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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. welcome home, amanda. >> i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. >> amanda knox is back on american soil after spending four years in an italian prison. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. amanda offered a thank you to her supporters tonight. she spoke out for the first time after her sentence was overturned tonight. she arrived this evening in seattle. >> reporter: the british airways jet landed just after 5:00 outside of seattle. a homecoming four years in the making, a tearful amanda knox was greeted with a rousing applause from supporters after returning home after four long years in an italian prison. >> i'm overwhelmed right now.
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i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like it wasn't real. >> reporter: a day after an appeals court overturned her conviction she thanked her supporters. >> i say thank you to everyone who believed in me, who defended me and supported my family. my family's the most important thing to me right now and i just want to be with them. >> reporter: it's amanda's first taste of freedom since being charged in 2007 with the murder of her british roommate meredith kercher. knox's parents stood with her as she faced the cameras. >> it has been a long four years but, we couldn't have made it through it out all you out here who supported us. and especially amanda. >> reporter: for years she
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maents -- maintained her innocence. and appealed court overturned her conviction. on monday knox broke down when she heard the verdict. now it is tears of joy. in italy the prosecution says it plans to appeal the ruling. the kercher family says they are still no closer to the truth. one suspect, rudy guede is serving a 16-year sentence in connection with kercher's murder. investigators are looking to what caused a helicopter to crash into new york city's east river near mid-town manhattan today. one tourist was killed and four others survived. the pilot was very experienced and was able to swim to a dock. the tourists were a british
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couple their adult daughter and their friend. their daughter died. the new york city trip was to celebrate her 40th birthday. an entire community in prince george's county may have to move. a foreclosure controversy could force people out of their homes in district heights maryland. some of the neighbors claim that the department of housing and urban development could force them out. shomari stone is in one of the homes with more. >> reporter: there are dozens of residents who live in homes like this one right here. this is a town home in section one. but the folks we are talking about are in section three. they are retired and are concerned that a new owner will come in here and say you can live here but i will raise your rent from $500 to $1500. many are going to bed and
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worried because their home is under foreclosure and up for auction in two days. >> i'm really frustrated. >> reporter: teddy davis is on the board of directors for pickwick squares cooperative homes. more than 1,000 resident may have to move out. >> it would be section three which is here and here. >> reporter: the u.s. department of housing and urban development is expected to sell 80 town homes at auction on thursday. >> i'm frustrated and upset that they are going to put our homes in the hands of someone else that we don't know and we don't know what the outcome could be. >> reporter: look at these h.u.d. documents. the resident sent them a check for $176,000 to pay off the mortgage. but h.u.d. returned the checks because the homes failed a safety inspection. >> they waited for the 39th
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year. >> reporter: the ball is in the new owners' court. >> a lot are on social security or fixed income. >> reporter: according to this document, the new owner would be required to make repairs to meet local and state codes if the owner decides to move these folks he will have to move them and find them a detail, safe and affordable place to live. many of these people don't want to move. >> this is my home. this is where i raised my children. >> you don't want to leave? >> i'm not ready to jump up and go somewhere. i'm in retirement. >> reporter: the rends say they they have dealt with this for years and they are not going to give up. they will try to contact prince george's county officials to stop this on thursday. we will be there just to let you know we tried to contact h.u.d. and they were unavailable.
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i'm shomari stone, back to you in the studio. a bold crime of opportunity. five motorcycles stolen in one week in the same neighborhood. it's in laurel, maryland. aaron gilchrist joins us live with more on what is happening there. >> reporter: we are talking about bikes that are fast and fancy like the ones in the store behind me. targeted by thieves because they are lightweight and in high demand. it's roar of the engine, the sheer power of the sport bikes that makes them attractive. but the bikes are attracting thieves. >> my bike was parked in front of my wife's car. >> reporter: benjamin bought a suzuki in 2004 and souped it up over the years. somewhere between september 24 and noon on the 27th it was stolen out of his garage. >> how do you think they got it out of here? >> the bike is about 500 pounds.
