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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  October 25, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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lawson muse. >> slow going in jury selection in the lululemon murder trial. >> meanwhile, a key ruling in the case is expected soon. a judge is now deciding whether crime scene photos can be used by lawyers in opening statements. megan mcgrath has the latest. >> reporter: it was a gruesome crime. janna murray was stabbed and blungeened to death, all indications are that she put up a fight. prosecutors have graphic photos that they want to show to the jury during the opening statement. one is of murray dead inside the store and also a picture of the accused brittany norwood at the crime scene. while prosecutors argue that the photographs are key to their opening statement, the defense says their use at the start of the trial would be prejudicial to their client. as the judge ponders the arguments, jury selection
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resumed. the process is taking longer than expected. the problem, pretrial publicity surrounding the case. when asked if they knew about the crime, the overwhelming majority of perspective jurors stood up. to ensure an impartial jury, the judge is taking each potential juror one by one into chambers to question them further about their knowledge and their opinions. this is taking an awful long time. jury selection is dragging on much longer than originally thought. >> janna murray's former roommate was in court today. we'll hear from her today in a report from chris gordon. detectives say a man was drunk when he crashed his truck into the c & o canal. police tell us a man was driving on the path when his pickup went into the water. he wasn't hurt in the crash. this morning, crews were able to pluck the vehicle from the water using a specialized tow truck.
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police arrested the driver and charged him with dwi. and now a traffic alert for drivers who plan to take the beltway around tyson's corner tonight. three lanes of i-495 southbound are going to be closed from old dominion drive to old route 123 from 11:00 tonight until 5:00 tomorrow morning. only one southbound traffic lane should be open. the road closures are for crews working on the metro rail project. drivers are being asked to be careful in that area and give yourself some extra travel time in case you need it. two days since that powerful earthquake in turkey and survivors are still being pulled from the rubble today. a 2-week-old infant was rescued. the baby's mother was freed a few hours later. rescue workers say the victories gave them the physical and emotional energy to keep working. the turkish prime minister's office said the death toll from the quake is now over 430 and expected to climb.
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there is also growing tension among the thousands displaced by the earthquake. they say there's not enough aid or shelter. now, to the race for the white house. today texas governor rick perry proposed a new tax plan. he wants a 20% flat tax rate. analysts say the plan is designed to appeal to conservatives, steve handelsman has that story. >> reporter: he needs to win back conservatives, so texas governor rick perry is floating a plan to radically cut taxes. you'd pay what you pay now or -- >> you can file your taxes on this postcard. >> reporter: a small card and a low flat rate, 20%. even for the rich, who can now pay 35%. >> taxes will be cut across all income groups in america. >> reporter: since the early 1900s, the more you make, the higher your rate. polls say most agree the rich ought to pay more, but perry
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doesn't. >> i don't agree with that. my deal is, have a flat, simple tax. >> reporter: perry even allowed most deductions and cut corporate taxes to 20%. to try to reboot his campaign. perry's support has plummeted to 6%. today's cbs/"new york times" poll. mitt romney up to 21. perry losing focus in debates and he lost a serious tax focus today. laughingly telling cnbc's john harwood why he's reviving the yix about barack obama's birth place. >> it's fun to poke at him a little bit and say, hey, let's see your grades and your birth certificate. >> it's a good issue to keep alive. >> reporter: to keep his campaign alive, perry is also promising social security and medicare reform. allowing younger workers and even states to opt out. proposals rick perry hopes will grab him attention. rick perry needs conservatives, not willing to embrace mitt
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romney to give him a second look. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. herman cain's campaign is responding to a new youtube ad that is getting a lot of buzz today. it features cain's chief of staff making a pitch and then takes an unusual turn. >> together we can do this, we can take this country back. ♪ i am america one voice united we stand ♪ >> cain campaign confirmed it is a real ad. the campaign has gotten a lot of feedback from people who find it funny. he says they like all the attention they're getting. as for why the chief of staff is smoking, he personally responded saying it was just him being himself. republicans were part of the discussion when president obama made his fourth appearance on "tonight show" with jay leno. >> tonight's appearance will be the second time on the show
