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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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horrific crime. it's a global problem with local impact. >> philadelphia's homeland security chief is launching a body based task for that largely involves prostitution and other labor crimes, the work with the fbi and the da's office and the salvation army and the police, who say that this crime has not received enough attention because too many see it as a scourge among undocumented immigrants from thailand. >> we didn't know what human trafficking looking like and people think it's foreign born people. >> the salvation army is providing services for people discovered in the city and the country side. >> it's often hidden from headlines but nevertheless it affects innocent men, women and children. all traumatized victims. >> there were four trafficking arrests in philadelphia last
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year and still going through the justice system. the most prominent one the case of lisa weston from 2011, serving life for the cruel exploitation for four mentally challenged people. >> forcing them to have sex with men and forcing them to fight with each other and stealing their social media. >> this is something thats that flown against the radar and i think that is nationally. >> money could, look for major ongoing operations in this area that many believe is too low profile for far to long. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are following developing news out of houston, texas, where both former president, george hw bush and his wife barbara are hospitalized. bush sr. was in the icu and had
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to under go a procedure after experiencing respiratory issues and the aide says the former first lady went to the same hospital after not feeling well for two weeks and that move was precautionary. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is less than 48 hours from taking the oath of office. and now the clock is ticking for crews to get the nation's capital ready for inauguration day as more and more lawmakers say they will boycott the event on friday. philadelphia is the only major city without representation on friday. they are joining dozens of democrats planning to sit it out. today the hearings continue for president-elect trump and his cabinet nominees and all eyes are on tom price, trump's pick to lead health and human services. stephanie ramos is live with more on that story. >> reporter: rick, on capitol
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hill barricades and gates and other measures are in place to coral the million people expected to attend the inauguration but inside of the capital donald trump's nominees faced tough questions in confirmation hearings. today four of his cabinet pick took part in heated exchanges, lawmakers grilling the health and human services nominee on his replacement plan. >> there is a lot of talk about individuals losing health coverage that is not our goal or desire or plan. >> price pressed on accusations of insider trading and democrats are calling for a sec investigation on a $15,000 stock purchase he made last month and days later he introduced legislation that benefitted the company. >> is that not a stock tip. >> and his pick to lead the epa scott pruit.
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trying to nail down how much human activity contributed to climate change. >> you are applying for a job as administrator for the epa and are you telling me there needs to be more debate on this issue? >> no senator as i have indicated the climate is changing. >> trump posting it picture of him with a draft of his inaugural address taken three weeks ago from his estate in florida. and mike pence telling abc that trump is a man with a big heart. >> he called people that didn't support him his enemies is that pulling people together. >> what the american will see in the president-elect is the results that will bring the country together. >> incoming press sent sean spicher says that mr. trump is practicing and writing his 20 minute inauguration speech himself with guidance from
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senior staff. channel 6 "action news." reich back over to you. >> brian taff and sharrie williams are both in washington, d.c. to cover the inauguration. sharrie will have more coming up at 6:00. and their reports continue through saturday right here on "action news." this reminder has expanded coverage of inauguration day as well. we'll have service live video feeds from washington including official events and the protests, we'll also post photos through the date and talk to people from the delaware valley in a made the trip to d.c., so wherever you are you can see the historic day at and the 6 abc news app. new jersey governor, chris christie, says he turned down several jobs with the new trump administration because of his wife. christie was one of the big names to support trump during the republican primary after dropping out of the race himself. the governor told a new york radio station his wife does not want to move to washington and
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did not offer him an excite enough job to leave his family. and his term expires a year from now next january. national lgbt leaders took a stand in philadelphia calling on senators to reject trump's pick for attorney general that jeff sessions has a record of hostility toward lgbt people as well as other minorities. calling on pat casey and toomey to block the nomination. that call to action came as a nationwide conference focused on lgbt rights started in center city. more than 4,000 attendees are expected for the national lgbt task force creating change conference. the event runs through the 22nd. a 27-year-old montgomery county woman is headed to trial accused of supplying heroin to an overdose victim. 27-year-old gwen prabish is facing charges the death.
