were to be
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flyers host the canucks and they have to right the ship. >> it's bad lately for the hockey team. the talent is there. we see stretches of brillians but lately a dud. they are try to fix it against
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vancouver. flyers lost nine of their last 11 games. mason get a lot of work these days and not a lot of wins but despite that they remain confident. >> we know what kind of hockey club we are and getting back to the consistency we had early on and when things are tough it's easy to get away from things and good teams stick with it and we'll fine a way to get out of it. >> we play good hockey certain parts of the game and it's a full 60 minutes. that is what we have to do. >> sixers are the hottest pros at least in these parts they pulled one out of thin air against the knicks last night. jeff skversky has more on the sixers recent turn around. >> here is mcconnell, can he get it off? yes and the sixers win it. >> dam that was a great win last night. can you say that again, a different feeling around the sixers now. they won four of their last five
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games the best run since brett brown's first season when their active roster looked completely different. >> a whole lot of us, the way the crowd erupted you remember that for a long time. sixtiers are seven games out of the final playoff spot looking to keep the run alive. >> it was a whole theme of this morning's film session how do you get better, how do you get greedy. >> the sixers best stretch in three years, they have cox a long way and sixers head coach brett brown reminds everyone they have a long way to go. it's next four against playoff teams and jahlil okafor has barely played. only ten minutes and sat out the last three. >> jahlil has taken a little bit of a hit. that disturbs me. he hasn't let the disappointment of him not receiving a lot of minutes distract from the team. >> i have been doing this my
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entire life. and have success doing this as well. knowing with who i am and keep working hard and do what i can to stay ready. the sixers ben simmons has still yesterday to play a game. they have avoided arbitration with freddy galvis, he had a career-high 20 home runs last season. last year at this time there were no nfl teams playing in los angeles and now there will soon be two, and san diego chargers will move north leaving san diego after 56 seasons there. they showed their displeasure by egging headquarters. and the chargers plan to move into the ram's new stadium they are building in englewood, california.
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long time, 56 years in one spot and they are leaving. a paralympic champion that received care at shriners hospital for children in philadelphia returned today to inspire other patients. 27-year-old tatiana was born with fineal bifida. mcfadden's resume is impress he. 17 olympic medals in paralympics and won the wheelchair competition of the boston, chicago, london and new york marathons for the past four years and that mcfadden exemplifies for patients what they can do rather than what they can't do.
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spring time in january. extraordinary today. 67 degrees. >> the normal high for when? when do you think? >> april 13th. >> late april you were close. very close. not going to last long changes are on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we are dry here but they have a pretty good rain falling in the poconos right now and this rain is ahead of a cold front that will bring us a reality check as we head towards the weekend, today philadelphia not a record, 67 degrees, five degrees show of the record set in 1890. and reading tied a record and atlantic city and wilmington shattered the record.
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but what a change as we head to the weekend, this is future tracker showing is it a morning the windchills will make it feel like 25 in philadelphia and 25 in allentown if you head to the poconos the windchill up there will be 14 degrees. so winter makes a come back as we head toward the weekend. still feeling like spring right now though. 65 in philadelphia with the winds out of the southwest. and atlantic city airport 56 and reading 62 and wilmington 64 and trenton 63 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this ribbon of moisture that is the cold front as it moves through it will bring us a lot of clouds and could have showers a lot of energy from this, moves to the north and the big change will be the colder air to follow. tonight cloudy skies mild and 41 to 45 degrees, as the front passes through it should be passing through after midnight. and then tomorrow, temperatures in the 40s, this is deceiving because we have wind gusts of 30
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miles per hour. so if you head home, for the evening commute we'll have windchills in the 30s and 20s. and we'll see a good amount of sunshine. that is the nice change. the setup for saturday, arctic high pressure is moving in bringing united states the cold air and temperatures barely above freezing and the front that moves through tonight stalls to the south and a ripple of energy and a weak system develop as long that and what that will do is bring us light snow and it will be hard to produce a lot of snow because there is dry air on the surface, future tracker 6 showing the timing of this, it will begin to move in late in the morning and speeding up a bit. continuing into the afternoon. likely we'll not get farther north than allentown, so again it's not a big storm generally a coating to an inch, half inch to inch in the core of our viewing area. some untreated roads and secondary roads are on the icy side. you do want to be careful.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the sunshine is back tomorrow. it's much colder, 48 degrees, with the winds gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour. and the high dropping to 35 degrees and the cold air is in place and snow developing at mid-day. it will we a light snow event and could mix in with sleet south of philadelphia. and sunday gorgeous day plenty of sunshine and 44 degrees and heading into next week, we cloud up for the martin luther king day of service holiday. it's seasonably school 41 degrees and should be dry for any outdoor events that is great news and tuesday the clouds continue to thicken and drizzle breaking out and 50 degrees, the next storm system wednesday and that pulls up warm air 57 degrees and periods of rain and it will be hard to shake the clouds and the rain thursday, and thursday drizzle and 54 degrees. finally tonight a special art exhibit was on display at
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saint francis medical center in trenton. 35 children in the cares program had their work represents in the third annual exhibit. it offers support to children ages 3 to 14, children that have emotional or behavioral needs? >> the art allows the children to communicate their feelings. and abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the bombshell. the new investigation, the focus now on the director of the fbi. did james comey violate policy just 11 days before the election reigniting the e-mail investigation? only later to reveal there was nothing this. pierre thomas standing by. also tonight after the president-elect tames aim at the intelligence community calling those up confirmed reports a disgrace. today, a video of the spy in hiding. the showdown. mr. trump's picks for the pentagon and the cia. making it clear where they stand on russia. the family tragedy. the fast-moving fire. the six children that were lost. the major ice storm moving in tonight across several states. and the surprise at the white house that left vice president joe biden in tears.


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