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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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spruce street in reading where stout was shot late last month. >> reporter: hey guys, it happened here on the 1200 block of spruce and was one of those cases where neighbors describe the gunman as a good guy and kept to himself and never caused a problem. but they say it's a dangerous case of alcohol and firearms. >> the officer was justified. in his use of force. that is the conclusion reached by berks county investigators after a deadly police involved shooting two weeks ago in reading it all sported when he was hosting a cookout for friends and family. and he entered to smoke a cigarette. he came out side and pointed this sawed off shotgun in his direction and ordered him to put out the cigarette in a profanity
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laced tirade. >> i came out side to see what was going on and saw the shotgun and the kids were crying and i called 911. >> the police came and ordered stout to drop the weapon. stout refused to comply with the commands and starts to raise his arm and pointed the sawed off shotgun in the direction of the officers. >> that is when one of the responding officers opened fire killing the 62-year-old stout. the ensuing investigation said that the shotgun while operational was not loaded and stout was toxcated with a blood alcohol content of.06. >> he says i think the police officer did his job. what choice did he have, he didn't know the gun was empty nobody new. and the daughter described her father, he was a troubled man
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and hard man but he wasn't a bad man, i'm sorry for the children that were scared and sorry for the officer that had to take a life and sorry i'll never get to say good by. >> the ruling is the officer's use of deadly force was justified. thank you. it has been more than 24 hours since the fire broke out at this peco substation in north philadelphia. at the height of the fire more than 30,000 people were in the dark. right now more than 2,000 customers remain without power. and peco plans to use truck mounted generators to get the lights back on and they plan to get power restored to the area by tonight and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new at 5:00 camden county officials are trying to find the person or persons behind racist
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graffiti in voorhees, on the side of a vacant house on round hill road. including a slur against african-americans was painted overnight and is being investigated as a criminal incident. and a homeless man was sentenced to two years pro brags for this attack on a transgender woman. he plead guilty to assaulting the woman on a center city sidewalk this year who was in town for a lgbt conference and the victim secretly recorded the incident and workman must complete community service and anger management classes. the debate to repeal the affordable care act is heading up in washington. paul ryan thinks the bill will pass in the house but some think it's too progressive and needs to be scaled back.
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>> reporter: president trump is embracing the republican bill calling it a great program but the new health cache plan comes from a new revolt from some conservatives. the uphill battle on capitol hill over health care. >> folks have a health insurance card but they don't have any care. republicans now facing a fight against democrats and a cohort in their own party. >> i think it's dead on arrival and i don't think conservatives will vote for it. they refuse to sign off on a plan they say doesn't go far enough. >> it replaces the subsidies with tax credits and ends penalties over time for the uninsured and ended medicaid expansion. that will have an impact on lower income americans. >> and today democrats pouncing on a provision on the plane that
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gives major tax benefits to insurance company executives, to cost taxpayers $450 million, that one democrat says that republicans are talking about. >> they are quiet and silent as they are silent and acquiesce in the wrongdoing of this administration. >> but president trump is pushing the plan. it's a can complicated process but called good health care. >> we'll have a full-court press. >> and house minority leader nancy pelosi is accusing republicans of rushing the process without all the facts. waiting for the congressional budget office to weigh in on costs and how many americans will be covered before moving forward. live in washington, janay norman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today marks international womens day, around the country mothers and daughters and business women came together to
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showimpact on the rallied in ph woul be like. countries around the world are celebrating, including the head of camden base campbell soup company, she pledges to accelerate more women in executive positions and share aid mess an with employees. >> some of the wisest words spoken to me was from my mother. say that ambition is part of femininity. i hope they inspire you today. the company's first woman ceo and fewer than 30 women ceos of fortune 500 companies. and councilwoman, blond