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since becoming president. >> have you been watching the gop debates? >> i'm going to wait until everybody's voted off the island. >> wow. once they narrow it down to one or two, i'll pay attention. >> the first sitting president to appear on "tonight show." that was taped earlier this afternoon. you can catch the show tonight here on news 4 at 11:00. after the 11:00. if you are watching leno tonight at 11:30, you might want to pay taerngattention. >> it's called the aurora bor l borealais. solar activity generates the particles that lead to the phenomenon and an increase in it has caused it to cover a larger area. the color of the aurora changes depending on the number of
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nitrogen and oxideidei atoms in particles. we'll see it for nights to come. some folks in the mid-atlantic got to see it, too. >> meteorologist chuck bell joins us now with more on this rare sight, quite a sight out there. >> calls into the weather center about the red color out of the sky. the aurora borealis happens when we have a big storm on the surface of the sun that throws charged particles into the solar wind. takes about two days for the particles to reach the plantt earth. as a result, we get the bright color. the amount of oxygen or nitrogen particles in the aurora injection is what changes the colors out there. the more oxygen molecules that are affected, the greener the color and the more nitrogen that is excited about the arrival of the particles, the redder the colors. last night more of a nitrogen
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show as opposed to an oxygen show. right now, nothing but blue skies overhead. a mild afternoon. 67 degrees our current temperature. a light breeze out of the west, northwest at 5. a gusty wind from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon but the winds are starting to settle down just a little bit right now. sure is a pleasant and mild late october day. 64 degrees right now and even haguerstown 65 degrees this afternoon. down on the uva campus at 68 and even down into beautiful st. mary's county, 68 degrees. no rain on the radar. the closest raindrops to us still out to the north and west and pose no threat to us for at least the next 24 to 36 hours. clear, dry and mild. temperatures mid-60s for the next couple of hours and back into the mid-50s by later this evening. we'll talk more about how long this mild weather will stick around and for better or worse, when there will be some rain
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chances coming our way, as well. jim, back into you. be ready to pay a bit more next time you fly. continental and delta are all raising fares by 5 bucks each way. applies to flights longer than 1,500 miles. united and continental's increase are between $2 and $5. depends on the distance and type you fly. tickets are up to $70 more this year than last year. pam? in news for your health today, healthy young adults may be at greater risk for heart disease than they think. nbc's erica edwards explains. >> reporter: the heavy build up in these arteries known as arthrosclerosis is clear in images from a cardiac catheter lab. it starts lurking in the body undetected long before it sends us to the hospital with a heart attack. >> this is not just a disease of old people.
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>> reporter: a small new study from canada looked at healthy adults in their 20s and early 30s. no known heart disease risk factors. such as a family history, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. but through mri scans, researchers discovered many of the test subjects had fat surrounding their internal organs and early warning sign of arth losclerosis. >> we see more childhood obesity and less exercise and more young people with diabetes. i think we'll see a higher rate of heart disease. >> reporter: experts say regular checkups, a healthy diet, not smoking and exercise are ways young adults can take control of their long-term well being. erica edwards. >> researchers say by measuring the surcomference of a waist they were able to tell if they had higher levels of fat around their internal organs. the anti-smoking drug chantix is not impacting your mental health.
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new federal research supports the benefits of the drug. the studies were conneducted by the federal drug administration. it failed to turn up a link between depression and suicidal thoughts. the fda has been looking into reports of mood disorders and erratic behavior among users since 2007. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, what police say lindsay lohan's father did to his girlfriend that landed him behind bars. just how long do women feel sexy each day? a new study's out and cane is in the studio to talk about it. plus, a puppy rescue. an incredible story. this puppy took a long trek on a train.