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and admits to selling heroin to the victim and tests revealed she was actually selling fentanyl. and they want this case to send a message to other drug dealers. >> the heroin epidemic going on and this is just another tool to use to show how serious we are and how we are going to, if you sell in montgomery county and someone dies, we are going to come after you. >> she faces five years or more behind bars if convicted. she'll be back in court in may. newly inaugurated governor, john carnie already at work, he was inaugurated yesterday and today he signed his first piece of legislation as governor, his first executive order was to attract new and growing companies and support innovation. and the end have had violence in philadelphia
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starting with no more guns, the coalition today made a pledge to reduce the number of shootings in the city and everyone support a month of peace by putting down their guns for the month of february and called on resolving conflicts through mediation instead of using firearms. turning to the forecast now the spring like stretch ahead for the delaware valley. as we look live at the streets of center city. our area is finally drying out and only gets better from here heading into tomorrow. cecily tynan is at the big board with the good news. >> it's nice to see some sunshine tomorrow after several days stuck in the clouds, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we did have that upper level disturbance move through this morning brought areas of light drizzle and breaks in the clouds and temperatures mild for this time of year. 49 degrees and currently 47. and areas to the south though
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like richmond, virginia, that did see the sun made it into the 60s and holding at 59 degrees, that air mass is moving our way as well as sunshine tomorrow. tonight a lot of clouds for the evening and with cloud cover the temperatures are slow to cool off. 7:0044 and 9:00, 42 and 11:00, 41 but the cloud deck will continue to clear out and lift. so not looking at fog and drizzle tomorrow. actually tomorrow the best day of the week just beautiful however as we head through the week more clouds than sun and i am tracking some heavy rain and wind arriving over the weekend. i'll have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. take advantage of tomorrow while you can. >> thank you cecily. >> time now a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center. flashing lights behind you. >> not a good sign usually means an accident and that is the case
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here in south philadelphia. this is 26th street away from the schuylkill to the platt bridge and airport. the crash is taking out the right lane and the police are on the scene. it is jammed coming south of the schuylkill along 26th street and the crash to watch out for at the may fair section at the red robin diner and a wreck at the 30 bypass long gone but single digit speeds through exton and downingtown. and i would think about using business 30 or the westbound turnpike. 30 bypass is still at a stand still. and in west bradford a crash slowsing shady side road and getting into new jersey, just 6 miles per hour on 42 southbound off the walt whitman bridge and emergency construction near 130 is taking out the right lane there. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. including president obama's
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final good-bye to the press. that is the point of this relationship. you are suppose to be sceptics and ask me questions. >> what the president said about a wide range of topics. >> a new partnership with a fitness company and app. giving yourself a chance at free personal training and jaime apody is live now as the sixers continue their hot streak. >> the most exciting team in town won six of eight, they host the raptors and will joel embiid play because he was dealing with a bit. an illness yesterday. we'll find out about that. we'll have more in sports and more "action news" after this.
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agood samaritan came to the rescue of passengers amid rising floodwaters. the water rose above the wheels yesterday and they helped the driver out of the window. this after severe storms in that region. federal officials released new advice of how much and which fish are safe to eat. this is geared to women that are
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pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant and young children. ali gorman has the details. >> reporter: over the years it's confusing and many pregnant women were not eating enough fish and in the past too much fish. it breaks fish down foo three categories based on the level of mercury. the advice of children of child bearing age two to three serving of the best choices per week or one from the good choices and kids one to two servings perfect week starting at age 2, all fish contain traces of mercury that could be harmful but also good for broth and development and into childhood. we have the link to the chart at a new free app is helping people track which germs are going around in their child's classroom. a doctor created the sneeze app
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it allows parents to anonymously self report systems such as lice or the stomach bug, all parents can then search the information by entering their child's school and their child's grade. and finally today if you need extra motivation to exercise. reebok wantses to help with a different kind of app. the company has an incentive this week can you get a free personalized training session, it's an app that lets you book fitness sessions on demand. to kick off the partnership it's offering thousands of free workouts and anyone that downloads the app can connect and register with trainer and all are background checked be interviewed before joining hand stand and ed gordon says there are a lot of different choices to choose from. >> it's also 20 different types of classes that the trainers can
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teach. so anything you are interesting in from dance to yoga to prepost natal training, you can fine the trainers that specialize in that. >> cycle through -- >> gordon himself offers strength training and weight loss coaching and a legs core and backside workout. to get the free sessions you need to book by friday night and take the workouts by the end of the month. find the link to the offer on check. back to you. >> all right ali. still to come a new name with amanent spot at temple university.
