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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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they have long been the hottest tickets in the town. many wait decades for them. season ticketholders say when the seats get too expensive, the team didn't waste anytime with lawsuits. >> reports about the quick lawsuits and the fact they sold tickets to brokers ahead offen fans have many seeing red tonight. we have the story.
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>> reporter: redskins home games had been sellouts since 1968. there's a waiting list for season tickets. bob waited on the list for 28 years to buy the tickets. now, he says, they've gotten too expensive. >> call iing the ticket office. when i said can we do this, do ten , shorten the term fro years to seven years. it was a flatout no. >> reporter: these are the lawsuits they have brought against the season ticketholders. some of the judgments are for tens of thousands of dollars. >> it doesn't seem fair. why? because they are stuck in a contract they can't get out of. >> reporter: other fans say they sign add contract. >> it would be nice if they could work out something so they
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could try to pay for it. a contract is a contract. >> reporter: his contract with the redskins runs through 2016. if he dies, his estate is obligated to pay. >> should i die before 2016, i have no intentions, but just in case, my seat will be put to use, i want my ashes at the game with a sign of why the ashes are there. if i have a pay for the seat, i might as well use it. >> reporter: in every instance, they tried to negotiate a new payment plan or resooized terms. this is chris gordon, news 4. there's reaction on capitol hilln a nboewussional aetnssioni
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tonight, we have learned a woman jogging has connections to several members of congress. craig is at the hospital. craig. >> reporter: jim, tonight amanda is recovering here at george washington university hospital. she's in serious condition. tonight, news 4 learned she was washington state's press secretary. she lived here on new hampshire avenue, northwest. she was jogging around 8:30 this morning when a metro bus hit her in the crosswalk. >> i saw her with paramedics attending to her at the time. she was moving. she appeared to be conscious, but in pain. >> reporter: the driver hit her, then swerved to avoid running over her. sources tell news 4, cameras aboard the bus were not working
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at the time. metro is working into that plus they have impounded the bus to check it out. the bus is off the street and so is the driver. >> the bus operator is a veteran. nine years of bus driving experience. as is routine with a traffic incident, she's been taking or placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of routine drug and alcohol testing. >> reporter: people were not surprised to hear what happened. >> busses are moving fast. it's hard for them to slow down quickly. >> reporter: they check to see if the driver was speeding or missed a stoplight. her job as press secretary is the most recent in a string of political jobs. she worked on a n a n 2002. tonight, rick gh tonit, rick larson's officto
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issued ateta sntta saying s is om than a co-worr she's a great confidant. the best we can do is keep her in our thoughts and prayers. we are live tonight. back to you. >> thanks, craig. they cald in a bomb squad after a car crashed into the lobby of a government building. police were trying to arrest a drunk driver near the holocaust museum, but the driver took off. he crashed into parked cars, hit scaffolding and went in the front door of the usda building. it's at 14th and independence. no one inside the building was hurt. we are following news out of southern california. the cause of the station wildfire was ruled an arson.
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it's scorched 140,000 acres, destroyed more than 60 homes and killed two firefighters. authorities search for the person who set the fire. in death as in life, michael jackson, attracts a crowd. tonight, his family and friends are gathering at a cemetery north of los angeles. things are running about two hours behind schedule there. jay gray has our report. >> reporter: michael jackson's family and a hand fful of his closest and most famous friends are gathering to say a final good-bye. liz taylor al sharpton are near the 200 invited to the private service. security is extremely tight. court records show michael jackson's estate is paying for the service and the dozen burial spaces 13 stories underground in the moz lee yum.
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>> this is the ft. knox of cemeteries. it's an italian building. reinforced concrete. lots of security. lots of movie stars are there. it's under 24 hour security. >> the privacy he seemed to search for and never found while he was alive. many will move to the restaurant where they will host what they are calling a celebration of the pop star's life. jay gray, nbc news, glendale, california. a controversy over a speech the president has planned for delivery at a local school. >> his thoughts on chappaquiddick and assassination of his brother john. a thief inside a store raced to get one item, jumped back in the car and drove out the door. a high school football
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player made a tackle on the bus. it's been a worry free week for us. what about the upcoming labor day weekend. i'll tell you in the fulhe n4 e:
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d.c. police will no longer be able to talk on cell phones when they are driving unless it's an emergency. in the past, they could use their cell phones. now, they have to obey the law and use hands free devices. if they don't comply, they can be ticketed like anyone else. tonight, the debate on health care reform continues in fredericksburg, virginia. it attracted 1800 people. the former virginia governor talked about changing the financial incentives. the crowd was split between those who support it and those who oppose it. the move turned confrontational
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several times simil to many town hall events in the area over the past month. not all local students will hear a speech from the president that will be broadcast through schools throughout the country. president obama will speak at wakefield high school in arlington on tuesday. the white house says he will discuss the importance of education, but critics are calling the speech an attempt to endock trinate children. many parents called schools asking the speech not be shown. this evening, school officials announced the speech will not be played in their classrooms. memoirs from the latedward kennedy address a tragic accident. it's called "true compass." he acknowledged his guilt from the crash on the bridge of chappaquiddick. it killed a campaign worker.
