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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a winter nor'easter moves through our area. >> looking live at atlantic city. high winds and flooding causing big concerns at the jersey shore with several weather warnings still in effect. >> monday night and the big story on "action news" is the rain and wind that are moving through the delaware valley at this hour. walt perez on long beach island watching the effects of the system on that shore. >> but first let's get the latest from accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan starts off our team coverage tonight from the "action news" big board. cecily. >> hi, rick and monica. double scan live showing the system we're tracking. the actual center of the storm system way down to the south. it's off the coast of north carolina and what this will do, it will move up the coast just off shore intensifying as it does so that will that continue to bring us waves of rain, heavy at times through the evening hours and also those strong gusty winds. a big problem when you get the heavy rain like this. this is actually the heaviest rain we've seen all day near the turnpike, near willow grove, jenkintown, northeast philadelphia. this heavy rain can really soften up the ground and that makes our trees even more
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vulnerable to falling down when you get the high winds. the heavy rain continues east of the pennsylvania -- or new jersey turnpike and it's all moving off the ocean. so, we'll continue to see waves of this as we head through the evening hours. peak wind gusts, winds really the main story with this storm. cape may reporting a peak wind gust 63 miles per hour, tuckerton 60, for the cues 58, downingtown 53, philadelphia reporting a peak wind gust of 46 miles per hour and the winds still very strong. philadelphia right now 33 miles an hour winds. cape may reporting 44 miles an hour winds. and it's going to be awhile before these winds really diminish. for details on that let's head over to meteorologist melissa magee. >> yes, cecily and the winds are certainly going to be a factor as we go throughout the rest of tonight. we've got that wind advisory posted for our suburbs to the north and west and a high and wind warning along the i-95 corridor and also for areas in south jersey. so, the high wind warning actually expires for philadelphia around 7 o'clock
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but it hangs on until bowenoid night for our coastal communities. calling for gusts 40 to as high as 60 miles an hour in some locations. coastal flood warning a big concern especially with the nor'easter getting moisture pummeling in from the coast and pressing inland with that easterly flow of wind here so the warning from seaside heights down to surf city into atlantic city cape may included on that on westward into delaware city down to rehoboth beach. high tide cycle going on right now. moderate flooding is concern. minor flooding a concern as we get into tomorrow morning with that tide cycle. nor'easter impacts tomorrow. well, as we go through tonight into tomorrow, for the rest of tonight gusty winds a concern, rain, some of which will be heavy at times. overnight tonight those winds will calm down and the rain tapers to some showers as we get into tomorrow morning. but future tracker6 showing we've got the rain along the delaware and lehigh valleys but some mixed precipitation is likely as we go throughout the poconos and as the
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temperatures continues to drop. we'll take a close look at that and let you know when the sun returns. details coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. today's storms took a ed didly turn in nicetown this afternoon a man in his 60's was killed after a sign blew off a wall into a car lot on old york road. police believe the sign hit the man. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> action cam in ocean city new jersey where winds have flung trash bins into the street. the roof of the motel has been peeled back and now there is growing concern about rising flood waters on those streets. >> and it's a.m. similar scene as you go up and down the shore. "action news" reporter walter perez continues our coverage tonight from ship bottom, new jersey. walter. >> reporter: hey, rick. it is a raw nasty day here on long beach island. when the wind kicks up it is really something else. we're getting a live look right here at bust back bays
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in ship bottom. mighty close to flooding with high tide for the back bays arriving at about 7:30. any time a nor'easter comes to town, the standard operating procedure along long beach island, new jersey, is to hope for the best but anticipate the worst. >> you have tom watch the the -- to watch the situation. the storm is really develop sewing he we're not sure at this point how it's going to end up. >> reporter: joe valio emergency manager for ship bottom borough says they're expecting minor to moderate flooding in spots across the island. the most vulnerable properties are the ones along the back bays especially when high tide hits at about 7:30 and of course you have that wind. some spots along the jersey shore have been reporting gusts up to 60 miles per hour. ocean county repair crews have been busy just fixing battered streets up and down lbi. >> these lights take a beating out here, you know.
