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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 27, 2017 1:37am-2:11am EST

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protests marked trump's first visit here as the nation's ceo with a number of controversies, including an eyebrow raising comment trump made about murder and philadelphia. it's thursday night and the big story is president trump in philadelphia. this was the scene as he stepped off air force one. there were no city dignitaries to greet him. he got into his limo to take him to the lowe's in center city to address the gop retreat. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell seemed delighted to welcome trump to the stage and trump explained returning power to the people. >> a rededication to the idea that the people are in charge of their own des destiny. >> trump's arrival company
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insided with a diplomatic flap in mexico. one day after trump signed an order to start the border wall project, president enrique pena nieto said mexico won't pay for the wall and canceled his trip to washington to meet with trump. trump told the leaders in washington that the decision was mutual. >> the president of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel the planned meeting scheduled next week. unless mexico treats the united states fairly with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless, and i want to go a different route. >> then came word that the white house was proposing a 20% tax on imports from mexico to generate enough money to build the wall. mexico and the u.s. conduct
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$1.6 billion a day in cross border trade. critics point out that the huge tax would be passed on to american consumers. the white house is backing off on the tariff saying it's one of a buffet of options. amid all of the action on the wall and trump planning to hire 5,000 border patrol agents, this man, the chief of the u.s. border patrol mark morgan has been forced to resign. >> o >> on the oil pipelines president trump added executivive orders to proceed with pipelines made with american steel fabricated in the u.s. this is a video we have rarely scene, video of a president in air force one in flight. trump invited them in as air force one flew back to
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washington. now to christie ileto on market street. thousands of people staged protests for trump's visit. tell us about that? >> the protests ended peacefully. police opened up 13th and market to vehicles. all day today, this is where all of the action was. city officials say at its peak they estimated 3,000 people demonstrated in the streets. >> by evening rush, protests were still going strong. >> i hate to sit in traffic, but it's a great reason. >> activists showed up. >> the aca allows me to be a productive member of society. >> the office of emergency management says at its peak the
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city saw 3,000 protesters, many congregating on? city's lowe's hotel, home of the gop retreat. >> i don't know if we thought they would be marching in the mess. we were preparing for just about anything. >> including this. >> protesters trying to breakthrough a line of officers at juniper and walnut. >> it's too quick to judge somebody. >> four years, i could understand a protest. four days? come on. >> at any point to you say, okay, this man is in office four years. we need to give him a chance? >> i won't. >> it's not about coming to accept him. it's about using our rights as citizens to prevent the harm that he is capable of. >> the protests were peaceful for the most part. police said they had no arrests but they had one citation for
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disorderly conduct. jim? >> thank you, christie. >> then there's this, trump made a comment about crime in philadelphia provoking a retort from mayor kenney. >> here in philadelphia the murder rate has been study, trump said. terribly increasing. >> if trump gave the impression that philadelphia has suffered an increase in murders over the years, that would be wrong. the city suffered an uptick in 2015 after a decline over a period of eight years. the first three weeks of 2017 have seen a marked increase compared to last year, but there is no way to know how the year will go. mayor jim kenney called trump's statement an insult to the men and women of the philadelphia police force. >> british prime minister teresa
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may is making her first advise toyota the u.s. and says trump's term is a renewal of america. may will meet with trump in washington tomorrow. for more coverage from throughout this day, visit "6abc".com. it includes a comprehensive look at the president's visit and social media clips and photographs of the protests. >> other news at this hour, federal investigators announced that the engineer at a deadly amtrak incident had drugs in his system. 40 passengers were hurt. today's report revealed 47-year-old engineer alexander hunter tested positive for marijuana. it's simultaneously pointed to a lack safety culture at amtrak
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and to the maintenance crew failing to follow procedures. the mtsb did not come to a conclusion of what caused the crash. >> meanwhile the engineer at the 2016 development is suing the railroad saying amtrak refused to report that people were throwing proreject tiles at trains. he claims he was left disoriented when something struck his train. it was concluded his train was not struck before the crash. they believe he was distracted by the radio reporting a train hit in port richmond. 200 were injured. >> a camden county officer's use of deadly force has been ruled legal and the officer will not face charges.
