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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 1, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. tonight word of a major
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victory for the u.s. in the war on terror leads to a warning that progress may have made things more dangerous for traveling americans. good evening everyone i'm aaron gilchrist. we start with that developing story on travel alert issued by the government today following the death of anwar al awlaki. the state department is concerned that the american cleric's followers will try to retaliate by targeting u.s. citizens. the department urges citizens abroad to register for the smart traveller program. enroll online or the nearest u.s. embassy. it makes it easier to contact u.s. citizens. we're learning more about the u.s. military reason to strike that killed anwar al awlaki. it also took out two other top al qaeda figures. intelligence officials say yesterday's strike in yemen killed saudi militant, al asiri. he created the underwear bombing
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and also killed samir khan. officials are calling it one of the most effective single blows to al qaeda since the war on terror began. a dramatic change in our weather. most of us had to break out the umbrella at some point, teen coats for a lot of people. chuck bell is in the "weather center" with an update. >> wow what a cool down we've had across the area today. temperatures this afternoon struggling to get into the low and mid-50s. current temperatures with still a lot of light rain coming down in the mid-to-upper 40s. fredericksburg and far southern maryland have escaped by staying above the 50 degree mark. plenty of light to moderate rain showers mostly west of i-95. we'll talk about how much more rain we'll get. there's your "day planner" for tomorrow. chilly. staying in the 50s again tomorrow. sunshine in the 70s i promise, aaron. dozens of people are out of
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their homes tonight after a two alarm fire tore through an apartment complex in laurel. more than 20 apartments at the berkshires at briarwood on hunting lane were damaged. that fire broke out about 4:30 this afternoon. a malfunctioning furnace started the fire. nobody was injured. a cat did have to be rescued. the damage is estimated at $250,000. police in college park looking for a pair of thieves after a student says she was robbed outside of her off campus apartment. that student asked a friend to arrange a ride for her on baltimore avenue to the student union. the student said she was called over to a black and purple car, two males got out, showed a gun and took her purse. that victim was not hurt. republican presidential candidates now have just three months until the first voters go
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to the polls but all the top candidates and deep pocket donors are still waiting for one key player to make a very big decision. we take a look at chris christie and the swirling speculation about whether he'll throw his hat into the race. >> reporter: today on the trail republicans on the move and on the hustling. >> we're ready for a problem solver in the white house. >> reporter: behind the scenes the party is holding its breath, waiting for this man, new jersey governor chris christie and his answer to gop activist and donors who are urging him to run. >> he's a straight talking, matter of fact kind of governor who has capped property tax, reined in pension costs. >> get the hell back on the beach. >> reporter: his no nonsense style won conservative backing. >> up don't send your children to public schools you send them to private schools.
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why is it fair to cut school funding. >> first off it's none of your business. >> reporter: stance encore party issues could cost him support. as a former prosecutor christie said on immigration being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime. this week rick perry was heckled by conservatives who see him as soft on immigration. instant front-runner and farve of the right-wing when he entered the race his polls are sinking. if christie does run he could be in for a tough primary season. >> if he had gotten in the race, you know, eight or nine months ago, he could have had that shake down cruise. the thing is chris christie augustine to look at rick perry's problems and say you know i may not be rick perry but some of those problems i would probably face if i got in.