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elwilliams brown talks about trade industries and they talked about ways to break the stereotypes in the workplace and carve out more room for women if all industries. turning to accuweather tonight and the mild spring like conditions we had today although changes are on the horizon. we look live at the bay bays of atlantic city, windy at times and an arctic front is bringing change as long with it. cecily tynan is live with more on the forecast. >> it's hard to believe i'm tracking cold air and snow, when you look at the temperatures, 63 in philadelphia, and washington, d.c. 67 and our second day in a row of temperatures in the 60s and a good amounts of sunshine however, also some intense winds, peak wind gusts atlantic city 53 miles per hour and millville 48 and allentown 37
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miles per hour winds, so a blustery day and satellite 6 along with action radar showing good amount of sunshine and we have a front move through in the morning with a round of rain and high pressure is briefly moving in and what this will do is keep quiet conditions through tonight and through the day tomorrow. so the evening planner showing it is going to be a breezy night and mostly clear and temperatures slow to fall off. 56 at 7:00 and by 9:0052 and 11:00, 50 degrees so a mild night and another mild day tomorrow. temperatures hitting the low 60s. however, friday morning is the time to watch for a potential of snow and rain and behind the system, last weekend was cold and this weekend even colder. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> wednesday night and matt pellman is in the traffic center with the latest on the commute home tonight. >> we are watching 295 rick and
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monica, where travel times are going on four times what they should ideally be. and the crash is cleared out of the way and we look live at route 70 and on the brakes in a major way on down to the accident scene. i would think about using kings highway and new jersey turnpike as alternates, a vehicle northbound at the black horse pike and a crash taking out the left lane luckily that one is not causing a huge delay. and big delays in marlton, all eastbound traffic being forced off at green drive just ahead. and think about main street as an alternate. and another one here in port richmond, we heard it was a disabled vehicle jammed solid from cotman. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> see you then thanks matt. still ahead on "action news" at
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5:00 tonight. a deadly crash between a freight train and a charter bus in mississippi, the new details from the ntsb as the bus seemingly stalled on the tracks leaving a group of tourists in the train's path. and ali gorman explains the health risk of green tea extract.
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on capitol hill today a hearing about the qualityive life if the military. the house committee heard from members of each branch and the conversation turned to the recent scandal that rocked the u.s. marine core. a private facebook group with thousands of members inside of the corps shared explicit images of fellow marines without their knowledge. >> it's disrespectful. we don't condone it. >> i want my daughters to grow up in an environment and either be able to serve in our military or not. and whatever they decide to do, i want them to know they have, you know they are treated with dignity and respect. >> one of the alleged victim. former marine, kallie wayne, spoke to abc news and accused
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her marine ex-boyfriend of posting their private sex tape to the site. and is relieved that the matter is now being investigated. and a popular weight loss supplement if you take anything with green tea extract you could be putting your health at risk. ali gorman joins us with the detail. >> people assume that supplements are safe but they are not strictly regulated. green tea supplements are marketed for weight loss and there is no evidence that they work and could cause problem zbhz you hey have heard that green tea could be good for your heart. don't confuse a cup of tea with green tea powder, some are promising weight loss and a healthier metabolism. but experts have concerns. >> higher contrations of extract can cause liver damage and the
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herb itself canalitier the effectiveness of a long list of drugs. and elevate your heart rate and blood pressure and researchers suggest that up to 10% of people that suffer acute liver failure from green tea extract could die as a result. and they put the green tea powder on the list of supplement greed ens to avoid. >> the manufacturers are not required to prove to federal regulators that their products are safe or affective or accurately labor manied. and studies found that even in high doses, green tea probably won't help you lose weight. >> it can raise your metabolic rate to burn more calories, but that because of the caffeines and the antioxidants. >> and you can find the full list of the 15 supplement
