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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, the whole world is reacting to the death of steve jobs. good evening i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. steven jobs died today at the age of 56 surrounded by his family after a battle with pancreatic cancer. six weeks ago he resigned from apple. tonight the world is remembering the man behind the iphone, the ipod and the ipad. >> reporter: he launched the era of the personal computer. his ground breaking macintosh changed the face and look at the computer screen and pop yourized the mouse that we know today. he also revolutionized the way we listen to music. steve jobs the co-founder of apple is one of the original silicon valley legends. a college dropout who started his business in a garage and turned it into one of the most successful companies in the
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world. >> they came by the thousands to see the new computer invented by steven jobs. >> this is awesome technology. >> reporter: he came from humble beginnings. he was adopt bade middle class family who could pairly afford to send him to college. he dropped out after six months but credits a calligraphy class for inspiring him to make style and aesthetics a part of the look. >> what if everybody had to drive a beige car and had to live in a baej house and wear beige clothing. it would be a different world. >> reporter: apple became a different place in the call after jobs was fired from the company he founded. he returned to the helm 12 years later and resurrected apple from near death. his comeback was followed by the imac, the ipod, itunes and iphone. with just the right combination of style, usability and appeal,
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jobs helped invent a line of products with a cult-like following. after a long battle with pancreatic cancer, jobs received a liver transplant in 2009. >> and i wouldn't be here without such generosity. >> reporter: steve jobs, a man who made a difference in his personal and professional life where with a legacy that revolutionized our everyday lives. he leaves behind a wife and four children. jinah kim, nbc news. >> reaction is coming in from all circles. bill gates says the world rare i li seeing someone who has the profound impact that steve has had. the affects of which will be felt more if years to come. warren buffet called jobs one of the most workable business managers and innovators in american business history. and maryland's governor martin
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o'malley said to the man who inspire the world and revolutionized the way we think, rest in peace. we'll miss you, steve jobs. >> this is a look at the apple store in georgetown tonight. there are reports of customers gathering in san francisco and new york to pay tribute to steve jobs. for more on the passing of steve jobs and the potential impact on the market tomorrow, news4 today begins at 4:30 a.m. and you can visit our website, any time. sarah palin will not seek the republican nomination for president in 2012. she made that announcement this afternoon. aaron gilchrist here now with more on that decision and the impact on the field. >> reporter: palin sent a statement to mark levan saying not disrupting her family life was the main reason not to seek the republican nomination for
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president. in the interview that followed palin said she will still be a player though. >> i believe i can be more effective and i can be more aggressive in this mission in a supportive role of getting the right people elected. i need to be able to say what i want to say and hold both sides of the aisle accountable. >> bob cusack is here with more perspective on this now. first of all, surprised she said no? and where does this put her now in the political world? >> not terribly surprised. she waited so long that most people assumed she was not going to get in. a lot of people thought she would decide this summer. but we waited so long and now she's out. the field is set. this is it. a lot of people think is it a two-man race. but you have herman cain coming up. all have had a moment in the sun. but romney has persevered most
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of the challenges. >> will she get behind someone? who do you think that might be? >> i don't know if she will. but she will leave that option available. the problem is her poll numbers were so low. is she a force the party? absolutely. >> we know that sarah palin and chris christie are out of the running. you have romney, perry, cain and bachmann who are the names in the g.o.p. field right now. is there a candidate there that is going to be the light that sarah palin or chris christie could have been? >> all of them have strong followers. none have 50%. who is the one who can mobilize the republican party? ron paul is out. there mitt romney is back to being the front runner. he dipped a bit when rick perry came in. but now perry's numbers have
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slid. but is mitt romney conservative enough on abortion an healthcare bill in massachusetts. that remains to be seen. >> that is the big question for the general election. bob, thank you for coming in tonight. back to you guys. we're following breaking news now along wisconsin avenue in the district. a woman was hit by an unmarked police cruiser tonight. it happened in the glover park area. we're told the woman has serious injuries. it is not yet clear if the officer was going to a call or whether that officer might have even been on duty. police in prince george's county are warning women to be careful when they walk to the metro in the morning. two women have been attacked in a week within a block of the suitland station. jackie bensen has our report. >> reporter: news4 learned that one of the attacks was captured by security cameras. september 27th, 5:30 a.m.