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everybody has got to bear with us while we can get out there and fix them all. >> reporter: we spoke with a few people who live here year round who say storms like these are never fun but after superstorm sandy, they're ready for anything. >> thank god it's not snow. this is the usual thing for us so it's nothing new. i mean, sandy wall the big one but we're okay. >> we're beach front. we have to keep an eye on the dunes and where the waves are coming in and if the dunes are taken out and all that that fun stuff. >> reporter: sounds stressful. >> yes, it is. all right back out live. so far localized flooding reported here on lbi. spotty power outages reported as well. moderate erosion concerns along the coastline. we'll have another report coming up at 6 o'clock. reporting live from ship bottom, walter perez channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> walter, thank you. the storm also took its toll on the city of philadelphia. this morning rain and wind brought down part of the
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12,000-foot independence starts here mural at broad and race streets. the falling piece hit two cars in a hahnemann university parking parking l no one was in. the nor'easter knocked out power area out. in pennsylvania more than 6,000 peco customers are without power tonight. atlantic city electric says more than 5700 of its customers are in the dark right now and pse&g reports another stretch hundred outages from its customers. and a reminder if the lights go off, 6abc is always on your mobile device. make sure you have the 6abc app. it's available on your app store. >> in other news pennsylvania senator bob casey returned to washington for the first time since president donald trump took officers. as he left philadelphia this morning he had a message for the new administration. >> i hope that the administration would focus on investing in infrastructure, not on the size of the crowd, not on going after the press
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about how they reported on the inauguration. who cares about that? nobody does. >> over the weekend white house press secretary sean spice erin assisted the media misreported the size of friar's inauguration cried. today spicer took the podium for the first time since the remarks that caused a stir. what he had to say at i've too. 30. >> are you sure is on to fix a crack between the pennsylvania turnpike and new jersey turnpikes. officials say a truss under the delaware river bridge has a fracture closing the bridge until further. no and that means pig traffic troubles for commuters left to get around the mess. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in bristol township bucks county with more on the repair process. john. >> reporter: hi, rick. authorities at this point still are not certain as to what caused the rather sudden fracture of a critical steel beam in that bridge. it's still under investigation. they do know, though, that the repair work is going take weeks at the very least.
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so, what prompted the emergency shut down? this is a closeup photo showing the fracture. a massive 14-inch i-beam pulled apart. it runs beneath and supports the westbound lanes. it is located beneath the elevated road deck on the pennsylvania side. carl difeboo. >> it looks likes a clean fracture, like a sudden fracture and by sudden very like to have occurred within account last several days or possibly weeks. >> reporter: over the weekend a portion of the damaged i-beam was cut away and stone lehigh university for analysis. then an emergency slice, a steel plate patch was boulder in place to stabilize the break. the next step, the construction of eight temporary towers like this tom support the damaged bridge while it's repaired. such towers were used in 2014 to stabilize the 495 bridge in wilmington. the sudden i-beam failure of
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the 276 bridge remains under investigation as commuters today had to example to navigate detours. >> starting this morning i'm leaving two hours earlier get to work just in order to make sure i don't get snuck gridlock. >> reporter: how long will the massive bridge be closed? there is no clear time frame yet. >> it's going to be two more weeks until we understand the scope of the problem and how we address, that doesn't even include the construction time frame which could be multiple weeks. >> reporter: well, despite this miserable weather today, there was some early work being done in the sighting of those temporary towers that are going to be needed to support the bridge during the repair process. but as you heard, it could be weeks and many weeks at that before all the repairs are affected. liflive in bristol john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> thank you john. time for the traffic report. >> gina gannon in for matt pelman tonight and she's live in the "action news" traffic center.
