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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 5, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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nd it's simple but really cool little project. one of my favorite father/daughter duos is back, apiando and his little girl tiara. >> you're beautiful. >> i'm beautiful. >> say you're gorgeous. >> i'm gorgeous. >> say, you're magnificent. >> i'm magnificent. >> so easy to say. let's be honest. >> say you're marvelous. >> i'm marvelous. >> say you're wonderful. >> i'm wonderful. >> they're so cute. >> they are cute. this isn't the first time we've seen them. he post this is to his instagram
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page pop, underscore vasquez. the last time we saw them all she wants is a hug, bro. >> love you, all right? >> you too. >> this time he's giving his daughter encouragement before they go -- >> to the park. >> say you're popular. >> i'm popular. >> say you're fired. >> you're fired. >> yeah, i'm fired. you feeling good about yourself? >> yes. >> you feel great? >> let's crush the park. >> crush the park! >> you have a good day, all right, babe? >> yeah. >> because you pop it, no matter what nobody says from all angles. look at the mirror or the camera look, bang. turn to the side. let me see this side, wow, pop it. other side. let me see, other side. pop it, no matter what angles, right? >> yes! >> everyone could before you leave before work stand in front of the mirror and give yourself some affirmations i know it can make you feel better. i know i do. >> that's called conceited. >> pop it! >> pop it! >> yeah, high five, baby, let's
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go. >> every girl needs a dad that tells her that she's valuable and wonderful, and pop it! >> let's go play in the park, ready? >> can i come? >> yes. >> that's all we have time for right now. check out, endless fun there. we'll see you on the next all new "rtm."
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prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the so-called keller clown case in florida. sheila keen warren is being held without bail after a hearing in west palm beach. investigators say she disguised herself as a clown before shooting and killing maureen warren in 1990. sheila warren moved to virginia and later married the victim's husband. and pennsylvania is facing another fraternity scandal. the move came after a student suspected of drinking was found on a local street unconscious.
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they have been under a social ban since tim piazza died in february after a night of drinking during a hazing ritual. investigators believe max gruber may have been forced to drink so much that it killed him. lsu police say text messages are at the center of the investigation of the alleged hazing death of 18-year-old pledge max gruber. >> people who have life-lasting relationships, why did his life have to end so early. >> he received a group text telling them to attend "bible study" at the frat house. that was code for question and answer session. wrong answers meant more alcohol. the pledges were forced to drink in excess. sometime after midnight, gruver was highly intoxicated and passed out on the couch.
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but it was hours later before they discovered him and that he wasn't breathing. it comes as members of a penn state fraternity face charges after the death of tim piazza who fell down the stairs after a night of drinking and hazing. fraternity members waiting 12 hours to call 911. and lsu is suspending that fraternity on campus, but its charter has been revoked by phi delta theta's organization. which means it's been shut down. >> there might be videotapes in the house that might shed light on what happened. and they seized a duffle bag of beer cans, a glass smoking pipe from the house. >> there's a lot of similarities to the tim piazza case. so they're certainly going to be looking at that. they've been trying to draw
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attention to this issue nationwide. coming up next here after the break. a look at "blade runner 2049" and how the highly-anticipated reboot intends to carry on the legacy. >> nick watt sits down with the cast next on "world news now." when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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love the music used on this show, always good. a lot of people are getting pumped up to see the new "brala runner" movie, called "blade runner 2049." >> it features original blade runner harrison ford. we're up all night line with abc's nick watt. >> reporter: many will judge "blade runner 2049" on the first few seconds that they see. >> they know you're here.
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>> reporter: the mood, the pace, the feeling and the harrison ford and ryan gosling. >> i had your job once. >> i know. >> this is not a running, jumping and falling down movie. this is not a light comedy. this is not a bromance or a car chase movie. this is -- i'm sorry. god, that was a haurtfurtful tho say. >> reporter: ford reprises his role from the original 1982 movie, the ex-cop. >> just answer the questions please. >> reporter: then and now. >> what do you want? >> i want to ask you some questions. >> reporter: 2049 in los angeles where it still rains a lot more than in real life and gosling plays a new generation of blade
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runner, clearing the streets of humanoid robots, the theme, what it is to be human. >> if you could just look up and to the left, please. >> if this gets out, we've bought ourselves a war. >> where are we going to be in 2049? we're already producing bioengineered people. will they be as emotionally human as we are? that could be an army of people that could take over. >> reporter: you don't make me feel any better about this. gosling's boss. >> so what you saw didn't happen. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: you were rather scary in this film in a good way, don't you think? >> good could have. th -- cover that was a good cover.
