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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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attackers and identified the third man, naj who is fugiauthitbee s third atta seai r sewasse. i t feel t . epr:f st fls out ofuslandedu.ncre ord sire authorits o ke was ing and know e . and asn aland frieanpele alfr ld>> eated polinth
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he of foowup to brki news we d yey at 4:30 yog n were retotheir rm er us wht incrh e ence olhaen ound m., aynoh carona cky unt. ysct igh, caice brs year d brown ndern,nd20year . claire of conwayerkiotcainvolved and s hu. >>o n fachgeaf liay ked a man wi d policeay painan le chalk lro o one a appr amaedr cashle esce saly wi police fthcale
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30 mefr nona are ngetnideoyme koso led atnal acfoe tahi ae vinment insovothe e membgan runninin oue st comeda > t era ca is edtemt, justic ar me thsecalaw olate religiou stioac th kthe lile oo--nuns liofsay tuti corage prwas s linecug ro
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pisayspuen havbeen uae l gas th wdeliveree asdoe ys deneede $5illi pro>>ing in the ere a ivspill en pto r co po osed st otospd thdan da river ea e bl comment plans d onte fill to halecoalash d otwae. entl lan virg. thheld n e wnal coversiase geg wed at>> the harnett tyaboupu iold shoo th
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rolina ons shd h , wiavg hi ere wa ge e, wto what? ground rr: fthmang ton lato te20 ar the clasoo r hud,ho so ac shmittswt. shdiheeaeswith cc a he>>rehing gee ars. high peions cu. stays e sa ose tt diesare rycuou to
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th thyears ede >>epr:t are goin most hecute ttle l teet onand of, th always rorr: knowing her hard wk thclassroomade erce inthchildr >> id udent at and we ed el toth aninccessful it myosohat u playpaat journey for hi wibewo>>owwral o see l our toom, ch kword teacher > gnatrm mperesre here say.
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would benvin sls to t. >> who elfr ordiseraorseparatemo, te of an isis islize >>ke ctions t no rrisas exofthti unity. a mawho escuody bae offi edcl da depues hf leng wobed.heipanfr foemand ju ink. ilceedso alassat ca jo gein rape d appi da to20
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hes y nd rrti instirvg fot gr bury e ntdske the sen ngonthe an the hoankill s mein splake vember. igy stonmeaupss asshotthree s. policeargetrngtonanfct s. r group offi revbal deesca. retirerale ief ers e e in ve abuse ever. iinckto fuen of veexen usemy, po worl he worlcaer foun
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ngs tifuthin wilsonlodo qut moin betiriayatesgr noalw amazin oumpature yestda moing drto he24 . temracomo. average in is r mper ouw. windsoutat5 s pehour eadya bibree, gus 25-30 n. we hng r t 36 atan vehe potentfos to aduiif y c rnouy, thawod t. can't youne to at clel ro soll. ev, s wi oumperaturan ge
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roo raigh, waert. th ahu mp er yey. ttawnt cos orng the nter is g. urnts shifre hiy,wiroteoc e est fl wag this upng this system, ba t, isay sy tncour , arly thuraying.ngt h y, evythi is goinbeand the nce, o evening. w pain aften,e mastarth a deck of dsthur rninhat k up re casrying rta sprinktwo osthe ayy rrri t could atthe g peg e tiof thisfr cod th i
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hndinthres urs, ur onfriday. weakn hoda a littleersaayoo odrit now. ep wahiinsethfr ge loing tygotumid 40s inthe g,r gh 70 on su beel dris inmorng.erof in ndtoay w r underms, y seex f the chof rinks . weake look outsi s, everygosiert i-,
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onm. cat barber informed godfrey he will remain in the draft. what a season for the cat who led the acc in scoring, named first team all conference and toughest league in america. current draft has him in the second round. he is a father of a 1-year-old daughter and wants to provide for his family.