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ingredients consumer reports say to avoid on my facebook page and at you want to look at all the greet yens and talk to your health care provider before taking supplements. >> thank you. a forum was held today at drexel university focusing on transgender equality. she is the director of policy for the center for transgender equality and spoke to them about her work and the importance of laws and policies that affect transgender people. and it was held in conjunction with national womens day. more than 100 of the city's top debater competed today in the debate league. and helen gwynn add addresses the student. and awards were given to the top
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u.s. airports say they need nearly $100 billion in the next five years to keep up growth and passenger and passenger activity. that they have significant needs not being met and threatened their act to serve passengers. local car maker bentley is getting into the electric car game. they unveiled their electric coupe a version of the x 312, first made without an electric motor in 2015. the concept car is meant to gather customer feedback and potential buyers. a student received a $1,000 scholarship for impressive gardening skills, take a look at this. abigail grew the largest cabbage
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in delaware weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces, a contest sponsored by bonnie plants and a challenge to grow the biggest cabbage at home. she received a giant check at wilbur elementary where she is in fourth grade. among 14 winner in the country. congratulations. in green bay wisconsin, cheese heads are gathering at lambeau field for the u.s. championship cheese contest where judges gather to sample some 2300 entries from cheese makers across the country. from months rell to colby, thousands of cheeses are sniffed and sample. they are guaranteed a huge increase in business, if they win. >> blue cheese, cheddar cheese -- >> i'm hungry. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check of the
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"action news" forecast. sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport wednesday night. a nice evening, meteorologist, cecily tynan has your accuweather forecast.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with the forecast, you'll like it for one
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or two days. snow lovers may like the rest of the forecast. >> we are live now taking a look overlooking reading from the pagoda, lots of sunshine and blue skies and temperatures the second day in a row making it up into the 60s. normal high is 50 degrees. allentown and reading mild and 61 and wilmington 63 the cool spot cape may the wind is off the ocean making a difference with the air temperature, the current temperature 51 and still blustery out there. wind gusts 31 miles per hour in philadelphia and 39 in allentown and we had a secondary cold front that moved through this afternoon that kicks up the winds, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are going to be quiet in the short-term. high pressure is building in and that will keep the skies clear,ing it be breezy overnight and with the winds mixed up it won't get that cold. 37 in the suburbs and 45 degrees
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in center city and winds west-southwest 20 miles per hour. tomorrow the third day in a row when temperatures should climb into the 60s in philadelphia. 63 degrees here and allentown cooler 56 and trenton 59 and cape may 58 and wilmington 52 degrees, it's on the breezy side with a mixture of clouds and sunshine and not as windy as today. and then we have big changes by friday morning. future tracker 6 showing early friday morning at 5:00 this is when the cold air and moisture moves in at the same time. so the lehigh valley and the poconos and berks county this begins as snow in the morning in philadelphia it could start as rain with a quick change over to snow. extreme south jersey and delaware starting at rain and holding on longer before you get the change over by about 8:30, this is a problem for the commute because of visibility
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and timing. philadelphia not match a coating to perhaps an inch on grassy surfaces, roads should be just wet because it's so warm. but then it gets cold of the weekend, 63 degrees tomorrow and friday the morning snow mixing with rain south of philadelphia, the high is 42 and this weekend, temperatures running colder than last weekend and 33 degrees on saturday, it will be blustery and don't forget to spring forward daylight savings time begins early sunday morning and sunday 35 and monday a chill in the air. 40. and believe it or not tuesday we are dealing with a nor'easter, i'll let adam talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> i don't like that. >> what do you think this is? early march? winter? more to come in the next half hour off "action news" at 5:00, dash-cam video in the midwest, police and firefighters work together to evacuate residents from raging wild fires burning out of control.
