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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 3:07am-3:42am EST

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likllywside rismom clink we have new information about a victim, the victim is a 1 1/2-year-old boy. the shooting happened before 3:00 this afternoon. now, when they arrived on the scene they found the injured
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we spoke with neighbors upset about what happened. a sign of the times, no value for human life. there is not. and, i think it is really, really sad that they would come through with no regards with what is going on. >> the police say the toddler's injuries are not life- threatening, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. the witnesses told the officers numerous shots were fired from a dark colored sedan. so far the police have not said how many suspects they are looking for. they are asking anyone with information about this case to call them. >> thank you. a death investigation is underway in raleigh tonight discovered. tonight. investigation? drowning, when the officers adult male -- >> reporter: the call was for a drowning, when the officers
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they searched around with flashlights for awhile. the surrounding area is mostly industrial. the police have not saturday who the victim is tonight or for that matter how may they have died. they tell me they are waiting for autopsy results for answers. it can take 1-2 days to come back. debra? >> all right, thank you, adam. a woman was found weeks after her son died. her body was found on sunday. we spoke with her grand mother and the father of the children and has the story. >> reporter: modest jones says when her granddaughter dial came over friday evening she was excited for planning for an up coming event. >> she was telling me how she was going to come back and decorate the place for my birthday coming up.
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you are going -- she said we are going to have a lot of follow-up. you are going to be 94 years old. >> that was the last time she saw her granddaughter, she was a girl she took in and raised like her own. >> reporter: the young mother was found sunday in a wooded area behind a home on nina road. 27-year-old timothy locklier has been charged with her murder and attempted rape. this came weeks after her son shot and killed himself in his father's convenient store. >> i was shocked. hurt. she is the mother of my children. >> reporter: he has custody of the children he shares with dial. he tells us losing one of their sons was bad enough, now he has to explain to the remaining 3 young children that their
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>> i told emoni, you know, she -- [crying] -- i told her i said baby your mommy is with god. >> reporter: back to you. >> locklier is charged with burning personal property and altering and destroying evidence. he is held in jail without bond. new tonight, a u.s. magistrate ordered apple to hack into an iphone belonging to one ever the shooters in the san bernardino, california shootings. they say they can not access it because they don't know his pass code. they killed 14 people in the shooting. he died in a shootout with the police. panthers linebacker is scheduled for surgeryon his shoulder. he is -- on his shoulder. he is expected to be recovered by july. african-american students
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arrested. suspensions rose last year the 5-year trend in wake county shows improvement. there were concerns. african-americans are less than a quarter of the student population, but accounted for 63% of suspensions last year. and, they were involved in 70% of the cases that were sent to the criminal justice system. jennifer story is with the legal aid of north carolina. she hopes new information leads to solutions. >> it is involving the law enforcement officers. those that are how can we get the numbers down and make sure it is not from that. >> school leaders are looking at improved programs instead of suspending study. lawmakers say -- students. lawmakers say when they redraw the lines they will not
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- - base it on race at all. democrats say not considering race at all violates the voting rights act and the constitution. the chief senate is hoping the supreme court will allow the election going forward using the current districts. every other court that looked at the map said it was constitutional. >> on the federal level, it decides it is not and then disrupts the election process. that is hard on the people in north carolina. that is not what was intended on our part. >> if the chief justice does not agree to stay with the court ruling lawmakers have to look at the map by friday. a fight between property owners and the state-dot landed in the supreme court today. the case involves a man but could effect thousands of property owners across the state. lawyers argued what allows
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property for future construction is overreaching and unconstitutional. some property owners say they have been in limbo for 20 years. they can not develop their land and no one will buy it. the law benefits all north carolinians in the long run by keeping road costs down. a ruling could take months. modern house caused an uproar in a historic neighborhood could stay. the north carolina court of appeals ruled in this house can stay as it is. the house and the owners made headlines two years ago when a neighbor complained that the temporary house did not fit in with the neighborhood and hurt property values, now, gordon and cherry moved in a year ago after a supreme court judge ruled in their favor. today the court of appeals held up that decision. imagine hitting the jackpot but walking away without a sent. it can happen where winning carolina carbpao*euz last year is unclaimed. it is valued at $165,000 and
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claims it. it was sold on the market where customers were bound to double and triple check their tickets. if not claimed it will go half towards education and the other helpful will go back into the winnings fund. we should learn who has the other winning for the powerball lottery. one of them was sold at a publix in florida. according to the florida lottery, a news conference will be held tomorrow where they will present the winners, the first winning ticket drawn jap 13th belonged to a tennessee couple. final couple was sold to chino hills, california. a charlotte baby, weighing less than a pound, is home with her family tonight. she was born september 23rd, 14 weeks before her due date.
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weeks, doctors were not sour if she would survive but her mom knew otherwise. >> she is not supposed to be here yet. none of her organs are working like they should. her skin was 1 cell layer thick. like the bottom of a blister. >> i am sitting in my living room holding my baby. just -- just joy. i love it. like i finally have my baby home. >> the doctors say she weighed more than 5 pounds when she left the hospital. they, amazed at the progress and says she shows no signs of developmental issues. >> good for her. one day walking the red carpet in hollywood, mixture day, hero's welcome at home. riggs returned home after winning a grammy as educator. his neighbors celebrated and they gathered. he teaches music at school of science and math. a former student nominated him.
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speaking of stars, we have a new westminster dog show winner. >> the best in show, still to come. the eagles of death metal returned to paris three months after the attacks. the cleanup beginning in north carolina where a tornado touched down and the damage that it caused. greg? >> all right, we have rain out there tonight. nothing like what we experienced last night. we will talk about the progress of that activity and when it is likely to get out of here. talk about really cool things. coming just down the road. we will talk about that coming up e. all right, heading to break. another look at the winning megamillions numbers. 64, 31, 33.
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aying nd," cceprealeatebyomedners. like llywside rismom clink riley says she is one example of teachers with checkered pasts slipping through the cracks of the system. not only are parents unable to find information. education agencies and school districts don't have access to the comprehensive list of teachers unable to teach because of sexual misconduct or physical misconduct against students. >> the "usa today" network found the names of at least 9,000 educators disciplined are missing from a privately run, nonprofit database the nastek clearinghouse, the nation's centralized system for tracking teacher misconduct. 1400 of those teachers had licenses permanently revoked. 200 for sexual or physical abuse. >> it is challenging. because each of the states have rules and regulation that oversee the certification of educators in their state. is it perfect, no? do we work to make it perfect? every single dale. >> reporter: last year a georgia
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of allegations including physical altercations with students. but that teacher still got a teaching license in both north and south carolina. in 2006, dallas area middle school teacher, stanley kendall was captured on nabs's "to catch a predator" allegedly soliciting a young boy for sex. >> i honestly didn't think he was 13. i thought about driving away when high saw him at the door. >> reporter: he lost his job and texas teaching less license. i let it happen because i didn't have the money to fight it. years later, kendall returned to the classroom. substituting in indiana until some one saw a rerun of the nbc program and alerted officials. >> and the cases are too many to ignore. >> reporter: pennsylvania senator pat toomey spent years pushing for federal regulations.
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