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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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we are joined live with details of marion barry's arrests. >> reporter: police say a woman flagged down a u. park police officer here and she told the officer she was being stocked. e pointed out a nearby car and the police interviewed the occupants of the car who turned out to be marion barry. his last scrape with the law was a month ago when the u.s. attorney's office sought to revoke his chges. he has been released. joining us now is a u.s. park police spokesman. what were the charges levelled against marion barry? >> last night he was arrested by the united states park police
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and charged with a misdemeanor offense of stalking. >> you can't tell us what sort of jail time that caries yet, can you? >> i believe it's a misdemeanor. >> do we know the identity that levels that charges of this against him? >> i don't know the idea of her. >> reporter: was he released on his own recognizance? >> well last night he was transported to d.c. cell clock which is a standard procedure for an arrest in the district of columbia. >> reporter: does that mean he has to appear in court? >> absolutely. and he will be given a court date later, probably this week, and it will be a mandatory court appearance for him. >> reporter: there you have it. we will have more information as it becomes available. we are live, and back to you in
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the studio. there are several other news storieseveloping in our story. police are investigating a shooting that injured as many as five people. police say it happened at 12:30 this morning. one injured is described as a juvenile. three of the others have been injured. and now the d.c. police are investigating three homicides, including one early this morning that occurreded in 600 block northwest. and the investigators are trying to figure out whether erthwaser a natural gas lea nobody was injured
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and we have another incident that damaged some houses in a neighborhood. >> reporter: by the time the firefighters arrived, the damage had been done. >> at 6:15 this evening, the fire department was dispatched for an explosion, and they found a house levelled. and at this point we know it was an explosion. >> reporter: it not only levelled this home, but blew out the windows of another house. firefighters conducted a routine expensive search inside the structure. >> the family was vacationing in tennessee, and we spoke to the occupants. but we will take the time to
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come in and bring in k-9 units to insure nobody was in the home. >> reporter: it was determined nobody was inside. however when the owners return from out of town they will deal with damages estimated at $3 million. firefighters cut utilities to the home and believe the explosion may have been the result of a gas leak. two people are dead after a wik ucthk ir feworks f explowed. and police say three others were seriously injured. and the victims work for the melrose south pyrotech nicks company. and no word yet on what caused the blast. one of the nation's biggest fireworks show got under way.
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and the display capped off a fun-filled day. andhis is where darcy spencer had a front row seat and reports on all the fun festivities. >> reporter: it was a sp spectacular display of colors over the ground of the washington monument. and fireworks was a crowd pleasure. >> the fireworks were amazing. and it was amazing. >> so manyf my friends said it would be awesome. i like this. >> reporter: officials statemented 100s of thousands of people would travel to the mall to bring in the celebrations. >> it was great. i had family in town from nebraska. we did not plan ahead, but waltz up here at 9:00 and had a great seat and got to see it all right
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by the monument. >> reporter: many tourists came here to celebrate the nation's independence. >> they are absolutely beautiful. >> have you ever been here? >> never, this is my first time. >> we went to a picnic, and then we had some south american food, and then we came here. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4 today. >> and virginia had its first fourth of july fireworks display since 2007. two years ago, 11 people including five children were seriously injured when a mortar shell misfired and hit the crowd. to> many people heading home day.
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ethd maryldth state police will be out in full force to promote safe dring. it's part of the second wave of the multismooth operating program. and officersay with a higher volume of traffic comes an increased risk of aggressive driving. last year more than 400 citations were issued throughout the summer, and half of those were issued in maryland. steve mcnair was found shot to death yesterday in nashville. this morning police are investigating the unusual circumstances surrounding his death. >> reporter: this is the downtown nashville conda minuteam where the body of mcnair was found with multiple gunshot wounds and one to the head. a female was also found dead. >> one female, one male.