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>> reporter: it was not a critical smash in 1982 and a bit of a box office flop. in the 35 years since, blade runner's status has grown and grown. >> the original is such an experience. but what's also interesting is the experience you have after you've seen it, because part of the reason why i think it became a cult classic is because you couldn't shake it. it was pinging this nightmarish version of the future that felt possible. >> this is about what it means to be a human being. what are our opportunities? what are our responsibilities? do they really exist? it's not the answers. it's the questions. there are a lot of questions left yunanswered. and it's kind of like life. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline," los angeles. >> questions left unanswered. >> he gets all the best
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ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪ taking a look at some of the top books there, and speaking of great storytellers, gio benitez is here with us this morning. >> ah, shucks. >> you've been busy covering some of our top stories. let's take a look at what you've been up to. >> this wind is going side to side. you just don't know where it's going. that's why it's so dangerous. i want to reassure some people. i am roped down. we are in a secure building, surrounded by concrete. but this is an unbelievable
2:56 am
thing. i've neff se i've never seen anything like this covering storms. we're seeing branches, pieces of trees come from the sky. obviously, trees aren't up there, which means that a lot of these trees are sort of whipping around and coming around like that. that's exactly why we evacuated. whoa! we feared -- she's winthese win really intense. you can see this whiteout thing, this whiteout condition that amy was talking about. just look at that. i don't think i ever would have described a hurricane and sort of compared it to a blizzard. that's what this looks like here. and it's really remarkable. i actually brought my mother to this building here, because i knew this would be much more secure than the house that -- i
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don't know if those homes have been tested for winds that strong. and that, that's frightening. i have some family there, and they chose not to leave, george, and sorry. >> what was it like for you to be in that area? to be from that area and watching it. >> it was tough, not knowing what was happening in the keys. nobody had communications. my family was there, but thankfully everybody's okay. but we also covered right before that, texas, and it was incredible to see the american spirit in action on full display when we saw these people coming together from all over the place, with their little boats, and they were just bringing their own fuel, paying for this and picking people up and helping them. unbelievable to see. >> thanks, gio, that's the news for this half hour. \e
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this morning on "world news now," breaking new details in the las vegas shooting. we're seeing new video of the moment people ran for their lives, gunshots echoing across the strip. and news about the shooter. police say he may have had help and may have planned to escape. also brakieaking right now. three army green berets killed. and suspicions that al qaeda is behind the attack. and new storms closing in on the gulf coast. and later in the mix. talk about a big smile. see the story behind one epic photo bomb on this thursday, october5th. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> a good thursday morning to you all. a big welcome to you, gio in for kendis. >> good to be here, thank you. slow clap, there you go. >> slow clap, and we do have a lot of news to get to. breaking new details on the las vegas shooting rampage. >> there's evidence that the shooter had planned to escape. they believe he may have had help at some point, and they're searching for possible accomplices. the number of injured has been updated to 489 and more than 300 have been discharged from the hospital. >> the killer's girlfriend says she had no idea he was planning this attack. but sources tell abc news they're not buying her story. the shooter had checked into other hotels and may have been looking to target a different festival a week earlier. >> we're getting new video of concert-goers pouring out of the venue and running for their
3:02 am
lives. lana zak joins us with the latest details. >> reporter: the big headline coming out of las vegas right now is really that idea from investigators that he had in fact planned to escape after creating the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. this newly-released video shows the harrowing moments following the deadly las vegas shooting. victims being led into a vehicle before it speeds off to the hospital. the clock ticking away. the grim reality on display as we hear from the shooter's girlfriend. >> i am devastate the by the deaths and injuries that have occurred. >> reporter: these are the first public words of marilou danley read by her attorney. >> it never occurred to me whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone. >> reporter: she says when stephen paddock sent her to the philippines and wired her money she worried he was breaking up with her. but in reality he had something truly evil planned. >> stephen paddock is a man who
3:03 am
spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and living a secret life, much of which will never be understood. >> reporter: authorities say he checked into multiple hotels with rooms overlooking the concert and they now believe that he planned to escape. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: meanwhile, the community, survivors and loved ones of the victims are all trying to heal. >> there is no ocean that can hold these tears. and there's no fix for my broken heart. >> reporter: as the president offered these words of comfort. >> we stand together to help you carry your pain. you're not alone. >> reporter: and for the first time, we are learning the identity of that hero security guard, the one who first encountered the shooter. his name jesus campos. and authorities say that even after he himself was shot, he continued to assist police until finally, they said he needed
