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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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went to joint base andrews. this is the president-elect joined by the vice president elect as they laid a wreath at arlington cemetery. he and melon yeah were at a leadership luncheon at their new hotel here in washington. and he thanked a number of them by name individually. >> meanwhile a few blocks away it was an intense day at the capital as more of those cabinet nominees faced tough and difficult questions today. lets go inside and see what happens. lawmakers are accusing secretary of treasury steven mnuchin of taking advantage of them's hardships. the bank as foreclosure policies are coming now under fire. the former goldman sachs
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executive says he was helping families refinance their home zplz our bank was able to do over 100,000 bank modifications to allow people stay in their homes. unfortunately not all the homes were able to be saved and despite my best efforts some were subject to foreclosure. >> to rick perry now, trump's nominee to lead the energy department. he took the day trying to c consince centers he understands the agency. and he pledges to use all forms of energy and carefully dispose of nuclear waste and that climate change is real. and it's on top of americans that voted for this administration. >> as we are back out live, you can hear some rehearsals
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underway and the beautiful scene here in washington, d.c. today as they prepare for tomorrow's momentous event. despite the choreography of this event each of them purposeful and practices, there is no ignoring the fact that this is a president-elect prone to being unpredictable. some think that say good thing a breath of fresh air, it makes people across america unsure and concerned about that. on the eve of his inauguration donald trump is poised to enter office as the most unpopular president in four decades. just 40% of americans approve of the way that he handled the transition and chris couns coming down to temperament. >> if he keeps picking fights at 2:00 a.m. with movie figure yours and our allies in europe and republicans in congress, it will be a destabilizing time
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it's not normal. >> some of those fights pitted him against likely adversarieie mostly the press and john lewis and the cia whose out going head issued a rebuke of mr. trump just days ago. >> there is no reason for mr. trump to point fingers at the intelligence community. >> the way that trump is, he speaks his mind and speaks his heart there is no filter. >> it's cause for concern for people that now find themselves in a position to seek out common ground. senator bob casey is not so optimistic. >> no. at least so far from what i have seen on the public record. >> the challenge that he jumps from topic to topic and fight to fight so quickly, at times it's hard to even track. >> well, all of that makes the speech tomorrow more important.
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and everyone has expectations for the speech and lawmakers and many on the stage eaglely and closely listening to the president-elect. >> the lawmakers, the americans who are tuning in and here to see it live. speaking of great places around washington, d.c., lets give you a live look here at the city. this is the lincoln memorial where a big welcome conseverity is about to get underway. toby keith and i number of other performers will take the stage and others are gathering there. president-elect mr. trump expected to stop by and make remarks. we'll bring that live as soon as it happens. we have more coming up at 4:30, we have more stories surrounding the inauguration, the gifts and tokens and of those interesting memorabilia people are buying to mark the weekend in regards to trump's inauguration.
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live on top of course with the capitol behind us live in washington, d.c. >> all right thank you guys. we'll check back in later. this reminder, will have expanded and exclusive coverage of inauguration day tomorrow. we'll have several live video feeds from washington including the official events and protests. we'll post photos through the day and talk to people from the delaware valley that made the trip to d.c. watch this historic day at and the 6 abc news app you can download that from your app store. in other news, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly encounter involving their officers. they say it all started when they received a call about an erratic man jumping on the hood of a vehicle. sara bloomquist joins united states live now at police headquarters to explain what happened here. >> reporter: alicia, internal affairs has taken over this investigation and it will likely
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come down to an autopsy and toxicology testing to determine why this man died following an altercation with philadelphia police. this was the scene on the 900 block of poplar in philadelphia as investigators try to sort out what led to the death of a 55-year-old man following a bizarre and chaotic incident involving philadelphia police. around 5:00 officers responded to a 911 call for a person screaming. arriving officers found the man jumping up and down on his red pickup truck while screaming and an officer approached him and then the man jump off the truck and went to the patrol car and went to the open window and grabbed a female officer by the neck. and an officer struck him with a baton and then tasers him and got him to the ground and handcuffed him. they noticed he was not responsive and gave him narcan.
