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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence, this is wral news on fox 50. an afternoon of pandemonium and still tonight very few right now on wral news on fox 50 we're continuing to press investigators about what happened yesterday and crabtree valley mall. it is definitely unwanted and disturbing.>> residents share their concerns after discovering flyers they say promote hate. we will hear from a witness that saw what happened to cause this expensive supercar to split into pieces as it exploded in the middle chicago.
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questions about what caused a mass exodus and crabtree valley mall yesterday, thanks for joining us i am kathryn brown, ken smith has a night off. the latest information is all known witnesses have been interviewed and there remains no explanation for the loud noise people reported. there is also no indication a gunshot was fired and no gunshot victim. police have given no indication of whether they are searching for a suspect or whether suspicious activ and the mall and wral's candace sweat has been on the scene since it broke yesterday and joins us live with more on what crabtree valley mall officials are saying in the aftermath.>>reporter: catherine there were customers coming in and out of the mall today but many of them are still unsure about what caused the commission yesterday. as you mentioned we spoke with a spokesperson from the mall and he answered a number of questions concerning where the mall stands as of now.
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crabtree valley mall, as of now there are no areas inside the mall closed off to customers, all operating stars - stores are open and they are fully cooperating with investigators as well, they say extra security and police officers are on-site following the incident, and no major damage they know of other than a few broken tabletops from the court. we also know there was a major collaborative effort by a number of agencies yesterday and law enforcement and fire rescue on hand. also the marriott across the street from the mall opened its doors for people to get away from the heat and to get water and we know that nc state deployed shuttle buses to take people to their cars and they also provided a cool place for people to hang out and get away
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county ems and they confirmed today 12 people taken to the hospital and treated, nine additionally here on scene.>> certainly as we arrived focus is do we have an injury in the process of the event and how serious are those and how many of those? and treating and transporting the mysterious first and then working our way down.>> there were a total of 20 am well as nine additional vehicles. the number of ambulances that were deployed out here to an emergency situation really relies heavily on the perceived threat. they did end up having to turn some of the vehicles around but they said they would rather have more than enough them to get out here and realize they do not have enough and realize the situation is beyond them and so they responded well
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us in raleigh, thank you. many of the same shoppers a ran out of the mall yesterday return today to pick up what they laid down and left behind and leyla santiago talk to to moms who ran out with nothing else but their children.>>reporter: images like these do not just go away the next day.>> there were tables knocked over and food that was spilled and i just remember seeing everywhere.>> everybody is still really shaken up about what happened yesterday.>> gets the day after reports of shots fired at crabtree valley mall, less than 24 hours after the chaos, the food court was completely cleaned up and you can see raleigh police officers inspecting the ceiling of the food court. mall officials telling me they also have answer security on hand. a lot of shoppers
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in a state of panic. >> the little one would not let us come without him because he wanted to make sure that mom and dad were safe.>> many are still dealing with the trauma of it and the fear what could have happened. >> the human instinct is to take off, who wants to stand out and find out really? nowadays you have no idea.>> i do not want to relive anything at this point. i was very happy my two boys were with me and that we were together and that the lord great and he was able to keep us safe through whatever happened yesterday.>> in raleigh leyla santiago wral news.>> we're learning more about the people who were hurt when trying to get out of the mall, some fell and others were trampled, in total eight people went to the hospital ranging in age from 10 to 70 years old, will follow developers in our news here at fox 50 at 10 pm as well as arlington is after the olympics tonight and we will
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on the cleanup process continues in milwaukee after police involved shooting sparked violent protests last night and protesters set fire to at least four buildings including a gas station and at least three people were arrested. the violence erupted after police shot a man who ran from a traffic stop at authorities say after officers pulled the car over to people got out and ran and one officer opened fire fatally shooting a man identified as sylville smith, incident in a press conference earlier today.>> they ordered that individual to drop his gun and the individual did not drop his gun, the gun was a stolen gun and officer did not know it at the time but there were 23 rounds and that gun. >> investigators say the man killed was shot twice and died on scene and the officer who opened fire was wearing a body camera and has been placed on administrative duty during the