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security cameras from a nearby building captured the awful images of a woman being forced across the road by a man with a gun. he led her behind this building and raped her according to police. a week later, 6:45 a.m. police believe the same man attacked another woman just a block away. she managed to escape. >> we have a whole crew of investigators a large body of investigators focused on this one. we have reallocated patrol resources to the area as well as special atinement teams to the area. with relooking at any and all closed circuit television. >> reporter: women near the station are taking the warning to heart. >> i don't travel by myself. i always have someone with me. >> my mom calls me, lie, every hour to see where i am. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a dark-complected man between 25 and 30 years old
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about 5'6", medium build with a close haircut and light facial hair according to the witnesses and police say he is armed with a black handgun. reporting from suitland, jackie bensen, news4. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, another disturbing piece of evidence in the dr. conrad murray trial. [ indiscernible ]. >> that's michael jackson on tape. we'll tell you what prosecutors are trying to prove with that tape. amanda knox in a secret location but her family is getting a lot of public attention. i'm shomari stone, hundreds of homeowners are concerned about a private golf course. i'll show you why they are concerned about their health coming up. and we're going to see a cool night tonight as a coldfront moves across the area. i'll
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bank of america says a botched computer upgrade is the reason for outages on the online banking website. the problems have persisted for six days now, frustrating customers. the problems come on the heels of bank of america's announcement will the start charging a $5 monthly fee to customers who use debit cards to make purchases. amanda knox is weighing her
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future now that he is out of prison and back in the states. her college career was cut short after being jailed and charged with the murder of her roommate while studying in italy. her parents racked up millions of dollars in debt in their efforts to free her. amanda knox expected lucrative tv and book offers. well-known people including donald trump have offered financial support to the family. an audio recording of michael jackson became evidence in the trial of his physician, dr. conrad murray. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death and the jury heard a recording of jackson six weeks before he died his speech
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incoherent and slurred. [ indiscernible ]. prosecutors say the recording shows dr. murray regularly kept jackson sedated. coming up, we're going to tell you high howe a guy got rid of an intruding with a guitar. a push to make cigarettes
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according to the united nations, a chemical called methyl bromide is destroying the ozone layers. it is said to be toxic to humans and animals and that's why people are so angry that a country club is using it on the golf course. showmany stone is in chevy chase with more on this. >> reporter: there are a lot of angry homeowners that live across the street from this exclusive golf course in chevy chase. >> it's a concern to me and to all of the neighbors. >> reporter: rodney lives next to the chevy chase golf course and says they are acting like a
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bad neighbor. >> i'm wondering why. >> reporter: the club's newsletter says they use methyl bromide as a pesticide and will use in the the fall of next year. the u.s. department of environmental protection say that the gas can cause severe health problems such as headache, dizziness and lung damage. >> i'm appalled they have not put stop to this. >> reporter: hundreds of homeowners signed a petition asking the club not to use it. >> the scientists are talking about how serious the effects would be on the residents especially children. >> pet owners are concerned about their pets walking in the acute toxin. >> i have an older dog and i would assume his immune system is a little bit weaker and so therefore i think he would be especially susceptible. >> reporter: the epa phased out
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methyl bromide in 2005. but golf courses are still allowed to use it up to 2013 on the greens. >> i would rather they find something more organic. >> reporter: we tried to talk to officials here at the golf course. they say they don't want to talk on camera. they said they hired a pr firm. it's important to point out that a lot of golf courses throughout the nation are still using this acute toxin. live here in chevy chase i'm showmany stone, back to you. >> thank you. guitar over head and all you hear is a crack and the guitar snapped over the guy's head. >> john ran into that guy and a guitar on saturday. he was accused of picking a fight and trying to break into the home in ma that sass.
