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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 28, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tvs's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a rafting trip turns into a near death experience. the terrifying battle that starts looking like the whitewaters might win. a customer flips out at a bar. >> just absolutely losing her mind. >> just wait until you hear the reason for the big outburst. >> girl! >> when you're afraid of spiders and there's one in your house. >> there's only one rational thing to do. >> the arachnaphobia fueled
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fight for destruction. >> i knew it. a craving for cucumber has -- >> mom trying to get the kids to the supermarket. >> the lengths a parent will go to, to keep a kid happy. >> that made his day. >> on the winachie river the two guys have their raft, guy and having a good time but this fun day is about to turn right here, as the rack tumbles over. no big deal, happens all the time, the next three-plus minutes are a near death experience for this guy. the water separates him from his raft. he enters into another roller and gets separated. now he's on his own. every time he seems to come up, it's just boom, right back in the face with water. here comes another big rapid. >> ooh.
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>> it does appear that he's doing the best he can. he's obviously doesn't have the energy to try to women toward the banks and no other raft that's able to get to him yet. he's been in the water for about a minute and it's getting worse. >> ooh [ bleep ]. >> he really starts to gasp for air and he's panicking a little. looks like he's gotten into a little bit of calmer water, other people's heads kind of bob by as well, but just as it appears he's able to catch his breath, he gets into more rapids. now this guy is able to spot a couple of other rafts up ahead, poised in an eddy and waiting for the swimmers to come out and going to paddle out and try to rescue this guy. >> they can't miss. >> here comes the raft. >> he's exhausted at this point. they reach out with a paddle. he floats by, can't go to him. they happen to miss each other but wait.
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they toss him a rope. he's able to grab it. they pull him in and listen to the exhaustion. >> ooh. >> are you okay? >> yep. >> scary moment there, as they reel in a couple of other swimmers. everybody appears to be okay but woo, that just makes you wake up for sure. >> poor guy. that was close. >> don't let this scare you. go out and enjoy it, it is a fun activity and they have a lot of safety precautions in place. honestly, the best approach with these two videos is just step back and let it wash over you. australia, she has her head grabbed and banged against the bar. this is where the girl that did it gets carried away and that starts an eight-person melee as she's just absolutely losing her mind. she's not done yet. keep watching the video because while she's already now been separated from everybody, the security guy, keep an eye where it's been circled, bang, slap to
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the face of the security guy and on the way out keep a close eye out on miss classy as she spits on the two police officers who are arresting her. oh, why, why, why? she made her the wrong drink. >> it was the wrong drink? >> it was explained more she claims she had paid for a booth and didn't make get the booth and claimed she was provoked by the bouncer. she was charged with four counts of assault, this was back in february and sentencing just happened the other day and she won't face any jail time because no one was hurt. while she claimed she was provoked by the bounls bouncers this video it's all about the bouncers. couple of people trying to get in. most of the guys in black you can assume are the bouncers. the guy in the white shirt is trying to get through the door. suddenly he gets caught right-hand the back of the head by this bouncer. he's like bang, takes another couple to the chin by this other bouncer. he's staggering one more to the back of the head, he's now out cold unconscious.
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>> they're jumping this dude for what? >> they are not done. this person apparently had a friend along with him, this guy. he starts taking off his hoodie, starts taking off his shirt. he is angry. while he goes for these guys and they respond, off camera, they gave this guy a severe beating as well. you can see the evidence of that in these photos of his injuries. >> how can they do that to another human being? >> for no good reason? >> it was caught quite clearly on camera and as such has gone viral and six bouncers from the age of 24 to 51 are expected to be arraigned in connection with this. what's that off in the distance, this woman sees? she goes from who's that over there to a complete meltdown. >> oh! >> oh, that guy. >> yes, this guy's arms wide up and walking right up to the
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porch. >> i assume he's not some random fella. >> no, she knows him really well. and as he closer she holds him really, really, really tight. he's returned home to sweden after five years, he's been in taiwan, aided to come home for mid summer to hang out with his friends and family, and oh, surprisewas there. >> hopefully she kept his room intact so he can stay forever. >> let's move over to the next video where jaden has been in england. he decides to head australia. >> louis is a stunt double. >> yes, that's louis, his friend, and they're dressed alike. they're going >> when he's not looking, louis will swap out with me, i'll stand in his place and we'll see how long it takes to react. >> chad, i think you have a leak in your ceiling. >> his dad recognizes him immediately, like -- wait a minute. >> that look of confusion is
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priceless. >> jaden! >> the fun doesn't stop there. now it's time to surprise mom. the plan thi louis to pull up. >> hello. >> a trunk is going to scare you. doesn't matter. people don't belong in trunks. >> they pulled all of this off flawlessly, i like it. >> spiders, the source of an irrational fear from lots of people. >> irrational? it's pretty rational. have you been to australia, that's rationial fear. >> some people tend to overreact. this guy is so afraid of him, he decided to buy a spider book, and learn about them, but when he flips the page -- >> come on! no way. >> he picks up that magazine to kill it. >> no! >> the spider is gone.