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lochte tweeted a thank you note to fans today affirming he is safe and unharmed hours after being robbed at gunpoint during olympic festivities during rio de janeiro, lochte and teammates were ataxic when settlement posing as policeman pulled the over and they approached the and the team was told to get on the ground that they were robbed. in an exclusive interview on the today show this morning lochte said one of the men put a gun to his head and he said they took wallets, cell phone fully cooperating with police. amana's charged with murder and shooting in raleigh early saturday morning, 19-year-old jonathan woman is charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon, police say he shot two people in the parking lot of mambo 69 sports bar and one of the victims died and she is identified as diana luna and the other victim was treated and released from the hospital, roman is in custody at the wake county detention center two
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year-old javorie ammon thompson and zyreek braxton are charge for the murder and officers were called to the shooting in the 4600 block of capital boulevard shortly after six a clock friday night, both are being held at the wake county detention center. a raleigh man is recovering from serious injuries after found shot in a crashed car, the brennan johnson was found inside a car that struck a pole on capital boulevard and morning, the crash caused a power lines of fall and temporarily closed capital boulevard, police have not named suspects and so far no arrests have been made. the man killed in a fatal motorcycle accident is one of the 82nd airborne soldiers, specialist jesus rios was assigned to first attack reconnaissance battalion of his commanding officer says rios was a valued member of the
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he lost control of his motorcycle yesterday morning on mlk freeway and died from his injuries later at the hospital. neighbors and a wake county community is expressing concerns tonight over controversial flyers placed near their homes and residents found these [ null ] fliers and baggies based around a neighborhood in garner and when areas located near turner farms. a piece of paper includes the confederate white knights hotline number and we have received a number of calls in our newsroom from concerned residents. >> we thought it was i thought it was a prank and maybe there were kids playing some pranks around the neighborhood or something.>> better than i looked over there and i looked over there and over there and i was like this is the entire neighborhood.>> unwanted. >> unwanted and disturbing and to close to home. >> johnston county communications say they've gotten phone calls about the unwanted fires as well. diners at a more county
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yesterday, the driver slammed into a wall at a cracker barrel in southern pines and the car did not penetrate the wall and it shattered glass inches from customers and fortunately no one was seriously injured but the restaurant was evacuated. investigators say the driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. if you stepped outside today for even a minute you certainly felt the stifling heat right away and meteorologist aimee wilmoth joins us live in the weather ceer starting off the work week. >> that is right all the county shaded in orange under heat advisory for monday and heat index values anywhere from 105 to 109 so it will be a very hot day tomorrow, some of you under the advisory and high temps today were in the mid to upper 90s. at one point heat index values up to around 110. it is likely we have numbers are similar to this tomorrow. coming up in a few minutes we will take a look at when we get a break from the heat and
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first responders found one of the most expensive cars you can buy in flames in the middle of chicago and find out what happened to cause this lamborghini to split in half and explode peered plus the surveillance video that new york city police hope will lead
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police in bowling green kentucky say a man stabbed his father during a church worship service this morning and they say other members of the congregation quickly stepped in to stop the assault shortly after it began. witnesses say an associate pastor is the one who ultimately tackled the suspect in the father was taken to the hospital from his condition still unknown. nypd released surveillance footage of the murder of an e mom and hopes of tracking down the killer. this video shows the moment york city e mom steps away from his mosque and the man walks up, opened fire on the imam and then calmly walks off. a sketch was released and so far there are no leads and a motive for the shooting has not been determined. one of the most expensive cars on the road was involved in a spectacular crash, the vehicle is split in half, take a look. this is a lamborghini.