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hi, jean nap. >> hell low. you can say that again because we're seeing wet roads, we're seeing big delays, we're seeing a lot of downed trees, downed wires power outages so a lot going on this afternoon. if you're traveling out right now, this is 95 seeing delays 10 miles per hour and 18 as well. so, going to be a slow go on 95 as well as the vine street expressway, 76 and the blue route all delayed at this hour. we're also seeing delays on mass transit because of power issues. if you're commuting on the northeast corridor on amtrak that has been suspended so that's going to be a major issue as well. then on your regional rails, the paoli thorndale is that suspend the. the rest of the lines seeing delays up to 30 minutes. our biggest issue is with amtrak, that new jersey corridor has been suspended. rick and monica. >> gina thank you. much more ahead on "action n news" at 5:00 new research shows women may be waiting tooing to get their hearts checked normally. ali gorman explains the risks and when you should of you should start seeing your doctor. >> new information we're
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getting about episode eight of "star wars" when "action news" returns tonight. >> ♪
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>> we have a lot of people that have been separated from their families have no hope.
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>> ? jar's governor expanded a state of emergency after deadly storms. at least 19 people were killed. weather officials got more than 40 reports of tornadoes touching down. nearly 30 of those reports have been confirmed. >> health check tonight. new survey shows 60 percent of women do not know the recommend guidelines for heart screenings. >> that means many are getting checked much later than they should be. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board tonight with more on what you need to know. ali. >> you heard me say this before everyone should know your numbers when it comes to heart health but this new survey shows many women are starting this too late. a survey of a thousand women nationwide found in most didn't think they need heart screenings including checks on their cholesterol blood pressure and blood sugar until their 30's. the american heart association says this should start in your and 20's. its a wakeup call. we need more education about
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prevention when it comes to heart disease. >> many people believe that it's a disease that mostly affects men. however, women are equally affected and in fact we have been dying more of heart disease than men. >> women can begin developing plaque in their arteries when they're teenagers so an early start on screening can be a lifesaver. now, in addition to loop and cholesterol women should also have their body mass index and waste circumference checked. both can that predict heart risks. use a tape measure and keep it right at the level of your belly button. now for women keep that number under 35-inches, foremen you want to he coo it under 40-inches. studies have shown if you whatever more weight around your middle are you at a greater risk for type two diabetes and heart disease. that's why you want to keep a close eye on that number. in other news doctors are finding not all breast milk is the same. there's growing evidence that
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the gender of the baby affects the quality milk. studies done in massachusetts and kenya show mothers produce milk with more fats and nutrients for boys than for girls. in kenya there were also economic differences. in richer families mothers of sons had more nutrients in breast milk for poorer families that was found in mothers of daughters. now another study is also looking at how these differences affect growth. experts say it is a whole new perspective on the impact of breastfeeding. rick and monica, back to you. >> fascinating. thank you ali. quantico moves to its new time slot tonight. the recruits at the farm respect schooled on the art of seduction which could threaten alex's relationship with ryan. we'll learn more about that group threatening new york city and why they took over part of manhattan. quantico returns tonight and after the bachelor and "action news" follows at 11:00ly.