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a couple guys could pick it up. >> reporter: sport bikes like these are in high demand in the d.c. area. an rundell police say in the last week five have been swiped in the russ it community, part of a trend in the region. >> a lot of times they put a broom stick or pole through the wheels and pick it up into the back of a truck. >> reporter: the thieves are either looking for a joyride or to make money. >> they sell the engine and gas tank and strurms. everything except for the frame they can sell. >> reporter: there are several anti-theft devices on the market. the best are heavy duty and allow you to lock a bike into place. >> it locks the bike to something stationary. camera caught the people who stole the bike. people who stole the bike. >> there when
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do to stop someone from taking what they want to take. >> reporter: the experts say tether to bike, lock the wheel and cover it up when you are not using it. back to you. >> thank you. a sheí others5 ÷$> coming up, puppies tossed out. a cruel act at a landfill may a cruel act at a landfill may lead to a threat against the new i'll stock thatrz onyoutube. i'm forecad
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in somethin we
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we have an update to a story you saw last night at 11:00. montgomery county police have a sketch of a suspect in an attempted rape of a woman in silver spring. it happened at 10:30 on sunday night on saybrook avenue. the man attacked the woman in her kitchen. she fought back and he ran away.
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the internet hacking group anonymous declared war on the new york stock exchange in a youtube video the group makes reference to the occupy wall street movement. the message claim that people on wall street took advantage of the rest of the population for financial gain. >> we will show the world we are true to our world. nyse shall be erased from the internet. >> it is unclear whether it refers to the website or communications itself. here is looking for whoever it was that put puppies in a bag and threw it in a landfill and left them to die in virginia. two county workers rescued the bull pennies. residents have contributed tota 5th $12,000 reward fund for information that leads to an arrest in this case. anyone interested in adopting
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the puppies can search the word puppy at coming up on news4 a new tool to fight prostitution in the suburbs. a sesame street character bringing attention to a
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some people in prince george's county say they can't sit on their front porches at night because there are prostitutes everywhere. but a new law could help residents reclaim their community. jackie bensen joins us live from fairmount heights with details. >> reporter: this is what they want. it is similar to what is happening in the district. it is called prostitution-free zones. this is an older suburban neighborhood you say how can this be happening here? you have to see the pictures. this is what residents are likely to see when they leave their homes to go to work in the morning. the woman is nude from the waist down. >> we cannot sit out on our porch because we are seeing
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people being propositioned. one woman talked about waking up in the middle of the night and seeing someone naked in the street. >> reporter: andrea harrison says residents of this neighborhood have had it up to here with a the brazen behavior of prostitutes and their customers. >> we have people leaving to go to daycare and the children are subjected to this. we have repairmen in their trucks and their vans coming out and they're soliciting early in the morning. they are saying that in the alleys behind their homes they are seeing lewd acts and seeing all kinds of leftovers in their yards. a number and a variety of things. >> reporter: now the proposed legislation would give police the power to tell two or more people who are standing around loitering together to move on
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even if they didn't see them committing any other crime and increase the fines andenalties for loitering we had many more pictures. we could not show any of them on tv. back to you. >> we got the idea. thank you jackie bensen in fairmount heights. thanks, jackie. doug is here with a look at the weather. chilly out there tonight. >> that's what you said when you came in. cool out there. you will need the coats tomorrow morning. the kids will need the coats this afternoon. you might have to put the shorts away. it might be that time but there is hope in the forecast. out there right now the washington national cathedral looking good. it is scheduled to reopen on november 12th. that not too far away after the earthquake that happened just over a month ago. odds we saw a record temperature today of 70 degrees. not a record high temperature.
