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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  January 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, two local senators meet with the lb gt community to plan ways to fight discrimination policies. two sisters are killed while crossing rose wealth boulevard, and police say that the man who hit them was drunk but the big story on "action news" is latest fall out from president trump's immigration ban. >> across the country tens of thousands of people are streaming into airports, to
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make opposition heard and many travelers hoff been detained were released to day but toss ens are still being held. >> just a short time ago president trump released a statement defending his order and blasting the media for what he says is false reporting. >> chopper six is over the scene at philadelphia international airport where protesters have lined the street, near rifle hall chanting and holding signs. two families were detained here yesterday and forced to go back to war torn syria after not being allowed into the u.s. meanwhile traffic on i-95 and surrounding area is a real mess as you cane because of the protests, and septa has halted bus services to the airport for a time, because of those delays. >> lets go live to our camera on the ground here. you can see police restens. this is of the international , outside international arrivals hall here at philadelphia international airport, a big police presence here, we're told that just a moment ago natalie we're told a moment ago natalie protesters went inside the building. they were outside here protesting. they have gone inside, there
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was a very large, crowd, estimated to be the in the hundreds if not thousands out there, this afternoon, blocking traffic, and, the access to the international terminal here at philadelphia international airport. our main airport. >> in boston copley square was filled as you can see with thousands protesters immigration ban. there were similar scenes, coast to coast and airports including orlando and raleigh-durham, where demonstrators stranded we are all equal. >> reporter: this afternoon president trump defended his executive order on immigration , he says natalie u.s. will show compassion, but must keep this nation safe. he denied that this is a muslim ban and attack the media for describing it that way. some in congress say the white house caused chaos by rushing the order, and several leaders called for immediate rerigses. arizona senator john mccain called it a self inn trick wound in the war on terror. >> i think natalie effect will
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probably in some areas give isis some more propaganda. let's move on to the live protest at philadelphia international airport, with "action news" reporter jeanett e reyes, jeanette. >> reporter: walter, things have died down here significantly n fact it is kind of of deceiving right the now because protesters have have in the gone home, in fact they have gone inside, of the airport you can see police presence just outside, here. for quite sometime earlier this afternoon we had protesters chanting, that they wanted to be let inside, of the airport, and eventually they actually went a roundabout way to get inside but take a live look here at these barricade and police cruisers lining this road here , and this is international, terminal, terminal a, and it was, blocked, off for a while, and then one lane opened, but only a lane opened. i want to also show you this video we were able to capture over an hour ago, what you
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should be able to see, but we have witt thesed earl willer today, protest looked largely peaceful, however, there was a little will bit of the scuffle between police officers, and one protester. this was because of their attempt to try to get inside of the airport. that deescalated, pretty quickly but it was most we have seen in terms of the any kind of negative interaction between the police and the protesters. a lot of the protesters were saying that police did kind offhanded will things well. police seem to be pretty content with how things went but earlier today, it was a lot of people out here, thousands of people we're told that shut down i-95, of course , both north and southbound lanes, as of right now, things are looking much, much better, but still give yourself extra time heading out this way, to catch a plane reporting live from philadelphia international airport jeanett reyes, for channel six "action news". >> all right jeanette, thank you. today's protests drew hundreds of people from all
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different walks of life with one message. "action news" reporter bob brooks was there in the thick of it and filed this. >> reporter: report protesters seemingly shut down traffic around philadelphia international the airport, from chopper six we will see it backup as far as the eye can see. >> chanting. >> reporter: entire entrance to the international terminal a, laid host to more than a thousand protesters. let them in. >> reporter: third floor inside international the arrivals hall take a look at their signs, here to fight back against president trump's executive order to ban immigrants from seven predominantly muslim nations. she says that she was a refugee many years ago herself and cried when asked how she thought about the ban. >> it has shaken you. >> yes, because... unaudible. >> reporter: this isn't the came country she fled to for a better life. >> i love this country. my kid were born here.