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we know the male deceased is steve mcnair. >> reporter: a probowl quarterback that led to titans to the super bowl in 2000. and he also played for the ravens until he retired because of injuries in 2008. >> i played the game with a lot of passion and heart. >> reporter: as one of the most beloved players on the titan's roster, many were surprised. >> reporter: a tragic ending as police try to determine the circumstances behind the killings. >> the woman found dead was
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20-year-old kazemi of nashville. our time is 6:08. coming up on this sunday morning edition of news4 today, president obama begins another foreign trip on monday. and then sarah palin talks about her decision on facebook. we will tell you what she wrote there. many of you had a hot dog or two this holiday weekend, but how about eating more than five dozen hot dogs in a matter of minutes. the who and the why and the stomach ache all coming up. (announcer) have your kids ever gone snorkeling before breakfast?
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welcome back this morning. president obama is expected to leave for russia tonight. his first stop in a week-long trip overseas. tomorrow he will meet with russia's president. and wednesday mr. obama heads to italy where he is scheduled to meet with pope benedict t. >> reporter: before leaving for russia, he welcomes millions of
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families to the fourth of july celebration. >> we want to say thank you for your extraordinary service to our country. >> i think putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new. >> reporter: that comment proved to be provocative in russia, where puttin still holds considerable sway. but like it or not, when he sits down with medvedev, he will rustle with issues from the cold war. and the item topping the agenda for the summit is renewed talks.
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there are signs things are improving. >> this is a big experiment. we are waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: an agreement has been reached set to be announced during the visit. and mr. obama plans to make another high-profile speech while overseas, and this time speaking to russians about his vision of bilateral relations. >> last week russia's president said the meeting would help russia and the u.s. find ways to cooperate. sarah palin is shedding more light on her facebook page. she said that she is spreading the higher calling about spreading the word. and this weekend her lawyer threatened legal action against bloggers and media out let's for
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spreading what they called defamiliar tori rumors. and her future remains unclear. >> well, it does suggest somebody that wants to build a bigger platform by herself, and thinks she can do that by being in the national spotlight. and she will be. and this is boilerplate stuff. can she show policy background that she has not yet proved. and quitting a job at any point is not the best qualification for doing that. >> she was spotted on the sidelines of the city's parade. for the first time since 9/11, visitors can walk all the way up to the cro of lady liberty. this weekend a small group of visitors started to make the trek up to the top. and one of the visitors decided to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal of marriage to which she said yes.
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good news for both of them. we have sports and weather straight ahead. steve, what will it be like today? >> not like yesterday. it was a pretty day yesterday. lots of clouds out there this morning. what does that mean? all the detls coming up. stay with us. fios guy! where ya headed? ah, just installed fios in the whole building. now everyone has the fastest upload speeds. and we're giving them a mini netbook. well, i'm sticking with cable. so's ted. (voice) no i'm not! he's just goofing. (voice) no i'm not! (sighing) ted has betrayed me. (announcer) unke cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home and when you switch now, you can get a free compaq mini netbook. just pay shipping, handling and taxes. with fios, you'll get razor-sharp tv, blazing fast internet and crystal-clear phone service all for just... sign up today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v, and for a limited time, get an incredible compaq mini, to get the most out of your fios internet.