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that is just for the record. looking much better for the next couple days. we will see sunshine and warmer temperatures at least most of the afternoons coming up. 60 right now. the winds out of the west-northwest at 6 miles per hour. the winds will die down just a little bit more and that will help the temperatures fall a little bit more too. 52 cool degrees in gaithersburg. 55 in fredericksburg. so once again you will wake up to rather cool temperatures. but i think the temperatures should warm up quickly with abundant sunshine tomorrow e epa -- and no rain for the next six to seven days. that is something we have not done in two months. we are drying out. the area of low pressure is way off shore. in behind it breezy conditions later today. we'll see the breeze tomorrow too with winds 20 to 25 miles
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per hour but it's will the be warmer with high temperatures in the low to mid-70s especially from the d.c. area down to the south. high pressure is taking over on wednesday, on thursday, on friday. thursday a little bit cooler as we see a bit of a backdoor cold front come down but the temperatures around 70 degrees. on friday abundant sunshine. a fantastic friday. and this weekend is looking nice too. out there tomorrow morning, mostly clear, breezy and cool. you will need a jacket. 45 to 52 degrees. but we will warm up quickly with all of that sunshine tomorrow. breezy with warm temperatures. 71 to 75 degrees. as we move on. 70 degrees for the high on thursday. plenty of sunshine on friday. sunshine on saturday with the temperatures around 74. on sunday how about 77. near 80 on monday and temperatures on tuesday of 76. and that is the first seven-day
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forecast that we have had completely dry in over two months. amazing for that. >> it's enough to lift our spirits. >> just for now. yes. coming up a couple o [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪ you can even choose to chat with a live person. ♪ and you're always guaranteed the lowest prices online. so don't wait... try, compare and buy at today. because there's never been a better time to build the perfect fios bundle.
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got a week off. that's a good thing. >> you know what, i think it is fair to say that life is good for the redskins right now. if you look at it, dan snyder purchased a $07 million yacht. yeah -- $70 million. >> that almost took your breath away. >> it did. when will we see a picture?
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>> there will be a picture tomorrow. you can probably see it online right now. but a $70 million yacht. >> on the potomac? where is he going to use this? >> he is bringing it down to the sequoia. >> on the an costa. >> you will have to report back after you go for a ride. >> one of the 100 biggest yachts in the world. the redskins sitting at first place in the division going into the bye week. the defense ranks third in the nfl and tim hightower is predicting super bowl. i'm serious. tell me if you think he is. >> i have to get my shoulder ready. i have to get treatment. the fun will be in february when you are interviewing us up in indy. that will be fun. >> a bold prediction. >> a very bold prediction but i'm going to stand by it.
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>> is he serious? what do you think? >> yeah. and why not? why not now when you are 3-1. yeah. you'll i'll see you in the super bowl. >> life is good. everything is possible. >> get a $70 million yacht anything is possible. i am happy for the people in philadelphia that they have baseball. coming off a 102-win season they are one win from advancing to the championship series. cole hamels in st. louis and he was dealing. scoreless in the sixth when he gets marina to go down. look at that heat. one of eight strikeouts in the game for hamels. he gives up five hits and no runs. check out this guy. they had to stop play for the squirrel. luckily he found a place to hide. in the top of the seventh no score until this ben francisco
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pinch hitting with a three-run home run into the phillies bull pen. the phillies take a 2-1 lead in the series. if you are an nfl player is okay to make fun of an opposing informal player? doc walker said if you are a cowboy it's fine. i guess chris cooley must have heard him because he is reveling in tony romo's misery after costing the cowboys another game. here is cooley on romo and the cowboys blowing the lead to the lions just the other day. >> it's amazing. amazing to watch him choke like that. i'm just saying i'm up 24 points in the third quarter if i'm the head coach i feel like i can just take a knee the rest of the game, punt it away. there's no way that detroit is going to drive on you that many times. the only way to give up that
11:26 pm
many points is turnovers. >> he threw a lot of them. >> it was hilariouses to watch him through pick sixes back to back. i don't know what kind of cage fighting skills he has. >> not with the last name romo. >> incorporating my wrestling ability when i was in high school. i didn't like to beat people fast. i liked to embarrass them a little bit. >> full of himself isn't he? >> i was -- i would pay money to see a cooley and romo cage match. match. betting on
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of the iphone coming out but nokia has a smart phone ready to debut. it will reveal its first windows-based smart phones before the end of 2011. will the have a one-touch camera, faster web browsing and a shopping comparison tool. it is not clear whether they will be available in time for christmas. sesame street tackling poverty issues with a new character. the show created a muppet named lily. her family doesn't always have enough food to eat. she will make her debut on sunday in a show called growing hope against hunger. it was prompted by government studies that showed 17 million kids don't have enough to eat in the u.s. 10 million of them are younger than six years. a man in the uk was sentenced yesterday for
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joyriding a stolen forklift around town. he stole the forklift from a construction site before going on a rampage. he cost an estimated
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