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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i don't know what to do. i sold my house. i quit my job. my wife quit her job. >> it has been an extraordinary day in america as a nation of immigrants closes a door for some for now. at airports across the country people were detained in the wake of president trump's executive order. several were forced to return to syria leaving their family in the lehigh valley baffled and frightened. i'm walter perez, the big story,
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unprecedented action by an american president. the order was signed yesterday and the fallout was swift. today hundreds of refugees and travelers, many holding valid visas were detained and in some cases sent back to the country they left. tonight, a federal judge ordered a ban from returning those people from the u.s. protesters packed airports across the country. demonstrators sent a message to president trump saying the action was illegal and un-american. we have reaction to the fallout. ♪ ♪ >> protesterers flock to airpors across the country fighting back against the refugee rule. >> what donald trump did in the last 24 hours is disgusting and
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un-american. >> at the kennedy airport 12 people were detained on authority of the president's order, nine in dallas and one in chicago. hundreds overseas have been denied entry to the u.s. this man and his family were pulled off a u.s. bound fight. >> i'm ruined now. i don't know what to do. i sold my house. i quit my job. my wife quit her job. >>er his family given the visa because he risked his life working with the u.s. government. >> i don't know what to do. tomorrow i'm going back to iraq in a terrible situation. >> saturday, mr. trump said the program is in a good start. >> it's working out nicely. you see it at the airport and all over. it's working out nicely. >> for this man detained at jfk, a reprieve. >> america is the greatest nation in the world. he was released after 19 hours.
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>> this is a community. this is the soul of america. >> saturday night a federal judge in new york issued a temporary stay preventing detainees from being deported. new york. >> two families in our area were refused entry because of the directive. jeanette reyes is live with wphl-17. jeanette? >> walter, protesters came out in full force along with the governor and other elected leaders in response to president trump's latest and arguably most controversial order. we spoke to a family impacted by this. they say they are confused because they went about this the legal way. >> i'm beside myself thinking this is a prank. this is not real. >> after more than a decade of waiting, piles of paper work and
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thousands of dollars, the family was excited if are the extended family members moving from war-torn syria to the states. >> i have been waiting for them three years. i woke up at 6:00 just to go there. >> after an 18 hour flight with stops in several countries, the group would only walk on american soil for hours before being sent back. they tell "action news" their relatives were detained by homeland security and refused phone calls. this is a move by president trump's ban on muslims from seven muslim countries. backlash from citizens and elected officials was swift with dozens of protesters compressing their outrage at philadelphia
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airport. >> i'm a son of an immigrant. >> attendees included tom wolf, bob casey, and mayor jim kenney. kenny said by several accounts the families waited for months to come to the country legally. the trump administration may have given these families a death sentence. >> i'm very proud to be syrian. if you want to kick me out because i'm syrian, i don't mind, but i'm proud to be american too. >> now this recent ruling by the federal judge? new york is a win for now from protesters. it's only apply today the travelers already here and it doesn't mean they'll be released to go to their families in the states. they'll detained and a lot of people expect a fight from the administration up to the hearing
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and after set for february 21st. reporting live at the philadelphia international airport, jeanette reyes, action news. >> thank you, jeanette. the travel ban affects legal res sents of the u.s. with green cards. if they are traveling out of the country, they may not be allowed back in. this has prompted deans to caution people from traveling out of the u.s. this ban is shocking companies, google for example has 150 employees traveling overseas at this time. the company is urging them to come back right away if possible. >> another company is stepping in to help those whose lives are in limbo. the company will offer free housing to refugees and anyone turned away by the u.s. air b & b has members around the world and after the tweet was sent out many tweeted back
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offering their homes affected. >> >> in other news, a woman was arrested after throwing another woman's child into the path of an on coming train. autumn match cheer rah was at the train station and grabbed a five-year-old she didn't know and threw the child on to the tracks. officers stopped the train and arrested awment and took the child to hospital for cuts and bruises. >> mourners held a memorial for catherine brown. she was taking her grandchildren to a birthday party when she was hit. she was holding her three-year-old grandson at the time. the crash forced mrs. brown to drop her grandson before the van
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dragged her down 47th street. >> we grabbed the baby to get it out of the street and said where's the grand mom. her body was at the end of the block. >> the baby will be okay but catherine brown died a short time after being hit. police are asking for help with information about the driver of vehicle involved. >> a memorial is growing in bensalem at the site a 13-year-old died when he crashed his atv into a vehicle last night. he was driving on bensalem road when he collided with a vehicle making a turn there. he was not wearing a helmet and his headlights were off. another teenager on the atv was taken to children's hospital and remains in critical condition. >> it's cold out there. melissa magee has the first check of the forecast. >> walter, we had clouds
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dominating the sky and flurries around for saturday. wednesday and thursday, we had highs in the 50s. that's above average. yesterday's high, 44. today we maxed out at 41. 41 is average this time of year. it's chilly tonight. extra layers, gloves are needed. temperatures are in the 30s most locations. 34 philadelphia, same allentown. 28 in trenton, 34 atlantic city and 27 in the poconos. radar 3d, we have lake effect snow shower activity downwind of the great lakes earlier today. we are tracking another disturbance moving through so snow shower showers are likely e i-95 corridor tomorrow afternoon in the poconos. 7:00 in the morning, more many the way of sunshine, 32. 38 at 10:00 tomorrow morning.