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good morning. welcome back. the weather was perfect for a parade this fourth of july, and many people showed their patriotism. and among those in attendance is the service members and the loved ones of those currently in harm's way. michael flynn has more. >> reporter: it is billed as the kickoff to the fourth of july celebration, the annual independence parade along constitution avenue, all branches of the military were
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represented in the parade, which brought out many families of trooped overseas now. this man's daughter is serving in afghanistan. >> bause she cannot be here, and she is serving the country so we can be there. you go out there and look at the unbelievable bravery they have. >> reporter: this woman's daughter spent the past four years serving in the middle east. >> there is so much going on, and the reason behind why they are over there, and it's freedom, and that's what this represents. >> nothing better than people waving flags and hearing the anthem. >> reporter: this man drove from norfolk to be in the parade, and he has been in the navy less than a year and is anxious to head out overseas. >> i know they will watch my back and i will watch theirs. >> reporter: and this man enjoyed the parade with his wife and two daughtershile watching
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the floats and marching bands, he thought about the people he left. >> i wish i could be over there with them. >> are you thinking about them today? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: in downtown washington, michael flynn, news4. it was a gorgeous play for the parades and all the festivities yesterday? >> yeah, it could not have been nicer. we started off with sunshine, and then clouds came in. and not a big deal. we have nice temperatures, and it was dry. typically in july, it was really humid. yesterday was crisp outside. in fact, once again today, we have very low humidity. we have lots of clouds over head. with these clouds, we could see showers at any point today. the bulk of the moisture with the stormist um bringing us all the cloud cover will stay to the south of us, and that's where the moisture will travel. nonetheless, locally, we could
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have light rain showers throughout the day. and the wind is out of the north at 8. and the dew point is 52. and that's low for this time of year. and we are nice and dry and nice and comfortable. and it's 69 here in the district. 68 out at dulles. cooler in the shenandoah valley. and temperatures today climbing in the mid-70s, so 10 degrees cooler than average. and the dew points make the air nice and comfortable. and you can see here in the district we are dry, but south of town, we do have light rain showers right now from harrisonburg across 64 over towards fredericksburg. and you can see the moisture is moving from the northwest to the southeast. and it looks like this match of moisture will stay south of town and push towards far south of maryland. and you can see the bulk of the
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rain push into central and southern virginia. however the northern fringe of the moisture will sweep across the area, bringing us light off and on rain showers. and that's at any point today. but north of town, the threat of rain for you is small. the best chance of picking up showers will be from the beltway southward. we have a wave of lower pressure moving across the area. by tomorrow the low is out of here and all the clouds will push towards the atlantic following the wave low of pressure. and then we will see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. and then there is a ban that will drop down into the area, and then we pick up clouds as we head into tuesday. and then the moisture moving through, and the best chance of rain south of town, and otherwise mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-and upper 70s. as we headnto tomorrow, as high pressure builds in, lots of sunshine. and a weak front dropped into the region on tuesday, bringing us a few extra clouds. and cooler than average with
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temperatures in the mid-and upper 70s. and mostly sunny skies. 85. on tuesday, 86. a couple clouds. maybe a pop-up storm, and most of us staying dry on tuesday, and then cooler behind. and then it looks like we warm it up to about 90, and the humidity returns. it will start to feel more july-like towards the end of the week, but not today. >> when you get to the middle of july, can you expect it to feel like summer. >> yeah, it's about time. >> thank you, steve. in sports, dunn hits his 300th home run. and here is more on today's sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the at&t national where woods and kim are tied for first headed in today's final round.
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and tiger and ak will tee of later. wiserena captured her 11th major title. in baseball, dunn hit his 300th home run. and dunn delivered the game-winning hit. and the nats win it. and then the black and red settle for a 1-1 tie, and united still in first place. that's your sports minute. have a great day. and then nathan's hot dog eating contest.
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the winner eight 68 hot dogs and buns and that was four more than his rival. to a related story, perhaps. we knowbesity is a big problem in america. and a new report is taking a state by state problem of obesity. it reveals that what is likely to happen when baby boomers hit their medicare years. tracy potts has the report. >> we are doing it on our bikes. >> reporter: many americans are not exercising and packing on the pounds. >> oh, it's disgusting. >> reporter: this new report finds in 23 states, half, obesity is on the rise. but lookingack a decade, no state had more than a 20% rate.