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lamborghini on fire in the middle of chicago and witnesses say the vehicle turned into its path sending the supercar and twilight pole on an off-duty sheriff's deputy who saw the crash led the effort to get the driver out moments before it exploded and you see the aftermath. the driver was taken to the hospital and their condition has not yet been released. devastating flood waters in louisiana has forced thousands of people from their homes and at least three people he person is still missing. about 1700 soldiers are helping the search and rescue efforts and the governor has said he has made an official request for aid from fema. check out this video from a coast guard rescue in baton rouge, the three people being rescued here are just several of the 7000 people who have been rescued so far and more flooding could be on the way as heavy rains continue to pummel louisiana from the gulf. the conditions here in the
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need to know about, the heat advisory will want you to know about coming up in the weather forecast from aimee wilmoth. plus you may remember donovan livingston for mr. and commencement speech at harvard that inspired the nation and went viral. we will hear from cooper: governor mccrory wants you to believe there's a carolina comeback. but raise your hand if your taxes have gone up while those at the top are the ones getting the tax break. and raise your hand if you're working more for less. i'm roy cooper, and that's not a comeback. that's moving backwards. raise your hand if you agree that those at the top should pay their fair share. raise your hand if you agree that tax breaks should be going to the middle class. and raise your hand if you agree
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the man who moved the nation with his graduation speech -gone viral this spring at harvard university came back home for a bit to inspire another group of future gadgets graduate and donovan livingston spoke at fayetteville, he has a personal connection to fsu and not just because he is from fayetteville but his father is also an alumni of the school. in part of his encouraging presentation donovan talked about a letter he wrote to himself during his freshman year of college.>> i freshman year of college and it was a letter to me in the future. i wrote about how you should be at a job now, a profound leader in your field, and an obama happened and i had to go back to the drawing board. >> donovan is seeking his phd at unc greensboro and i have a feeling he will make something of himself.>> he is entertaining and he will go
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speaker.>> so we have a heat advisory.>> yes. you don't have to pay attention to who exactly is under the heat advisory and who is not, it will be a hot day tomorrow with the index values in the triple digits and yes some of us are in the heat advisory in this is a map that shows you where the national weather service thinks will have heat index values 105 to 109. this is for most of us but again it will be hot everybody. still very warm and 10 pm, 80 one of the tv studios and audio - it is 81 here at the tv studios and raleigh, 86 for fayetteville and then when you look at these numbers, the dewpoint and amount of moisture is very high and very uncomfortable. the upper 70s for south will,
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this is shown a little bit of a breeze, we did have showers and storms rolled through roxborough bringing heavy rain and it is 81 at the airport, winds out of the south and southeast at 5 miles per hour . there wasn't sure activity across the area today and i'll talk about more on that in just a moment. we have an area of high pressure that moved south an open moisture from the gulf. but here is where the stationary frontal boundary is and we flooding down in louisiana with some areas getting more than 25 inches of rain the last couple of days. it has been crazy there and getting a little bit of a break in southern louisiana now and eventually this freight moves into our area as we get into thursday and that will bring our rain chances up a bit. take a look at water vapor imagery and this shows us where the mid-level moisture is, yesterday we had no moisture in the mid-levels which is why we didn't have hardly any rain but today we have more activity
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moisture, it turns blue in the afternoon and evening and that was enough to spark showers and thunderstorms for some of you. some of you getting pretty heavy rain earlier this evening but it is quiet now. overnight tonight i think we will stay dry with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and morning commute time tomorrow we will have mostly sunny skies, warm and muggy and by lunchtime a few more clouds and a couple more sprinkles and beyond lunchtime spotty showers and storms. not everybody tt tomorrow but we could see if you've this showers and storms the second half of the day. tonight temperatures will be warm and it stays muggy, john into the 70s and high temps tomorrow, 96 for raleigh and 97 for fayetteville when he index in the triple digits for everybody tomorrow. beat the heat and maybe had to the pool tomorrow, it will be hot and lots of sun is a put on a lot of sunscreen is the uv index will be at nine, in the morning mostly sunny and temps in the mid-80s and in the afternoon a hit and miss shower or storm possible and temps in
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tuesday 93 and mostly sunny, a 30% chance of storms on wednesday and into thursday the friend that has been stalled to the west starts to move in and brings a better chance for rain. the scattered showers and storms will likely be numerous as we head into thursday and that will help bring temperatures down with highs in the upper 80s for thursday through sunday. we'll have a pretty decent chance of rain thursday and still scattered showers and thunderstorms possible into next with the sports? rubber meets the road now with the big rivalry. former raleigh resident justin gatlin, he ran about as perfect a race as he possibly could but it is tough when over on your right you have an x man who run behind you, my goodness, usain bolt 9.80 wins the 100 m. an incredible race. no love lost.