3:04 am
treatment for his wounds. gio, diane? >> just incredible. and do we know what the shooter was doing in the hours before the shooting? >> reporter: i have to tell you, part of what's so disturbing about it is it appeared it was any other day in las vegas. he spent eight hours at the mandalay bay hotel and ca see now, gambling. that was party of his regular routine here in vegas, and for him, he spent that time just doing what he had always done before doing something so horribly evil. >> unbelievable someone could just go about their day and pull off something like this. lana zak live in las vegas thank you. and the fbi is examining cameras and other items from his hotel room looking for fingerprints, any signs of an accomplice. >> we're going to turn to steve gomez. what do you make of the new findings, that the shooter just visited other locations and that he may have had some help?
3:05 am
>> well, visiting other locations fits with what appears to have happened with the mandalay bay, because the ogden location that he had visited was during the period when heis girlfriend had left. so if he wanted her away, this was within that team time frame and the potential that he was going to make that attack during that period of time and maybe something stopped him, whatever it was. security, it wasn't a big enough target. so that will definitely be looked at as to what may have stopped hem from committing the attack at that time and chose with the mandalay bay and the country music festival. >> the girlfriend was away. she says she had no idea this was being planned, that it was happening, and investigators don't buy her story, why not? >> first of all, she has an attorney with her. and the investigators, i think, went to great lengths to make her comfortable. she flew in last night. she then did the interview
3:06 am
today. she had a good night's sleep. so they did everything thiey could to make her feel at home with some comfort, recognizing this is a stressful situation. there's a certain point during the interview if you aren't getting the kind of detail you would expect from someone living with the suspect, you start to wonder what is going on with the person you're interviewing, in this characteristic the girlfriend. is she minimizing? is she basically hiding certain details? is she trying to give you a general response but not the kind of details you need? that, i think, is what's causing apprehension on the part of investigators. >> we have 42 weapons. there are reports that he shot aviation fuel tanks. is there any indication that was on purpose? or what does that tell you? >> well, it sounds like the fuel tanks were in the line of sight from where he was positioned on the perch in his sniper position, looking towards the country music festival where the
3:07 am
crowd was, and then also you have the tanks there. so they're definitely going to have to look at the forensics of the shots that were all fired. not only into the crowd but also with the fuel tanks to try to figure out, was there a pattern? did he start shooting at the fuel tanks and then went to the crowd? did i start with the crowd and then the fuel tanks? was it just random shots fired? this is something that they're going to look at during the investigation to try to figure out is that part of what he was trying to accomplish both killing the people and trying to blow up the fuel tanks. >> and steve, i want to ask you about the security guard. it sounds like this guy is a real hero. how critical do you think he was in bringing down the shooter? >> i think this is the best story of this whole tragic situation. is the fact that this individual, this security officer, jesus campos, you know, went on his own, approached the room and basically distracted the suspect from what he was doing, what his plan of attack was. and that probably from what we
3:08 am
can tell, based on the timeline that's been described to us, that happened around 10:13 p.m. and at that point, there were only about another minute or two of shots fired and then that was it. and we don't know exactly when the suspect killed himself, but it does look like after the security officer came, then the shots pretty much ended. that might have saved many lives, hundreds if not more than that. >> he put his own life on the line to do it. all right, steve gomez, former fbi agent and our own correspondent here. thank you so much, steve. >> and we're also following braking news -- breaking news now. the deaths of three army green berets in niger. >> they were likely attacked by al qaeda operatives active in the area. two others were wounded but are in stable condition. there are about 400 military members helping african forces
3:09 am
against extremist militants. and the state department is denying a report that secretary of state tillerson once called president trump a moron. he reportedly said that after a national security meeting in july and was on the verge of resigning. in a rare statement to reporters, tillerson said he never considered resigning and denied that vice president pence had to convince him to stay. he did not flatly deny calling him a moron, but his spokesperson says he never said that. a new storm is brewing and is on track to make landfall on sunday. it is set to pass over nicaragua and honduras, bringing flash floods and mudslides and expected to move into the gulf of mexico by friday. the current models show it making landfall between mobile and tallahassee as a weak category one hurricane.