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american airlines launching a new ticket class basic economy. the stripped down ticket costs less but offer less. mainly customers would only be allowed to carry on one personal item that fits under the seat. that means nothing in the overhead bins and the last ones to board and giving them a chance to compete with discount
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airlines. from the new jersey newsroom a new line of education is ushered in at rowan university. steve sweeney was on hand for the college of business in glassboro, the 98,000 square foot building is the first to be sole your foi business education. temple university of media and communications has a new name tonight it's now known as lou klein college. today's official name change is in honor to the broadcast pioneer. lou klein is dear to our hearts here on "action news." he was one of the earliest employees at channel 6 and behind all kinds of shows like bandstand and captain noah and his magical arc. bernie prazenica remembers him
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fondly. >> i was a student of his at temple in the late 70s, and he was instrumental in helping me in my career and i always looked towards him for advice. >> the formal renaming ceremony takes place in march. congratulations. there is more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a check of the forecast for you. >> lets take you live outside sky 6 hd showing you the beautiful senter city skyline tonight. we'll have the accuweather forecast next. if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere.
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biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has a check of the forecast with a little bit of everything for us. >> except for cold air and snow. i know you don't want that any way. sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge and seeing a pretty widespread cloud deck it's beginning to thin out and beginning to lift. a few peeks of sunshine here and there but clouds were the rule but even with the cloud cover temperatures 9 degrees above normal. 49 degrees today in philadelphia. and now down to 37 and wilmington at 50 and allentown 43 and cape may 43 and trenton 43 degrees. this has been the flavor of the month. this is a calendar of the daily highs, where you see the red above average highs, the blue below average and we only have
5:26 pm
six days with highs below average. this month averaging 3 degrees above normal. and that is climbing as we head into next week as the mild air sticks around. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the high pressure across the ohio valley that moves in briefly and that brings us plenty of sunshine and then i'm tracking a system that is over louisiana that will move in late on the day on friday and that brings us the next batch of rain and it doesn't look to be a lot of rain but somewhat damp to start the weekend. tonight clouds are breaking gradually not all that chilly, the normal low for this time of year, 25 degrees and philadelphia 38 and allentown 32 and trenton 35 and wilmington 36 degrees and tomorrow a great day to get outdoors and finally seeing the sunshine, the pick of the week, we start with temperatures in the upper 30s and by about lunch time we should be break foing into the .
5:27 pm
friday morning we see the best chance of seeing sunshine, early in the day. 7:00 clouds beginning to roll in from the southwest and as we head into the friday afternoon commute we'll have some light rain moving in lasting into friday evening, generally a .25 inch, not a lot of rain on friday but more rain by the end of the weekend. showing the five-day at 5:00, take advantage of it tomorrow. beautiful and mild, 55 degrees is the high and friday we start with sunshine and then it clouds up and showers develop in the afternoon and evening hours, 48 degrees and saturday more clouds and sunshine and we'll see a few peeks of sunshine in the afternoon but generally a cloudy day, 55 degrees and sunday, rain develops and monday we are looking at a wind driven rain storm and possibly coastal flooding and we'll let you know if we clear things out on tuesday. ricky know you are running
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tomorrow. >> i run every day, what are you talking about tomorrow? >> running to the fridge. stay with us. my favorite part about being a dad -- just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the
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fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more. the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. "action news" continues with
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meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. president obama addresses the white house press corps for the final time as commander and chief and what he told them about the road ahead. >> and a scene outside of their windows, flames shooting into the sky and getting closer. and an unexpected emergency popped up in one lehigh valley town, this sinkhole nearly swallowed a car parked on a busy street. you are suppose to cast a critical eye on folks that hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here. and you have done that. >> for the final time as commander and chief president obama addressed the white house press corps and told them to stay the course. >> he held his last news conference and answered a wide range of questions on a variety
5:31 pm
