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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, we're following several developing stories. fierce winds from the midwest to the northeast. the high rise danger. slamming into windows. plus, scaffolding crashing down, trapping people underneath. will this rough weather affect holiday travel? submarine sos. the international race to find that vessel lost at sea. 44 people missing. tonight, we take you inside that very sub. the recent video showing life on board. president trump lashing out. what the father of one of those ucla players arrested in china said that prompted the president to tweet, "i should have left them in jail." nursing home outrage. >> help! >> the decorated world war ii vet begging for help. the telling moment his family says they captured on a hidden camera.
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plus, black friday secrets. the growing number of stores cutting back their hours this year. and the price check tool to make sure you're getting a great deal. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the dangerous high winds. affecting more than 100 million people. scaffolding slamming down on a busy new york city sidewalk. trapping people below. and this scene as a major storm system sweeps through the east. the same system leaving tractor trailers overturned in indiana. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, dangerous winds slamming more than 100 million americans this weekend. gusting pushing this scaffolding into a new york city high-rise. then chaos, when a second scaffold came crashing down, no
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warning to those below. >> i just started crying instantly and i froze. >> reporter: passersby scrambling to pull people out, seconds later firefighters rushed in. >> people were coming in, trying to help. trying to talk to somebody underneath it. >> reporter: at least five hurt. police blame strong winds. the scaffolding fell over this subway stairs. thanksful thanksfully, no trains had just pulled in, and people weren't coming up. the winds threatening homes along the long island sound and whipping up waves on lake ontario, forcing drivers to deal with blinding lake-effect snow tonight. that, as crews work to restore power to thousands in the northeast. that same system, punishing the tennessee valley overnight. winds topping 100 miles per hour. triggering warning sirens in nashville. 17-year-old ellie williams and her sister locked out of their house the moment a tornado hit. >> the wind was just swirling and we were just praying that
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we'd be saved. >> reporter: storms ripping through indiana, snapped trees, ripping apart signs and flipping this 18-wheeler. >> and eva joins us from new york city. wind causing problems at the airport. >> reporter: that's right. the wind at some points was so strong, it shattered windows in some high-rises. new york, philadelphiphiladelph all seeing flight delays. but the wind is starting to die down. hopefully the flights will be back to normal schedule by morning. tom? >> eva, thank you. and we're watching the weather so closely because this week, tens of millions of americans are getting ready to travel for thanksgiving. rob marciano joins us now with how all of this will affect the travel days ahead. rob, good evening. >> referee: certainly was a tough one. the center of the low pressure
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north of maine. advisories north of new england. what you see on the weather map, snow for syracuse and points north. and the cold in the morning, 20s windchill in some places. and another system coming in the northwest. tough travel on i-5 the next couple of days. and much more quiet this week as compared to the weekend for thanksgiving. >> rob, thank you. we turn to the search for a submarine missing for days off the coast of argentina. time running out for 44 onboard. the u.s. navy joining the international effort to help find the sub before it's too late. tonight, we've learned the search area is bigger than the size of california. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent search for those 44 crew members running into more problems, now stormy weather. the argentine navy says rescuers
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are hampered by high waves and poor visibility after losing contact with the ara san juan on wednesday. this video taken last may aboard the ship shows the close quarters sailors work in, climbing through portholes, examining nautical charts, steering the ship and manning the lookout. >> this type of submarine normally only has enough battery power to work under water for 36 to 42 hours so every hour that goes by is another hour that makes survival that much more difficult. >> reporter: but someone from the ship may have been trying to make contact. the defense minister says seven failed emergency satellite calls went out on saturday, but cannot confirm they came from the san juan, or pinpoint where the calls were made. >> there have been successful submarine rescues in the past but what they had in the successful rescues was, they knew where the submarine was. >> reporter: the search area for the sub has now grown to nearly 200,000 square miles, bigger than the state of california. tonight, the u.s navy sending in
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their most sophisticated rescue equipment that operates as deep as 2,000 feet. the u.s. navy's equipment is scheduled to arrive tonight and tomorrow. the argentine navy says once the bad weather passes they'll return to full time search operations in about 48 hours. tom? >> stephanie, thank you. and we're following two different manhunts tonight. both suspects wanted for killing police officers in separate incidents. officers on the hunt in western pennsylvania looking for this man. said to be armed and dangerous. the reward for his capture growing to more than $43,000. this, as police in baltimore ramp up their search for a man who fatally shot a detective in the head. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt in two states for separate cold blooded cop killers intensifying. >> male patient with a gunshot wound. officer down. >> reporter: in pennsylvania police searching for this man,
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29-year-old rahmael holt, after finding a car they believe was involved in the shooting death of officer brian shaw. shaw, 25 years old and on the force for less than six months, was killed during a routine traffic stop outside of pittsburgh. >> i know they are working tirelessly to find this person, >> reporter: and in baltimore officers putting a perimeter around this neighborhood for, quote, "crime scene preservation," still searching for whoever shot homicide detective sean suiter wednesday. >> we have officers in bad locations. get away from the windows, because we don't know where the shots came from. >> reporter: authorities say suiter was shot in the head while investigating a murder case. police now offering a $215,000 reward for information leading to the capture of his killer. >> adrienne, in this case, police are asking for the public's help in a major way? >> reporter: here at the police station, officers tell us they've received a multitude of calls, but they need more.