3:10 am
and an immigrant from afghanistan is the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. >> she landed in daytona beach, florida. it took her through 22 countries in 138 days. >> she took her time to encourage young women to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. >> a lot of people might say, so what, it's a plane, we see it all the time. but no. flight is one of those amazing achievements. >> she was born in a pakistani refugee camp. her family fled during the afghan/soviet union conflict and she came to the u.s. as an infant. look what she's accomplished. amazing. coming up, we'll have more from las vegas. including strangers who helped each other survive and their emotional reunions. one of the top players in
3:11 am
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it's funny to hear a female
3:14 am
talk about routs. like it's fny. >> not everybody thought that line was funny. it has qb cam newton under fire by the nfl and other critics. that was his response when a female reporter asked about running routs. she spoke to him before and afterwards, and he did not apologize for the comment. a spokesperson called it just plain wrong. turning now to the case of a michigan mother refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son. now she's sentenced to a week in jail. >> erielle reshef has the latest. >> i'm a passionate mother who cares deeply about their health and well-being. >> reporter: this michigan mom of two is headed to jail, held in contempt for deliberately disobeying a court order for failing to vaccinate her son. >> i couldn't bring myself to do
3:15 am
it. >> reporter: rebecca pleading her case before a judge saying she and her husband had agreed to space out and suspend their son's vaccines. >> we've always shared the same beliefs on vaccinations until recently. >> reporter: the judge saying that boy will be vaccinated while she is in jail. >> i'm going to stop you. because the truth matters. i understand you love your children. but what i don't think you understand is that your son has two parents and dad gets a say. >> reporter: both parents must agree to opt out. vaccines are safe, vaccines are effective, vaccines save lives. she's expected to be back in court next week. erielle reshef, abc news, new york. >> thank you so much. and, you know, for so many years we've heard this debate whether vaccin vaccin
3:16 am
vaccines are safe or not, so i can understand parents having that concern. this is one of the first case we've seen. >> the american medical association urges parents to vaccinate their children on a regular routine. some opt out for religious reasons or personal reasons. this case is complicated, because you have two parents who disagree on what's supposed to happen. so many people could be watching it. it could set a legal precedence. so we'll have to see. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from a passenger who was dragged off a flight after an altercation with the flight staff. she tells abc news that it was the staff that escalated the situation. more stories of survival and bravery, next right here on world n"world news now."
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3:18 am
and welcome back to "world news now." there's a message from mr. rogers often shared on social media following tragic events
3:19 am
like this. it's been posted a lot this week. when you see scary things, look for helpers. >> and now we're hearing of more and more stories of helpers. brave men and women who jumped right into harm's way almost instinctively to save the lives of perfect strangers. >> reporter: the new stories now emerging of the quiet heroes who saved so many lives here. a firefighter was giving cpr to someone when he was shot in the arm. >> i kept doing chest compressions with one arm until i started to bleed a lot. >> reporter: natalie hit by a bullet and shrapnel, a cab drive taking her to the hospital and keeping pressure on her wounds. >> i don't know who he is. >> reporter:5-year-old aden hueser. when a stranger saw him standing
3:20 am
alone she stood by his side. >> he was really brave. she posted this photo and his relatives saw it. he's been reunited with his mother. >> reporter: and we walked into that room at desert springs medical center here in las vegas where sheldon mack is recovering. he was at the concert for his 21st birthday. >> i just keep seeing it if n m mind still, it just haunts me. >> reporter: he told me about the man who he says saved his life. >> some hero come saved me. >> reporter: that hero holding his finger to the bullet wound and never leaving his side. the guy who was by your side, you haven't been able to find out where he is, who he is. >> yeah, i need to. i wouldn't be here at least. but yeah, i really appreciate all he's done for me. >> reporter: that's a pretty good tradeoff. sheldon's parents telling us they want to meet that hero.
