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tv   2020  ABC  October 27, 2017 10:01pm-11:00pm EDT

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what did i go through? it's been three weeks and nobody can tell me. tonight on "20/20." the mysteries and now the conspiracy theories about las vegas. the shootings are over but the trauma and unanswered questions are growing tonight. >> with someone that evil, somebody had to have noticed something was off. >> 27 days later. five people who live to tell and the five key questions keeping them up at night. >> that much fire power and ammunition, somebody knows something. >> to modify his room to put cameras up and nobody noticed is shocking to me. >> the ever changing timeline. >> with all the video cameras in that town it should be a no brainer. >> i want to know why the timeline has change and gone completely silent. >> was there a second shooter?
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>> two shooters! >> the mysterious shooters girlfriend who says she knew nothing of the plot. >> it doesn't make sense. she had to have known something. >> what does the hotel know? >> no gun policy in your hotel. and a virtual arm ory of weapons on a 32nd story suite. >> and most of all, who was stephen paddock and how did he go from professional gambler to mass murderer. >> bedroom, lounge room and gun room. gun room? >> a deadly puzzle but why don't the pieces fit? >> what's insinuated what you're saying is people are willfully concealing the truth. >> the plot thickens. >> i'm ez vargas. >> i'm david muir and this is "20/20." here now matt gutman. >> reporter: this week in vegas, it's been business as usual. the party is rocking into the night. but 15 miles from the glitz of the strip, russell bleck is up
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and awake for a different reason. >> i have literally five nightmares a night, i've counted. and i can't break the cycle. >> reporter: bleck and his fiance breanna are two of the many survivors of the mass shooting at the route 91 festival. bleck famously captured some of it on his cell phone. >> that was an ar! >> reporter: and though the shooting stopped nearly four weeks ago, for him and so many others, the incident isn't over. >> i wake up from a nightmare and just ran down this hallway. i'll just run into this closet and shut the lights off and shut the door and put my body against it so no one can't kind of come in and -- >> reporter: his fiance was too emotional to even to speak us. >> it took me two weeks, three weeks now to be able to look at her. and just, the sheer fear you know, on her face, that's something that you're never going to forget. >> reporter: but bleck is
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troubled by more than the visceral memories he has of that night. like other survivors we spoke to, he's also disturbed by what he considers the lingering questions, the missing answers about what really happened. >> the question that troubles me the most is the timeline, i want to know what happened. >> reporter: the official timeline has changed at least three times. >> it just doesn't make any sense. because these things are pretty basic. >> the word incompetence has been brought forward and i'm absolutely offended with the characterization. >> reporter: and just this week, the new york times came out with its own timeline. >> by forensically analyzing these clips, we were able to draw perhaps the most complete picture to date of what happened. >> reporter: remarkably, it took authorities some time to figure out even when paddock first checked in to the mandalay bay. originally, it was on september 28th and then it shifted to
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september 25th. >> he changes rooms, it sounds like. did he decide, "i want a room on a different floor, for the different angle?" that's entirely possible. >> reporter: but the center of the timeline controversy revolves around this man, security officer jesus campos, who was shot by paddock through his hotel suite door. but exactly when? in the first official version of events campos encounters paddock at the end of his shooting rampage perhaps preventing further loss of life. >> reporter: i'll just reaffirm to you that jesus campos is a true hero. but that turned out to be not the case. >> it is, i will just say, out right odd to say someone is a hero who stopped this shooting when now it appears that's really not the case. why is that so difficult to figure out? >> reporter: campos is shot at 9:59 pm, a full six minutes before the shooting spree began. >> it didn't make sense at the
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time because, you know, if you're a gunman who has prepared for months, why would you wait six minutes after having your plans interrupted by a hotel security officer to then start firing on the crowd? >> reporter: third and final version for now the police in the hotel say campos was shot at about the same time as the shooting unfolded. that new york times' video timeline provides some additional clues as to the possible timing. >> in the first burst, the gunman fires around 60 bullets of a 100 capacity magazine. there's a pause then of around 36 seconds. we do know that the hotel security officer is in the hallway in or around that time. perhaps a gun jammed. or perhaps he used the remainder of that cartridge on this, the hotel security officer. yet we still don't know if he was shot before or after paddock first turned his guns on the crowd.