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>> reporter: many believe in the end republicans will show some flexibility if it means defeating president obama next fall. >> what they are looking for is who is the most conservative republican you can get into the white house. that's probably the threshold that you're looking at at this point. >> president obama spoke at tonight's human rights campaign dinner here in d.c. and didn't pass up a chance to chide republican presidential candidates for defending a gay soldier who was booed. >> we don't believe in the smallness that says it's okay for a stage full of political leaders, one of whom who could end up being the president of the united states being silent when an american soldier is booed. we don't believe in that. >> the president got a big round of applause for delivering on a campaign process of ending the
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don't-ask, don't-tell policy. customers are not happy with bank of america after word avenue debit card fee. starting next year the bank is going charge customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. the bank is blaming congress and lawmakers are firing back. >> don't like doing this. it's the last thing we wanted to do. unfortunately we were forced to do it. >> folks vote with your feet. if you think the fee is unreasonable, go shopping. find yourself another place that will treat you better. >> several other big banks are considering or adopting similar policies. still ahead tonight the president and first lady head across the potomac for an early romantic celebration. a small political movement led to arrests in other cities. end of an era for night life on capitol hill and popular watering hole. in sports nav ♪
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that engineering crew surveying earthquake damage on the washington monument ran into some pretty scary weather this weekend. the national weather service says a gust of wind threw one of the climbers about 30 feet yesterday. officials say erik sohn was on a rope. the work was suspended today because of weather. what began as a small disorganized protest on wall street grew today and resulted in 500 people being arrested in new york city. the protesters are unhappy with
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the high unemployment rate and the way the government and corporations are dealing with it. many have been camping out in a park near wall street for more than two weeks. their numbers growing each day. today they were joined by smaller groups of protesters in other cities around the country including here in d.c. at mcpherson square. >> i have a lot of issues with how, how the government manipulates the money in this country and how much money the government has basically, and i think a lot of us are upset. >> the movement is also gaining the attention of high-profile activists like michael moore and many union leaders. political analysts are calling at any time liberal version of the tea party movement. coming up local students beat out international competition to win an environmental award. we're not done with today's cold and wet weather but better days aren't behind us
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snl's thompson is getting married. he's engaged to his girlfriend. thompson launched his career in the '90s on nickolodeon. he join snl in 2003, the first member to be born after the show's premier. the engagement was tweeted. president obama and first lady michele obama celebrated their wedding anniversary a bit early tonight after speaking at tonight's human rights campaign event the president took the first lady out to dinner in old
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town alexandria. they will be married 19 years on monday. on capitol hill tonight it was a bittersweet celebration for one legendary pub that is closing its doors after more than four decades. darcy spencer live with more on hawk and dove as it prepares for that last call. >> reporter: there were a lot of hugs tonight and certainly some tears. staff members were giving out these bracelets. i you know can't see it but it says hawk and dove last call. really overall people couldn't believe all this is coming to an end. >> last call. >> reporter: the hawk and dove, it's not just a bar. >> cheers. >> reporter: it's an institution. but it's closing after 44 years of serving up drinks and good political conversation. >> it's a big loss because it's like losing part of your family. >> reporter: the owner says he lost the lease so once patrons
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walk out sunday night into monday morning the doors will close. >> i never thought it would end. yes. it just seems like all of us of the generation never think it will end. >> never dream of it lasting this long? >> i was trying to do 50. and go out with a bang. almost got there. >> reporter: can you own a piece of hawk and dove history. everything will be auctioned off including this goose. so why get rid of everything? >> well, cut loose. bringing an end to everything. do a closing. >> end of an era. >> reporter: many of the bars waitresses and bartenders stayed for decades. several former employees both together to talk about a great run and to remember the past. there's a little reunion here tonight. >> yeah. kind of bittersweet but we're here. yeah. it will be really kind of sad. >> it was a real neighborhood place. it was very laid back.
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a lot of other people worked here the same amount of time. it was like family. >> reporter: now if you want to get in on that auction go to our website, and search under hawk and dove. this is an internet only auction and aaron they are auctioning off everything including the bar stools. back to you. >> all right. a lot of folks will be getting in on that. thank you. how about this? green home built by university of maryland students won the u.s. energy department's annual solar decathalon. the structure feature as green roof that provides insulation and a filter that features sink and shower water for garden in the house. 19 teams competed here. the homes will be opened to the public tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in west potomac mark in southeast d.c. congratulations. so cold today. i went out to dinner.