8:26 am
>> we have been on this protectory that is really going on in the country. >> reporter: and the report found tod's 55 to 65-year-olds are having health care costs. >> you have got the makings for an even more severe financial challenge. >> if we can help somebody control obesity, they are less likely to get diabetes. >> reporter: that was part of the pitch for health reform today. they are urging congress to make obesity a national health priority. coming up in the next half hour of news4 today, police explain what led to the race of
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d.c. councilman marion barry. plus, organizers are working on who will be allowed to attend theelhaic jacksonaúaú1ú1ú
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updating the top stories in the news4 today, d.c. police are investigating a shooting that injured as many as five people. police say i happened around
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12:30 this morning on 46th and g streets in southeast. and one of the injured is described as a juvenile. three others are seriously injured. a home in the 88th block was levelled by an explosion. and another blast levelled a home and damaged at least one other. and nobody was home at the time of the explosion. and damage estimates totaled nearly $3 million. good morning, and welcome back to news4 today. i am joe krebs. and let's find out how the sunday forecast is turning out. steve, good morning. good morning, joe, and everybody. lots of clouds out there this
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morning. and there is a wave of lower pressure moving across the region, and as it sweeps across the area, it could bring light rain showers. and we are seeing some already south of town. 69 right now. it will be cooler than average. can you see the light rain showers south of the beltway. it looks like from prince william county towards staffford county and south. and the bulk of the moisture stays in southern virginia, but the northern fringe of the rain shield will keep the threat of light off and on showers in the forecast for most of the day, and otheise mostly cloudy today. mid and upper 70s. and tomorrow we will see improving weather with sunshine and temperatures rebounding in the mid-80s. details coming up in a few minutes. back to you. we are learning more about the arrest of marion barry. the d.c. councilman and former
8:32 am
mayor was charged with stalking. and an officer was flagged down by a woman that pointed to the occupant of a nearby car. and the woman said she was being stocked by the person in the car. and the police interviewed the woman and the man in the a car. >> last night on the fourth of july, marion barryas arrested by the united states park police and charged with the miss medemr offense of stalking. i don't know what exposure it is. >> reporter: do we know the identity of the woman that levelled t charges? >> i don't know the identity of her. >> is he released? >> well, last night he was transported to a cellblock, which is a standard procedure,
8:33 am
and then he was released on a citation release. >> barry has a mandatory court appearance to face the charge. we are following a developing story out of orlando, florida. walt disney said the monorails collided. and one driver was killed. the monorail is now closed down. as the war in iraq winds down and the war in afghanistan ramps up, the president is not the only one honoring the troops this fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: in a parade through the nation's capital on this day, americans men and women in uniform were front and center. president obama flew back to
8:34 am
washington to host a white house cookout with the troops. it was a chance for the new commander in chief to show his appreciation. in texas, private zack boyde was happy to be home. his boxers are now headed to an army museum. and vice president biden watched the swearing in of troops as americans citizens. and then afterwards he met with his troops from his home state of delaware, including his son, beau. u.s. serviceman were invited
8:35 am
to be among the first to climb the 354 steps for one exstrau s extraordinary view a small honor to those fighting to keep the nation free. >> reporter: brian moore, nbc news, washington. and pmichael jackson's memorial service will be held on tuesday at the staple service. more than one million people registered to get a chance for a ticket. not everybody got lucky. >> reporter: as preparations continue for the michael jackson memorial tuesday at the staple's center. >> i have been a fan of michael jackson every since i new he existed. >> reporte online registration
8:36 am
for the lottery closed late saturday. winners will be notified tomorrow about where they can pick up tickets on monds. >> i would just love tbe there for the memorial. it would be awesome. >> hundreds continued to gather outside the jackson estate in encino, and inside his family continues to work threw their grief, while trying to settle on the public memorial and private funera >> they are sincerely heart broken but determined to preserve his legacy and give him the dignity he deserves. >> reporter: they say the private service and barrel will be here at the forest long memorial park in hollywood hills. jay gray, news4. >> long lived the king! madonna gave the special tribute to michael.
8:37 am
she urged the crowd to give it up for jackson, who he hailed one of the greatest entertainers the world has known. madonna's concert at the arena is where jackson was scheduled to begin a series of concerts later this month. we will introduce you to a principal in the d.c. area that is finally retired after 30 years on the job.
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welcome back. it's the ending we hoped for.