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and these two young men look like they are taking it easy and they with wanted by police for a violent attack. those stories and more when "action news" comes rights back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you tonight at 5:30. a young mother cradling her days old child is attacked in her home and police don't think it was random. and talk about a close call, a massive cruise ship comes within feet of a couple's backyard and why officials say they were not worried though. >> a woman holding her newborn child told police she heard a noise at her bedroom door and was confronted by three violent men demanding money. on the 4500 block of north 18th street. authorities say this may not have been a random attack. vernon odom is live now with the latest. >> reporter: good evening monica at this hour the manhunt for as many as four robbery suspects
5:31 pm
continues and it's intense and several police veterans i know are appalled by the cruel behavior and want the suspects off the street as soon as they can nail them. >> shocking from a law enforcement standpoint. we are shocked that this occurred. >> veteran cops are disgusted by the home invasion robbery at north 18th street after midnight. four thugs crashed into the row home and went into the young mother's bedroom who was holding her baby, less than 10 days old in her arm. >> she stated that an offender grabbed the child and through him to the floor and then demanded money, and she handed money over to the male and he fled to the front of the residence to 18th street. she was screaming someone help me please. give up the money give the money
5:32 pm
up! >> police are gathering surveillance video in the neighborhood but the victim told police she was out early in the evening and told a number of people she came into a large sum of money, $3500 in cash that she was keeping in her house. >> she came into a substantial amount of money, she did let persons know she did have that money and we are are tracking down the people she notified that she had this. >> four masked men are seen on video fleeing the scene and they took cell phones as well. >> we tell anyone that comes into a cash settlement through legal means or a tax refunder not to post this on social media or tell large groups of persons. >> that newborn child was taken to the hospital but so far monica no signs of injury to the child. live in fern rock, i'm vernon
5:33 pm
odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. this is 43-year-old arty gatin he is under arrest for drug trafficking charges and suspect him for trafficking drugs and they arrested him during a traffic stop and got a warrant and found 10 kilos of heroin in his home and it's worth a street value of $1 million. and a man was hit by a pickup truck. this is the scene at old bristol pike in morrisville and they are not commenting on the child's age, and the pickup truck and driver was two blocks away and not sure if criminal charges will be filed in the case. >> a man recovers after being shot by two men looking for money. this is the scene in somer dale avenue in northeast philadelphia. the victim was outside of his home moving exercise equipment
5:34 pm
out of a truck and the fight broke out and the suspect was shot in the leg and they grabbed $450 and took off. philadelphia police want to you look at this video. they were caught on video swinging on a swing set in a park on the 3800 block of edge mont street on february 13th, they then stalked a 67-year-old man and hit the man in the face and knocked him down and stole his wallet and ran off. the victim cyphered cuts and a broken nose and they recovered his wallet with his identification and credit cards. if you recognize the suspects call police. philadelphia police are looking for burglars that had a tough time busting into an old city business. one with of the men continued walk and the other broke into the tea brewery. and used his fist and then an object right there to smash the
5:35 pm
window, after spending several minutes inside. the burglar crawled back out and fell on to the shattered glass and got away with less than $200 cash. if you have information contact police. local religious leaders prejudiced their support to protect immigrants and refugees in new jersey, they gathered in roosevelt park in camden. >> i am an american. to forget a past? forget those that made this country great. we need to remind ourselves of the strength and power of each immigrant group that has come to this country that made this nation an incredible nation. >> a religious leader says their congregation will work together until peace returns toism grant families in new jersey.
5:36 pm
and the ntsb is on the scene of a collision a train and tour bus carrying a group of senior citizens in biloxi, mississippi yesterday. alex stone has the latest. >> this is the evidence of what happened in biloxi mississippi one day after a freight train slammed into a charter bus with the signal laying on the ground. this is the chaos, the bus crushed from the impact and four people killed and dozens more injured. the bus had 50 people on board a group of senior citizens from texas headed to a biloxi casino. one man witnessed the crash and then ran to the bus climbing inside to help the injured. >> they were eerily quiet and bloodied and late 60s, elderly people. >> the scene of the crash people dropped off crosses on wednesday and ntsb is on scene searching for answers and the bus appeared
5:37 pm
to get stuck on the slight incline as the street crosses the track. >> determining the length that that bus sat on the tracks will be critical to this investigation. police believe the train conductor was trying to stop and didn't have enough time and was going 19 miles per hour and the impact down the tra ect intersection train crashes happened there before this one. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. we are getting a scary firsthand view of a fast moving wild fire in central kansas, this is dramatic dash-cam video from a patrol car and the group was helping to divert traffic on interstate 70 when the blaze jumped the road and had to
5:38 pm
rescue the driver of a semi. they are using helicopters to contain a fire that is burning both ranching communities along the state line with oklahoma. a celebrity cruise ship came way to close to a florida couple's home. look at this incredible video, the ship towering over their property in ft. lauderdale. the couple says that they believe the ship came within 100 feet of hitting their house and the cruise ship said they stayed within channel of port pilots. and they admit the cruise was closer than usual because of strong winds and currents. wow. >> wall street's bull statue has competition, now a statue of a determined girl on her hands and hips was placed near the statue of a charging bull. it signifies traders strength.
