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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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a sgh inc watc a nakedf andrews. ra ab annelak off aoltdo > labrs. lyod srtsno >>ooo b withyo trttt ik o amanil. hed houston at 2:30 th morning and greeted by his family, includg his twin brother, former astnaut mark kelly. >> it was aery long trip. when i left here in february, i don't even know what day it i was 50 andow i'm 52 -tea atek
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. bo rert that veatn rm crime was comm witne offia ying thererongdo nbc news hch o juicdent for c -orti butav to spon dersaersromi t fighfter out raisi cyer ifebruary, h hasstak the myonth parterfhe ma c thuerd stdaaiear this is one der bng incted f cir ress a n g
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he facp t 1ean pron and re of eer a f berain asha ptyf me totheroad wad s rn,tas i wea atbe wathows grou a0dised rglars u chas puecurht o e b i t t sehan wxtsi mageo the e m aes b mult stithe offerin000 rew adorst presidamingiowa a penal noe. as scoucng ba cckke
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in w aerender nreing bac >>aneaelte for -hees, but, >>la on takes >> we cobeo winter'shurr. like shis b thest u wr so certy ege wind i ri ehes on e20oldrng. d the and fouths ngntucky,tls s. this isngovietug to o cdsn.
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tod ihi pr es h ayfouing for sex tape of him published in . > an knoing s rr r. aoo atolice d oann nexiriff wit , whenl abotally stopeiclehe deputi hflas hl edrday inoha mon verters whichs a50%ump ov a ye thtill p rmo 25%fmelltili
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eiot de let atooo roomexr yo ondck d wch wn agoes. t pkithhe buzzer beater d73 bocolle,72. d iting 10 hitting1eents y puldn easy 97-66 routing. and malik iverson make as beautiful steal and an epic failure when his wind mill dunk goes wrong.
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62-49. the spurs join golden state in clinching playoff spots. and nba veteran and dunk legend proved he's still got game. high flying reverse alley-oop. amazing as his grizzlies out class the kings. and great grandchildren found these, seven identical and very rare ty cobb baseball cards between 1909 and 1911 and valued the 7-fi ra > andhehotfday. iss11-year-old taylor teeing off int o- when else tiger and not only that
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blue pack golf crse. na, hougmtige gswitatal ods. > andor h"vi d tinyersac maddow who'thwhs thailunger is alwa othe sy worcausyour hen't ing we aterng rm) ab50 perof pe die whierg) in 5 of ing nosed.t ths someth yodo. o youroctor hear ilurtmenons. e th youno there likyou ar(dmper kp itumng. w anort throiee. ner fhas tnks. "tcan r lk ?" oosematc
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lix, it'lready nfd feaso insowarng wentll, g to tnk t maybe i. know. e ieory n haat?ersheir g erllhe scutith w . sed atm rfo at >> ands o llen's includ ,toap tters. il be daythe ivsi >>y,st, d't th wor r bh. ad >> c , m hoff.
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>>t ifirst ofarlyti a mch5tprimary nth col the new r neeo berediol.>> court w msted w a bol helo norarolina highway.
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w osig fivershat'it is high fe he w as h sthe. >> fiv t i forenu tsrnin weathanged bkiwendot g b that otnto mch. th'll beme m wr ies e clr,stprasha c


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