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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this tuesday morning, president donald trump apparently repeating another false claim overnight, plus his press secretary facing reporters. the first time taking questions since his disputed claim that the inauguration was the most watched ever. we're live in washington. a medical scare for minnesota's governor. he collapsed while addressing lawmakers. we now have an update on his condition. more weather threats bearing down on both coasts. a powerful nor'easter dumping several inches of rain and high winds knocking down trees. plus a state of emergency on the west coast as rain washes away roads. the new research that claims burnt toast can carry serious health risks. and we do say good morning
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on this tuesday. we start with president trump wasting no time kicking off campaign promises. >> he has a packed schedule including a meeting with his new cia chief but sources say he's also still dwelling on losing the popular vote claiming millions of illegal ballots were counted. stephanie ramos has the latest from washington. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, today president trump is set to meet with senate leaders as well at the white house after a day of revolving door activity. trump back in campaign mode complaining about losing the popular vote to hillary clinton in the 2016 election. sources say he repeated the false claim that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted. a republican aide claims he was only joking but a democratic aide disagreed saying the president spent ten minutes talking about the election. while trump won 304 electoral votes to clinton's 227, clinton won nearly 3 million more
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popular votes. despite kwhufrp of trump's claims election officials have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. today president trump welcomes auto industry leaders to the white house as he makes a push for more jobs in the u.s. >> he looks forward to hearing their ideas on how we can work together to bring more jobs bac. >> reporter: also on the agenda mr. trump is set to sign another executive a day after pulling out a trade deal with asia. >> great thing for the american worker, what we just did. >> trump signing two other memorand memorandums. a hiring freeze on all federal workers except the military and an order banning foreign aid to groups who promote or pay for abortions. on the cabinet front, there's some progress. >> confirmation of mike pompeo. >> reporter: the senate confirmed mike pompeo to run the cia. as for secretary of state nominee rex tillerson he's closer to being confirmed clearing a major hurdle in the senate. and if you're keeping track
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three of trump's 15 cabinet nominees have been confirmed. kendis, diane. >> all right, still a ways to go. stephanie ramos live in washington. thank you. white house press secretary sean spicer had a much smoother briefing we should say with reporters after getting off to a rocky start as stephanie mentioned over the weekend. >> spicer stood by his claim it was the most watched inaugural address ever. this time he answered questions telling abc's jon karl he intends to tell the truth from the podium. >> i believe that we have to be honest with the american people. i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. there are certain things we may not fully understand when we come out but our intention is they have to lie to you, jonathan. >> reporter: he refused to say whether the president ordered had him to battle about the size of the crowd. >> president trump will hold his first one-on-one interview since his inauguration with our own david muir. that's tomorrow on "world news tonight" here on abc. next this morning a frigh n frightening incident for the
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governor of minnesota overnight. mark dayton stumbled last night after entering the statehouse chamber to deliver an annual address. then the 69-year-old democrat spoke for about 40 minutes and he took a long sip of water then this happened. >> but despite >> get him to the ground. >> he was not able to finish his of the battle under his own power. his son tweeted that dayton is quote doing great. his chief of staff says he will release his state budget ing. now to some severe weather, a powerful nor'easter is causing damaging winds and floods on the east coast as rainstorms raise mudslide fears in the west. >> look at the radar. you can see this is just your typical nor'easter making its way into new england bringing rain, snow and ice and here's what it's leaving behind, waves crashing over the bulkhead.
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this is in atlantic city and outside new york city powerful winds knocked down a large tree. nearly taking out that house. >> over on the west coast california's governor has declared a state of emergency for 50 counties. the santa clara valley got pounded with large hail. some people in california are dealing with a lot of snow as well. this time-lapse video showings a camper being dug out from five feet of snow in squaw valley. accuweath accuweather's paul williams is tracking it all. paul. >> good morning, diane, kendis. we still have concern for scattered showers right along the west coast. the california coast still a bit breezy as well and already inundated with heavy showers and another low pressure system that will drag the west coast through one more day of it and travel delays as a result of that rain. as we move over towards the east, look for widespread snow showers, a blast of cold air coming out of canada making for snowy conditions throughout wyoming going into south dakota,
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nebraska, into iowa as well as minneapolis. keep in mind we're watching out for blizzard-like conditions possible with very gusty winds along with blowing snow. rain along the east coast, wintry mix throughout pennsylvania, new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine. kendis, diane. >> and paul, one more weather note. the death toll has risen to 20 following those tornadoes in the south. most of the victims were from south georgia where a mobile home park was nearly destroyed by the powerful winds. officials initially said the tornado was an ef-2 but that could be upgraded. hundreds of residents who survived have lost pretty much everything. the georgia governor asking for federal help. move on to good news. former president george h.w. bush is on the mend. the new photo was posted here of mr. bush and his wifebara. he is now out of intensive care at a houston hospital where he was treated for pneumonia for over a week and barbara bush discharged from that same hospital after being treated for
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bronchitis. the obamas are on the second leg of their vacation spotted arriving in the british virgin islands posing with some immigration officers. after spending the weekend in palm springs which turned out to be pretty chilly they are now relaxing on billionaire richard branson's private island. >> lots of smiles. stillou might be waiting a little longer for that tax return this year. a deadly plane crash at an american airport. see the new video as the investigation gets under way this morning. plus, caught on camera. a motorcyclist's brush with death. how he ended up riding on a car's trunk after a collision.