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>> ♪ >> samsung says it found out why its galaxy note7 smartphones were catching on fire. the company says flaws in two sets of batteries from two
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different manufacturers were to blame. some thought the ultrathin design or water resistant features made them prone to my overheat. wells fargo issue says the bank found evidence of retaliation against whistle blowers. several former employees say they were fired after trying to stop the illegal sales tactics. the bank is reviewing reports to its ethics hotline including those in which employees received punishment. >> a thriller with philadelphia ties topped the weekend box office. split by m. night shyamalan brought in more than $40 million over the weekend. the movie was mostly filmed in center city in 2015 and 2016. the return of x:nder came in second. "hidden figures" dropped to third netting $16.3 million. the force is still strong with "rogue 1". the latest installment of the
5:21 pm
"star wars" franchise hit a billion dollars worldwide. "rogue 1" is produced by disney the parent company of 6abc. big news for "star wars" fans. today producers of the "star wars" saga released the name of the next installment with this teaser it's called the last jedi. next "star wars" movie set to hit theaters on december 15th. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of that wet dreary and now dangerous weather. >> let's look live outside storm tracker6 showing you the situation from atlantic city and from the ben franklin bridge and in both cases it's just a nasty evening. you do need to be careful if you're out and about especially if you're traveling. meteorologist cecily tynan has an eye on double scan radar and she'll have the latest from accuweather in the five day forecast when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan joining us with the latest on what's been a very dreary and now dangerous day. >> it certainly has been. we had the high winds, waves of heavy rain and storm tracker6 live double scan showing south jersey and delaware, parts of chester county lancaster county getting a bit of a break in the action. other areas, though o-getting some very heavy downpours. this is the worst of it right now you can see this heavy downpour from 132 crossing route one, highway 13 heading towards langhorne horsham all lifting up to the north and
5:25 pm
west and when you do get the heavier downpours don't be surprised if you see a little bit of sleet mixing in, the heavy downpours can pull colder air from higher in the at fire. it's a dynamic cooling. the big problem though with the icing is areas north of i-78, the poconos, lake harmony area this is where we're dealing with some freezing rain and it could be a pretty serious situation up there. we have a winter weather advisory posted for the poconos through tomorrow morning at 11:00 for the potential for some accumulating ice and snow. i think up there it's going to be more of an icing event than a snow event. back here at home, though, temperatures really too warm for any snow. philadelphia 38, allentown 36, wilmington 38, cape may 43 and trenton 37 degrees and the winds have been the big story with the storm. wind gusts right now 38 miles per hour in philadelphia, 44 in cape may. 32 in trenton and the winds will really be blasting for the next couple of hours. the high wind warning for the coast doesn't expire until
5:26 pm
midnight. part of the reason why, the storm system is still well to the south. satellite6 and action radar showing here's the low pressure right here. it's intensifying. it's pushing to the north and east and this will bring us some more bands of some heavy rain as we head through the evening hours. so, future tracker showing 8:30 tonight if you're heading out take the rain gear, some heavy rain especially north and east of philadelphia. that freezing rain across the poconos. later on tonight around midnight, still some showers around but not quite as intense. tomorrow morning, though, don't put the umbrellas away quite yet. at 7:30 in the morning still some showers. it's going to be a cloudy day with and occasional rain and even some snow flurries in the far north and west and the poconos. coastal flood the high tide is happening now with moderate tidal flooding. another tide cycle tomorrow morning with minor tidal flooding, tides two to 4 feet above normal and and waves 10 to 20's feet. that will cause a lot of beach erosion at the shore.
5:27 pm
the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow still not a nice day but not as intense as today. leftover rain and drizzle, breezy, not as windy as today lots of clouds 43 degrees. the pick of the week wednesday, mostly sunny, 53. thursday clouds mixing with sun, 53 and then temperatures begin to step down. friday 43, saturday feeling like winter again, the high only 39 degrees. some sun mixing with clouds. will that cold air stick around for the second half of thofthe weekend? melissa will have that answer in the full accuweather forecast.
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ly. >> ♪ >> "action news"action news." >> here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. heavy rains and winds lead to dangerous conditions on the roads and it's sticking around for awhile. meteorologist melissa magee will have the details coming up. also president trump gets down to business to kick off his first full week as commander-in-chief. more on the executive orders he's already signed. and a fight between roommates inside of a philadelphia apartment ends with one person dead and the other behind bars.
5:30 pm
>> now the details. accuweather is continuing to track a nor'easter that is bringing heavy rains and strong winds to our region. a look to our sky6 hd camera in atlantic city shows rough surf on the jersey shore. our other camera looking at the commodore barry bridge. it will be a tricky commute home tonight isn't that windy and wet conditions have stuck with us all day long. >> the nor'easter is causing flooding along the roads. >> weather may have played a role in this serious cash north of wilmington delaware. happened along powder powder mill road just after 2:00 p.m. authorities say it involved a car and a pickup truck and it appears as if the vehicles hit head on. at least two people were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> nor'easter and knocked out power around the region in pennsylvania 6,000 plus peco customers without power, atlantic city electric says more than 5700 customers are in the dark and pse&g reports
5:31 pm
4700 outages. if your lights go off 6abc is always with you on our mobile device just make sure you have the 6abc app. it is free and available on your app store. meteorologist melissa magee is monitoring the situation right now live at the "action news" big board with the latest. >> melissa, good evening. >> yeah, rick and monica, we're and continuing to track the nor'easter that worked its way into our region. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar. you can see the heavy rain right now along the i-95 corridor and also for areas across interior south jersey. we'll go in tighter on street level with storm tracker6 you could see that rain there in langhorne, in between langhorne and route one there in riverside we're dealing with those moderate pockets of rain. same thing for florence, bristol, over into rancocas mount holly and also wrightstown so we're getting all of that moisture from the coast pressing inland with that on shore push of air. damage reports. a lot of trees down and wires down and high wind gusts as well.
