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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 25, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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this is more than a semiserious situation. >> exactly. >> the big rigs that did not pass in the night. >> i just got the call, errol isout side. >> it's a make-a-wish dream come true for someone who chose to spend the day with casey. how casey is helping a teen on the mend get back to doing what he loves. >> this is making it so you don't have any excuses. >> the wizard on the water is austin keen. >> that would be me. >> the moves to prove this man deserves a drink. >> no kidding. and a prankster parodies all those students taking -- >> pretty enormous backpacks to school. >> see how you can tell when big is just too big. >> a couple of disco dancers with all that lamier on there. authorities in australia want this video to serve as a reminder as to just how quickly
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accidents can happen. here we are on the roadway. >> come on, come on. >> they're on the wrong side of the road, the other people are. >> wow! >> holy cow. >> this accident happened between two truck drivers one named brendan and the other james alexander. errol admits he had been two hours into his drive after taking a break, when he thinks he fell asleep, veered off and now you have this head-on collision. >> now because we're in australia that's the truck coming toward us in the wrong lane. >> exactly. there was so much more to the situation. in fact errol's truck flipped and spilled thousands of liters of alcohol onto the road and caught fire. we to kick his way out of the cabin. once he did get free he jumped up to make sure the other driver mr. alexander was doing okay. >> could have killed the both of them. >> people forget how vast australia is, basically the same size as america. there's huge areas where you drive and there's nothing.
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this happens all the time. >> they were both lucky because they escaped with non-life-threatening injuries. >> i can't wait to see the modern technology in cars make its way into trucks. >> sounds like we need some technology to help the driver of this truck here. >> here it comes. >> we've seen semi trucks too large try to go under a bridge before. they tend to get caught up. this clears a bridge and takes a piece of it with it. >> oh wow. >> was the bridge beyond use? did they have to close down traffic? as a matter of fact the highway was closed three lanes to one for bridge assessment. the following morning two lanes were open with one closed. it's a big deal for my friend casey nystadt. special guest. >> errol has life-threatening brain tumor but today is not about that. today is his make-a-wish day and
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his make-a-wish wish was to hang out with me. >> errol chose to spend a day with casey nystadt. he loves his videos. >> my cancer is brain cancer, it's lethal in a lot of people. i've had some great doctors that have been creative with my treatment. that's major success. >> and the success of the treatment, too? >> errol is on the mend. he used to make youtube videos but got out of it. >> i deleted most of those. >> casey presents him with some gifts. bag of gifts of brand new camera equipment, no more excuses anymore, errol. the world wants to hear your story. >> i have a piano surprise for you. ♪ >> do ten-negren plays his piano around the world. remember we've had his videos on the show before. >> yes. >> more than 20 different countries, 300 cities and look, errol can play. ♪
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>> this kid is just cool. >> yeah, he is and what makes this special day even more special, he's offered to take him on a private jet, charter a helicopter and do crazy stuff and errol wanted to spend time with casey. >> he wanted to meet with me so he could talk to me about his nonprofit. >> every cent that's donated to cancer goes directly to the research we're funding to the studies we're funding and goes right to helping children. >> i thought it was neat that a kid's wish was to try to raise more interest and support for cancer research that doesn't necessarily benefit him but other kids in his similar situation. >> because he knows what the walk is like and he knows it's hard. >> what kind of teenager thinks like that, wants to devote so much of who they are to helping others. errol today was my absolute pleasure. >> if you're interested in helping out a great cause for
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cancer check out when a devastating accident happens in a small town, sometimes it takes a village to clean things up before rescue cruise get in. and in this accident, everybody was willing to pitch in. >> must be beer. >> yes. thank you. i tell you, they're chugging it up at chappas, a state in southwestern mexico where they say a driver was driving a lorie, lost control. police have no idea where the driver went or the beer. >> you need salted peanuts lorie to crash nearby. >> notice the care, people picked up individual cans of beer as well as boxes full of beer, just to make sure that the roadway was cleared. there were multiple angles of video of people coming in, making sure to make their community clean and beautiful. >> definitely not going to be