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>> reporter: carmen guerrero is a immigrant from mexico and says this isn't the right solution. >> this is wrong, we don't need walls, we need solutions reports report we spotted protesters breaking down in tears because of the ban, we spoke to many who say as long as executive order is in effect, they will keep this up >> no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcomed here. >> right now, it is refugees that are welcomed here, other chants are, this is what democracy looks like. well, certainly a major protest and one that remains, and right now, immigrants across the country are barred from entering the you had. the live at philadelphia international airport bob brooks for channel six "action news". meanwhile today pennsylvania governor tom wolf met the with the family from allentown whose loved ones were detained at philadelphia international airport yesterday. the those family members, then were forced to go back to war torn syria. relatives of the family had all of the paperwork in order
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and fees paid. yesterday, they were detained at the airport and their immigrant visas cancelled. today they are back in damascus. >> i'm devastated what happened to our family, we have done everything by the book, by the rules and what america wanted to us to, we always lived by the rules all of our life. i was saddened and heart broken because they have to be sent back, to the war zone. >> immigration attorneys are now helping the family figure out what to do next. taking another live look from here from chopper six over philadelphia international airport, the traffic on i-95 as you can see is backup from the surrounding area as well, real mess because of the protest and septa has even halted bus services to the airport for a period of time because of those delays. world news sunday will have very latest on the travel ban and nationwide protests, coming upright here after "action news". turning to the accu weather forecast. is there a winter weather advisory for south jersey and delaware. we are tracking some light snow, that could arrive, just in time for the morning
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commute. meteorologist melissa magee is here now with the check of the accu weather forecast, melissa >> reporter: there could be a few flurries in philadelphia early tomorrow morning but that winter wet ther advisory as you mentioned for south jersey and delaware is from ocean county, all the way down to new castle and kent county, there in delaware. and the ad risery goes up at 3:00 a.m. lasting right through noonan monday. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d and you can see that this piece of energy that we're tracking coming out of the ohio valley moving into virginia and up through del marva and this will pass to the south of philadelphia as we go throughout the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. future tracker six showing you slow go through the commute 6:30 in the morning. note that is snow south of the i-95 corridor but it the is affecting areas in south jersey and also, into delaware so as far as what we can expect, with this southern system, it is light snow for south jersey and delaware, slippery road and sidewalk, a big concern, allow extra time for commute in the morning and this will be wrapping up from
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the west/east direction between 9:00 and 11:00 o'clock tomorrow. we will look closer at the forecast and go over expect snowfall totals with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. "action news" will be tracking winter weather throughout the evening and we will be back on the air early tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. to make sure that you can get the where you need to go. in other news tonight, two sisters were killed, crossing the roosevelt boulevard, by a man who police say, was driving drunk. "action news" reporter christie let the owe has this story -- christie ileto has this store friday northeast philadelphia. >> reporter: "action news" was rolling was they took the 48 year-old man in cuss todd hoy was reportedly behind the wheel of this now damaged black jeep help it ran over two sisters, crossing roosevelt boulevard saturday night.. >> was like boom. >> reporter: calls came just before midnight. >> boulevard, auto accident. >> i'm walking and then i see the huge commotion. i walk all the way over there, i see a fire truck, at least four police vehicles.
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>> reporter: flurry of flashing lights flooded the they are southbound lanes as emt rushed the 19 year-old and her ten year-old sister to nearby hospitals. police say, rush initially fled before returning a short time later. investigators say two young girls lived in the neighborhood and they were walking home at the time of the accident. >> i feel sorry for the family , devastate to go them right the now. >> reporter: driver faces charges including two counts of the homicide by vehicle, his wife, who was also in the car at the time of the accident is not being charged. reporting there oxford issuing is will christie ileto for channel six "action news". students from a middle school this bensalem came out today to pay tribute to a teenager who was killed during an atv accident on friday night. student's gathers at scene of the crash right there on bensalem boulevard and ford road. thirteen year-old giann forte was killed when his atv collided with another reek will. he was not wearing a helmet. his headlights were off. the passenger, another 13
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year-old, was transported to, children's hospital in critical condition. much more to come on "action news" tonight the two u.s. senators meet with the local lb gt community to address concerns about new proposals from the trump administration. plus good news for freddie mercury he is parrot who escaped last week and now he is safe once again. and a wild finish for villanova wildcats after their worst start of the season jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back ♪
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and helps keep acid down for hours. house fire in upper chichester delaware county sent one fire fight ther to the hospital, flames gutted the house in the 2300 block of carlton avenue, around 8:00 this morning. the residents escaped without injuries but one fire fighter suffered a minor injuries and was taken to crozer-chester medical center. no word on the cause of the fire. two u.s. senators shared coffee and talk at a variety of public cause is today.