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tonight "20/20" has what no one has heard before, the voice of campos reporting the shots that fateful night. >> there's shots fired in 32-135. >> reporter: but mgm did not tell abc news the time that call came through. >> i'm a big baffled as to why we don't actually know this is what happened. >> reporter: there's also an interesting detail posed by the new york times' timeline, paddock appears to initially fire just single shots. listen. >> some theories are that he's checking his trajectory or that he's firing on fuel stores at the nearby airport. >> reporter: the police response has come under scrutiny. two officers arrived on the 31st floor at 10:12:00 p.m. one floor below paddock three minutes before the shooting stopped.
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>> i can hear the automatic fire one floor below us. >> reporter: why are they on the 31st floor, not on the 32nd? >> when you have an active shooter or a threat somewhere in the hotel you wanna block that off. >> reporter: seal it off. >> don't let that threat or that person, in this case paddock, get outside of the 32nd floor so that might've been what they were thinking. come to the 31st floor. and come up with their plan on how they were gonna come up to the 32nd floor. >> reporter: finally, one the most troubling questions. why did it take nearly an hour for police to breach paddock's door? which could have been plenty of time for him to perpetrate further violence. >> breach, breach, breach. >> the reason that you wait is because the eminent threat has either stopped or temporarily stopped. he's not firin' anymore. >> so at that point they were probably assembling more resources, get the right tactical gear, get the explosive entry equipment. we still don't know why paddock stopped firing, but for the first time we hear what maybe
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the shots that ended his life. >> we received another video that films that 12th burst of fire, but also what appears to be two single rounds of fire, about a minute afterwards. >> was he taking one last shot at the door or outside, aiming at somebody and then saying, "now it's my turn." >> reporter: perhaps one day it'll all make sense to russell bleck and the other survivors. >> then i can hopefully get some rest. >> reporter: the experience has marked him for life and while there's plenty of sorrow, there's also strength. >> it's a constant reminder, you know? i'm never forgetting what happened that day. >> reporter: when we come back, a new widow with her own burning question. could the hotel have prevented the shooting? at kohl's,
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. "20/20's" mystery in las vegas continues. once again here's matt gutman. >> i have dreams every night that sonny -- i know sonny has passed, but he doesn't. and so he keeps showing up everywhere. and i keep hoping that he doesn't realize that he actually has passed away, so that he stays. >> reporter: heather, an orthopedic surgeon and sonny, a surgical nurse, were a love story that burned brightly from the moment they met. >> we were always holding hands anywhere we walked. when we fell asleep at night, we were holding hands. >> reporter: to celebrate their one-year anniversary, the couple decided to leave their home in big sandy, tennessee to attend
10:14 pm
the route 91 harvest festival in las vegas. ♪ when gunfire erupted, sonny immediately wrapped his arms around his wife to protect her. >> i felt the impact of the bullet in his body, 'cause he was holding me. and then we both went down at the same time. i just saw a lot of blood. you know, it's like how can this be real? >> reporter: but nearly a month later, reality is starting to settle in. heather, still coming to grips with going it alone is haunted by questions. >> the question troubled me the most is how did this man get that arsenal into the hotel room and nobody noticed.