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we hold in the lower 40s at 1:0f 43-degrees. we have clouds, sunny breaks and it's breezy for the afternoon. we have a closer look at the exclusive seven-day forecast. >> from classic cars to newer models, there is something for everyone at the auto show at the pennsylvania convention center. you can check out hundreds of vehicles. visitors had the chance to meet members of the "action news" team, david murphey, ami mccormick and greg hall. >> beautiful music is at the academy of music in center city tonight. ♪ ♪ >> the philadelphia orchestra took the stage for the 160th concert and ball celebrating philadelphia's golden heritage. proceeds benefit the academy of music restoration fund.
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>> still to come, a violent shootout between police and a murder suspect in chicago is caught on camera. >> also, good news from texas. we have an update on the health of former president w. h. bush. >> and brian westbrook is back in town for his induction into the hall of fame. jeff skversky has sports when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> my goodness, that is a police involved shootout on the streets of chicago. body cam shows the gun battle from november. police were chasing a man accused of shooting his girlfriend and unborn child. chicago police made the shooting public as part of an attempt to be more transparent. in texas, a lawsuit claims 52 rapes were committed by 30 baylor university football players. this is part of a suit by a woman that used to attend baylor. five lawsuits say other women were attacked and the school failed to protect them or ignored their complaints. baylor reported assaults by 19
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players. baylor's president resigned and the football coach was fired and replaced by temple coach matt rhule. >> the flu has reached epidemic levels across the u.s. doctors are urging anyone that hadn't received this year's vaccine to get it as soon as possible. it takes two weeks to be effective and protects 95% of the flu strains out. >> former president george wh bush could go home from the hospital this week. he's being treated for pneumonia. a spokesman for the president says he's eagerly looking forward to going home. his wife former first lady barbara bush was released from the hospital monday after being treated for bo bronchitis.
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>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. back to normal pretty much. seasonal conditions outside. it's chilly. >> which is right. right. storm track are 6 double scan radar, walter, dry with no issues of precipitation. earlier today we had flurries across the region thanks to lake effect snow showers. there could be snow shower in the poconos sunday. action camera outside earlier today and tonight, folks walking
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around center city at broad and locust street. as we look at the month of january, so far temperatures have been mild. we have been averaging temperatures 5.9-degrees above where they should be for the month of january making it the warmest january in a decade. eight straight months temperatures have been above arch, closaverage. 34 in philadelphia at this hour. reading 33. 27 in the poconos, 37 cape main and 37 in dover. satellite 6 in dover, cloud cover over head with lake effect snow flurries. right now, partly cloudy skies, energy to the west sneaking in. the poconos fair game for snow
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flurries around. over the next 12 hours, it is cold. dropping to 27 for the suburbs and 32 philadelphia. sunday morning, a fair amount of sunshine. a nice difference from earlier today. 5:00 tomorrow evening, flurries likely north of the poconos and close to the pocono region tracking the energy off of the great lakes. sunday night into monday, however, tracking more robust system to the south and west, seeing snow showers setting up for lancaster and wilmington, 6:00 in the morning for the commute, allow extra time. philadelphia and areas to the south and east before we clear out for the afternoon. windchill along the i-95 corridor, tomorrow, close to average, but windchills in the 20s in the morning and 30s in
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the afternoon into sunday evening. seven-day forecast, clouds and sun tomorrow. breezy by the afternoon, a high of 43. flurries around monday morning. a colder day at 39. tuesday, a clipper with light snow west of philadelphia, high of 41. wednesday, breezy and 42 for the high. thursday, for ground hog day, brisk and chilly, high of 36 and colder next friday, 34 and saturday, sunny and cold, walter, a high of 33. more sunshine tomorrow. >> the ground hog better have good news. >> i'm hoping for that too. >> thank you, melissa. >> you can find the seven-day forecast and double scan radar anytime of the day on our website, "6abc".com/weather. >> sixer big man joel embiid will sit out the next game.
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jeff skversky tells us why when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> okay, jeff skversky has a check on sports. joel embiid is fun to watch. >> he's a lot of fun to watch which is why it's so disappointing he won't play tomorrow in chicago with a lot on the line. the sixers have a shot to get within three and a half of the final conference but joel embiid will not get to help out. after dropping 32 points last night his return from a knee injury, interesting decision to sit him opposed to resting him against sacramento monday at home with a second game back to back. with emdiid, the future is bright. >> you always see signs of brilliance. you see signs that he's young and learning to play nba basketball.
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in je general we all walk away thinking he can be whatever he wants to be. >> so what's the number one goal for wayne simmons in the all star festivities? simmons says he doesn't want to make himself look like a fool. >> wayne simmons. >> simmons in the skills competition tonight from center ice score in the four line challenge. the wayne train is running a late in the fastest skater competition. the atlantic division wins and faces simmons tomorrow for three on three hockey. what is this? simmons says he was talking to sydni crosby about teaming up. >> i had a chance to talk to these guys. i have never been to anything like this before. i was sitting beside j.t. trying to navigate my way through. >> check this out in the
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celebrity game. checking justin bieber into the board. sorry. that's a beauty and a beat up. they are having fun in l.a. bieber gets the last laugh scoring the game winning goal. flyers are on break but there is hockey in wells fa wells fargo. presbyterians ton scores three time in the third and past peyton jones, penn state loses to princeton 5-4, winless in the last three. still to come in sports, la salle and a nail biter. that comes down to the final shot. plus, brian westbrook gets a big honor tonight. more sports after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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