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he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> something like that is just unfortunate. >> hospital staff determined that the taser never penetrated the suspect's clothing or skin, so it's unlikely the cause of his death. >> but an autopsy will be completed that is likely to happen tomorrow. one officer did suffer minor injuries in this confrontation. live at police headquarters, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the search continues for a free yo of men that robbed an unscale consamement shop in manayunk terrorizing an employee and a customer. they are looking through surveillance video from the store be from surrounding businesses, a store employee and a customer were bound during the robbery and curtis jones is
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planning more anti-crime measures for the area. >> we are not used to the brazen kind of high visible crime up here. we'll develop a plan that deals with this type of commercial corridor. >> the trio made off with $10,000 in furs handbags and boots and some cash. they fled in a silver car. time for a check of your accuweather forecast for a thursday afternoon. >> we'll go outside to adam joseph, nice and sunny out today. >> it's bright now we had a deck of clouds that passed through during the heart of the day, the high clouds from a system to the south that arrives tomorrow and as we look at numbers, 47 degrees, 7 degrees above normal. washington 52 and 54 richmond and 60 right now in roanoke and any winter like air is to the north in buffalo and binghamton. early morning fine and then the high clouds that pushed in from
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the south and west and midlevel clouds, they begin to break up now at sunset and the sun is trying to return once again and all of this is moving up from the south with a system that races from the midwest to the north and west and brings in warmer air and this is rain from chicago to nashville and new orleans. it does turn wet at the end of the week. a touch of sun tomorrow ermey in the morning and then rain at the lunch time hour and we are looking at a little bit of rain not a lot around .25 inch. but we are talking about a soaking wind driven rain over the weekend. and we'll let you know when that arrives in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right we'll check back in later thank you. time now for the "action news" traffic report. gina is in for matt pellman in the staff center.
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>> if you are traveling out right now here is a look at the big picture, a lot of red for the 4:00 hour that is typical. and on the schuylkill expressway 21 miles per hour from city avenue to montgomery drive and just changed to 21, we are in the yellow but expect delays, 14 as well on the eastbound side of the schuylkill and 55 miles per hour at the work zone at cotman avenue at 95 and 14 if you are traveling northbound. lets take a live look and look at what is happening. a sinkhole on boston street at memphis and tulip. then we have an accident as well on 76 this is at south street, this is off to the shoulder and not really blocking the roadway but it looks like three vehicles involved and we are seeing the slow down. if you are traveling out here, this is on the westbound side and we are seeing the slow-downs eastbound and westbound and you see eastbound between the blue route and the vine is 24
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minutes. i'll send it right back over. >> gina thank you. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, details about an about bizarre story here. a man attacks his wife. and people are texting for help in italy trapped under an avalanche. and also brand new video shows an armed robber targeting a liquor store in del way but the clerk fights back.
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it is a grim scene in the region of italy where three bodies were found at a hotel buried in an avalanche. that hotel is under all of this snow here.
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a desperate search continues after an overnight avalanche buried the four star mountain hotel from the air and on the ground crews are working against the clock to find 30 people that are believed to be trapped inside. some of them have been texting their loved ones from inside of that rubble. as the scramble to locate them continues. family members say they are praying and urging them to stay calm as they read the frantic messages, overnight the only way the rescuers were able to reach the area was on skis and on foot as vehicles struggled to get through the snow. it was days of heavy snowfall coupled with at least four powerful earthquake that hit central italy yesterday. again 30 people are not accounted for and one man staying at the hotel, saying he escaped the avalanche went he went out to get something from outside of the car but his wife
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and children are among those still buried inside of that building. >> thank you. closer to home police near scranton, pennsylvania says a nightmare led the man to attack his wife. he dreamed his wife was cheating on him. police say he woke up convinced in his dream that he started chocking her and was threatening to kill her when his teenage daughter called 911. he started attacking her too and and she want to get help. he is charged now with attempted murder. the man accused of killing his pregnant e girlfriend and an orlando police officer cause aid scene in court this morning. marques lloyd talked out of turn with a rant against the judge saying the charges against him were made up and plans to defend himself in court.