of topics, he mentioned commuting the sentence of one of the most controversial prisoners in america. we are live in new york with more on the press conference. >> reporter: well president obama defended it all things considered it made sense to him and answered more questions before wrapping everything up with a note of hope. >> before taking questions, first a message for former president george h.w. bush and barbara bush both in the hospital. >> wasn't to send prayers and love to them. >> and then president obama got down to business. >> first of all, lets be clear, chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. >> the president calling his decision appropriate responding to republicans slamming him for
5:32 pm
commuting the 35 year sentence of manning, the former intelligence officer convicted of giving u.s. secrets to wikileaks the questions then moved on to russia and the growing tensions around the transfer of power with at least 60 democrats boycotting the inauguration. >> i am not commenting on those issues but i'll be there so is michelle. >> obama is leaving the white house on a high note. 60% of americans approve of obama's job performance and on this day he had this parting message to the nation. >> we will be okay and we have to fight for it and work for it and not take it for granted. thank you very much press corps. good luck. >> and in what many are calling a not so subtle shot at his successor, president obama told
5:33 pm
reporters to continue to ask tough questions and push those in power to get to the bottom of stories. live in new york, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are continuing to follow developments in the health of former president, george h.w. bush and barbara bush both are hospitalized with respiratory issues. it was announced they will not attend the inauguration. the letter dated january 10th, barbara and i are so sorry we with not be there for you for the inauguration. if i sit outside in january it will likely put us six feet under and same for barbara. he said i can help in any way possible and wish you the best as you begin the incredible journey of leading our great country. and speaking of the inauguration president-elect
5:34 pm
trump is tweeting he will bring record numbers to washington, d.c. and trump postd this picture on instagram. writing my inaugural address at the winter white house, three weeks ago looking forward to friday. and the trump team is posting ads on facebook and twitter. and the director of homeland security is expected nearly a million people for friday's inauguration. >> be sure to stay with "action news" for the continuing coverage of the inauguration. brian taff and sharrie williams will have all the happenings leading up to friday's main event. >> the murder trial is underway in the lehigh valley of a man accused of killing another man in an easton motel. jeffrey noble says he is innocent of the crime that tookantry white's life. he offered to give noble a place to stay in march of 2016. if convicted of first degree murder, prosecutors will ask for the death penalty. a family in aston delaware
5:35 pm
had his lives saved from a fire because of their smoke alarms. they quickly got the upper hand on the fire and put out the blaze, investigators are looking for a cause but it does not look to be suspicious. the bouncer at a philadelphia bar is charged the murder of that bar manager. he was arraigned for the deadly shooting in sharon's little spot in german town. police say he killed christopher johnson after an argument in the back room. and police want you to look at this surveillance video, he broke into a bar on 12th street back on december 13th and then the man jumped over a counter and stole cash and other items and looked into a surveillance camera before he ran off. if you recognize him detectives would like to hear from you. riders that use patco are
5:36 pm
dealing with a wide array of service disruptions from overcrowded trains to cancellations, has folks asking, what's the problem? john rawlins joins us live with the details. >> reporter: hi monica, the official explanation is that snow that fell earlier this month follow bid very cold weather combined to sideline a number of trains that belonged to patco. the impact is still being felt tonight and a rush hour train had to be canceled at one point because patco did not have the equipment to operate it in place. >> patco crews worked around the clock to deal way frustrating series of break downs. >> a running bat luck exacerbated by the extreme conditions. trouble began when the storm blanketed this the region with light fluffy snow on january 7th and the conditions that followed. since then patco reports multiple mechanical failures,
5:37 pm
yesterday five stoppages left computers scrambling. >> it made for a bad day for our rider and i am very sorry for that. >> most of the problems due to electrical shortages and that light snow can get sucked into the air cooled motors. >> bob travers the director of equipment explains the snow turns to water and that is bad. >> the water gets into the motor and it shuts down. travers says in this case the fluffy snow fell, temperatures plunged and the snow did not crust over and it was stirring up. >> every motor is a vacuum cleaner. >> well think the last 10 days patco replaced 24 of those
5:38 pm
motors that vacuumed up the snow six times the normal rate for a ten-year period and they have more to look at some 24 more motors. they have their work cut out for them. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an "action news" viewer grabbed a cell phone and took this dramatic video of a car fire in bryn mawr this morning. it happened along the 100 block of charles drive and at one point the flames were so intense that a nearby building caught fire, it took firefighters 45 minutes to gain the upper hand and nobody was hurt. in berks county, a sinkhole nearly swallowed a car in reading this afternoon. officials say that a broken water main ate away the earth to create the crater, it's 8 feet long and several feet deep and nobody was in the car when the sink hole opened up and the back tires started to slide into it.