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he looks around, tries to find the spider, and once the house is turned upside down, and he still can't find the spider. there's only one rational thing to do. >> burn the house down. >> no, you set spider traps. >> this is great. who is this guy? >> and once your entire house is covered with spider traps you're good to go. >> this is how my wife responds. >> oh! >> so instead of capturing the spider he's caught himself. and the spider is still there crawling around. so grab the hammer, and just hammer the darned spider. >> i knew it. >> burning down the house. >> at this point there's one thing left to do.
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a passer-by is rushing into a fast flowing river. >> because man's best friend is in trouble. >> see him pull that dog to safety. plus two great youtubers come together. casey met molly at bizcon and learned she's a youtuber. brought her into the studio to have a chat. why? you're about to find out why and this video will inspire you. >> her eye seems to focus on things, even though she's not. happening now? softly-shaped bold brows. new brow drama shaping powder from maybelline new york. our 1st brow powder! color and shape for softly-definedboing powder. make it happen. maybelline new york.
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond® rapid relief. two itch-fighting medicines instantly relieves summer itches gold bond® at first this video looks like he may have lost a bet. he strips down all his clothes on the side of the road down to his skivvies and running down this hill.
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they're laughing but this is a serious situation. you see, that is a river, rushing with water. it's muddy. he jumps in because man's best friend is in trouble. there you see the dog right there. so he goes over to this log. he said he started yelling at the dog, at first it didn't want to swim over, eventually it did, then he's holding onto that branch and scoops up the dog and eventually swims over to the side to rescue it. >> so much for man's best friend, i'll say dog's best friend is this dude. >> the interesting thing is, after they got ashore the dog ran away and was reunited with the owner. a bigger mammal needed a water rescue. you could see all these people on the beach gathered around this whale. this whale, about 26 feet long. this is in punta carneiro, ecuador. according to local reports this whale was stranded on the beach anywhere from 9 to 12 hours. at one point, some of the locals
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were just trying to push it out to sea, they couldn't do it. eventually they called environmental services, they came out, so everybody got together, trying to push it out to sea but you could see there the wave is pushing it, mother nature is pushing the whale and the people back to shore. >> do you tie a rope to its tail and use a boat? >> you see hem tying a rope to its tail but basically they had to rely on manpower to do this. you could see all these people, even kids, holding onto that rope, trying to pull that whale out into the water. they get the whale far enough out where it could swim away. [ cheers and applause ] he's inspirational, he's a hard, wore, casey nystadt, a new york filmmaker very popular out there and occasionally when he sees something he likes, he brings it on his youtube channel like this one. molly burke.