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right now lindsay lohan's father is in jail after an overnight arrest. police in florida were called to his tampa home for a domestic
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violence complaint. officers arrested michael lohan for battery on his live-in girlfriend. police say the woman said lohan grabbed her arms and pushed her down multiple times during a day-long argument. she did not need medical treatment. meanwhile lohan's daughter got an offer she couldn't refuse. $1 million to pose nude for playboy. tmz reports the 25-year-old had a photo shoot over the weekend. not the first time the troubled actress posed for playboy. she appeared in the magazine in 2008. lohan's legal troubles continue. she's due in court next wednesday. she faces possible jailtime for showing up late for her community service. big apple might be a bit more quiet than usual these days. the new york taxi and limousine commission launched a new campaign directed at cab drivers and horn honking. the commission is reminding drivers to only honk for an emergency, excessive horn honking can result in a $350 ticket. city fl os say they're also
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introducing low annoyance horns in some new cabs. actor robin williams has tied the knot. the celebrity comedian married graphic designer susan schneider on saturday. the couple married at the meadowwood resort in napa valley, california. they met back in 2009 just before the 60-year-old underwent heart surgery. williams third marriage. why men can't be trusted with private information. and just how long do women feel pretty each day. >> the hot new thing for bachelorette parties. they're just some of the topics up for discussion today with can't from hot 9.5. >> you have a picture out there in your yoga pants and you're getting $500,000. >> i wish it was $500,000. >> the answer for you would be, yes. >> are you kidding me? absolutely. in a heart beat, definitely.
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>> so, what's the latest in-thing at bachelorette parties? >> so, it used to be you go out with your friends and it's balloons and the tiara and is the veil and go out to bars and getting drunk. the new thing is going to yoga. yoga bachelorette parties that more and more women are doing. you go to a gym and you work out. you train for a 10k is another one of the things that people are doing. now, i don't know if i would be a good bachelorette and, hey, we're going to go run a 10k. no. >> where's the fun? >> i guess you get the indorfns kicking in, but no booze involved. >> if you are trying to lose weight and get ready for a wedding, a great way to start. >> if all the women like doing this and they don't mind agree to do this. it's a different idea. >> it is a different idea and taking off in major cities. new york, starting here in d.c. and also in miami and los angeles. >> all look fantastic on the wedding day.
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>> from bachelorettes to men. so, why can't men be trusted with private information. what's wrong with us? >> what they did is a group of scientists got together and wanted to know how secure i.t. people are in that field. so, they set up some fake profiles and what they found is that 75% of i.t. professionals gave up some sort of personal information that an attractive women with a profile was able to get. 13% of those 75% even got the actual passwords that the i.t. professional uses and, of course, they have access to all your stuff, so that means your information could be jeopardi d jeopardized, as well. all it took was a picture of a 25-year-old woman and a made-up profile. she enjoyed reading books, long walks and hacking. >> and hacking. >> that's disturbing. >> one of these things is not like the other. >> a nice hobby to have. >> well, speaking of atraskt women. you've seen a new survey about
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the length of time a day a woman feels attractive. for how many hours? >> you're beautiful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in my opinion. however, some women feel that they're only beautiful for two hours and 22 minutes. this is the total time. from the time they get dressed until the time they go to bed. they did a survey of 2,000 women by a skin care company and they found that 10% of women feel like they have to fix their hair after just one hour. 40% felt beragled -- >> bedraggled. >> bedraggled by lunchtime and women on average only feel hot for 2:22 a day. >> just right after you get yourself together. >> they also said that after you have a chance to kind of put yourself back together when you look in the mirror and stuff. >> okay. i guess that makes sense. >> we have it easy, i guess. we just don't care. i feel beautiful all the time. >> all the time. absolutely. >> okay, beautiful day to hit
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the links. cameron and haley were out there. now you can stay out there all day. any day. >> this think they may be the new thing when it comes to burying the dead. no longer are you in a normal cemetery. if you have a hobby that you absolutely love, you'll be buried in a cemetery that features people who like the same hobby. this man designed an 18-hole golf course. you are buried and the hole is right above your body. i don't know if they're using your eye socket as the ninth hole. pop the ball in and pop it out. this is the new hot thing. nascar, nfl, think of anything that you would have a large amount of people into and next thing you know, you could have a cemetery. >> that's really creepy. >> rather. >> a golf course. hey, would you like to walk across grandma? >> that's true. >> cleats on you all day long. >> what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> tomorrow morning at 7:howe have tickets to jay mf-z and ka
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west. >> still tickets out there. the only place you can find them. >> i have them in my back pocket. >> turn around. all right. >> yes. >> we'll see you next tuesday. >> yes. >> finally. >> it took me a minute. >> your daughter is adorable. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, till death do us part gets interrupted by a huge dust storm. the couple's priceless reaction, we have it coming up. a lot of high heels in the district tonight running down the street. we'll preview a unique race coming u
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women and men around the district are getting their favorite pairs of heels ready for tonight. it's the 25th annual high heel drag race in dupont circle and one of our areas famous drag queens bunoca will be running in the race. she came to news 4 early to demonstrate just how you hustle in heels. >> this is what happens, almost.