5:32 pm
port norris trees reported to be down, same thing for aston arms, cape may we had gusts as high as 63 miles per hour. atlantic city a traffic light reported to be down and trees down as well there in bridgeton. the winds certainly aren't as strong as they were earlier today. winds gusting as high as 38 miles per hour in philadelphia, but still strong at the coast. cape may we have a gust clocking in at 44 miles per hour, 38 miles per hour there in atlantic city. as far as what we can expect with the impact scale from 6:00 p.m. right through 9 o'clock tonight still a big concern with the rain and the wind and even up in the poconos a concern for some mixed precipitation, some sleet and some freezing rain. moderate concern as we go throughout the overnight hours. by midnight with the rain tapering off to showers, 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock tomorrow morning on tuesday we're just left over with some light rain showers and some drizzle. we'll take a closer look at the forecast, let you know when that sunshine makes a comeback as well. details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. guys. >> melissa thank you. now let's get an update on
5:33 pm
the traffic situation tonight from gina gannon who is in for matt pelman. >> hi rick. we have a lot going on right now. those power outages are affecting you on mass transit seeing speed restrictions on area bridges down to 35 miles per hour and our typical slow speeds. so, if you're heading out on 95 we are seeing delays in both directions and you can seal that indicated on the big picture. also on the vine street expressway some backups, 76 and on the blue route but let's take you outside to a.m. live look. we're going to show you the vine street expressway and it looks like i'm actually having a problem with my maps here put again delays out there. if you're traveling out on the -- here we go, we got it back. no problems -- the vine street expressway is going to be jammed in both directions. eastbound stacked the length. heading westbound you are heavy from 24th street to approach and the schuylkill expressway. and we do have some issues on mass transit. this is all because of power problems. on amtrak the northeast corridor line has been suspended so that's going to be a major issue. and then on septa our regional rails are seeing 30 minute delays so warminster line as well being suspended and the
5:34 pm
paoli thorndale line suspended as well so a lot going on on your regional rails this evening. also don't forget we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. this is westbound at bensalem. that could affect you if you're trying to make your way onto that delaware river turnpike bridge because that is shut down. so just know that that is shut down between the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike. rick and monica. >> okay, gina. >> thank you so much jean. in as the nor'easter pushes through the power of storm tracker6 live double scan radar is just a tap swipe or mouse click away for you. it's among a host of resources available 24/7 at and don't forget, you can follow each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter to keep up with the very latest storm updates. >> in washington, the trump administration started its first full work week with president trump meeting business and union leaders. today the president signed several executive orders including pulling out of the trans-pacific partnership, but questions about inaccurate claims on inauguration attendance continued in the
5:35 pm
first official press briefing. abc's lana zak is live from capitol hill tonight with those details and more. lana. >> reporter: hi, rick. at this very moment the president is meeting with congressional leaders the the white house. a little bit earlier the white house really played down some questions about a new investigation that's looking into phone calls between their nsa director and a russian diplomat all of this as they're trying to get out from underneath this cloud of questions about some claims that may be a little bit suspect about the size of their inauguration crowd. >> i'm going to tell you the facts as i know them and if we make a mistake i'll do my best to correct it the. >> reporter: in his first official press region sean spicer answered questions about his "alternative facts" indicating he received bad information about crowd size. but he doubled down on his as session that this was the most watched inauguration in history. >> 31 million people watched it on television combine that with the tens of millions of people that watched it online,
5:36 pm