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his head is covered in bandages after a confrontation when taken into custody. he is not charged yet with the death of deborah clayton and the judge ordered him held without bond. another round of recalls because of dangerous takata airbag inflaters. more than a dozen manufacturers posted their recalled today including bmw, audi and mercedes. the inflaters can explode with too much force sending pieces of metal through your car. to see if you are on the recall head to there say new opportunity for nursing students in new jersey. rutgers university signed an agreement with mercy community college to help nurses earn their bachelors degrees, the students getting associates
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degrees can fulfill their requirements all on the same campus. a big donation for the community college of philadelphia today helping students studying solar energy. they received a grant from peco used for state of the art equipment to support the clean energy programs. part of peco's commitment to supporting local education programs in the fields of science, technology and engineering and mathematics. thin mints and carmel delights and tag alongs. it's officially girl scout cookie season in the lehigh valley. 2017 marks 100 years since a scout first sold cookies in honor of the milestone, listen to this, a new smores flavor joins this one. >> have you tried this yet? >> not yet. >> the proceeds benefiting the
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girl soughts and all the great work they do. >> they are selling them in the newsroom can someone bring in a box? >> are they watching in the newsroom we want to try the smores. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. let head of to adam joseph. >> i like running so i could skip the forecast and do that for ya'll. would i get in trouble? >> no. >> we'll give you a cookie. >> south philadelphia this is the sun breaking over the horizon. sharing the sky with sunshine and then we broke into decent sun before the clouds unfortunately raced in very quickly late morning into the afternoon. we did touch 50 or so in philadelphia settling at 47 and 45 in allentown and 46 in reading and millville and right around 50 at the atlantic city airport. satellite and radar in the dry
4:20 pm
right now but you see a stripe of rain in chicago and cincinnati and nashville and new orleans. this low lifts to the north and west and brings a warm front our way during the day tomorrow. all of this is unfortunately aiming in our direction for the end of the week. for tonight it's partly cloudy out there you see that develop right now, light winds 29 in allentown on the chilly side and 36 in philadelphia and millville and 35 degrees in cape may. as we look at future tracker 6 on a wider scale here, threw see the steadier rain early in the morning in the ohio valley. for us sun in the morning and washington, d.c. as they set up for the inauguration tomorrow. a band of light showers starting to approach and 11:00 in the morning most people are exactly where they want to be for the inauguration and the bands of rain heading towards us and a steady rain in the afternoon tomorrow and all the way down 95 philadelphia to new york city.
4:21 pm
that is where we see our solid area of rain for the evening rush hour and then lifts into new england drying out friday night into the first part of the weekend. we look at your temperatures for friday, sun in the morning and do go back once again. upper 40s where we are right now. the rain valuing around lunch time and continuing through that evening rush. as we look at your four day at 4:00 forecast, 47 tomorrow and the afternoon light rain, only a .25 inch, not a heavy soaking rain and saturday dry and limited sunshine and back up to 53 and drizzle in the morning on sunday giving way to a steadier rain in the afternoon and a wind driven rain storm here on monday and could be coastal issues with flooding with a strong wind off the water, winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour down there. i'll let you know if it drys out ever or if we see a full day of sun ever this month? >> ever ever.
4:22 pm
quick break and more news to come. we want to take you live to washington, d.c. right now. we are taking a look at the make america great welcome celebration, one of the many inauguration celebrations taking place, this one in front of the lincoln memorial. donald trump is expected to make an appearance and there will be many performances as well here. this is the make america great welcome celebration kicking off in front of the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c.