4:24 pm
she held it together, though. that's the important part. >> dazzling job. tens of thousands of others are expected to strut their stilettos for the big event that takes place around 17th street tonight. >> that was on our front plaza. we were out there for the run down. you could hear the brakes on that. >> she was practicing. she's got it together now. >> that's the skill. >> she's got the skill. >> fall down and get back up, i guess. >> she will need to run a little faster. finally, great weather for that. the last couple years we have been in and out. two, three years ago a driving rain storm for the race and this year no weather-related problems whatsoever. >> perfect. >> but she's going to need to run a little faster than that if she wants to be competitive. >> she was doing it for the camera. >> they take it serious down there on 17th street. the crowd is usually about 15 deep on either side of the street. out there right now, bright and sunny. what a beautiful day.
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67 degrees out there at national airport, a light breeze now from the west, northwest at only five miles per hour and nice, dry air, as well. humidity at only 36%. even around the rest of the mote row area, no weather-related complaints today. 66 in beautiful huntington. 68 degrees now in monanassas an good weather out to the high spots near the blue ridge. martinsburg and winchester and 70 on the nose in petersburg, west virginia. even tomorrow, by and large, a dry day. any chance rain tomorrow comes well after the sun goes down. and then into the day on thursday. so as you make your plans for the evening, go out and do what you want to do. mid-60s and back into the mid-50s by 11:00 p.m. satellite picture shows the beautiful clear skies hanging over the mid-atlantic and some cloudiness headed into the great lakes.
4:26 pm
that gradual increase in cloudiness is unfortunately coming in our direction. high pressure which has brought us the nice weather the last few days and gradually moving its way off shore and clear skies overnight tonight and set us up for another chilly start tomorrow morning with wake-up temperatures mostly in the 40s. then tomorrow afternoon and clouds on the increase for sure, but even with the cloud cover, still going to remain a mild day with highs tomorrow back up near 70 degrees, again. so, enjoy that. the rain chances, though, will be on the increase starting late wednesday night into early thursday. this is 2:30 a.m. on thursday morning on our futurecast model. this weather boundary hangs up as it slides into the mid-atlantic. that will keep the clouds and rain chances around here if not most of the day on thursday. this evening, no complaints. clear side on the mild side of things. temperatures dropping from the mid-50s around 5:00. overnight low temperatures in the 40s, primarily. 50s alongside the bay. then tomorrow becoming mostly
4:27 pm
cloudy but another delightfully mild day. highs tomorrow, upper 60s and low 70s. we're still collecting your halloween pet photographs, so, if you've got a cute picture of your fido or feline in costume, send it into if you'd like to see some of the pictures we already had sent. go to the website and search halloween picks. also posted in the weather section, as well. five-day forecast. mild tomorrow and rainy on thursday. cloudy and chilly on friday and the first half of th weekend may get off to a wet start, but there's an awful lot of uncertainty. the computer model is having a hard time figuring out what we'll say for saturday. 40% chance of chilly rain around here for saturday and might be able to improve that a little bit. may also have to take a little bit of that away. just sort of stay tuned for saturday. sunday, though, looks dry for the race. >> all right, thanks. >> sunday, sunday. >> thank you, chuck. still to come on news 4 at 4:00. drama in the conrad murray trial
4:28 pm
as the witness breaks down on the stand even before testifying. family and friends remember the diver killed by a sh
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handily.