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>> reporter: the hotel, the mandalay bay, is owned by mgm resorts international. when it comes to players in las vegas, mgm is a go leith, the largest employer and taxpayer in nevada. in addition to the mandalay bay, the company owns 12 other hotels in this town including the bellagio, mgm grand, the mirage and monte carlo. >> how big of a player is mgm in las vegas? >> oh, the biggest. the biggest. the biggest gaming company in the world. if you were to call this a company town, mgm would be in charge of the --they'd be the sheriff of the company town. >> reporter: but now the gambling behemoth is facing lawsuits including one alleging the wrongful death of 28 year-old andrea castilla, who was shot in the head and killed during the attack. >> andrea was there to celebrate her birthday. her boyfriend was planning on proposing to her. >> reporter: attorney richard bridgford filed the suit alleging negligence on mgm's part because it "failed to
10:16 pm
maintain the mandalay bay premises in a reasonably safe condition. >> the reality is that if these weapons are never transported into the hotel, i don't care how nuts paddock is, nobody gets killed. if they don't have breakable glass on the windows, nobody fires from the 32nd floor. if he isn't left undisturbed with his weapons. this doesn't happen. >> paddock picked this hotel because he had vip status. >> it could come with all sorts of perks. >> he knew he could move across with access to the service elevator. run up and place weapons and magazines, et cetera, ammo in his car. bring it up the service elevator. where the rest of us we do that, they question why do you want to
10:17 pm
move? there would be a lot of questions. >> reporter: remember those time lines. whatever version of events is presented in court could determine if mgm is healed legally liable. . the timeline is critical. every minute, every 15 seconds could mean the difference in could mean the difference in millions of dollars. >> reporter: the security officer was shot about the same time as paddock opened fire on the crowd, that hasn't stopped questions about those initial inconsistencies almost two weeks after the shooting someone who could offer clarity, jesus campos decided to tell his story. >> he had multiple opportunities to tell his story. >> reporter: he was called in to help prepare campos. >> he chose five he was going to
10:18 pm
do and looking forward to those. >> reporter: just before he was about to go live on the national news shows campos changed his mind. >> we had a meeting and somewhere during that process, that meeting, mr. campos and others left the room and the last word we had was they were transporting him to a quick care facility. >> reporter: after that campos seemed to vanish. >> has mysteriously vanished. >> he was scheduled to talk to the networks last week. >> his silence has fueled much speculation about why he has not spoken publicly. >> thank you both for being here. >> reporter: 17 days after the shooting campos along with another hotel employee appeared on the ellen degeneres show. >> as i was walking down, i heard rapid fire.
10:19 pm
and at first i took cover. i felt a burning sensation. >> campos told his story but degeneraties never asked when h was shot, before or after paddock opened fire on the crowd. >> you just want this to be over, so you're talking about it now and then you're not going to talk about it again? >> campos' union rep says he has no idea how the interview came about. >> the ellen show wasn't the venue we would have chosen and that campos pannand myself invo lined up. >> reporter: why would camp pos choose to sit down with someone known for her jokes. could it have something to do with mgm. >> there are slot machines across the country now and find them on the las vegas. >> reporter: it was his client who chose to appear on ellen and
10:20 pm
no outside constraints on his interview. tonight nearly a month after being shot, campos still cannot go home. he is now being put up at an undisclosed mgm property for what his lawyer says is his own protection. >> this is the vaguest version of the witness protection program but it's their witness they're protectinprotecting. it seems they want to make sure he isn't out there talking about the very sensitive timeline. you can understand why it might be a very good investment for them to have him squirrelled away. >> reporter: for heather the answers will do little to ease her pain. >> it will never make sense to me. no justification for what happened. and it's just so senseless that i don't think you can ever get resolution in your mind. >> coming up, the man behind the
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here's brian ross. >> i can't sit and dwell because that's when it starts to kick in. the fear or of it maybe happening again. >> michael green field was working as a stage hand that night. >> that sound just keeps ringing in my head. it's like a cd on loop. you keep hearing that sound over, and over again. it's hard to go away. i don't want to say i have ptsd, or anything, but there's a part of me that it feels like i didn't do enough. that gets me the most. >> reporter: he may look big and tough, but the 37-year old greenfield is devastated over what happened, still trying to understand how stephen paddock could kill so easily.