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pennsylvania's bob casey join new jersey's corry booker at square one coffee in center city. they met with leaders of the l b gtq community in the area to discuss defending recent answers. booker offered advice for anyone who wants to better their communities. >> and now, more than ever, the opposite of have love is not hate. it is silence. it is apathy, it is in-action. >> the senators also urged everyone to use social media to stay up to date and work together. an exotic bird that escape from the owner's home this delaware has been return safe ly to north wilmington. four year-old parrot spent over a week on the run, he was recaptured near west chester, pennsylvania, after a police officer spotted him and posted his picture on line. the his owner lured the board, known as freddie mercury down from the roof of the house with nutter butter cookies. freddie seems to be doing just fine. >> ♪
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>> they celebrated the year of the rooster this afternoon in malvern, the main line chinese culture center hosted a new years celebration. the children's choir performed traditional songs and danced to modern music. there were a number of folks dances on the program as well.
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okay. jeff skversky has a check on sports. what a game, what a finish. >> unreal. >> unreal for villanova coming off a loss, looking to rebound and little revenge begins virginia who beat them last year. wow. was that unreal, something? number one ranked villanova is only team in the country that has not lost back to back games over the last four years but nova in deep, deep trouble today against virginia thanks to their worst start to a game , all season. largest crowd in pennsylvania history to see a college
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basketball game, and they see an ugly start by villanova josh hart, chris jenkins combined, zero for 13 in the first. villanova a season low 22 points at the half. second have half, down 13 where is that shot? chris jenkins zero for his last 15? nails the three. part of the 130 run to get them within one. minutes later josh hart for three and the lead. four seconds left, tied up h art drives, devincento hits at buzzer, what a finishings, wow, how close is that. the freshman from wilmington, delaware, their first buzzer beater instant is the national championship. villanova wins, 61-59. >> it was a great shot, and the defense, and he just went to the glass and i was lucky enough to tip it in right there. >> we will see if they stay
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number one in the country, all right. no joe joe against the chicago bulls. sixers star joel embiid will in the play for the fourth time in their last five games. sixers say embiid is questionable for tomorrow in their second game of the back to back. nerlens though he will, not jahlil okafor will start tonight in chicago. oak far has been dealing with an injury of his own, it is knee advertise considerate. he will be a game time decision. with the win over the bulls, knoll and innings isers will get within three and a half games of the final playoff spot tonight. they look to take advantage of a struggling bulls team. and take care of the ball and we have superstars on their team. we have a neutralize them. >> we will anticipate their a game and if you to you will get a hell of a game. that is a really good team with veteran players, and so, that is my expectation of what we will see it in. >> sixers lost 11 straight to
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chicago. tonight on sports sunday are sixers making a mistake resting embiid against bulls with so much at stake. what eagles money should go, who should stay. mike missanelli and i will talk about that and much more tonight at 11:45. three eagles from the the pro bowl tonight and could it be time time darren sproles and jason kelce wear an eagles helmet. both could be salary cap casualties this off season. check out downtown atlanta today, send off for falcons as they helped to houston. for super bowl 51. a week from it this, falcons touched down this afternoon, exton native matt ryan will make his first super bowl appearance begins tom brady and patriots. flyers leading goal scorer wayne simmonds doing what he does best in the nhl all-star game. scoring. simmonds with two goals so far in his first all-star game appearance. roger federer facing his oldest rival rafael nadal in the australia open, unbelievable finish to this,