on a device, it's unquestionable. >> reporter: the majority of spicer's remarks were focused on policy. >> the and president wants no delay in addressing our most pressing issues. >> reporter: the president began his morning with industry leaders promising to cut business taxes and regulation. >> we think we can cut regulations by 75 percent maybe more. >> reporter: and then with the stroke of a pen president trump withdrew from the trans-pacific partnership or tpt. >> great thing for the american worker what we justin. the action earned praise from democrats like bernie sanders because butt was viewed warily from conservatives like john mccain who and warned it would create an opening for china to rewrite the economic rules of the road at the expense of american workers. the president signed two other men ram did you mean including a hiring freeze on all federal workers and responded. >> totally without merit.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: and as these foreign policy issues continues to heat up we're watching for the senate to confirm rex tillerson and mike pompeo. we're expecting that later today. we also learned today that his very first trip somewhere else in this country is going to be right over there to philadelphia so look for him in your neck of the woods on thursday. reporting live from and washington, lana zak channel6 "action news." back over over to you rick. >> thank you nor report from washington. "action news" has learned local attorney james schultz has been named an associate white house counsel for president trump. schultz is that currently a partner with cozen o'connor law firm in philadelphia. the 44-year-old attorney served as pennsylvania's top lawyer under tom corbett from 2012 to 2014. he also is a chair of the government affairs and regulatory practice group in the firm. ly. >> doctors in houston say former president george h.w. bush system moving out of intensive care feeling better today. mr. bush who is 92 was
5:38 pm
struggling to breathe when he was admitted to the hospital last week and was later diagnosed with pneumonia. doctors say though now he's in good spirits sitting up talking joking with the hospital staffers. his wife barbara was also released from the hospital today. she was admitted last wednesday for bronchitis. >> closer to home an argument between two and roommates living in manayunk ended in one person dead the other person karend with murder. 28-year-old anastasia moncrief is accused of shooting richard spadel. she told them spadel walked into her bedroom holding scissors and that's when she shot him. he was hit once in the back and died at the hospital. moncrief is facing several charges including murder. >> two people acknowledged safely escape a house fire overnight. the flames broke out late last evening along the 500 block of fairmount avenue philadelphia it's northern liberties neighborhood. firefighters found smoke pouring from the windows of the row home. so far no word on a possible cause. >> loved ones and former
5:39 pm
colleagues paid final respects top a new jersey law enforcement leader today. colonel eugene olaf head up the new jersey state police in the 1970's capping off a 30 year career with the force. olaf grew up in bayonne and served in world war ii. he was an accomplished soccer goalie earning a spot in the national soccer hall of fame in 1971. olaf died last week at his home in burlington county. he was 96 years old. and classes at concorde high school in delaware canceled following the sudden passing of a beloved teacher. he died over the weekend. he had been at the brandywine school district for 20 years. teachers and staff at concorde high met today to coordinate support for students who will return to class there tomorrow and our condolences. >> still to come on "action news" monday night a sweet sound under mounds of snow in central italy leads rescuers to a miraculous find and a renewed sense of purpose. >> it is taxis son for most
5:40 pm
folks and in philadelphia there's a new resource to help you get your forms in order before you have to file. we'll have details. plus. jaime apody has sixers super bowl l1 news and flyers all that coming up in sports. >> melissa is back with more on that nor'easter and when the skies will clear when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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>> in san tone texas authorities say two men who tried to stop two suspects after a mall robbery likely felt the need to intervene to save life. unfortunately one of those men where was killed. the robbery happened inside a jewelry store. one of the men was unarmed when he tried to stop one of the suspect. another man who had a license. >> power of mother nature in utah today. an avalanche raced down a hill in salt lake city and buried a road in little cottonwood cannon this is out in the county. a utah transportation spokesman says crews triggered dozens through the morning and the canyon area had already
5:44 pm