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kennedy also reflects on brother john kennedy's assassination in dallas in 1963. he said he always accepted the loan gunman theory. his memoir is set to be released september 14. coming up tonight, family and friends pleading for an art teachers killer to come forward. rescue workers work for hours to get tgeee teenage hike in harpers ferry. veronica is back to take nalohe wther for our t the weather for our holiday weeken
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family and friends gather tonight to remember an art teacher who was gunned down over the weekend. an art teacher who got his dream job working with children. we have the story. >> reporter: put the guns down and help your community not
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destroy it. >> reporter: the vigil for the 27-year-old began with an impromptu show of his work. it's how he approached life. they chose the shaw mt. vernon area. friends and family, including his brothers and sister walked through the neighborhood where he was shot to death saturday night while visiting childhood friends. >> my heart goes out to my mother, okay. she's on a long line of black women, you know what i'm saying, nagswide, worldwide who had to bury their children early. to me, it's the greatest sin. >> reporter: a play wright and university professor says his anger is aimed not at his son's killers, but the society that created them. >> it is one thing for you to have transgressed in any way at
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all and suffered the penalties. it is another thing when you voluntarily kill. >> reporter: they nurtured their son's artistic talent. the day before he died, he achieved a life goal. he was hired as a public school art teacher. investigators believe there are people with knowledge surrounding the murder of him. anyone with information is asked to call d.c. police. the national capital planning commission is looking at plans to spend millions of dollars to restore the lincoln momealndmo the reflecting pool, among other areas. the national park service is supporting the plans around the lincoln memorial. not everyone is happy with what is on the docket. some are saying it's equivalent to a drop in the bucket of what
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is needed. no matter what the final decision, it will be closed to tourists until it's completed. >> it was a beautiful day out there this evening. >> it's one thing we can say this week, the weather has been consistent. consistently nice. through tomorrow and the labor day weekend is looking good. some folks say hey, this is their favorite time of year. the air has been dry with low humidity. we need the rain. now, today, we hit 80 after starting at 61 degrees. now, we are at 68. last year, on this date and around the labor day weekend, temperatures were in the 90s. we got up to 95 degrees on september 3 last year. well, a couple neighborhoods here, some of the cool spots, prince william county and
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fairfax county. heritage wood, the neighborhood, around lovettsville 6 degrees an dropping. mcklain 57 degrees. winds are light throughout the area. we're going to say with that through tomorrow. temperatures squeaking up to 80 degrees throughout the east today. everywhere from minneapolis, minnesota east, temperatures were five to ten degrees below average. high pressure to the south. low pressure off the coast. high pressure has been winning out all week long. that system finally kicking off the coast. more dry air is going to be moving in through the holiday weekend. speaking of dry r, that's exactly what has torn this system apart. earlier today, tropical storm erica, now a tropical depression expect expected to move west, northwest over the next couple days. a slower mover now, the tropical depression is going to bng rain to puerto rico over the
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next 24 hours making its way toward the bahamas, slower, so t until sunday, but right over there, north of the dominican republic and haiti getting some of the rain, too, early saturday. it doesn't look like it's going to develop that much anymore. maybe become a tropical system over the weekend. we'll watch it closely. tomorrow morning, partly sunny skies. high pressure digging in. partly sunny day through the day tomorrow and saturday. now, it looks like we'll see partly sunny conditions and clouds across the area. temperatures 53 to 62 degrees. not as cool. for the afternoon tomorrow, low to mid-80s. next couple days we're going to see seasonal 79 to 83 degrees. meanwhile, tomorrow evening, a nice evening as well. 86, the high expected saturday.