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new surveillance video shows a bold clerk fighting off an armed robber last night in new casting, delaware. the employee at new time liquors didn't hand over cash, the robber jump over the counter and then ran off without taking anything. a preschool already in trouble with the state is facing
4:26 pm
a federal lawsuit. the preschool chain unfairly expelled a 3-year-old student with down syndrome. that chest ever brook academy die invited the americans with disabilities act. that the 3-year-old was expelled for not being potty trained. the company, know bell learning company failed to make modifications for the young girl. some pretty remarkable school kids are working to protect the smallest furriest members of the police force. one bulletproof vest at a time. dillon is a fifth grader, the two friends started the charity. kevlar for k-9s. as part of the just do it project. dillon and james have raised almost 5,000 there's and presented the money to the
4:27 pm
camden and pennsauken police units. some k-9 officers came to celebrate the donation. getting a few pats from the kids, each vest cost $1100 and these will help buy at least four and the police department thanks the bluecross broad street runs saying it's critical for the safety of the k-9s and not always in the budget. >> what a great cause. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:30 we continue our coverage in d.c., as we get closer to inauguration day. everything you look you can find trump memorabilia, we'll see what is for sale to mark the occasion when we return.
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hello and good afternoon once again as we continue our coverage of history in the making the inauguration of america's 45th president. donald j. trump here tomorrow. >> the crowds are increasing and the anticipation building up to that moment come tomorrow. we are just 24 hours away from that inauguration. >> check it out. people from across the country and from right here at home back there at home are heading to washington to be part of this inauguration tomorrow. this group packed up their cars in east windsor, mercer county.
4:30 pm
>> a historic moment for all americans because we are going to make america great again. not a global government but america. >> and that group not alone. making the trip from the delaware valley to see the inauguration up close and personal on their own. this young man. darnel will make his way to d.c. first thing in the morning, a senior at central high school. his teach ever is bringing a group of students but he wrote an essay to get a spot here and the teenager is interested to witness this moment in history and wants to see the type of person donald trump will be once in office. >> the people that leads this country to glory or ruin? i don't know. and not knowing is one of the most exciting things that ever occurred many my life. that is why i'm going to the
4:31 pm
inauguration, to experience the birthing of a new american president. i can only assume it will be hectic and exciting. >> pretty extraordinary and that is certainly a sentiment shared by so many that come so far to take part. we see the famous red hats saying make america great again. when people come here they want to leave washington and go back home with a way to remember this moment. >> it is a lifetime opportunity and we have seen so many interesting neat, unique souvenirs that people can pick up all celebrating the inauguration of donald trump. pens, mugs and shot glasses and flags you name it and it's likely on sale with donald trump's face on it. you can even buy a life size cutout of the president-elect. it's all here at the shop the washington welcome center. the top seller is hoodies and
4:32 pm
hats. >> you think it's because of the hat that he famously wears and has worn throughout his campaign? >> that is a possible but all the items are hot. >> manager michelle washington says that sales are up 20%. >> a lot of buses coming in and four or five groups people buying mugs, i filled the shelf in six or seven times. shirts and hats are always popular but for those looking for a unique souvenir. the comb trump magnet, the wild hair and the small comb to comb it. >> the little comb and comb his little hair. a lot of customers are even flattening his hair. >> and some are buying the memorial to mark the occasion for this long inauguration weekend. >> ha, ha, ha. i bet you never seen a magnet
4:33 pm
like that before. a quick look at souvenirs in anticipation of this inauguration continues. >> obviously there is a lots that people want to remember this moment by, but they are always looking foreto what the trump presidency will mean. his election heralds a tremendous change, most notably the political makeup change. we'll talk about that coming up at 5:00 and in the meantime the coverage continues here at 6 abc and of course online at be sure to follow sharrie and i on facebook. post behind the scenes moments of this historic, 24 and 48 hours three day weekend. for now along with sharrie williams, along with brian taff, send it back to you in the studio. we'll talk to you soon in the nation's capital. to reiterate, "action news" has up to the min minute updateses