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jury selection continued in the lululemon trial. a judge will rule soon on whether crime scene photos should be shown to jurors. prosecutors say pictures of suspect brittany norwood at the scene and autopsy photos of jayna murray's body are key to their opening statements. the defense says they're prejudicial to norwood. the northern lights head south. an unusually display of aurora borealis is being seen. the extra large display comes because of stronger than usual solar activity. the nighttime phenomenon will continue for the next few nights. rick perry released his economic plan today in south carolina. perry proposed a 20% flat tax on inco income. under his plan the new form to file taxes would be as small as a postcard instead of several pages long. the cancellation of a key meeting on europe's debt crisis coupled with discouraging
4:32 pm
corporate earnings here in the u.s. led to a slide on wall street today. the dow lost 207 points to close at 11,706. the nasdaq plunged 61 points and the s&p 500 was off by 25. dr. conrad murray's attorneys were moving at a fast pace in his manslaughter trial. two witnesses for the defense took the stand today. >> one of those who testified about a conversation with michael jackson brought the proceedings to a screeching halt. stephanie stanton tells why from los angeles. >> reporter: for the first time in weeks, janet jackson was back in court after canceling several tour dates in australia to join her family as the defense presents its case. >> you know, i'm feeling really, really dizzy. >> reporter: testimony was delayed when the nurse told the judge she didn't feel well. >> i'm soy, my vision just became a little blurry. >> reporter: after a 30-minute break, lee testified about how she treated jackson with nutritional supplements to help
4:33 pm
him sleep, but jackson begged for propofol. >> he said, i'm tell you, the only thing that will help me to sleep right away is to deprivan and can you find someone to help me sleep. >> reporter: a warning she gave jackson two months before he died. >> you indicated to michael jackson, i understand you want a good night's sleep. you want to be "knocked out." but what if you don't wake up? correct? >> yes. >> lee says she refused to give propofol and so did defense witness alan metzger who treated him for 15 years. >> did you ever give michael jackson propofol? >> never. >> reporter: they're trying to show jackson had a serious problem with prescription drugs. >> what the defense is doing is trying to make michael jackson appear to be an addict and through that they're making conrad murray look like the
4:34 pm
victim. >> reporter: but some experts say the defense strategy could backfire as dr. murray appears to be the only physician to administer jackson's request for propofol. the judge has blocked the defense from any questioning about jackson's $40 million contract with aeg live saying it might be too confusing for the jurors. in downtown los angeles, stephanie stanton, news 4. dr. murray faces up to four years in prison and the loss of his medical license if he's convicted. he's pleaded not guilty. all former manager of michael jackson was sentenced today to five years probation for not filing d.c. and federal income taxes. a judge ordered ramon bane to pay restitution. she will also have to perform more than 200 hours of community service. she pleaded guilty to not paying taxes from '06 to 2008. the personal, general manager for michael jackson in 2006. she was responsible for the
4:35 pm
finance and public relations services. the names of jurors in the casey anthony trial have been made public for the first time since they acquitted the florida mother on murder charges. they kept the names secret for three months. the judge wanted a cooling off period before those names were public because some jurors had gotten death threats. some jurors are still in hiding. back in july, the jury found anthony not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. she is currently serving a year's probation at an undisclosed location in florida. members of one of the oldest historically black sororities founded right here in washington remain on alert today after a series of rapes in texas. police in the dallas area are looking for a man accused of attacking four women of the delta sigma sorority over the past year. the man seen in surveillance video is only named as a person of interest right now, police say he does match suspect
4:36 pm
descriptions. all of the victims were deltas in their 50s and 60s and were attacked in their homes in suburban neighborhoods. the sorority is warning members to avoid anything that may identify them as deltas, including references on social networking sites. more to come on news 4 at 4:00. friends who witnessed a deadly shark attack talk about what the victim would want them to do now. plus, a puppy riding on a train going 50 miles an hour was t[ male announcer ] want tor was achieve more with your money?