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well, this is an interesting one. a new report claims that the deadly warehouse fire in northern california actually started next door. the fire killed 36 people last month. the report was prepared by defense attorneys for the manager of the warehouse. it also blames the fire on faulty wiring. the atf and oakland fire department are still working to department what caused the fire. the manager has not been charged. snapchat is off the hook in a distracted driving lawsuit at least for now. its attorney says a judge ruled the company is immune under the communications decency act. a driver involved in an accident was allegedly trying to get snapchat's speed filter to put 100 miles per hour on an image. a couple injured sued snapchat for negligence saying the company should have known the filter would lead to such accidents. that couple is now considering an appeal. the irs is delaying some tax refunds. there have been so many fraudulent uses of the earned income tax credit and additional child tax credit and if they
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appear on your return the tax agency will hold your refund for extra vefi they are counted on by many low income families and delaying refunds is likely to a23ek9 most of them. jay sz and friends are getting this, tidal has had trouble competing with bigger services such as spotify, apple and amazon. this will give it access to sprint's 45 million customers and i'm loving we have alicia keys in the background. we know the title of the next episode of the "star wars" saga. it's called "the last jedi" by parent company disney breaking the news on their website but now the question is, who is the last jedi? is it luke skywalker who appears at the end of "the force awakens." rei who is an essential figure or someone totally knew?
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"the last jedi" debuts in december. >> set your calendars. when we come back, spoiler alert there. the warning about cancer. and its connection to eating toast and potatoes. millions and millions of dollars all found in a box spring. investigators explain why it was there and how they found it. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who arnt must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. talk about making the best out of a bad situation this guy riding his jet ski through the flooded streets of fullerton. it is a stuntman which might explain the great coordination with the cameras. he says it took only two takes to get this just right. in southern california rains have revived a popular local waterfall. landmark is usually bone dry but now it is benefiting from all that storm runoff. it looks more like hawaii than
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los angeles, one person said. morning road conditions. a stormy start in new england. heavy mountain snow. strong winds could make driving difficult across the rockies. if you're flying expect some airport delays in new york, philly, boston and minneapolis. federal aviation investigators are starting their look into a deadly plane crash in the airport in tucson. >> passengers captured video as flames engulfed the plane. two people were killed. the plane had taken off in some windy conditions when witnesses say it just dropped out of the sky. despite the incident airport operations did continue. watch this video pretty carefully. this is from a helmet cam from a motorcyclist. he drives up then mopes later the car that was ahead of him hits the brake, what you see there is his motorcycle going behind. at this point he is hanging on to the trunk of the car that hit him. >> they're going really fast too. >> yeah, so miraculously he is
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able to survive. the driver of that vehicle eventually stops. he was charged for drunk driving. amazing piece of video there. >> they're both lucky he didn't get hurt. some advice from british food safety officials. don't burn your toast and don't overcook potatoes. eating starchy foods at high temperatures creates a chemical that increases your risk for tress too much if you do burn them. >> so people used to hide money under their mattress. well, maybe some still do but not like this. federal agents say they found $20 million cash in a box spring near boston. it's from a massive pyramid scheme left behind when one of the masterminds fled to brazil. the feds says he's been sending people to pick up cash since
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then. a patriots fan pulled a fire alarm where the steelers said. despite his not guilty plea he said i was drunk and dared by his friends to set off the alarm. he is facing several charges this morning. so are you not guilty if someone triple dog dares you to do it. >> triple dog dare. no, the nfl is basically off until the super bowl and there's no baseball in january. >> but there is some hoop action to tell you about. highlights now from our guys at espn. good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. man, we have had some rain over the weekend in los angeles and monday we had thunder. >> absolutely. oklahoma city thunder. russell westbrook, you knew about him and his triple-doubles. one of the five teams that hadn't seen him do it. ties it up at 95. fourth quarter. final minute, time winding down,
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westbrook puts the thunder up two with 1.4 seconds remaining. another look at it. somehow -->> he's that open. who else was going to shoot? >> 38, 10 and 10 for westbrook. thunder by two over the jazz. >> i tell you who was going to shoot for miami. dion waiters. we haven't got to the end. he had more27. fourth quarter, 90 seconds left. that's with green on him. waiters hits that and then green to kevin durant, no, boom. warriors shot just 8 of 30 from three. one of the best three-point shooting teams against one of the worst three-point shooting teams. don't tell that to waiters. he got klay thompson going one way, hit that and said my city. my city. it was on that night, heat beat the warriors. nhl all-star game in week mines barry melrose is here all week. come stand outside the studio.