4:34 pm
on social media at and on twitter #6abcaction. >> and if you head to washington, d.c. share the experiences using hashtag or email us as getting you to other news, the delaware state fire marshall says that a fire started in newestle was set on purpose. officialed say that someone intentionally set the fire and it spread to other homes there. the blaze started at 11:45 p.m. and officials say that the fire spread through the roof and spread to two neighboring homes and everybody was evacuated and no one was hurt. >> light fire and then all of a sudden it just took off. everybody is okay. it's just that i have a lot of damage in my house. >> the damage is estimated at
4:35 pm
$300,000. a man was pinned under slabs of marble this afternoon in gloucester county, new jersey, chopper 6 hd was over the scene of enterprise court in washington township. no word on what caused the man to be pinned. his condition is not yet known. >> a sharon hillman was arrested for allegedly dealing fentanyl laced heroin that led to a man's overdose death. james collins was charged and faces prison. collins was responsible for the fatal overdose of a 28-year-old man last october. adam is back with another check of the forecast. mild temperatures but it's going to get soggy. >> it is tomorrow and then a bigger storm toward the end of the weekend we are tracking for soaking rain but right now dry and a little bit of sunshine sharing the sky with the cloud cover, 47 in center city right now and north-northwest wind at
4:36 pm
8 miles per hour. we carve that air temperature back a bit with the windchill more like 43 degrees and here it is the system out of the gulf of mexico has a lot of precipitation but it falls apart some before it comes in our direction. not a soaking rain tomorrow but a steady rainfall for your friday afternoon. then over the weekend, saturday we are in between systems, a lot of clouds and minimal sun and warm 53 and on sunday that is the start of a much more sizable storm. dreary and rain arrives in the afternoon 52 and it turns down right windy and wet into the beginning of next week. we'll chat about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks adam. of course is a complete resource for whatever kind of weather we are having, updated hourly forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan are two of the features available and following our meteorologists on facebook and
4:37 pm
twitter is a great way to stay informed . police officers never know what to expect on their shifts but four new jersey state troopers would never have predicted today's duty because shortly before 9:00 this morning they helped to deliver a baby in the port norris barracks. a family member pulled into the station and the troopers became mid wives for the arrival of baby kenny. and none of the troopers have previous experience as parents. >> a stressful situation and good future practice. but we got through it as a team as a group and it was successful at the end of it. >> thank you guys, now you all have experience and you can deliver your babies when you have them. >> cute. >> the baby initially had the
4:38 pm
umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. >> what a great story. well, walgreens is facing a $200,000 fine over concerns they did not pay attention to the pain killers being given to customers. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more. >> it start with the investigation by the attorney general of massachusetts, what walgreens did that prompted the fine and how it could affect pharmacies in our area. coming up tonight in health check. and also tonight, pizza hut is hiring just in time for super bowl sunday. thousands of jobs the pizza chain wants to create comes before its busiest day of the year. we'll have that and more on "action news" at 5:00. >> see you then thank you. more than 200 fire departments from the delaware valey were in philadelphia to pick up fire alarms. part of 6 abc save a life.
4:39 pm
our manager, bernie prazenica was there to help celebrate 25 years. the alarms are installed in homes of the needy and elderly and others at risk. >> 25 years later we have the great event and still distributing thousands of smoke debtors and batteries and still very proud to be associated with all of you and all the great work that you do. >> we get a lot of phone calls throughout the year asking for the smoke detectors this is a great program for us. >> kita has donated the smoke alarms for the past 16 years. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, students at one middle school have a million reasons to make beautiful music, find out how legendry singer, smokey robinson make sure they continue to rock. that is a wonderful story coming up and adam joseph returns with
4:40 pm
the full accuweather forecast.