5:39 pm
and they brought in a tow truck to get the car out of the way. >> time to get a check of the traffic report this evening, matt pellman is back on hump day and same old stuff. >> we have sinking speeds in a lot of spots. one is here on the roosevelt boulevard. there was a medical emergency and they had the right lane blocked until just a minute ago and extra heavy northbound off the schuylkill on to the boulevard. and we have the crash in south philadelphia along 26th southbound approaching penrose toward the platt bridge. and the a slow go off the schuylkill on to 26 southbound. limerick township look for a crash along lewis road near the dollar tree and still a really slow ride on the westbound side of the 30 bypass in chester county. the crash is long gone but we still have the one in west bradford blocking shady side road, strasburg road say
5:40 pm
possible alternate. and a couple of spots where emergency construction is giving us issues, in newcastle, right lane is out of commission because of work on 141 southbound at 13 that is out there until friday afternoon. look for delays in newcastle the next few days. and new jersey look for emergency construction in gloucester city off the walt whitman bridge on 32 southbound, single digit speeds you may want to head into new jersey by the franklin or commodore barry bridges instead. >> thanks matt. she was abducted from a hospital just days old and raised to adulthood. still to come on "action news" you hear from the now 18-year-old young lady of how she feels about the woman now facing criminal charges for kidnapping her. >> the sixers continued to be a force on the court. ducis rogers has more on the team's win streak and a live report from the wells fargo center. you see that slam adam? >> i did.
5:41 pm
it looked nothing like you. and feeling nothing like winter around here. under lock and key in northern parts of canada as well as alaska. we'll talk about a warm stretch in the seven-day forecast. >> those stories and more. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better
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the into teenier that learned last week she was abducted at birth is now speaking out as the woman that raised her was in court. gloria williams was extradited to florida where she was charged with kidnapping. williams is accused of taking now 18-year-old camia when she was 8 months old. mowgli defended williams defending the interview following the discovery. >> i want people to know she was a great mother, i will never have malice or hate towards her, i will always love her. >> she has met ore biological parents but has not said what
5:45 pm
her next move will be. >> ducis rogers is here now with the sixers. >> a brand new team the last two weeks, an exciting and fun team to watch. who knows they may end up making the playoffs. we are all in and just enjoying the wonderful ride. they are in the midst of turning the season around. six wins in their past eight games but they get a real test tonight from the raptors. jaime apody is live with a preview. >> the raptors are 28-13, so a test it is. that is why brett brown wanted to see joel embiid play, he was questionable. he will start and is expected to as will t.j. mcconnell despite the wrist sprain. he'll have his team ready for action. lets look at the sixers warming up. jahlil okafor we have not seen
5:46 pm
embiid yet but they have played great basketball. winning six of eight and the town is excited to watch them play and now tonight after having some pretty good importances against other playoff teams they will get a true test. >> now you playing against a team that you would expect to play in the eastern conference championship. and maybe could do something special and play in the final. their program has been built over a number of years that have had a consistency, a core group. >> the raptors are good. as we go out there we have to stay disciplined on defense especially. and high percentage of three in the league. and we have to stay down on the shot fakes and they are known for playing the yard. and our offense we have to run and be a transition team and get some easy buckets. >> by the wayl media is
5:47 pm
abuzz today that ben him sons would make a debut and simmons posted a picture after the announcement was made. brett brown was just asked moments ago and he says there was quote, no chance of simmons playing that night. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> bursting our bubble. thank you jaime. >> to baseball we are down to 26 days, 26 days until phillies pitchers and catchers report to spring training. clearwater here we come. young players like tommy joseph get to play every day and the phillies plan to compete on a daily basis and they have legitimate goals, stay healthy and compete with the teams in the league and division. a lot of good signs throughout last season and about keeping us healthy and consistent.
5:48 pm
that was something maybe that we look forward to continuing to work on. we are kind of an up and down team and win four or five in a row and lose four or five in a row and keep the consistency going we could be a good ball club. >> nice, thank you ducis. there is a new urgent care center for people to utilize in center city. former eagle mike quick and others were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the brand new center on the 1400 block of chestnut street. it supplies a wide range of treatments and physical exams. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we created internet that doesn't make you wait. introducing fios instant internet. it means you can download a video just like that. or upload your photos like this.