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meanwhile another close call for team usa basketball who finally showed up to save the day and plus how is mike just
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record wise, pool play what is possibly could - how they
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three point escape over serbia with another close call over france, thompson breaks out of his olympic slump but the defense allows the most point they have so far this summer. and coach krzyzewski looking on the bright side, a 197 - a 100-97 when is a window?>> the thing is they have one and at the end of the day no one ask you anything else except if you have one. and while you are approaching the winning the whole thing you're asked to hold onto other things. i think that we are getting better offensively and we have to get better defensively. >> for all of the sports like basketball and track the command the olympic spotlight others fly well under the radar if we've ever even heard of them at all. those are the events i like to
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we caught up with one woman who is trying to change all of that for one sport of choice and it is called dress it.>>reporter: you have probably stumbled across this while watching the olympics this week, person and horse almost performing a dance routine.>> dressage means training in french and the purpose is to help develop the horse's three natural gates. >> courtney won a national championship in a small college in virginia and she now owns her own business at apex teaching the sport to young people.>> the thing i like most about it is the partnership you gain with your horse that it is a learning process. that is very good and very consistent. hold on the the outside. as your learning the horse is learning. >> a process that involves precise writing by the human and understanding by the four- legged athlete.
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slightest excuse, 0 - they respond to the slightest cues and it is all about led movement and seat movement and not about muscling the horse in any way.>> courtney is hoping that people get inspired by watching the equestrian events during the olympics and want to give the sport of track.>> i have the students of i have four-year-olds and 75- year-olds and you're never too young to start learning how to ride or two old. >> wral sports apex. with officially hit the point of panthers training camp where cooler heads did not prevail, remember last year around this time carolina have a heated practice confrontation between cam newton and josh norman? all accounts today's session in spartanburg had a bit of extra curricular activity as well. panthers only have two more
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the remaining three preseason games and coach ron rivera says he is all for a competitive fire, but there comes a point when too much is too much.>> it is more than you really want and the thing we have to understand is at the end of the day the panthers do not play the panthers and we are not on the home schedule. that is the thing we lost sight of today the competitive nature got carried away and got more physical than it should have is that we are in pads but it doesn't give us liberty to do the things that happened out there.>> there is a have to out of first-place entry was left in the first season, neil wagner takes off the throwing arm, tied it three weight into the 13 innings, a wild pitch is ranking is one of the most painful. charlotte takes the match four,
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for a quick three and columbus before returning home on thursday. the mudcats put eight on the board in the fourth inning and they lean on myrtle beach from there with 8- 6 the final and more importantly the 10 game losing streak of bears is finally done. you would be proud of dressage aimee wilmoth. spirit how did you say it?>> i said it in the american version of dressage. >> [ laughter ]>> way to keep him in line. >> i know a little bit about some things but not a whole lot. the weather hot again tomorrow with a heat advisory wake county and points east, down south highs in the mid-90s and the heat index in the triple digits again with rain chances slim tomorrow.>> thank you for
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what raleigh police are using to figure out exactly what happened. a new trial is underway for a man who has spent most of his life in prison, for a murder he says he didn't commit.... and a raleigh restaurant owner says it's time to show our appreciation for police officers....his plans to feed the force. i'm kathryn brown...lets rewind... good evening, thanks for joining us....this week... a soldier at fort bragg is facing rape charges... a cumberland county teen is accused of killing a man with a hatchet..... and....the state's epidemiologist quits her job after she says state officials are misleading the public over the safety of their water.. a soldier stationed at fort bragg is now facing rape charges. 20-year-old christian chalk is charged w7ith 2nd degree rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. he was arrested at fort bragg monday. authorities says the rape investigation


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