10:26 pm
>> i still want to know more about paddock, and his motivation, and why, and why so many innocent people. >> reporter: it's a question that authorities have not been able to answer so far, just as stephen paddock would have liked it. >> he loved the mystery because he was a mysterious guy. >> reporter: former fbi profiler brad garrett, now an abc news consultant, took us through the factors in paddock's background that are now being examined. a criminal father. an addition to gambling. a fascination with guns. a twisted loner, tortured with delusions. next week, portions of paddock's brain will be sent to doctors at stanford university who will examine it for any brain disorders. >> there is a suggestion that in
10:27 pm
brains of very violent people, their brains are a little different >> reporter: when you look at the profile of mass shooters, he doesn't seem to fit it, does he? >> no. >> he's an older guy, made a lot of money, successful at gambling, successful at real estate. people may not like him, but they probably respect him because of what he's done, but adding to the mystery, there were some people who did actually like him, and did not think he was crazy. >> he was good to me. he was kind. >> reporter: lisa crawford worked for paddock when he owned an apartment complex in texas. >> the man that i knew, that i thought was my friend, that i thought was a friend of the family. i feel so much shame, i'm embarrassed. >> reporter: one thing that paddock was not, was part of isis. even though the terror group tried to claim the 64-year old multi-millionaire was one of theirs.
10:28 pm
>> when that came out, i just actually laughed. he wouldn't care enough to join isis cause he doesn't really care about anybody else but himself. >> reporter: paddock's only real passion seems to have been gambling. a high roller treated like a king by the casinos. obsessed with video poker. making millions at it. >> he gambled for years and did it mathematically. >> he was in the poker area at the mandalay bay hotel playing into the early morning hours. he won several big jackpots. court records show six years earlier paddock did have a encounter at the cosmopolitan hotel when cameras caught a moment he slipped on the floor of the lobby. paddock sued for damages
10:29 pm
claiming he tore his ham string but they say he was probably drunk as he was when he showed up to testify. >> he was carrying a beer in a paper bag, wearing shorts, had very cheap flip-flops on, kind of unkempt looking. >> reporter: in his testimony, paddock said he suffered from anxiety, didn't like being out in the sun, and was prescribed valium. it was perhaps an early indication of what investigators now believe was paddock's slow descent into madness. >> the combination of age, deterioration, and the idea that he's just decided he's just mad at the world that i really want big time attention, and boy does he have it. >> reporter: just as paddock's father did in the 1970's, when he was one of the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives. young steven was seven years old when his father, benjamin hoskins paddock, was arrested for bank robbery. >> what's similar between paddock and his father?
10:30 pm
>> anti-social personality, tends to be a manipulator, tends to get whatever they want, tends to blame everybody else for their issues. >> reporter: after being released from prison the father opened up a bingo parlor claiming it was part of a church. >> you guys don't print anything, you don't tell anything but lies, you have never been on my side, forget it. >> reporter: one prominent theory now among law enforcement is that paddock wanted to somehow outdo his fugitive father. >> so is that part of it? does he want to be more famous than benjamin? >> reporter: on the day of the shooting, paddock made five separate trips back and forth between his home in mesquite, and the mandalay bay hotel, 70 miles away. presumably shuttling his weapons, setting up his 32nd floor sniper's nest. he left behind no social media footprint, no manifesto, no suicide note and the hard drives on his computers are missing.
10:31 pm
>> i think this is going to boil down to, i want attention, and i want to feel powerful. >> and that's the motivation to kill all those people? >> well that's the motivation for every mass shooter. >> so that's just sick? >> that's just sick. >> reporter: tonight, the body of stephen paddock is being held at a secret location. no funeral home has reportedly been willing to handle the arrangements for a man whose evil acts defy any satisfying explanation. why? if any of his family members, or his friends knew him so well, why? somebody knows something, and the plot thickens. >> next a first responder with his question. was there a second shooter? oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man!
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"20/20's" mystery in las vegas continues.