3:21 am
>> he's an angel and we'd love to find that fellow. he was shot in the leg as well. >> reporter: it turns out, friends of the hero were watching the news, a paramedic from orange county, california was here in las vegas visiting. and today he paid another visit, walking into that room on crutches. jimmy revealing he knew sheldon was in trouble after be being shot in the arm and then the bullet piercing the abdomen as well, and he rode with him in a truck all the way to the er. sheldon's mom grateful. eric phrase jfrasier, he rushed victims to the er that night. the survivors' family and the heroes' family, all together after the horror. >> great pick tour to eture to with. 12 off duty firefighters were at
3:22 am
the festival and two were shot, and two were shot giving cpr to other people. more people on a long list. >> amazing.
3:23 am
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ time now for "the mix." and we have good news now for anyone preparing for the end of the world. costco is making that a little easier with a food kit. 6200 servings of food. >> that's not enough food for me. >> not for you. you won't be working out, because you'll be busy prepping for the end of the world. it's got dried fruits, veggies, rice, wheat, beans, even meat and instant milk. the kit runs $999.99. great for doomsday preppers, or maybe people who are too lazy to go food shopping. >> put it in the garage, right? check this out. this is a new museum, the hlego
3:26 am
museum. and yeah, architect, he created this new lego museum out of legos. >> i like it. he's on to something. >> that was really creative. one of the most impressive sculptures is the tree of creativity. which includes 6.3 million bricks. it's in denmark. it will cost you to get there. >> a lot of teaime, a lot of ti building legos. we have one that has already set by a st. bernard right here in the ousu.s. i want you to meet mo from sioux falls, north dakota, the longest tongue in the world, 7.3 inches. >> can you imagine that licking
3:27 am
your face? >> to go along with the world record, she wants everybody to now mo is very humble. she is proud of her new record as we are. i feel like she's one of those cartoon characters when they see something that excites them their tongue rolls out like a big red carpet. >> i feel like she -- >> -- like in the cartoons. >> yes, and the stars and the hearts popping out of her eyes. >> mo should have been the star of "beethoven." check this out. i love this picture, okay. look at this video. there's a little kid, whoa! what a photo bomb! >> by the way, i love how the kid, rather than sit there and watch and observe this amazing moment with this whale, no, immediately turns around and smiles, get this on camera. >> he's doing it right, he's 11 years old, off the coast of vancouver there,
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this morning on "world news now." new details emerging in the aftermath of the las vegas massacre. authorities are now searching for possible accomplices. the killer may have tried to escape, this as his girlfriend is grilled by the fbi. our expert is standing by. president trump in las vegas. the first time he has had to visit the scene of a mass shooting, comforting survivors and praising the work of so many, including doctors and first responders. and new this half hour, a woman kicked off a southwest flight opens up to abc news about what she says really happened. what she told the flight staff about having dogs on board and why things got out of control. and in "the skinny," big news from bachelor land, a spinoff involving sports and romance and competitors going for the gold and each other's hearts.
3:31 am
it's thursday, october 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin with breaking news. three american service members have been killed in action in africa. officials say the army green berets died being ambushed while on a patrol in nigeriaer. >> 400 u.s. personnel are in niger. >> and we're learning more about the las vegas shooter. his arsenal and his actions leading up to the horrific attack. >> newly-released video captured the sheer panic and horror as people rushed from the venue. police say they have evidence that the shooter had actually planned to escape and that there was no suicide note in his hotel room. >> they're also trying to figure out if he had any help. matt gutman has more on the preparation that went into the attack and the security guard who took a bullet trying to stop
3:32 am
it. >> reporter: police body cam video showing officers risking their own lives amid unceasing gunfire. >> get down! go that way! get out of here! there's gunshots coming from over there, go that way! >> reporter: with sirens blaring and bullets flying, officers huddle behind a wall, trying to pin point the source of the mayhem. >> the mandalay bay out of a window. >> reporter: exhibiting extraordinary calm, those officers directing concert-goers away from the shooting toward safety. >> this way, this way, this way. go, go, go, go, go, go, that way, that way, that way, that way! >> reporter: it would be an hour before officers breached stephen paddock's luxury suite. he'd been holed up in that arsenal, 23 guns in all. these photos revealing the destructive power. this assault rifle one of 12 outfitted with a bump stock. it allows it to fire continuously, like an automatic weapon. this video demonstrating how it works.