been closed for avalanche control. now it will not reopen until all that many snow is that cleared. the rescue of three little puppies is lifting spirits at the site of a different avalanche in central italy. five days after the disaster crews were hearing barking coming under tons of snow. they dug through that snow and found these three adorable white sheep dog puppies in the boiler room of a buried hotel. the fluffy pups were born last month to the hotel's resident sheep dog. the sheep dog parents apparently found their way out after the avalanche with the little puppies didn't know thousand follow. crews are still hoping that they find more human survivors. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the search for human survivors in central italy swells president trump's first monday in ormes you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> time for sports. jamie is here. sixers have to play a couple games without their starting center. >> which is not good given when he plays they win these
5:45 pm
days. the sixers rookie named eastern conference player of the week but will miss at least the next two games with a bruised left knee. how do you properly nurse a knee injury and keep your game up? well, you shoot around in ugg slippers that's how. >> they're very comfortable. >> the sixers who have been winning a lot more than losing lately host the clippers tomorrow. rick. then they head to milwaukee on wednesday. how hm brett brown approach things without his star center. >> just like we have for all the other times that he didn't play, you know, it's still about our defense, it's still about running, it's still about sharing the ball. i think you go with jayliel and nerlens and challenge them in relation to rim protection and what joel provides us, the group around them has had also got to perform at a higher level when you don't have joel. >> remember of course the team is having all the success without ben simmons, too, who was set to have a final scan on his foot today and a
5:46 pm
decision on his return could be coming shortly one would think. stage is set for super bowl l1 and it will pit the mighty patriots against the falcons. tom brady against one of our own. that's right exton native matt ryan who is having an m.v.p. season is heading to houston. yesterday ryan threw for 392 yards accountable for five touchdowns for the first time in his career. of course ryan starred right here at penn charter high school. today i had a chance to catch up with his former coach brian mccloskey who is absolutely thrilled. >> i was emotional. couldn't happen to better kid. i cried. there were tears. he's a special kid and to see somebody who deserves all the recognition now i hope and the accolades that he sort of receiving has been wonderful for me to see. >> we'll have much more from mccloskey and see some cool vintage matt ryan stuff coming up tonight at 6:00. there are plenty of local ties in this game including
5:47 pm
one who took an unlikely road to get there, chris hogan played hero for the patriots yesterday he scored two touchdowns catching nine passes for 180 yards. the patriots playoff record. here's the thing. he's kind of new to football. hogan played lacrosse at penn state and one measly season of football as a post grad at monmouth. he was a quarterback. didn't get an invite to the combine. now super bowl bound. >> i worked really hard to get here. i'm grateful that the patriots gave me an opportunity play here and be a part of this team and, you know, for my entire career i've worked really hard just to get a chance and i kept getting chances and taking advantage of all these opportunities. >> what a story. the eagles at least can say they beat one of the super bowl teams, right, this season. they also have hired mike grow to be their new receivers coach. perhaps this stops the bleeding after losing 12 of 16
5:48 pm
the flyers with a big win last night beating the islanders 32 on claude giroux's overtime game winner. the flyers will be in new york to play the rangers on wednesday. >> okay. >> you're saying if i my foot is the same size as joel embiid's. >> no, it's not. >> maybe his are a little bigger. thank you jamie. center city philadelphia now has a new resource for folks who need help preparing their income taxes. take a look. here on south broad street it was the official opening of the dom center. tit will be staffed by volunteers who specialize. it's to improve and affect financial well being of all philadelphians. street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen,
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>> meteorologist melissa magee in for adam is here now with an update of the soggy conditions that last until tomorrow. >> yeah, we have showers around through the overnight hours into the commute tomorrow morning. heavy rain right now especially for philadelphia areas to the north guys. we'll show you what's going on with stor storm tracker6 live double scan radar and we've got that rain still in the city, some areas there in ocean county as well. a lot of heavier bands are starting to push to the north so we'll go in tighter on street level with storm tracker6 and take you into trenton or close to that area in mercer county.