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early on federer struggling, madal, looking to pass pete sampras but fifth set off the serve, nadal, wide, the review confirms it, federer wins his 18th major, hose ever by a man , he is oldest grand slam winner in 45 years. >> that is a blast from the past there. >> he has not won in five years, big win there. >> very cool. >> thanks, jeff. up next on "action news" winter weather advisory in effect for parts of our area. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back
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we have not seen much of the accu weather forecast. >> little bit of know for areas south of the i-95 corridor early tomorrow morning, give yourself some extra time, here's storm track er six live double scan radar you can see it is try right noe issues with precipitation but for areas south of philadelphia there could be very light snowfall. we will talk bit. show you picture outside. in the near term sky six live in hd down the shore in atlantic city and atlantic city is a lays poised to get some snow, overnight and into, early tomorrow morning. high today in philadelphia is 44 degrees. still not bad with the southerly flow, and 40 in the city, 36 in reading. thirty-seven wilmington. thirty-eight in cape may. thirty-seven for trenton and atlantic city. here's satellite six with action radar we had more this is the way of sunshine earlier today but look off to the south and west and we are tracking a disturbance out of
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the ohio valley cutting up through virginias and del marva and this will work its way, just to the south of philadelphia. producing a swath of snow early tomorrow morning. so call from accu weather for next 12 hearst is mostly cloud which that snow arriving well after midnight. winter weather advisory goes up at 3:00 in the morning, lasting right through noon tomorrow. we will bottom out at 22 in the suburbs, 30 in philadelphia for overnight the low. here's future tracker six at 3:00 in the morning we have light snow developing, there in kent county, delaware and also this south jersey a roaching wildwood. by 6:30 tomorrow morning. we have got snow. it is fairly light in nature for areas in atlantic city down to wildwood on south and westward into central areas of delaware. the snow will start to pull out from the southwest to northeasterly direction. by 9:00 o'clock in the morning the it will start to taper off by 6:30 tomorrow evening there could be a few left over flurries another disturbance coming on through. as far as expected snowfall overnight into early tomorrow
6:26 pm
morning, if you are along that i-95 corridor you have seen flower fridays a coat to go an this much for areas south of philadelphia and interior south jersey and 2 inches or a little bit higher then that for atlantic county down to cape may, cumberland counties and kent county there in delaware, before everything clears out, as we get into tomorrow afternoon. so, monday morning, the rush, take it slow, especially for south jersey and delaware, snow covered road is a big concern and reduced visibility as well. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast on monday morning flurries, cold day, high temperature of 39 degrees, again, concentration of light snow is town in south jersey and delaware, we will clear out by tomorrow afternoon. on tuesday we are tracking a clipper system moving on through so snow, rain likely in our northwestern suburbs through the lehigh valley otherwise high temperature at the 42. on wednesday, sunshine, cloud, clearing sky at the 43. thursday it is brisk, chilly
6:27 pm
foreground hog's day, high temperature of just 38. on friday, sunny and cold at 34 for the high. we will stay, cold as we get into next saturday, high temperature coming in at 33. 39 degrees next sunday. cloudy with rain and snow possible, guys a how some extra time tomorrow morning south of the city. >> thanks, melissa. abc's world nice is next who here on channel six. the don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 and we will back here at six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here tonight at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪ (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following breaking news. president trump's travel ban, and the fury it's ignited. thousands of protesters from coast to coast. men, women and children from seven muslim countries blocked from entering the u.s. crowds cheering as some travelers are allowed in. families reunited, but others still detained. lawyers camped out at airports. tonight, the white house official appearing to reverse a key part of the executive order. no apologies, president trump firing back. calling the world "a horrible mess." the white house insisting the order will protect america. republicans breaking from the president, warning the controversy could be used as a recruiting tool for isis. killed in action.


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