3:33 am
on the tip of the rifle, a flash hider, making its fiery blast difficult to spot. and in the corner a pile of 17 mag sheens holding 100 rounds each, 1700 bullets. he installed his own surveillance cameras. one on the cart and on the peephole, all rigged so he could see police approaching. and now we're learning he spotted a hotel security guard. >> he was advancing through the room when he struck the security guard. >> reporter: that security guard jesus campos is called a hero. somehow he was able to get away and tell the tactical team that paddock was in room 135. an hour later, they breach the door and discover him already dead. federal law enforcement sources telling abc news they're investigating reports that the day before the massacre, he checked into multiple hotels overlooking the concert venue,
3:34 am
and he may have looked for other opportunities. police revealing he rented a room in this building, right next to another music festival happening just the week before. and from this perch, he would have had a clear field of fire right down into those tens of thousands of people packed into that concert below. but for some reason he didn't pursue the plan. instead, he waited a week for the harvest festival. matt gutman, abc news, las vegas. >> and police also recovered 50 pounds of explosives in the gunman's car and another 1600 rounds of ammunition. >> we have an update on the hero security guard as well. jesus campos tells abc news he is fine and was just doing his job. and of course he did more than that. meanwhile, the shooter's girlfriend says she is devastated by the attack and did not know he was planning it. she sat down with fbi agents after returning from the philippines and described her
3:35 am
boyfriend as a kind and caring guy, saying that she was hoping for a quiet future with him. she acknowledged through her lawyer that she received money that he sent to the philippines, possibly $100,000. authorities say the shooter was recently seen with another woman. they're trying to track her down to see if there was an actual relationship or if she might be relevant to the investigation. >> and she thought that money was actually to buy a house in the philippines for her family. that's where her lawyer says. let's break down the latest development with former fbi special agent steve gomez. >> we knew he had this massive arsenal of guns. now they find explosives in his car. any leads on what his plans were for those? >> so the fact that it was in the car, which is down below at the bottom, and he's up in the 32nd floor, shooting, killing people, it makes you wonder why were those explosives in the vehicle? was he planning on shooting for a while and then trying to get down to his vehicle and going to what would be a phase two of the attack? using the explosives somehow?
3:36 am
that is definitely something that has to be examined, and when the sheriff talked about his thought process of escaping, that might lend credence to that, the fact of those explosives being in that vehicle. >> and steve, why do you think investigators believe he planned to escape? why didn't he? >> well, it's very interesting. that's a very important question to try to figure out. and what might have happened was he might have gotten so, saw that he was having such success with the shooting he might not have recognized that he was spending a lot of time doing that, even though it was only roughly about nine and a half, ten minutes. the fact that the security officer came and disrupted his plan, it that might have also thwarted his idea of now stopping and trying to leave, recognizing that there were people there. because after the security officer, two police officers showed up. so then he might have seen that from the video cameras and recognized that okay, i can't leave now. now i've got to stay here and
3:37 am
ultimately, he killed himself. >> now they say they think he had help, but they don't seem to have anyone specific in mind. what do you think is leading them in that direction and how do they pursue that? >> i think the complexity of this attack, the number of firearms, the explosives. and we're going to have to see if the explosives were actually capable of exploding and doing what he was intending for them to do. it's not easy to build these explosives. and there are instructions out there, but the fact that he had these explosives. unless he's some kind of expert, which we have no indication to indicate that, then it's very plausible there was someone helping him. also, you have so much information with regard to where he was going, you know, various different hotels. and his movements. you almost, you almost think that there had to been somebody else that was basically his partner in crime in this situation. >> all right, if that person is out there, we certainly hope investigators find them soon. sounds like it they're on the right track. thanks so much.