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he fought the man off with his six-string. and i guess he won't be making much muse wick that particular guitar. >> i don't think that is a salvageable instrument. >> it didn't look like it. >> no. what fantastic weather. we are in the middle of a hot streak here. >> it is the first time i put on facebook is this a perfect day? not one person went the other way. >> we knew that. >> you knew that. >> out there, the air force memorial. a beautiful night. it is gorgeous but it is going to be on the cool side when you send the kids off to school in the morning. 74 degrees. a low of 53. the first day today above average this month. the average high is 72 degrees. we were at 74. over the next couple days we'll see more above average. after tomorrow which i think
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will be cooler. 62 out there right now. the winds are calm and that will allow the temperatures to start to fall. already down to 50 in frederick, 55 in leesburg and 54 in culpepper. you will walk outside and feel that fall chill. but that's exactly the kind of weather that we expect in the fall. we expect cool, crisp nights and warm sunny afternoons. that's what we are going to go get. no clouds from new york all the way down through richmond and roanoke and pittsburgh. we will see another day of sunshine. we saw breezy conditions today but the breeze will go away. what's going to come in its place? a northeasterly flow tomorrow bringing mild air instead of the warm air. but still with high pressure and plenty of sunshine. another great day. the high pressure moves off to the east on friday. we get warmer on friday. but on saturday it continues to
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move off. we get a return flow out of the south. that brings in not just the warm air but well above average air. temperatures close to 80 degrees just in time for holiday weekend. not bad. tomorrow morning this is what you can expect, cool and clear conditions. 42 to 51 degrees. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s. a great fall day with abundant sunshine. the next four days showing you that rebound. 73 on friday, 78 on saturday. 80 on sunday. of course monday is columbus day with a temperature there of 81. how about that? chance of rain next week but not even talking about it. >> don't. >> looks too good. thank you, doug. [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
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well, they got to go back to philadelphia, right? >> yes, they do. game five in gefl for the national league championship series. >> we know who is going to go, don't we? >> okay. we'll see. that's why they play the game. you know the rally squirrel in st. louis? he made an encore appearance tonight. after the game the manager said if i had a gun i might have done something. i'm a pretty good shot. but he did not have a solution for david frieze. roy oswalt unbeaten in the post-season a runner on first. vain victorino fields it and we
11:24 pm
have a blooper. skip schumacher scores. the cardinals cut the lead to 2-1. same score in the fourth. david frieze rips the change-up down the left field line. here comes matt holliday. he is in there. a two rbi double for frieze. the cardinals take a 3-2 lead. watch the ground by home plate. the return of the squirrel. he appeared last night in the sixth. tonight it is a inner earlier. bush squirrel is his handle on twitter. look at that thing. the phillies manager thinking just missing with his pitcher. not a love ore it have squirrel. david frieze with a man on crushes one deep to center. a two-run home run. the-3 with four rbis. st. louis in front 5-2.
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top nine two outs. a drive to center. but john j. makes the grab to end the game. the cardinals force a game five friday night in philadelphia. in arizona, the brewers trying to close out the diamondbacks. the at the man has other ideas. bases loaded. roberts gets a hold of this one. into the bull pen for a grand slam. arizona now the fifth team in post-season history to hit two grand slams in one series. arizona leads 7-3 in the fifth inning. hometown hockey the capitals place tom poedy on long-term injured reserve today. the caps set to open up the regular season against carolina at home on saturday. tonight a trip to six flags to
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ride roller coasters with the fans. buckle up. tighten it up there. 4,000 season ticketholders went. most of the players love the roller coasters. but the center jeff halpern in the gray shirt not so much. but his teammate says you have to look tough for kids. >> there are young boys and girls in front of you that are braver than you. >> i had my eyes shut on the first one. i'm not the best at these. but elizabeth, our community relations person she got me to go on the last two rides. >> halpern didn't look like he was happy to go on the rides. they are scary but fun. >> the first one i was relieved to get out there in time. one broke down just before i went on it. the other one was fun. i rode them all last year too. it's nice to get back here and do it again. >> never close your eyes.
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>> that makes it more scary. >> if i
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a public group in maryland wants to see a $1 increase in the tobacco tax. the maryland citizen's health initiative will hope to build on prior success. in 2007 the lawmakers raised it from 1 to $2 a pack during a special session. maryland has the 11th highest tobacco tax in the country. they are saying that eddie murphy might go ban on "saturday night live." he hasn't been on since 1984, when he left. he was one of the huge stars on
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they gavt out the angel awards for people who made lives better for adopted children. hundreds of unsung heros from around the nation were recognized >> announcer: it's "the tonight tonight, jay welcomes --


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