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or this. or that. it's the only 750 meg internet available to millions, with uploads as instant as downloads. we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be.
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a warm winter continues at least for a little bit longer. here is adam. >> seven days or more than that. nice as in warmer than average temperatures if you like it that way and wet as times as well. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan nothing going on at the present time. a lot of clouds today and a few breaks of sun early on in the day but the clouds really being stubborn to break this month. as we look at the action cam that was out the bare trees and above a gray kind of day. despite how warm it was. as we take a look at the temperatures right now 47 in
5:52 pm
philadelphia and 47 for millville and we cracked 50 for wilmington as well as dove. on the brink of it in lancaster, allentown 43 and the same for trenton. and the poconos not cold enough to make man made snow temperatures of 36. and a ripple of energy that passed to the south, clouds are breaking to the north and clouds pretty much fell apart early in the day south and west and we are if the middle zone here. and again with that sea of gray above. but to the south where they saw the sunshine in virginia and washington today. upper 50s to low 60s. we'll catch a break in the clouds tomorrow but then a system is already developing in the gulf of mexico and southerly winds gathering moisture houston toward memphis, tennessee, this arrives here late on the day on friday that is the next opportunity for some rain. so clouds do break up but late tonight and 32 to 38 degrees, that low of 38 should be more
5:53 pm
typical for a high temperature at this point in january. this is kind of the heart of the winter now with the coldest average high temperatures, but not so this year, high pressure is coming in tomorrow 55 degrees the pick of the week with sunshine and 15 degrees above average and the high fades as low pressure goes into the great lakes and we won't get really the meat of this storm but clipped by a warm front with showers in the afternoon. early morning sun on friday and temperature settling around 48 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 55 tomorrow and bright and beautiful and get outdoors if you can. clouds quickly come if friday morning with rain in the afternoon and probably around a .25 inch and then between systems again saturday and a lot of clouds giving way to sun in the afternoon. temperatures again spiking in the mid-50s. rain develops with a more sizable storm along the coast here on sunday. of 50 degrees and then a wind
5:54 pm
driven rain on monday, winds could gust over 40 miles per hour off the ocean and 52 degrees and well over an inch of rain is likely between sunday into monday. and gradual clearing on tuesday back to 55 and staying mild with sun and clouds on wednesday of 56 degrees. so this is a seven day you would typically see at the end of march not in the heart of the winter we'll see how long we have that going. it will end at some point. >> april maybe. >> we'll take it. 83 dedicated philadelphia police officers were honored today in northeast philadelphia for going above and beyond the call of duty. the men and women in blue made outstanding decisions or showed bravery on the job. they got the award at the fraternal order of police ballroom. we are proud of each and everyone of you.
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plenty of excitement and fanfare when the philly phanatic makes an appearance like here at this assembly for these kids being top readers about the team's phanatic about reading program. they were encouraged to win 15 minutes a day and the kids took the ball and ran with it. congratulations to all the students. right now the "action news" team is standing by with these story next at 6:00. the inauguration is just days away and crews are getting ready in washington. and the search is on for a group of burglars that are targeting businesses. that and much more coming up at 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams "action
5:58 pm
news" at 6:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with douvier, cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday night and jim is off and i'm monica malpass patco says that snow is to blame for recent delays and cancellations. and a dog is credited with saving a philadelphia family from a house fire. the big story on "action news" is the count down to inauguration day. today crews were busy with last minute preparations on the national mall in washington, d.c. barricades and bleachers were
6:00 pm
going up ahead of friday's big day and security is tight as well. sharrie williams has details from the national mall. >> reporter: washington, d.c. is no stranger to big events but we can surely see the changes taking effect around town as the world prepares to witness the swearing in of president-elect donald trump it's here along the national mall where hundreds of thousands will gather for the historic event. trump showed he could draw crowds during the campaigning and the estimates are expecting 800,000 people come friday and parking restrictions went into effect just hours ago just part of making this the most secure zone possible. the sounds of equipment and metal on metal could be heard outside of the capital as crews scrambled to assemble barricades and fencing and we ran into a philadelphia native. >> our school is pretty into it


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