5:39 pm
and it may be an effort to get more women on corporate boards on this international womens day. time for another update on the highways and by ways, our "action news" traffic report. >> lets see what matt pellman has for us. >> if your street is 95 you are hitting a wall of traffic here on the southbound side by cotman avenue, moving in fact as you move toward center city and thanks to that earlier crash near allegheny avenue that is now gone and in combination with the sun glare, just 7 miles per hour as you come down to cirque du soleil in philadelphia tonight. finally we got rid of the crash at lancaster and girard and things are moving normally again on the 10 and 57 trolleys and pennsylvania turnpike eastbound just 4 miles per hour between valley forge and norristown, because eastbound approaching norristown a crash taking out two lanes and the schuylkill is
5:40 pm
busy but better than the single digit speeds on the eastbound turnpike. the pace on 295 in cherry hill as you head southbound the crash is gone as is the disabled vehicle and slowing in both directions, crash on 42 southbound has cleared as has the one in marlton and medford. and the water main break from earlier this afternoon blocking arm street. back over to you. >> thank you. much more to come on "action news" wednesday night. a budding partnership in south jersey is pairing school children with shelter animals and a whole lot of books. why this new program is benefiting everyone. >> but first trouble on the high seas for a group of seasoned sailors that got caught in dangerous conditions and needed to be rescued. and another beautiful day a lot of fine and high of 6414 degrees above normal and we'll talk about below normal temperatures and a round of wet
5:41 pm
snow in the accuweather forecast. >> oh boy. plus jaime apody with eagles and college hoops and flyers in sports.
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two sailers had to be rescued after heavy seas off the new zealand coast. they encountered trouble with 20 foot waves and gale force winds and it broke the boat's rudder, they were in can't with the sailors since sunday but not found and rescued until today. wow. time for sports, jaime apody is here with eagles news and maybe non-news. >> the fact that there is no news is what the news is. we are playing the waiting game with nfl free agency, the eagles will likely be saying good-bye to a few big names in the next 24 hours, they have only $6 million to play with so cuts have to be coming and free up cap space and get carson wentz some weapons. and tony romo's future. they plan to cut their all time leading passer tomorrow and romo
5:45 pm
has had trouble staying on the field and his back problem opened the door for dak preston's record setting year. and they will sign brandon marshall tomorrow so now eli manning will have marshall and beckham jr. to throw to. and the eagles have to match the power. and it's not too distant past the thought of temple football having a pro day seemed preposterous. more than 40 scouts representing every nfl on hand to watch 14 owls show their stuff. and thomas and all eyes on hasan reddick he killed it at the combine and shot up draft boards and talked about as a potential
5:46 pm
first round pick at linebacker, he didn't even earn a scholarship here until his senior season. >> so far from the bottom two injuries in high school junior and senior season so walking on, being overlooked, to finally getting my chance to play football again and now i'm being able to go play in the nfl, that is just amazing. >> congrats to villanova senior josh hart the big east player of the year today and final for national player of the year. they are getting ready for their opener of the big east tournament taking on st. johns tomorrow at noon. and the second team may be the defending national champs, having been knocked out last year by seaton hall and jay wright says they can take inspiration from that. >> the guys are hungry, and we
5:47 pm
try to make them hungry even if they win it. the guys know that we got beat last year and we got beat by a team, seaton hall played bester. >> st. joes gets hire post season underway at the top of the hour, they play umass in the tournament. and disney world to face the braves, cologne mid season form viking out three in three innings and nick mar cakeis. he went four innings allowing those runs in his long evidence outing this spring and phillies fell 3-2 and we wait for the eagles to do something and the giants -- >> well -- >> didn't like that move. interesting division. thank you jaime. you could say it's a novel idea that is taking place at an animal shelter in blackwood, new jersey, a new program in this the dogs were read to by
5:48 pm
students from the brookfield school and the reading has benefits to the animals and children and they improve their reading skills and the doggies become less shy and fearful during the story telling that could increase their chances of being adopted and finding forever homes. that could be a true happy ending. second graders at glen side elementary school were intens y ly listening to a lesson about meteorology from our own karen rogers. she brought a weather balloon to show how to forecast the weather and dozens of them are launched into the skies around the world every day and to learn the conditions and upper levels of the atmosphere. i think she played a little tea cup too. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row.