10:36 pm
once again, here's matt gutman. >> at a fire house in tacoma washington one of the many heroes of the las vegas tragedy isn't feeling very heroic. >> it's been hard to sleep. it's been the hardest. you lay down at night and go to sleep like anyone else doues an usually a minute into it i'm right back in las vegas. >> reporter: when the shooting started he sprang into first responder mode stabilizing this young victim and getting her to a hospital. >> you guys okay? >> i need to get her transported. >> reporter: today he's not looking for praise. what he really wants is an answer to his burning question from that night. >> my heart of hearts believes there was only one shooter. but the part of me that questions is was there more people involved. >> reporter: we have been trying
10:37 pm
to get an interview with the sheriff, the police, anybody who can help put doubts of the investigation to rest. we have been calling, calling and nobody will answer. as we wait outside the sheriff's office some officers bump into us. there's so many theories, rumors, people are curious about what's going on. >> the investigation is ongoing and there is more information they have obtained however, it's not ready to be made public at this point. >> reporter: in a vacuum left by their silence conspiracy theories have sprouted on the internet like a fungus. >> more and more people are questioning the official story. >> we have solid scientific proof there were two shooters in las vegas firing into the crowd. >> stephen paddock was selling guns to the mofia. >> no matter how wild the speculation it begins with the suggestion that stephen paddock was not acting alone. the night of the shooting you
10:38 pm
tweeted out there were multiple shooters. >> yes. that's what i was getting direct from the police. >> reporter: radio host wayne roots tweets not only said there were multiple shooters but that was definitely muslim terrorism. >> everyone thought city wide terror attack. >> reporter: there is no independent proof of that or any of his theories. he says that's because proof may have disappeared on the missing hard drive in paddock's hotel room or in the strange break-in in paddock's house after the shooting. >> how do you let it happen if you're law enforcement? that's my question. the story doesn't add up or make sense. >> reporter: take for example, the story that paddock made a fortune playing video poker. >> is it easy to win large sums? >> not to my knowledge. it's probably a pretty good game to play if you wanted to launder your money. >> that theory goes on line with the gun running conspiracy
10:39 pm
theory. >> reporter: this woman rights about conspiracy theories for snopes said paddock was selling guns from the hotel room is known as a conspiracy as the false flag. >> jargon for an event manufactured by the government. so the government has pretense to seize guns and then the new world order can come in and take over. >> she says what may seem like crazy speculation comes mostly from social media. where people justify their tortured conclusions by stitching together snippets of real news. >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? >> reporter: including the sheriff's own words at this press conference early in the investigation. >> you got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> the sheriff himself announced there may have been a second person. that alone helps perpetuate conspiracy theories and maybe a
10:40 pm
second shooter. >> reporter: cell phone video surfaced theories about multiple gunmen only got worse. >> two shooters! >> do you think that just the way that the gunfire echos in a town like this, disoriented people making them think the gunfire is from multiple directions at once? >> absolutely. >> listen here. there's an obvious sound change, a deep burst followed by a sharper crackle sound. [ gunfire ] >> many people on chat boards like reddit were sold. >> if you don't know what you're listening for, then, you know, it could be anything. to the average person. >> reporter: but retired new york police ballistics expert disagrees. >> you hear gunfire and then you hear a second set of gunfire. more pronounced set of gunfire.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: remember, investigators say paddock had many weapons. >> clearly two different firearms but nothing telling me it's two different shooters. >> reporter: it wasn't just sound, it was also the sight. >> right there baby. >> reporter: this flickering light is muzzle flash meaning there was another shooter lower down. >> it seems like it's coming from up there. oh blp plp. >> but that was very easy to debunk. if you go out to las vegas there was no other broken windows. >> reporter: speculation persists that one man could not have done it all alone. especially an unassuming 64-year-old. >> that was one of the first questions, how does a guy of that size operate an automatic weapon for ten minutes. didn't really make sense. >> reporter: by october 9th. the sheriff's earlier vagueness