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clean and soak per. >> police don't know who actually owned the truck. they don't know who the driver is but they they will be looking into who took all the beer. >> as soon as the hangover clears. the dude from the youtube channel is back, he's always trying to kill himself, mail or float himself to france i always called fake. for once i'm going to say this is real. >> i'm going to spend the night on a lake. >> he's not trying to make it to another country. he'll go out on the lake and spend the night in a ball. see how well he'll do. charming looking face, and he quickly discovers it's not easy. that's also the time i realized there's a big issue with the zorb ball and spending all night in a lake. >> is this going to get cold? is he going to have enough oxygen to breathe? >> thank you very much. the finite amount of oxygen
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inside as he's breathing it will build up the carbon dioxide, that's the thing that can kill you. every two hours he'll come in and going to sort of recirculate the air because otherwise he's not making it very far. he gets himself ready. >> three, two, one. this is where he talks about one of the big issues. >> it's hard to breathe. >> every two hours he goes back to the side to recirculate the air. >> oh. >> you can see they circulate the air, freshwater and he's back out. >> yeah. >> and he's pretty chill. >> so comfortable, nice chilling here. >> there's one thing a zorb doesn't come with. doesn't come with a toilet and he has been drinking a bit of water. in the end he has to use the same bottle he just finished to do what needs to be done. >> why didn't he do that when he went for air? >> he doesn't get out. after a while, though, i think sort of the reality of the
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situation kind of creeps in. >> i'm running around with loads of fun. >> he's over it. >> he doesn't have anything in the zorb with him. eventually he gets ready for a nap, gets a sleeping bag. >> that's the thing, as soon as he falls asleep it's time to get more air. >> that's the most dangerous part. falling asleep if you didn't have people to wake you up is as you're breathing you're going to eventually fall asleep forever. he falls asleep and so groggy he has to get woken up by his mom. i think it's all worth it, though, for this moment, just lying as the sun starts to rise. this trick i'm going to say is 100% authentic. >> yeah. a couple is enjoying a road trip, when suddenly he says the accelerator's stuck, that's when he pulled over, was able to put
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it in park, but that didn't stop it from revving the engine out of control. plus every wedding has its personal touch. >> so what happens when they're both into dodgeball? >> at their wedding? >> the reception. >> why throwing balls at each other screams true love in this relationship. i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay. yep. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> the whole truck is engulfed in smoke. >> this is like the gas has gotten stuck down or something? >> that's correct, according to
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the poster. he said that he was driving along when suddenly the accelerator stuck, when he pulled over was able to put it in park, set the emergency brake and get out. you can hear it revving like crazy. the smoke that you're seeing isn't coming from the tires, it's coming from diesel engine runaway. things like this typically don't happen anymore. what's gone wrong is some engine fuel mixture and revving the engine out of control. just turning it off doesn't stop the engine. you have to smother the engine with co2 fire extinguishers can take away the oxygen and that can sometimes get the engine to cut out or what i believe happened in this case it burns itself out. eventually that revving stops and the smoke clears. >> do you replace the whole engine or need a new car? >> if it's a brand new car you take that back to the dealership and say we have an issue. johannesburg, south africa, two people pulled over by the
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popo. the officer walks. takes the driver's license and starts to walk around the car. passenger recording because they're covering their bases. >> i like. i like. >> you hear the officer, i like this car. the mercedes amg. >> sounds great, huge engine. >> funny you should say that, oly. >> can you rev it? more and more and more. i like the sound. varoom! >> these people claim they were pulled over simply so the officer could hear the exhaust from the car. that's it. you see him, he loved it. they tweeted this out, mercedes responded and says see, no one can resist the power of our ashe ashe amggrowl. #amggrowl. a couple's wedding day is full of personal touches. what happens when they're both
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into dodge b >> at their wedding? >> the reception. >> first ever married couple one on one dodge ball game. >> yes, that's kayla and matt, part of an elite dodge ball league in new york. their team is the rochester tigers and well, they had a first dance but they also went for a little one on one. >> remember, dodge duck, just dive and dodge. >> in that order. ♪ >> oh! he won that round and he says hey, you probably should have let her win. >> new york it's all right. she's going to win this one and guess what happens for the rest of the marriage? >> she's got his dodge ball. >> looks like he won that round. round two.