3:38 am
and president trump says he met some of the most amazing people during his visit there to las vegas. >> while he was there he met with first responders and survivors of the massacre. he called america a nation in mourning since the attack and spoke about the heroism of those who put their own lives at risk to help others. >> some were very, very badly wounded. and they were badly wounded because they refused to leave. they wanted to help others. because they saw people going down all over. and it's an incredible thing to do. tremendous bravery. >> and a photographer captured this image as the president flew back to washington. air force one flying past the broken windows of the mandalay bay hotel. and a new effort is under way in congress by the way to address bump stocks. that you heard matt gutman explaining there. the las vegas gunman used those on several of his rifles. >> bump stocks are used to make a semi-automatic rifle perform like a fully-automatic one. they've been legally sold since 2010. but a new bill from senator
3:39 am
dianne feinstein would ban bump stocks. some powerful republicans say they are open to considering that legislation. now remote areas of puerto rico are trying to recover from hurricane maria, and they're seeing more supplies arrive by air. a blackhawk helicopter delivered 5700 pounds of supplies yesterday. residents still need more food, water and medical supplies. according to fema, cell service has been restored to about 12% of the island. two-thirds of grocery and big box stores are open along with 70% of gas stations. five former living presidents are set to appear together at a hurricane relief concert, deep from the heart of one american appeal takes part october 21st at texas a&m university. all proceeds will go to the
3:40 am
relief organization established by the presidents last month. and the national league wildcard game definitely lived up to the wild part of things. >> colorado and arizona combined for 19 runs. two of those came off of archie bradley, when he smacked his first career triple. arizona wins 11-8, they head to play the l.a. dodgers. coming up, the passenger dragged off a flight is taking legal action. and drama on "dancing with the stars" with max apologizing to his partner vanessa for sitting out their dance this week. what's really going on? we'll find out in "the skinny." but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by active style. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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3:44 am
on average. aaa says that just two seconds with your eyes off the road doubles your chance of a crash. a pregnant passenger who claims she was profiled for being a muslim and dragged off a flight plans to take legal action. >> her dramatic confrontation was caught on camera and has gone viral. she tells stephanie ramos that she had to get to los angeles to be with her father who was about to have surgery but had some concerns. >> reporter: what happened when you got to the airport that day? >> when i boarded the plane, the first thing i asked the flight attendant is how many dogs are going to be on this plane? >> reporter: at any point, did you say i could die if i'm near dogs? >> never, never, in fact, i said it the opposite. i said it's not life threatening at all. >> southwest says she did say it was life threatening and refused to deplane.
3:45 am
so airline officials called police. she was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. and a new study finds climate change may lead to bumpy rides in the air in the future. researchers in the uk say airplane turbulence could possibly triple in the coming decades due to changing weather patterns. flights over the north atlantic would be affected the most following those over europe. coming up, the bachelor winter games. >> and the moment bernie sanders and larry david find out they're cousins. "the skinny" is coming up next. sanders and larry david find out they're cousins. and i know you feel it. take gas-x®, the #1 gas relief brand. it relieves pressure and bloating fast! so you can wear whatever you want.
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3:47 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny we have some major skinny news this morning. what if you combined the olympics with the bachelor? >> that's a good theory. well, if you're smelling the sweet scent of a spinoff, your nose is not deceiving you. get ready for the bachelor winter games. >> yes, it's the real thing and peter is topping the list of competitors. you might remember, he's the one who got away from rachel last season. now he's back and fans are pumped.
3:48 am
mike fleiss tweeted the news that peter signed on last night along with the news that the show will feature bachelors and bachelorettes from dozens of countries around the world. >> and fleiss said something interesting. he let everyone know, quote, he will be looking for hot chocolate on the bachelor winter games. not sure what he means there. >> okay, whatever that means. by the way, abc also announced a spinoff for a junior version of dancing with the stars for child stars. for child stars. >> that sounds adorable. >> will be a good one. speaking of dancing, next to that drama in the ballroom, an apology from max there. this season, he's been paired up with vanessa, but on monday night, there was a little bit of an issue there, huh? >> co-host erin andrews said max is dealing with a personal issue and wouldn't be taking the stage, so vanessa danced with allen burstyn and scored a 22
3:49 am
out of 30 for "girls just want to have fun." >> there are rumors about a chemistry problem and max tweeted out an apology saying, as you are all aware, i had to leave the show to take care of some personal issues. i take full responsibility for my absence and want to apologize to my partner vanessa, we are both looking forward to dancing for our fans next week. >> we shall see. an interesting side note, by the way, vanessa's husband, nick lachey is also dancing with and partnered with peta, who is married to max. >> i mean, this is a soap opera, not a dance show. >> you have to wonder what happens when everybody goes home. they chat with each other, vent about the work day, what have you. i would love to be a fly on the wall for that one. >> and turning next to the crossroads of entertainment, politics and family.
