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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now wral news the second battle of e blues match-up does t disappoint. we'rlive with extensive te coverage on unc's bigwi meron r the tar aftedisaointg ss agt du me. i'it 'mde l shot of e detoe blls ver cl itals uldntael76-7 wiinnsurto e restting fiwe have nojuesma. ythceion all t apel hi whatetr plto chon the tar s than the
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tcmer: it twaga tensexting untthe ity t lesh yha ed liwh de ounds ofpe pd tothe ets. eylit boir as crazysc there s loof tement. noig ob s.ople wereed afr th edthlrhaveup totsreon>>was my re en bu. helafew eturg a hetack. w sting.eyt g e re we ou heel pu f! ley! pothatcite
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whereve brght mera, evercheeri. nuunabt 9:, arininanthstres ie lee nside the hi'serthe nonga me. lyun re. annow odis lking ar actonant i k ere ara tar elnsndg now.>>e y pl iashder. fours sinclolina the merocrar santed ma cped t waju be coidjoins acti from . >>eporra l lose onei he is ecial r s-town ral nighs gathbudulyhet leof
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duke-ungas e ved upight. it's inne the biggof rtudtss. krws swg leto tif. bl devil fa erw is cinnswere preiea in. awe,inte cr haow >> repter:to vendor >>ve upset reto ubt.a ea. plad rd b o gaze hit so ows downth reed ouer aner ihere s just elic grahere thspor
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llt atw. halotimp and th wthe an amloset roazie ghere intoe rowh n allen ed , downe stretcrtrona s able to e ay paarly inebin thare the o guys th reole st ck e hnkennedmeeks fo rebo. teonha fittat th reguse ampishis aled fo th fr niig 'thootoo toni ent to me he was ae tok fo chpionipseg ee wsthga we caugp wiacs. e abthe viin ch-mmi game befome t .
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reowness. b can't f fi, x, . but toldouguke of uft to y about anody atay>> ioutongrala ki he w gusetie. ey a gr e a , arthou drewebo d very hi catre: it is ib marhon n as am , anh calina sitalonatto later swiyo a apon nocaliha
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to you yseff y atdu. tinu raf e tt of blues wha aook nu boofunc camey wiwiaf t and anbaisr te s sa ims mersng th ewg areait's looking d for r suaynextome warm-up. ill look at tempureset c t > t, at almb
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e >>expes y e leg esti nd ve ngad. lican de t n asd ine, loana,ntky. ondeatic siil inn ts the majority a. honinderas andcln will bein nocalithhe r oa il e bre10, is
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gofronna istingda ilow liumtteville. y isre desutuayilrt a r pic tomo moin "meet thh dd tal in wl e time prrs al ncmec mi> voters tan l rcleit nn g, keepn ta wim rber mah rr thy e was edto it er noriti tte. g ose g the rc was ayto thcan-an ec coining nthroli nc >>thk thesvoti
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suth'rr. butomes e siedu iru. thingsgn enu e you, ey're >>rentonone catiound the ststinl h to po rh toe alabtatorigh. the wi be a lileffert.
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te ghtaels. its whaloli shunatked ttof e yon fires ght, studenpiacss ames. d e reet atinn can do th hanchis is fil me thcabere e tour maupti no da e erwi aydu
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headar. weil anteive vera tome dfee th mpr toda thoned sp picsleam gees s c ia uni ba th playents the ecl colle prrams duke d a eada thredesi s.a. coegio hanineoris mont t goick th doay with th2400 sc thisorr. th w opti. wiso volary, alworlmathrobla wlfoatreinrtes will h e d s.a. unl >>we wt tou out anacciringev
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thac haed co e elmmunit twhies seral pe wed the al. iltoar hoouslyo hu. trs baed fo eaatpers investin so relf gh striforn. bstst inacrossrn cato nevaduntain thof sel powerful srmpe to thweast. thamorsystco aws ine grt ahe>>orismelmot had r owshtoni w we he rain te is ilui t l ty 's stit sd out of here nday morning. a l our da n t de rn vingroe ewg arthsme sptyrs stcounes.
