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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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e ofnf t g beng in the next few hours. back to you. >> much more to come. thank u. the auy resucame as members of the community met with local ministers at bible way temple. arielle clay is the church theeactio >> tt ins deanthe pe gad meinco out the chchr me aerotpeop ada teatrns reesng dns' mindhe p sttsia asketo le asmeg the mmy r thoutsanfe g denkins'. initial autopsy port leed d cani the ep responthreportayth hl pects more
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g starts at00 d al oati aming it live wral. >>yo no brking rat relewritten repo de ting akdenk heasot ilmo by ralei police on bretkeitliin om tplain whatrt reveals. tee ve going th rat eceivea fes ago. en g tou sh beenableasrtfris thweha acrdg tleh lice rtreportatweju receiv, officeidwaon bragg st en he serv someonwhlo li ie denk gniz himfir athad
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n: oice joark, wbettn yey. thalivery fa le f and s, yea man:stiling at raemion. man:tty awe for tuesday,ut tw isp da 'ally bt! lucky fe. thou dollday,
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mponafter theiyocawah e ga aturdaanover for vera. 'lhait ng ou10:00 news 5011here onal. wehathn acti acanay inted anys iightn wral seho dict e ta dae of trather. hea live ok kistree. er wth advisory intoecr th 6:ndotr un as somcoone virginia borde the natial to 4 es ofsn ssle. itas sngrear f lited a t w. i guon way. >>hendisf e thbethmoli co shat on. we'll happwi mat north anwe ofon tonight, isstilma
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a sl sit a new mixed use development history. today, they celebrated the groundbreaking for the project. it will include affordable classrooms. the school was the first high school for african-americans in durham before integration. you may soup be able to fly from charlotte to could you be a american airlines has applied
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to havana once per day. the application says the flight would take about 2 1/2 hours to cover # 47 miles on a 144 passenger jet. american airlines also aphiladelphia for daily flights from half appear ato miami, dallas, los angeles and chicago. federal transportation official will decide whether to give the airline permission to add the flights. no no time line for that process. you ever want to via quick conversation way lawyer? tomorrow is your opportunity. # on with our side is here to help with attorneys on call wemple partnering with the north carolina bar association for a day of service. attorneys will voltaire time tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. for 7:00 p.m. and answer your questions. they have the answers for you. nearly 200 attorneys will be here tomorrow. this is your chance to get free legal advice. lynda loveland is here with what is coming up at 5:30,. the man who spent nearly 4
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didn't commit talks one on one with wral. find out what howard dudley plans to say to the daughter who falsely accused him of sexual assault. >> plus, early voting begins today in north carolinament
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we continue to look into raleigh police's account of what happened when an officer shot and killed a suspect. hello, everyone. >> we first brought this to you at 5:00. since then, ken smith as hug deeper not paperwork. he joins us with what he has found. we've been continuing to go through this report from recally police line by line. at 5:00, we told that you officer dc twiddy recognized akiel denkins in the area of bragg street. now, once he recognized him, he knew that denkins was wanted in some type of felony drug charge. as a result of that, officer twiddy then started chasing denkins around the bragg street- east street areas. once the chase ended in an area where denkins was trying to jump a fence, the two, officer twiddy and denkins, started to engage with each other in some type of way. officer twiddy says, according


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