10:42 pm
vanished. >> we have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter. >> reporter: nevertheless the conspiracies live on. >> don't blame people for theories when you're feeding it all by cutting off all access and shutting it down. >> reporter: things have gotten ugly. some survivors have been attacked online by conspirators who think they are actors part of a coverup. dane mccally deplores that behavior and confident that the professional investigators will do their jobs. >> whatever the feds come up with i'm sure will answer it. >> reporter: coming up, the woman closest to panic. what did marilou danley know. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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>> no, don't leave! just stay down! >> my name is lisa fine and what i witnessed was the most horrific thing i've ever seen in my life. >> run! don't walk! >> it was a war zone and i was certain that we were all going to die. >> reporter: it's been a month since the las vegas shooting, lisa fine is not fine at all. >> i was told by a doctor that i needed to just breathe, and
10:48 pm
relax because when i went in my blood pressure was 165 over 110, and it's been like that for weeks. they had to give me some medication, and just kind of tell me to calm down, and that i'm not in any danger anymore. >> reporter: the personal trainer had been looking forward to the country music concert, decked out in her cowboy hat and boots, she was ready for a special weekend, but now cannot seem to shutdown, and recharge. she joins a long line of vegas shooting survivors who suffer from sleepless nights. >> it is harder to go day by day, especially at night. i don't sleep, i have not slept yet during the day, i get distracted by some things. >> reporter: and fine has a nagging question, what does stephen paddock's girlfriend marilou danley know? >> the thing that really bothers me is the fact that his girlfriend says she did not know of any of this. that to me is shocking. >> we are interested in a
10:49 pm
companion, and her name is marilou danley. >> reporter: so exactly who is she? in a way danley was an international woman of mystery, world-traveler, gambler, high-roller casino hostess who had been living with paddock since 2013 while he was amassing his arsenal. at first authorities believed she could be in las vegas. >> she is an asian female, approx. 4'11" weight of 111 pounds. we have not located her at this time. >> reporter: but they were surprised to learn she was halfway around the world in the philippines. >> we still consider her a person of interest, and we plan engage her upon her return to the country. >> reporter: when she arrived back into the country two days after the shooting, filmed by knbc, the fbi pulled danley in for questioning, and the world wondered, would she be able to shed any light on stephen
10:50 pm
paddock's mindset? and perhaps more importantly, was she in any way involved in the las vegas massacre? >> they felt she represented one of the biggest possible keys to unlocking this whole mystery. she was the closest person to him. >> the very first thing you look at with a mass shooter is who are the significant people in his life, and in his case you can't find anybody, but marilou. >> danley had been overseas in the philippines for almost two weeks prior to the shooting. in an interview with australia's channel 7 news, her sisters say the trip was her boyfriend stephen paddock's idea. >> she didn't even know she was going to the philippines until he said, marilou, i found you a cheap ticket to the philippines. >> he sent her away so he can plan what he's planning without interruptions. >> reporter: while in the philippines, danley received a wire transfer of nearly $100,000 from stephen paddock. >> that money that she received in the philippines is very
10:51 pm
concerning to me. that's that has me very unsettled. >> reporter: but danley's family says she was surprised to get the money, and believed paddock, her boyfriend of 4 years, might be dumping her. >> she thought he was maybe going to break up with her because he sent her away and sent her all these money. that that was a sign of a break up, not a sign of all of this violence that was to come. >> reporter: danley's brother, who lives outside manila spoke to his sister after the shooting. >> she told us you just relax, there's nothing for you to worry about, our consciences are clear, so don't panic. that's what she told us, she said, i'll fix this, you all don't have to worry. >> in a phone call to her brother marilou danley says, don't panic. i'll fix this, we have nothing to worry about. what do you think of that? >> she probably told them everything that she knew, recognizing that she didn't know that much, and it was ultimately going to resolve itself. that's probably what she meant
10:52 pm