5:52 pm
you can see the rain there in trenton also along route 206 in between trenton and florence and offer t off to thet along route one between willow grove and jenkintown dealing with moderate pockets of moisture p the rain is a concern. the wind a big player in the storm that we were tracking today. as far as the winds are concerned right now, we've got app wina wind advisory for the 5 corridor and interior portions of new jersey. the advisory staying up until 8 o'clock tonight and we have the high wind warning right along the coast from lakehurst down to wildwood. the warning staying up to about midnight as we could find gusts in the warning and advisories area anywhere from 40 to 60 miles per hour. winds sustained right now still pretty strong sustained at 14 miles per hour in philadelphia, 28 miles per hour in millville and sustained wind speed there in sea isle city coming in at 3 miles per hour. so, the winds are strong but they're certainly not as bad as they were earlier today.
5:53 pm
it's chilly outside though. feeling like just the teens up in the poconos, 29 in philadelphia, current wind chill number in reading 29 degrees. at the freezing mark in millville and the at 32 and 27 up the 95 corridor in trenton. here's satellite6 along with action radar. you can see we've got this area of low pressure just off the coast of the carolinas here and this will that continue to stay off shore and work its way up the eastern seaboard. it's a slow moving system that's why we're dealing with the rain for the rest of to and night and during the overnight hours and even early tomorrow morning. association ththe next 12 hoursy early and the winds ease and during the overnight hours we'll bottom out at 34 in the suburbs and 36 trees in philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker6 showing you slow going still tonight at 7:00 p.m. notice a little bit of mixed precipitation up in the poconos and this will that continue to be the concern at 9 o'clock tonight as temperatures continue to fall to the north of philadelphia you've got sleet and freezing rain. that will be a concern for that area and then on the
5:54 pm
backside of this storm system as it pulls away some snow by midnight. 6:30 in the morning we've got a couple showers left over with just damp and drizzly conditions. so that winter weather advisory such for the poconos until 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. ice and snow is a concern later on tonight and then the snow a concern as the storm system really pulls away. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. leftover rain and drizzle on the way by tuesday. high temperature coming in at 43 degrees. on wednesday, the sunshine returns, mostly sunny and milder, up to 53 for a high. some sun on thursday, it's breezy and at 53. then on friday, brisk and cooler, 43, some sun, it's chilly on saturday and at 39 for a high. sunshine and clouds sharing the sky by sunday at 39 and monday partly sunny and colder coming in at 36 degrees, guys, so wet weather tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> thank you melissa. >> two big kittens celebrating their first birthdays together at six flags in new jersey.
5:55 pm
nadia the siberian tiger cub and sewe zuri. here at great adventure they're partying together. staffers decided they need kitten socialization.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more next at 6 o'clock. a nor'easter battering the region and we have team coverage on how the storm is affecting the coast. inland the storm has turned deadly whipping winds toppled trees and ripped down signs. >> plus engineers work to find a fix for the turnpike connector bridge trying to get drivers back on track. those stories and more coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night. be safe out there and "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night.
5:58 pm
>> ♪ where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure.
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so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night, there is a new commissioner in montgomery county. and commuters navigate detours as engineers work to find a fix for a delaware river bridge. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on our continuing nor'easter. and the big problem at least for many areas has been the wind. gusts of up to 60 miles an hour have brought down trees across the delaware valley. right now there is an extensive wind warning in effect form another hour.
6:00 pm
the wind flu a sign of blew a sa window and struck a man who died. bob brooks is live in ocean city and walter perez standing boo any ship bottom and sarah bloomquist live in philadelphia with the inland situation but let's begin with the late word from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily. >> and jim, double scan live showing the storm system that had been that tremendous wind maker for our region is still well down to the south. the actual center of the storm is off the coast of north carolina. the heaviest band of rain has now lifted north of philadelphia. however, i do want to point out we have more developing bands of rain right here and that and will continue to push towards our region as we head through the evening hours. but really the big story with this storm, the intense wind. we're talking about proper cal storm force winds today. cape may the peak wind gusts 53 miles an hou


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