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5:52 pm
>> we appreciate that. we are talking about sunshine. tomorrow is the sun and we change it here on friday for the weekend double scan live radar a beautiful day today if you took away the winds, they were gusting up to 50 miles per hour across some of the area but we are dry on the present time and on the balmy side. sitting at 13 degrees above normal. 63 in philadelphia and 61 in dover and reading and allentown. cooler along the shore again with the wind coming in off the ocean. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar a few morning clouds and showers gone to the north and east. sunshine in control right now and that clear sky will continue through the ohio valley. this is our air for tomorrow and change as arrive late thursday night early on friday morning. for tonight mainly clear and it stays breezy and winds sustained 10 to 20 miles per hour and 45
5:53 pm
for center city and we wake up tomorrow morning and we look at the day planner for thursday, a lot of sun from start to finish here and a few high clouds, it is still windy and not as bad as today and gusts of 30 miles per hour. at times during the day. and 50 by 9:00 in the morning and temperatures at 55 and that is when the clouds start to thicken up. we have a transition going on here late thursday night into the day on friday, as this above normal air starts to push to the south and arctic air floods in and you have to most times break out precipitation between the two air masses and that happens with the low on friday morning with wet snow mixing with rain in southern areas and friday afternoon temperatures only at 42 degrees, 7 degrees below normal and behind it the cold air from canada released to the south in time for the weekend. here is a snapshot at future
5:54 pm
tracker 6 on friday morning, the band of snow in the far northern areas and collapses down to the south and the heaviest period of the snow coincides with the morning rush hour unfortunately at 8:00 in the morning and far southern areas mainly rain and flakes mixing in. the good thing going here it won't stick on the road surfaces, it's been so warm leading up to the event and mixing with rain with the friday morning rush with the warm ground and wet roads slow the rush hour down and accumulations on the grassy surfaces, an inch or so in philadelphia and north and west and reduced visibility slow things down. tomorrow is great 63 and breezy and mild and morning light snow and clouds nast noon and 42 and as we wake up saturday morning,
5:55 pm
8 philadelphia, 2 allentown and 33 is the high. and dry with sun and cold 35 and 40 and chilly on monday and we have to watch the coast for tuesday of next week there could be a storm lurking off the coast here. maybe rain or snow next week as well. >> all right thank you i think. lets hope for rain thank you. more "action news" coming your way. my belly pain and constipation? i could build a small city with all the over-the-counter products i've used. enough!
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investigators are seeking other victims of a north jersey man for chargeser sexually attacking a girl when she was just 14 years old. and a rescue dog returns a favor saving his owner as fire
5:58 pm
goes through his mobile home. i'll have marley's story next. and for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass "action news" at 6:00 it next.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and a delaware jewish community center is again the target of threats and the battleship, new jersey, gets high tech upgrades and the big story is the arrest of an alleged child predator.
6:00 pm
antho anthony luciano is charged with assaulting a 17-year-old girl seven years ago. but they worry that he has other victims perhaps many other victims. live in the satellite center is dann cuellar. >> reporter: jim, the attorney general says that it came to hire attention in a teenage chat room, he became engaged in chat with an underaged girl. and that he had real life self you'll contact with a number of minors. arrested is anthony luciani, he stated in an interview he is attracted to younger female, ages 12 to 15 for the last 10 to 12 years and was asked how many children under the age of 18


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