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our nbc 4 fandemonium prize is a sony blu-ray player. and to win, all you have to do is like our nbc washington facebook page and then sign up to win. we'll pick a winner today and make the announcement during the 11:00 newscast tonight. good luck. zagat out with its top 20 restaurants of 2012. the first belgium restaurant of marcel's on 2400 pennsylvania avenue. texans eat out the most. eating out four times a week. those in the d.c. area, averaged eating out 2.6 times a week. zagat also said americans spend
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an average of $35.65 per person when eating out. that's up 30 cents from last year. what does 30 cents buy you? >> not a whole lot. not even half a cup of coffee. time to check out the daily deal for this tuesday. first up is living social. in washington, 1905 restaurant is serving up $60 worth of food and drinks for $30. restaurant got its name because it opened back in 1905. it's located on ninth street northwest. more than 1,000 people bought this deal. >> one day left. over to groupon big savings at the body shop which has multiple locations in our area. a deal for 20 bucks you get $40 worth of skin care, bath and beauty products. more than 1,700 people scooped this one up so far. time left on this is about seven hours. so, hurry up. >> hurry, hurry. when news 4 at 4:00 continues this afternoon, how a family managed to rescue a puppy
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oh, we love this day, didn't we? >> didn't want it to end. >> why were we at work, again? where was the instant cold when you needed it? >> an excuse for going outside. >> no doubt. a beauty of a day outside.
4:44 pm
bright and sunny, warm, no complaints whatsoever. if you really just care about the warmth, there is good news. we get to keep the warmth one more day. nonetheless, we'll take what we can get. temperatures are on the bonus side of average this afternoon. our bonus is in the average of mid-60s. 67 degrees in arlington right now and 67 degrees in monanassa and rockville all in the 60s in montgomery county and prince georges mid to upper 60s. overnight tonight with mostly clear sky and temperatures, again, headed back down into the 40s primarily. a little bit milder right along the bay. temperatures probably hold near 50, but back down towards the low 50s down the shannon doa
4:45 pm
valley. frederi frederickburg by the mid-70s tomorrow. but not as bright and sunny as it was today. we're still about 24 to 36 hours away from the first drops pushing back into the area. probably after midnight tomorrow night issue for us. you need to get outside and enjoy the fall color we're essentially at peak from the sh shenandoah valley. especially just to the north and west of washington, you get down into southern maryland and still moderate color, but, nonetheless, the leaves starting to change and looking awfully nice to be outside. good-looking stretch of weather coming our way. mostly cloudy but mild tomorrow with temperatures near 70. rain likely. not necessarily a lot of rain, but off and on rain chances throughout the day on thursday. friday, mostly cloudy, breezy and noticeably cooler. highs only in the low 50s for friday. saturday doesn't look like much of a bargain either with highs
4:46 pm
only in the low 50s and at least a 40% chance of passing showers. sunday, breezy and cool. start off temperature 39 degrees on sunday morning. that will make for a cool start to the marathon. we would love to see your halloween pet picks. send them on in to halloween at that looks like a dog who is about ready to take a bite out of a pumpkin, if yi didn't know better. he's just waiting for the word go. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. was it a case of animal cruelty or a case of puppy curiosit curiosity. >> we may never know the right answer, but the puppy's new owner believes fate brought them together. here's gabrielle. >> this 3-month-old puppy is slowly getting used to her new home in pickens. >> she's still skiddish of people. >> reporter: and learning her new name. >> fboxy. >> reporter: boxy, short for box car hunter is short for where
4:47 pm
the little lab came from. tina parker says her family was driving through easily sunday night when she spotted what she thought was trash on top of a passing train. >> i'm just thinking, jerks. how could somebody throw trash and it get stuck to a train and then it started running. yeah. and there was no question it was a puppy. >> reporter: tina called 911. norfolk southern train on its way to atlanta was traveling about 50 miles per hour when it was instructed to stop in liberty. a liberty firefighter took these pictures of firefighters using a ladder to rescue boxy. norfolk northern spokesman said the train little boxy was on was traveling south over the past few days from pennsylvania, so, there's really no way to tell whether boxy's trip here took her a ccouple hundred miles or t a few. >> probably somebody put her up there.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: tina, a self-described animal lover who already has twodologies now has another one. >> it's fate. i can't think of anybody other than a dog fanatic that would be willing to call 911. >> reporter: and this little puppy now has a loving family to keep her on the right track. >> yes, she will definitely have a good home. >> she's happy now. >> she's a lucky little dog. >> yeah, indeed. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, we'll take you inside the former imf chief's house now on the d.c. market. plus, the wedding moment no one at this event will ever forget. coming up at 5:00, the places you go that might have you reaching for a sanitizing dish. a little more often. also tonight a military dad and his bedtime ritual that is melting hearts all across the