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about 84, 85 for sunday. i think, outf the weekd, the brightest day likely to be saturday. dry throughout with maybe a few showers, a few showers coming our way wednesday of nexwet wee but only a slight chance there. we could be going days now without getting rainfall around here. >> okay. >> thanks, veronica. tonight, another passenger on a cruise ship overboard. a tackle on a school bus. dan and lindsay down n
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dan and lindsay in jacksonville where coaches have
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decisions to make, right? >> yeah, i don't think it's going to be easy. the score doesn't matter in this game. when you are down 21-0, it doesn't feel good. they are going to go back this weekend and pour over the films. >> they are. greg said he starts at 8:00 a.m. he'll watch and dissect the film and meet with zorn. they will give their thoughts and he signs off. i talked in the tunnel during halftime. he said we give them a rope, and let them pull on the team. he said tonight, i feel like they took it and hung themselves. >> let's look at some of the plays the coaches are going to be watching this weekend. the first one was very ugly. jim zorn didn't like this one. the redskins are kicking off or actually receiving the kick.
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anthony aldridge fumbled. underwood recovered for jacksonville. the jaguars are up, 10-0. he fumbled a ton during training camp. so, the redskins starting offense trying to make something happen. when they finally got on the field. they actually looked pretty good. you saw that pass. >> it was perfectly thrown. >> it was beautiful. jason campbell. we fast forward to the second quarter. david, the quarterback for jacksonville, the mike similars walker. he forces his way to the end zone. the jags at a two-point conversion. they take a 21-0 lead. fourth quarter. colt brennan looking better this game. it's marco mitchell, a 15-yard pick up.
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colt said this is probably the best game of the season. it was the touchdow run by the little guy. how good did he look there? >> he need ed to make an impression. >> he did. 87-yard drive. colt actually left the game with an injury, giving chase daniel a chance to come in. dropping back. looking in front of the end zone for keith. the rookie jumps up over two defenders and hauls it in on the goal line. chase daniels, more coe mitchell getting the touchdown. the final, 24-17, the redskins lose in this one. afterwards, coaches and players talking about the game. >> well, some guys made it difficult and some guys, you know, it's not ever going to be easy. i don't want to say it's going to be easy.
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a couple guys might have struggled and we'll see on video why there was a struggle. i thought the performances were good individually. i also look at the team performance. how do we perform as a team. >> we were confident. there's things we have been doing offensively to score more points. we played at a high level, pushing each other and making each other accountable. it's going to be a tough road because the division we play in and the teams we have to play. at the same time, i'm confident we are a team of optimism. >> jason campbell looked better the last couple games than the first two. >> it was nice to hear zorn tonight. he said we've seen what we wanted from jason. >> we're going to see a lot of michael vick. he's been reinstated. he'll play in the third regular season game. he will miss the first two for
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awhile. vick in action tonight as his eagles take on the jets first play. he's in at quarterback. falls down for a loss. vick does not look to have his legs back just quite yet. fast forward iing to the second quarter. first, vick working out of the shotgun. this time, he's going to take it up the middle. touchdown eagles. touchdown michael vick. they lose to the jets, 38-27. vick 711 with an interception. a touchdown with him on the eagles with the giants as strong as they are, cowboys an unknown quanty, the nfc east is going to be brutal. >> it's fact. it's going to be interesting to see vick twice this season. >> it's going to be fun. next game is for real.
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>> it's about time. >> yeah, it is. thank you. i was going to say that. thanks, guys. a thief so excited, he gets
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an 18-year-old girl is recovering as she fell off a cliff. she fell 30 feet while hiking with a friend. it took rescue crews almost four hours to pull her up. she was not seriouslyf'f injure. a passenger went overboard a
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cruise ship in florida. he tread water for an hour before he was rescued. passengers say they could hear his pleas for help. he was on a carnival cruise line ship. they rescued him about 30 miles off port st. lucie last night. the man was exhausted, but otherwise, he was okay. a man in ohio crashed into a shop causing $20,000 in damage. he jumped out while the car was in motion. he grabbed a $150 sex toy, ran back to his vehicle and drove out the frontdoor. the manager thinks he was in the kwecause hene
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a high school football player in mississippi is in the news for a tackle he made far from the feel. a chaotic scene on the school bus. a 14-year-old girl pulls out a gun, loads it and threatens to kill students. he tackles her, gets the gun from her hands and now he's something of a hero.


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