3:50 am
and a pair of distant cousins. >> the distant part is the only part of this that's hard to believe. larry david is back on tv with a new season of "curb your enthusiasm", but before that, you might remember his side gig. from the campaign he played vermont senator bernie sanders on "saturday night live." >> you had to know this was coming. after some of those snl impressions, bernie conceded larry did a better bernie sanders than he could and genetics have something to do with it, okay? let's check out the moment that sanders and david find out they're related on "finding your roots." >> i have some cousins? i hope it's a good athlete. >> what the hell! >> you're kidding! oh, my god! that is unbelievable. it's true? >> it's true. >> oh, that's so funny.
3:51 am
that is real funny. that is amazing. >> that is amazing. >> yeah. >> all right, cousin bernie. >> cousin bernie. >> i mean, they think it's unbelievable. does anybody else actually think it's unbelievable? i think they are more similar. >> i think they knew. now maybe they didn't. >> i do love, most snl personalities are honored to do an impression of the candidate. when bernie sanders was running for president everybody thought bernie sanders was doing a larry david impersonation. this bar tender has raked in $278,000 winning in his seventh consecutive game last night. >> but it got dicey during final jeopardy, the final category, america plays. the latitude and longitude given by the narrator of this 1938 play would set it in massachusetts, not new hampshire. the correct answer a was "our town."
3:52 am
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. and finally this half hour, a look at the crushing grief for just one family of so many trying to make sense of the senseless violence in las vegas. >> two sisters were out with the men they love in that crowd, celebrating a birthday, when everything changed. abc's juju chang has their story. >> reporter: andrea cass tia was out celebrating her birthday with her boyfriend, who was waiting for the right moment to propose. the country music fans were having the time of their lives when terror struck. >> my sister was like, duck. so we duck. and then next thing we know she was already hit. >> reporter: it happened. >> so fast. it just happened so fast.
3:56 am
>> reporter: andrea was shot in the left side of her head. >> oh, so much blood. i've never seen so much blood in my entire life. >> reporter: she fell to the ground, her sister athena shielding her from more fire. you were she had shielding her not just from the bullets from panic. >> people were trampling and running through. and i just, we were just trying to shield her, you know. >> reporter: using a gate as a makeshift stretcher, her sister finally gets her to a pickup truck taking victims to the hospital. >> we couldn't give up on her. she deserved a chance to, you know, get help. she was literally dying in my arms. >> reporter: what did you say to her in those moments. >> just like you're our angel. you're going to be fine. don't leave me. >> reporter: with so many victims and andrea without her i.d. the hospital mistakenly told the family she was still alive. for nearly seven hours they held out hope. >> i was trying to stay positive that she was going to make it, but could i see all the blood. it was all over me. >> reporter: so essentially, she
3:57 am
died in your arms? >> yeah. >> reporter: after their mother had died of cancer, andrea wanted to use her talents as a makeup artist to help cancer patients feel beautiful. >> she was a beautiful person. she shouldn't have died that night. >> reporter: what do you want the world to know about andrea, your sister. >> that she was a strong soul and to anyone else that's suffering from loss from this, this horrible night, hang in there and be strong. >> reporter: their bond almost perfectly immortalized by none other than jason aldean. ♪ oh, man, we were livin' ♪ didn't wait for a minute ♪ we talked and danced and drank and said good-bye ♪ ♪ we laughed until we cried >> unbelievable. to see someone going through this level of grief and out there encouraging others to be strong. >> so many stories like that. don't miss our update on facebook on
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, new questions about the las vegas shooter. was he planning to escape? >> his girlfriend breaking her silence as new video of the attack is released overnight. >> everybody go. >> and the hero security guard who helped stop the rampage. >> his bravery was amazing. >> secretary of state tillerson holding a rare press conference. did he call president trump a moron? >> the mother in jail this morning because she refused to vaccinate her child. >> i couldn't bring myself to do it. >> the new hurricane forming right now and taking aim at the u.s. >> and what cam newton said to a female reporter that has him under fire this morning. a good good morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm


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