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corrckwnto cumbernd seeitbi r inheresto e h town yeevil iis stt rg in faille nopoyet busp lake, up e , watting meightto in. heavieres four ks kinl andsi in ow and enitlight rain fa teie , ttinsome sher lyra a ho e showeny' t re. the tat re haa 10 of had probladd se o e'a ve ok at r lson co rhs upris.the rainstng move ea eeiscut mperurat air.
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w ju cand tempatby to, it isry4 , 46inwakerest 47fayettevlea lileil t th hade st day,thenclouupas pgrinto teren the erin ening. ithma ng ro noticel haveso spotty sweack th. we wilrae in the foreer the xtfe hourbut y bsraexpected al ts theagh es lln bend pe systs ha sink a whicmo ab ai ings are g tbeve iet seral wl stt get -up thimove . mof a so hwy sowarm-up th ovpoty shors. by tomin lierinsh me
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cmoofusa lile cleari in our stes l wl have clouybe a couple nk i ink se hten ue ert e oo overnie mpes w ie 30d 40 so it will be il t tothaul ere ov zing tomorrtuwi b tl a li . ill er, ickeclouoronod of ti. wl oustn lo ounort an noasrnhi teure faytevi d mptoth presre to wwi haa south t fl that ou- really tuwednday th70s. thsde' grs going to ite rmrmar e rerd,
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el be next wkewist thf rmatures for t. now we're gtosting too hot. everybody. > ght r r st tc"satdat ."you are loinlive at snl ioghnoin neyo ey'rgoin throartot'ow wetothem eae, wewe , whatis ey'rrehear f aty gh ctonah hanth musical t fu. atgh" rs th st. ve l rkth, with thiscal ason yoharighth ginn . >> loving . xtn sp, eado
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jeffvlrene stevay iur luc y. wosurp oh,go you'ust n a sandolrs! n: ts amin thaing! (s) n: ok,ice joark, w bett than yey. thaverya le fd. and, eve: yea man: astiling raemion. man:y awfor tuesut tw is et'ally bt! cky fe. n thounddolla day, ever forife. calina. faby ayson allen.
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11keleck ad. brhnn, am. c ge self duivbythth d 's rkin len on his wato29 thga. h oongfome hnilju. ths six. ge si ex fi20 sds. akits , d theydo at eichstpe to al aconsh at ts rojo w . rore a lot ments th baba g bonge ere th but also, too, if ca e rst ti, d the cali, dides s sce.
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gotough niwihelar on shli liasluch di. th cre goftadnant wae opporty clinth rst 20 's ao la tais team cameroonulio acch ouitlsooe yes,a he t heig chro t beanmorehappr th p. belot. c scbeth se ment twalk cochi>> mit feeat. ter 've ou thst aritls babalk ofthis cd woe reerw appropat paseals
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d d lf, kn i waockingth . e'roomscinundi, 64. . wew thwas gotothy.and kild th onit a e odathepleyll m,d wee not ttre g e ors n thbecause un anoi >>owth ght al esebs.>> rhes alsmheinlockerome y pp couldn't. rcusyeah, but ybinoumi can e inthybe cut wash at ac
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y.>> jefgravleliveor us niduta adknit ayagt st. th w gur seontr tr. rslfabdul k u. matt ryes pocondthpa t ha barber pullsup r ree. c'tov seinr nextwe onwhh nounceamile jefferson out, virginia won tonight. for complete seeding of next week's acc tournament log on to
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real quick now, the canes and the lightning tied at three in overtime. there's the game winner. the canes lose in o.t. 4-3. exciting night tonight in the triangle. thank you for joining us. "saturday night live" is next with actor jonah hill and musical guest future.
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everybody, and a great ch ause >>elme ectncent m jta nn p aonfi nk ht's a ticsofnit'
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donald tru esey christi dod es te say h nfen hter >> weanit.eay unng the best ain' theyee anytike thiin gean ts. hter ] ioves stracists, p o dvenheere stpelehoe ishis gmeon u? . wh's t hout. ng,ve me even gothi f p o crd isn' trichs? sir. you,seay i h her.


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