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you may meet him. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> steph curry did not look up next in "the the oscar nominations are announced so who are the favorites? and the epic on a razor scooter going viral. >> into the quite as planned. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot. brilinta reduced the chance of another heart attack. or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising
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♪ time now for "the pulse" and it's the biggest morning of the year for hollywood. oscar nominations will be announced in just a few hours. >> any oscar discussion this year has to start with la and la and end with land. it's a musical love letter to hollywood starring, of course, your favorite ryan gosling and emma stone, they're among the
4:22 am
favorites in all major categories. >> including just life. but another major contender is "manchester by the sea" starring casey affleck. that one is expected to pick up several nominations and is considered a favorite for best original screenplay. >> could be a big morning for "arrival" as well. the sci-fi hit with amy adams looking to add some oscar nods to all the other nominations. it's already received so far this year this season. so, a few films have already been honored with nominations and this is really a big deal, folks. this is an on. the razzie nominations marking the worst in hollywood are thought. >> the worst in hollywood. they include box office bomb "zoolander 2." nine razzie nominations including nods for ben stiller, owen wilson and will ferrell. a close second "batman v. superman: dawn of justice" with eight. "batman versus superman" was robbed.
4:23 am
>> ben affleck goes from winning an oscar to a razzie. the super bowl as you know is less than two weeks away and the party plans already getting under way. >> all right. so google has released the most searched super bowl food by state. some are the standard grub, wings. >> but some are untraditional. maryland, chickpea soup. >> what. >> what? >> people eat chickpea soup on super bowl sunday. in west virginia, this sounds good, the bacon cheese ball. >> that's where we need to go. or in nevada, they're all about the cake pops. >> i'm eating the bacon cheese ball. you can have the soup. >> add some crab to it in maryland. but -- >> the phone is ringing off the hook at a deli in washington, d.c. but the callers are not looking for pa trauma. they are looking for the president. >> the phone number at bub and pop's deli is just one digit off of the white house comment line so the sandwich shop has been
4:24 am
flooded with calls complaining about cabinet nominees to repealing obamacare. >> the mix-up will bring some new customers, they hope. >> if not some angry ones. an epic fall becomes an epic fail. he gathered his friends to watch him ride a razor schooler off a pier at lake tahoe. he didn't quite make it. >> that has to hurt. you see he doesn't make it but his friends decides i'll complete it. don't worry. >> i give his friend a ten. rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened.
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(vo) do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light. do not go gentle into that good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning. good to see you. i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27 a.m. rough surf flooded roads. a nor'easter is continuing to have an impact on the jersey shore this morning. a little later e in atlantic city and by the way there's some school delays along theje. sky6 taking a live look at the delaware river. meteorologist, david murphy is tracking what's left of the storm and if we will see the sun ever again. a woman is trapped in the trunk of a car an quick thinking 911 dispatchers figures out another way top contact her after the call is disconnected. karen rogers system tracking the impact of all this rain that's having on the road also that turnpike bridge closing. it's all next. >> ♪ morning, some babies just will not wait until mom gets to the hospital in order to be born. >> yeah, of course, sometimes
4:28 am
they come early requiring someone other an a doctor to step in and, of course, that's what happened in one special case. nancy alvarez with the story. >> reporter: nestled in the nicu, jet walton is growing stronger every day. >> he's going to have a story to tell. >> reporter: that story started on a southwest flight bound for orlando when at just 26 weeks erica walton went into labor. she credited her career as a nurse for her reaction. >> it's like, okay, this is happening. so i just have to stay calm and we're going to get through it. >> reporter: she praised two doctors and a nurse who rushed to her side. last month that nurse loretta bledsoe described delivering the baby and holding him close as the plane made an emerg landing. >> she got a bunch of blankets and kept him warm. >> reporter: the waltons were rushed off a plane to a hospital. they never saw loretta again until we brought her along for
4:29 am
our interview as a surprise wan >> oh, my god. >> somebody special for you to see. >> reporter: their embrace says it all and loretta finally got to see the baby she delivered somewhere in the sky. >> i always feel like god puts you wherever he needs you to be. who would have thought? we got on that knowing feel like lifelong friends. >> reporter: the baby will stay here as he continues to develop. his due date was the first week of march so could be here until then but he could go home sooner. of course, his parents just waiting and watching and hoping that day comes soon. reporting from the hospital, nancy alvarez. >> his due date, the first week of march. >> could that be considered baby's first flight? >> i guess. >> frequent flier miles for that one. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stay with us for "good morning america."
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday january 24th. >> here's what's coming up. high winds and coastal flooding remain a concern at the jersey shore. we're tracking what's happening in atlantic city as the lingering effects from the nor'easter continues. >> a pizza delivery driver is shot but then shoots back in southwest philadelphia. >> new this morning, fire damages part of a shopping center in west philadelphia. >> there are some schools at the shore opening a little late due to the nor'easter we'll put those at the bottom of your screen and on but right now let's head over to dave murphyan


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