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>> the incident relates back to an incident in 2016. a state and county investigation determined that freddy baez responded first at officers responding to a domestic violence call. he returned fire killing bay easy. >> aqua crews were praised for fixing a sinkhole so quickly. it caved in on the part of the road leaving a pickup truck dangling. today is crater has been filled in with cement and crushed stone. more than 60 people are back online. >> i'm amazed they filled it as fast as they did. it was a gu gigantic hole. >> they got the hole filled in.
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they saved the truck. >> aqua admitted there was a water main break. engineers have not determined if it was a cause or symptom of the collapse. >> these are the first of 2,000 trucks bringing sand to ortley beach in tom's river to try to repair what was eaten away by the nor'easter. the dune protects homes along the shore line many of those suffered damage in super storm sandy. >> the winds of change are sweeping through thetry state area tonight after a week that has seen a nor'easter followed by an unseasonal warm up, we are looking at below freezing windchills when you wake up in the morning. cecily tynan has the "action news" on the big board. >> we are headed back to winter weather thanks to a cold front that moved through with a round
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of showers. this moves the winds out of the northwest. there are lake effect snow showers making it into central pennsylvania. a few of them survive into our region. the big story the next several days is the fact that we are cooling things down. right now, 44 in philadelphia, down from a high of 55, 15-degrees above normal. you factor in the breeze, windchills are in the 30s. windchills will be dropping by tomorrow morning. the kids heading to the bus stop. you want to bundle them up. haven't had to do that for a while. it's blustery and cold. 36 by 8:00, 37. windchills in the mid 20s. we talk about windchills all day long tomorrow. we'll discuss the cold air and opportunities for snow next week in the full forecast. jim? >> all right, cecily.
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next, the story of an extraordinary journey for a high school ring and the family of a veteran that fought in world war ii. jeff chirico has quite a tale. >> with that, a class ring missing 70 years finds its way hope to the family of edward dodd who lost it serving in the second world war. >> it's a miracle. >> a poor farmer named liam found it a prized position finding it in his garden in papua new guinea. he showed it to a lecturer whodz niece lives in new jersey. he wasn't sure what it was and asked if my uncle could look at it and he recognized it. >> they used the graduation year and initials to determine it was
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dodds. >> they looked through the local phone directory to see if there was someone named dodd in the area. >> his father joked about the ring because the middle initial was wrong. >> we remember him saying, how the hell did it have the wrong initials anyone? he didn't dwell on the loss. >> it helped celebrate the family treasure home. >> we have no idea how it ended up in the dirt on the farm, but it's back now. >> the autobahn alumni association collected donations to help send his children to school. if you would like to contribute, contact the alumni association at the high school. jeff chirico, "action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, the doomsday clock moves closer to midnight. >> a sixer star is snubbed
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joelleejoelembiid bounced from . >> and scientists have success making a human animal hybrid. the explanation of why they are trying to do that when "action news" by peggy lee playing ]
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>> the men accused of killing five people inside the fort lauderdale airport is facing the death penalty. the grand jury returned the indictment against santiago. he aimed at his victim's heads and bodies until teheran out of ammunitions. santiago says he carried out the attack on behalf of isis.
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isis has not taken responsibilities. >> it's getting closer to doomsday. the clock is meant to imitate how close the world is to imnate disaster. this is the closest the clock has been to midnight since 1953, the year after the united states and soviet union conducted tests of the hydrogen bond. >> some universities could merge or close because of financial colleges. the chancellor of the state system called current operations unsustainable. state funding $440 million is about the same as it was 17 years ago. legislative approval was needed to merge or close.