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this week's wednesday's child has a story where they can call home. >> reporter: the three girls we introduced last october as they waited for a permanent adoptive home. and their social worker told us the story that day. >> the girls were brought into care in 2007 due to negligent by their mom. >> reporter: many calls came into the adoption hotline. >> and having them on wednesday's child was a tremendous success. >> reporter: they said what they were looking for in a family. >> i want a mama. >> i want a dad and a mom to care and love me. >> i want a family that will, like, always be there. that will never leave you no matter how tough it would be. >> they are going to a two-parent family, which is what the kids requested. >> reporter: a loving and caring local family is excited to
8:41 am
welcome these three as their daughters. meanwhile, moses, who you met last december also found a new home. and a social worker told us what he wanted. >> a good family that has a lot of structure, and loving family. >> reporter: when moses' story aired, there were lots of calls. one from the a distance. >> the family we found for him was in georgia, and they saw the clip through the internet. >> reporter: now with these three having a brand new loving home, and the same for moses, jenna says wednesday's child works. >> i think the kids get an opportunity to show their true character, and they get to show the families who they really
8:42 am
are. >> reporter: and the kids saw who the families were, a perfect fit for them. if you hooe r imn your home and your heart for ahi cld uralcie pas olellpeca s adoption 1-882-adopt me. the recession may be taking the toll on the air quality, because fewer people are buying new cars. and the average vehicle on washington area roads is now six months older than the average age four years ago. typically older cars have higher emissions. and local officials worry pollution levels will be 7% higher than previously projected. sports and weather are next. stay with us. we will be right back. çc
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he has seen just about everything. mike dirsh has been a principal in the d.c. area for more than 30 years. we caught up for one final lesson. >> reporter: for the final time he walks the halls of high school, he retire add few days ago. st. john's high school, and then catholic university. >> it has been a great ride. i have been extraordinary
8:46 am
fortunate. i always say i was presented with a good education, whether i received it or not, the jury is probably out. >> reporter: but it was in public schools where he earned a representation of a tough, effective and fair principal. he has been at it for more than 30 years in three jurisdictions, including seven years at wilson high school in the district, and seven years at york town high school in arlington, and for the last 13 years, the principal at spri springbrook in montgomery county. he has learned a lot of things, and he speaks about them candidly. drugs. >> i think that today's students are probably more discreet. i think overall students are making better decisions. but if we think that we are drug
8:47 am
free, or the no drug-zone signs that are up or say no to drugs is working, i think that we need to pinch ourselves a little bit. >> reporter: gangs. >> a big problem that i don't think that we are honest about admitting. in some communities, there has been a reluctance to use the term "gang." >> reporter: literacy. >> literacy, in my opinion, continues to be a big issue. we have more students across the board not reading, or not reading well. that accounts for a lot of academic issues. >> reporter: race. >> always a challenge. always a problem. i think how it's belt with are students not unlike their
8:48 am
predecessors, i think are concerned about fairness. >> reporter: if there was a hall of fame for principals, and there probably should be, mike dirsa would be voted in on the first ballot. he knows teenagers, and he has a lot of hope for the future. >> i have never ceased to be amazed by the successes of young people who under some extraordinary odds are able to do great things. >> reporter: i am pat collins, news4, montgomery county. >> right now mike is serving on the montgomery county sool board. right now, we have an interesting day developing. not quite as nice as yesterday, but not as hot and steamy. >> yeah, not hot and steamy but
8:49 am
not a washout, but somewhere in between. with all the clouds in place we will see rain showers move across the area. north of town, the chances of rain are not as good as south of town, basically. the storm system is well south of us, and from the beltway southward, i think that's where we will have the best chance of seeing off and on rain showers in the day. and i think you will stay drier north of town than the rest of us. and here is what it looks like outside. it's cloudy out there this morning, and cool. temperatures in the 60s. we are headed to the mid and upper 70s. and we have a northerly flow. and the dew point is 52, so it's comfortable out there. and we are sitting at 69 degrees. there is warmer weather from dallas through new orleans. and then the batch of weather will push up towards the area. can you see their dew points are 20 degrees higher than ours.