when she talked to her brother. >> reporter: back in the u.s. danley's former stepdaughters, were shocked when they saw her picture on the news. marilou had been married to their father for more than 20 years prior to her relationship with stephen paddock. >> marilou is a wonderful, wonderful person, she would have nothing to do with anything like this. >> never would we ever in our lives think that she would any way be affiliated with this ever. >> reporter: neighbors of paddock and danley say they were a bit of an odd couple. >> this lady that was living with him, she was more of less an extrovert, and i thought he was really an introvert. >> reporter: the general consensus among those who knew them was that marilou was the better half of the couple. adam le fevre visited their nevada home . >> it's not what i saw as a loving, caring relationship. marilou, as i said, a lovely girl, seemed very nervous and
10:53 pm
jittery around steve. he would talk in a more of a condescending way at times. >> reporter: and paddock would leave danley at home while he went off to casinos. >> as far as what he was doing day in and day out, what was in his mind, what was he thinking, i doubt if he shared much of that. >> reporter: lisa fine has her own assessment of danley. >> i've been a girlfriend, i've been a wife, and it makes no sense that she wouldn't know. >> reporter: investigators at this stage believe danley neither played a part in nor had prior knowledge of paddock's actions. through her attorney she said -- >> he never said anything to me, or took any action that i was aware of that i understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen. >> reporter: next, finding ways to cope. >> hey lexi. >> this is lexi. she's a little service dog.
10:54 pm
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only at kohl's. ♪ hungry eyes ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. applebee's 2 for $20. ♪ ♪ >> i just want to know what happened. >> it will never make sense. it will never make sense to me. >> i feel like we all do want answers.
10:57 pm
we want to know why. while the victims of the shooting wait for those answers, each has found a way to cope. >> hey lexi. >> reporter: russell bleck has found some peace at home with a new friend. this is lexie she's a little service dog. she can kind of sense when i'm stressed out wakes me up from nightmares she sort of senses our emotions. for mike greenfield, music has become an outlet. >> i'm just trying to keep moving. i can't sit and dwell. >> the best counseling that i think i can give myself right now is talking to the ones that were there. >> we are a team we're family. we witnessed something horrific. >> i saw the worst of humanity but at that same exact time i saw the best out of humanity. like first responder dean mcauley. >> reporter: we're all tryin' to heal. and we're tryin' to learn from this. >> i'm still a dad. i'm still a husband. i still got my husband duties and my dad duties. i'll be walking with my son and i'll just zone out for ten 15 seconds thinkin' about that night. it's kinda hard for me to get over that hump right now.
10:58 pm
counselors say that rather than look for closure, establish a new normal. >> i think about sonny all the time. what i've been trying to make myself do is the things that i know he would want me to continue to do. within a few weeks, heather will move into the house she and sonny had spent two years building. >> reporter: every color choice, every cabinet choice, we both did together and so this was our dream. to keep sonny close, she buried him in their backyard. in his favorite eric church t-shirt. >> he loved that land. he loved the property. there wasn't any other place that i felt was more suitable to him. >> we spent a lot of time out of this deck, just kind of watching the sunset. >> reporter: and she's planning one final tribute to her husband a tattoo with the words of the eric church song "why not me" written in honor of the las vegas victims. >> i will have a tattoo that
10:59 pm
says, "why you, and why not me?" i think it's a question that myself and probably every other survivor asks themselves all the time. ♪ why and why not me >> along with several other survivors lisa fine has started a nonprofit support group called route 91 strong. >> organizing concerts to raise money and awareness and focus on healing. that's our program for tonight. thanks for watching. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> and i'm david muir. we'll stay on this las vegas story and from all of us here at "20/20." good night. >> coming up on "action news," a suspect surrendered in the
11:00 pm
shooting of two philadelphia teens. and a travel scam to fleece vacationers. and a travel scam to fleece vacationers. next.mfaithful companions. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> this the scene at philadelphia headquarters tonight. 16-year-old brandon olivieri surrendered at police headquarters in the


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