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my jacket was not enough. >> you needed more than a suit jacket out there tonight. rain coats definitely. maybe a little bit of a slicker out there. something with a flannel lining recommended for the rest of your overnight plans and most of your sunday as well. a real hint of what the end of october is supposed to feel like right here on the very first day of the month. outside with a cloudy sky, light rain, mist and drizzle coming down around downtown washington. steadier showers north and west. chilly out there. 49 trees right now at national airport. dew points in mid-40s. temperatures will fall down another two or three degrees. within out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. plenty of low and mid-40s back out to the west. few reports of snowflakes in the high spots on the western faces of the mountains out in parts of central west virginia. no snowflakes around here but there are rain drops coming down. you see it across northern maryland, frederick county,
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washington county, southbound showers going towards martinsburg and winchester and closer into town, western side of the capital beltway and loudoun county. southbound showers headed down towards manassas and fredericksburg as well. not as much rain out to the east of the city, annapolis over here towards bowie. a little bit of light to moderate rain. sunday forecast, filled with clouds and off and on chances for showers. i think we'll start wet and end wet but we should have a few dry hours during the course of the day tomorrow. mostly in the middle of the day i suspect as this main area of low pressure works its way back up to the north and we get a sliver of dry air and back around to our west and back in that moisture laden flow off the ocean and that will definitely keep with us the clouds and moisture chances around here through all of tomorrow and then as we get into the start of the day monday too. overnight tonight cloudy. cold out there. temperatures in the 40s. that pesky north to
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northwesterly breeze. temperatures in the 40s to get your day started and struggle to make to it the mid-to-upper 50s. steadier showers will be north and west of town. there's the all-important extended forecast. 56 tomorrow. a break or two of sunshine near 60 on monday. mid-to-upper 60s on tuesday. that's the day we turn the concern. after that smooth sailing. temperatures out there will be up near 70 degrees by the end of next week and into next weekend.
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talking college football. we had high hopes for the
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hokies. >> a lot of hype around this game. the question is virginia tech for real? the hockies have started the season at 4-0 crushing opponents like appalachian state and arkansas state. not national powers. tonight the squad got their first major test of the season against a red hot clemson squad. the tigers came into blacksburg looking to be the first team in a krm acc history to beat three ranked teams in a row. things jumping. the tigers would quiet the crowd. up 10-3. a virginia native recruited by tech burns the team. hits dwayne allen 32 yard touchdown. same score in the fourth. handoff goes to mike and he's rumbling. 31 yards to the house. bellamy combine for 323 yards on
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the ground against hokies defense which was ranked fourth in the nation. check out that bath. virginia tech snaps their 12 game acc 12 game winning streak as clemson goes on to win 23-3. the terms hosting in-state towson. first quarter, maryland possession. terms drive down the field. o'brien hands it off to d.j.. nice tackles. 15 yards for the touchdown. maryland goes up 7-0. third quarter towson with the ball. down 7-3. towson's quarterback -- right in the hands of kenny tate. terms linebacker comes up with an interception, capitalize on the drive later as justice pickett goes in for a five yard td. still leading by that score in fourth, third in goal, o'brien finds dorsey who pushes his way into the end stone. o'brien's first touchdown pass
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in the last ten quarters. maryland goes on to beat towson 23-3. virginia also in action today hosting idaho. cavaliers up 14-6 punting from their own 15 that's never good because it's blocked. david returns it for the touchdown. two-point conversion good. tied at 14-14. this one goes to overtime. uva starts with the call the. 27 yard scored. down the sideline. cavs up 21-14. idaho now looking to respond. brian reeder, he throws, hits amani johnson in the end zone. unbelievable catch. reeder is loving it. this is the game right here. check this out. cavaliers batted away in the end zone, uva just squeaks by idaho 21-20. since notice navy has been absolutely dominant over army and air force.
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the 16-1 record against the service academies the commander in chief's trophy found a comfortable home in annapolis. that was until last year when air force broke that streak taking the trophy with them. navy at home this afternoon looking to avenge last year's loss against air force in colorado springs. this was a dan die. after trailing at 18 at the half, navy down, they come on back. chris finds green in the end zone. navy is down by two. they go for the two-point conversion. it is good. we're all tied up at 28-28. another game now going to overtime. mid-shipmen has the ball. navy up 34-28. check this out. as he goes to the sideline, proctor says something to the air force. penalty at the field goal. extra point and it's blocked. air force now only needing a touchdown and extra point. they get the touchdown here.
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now all they need is the p.a. t. for the win. here's the snap. the kick. and it's good. air force comes away a winner. they beat navy by one. baseball playoffs a lot of action going on today. phillies, they go on to win. also yankees, rangers brewers all winners in the playoffs. another college football note, howard beat savannah state to snap 29 game losing streak. >> thank you, john. quickly we want to apologize. we aired the incorrect photo of the winning house. that's it for u [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew.
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this is pbs. >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you.


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