8:50 am
and the big picture looks like this. clouds and rain showers from the beltway all the way back into texas. and the low will track to the south of us, keeping the bulk of the moisture to the south. however as the system makes its way across the region, the fringe will slide across the area bringing off and on light rain showers. and in the beltway, we are dry. south of i-95, that's where we have light showers from waldorf. and then this will be the trend the next couple hours as the trend moves through. and then there is the storm moving through, and north of town drier than south of town. nonetheless, it will not be a washout. and otherwise, mostly cloudy, with tperatures in the mid-and upper 70s. and then as we head into tomorrow, the storm system pushes on out of here. and lots of sunshine, and with the sunshine temperatures climbing into the mid-80s. and then tuesday, a very weak
8:51 am
front pushes towards the area, and we can see a couple extra clouds out there. and mostly cloudy and cooler than yesterday. and temsrabrretu anywhere from the mid-to upper 70s, and right around 79 degrees here in the district. and tomorrow, pretty or mostly sunny. and5 degrees. on tuesday, 86. partly cloudy. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. and most of us are staying dry and then on the backside of that a little bit coor for wednesday. and then we warm it up come the end of the week. and we push towards 90 degrees and the humidity does return. it looks like a cloudy and cool today with light rain. >> and a little heat and humidity to the weekend, no problem. >> yeah. roger federer will try to make history today at wimbledon. he gs for his 15th grand slams leader title. and it's a tight leaderboard.
8:52 am
>> reporter: superstar woods against kim. tiger won 67 times in his career. and ak only played in 67 events in his career. and kim the defending at and a national champ, and woods, the best in the world. it's the student against the teacher. and woods had the lead to start the third round here on number 9. and putting with prevision. and then tiger was 11 under. and then here is beckman, a that was perfect. and he is 9 under one shot back. and this is tiger's playing partner. and it's 83 feet away. eck it out. remarkable. tracking in for birdie. and yeah, he loved it.
8:53 am
and so did tiger, because tiger says, nice job, dude. gives him a hi-five. and then this is defending champ, anthony kim. and a thing of beauty. almost -- almost goes into the cup. stops shy, and a tap in for par. and tiger woods on the 11th, having trouble from the bunker, not good. he knew it as soon as he hit it. tiger would double bogey, and then however finish the day even par. and then kim tied for the lead. and today's final pairing, tiger and ak go. >> i used to practice thinking i was in the final round with tiger, final putt, and had to make a 10-footer and he was watching me. >> when i was growing up -- >> i replayed those moments, and
8:54 am
i have to go out there. there is not too many chances you get to play against the best in the world at his golf tournament. >> we have seen him grow as a layer. it's just a matter of time before he starts winning golf tournaments. >> i suspect he will win a red shirt and be out there ready to go, and i will be ready as well. >> tiger and kim tee off at'2" 2:20 today. on the women's side, it was an all-williams sister style. and venus and serena meeting in the final for the fourth time. and serena won last time, in 2003. and venus is the defendsing
8:55 am
champ. and then serena's backhand hits the top of the net, and serena says you are not returning this shot. and a perfect lob. and then not a championship point. and venus is serving down, 5-2. and serena dropped to her knees filled with emotion. and adam dunn's 300th home run. and he was the fastest player to reach 300 home runs. but bottom of the seven, and dunn at the plate. get it done. and he crushes it up into upper deck territory. wow. high and deep. save that ball. career home run number 300. he did it in less than 4,200 at-bats.
8:56 am
and dunn gets a curtain call. here come the nats. and zimmerman, and he comes through. and based loaded. and then there is a trot home, and then here comes another hustle home. and the nats tie the game at 3-3. and dunn delivers again. and lines one into right. nick johnson scores. a big day for mr. dunn. the nationals win it 5-3. if you are a fan like this girl, jump for joy. the black and red are hoping to leave columbus still in first place. sims shot on net, and then the ball is crossed into the box, and then it's loose.
8:57 am
and gomez boots it in. his fourth goal of the year. however it's a 1-1 tie, and the black and red still in first place. that's your morning sports. have a great day. one more day of the holiday weekend left. still a good day for a picnic. >> well, not today. cloudy and cooler than yesterday. a few light rain showers. and the coverage of will bu wimbledon is next. hope you enjoy your weekend. re
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