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>> tim who also happens to be matt's best man is severing as the referee. >> your best man is your best friend and he's the referee. this thing is not biased at all. >> they're good sports about it. he heads over to the groom and hugs him. ♪ it's a water festival, notice they're not wearing bathing suits and shorts. they're wearing full-on wet suits which means it's cold. well that sure doesn't stop them from having a blast. >> oh. and one of the puppies has a message for grandma written on its shirt. see what it says that almost knocks her out of her chair. ir ? so who better to care for it. color vibrancy haircare from l'oréal. protects color-treated hair and keeps it vibrant for up to 60 days.
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so be wise all take new xyzal®. dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. like us on fai faith.some/rightthisminute. stephanie crosby has a big surprise for her mom vicki. >> what does that say? [ screaming ] >> what could it have been that made grandma nearly fall out of her chair. >> the dog's pregnant. >> wait that's a thing now? that's a thing? >> this is not a puppy reveal, but you just gave the world a big idea. that dog is just being used in the delivery of the surprise, and that surprise will be a
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delivery. it's because she's going to be a grandma. >> how does she know? >> the dog had a shirt with a saying on it. the shirt says "i'm going to be a sister." >> we have a dog that's coming? i don't know what it means. >> it's a human being. here's another reveal, this one they'll tell whether it will be a boy or girl, pink or blue. just requires somebody to simply hit a ball with a bat. let's see if mom can get it into the strike zone. strike one! well actually if he hadn't swung, it would have been a ball. it was up here so it was way out of the strike zone. let's see what happens in this next one. and dad's happy which is a good thing. >> he was well prepared because he's wearing a pink t-shirt and a blue shirt over the top.
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>> the description of this video says the water festival was lit. i agree it takes place in norway. >> what the heck is pulling that tube? a rocket? >> i need to go to this water festival next year. >> this looks like a ton of fun. notice they're not wearing bathing suits and shorts. they're wearing full-on wet suits which means it's cold. >> they've got the wet suits. it helps, it keeps you warm and toasty. >> i'm going to be in a wet suit doing this. >> they must be using a winch, right? >> totally. you can see the pulley on the other side of the water, and that's how they do it. >> if you can explain that, explain this one, buddy. so good.
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he does the gnarliest things on the water. >> look how he comes out. he's like, yes, that would be me. >> 99% of the public would run down to the water, trip, stumble and go face first into an inch and a half of surf. >> that would be me. >> you thought that was cool? watch this. >> oh, wow. >> thank you. thank you, thank you very much. good-bye. >> last but certainly not least. you create the waves, he will ride it. drinks on him. >> no kidding. he's like aqua man. >> he really is. there's nothing this guy can't do on the water. >> you like it? >> yes. >> backpacks keep getting bigger and bigger. >> is that a real backpack or did he construct it? >> see why this one is a big hit. >> the guy was so into this backpack. >> he got into the backpack. >> wow.
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>> no kidding. >> look at that. >> wow. >> kids apparently these days are taking pretty enormous backpacks to school. huge problem. backpack or spacepack? >> i like how he's just speeding up. >> big backpack is not good for your back or for other students.
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this is the latest prank by dawson over at big daws tv. >> is that a real backpack or did he construct it? >> i think it is. i think it really is an actual backpack. you'll see why. >> for who, paul bunyan? >> no, disco fever. >> for the most part he just gets in other students' ways and it's hilarious because it is so big it's easy to bump into other people. and in this case a sucker pretends to fall and these nice ladies -- >> could you help me? ♪ >> and then a very nice dude shows up to help, too. >> oh, wow, thank you guys so much. i didn't think i was going to be able to get up. >> i love this guy. >> do you like it? i like your face. >> that little dude needs to put on the giant backpack and look


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