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coaches, teammates and fans, quote i wants everyone to know i gave it 100% every night. he wished cat the best and said they would help him anyway we can as he pursues his dreams to play in the mba and provide support to his family. the tournament continues, mandy mitchell is with duke, reports begin today. look for my reports to begin from the city of brotherly love tomorrow. 10 games to go, 7 points to make up. hurricane in the slim to none category, a chance when you are making plays like this. nordstrom gives carolina a 2-1 lead in the third. buffalo will score two goals if the final four -- goals in the final four minutes. after a jeff skinner costly turnover, brian find larson and see the frustration on cam ward. l and they don't need more l's.
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with the tampa bay rays playing in cuba. santos with a great sliding catch for the home squad. the first lady and mr. president seem to enjoy the day at the ballpark. that's gone out of the park. he drives in be of the four runs -- 3 of the four runs. these players and certainly the cuban fans will never ever forget. march madness continues, see you from philly. it is 5:26. we are learning about the suspects connected to the terror attack in brussels. the names of the brothers involved in the bombings and the money hunt underway now for the surviving suspect. president obama continues his trip overseas this time in argentina.
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clryahan. an voterwiot s l apr5mos had ononsatu. > obama ina tr ba ro1: our me e arntpres nenf. . a lllall be a al and alntrth nauld comethe fit statn loca >> draft of ll tobeappredwaulinni yahurma lookat aoius ll ushaisthe bi repr:a thstrentt, i llites
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the renswi thgenderty. nae d batindom raine minimuwaor ss me that. thfiven uld geheti ic e ecl seion erthe exctmate is t at00 emidetll coinues het aint el studentmpme up r ce idt sterdalvand the b where oming global . spngs y to et with carolina's noe the doctor that won t for y.
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serving dry, a pretty morning, much warmer than it was yesterday. yesterday was winter coat weather, a light jacket will do fine this morning. 46 in benson, town by town, 49 rocky mount. 46 roxboro. 50 degrees in garner, our temperatures are going to warm up quickly. sunshine at lunchtime and 67, at 5:00, 75. temperatures running 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. a jacket at the bus stop fine for the kids, temperatures in the upper 40s. warm in to the mid-70s this afternoon with sunshine, bill. the fda adding the strongest warning to the most widely prescribed painkillers, adding a boxed warning tied to release opiate pain killers including 175 branded and generic drugs. part of a campaign to stem addiction and deaths from the use of drugs like vicodin and percocet.
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the job fair is taking place at the crown center from 9 until 2:00. it is free and open to the public. job seekers are advised to dress professionally, bring resumes and be prepared for short on the spot interviews and help for those applying to jobs on line. a survey find there is clear generational divide when paying for small purchases. >> a real interesting study, from credit, says 41% of people under the age of 50 prefer cash for purchases less than $5. 40% for using a debit card, among the older crowd, 50 and older, cash is the winner at 74%. millenials are the most likely to use debit and credit cards. it was a reunion that was long overdue. >> the library book returned to
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how the school responded. something that's almost unhead of these days the reason a plane full of passengers was kept in the dark as word of the
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spread around the world. president obama ordered flags, military posts to be flown at half staff through
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victims of the brussels attacks. the spire of one world trade center was lit up in the colors of the belgium flag. governor andrew cuomo of knock said the move was the sign of respect. passengers to make to it the u.s. from brussels following the bombing found out about the incident hours laters the jet air fly plane arrived at orlando yesterday averages they chose not to alet anyone about the attacks until after they landed. the plane was not taken to the terminal but directed to another area. law enforcement greeted the passengers who were bussed to customs and bomb sniffing dogs searched luggage which remained on the runway. no word on the cause of the massive fire that broke out at a recycling plant in phoenix. smoke could be seen for miles. firefighters spp house trying to get the fire under control. no one was hurt.