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4:42 pm
big talkers here at the big board. if you have not scene this viral video we warn you that many find it very disturbing, the organization that ensures animal safety in film productions is investigating if this frightened dog was forced into churning water in the movie a dog's purpose. >> he won't calm down until he goes in the water. >> in the video obtained by tmz you see the german shepherd struggling to stay out of the pool. at one point he goes under the water. shooting was only resumed when he was comfortable and this incited out rain and pita is calling for a boycott of the
4:43 pm
film and the actor is calling for an explanation, the representative from the humane association is suspended and e the -- now to this heart warming and heart breaking image from ohio, this powerful picture of a newlywed couple carrying their 2-year-old child back to the room is capturing hearts across america. they got married in the chap ill inside of the hospital in columbus, ohio where logan is a patient. after the ceremony grandmother took the photo carrying the little boy back to his room. the toddler is fighting brain cancer and is undergoing five rounds of chemotherapy. he and his brother were both there for the wedding and she
4:44 pm
hopes this story and picture bring as wearness to pediatric cancer. and these students at a school in los angeles have many reasons to make beautiful music thanks to one pretty famous guy. >> little kids rock and keep rocking thanks to a brand new set of instruments from music legend smokey robinson. launched at this five years ago, since it has gone national. and robinson's check is enough to bring the gift of music to another 200 schools, he sounds great and looks great. he is ageless smokey robinson. >> he is a legend thank you. james hardin is used to causing excitement on the basketball court but it was something he did after the game that impressed fans, following the rockets victory win over the
4:45 pm
bucks which hardin scored 31 points. he signed the ball and walked to a woman celebrating her 100th birthday and seemed genuinely surprised and sat for a feet oh and gave her the ball and how blessed he was to meet her. >> that is great. happy birthday. >> she looks amazing. lets get a check of the roads tonight people trying to get home. >> lets see if the traffic is a slam dunk. gina what do you think? >> if you are heading outlets look at what is happening on the big picture, the tacony palmyra bridge is seeing an opening, and expect delays in and out of new jersey and on the big picture as well. 20 miles per hour on 95 northbound right around the vine street expressway. the vine itself jamming up and 76 is jammed. lets take you to our most pressing issue in new jersey, we have all lanes block in cape may
4:46 pm
courthouse, new jersey, at bay shore road. all lanes are blocked and we are in the black here, that means no traffic is getting by at all. this is a cause of concern if you travel in that area. indian hill road is your best bet around that. in new jersey heading into princeton look for an accident at route 1 past meadow road and lengthy delays and 12 miles per hour. and better news for new jersey drivers, the 42 freeway at creek road is cruising along nicely if you head to the area bridges expect a nice ride. >> all right gina thank you. still to come on "action news" another check of the forecast with meteorologist, adam joseph. first we want to take you back live to washington, d.c. where a concert continues at the lincoln memorial one day before president-elect donald trump is inaugurated. he is expected to speak at the event in the next hour or so. we bring that to you live. we'll be right back.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph with a look at the accuweather forecast. you know a little respite from the rain. >> no. >> how about washington tomorrow? >> i hope they have rain gear, it's pretty rainy from almost start to finish. not heavy rain but damp and chilly. same here tomorrow. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are in the dry right now, but those clouds really raced in fast this morning. from that system down to the south and west. we didn't wedge in enough of that sunshine today as we thought. with temperatures going into the middle 50s. we did hit 50 and now temperatures are back into the middle to upper 40s and reading and millville and near 50 degrees in atlantic city.