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more than a billion of coca-cola's famous red cans are getting a makeover for a very good cause between now and march. the soda giant will temporarily stop producing the red cans and
4:52 pm
start making white ones. coca-cola's iconic polar bears will also be pictured on the cans. proceeds will go to the world wildlife fund and their efforts to help save the polar bear and their habitat. the animal is in jeopardy because of the sea ice melting in the arctic. the cans are expected to hit store shelves by november 12th. it was a wedding that the bride, groom and all their friends and family will probably never forget. last month gus and jennifer lunna were tying the knot in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in arizona and then the wind picked up. in just a matter of moments, the two were blanketed, covered with dust and while taking their vows the pair was barely visible through the storm. after the kiss, they ran for cover. they told a local tv station they were upset at first, but then said they're hoping to look back and laugh at that one day. >> is that a sign or something? former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn and his wife, ann
4:53 pm
sinclair are selling their home here in georgetown. the home has three bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and a chef's kitchen and a nice size backyard with a swimming pool. the house is on the market for $5.2 million. it is sinclair's name. she bought it in 2007 for $4.5 million. strauss-kahn, you'll recall, resigned his post in may after he was charged with sexually assaulting a hotel worker in new york. those charges were dropped after the accuser's story fell apart. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, the hunt for a shark that
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
search crews are on the hunt for a killer shark in australia. over the weekend an american diver from florida was attacked by a shark. >> this is the third deadly shark attack this year alone. sarah james has reaction now from the diver's family and friends. >> reporter: in the skies near purth in western australia, day one of a helicopter patrol on the look out for any sign of great whites. the aerial surveillance, the state's best hope of keeping divers and swimmers safe and preventing yet another deadly attack after three so far here. the latest, this weekend, killing american diver thomas
4:57 pm
wanewright. >> to have had three fatal shark attacks in just the last few weeks is an unprecedented situation. and it does call for urgent action. >> reporter: but what's behind the surge in shark attacks this year? both here in australia and else where? >> generally speaking when we have the rash of shark attacks in a short time frame, there is some weather pattern going on that is bringing the prey items like the bait fish and sea lions closer to shore that also brings the sharks closer to shore. >> reporter: like these whales off the coast of western australia making their annual migration. prime prey for great whites. >> when they attack humans, a case of mistaken identity. someone on a surf board or boogie board might look like a sea lion from underneath. >> or someone in a wet suit. >> tom was one of those unique individuals. he was funny and had a great sense of humor and he was kind and incredibly intelligent.
4:58 pm
>> i think the biggest thing with us is he wouldn't want it to slow us down. i think he'd be disappointed if we all loved the water, our passion and life is on the water and i think he would be disappointed if we altered that because of this incident. >> reporter: a man who will be missed here in australia and back in the u.s. back to you. and that's news 4 at 4:00. >> stay right there, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. i hope it's a fair trial and that there would be some closure for my friend's family. >> tonight at 5:00, a friend speaks out for the victim and her family as the high-profile lululemon murder case inches closer to a start. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly.
4:59 pm
brittany norwood is accused of killing jayna murray inside the lululemon store. the attorneys are waiting on a key ruling that could change how prosecutors present their opening statements. >> jury selection will continue tomorrow as they try to narrow this panel down to 12 jurors and 5 alternates and the way they will do that is that the prosecutors and defense team each have a number of strikes or challenges to eliminate people from the jury who they think will not be sympathetic to their side of the case. at the crime scene at the lululemon store last march, victim jayna murray was found with gruesome head wounds inflicted with a hammer and knife. beaten with a display rack and there was a rope around her neck. la


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