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casey met molly at blizcon and she's a youtuber. he brought her into his studio to have a chat but why? >> there was a bit more that went into the decision to make youtube videos than maybe for most people. obviously i can't set up my camera and my lighting. i've always been visually impair impaired. i haven't always been blind. >> she's been blind the last nine years. >> i see the world in light and shadow. i can see light so i can see there's a big square of light. >> she was born visually impaired but the impact of her disease hit her when she was about 14 years old. >> molly is going to share with me what it's like to be visually impaired, right? >> um-hum. >> casey puts on a blindfold and they head out for a cup of coffee. >> let's go left, go get coffee. >> okay. >> they make their way out onto the busy new york sidewalk. she works with a seeing eye dog. casey gets to the corner, what do we do? >> that sounded like traffic was going south. >> it does. but it sounds like traffic has
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always been going south. let's just risk it. >> how do we know we're at the curb? >> she has such a relationship with her seeing eye dog and casey has to trust her and the dog. >> in casey's case he knows the coffee shop he wants to go to. the dog is there to help find curbs and doorways. they come across the one they think is the coffee shop. definitely does not smell like a coffee shop, wrong place. >> they find the coffee shop. >> you smell that? >> yes. >> and then it's just a flood of questions from casey. how do you know it's your turn? >> is it my turn to order? that's how you know. >> how do you know they're not ripping you off, how do you pay? molly's question is simply ask for help. >> you have to trust whoever she asks for help is being honest. >> how do you know what sugar to put into your coffee? >> i ask. >> the whole time he's blindf d blindfold blindfold
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blindfolded. his body language was different, like he was shorter. >> that was an absolutely like jarring experience for me. everything i knew about life. >> you're experiencing it in a different way. >> completely reset. >> for molly, it's normal. >> molly has her own youtube channel and does q&a about her life. she had no idea he was about to post it. >> i love that he did this. lot of youtubers entertain us but take a deep look into the lives of other people and learn something here. >> all of this is super f fascinatin fascinating. go to to see the video or use our mobil ae a. something spooky is happening in this apartment hall complex. wait until you hear the story about this disguise. and it's leg day for the firemen. see the rest of their insane workout next.
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specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. curing nail fungus could take my pharmacist said.. fungi-nail stops foot fungus fast before it spreads. fungi-nail. ooh. very spooky. in this hallway apartment complex, here it comes, definitely a very spooky ghost, slipping down the hallway. >> that's a burglar. >> that's not even a sheet. >> this numty took 20 minutes to come up with this disguise because 20 minutes earlier the same person peeked around the corner, was like oh, there's the camera. i better go find a disguise. went back into the apartment they broke into, to rob and tore
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down the curtains and came back out with this. the burglar was trying to slip out past the cameras and not be detected. once they went back and looked at the cameras and saw this person being spotted they were easily identified, and arrested. they believe this person to be related to other break-ins as well. let's go to a crime in malaysia that went much, much better. >> so many times. >> so y don't they have tough gloves. >> this dude is expending all his energy, i'm gonna get it. >> i see smashing but i don't see grabbing. >> where they goofed. this is polycarbonate glass, it's a strong glass reinforced for applications such as this. >> this glass works. they need to use this as their commercial. anyone at home that has a jewelry store watching this
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right now, get this glass. >> no reports that they got anything from this heist. thankfully no one was injured either. the employees of this store went and took cover in a back room while they called police. >> the downside is they did do a lot of damage. the store will be closed for about two weeks for them to repair the cases. i think the internet is trying to break us, break our spirits, at least when it comes to working out, because there are people out there that can do this. these are firefighters in columbus, ohio, and they are getting ready for leg day. now, keep in mind, these guys are wearing those pants and apparently they weigh about 25 pounds already. so that's the first one. he's on one knee and one foot, and he's pulling the rope with the weight in the back, and then he grabs that red rope, puts it around his body, and starts pulling that sled, that's got additional weight added to it. that rope isn't light. i hate when my trainer makes me
2:36 am
have both ends. >> these are mimicking what they need to be prepared to do every day. >> it makes a lot of people train for life. these guys are training to save life. running up staircases, the pulling of the hose, everything that go together these guys are working hard to make sure you don't die. >> that's lovely. now tell me what this other guy is training for, because i'm pretty sure he really is just to break us because this guy can do pushups on his thumbs alone. >> what? >> he's training for cirque du soleil? >> good grief. >> wow, is he the world champion of thumb wars? >> thum rewrestling. >> bring it on. >> i give it two thumbs up. they're out of cucumbers in the house. >> there is only 16 minutes until the supermarket closes. >> get in the car and go. >> that's exact willly what the.
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as the host of access health, i've discovered move free ultra's clinically-proven ingredient gives you better mobility, flexibility and comfort than glucosamine chondroitin, in one tiny pill. also in new gummies. parenthood. 90% problem by most of those problems present themselves like this. >> what's wrong? >> i want some cucumber. >> and they're out. there is no cucumber in the house and it's sunday, and there is only 16 minutes until the supermarket closes. >> get in the car and go. >> that's exactly right.


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