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>> casey told the crowd of several hundred that there's a sense of urgency now more than ever to protect the environment. casey reiterated his intention to pick scott pruitt head of the epa. >> health check at 11:00 tonight, americans are drinking as much soda and sweetened beverages as before. the rate is unchanged from five years ago among adults and children. sweetened drinks account for nearly half of american's daily intake of sugar. philadelphia's tax on chicagoryy beverages three weeks ago. >> scientists have grown human cells inside the embryo of a pig. this is an early step to grow
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full humoringens in animals for people that need transplants. the government bans funding, all research money comes from private funding. now to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> we have been having 50s. saying goodbye to that for a while. dry out there, partly cloudy skies. we have a bit of wind taking a look at the barry bridge, delaware moving quickly with winds currently. temperatures are not cooling off much. climate logically, january 5-26th is the coldest stretch of the season. the afternoon high 40-degrees.
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as of tomorrow, the normal high is 41. this january didn't feel that cold. it wasn't temperatures running five and a half degrees above normal for the month. right now, philadelphia 44. allentown 41, trenton 45. reading 45. we have gusts atlantic city airport, 24. sustained winds out of the west, 12 to 16 miles per hour. it's going to be a while before we shake the breeze. the winds will be with us all night long, through the day tomorrow and saturday. satellite 6 and action radar showing cloud cover is dissipating. lake effect snow near buffalo one to three feet of snow. some of those snow flurries could make it to our region tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning, we have bright sunshine, testimonie temperature
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30s. windchills a factor all day long. we start 7:00, windchills across the board in the 20s. with the wind, windchill in the 30s. saturday morning, windchills in the 40s. saturday afternoon, windchills die down. transition zone, the jet stream is right over us. it sinks to the south. it lets chilly air move into the region from the northwest. we are not talking about brutally cold air, but temperatures seasonal, about where they should be this time of year. the seven-day forecast, brisk and cooler, 45 with winds chill in the 30s. saturday, 40. sunday 42. a cold front sunday night into monday. 36, tuesday, a high of 39.
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wednesday, as we begin february, typically the snowiest month of the year, could get snow shower, 40-degrees, thursday a high of 36. wednesday, a clipper doesn't look to be robust. snow showers. snow lovers have been disappointed this season. >> there is a pool. amount of snow in february, i'm in for five inches. >> i'm going for 18-inches. >> what? >> i want to get close to my total. that's what i'm going for. we'll see. >> a philadelphia law firm honored an employee leading the way for diversity. they presented the nathaniel r. jones diversity award to scott cooper who serves as the chair of the employment group.
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>> joel embiid may be an all star for 12 or 15 years, but not this year. he has to wait at least one more year. he's shut out of the all star game. the sixer rooky was not selected as a reserve. he was voted in last week. a lot of that had to do with media voting into the equation. he tweeted once again the popular vote didn't matter. he will take part in the rising star challenge. with the nhl all star break on top flyers with two wins in the past two games, why not make it three for three.
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wayne simmons on the way to the all star game himself, 1-0 flyers. late in the third, roman gives the flyers the advantage, 2-1 game now. maple leafs of come close with two minutes to play. flyers win 2-1, thousan now thre victories in a row. >> we can get better, improve as a team. we are going the right direction right now. we have to make sure no matter how many you win in the row, you build on the game. >> villanova is on the rebound. the cats are trying to move past marquette, sunday hosting virginia. it could cost them their number one ranking. both losses this season came in conference play. that's life in the big leagues.
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>> the coaches in the league, you can't take a minute or two off. if that happens, it will come back to bite you. it's tough, but everyone has to know, we have to learn from it. >> more "college hoops" ahead. an up and down day for a couple of local teams,
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>> in college basketball action tonight delaware falls to mary.
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42-58 oosm rodney williams scores 22 points. sammy chips in with 16. a nice move off of a steal, drexel wins 81-80 in overtime. we have a grand slam final, venus and serena williams meet for the final saturday. tiger woods is back -- somewhat. tory pines, first pga tour action in 500 days. one point, bogey, bogey, double bogey. he ends the round with a birdie, four over 76, 11 strokes off the pace. rust to shake off. >> thank you, ducis. an event was held in delaware county to raise financial aid. the church held a planning fair
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to help students and their parents learn about saving for college and paying for it. the event represented state and local colleges help in delaware county. jimm"jimmy kimmel live" followey "nightline," guests are samuel jackson. news continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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