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usual scene unfolding in seattle. a man this the tree, he brought traffic to a stand still for most of the day and overnight. police have been trying to coax him down since 11 yesterday morning. we checked and he is still up this the tree. the man reportedly through apples at medics. the story has attracted a lot of attention on social media, the hash tag man in tree is trending. nasa rocket is on station. unmanned atlas 5 rocket blasted off from cape canaveral carrying food and equipment to the space station but not returning, instead once it moves away, the craft be set on fire. nasa wants to see what happens when a large scale fire erupts inside a space capsule in a
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they hope this will help them understand and determine how much fire resistant material is needed in spacecraft and astronaut gear. a library book overdue by 50 years has been returned to a library in ohio. a former student at the university of dayton who checked out the history of the crusade, 1967s returned it along with an apology. he checked out the book as a freshman before leaving school to join the marines. the university will not charge the late fee which would have been around $350. >> buoy decimal system was the -- dewey decimal system was the common term. >> they don't do it by cards
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beautiful day. set out on the porch with a book. we shall do that this afternoon after we finish the laundry and all that stuff. look at what is going on, pretty out there, check out the sky cam from apex, nice and dry, today will be gorgeous with sunshine, warmer temperatures than yesterday. 10 degrees warmer this morning and this afternoon. dry out there. coming up, we will talk about when our weather becomes unsettled and we can see showers across the area. none of that today. 50s current temperature, winds southwest at 15, we will see gusts up to 25-30 this afternoon. that will bring us high fire danger, dew point is low, it means that atmosphere is dry. the dry atmosphere and breezy conditions lead us to high fire danger. not a red flag warning up yet. 49 henderson, 45 south hill. 45 roanoke rapids. 46 roxboro.
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south, 46 smithfield. 43 sanford and 47 in fayetteville. skies are clear for the most part, a little bit of cloud cover near e virginia line, high pressure shifting offshore, brging warm air up in to north carolina around that high that rotates clockwise to. the west, the next system that's likely to bring us unsettled weather, showers, that are possibly a few thunderstorms on friday. we get in to saturday and sunday, remains unsettled. when are we likely to see rain? it's highly unlikely today. tomorrow, we have the potential for a sprinkle, especially along and east of i-95. most of the day will be fairly bright, friday we have the system come in, maybe a chance of a shower friday, potentially thunderstorms in the afternoon. saturday should be bright, now on the drier side on saturday. 30% chance of rain on sunday. the bulk of that is probably late, if you are headed out for an easter sunrise service, a
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most of the day on a drier side. big issue today is the winds, everything else is going to be quiet. 10 degrees above normal today. gusts 25-30 miles per hour. tomorrow the warmest day of the week, 80 degrees does not get us to a record. 88 is the record set in 1929. normal is 66. it's above normal. friday we have the next system approaching, bringing us a chance of rain and saturday looks drier. on sunday, easter sunday morning, temperatures will be in the per 40s to low 50s -- upper 40s to low 50s. sunrise 7:07, maybe a sprinkle or two in the morning. most likely staying dry until later in the afternoon. we can't rule it out. it's worth a mention. maybe we wake up to that in the morningment commute maybe messy monday morning and we should
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the afternoon and tuesday, nice and dry. brian is here checking on the roads. >> no accidents to report now. as we look at the live commute map, we are not seeing delays showing up on the major routes. as we look at the map, see the beltline looks good central raleigh, coming through garner on 40 westbound, no delays split. siedz. goods on the durham freeway, rtp and downtown. eastbound, is in pretty good shape. that ride from 54 after the durham freeway is taking 5 or 6 minutes. country music star scotty mccreery will be making a stop in the triangle. >> where he is set to perform and the special reason why.
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ait inbrsebelgiumi up atp r 6: erlaase atw idtified ec e airror ta,. e prt ttle erma ce. >>ck std, icarg n atdo with thcoalatilled red ke
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weatd c ujoin> thies wasting nomefyg thterrt bombin belgm. vertbr oatoverght and o sechr. are looki a bit of a warm up. elizabeth wil us what pect as we head out tdoor ising. it's 6:00, good to have you with us this wednesday morning. i'm bill lli >> i renee ch. we are warmer this morning, than yesterday. that's the good newsing we will be warmer later is afternoo it looks absoluly beautiful. clwhs ha rdu, anquinal 2t totorry ates
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dkes u y. ke fo. dm. 50relly ri wn, uth evle. ch me warf th ar ng. this rning, ht d-s with n afrn> searchond or spect the ly belgium. >> iam suas wclaua isthw details. >>reporter: major break looking in to the te attack that shook brussels to the core, here, in the airpt and metro statn, town, while now the investigators believe to have identified the tw


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