4:50 pm
satellite and radar, a little sunshine first thing, this deck of clouds pushed in from the south and west and mid up toer level clouds, you see them fall apart here, if you want a full sunny day a little late for this to happen. then the south, a system coming into the gulf of mexico through the tennessee valley and most heads to the great lakes but a warm front drifts through and pieces of this will push through friday afternoon. so for tonight partly cloudy and light winds and 29 in the suburbs and 39 for center city with the win northwest to the northeast. a raw wind, in fact future tracker 6, 7:30 you see the breaks of sun and they go away by lunch time and the first band moves away from washington and into wilmington and philadelphia and in the afternoon it's a steady light rain but it is not
4:51 pm
a heavy rain, we are looking at a .25 inch why you have to keep the roads damp and the windshield wipers for the rush hour and drizzle friday evening and that moves on when catch a break on saturday. and then a soaking setup really comes through the region here as we go into the latter part of the weekend, into the first of next week starting sunday afternoon into the entire day on monday, it's a steady wind driven rain, 1 to 2 inches developing off the coast here and wind gusts inland 55 miles per hour at the shore especially on monday creating coastal flooding and wedge to the north that really funnels in that wind and rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 47 with that afternoon light rain developing tomorrow and clouds limited sunshine and milder on saturday, of 53. and drizzle in the morning on sunday and a steadier rain
4:52 pm
develops in the morning at 52 and then it's pretty much on and off here through the day on monday at 48 degrees, early showers tuesday and maybe some late breaks of sun at 50. and really the next opportunity of seeing a decent amount of sun. that won't arrive until wednesday or thursday of next week. notice the temperatures staying well above average in the upper 40s to low 50s. >> it's a tradeoff. >> there is a tradeoff. sun. >> i don't want snow so we'll take it. thanks adam. quick break.
4:53 pm
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it is time now for what's the deal. shopping for eyeglasses sometimes you don't need to try on the frames. >> i see what you mean. online retailers offering both
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convenience and discount pricing but there can be risk and our nydia han tells you why. consumer reports surveyed their readers and did their own eyeglass shopping and the result how to get the glasses you need at the right price. tatiana gets an eye exam every year and could need new glasses. >> it could be 500 to $600 cost for the frames. >> consumer reports says that you may get more attention at the store but according to a survey you may also pay a lot more. >> readers paid average of $400 for frames and lens at eye doctors and independent eyeglass shops two to three times what readers paid online before reimbursement from insurance. >> parker sends five pairs of frames to try on at home and shipping is free for both.
4:56 pm
and gets high marks for quality and selection. the average price $141. benny optical did well. average price $69 but the draw back you can only try on the frames virtually using the photo. >> we recommend you try on frames you consider purchasing online first. making sure they fit right. >> find the frame you like at a brick and mortar store and then buy it online. you may have only 30 days for returns. and consumer reports evaluated dozens of brick and mortar stores, prices at wal-mart, cost car are on less but the frame selection may be limited. lets get you back out now to a live look at washington, d.c., the lincoln memorial where the
4:57 pm
make america great again welcome celebration is underway. as you see president-elect trump is there in atennance with his wife melania and ivanka trump and her husband, jared kushner as well. they are at the celebration ahead of tomorrow morning's celebration. the festivities are underway and when the done abld is expected to address the crowd we'll bring that to you. for alicia vitarelli brian taff and sharrie williams i'm rick williams join us tonight an every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is final full day of the obama president and the stage is set for donald trump to take over the white house, now they are planning the final transition of power. the big story is the countdown to inauguration day. >> we are keeping track on the "action news" big board. we are less than 19 hours and
5:00 pm
counting until trump takes the oath of office officially. but the preinauguration festivities well underway in the nation's capital. trump and vice president mike pence attended a wreath laying ceremony at the arlington ceremony. now to the make america great celebration is underway. moments ago trump and his wife melania showed up and he is expected to speak shortly. we'll bring that to you live when that happens. >> mike pence discussed the transition of power and says the trump administration is ready. and beginning to feel the importance of tomorrow and what it means for the country. >> it's going to be a humbly and moving day for the president-elect and for his family and mine and we are all ready to go to work. in fact, we can't wait to get to work for


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