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anything that will lead to the suspect's arrest and the recovery of the murder weapon. the police chief said shaw died from a shot to the chest. eving though he was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> adrienne, thank you. now to three major alabama newspapers urging voters not to elect roy moore. even as his campaign says donations have been pouring in. and we're learning al franken saying he will not resign. the latest on the growing fallout on all of this from marcus moore. >> reporter: tonight, the calls growing louder for roy moore to leave the senate race. 50 liberal pastors calling him unfit for office. >> there is nothing christian about the policies moore has supported. they are as immoral as the terrible abuse he so vehemently denies. >> reporter: moore has repeatedly denied allegations of sexually assaulting or acting
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inappropriately with at least eight women, some who were teenagers at the time. only unt they have no evidence to support them. >> reporter: today a former co-worker of the 14-year-old accuser claiming she told him of the incident years ago. deadly believed her.d, the room everyone there believed her. and i'm only coming forward with the hopes that some of these other people who can substantiate her claim will come forward. >> reporter: alabama's largest newspaper becoming the third publication to endorse the democratic candidate doug jones. but president trump has been largely silent on the issue. >> should roy moore resign, mr. president? do you believe his accusers? >> reporter: speaking on his behalf, marc short on "this week with george stephanopoulos." >> does the president believe the women or not? >> obviously, george, if he did not believe that the women's accusations were credible he would be down campaigning for
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roy moore. he has not done that. >> reporter: but trump did take aim at the sexual harassment allegations against democratic senator al franken. tweeting, "the al frankenstien picture is really bad, speaks a thousand words. where do his hands go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 while she sleeps?" tonight, franken's spokesperson telling abc news the senator will not resign in the wake of leeann tweeden's allegation that he tried to forcibly kiss her. >> and marcus joins us live. the senate race in alabama not only attracting a lot of attention, but a lot of money. >> reporter: that's right. in three days last week, moore's campaign says they raised $500,000. and someone familiar with doug jones' campaign says they have also seen an increase of fund-raising since the allegations broke. tom? >> marcus, thank you. next to the growing investigation into russian meddling in the trump campaign.
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as the president's son-in-law faces new questions about wikileaks. david wright is at the white house tonight with the latest. >> reporter: tonight, the president's son and son-in-law both face new scrutiny, as british publicist rob goldstone is finally breaking his silence about that infamous trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer. it was goldstone who e-mailed donald trump jr. about "dirt" on hillary clinton from the kremlin. "if it's what you say, i love it," don jr. wrote back at the time. goldstone, a flamboyant promoter who worked with trump on the miss universe pageant in moscow, now insists he was merely a "useful idiot" trying to help another client. "i should have listened to that little voice in my head," he told "th the word guilty, it's hyping the message and going the extra mile for my clients."
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the trump tower meeting did happen, but all sides insist it was not as j the prn-law, jared kushner facing newny abouw >> e wikileaks.sure trove. >> reporter: investigators believe it acted as a conduit to leak democratic e-mails hacked be i the russians. last july, kushner told congress he had no contact with wikileaks, nor did anyone he knew of at the cam >> and i have been fully transparent in providing all qun >> reporter: but the senate judiciary committee says kushner t a wikileaks overture to don jr. back in september of 2016, and forwarded them on. >> mr. kushner has been very clear that he will cooperate as he has been, voluntarily, with all bipartisan requests from committees on anything that is relevant. he has done it and he will do it
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again. >> reporter: kushner now has until november russia-related documents to senate investigators >> david, thank you. next to a nursing home death raising so many questions tonight. a world war ii veteran's final  moments captured on video. the family is accusing of ignoring his cries for help at a crucial life and death moment. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, the cries caught in this gut-wrenching video. hidden cameras installed by james dempsy's family, rolling as the 89-year-old gasps for air, calling for help six times. the horrifying ordeal prompting dempsey's family to su nursing home, alleging wrongful death and negligence, admin this deposition, the nurse claims the staff ainistered cpr immediately.
