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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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noan bl facing a ee vehih scolleard toevt fu nts. engyoinm . m nd. police are asking r help solvg a double homicide. the two n re found in a park v onglenwood. we spent the day at the scene. late thiternoon learned the names of the two victims. >> reporter: this is wherthe twbody writes we un werefohavedm p ab d aranez. leatinrmn.hellomtiatthn d l k.
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tratth re poliav mad >>gnwi b alled atn wha bus was involved in a crash a bus and two cars coed thimorning. heritage elementary and mile school students wereon board. nobodyas hu. passengers in the cars did re nor injuries. today the dot said e sial will be itad-ap w live in sa sera hapneaton > thurme idenndidis spim h .
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st dhat icop in jusmome you saw it just a few
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for duke today in overtime. earlier today carolina won fairly easy. advancing to the semi-finals. >> both great games. very exciting but something happening off the court is unlike any other tournament in the past. w we are in washington to explain. >> reporter: the most notable change, the most notable change is the change of venue of course. washington instead of the acc we all know. the tarheels have cause to lift a glass. the blue devils may need to wash your blue away. after a long dry streak in the acc seats, change is on tap. its generating a buzz around thea rene a. a cup here, a can there. no matter the time of tipoff it's 5:00 somewhere. >> it's not yet high noon and
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>> i do. >> reporter: sonya here for her heels said don't judge. >> the thought of being able to have a beer at a game was fun. >> they go hand in hand. >> it made up for driving five hours to come to a game that should only be he an hour away . >> reporter: she is here with her son and dad. he is downing a late morning brew too. >> that's right. i'm on vacation. >> reporter: down its history the tournament games have mostly been dry affairs unless you are outside the venue or have a suite. in an effort to bring in more revenue beer sales allowed for general admission seating . >> looking forward to going to new york. >> reporter: new york city? acc ball in new york city? >> that would be a change. did you ever think? >> no. >> reporter: dc this year, brooklyn next its clear the spirit is spilling well beyond tobacco road.
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all. >> i'm with my co work eric . worker . >> reporter: they live and work in the dc area. carolina now? >> yeah. definitely. hearing the chants and all the sponsors. yeah. >> reporter: for this moment they are back in the land of rivalry. me. i like her a lot though she went to the other shade of blue school. >> reporter: you may call that diplomacy. they will drink to that around here. the acc said schools have gun allowing alcohol sales at their sporting events with no reports of alcohol related problems. certainly not any increase. some schools have reported a decrease in alcohol related incidents. if duke and tarheel fans don't buy each other a drink maybe
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as long as it's food lyon bread. >> good luck with that. that may be wishful thinking but i love your positive outlook. always love that. brian live in the nation's capitol. thank you. the acc tournament continues tonight at seven. virginia plays georgia tech. after that game is over number three miami faces off against virginia tech. the winners play each other tomorrow night in the semis. record flooding flooding in louisiana forcing people out of their homes, turning roads in to small rivers and causing other problems. today the governor said at least three people have been killed in this weather. more than 3500 homes under a mandatory evacuation order. one resident who lives near the university of louisiana captured video of these fish swim across the street. more than a foot of rain fell. it's expected to let up maybe -- as we move toward the
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>> the last time i was on the air, friday night we have talked about this area of moisture that would set up in the midsection and it looked like the it had the potential to produce a lot of rain. i don't know if anyone knew it would be this much. >> they are a little below sea level. it's tough there >> doesn't take much. mike will have a lot more on that. how much they have gotten. >> welcome back by the way. >> thank you. >> we missed you. >> brian was talking about the alcohol story and there was some sort of sign down there that talked about how dogs have trouble holding their like you're referring to their tongue because they are panting all the time. any way. obviously i like that one quite a bit. >> of course. let's go on ahead and look at the temperatures around the area right now. these are pretty close to the highs. 79 was the high at rdu earlier today. it's 77 right now. still 80 at clinton and greenville.
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normal for this time of year. of course you saw the movie earlier of this 160-ton dome being put into place. that's quite a feat there. no question about it. it'll be fun to continue to watch that building grow overtime. 77 is the temperature at the airport right now. the southwest winds sustained at 21 miles an hour it's a warm wind. it doesn't take away from the comfort of the day out there. the dew point temperature 55 which is a little humid for this time of year but when we get into june, july and august we will pray for adopt for a dew point of 55. satellite and radar. here is that axis of moisture out of the gulf of mexico with widespread showers and storms and then eventually just rain but it continues in an arc in to the northeast part of the united states and then there's another batch down in here with a disturbance in the upper at
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the good news for us is that this system is going to weaken as it eventually begins to move eastward later on this week. this is the upper level flow compared to normal when you see a lot of red like this and oranges it means there's a lot of bridging in the upper atmosphere. here is this upper level low way down over mexico and that's what has been bringing all the moisture into the midsection. as we put this into motion not much changes over the next 24 hours. then finally this system begins to get kicked out and notice as it does it's just a little island of coolness in the upper atmosphere. there's not nearly the curve to the flow we saw. all that's left by sunday and monday is a little wave in the atmosphere coming through. we will get a few showers and that should be about it and then the warm, dry weather will resume in to the middle of next week. eventually toward late next
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after saint patrick's day then it looks like we will start to get troughs that will eventually swing eastward and intemperatures back closer to normal. there's no sign right now of anything builterly cold even -- bitterly cold. good news on that front. for tonight very mild. the overnight lows 63 and then as we head into tomorrow even though we will have more cloud cover temperatures should still be in the same ballpark. no rain expect from those clouds, don't worry about that on saturday a little frontal system slips through. our winds become northeasterly. drop us to 68 and then we bounce back into the 70s and even 80s as we head toward the middle of next week and maybe after that, especially as we go toward the following weekend temperatures closer to normal for this time of year but that still puts us in the 60s. that's not bad. >> very nice. springtime.
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next a new audit accusing a school of admitting students that weren't qualified and improperly offering tuition help >> and a yearly easter
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