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>> you guys continued giving cpr until the emts took er? >> yes. >> reporter: but the nurse, unaware she was being recorded. the video telling a different storuldn't you be doing chest compressions right now? >> yes. >> reporter: the lawsuit now settled. we reached out to the nursing home and it's attorney for comment but have not heardback. and tonight heard that the nurse has surrendered her license. >> thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. president trump and the biggest mouth in basketball going at it. lavar ball picking a fight with the president. the president's stunning response. and his new tweet, just in. and black friday just a few days away. the price check hear about to make sure you get the real deal. and this just in, actor jeffrey tambor leaving his hit show after allegations of sexual harassment.
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fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. welcome back. thanksgiving iwe're five days a black friday. but this year, things are changing. including store hours. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, shoppers hoping to avoid the black friday rush can cash in on the deals already rolling out. walmart with this 55-inch samsung l.e.d. tv for more than $750 off. and home depot offering this dyson ball vacuum for $325 off. but some experts say it's worth waiting. >> the best deals are actually after black friday. the stores want to get rid of their merchandise. >> reporter: experts tell us black friday is a good time to buy electronics and smartphones, but don't buy toys and clothing just yet. those prices usually go down the closer it gets to christmas. this year some of the biggest discounts will also be online. experts recommend putting your wish list in a shopping cart,
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then holding off until the price goes down to check out. and experts offer this tip for deciding whether something is a bargain or a bust. >> stores tend to break even when you see a 10% to 20% discount. when you start seeing 30, 40, 50, even 60 to 75% off, that's when you really get the best deals. >> reporter: but if you are hoping to look for the deals on thanksgiving, many stores tell us they'll be closed for the holiday. tom? >> marci, thank you. still ahead, the breaking news out of hollywood involving a major actor. and nascar's most popular driver calling it quits. the final laps for the man they call junior, coming up. but- you know how they send you money to cover repairs and they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but- at the very end of it all, my agent wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy, but-if i wasn't happy with my claim experience
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he says he's leaving "transparent" after a second allegation of sexual harassment. he says he's sorry for offending anyone, but he did not do anything on purpose. now to the brewing battle tonight between president trump and high-profile basketball dad lavar ball. ball downplaying the president's role in the release of his son and two other ucla basketball players from china, after they were accused of shoplifting. telling espn, "who? everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out." in response, president trump tweeting, "i should have left them in jail." tonight, trump tweeted, "should have gotten his son out the next trip to china instead." now to the end of an era in nascar racing. dale earnhardt jr. today racing for the last time. while he did not match his legendary father's achievements, earnhardt did win 26 races, including the daytona 500 twice. up next, back from space. it may look like a simple soccer ball, but there's nothing ordinary about its history. the out of this world story, next. "volatile markets."
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finally tonight, mission accomplished for a family, the space program, and a soccer ball linking one texas community. it's an image seared in our memory. the crew of the space shuttle challenger heading to the launch pad. on this trip astronaut ellison onizuka taking a soccer ball signed by his daughter janelle and her fellow teammates from clear lake high school in texas. and then this image, which we will never forget. challenger exploding 73 seconds after liftoff. >> the shock in the nation has given way to grief. on a florida beach they are
6:57 pm
gathering the bits and pieces. the driftwood of tragedy in space. >> reporter: one of the items recovered in the accident debris, that soccer ball. you can still make out the team's message -- "good luck shuttle crew 1986." >> they didn't really tell you too much at the time, so i didn't know what was recovered. >> reporter: the ball made its way back to clear lake high school until another astronaut, colonel shane kimbrough, whose children also went to that school, asked if he could take something into space. >> i was asked to fly this soccer ball to space and get it to the destination it was intended. >> reporter: colonel kimbrough carried the ball into orbit. here it is floating in the international space station. 30 years later, mission accomplished. colonel kimbrough brought that ball back to clear lake high school, and right by janelle onizuka's side, the same friends that were by her side back then, her soccer team from 1986. >> and now it's my distinct
6:58 pm
honor to present it back to the onizuka family. >> for shane to take it back, it not only was a mission complete, but it also added a lot of closure. knowing that that was the only thing that got returned back to space, and it fulfilled that one particular expedition. >> the ball now back at the high school. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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