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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the sex scandal involving secret service agents in cl
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colombia is growing? three more agents out of the job >> a shooting left a rite-aid store owner paralyzed. a viewer tip tlid his arreled t. >> good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. >> the murder of katherine fu fuller and the men could get a new hearing that could set them free. the victim's family is speaking only to news 4. jackie benson has more. >> reporter: her 74-year-old shoulders carry the weight of what was the brutal murder of her sister. >> i won't be sitting there like i did before, every day, not missing a day it's tiresome. >> october 1, a 48-year-old
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mother of six, was walking near h/8th after running an errand. five feet tall, 99 pounds was dragged into a garage, beaten, raped and sodomized with a metal pole. in the ensuing days, 16 people were arrested, eight convicted sentenced to 35 years to life in prison. after their case was talken on by mid-atlantic innocence project. a judge agreed to consider if some of the men were wrongly convicted two. have been paroled. she heard one of them is writing a book about the crime. >> you want to write your book and get paid, write your book. leave us alone. but will you spend the money that you get for the book that you wrote? leave us alone. leave us alone. >> what's known as an if
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evidentiary hearing is scheduled for monday morning. at that time, some witnesses have since changed their story andle allegations that other possible witnesses in this case were not questioned. >> more to come. >> thank you, jackie. >> more fallout from the secret service sex scandal. three agents resigned today. the news comes as head of the secret service personally briefed president obama about the investigation. jim handi jimhandley with more. >> reporter: the story broke a week ago. growing bigger by the day. three more employees have resigned. six gone now. secret service chief mark sullivan, briefed president obama in person at the fwus dwh house to day. the secret service is updating congressional staffers on an gigs th investigation that includes conduct on past trips. in colombia, the search is on for the prostitutes at the center of the case.
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the white house says if it is too early to say if secret service culture or leadership are to blame. >> the president does not want to and i do not want to get ahead of the conclusions of the investigation. make broader judgments while the investigation is still under way. >> nbc news has learned tonight that two high-level secret service managers, 48-year-old david randall cheney, and greg stokes are stepping aside. cheney guarded vp candidate sarah palin and in this face book photograph wrote he was really checking her out. palin responded on fox. >> check this out, bodyguard. you're fired. and i hope his wife kicked him to the doghouse. >> lawrence berger, an attorney representing cheney and stokes tells nbc news they're leaving voluntarily. one lingering question in all of this is whether any u.s. laws were broken in colombia. jim, doreen. >> thank you, jim.
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investigators trying to figure out what started this house fired on underwood in northwest d.c. it started about 8:30 this evening. fire officials say it began on the second floor of the duplex. nobody was inside. so far no injuries have been reported. >> there is outrage from the parents of three people killed in a drunk driving crash in maryland. today a panel of three judges reduced the sentence for the driver in that crash. that man was kevin coffett. in may, coffett admitted he was drunk, slam the vehicle into a tree and left the scene with his friend still in the car. coffett received a 20-year prison sentence. today that sentence was reduced to eight years with five years probation. the parents of those youngsters who were killed say it sends the wrong message. >> this sentence sends the message that the lives of our three children are virtually meaningless. if you are out there, hear this news, you want to drink and drive. come here because you will get
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away with it. you will get away with murder look this kid is getting away with. >> prosecutors say he is eligible for parole as early as may of next year. >> what is described as the 100 deadliest days for teens. prom season is under way. police are on the lookout to make sure kids get home safe and sober. news 4s correspondent is in silver spring with more. jane? >> reporter: montgomery county police say over seven weeks they're determined to prevent teen drinking and driving and promise to bust all underage alcohol parties. it is a rite of passage for thousands of teens in the d.c. metro area. going to the prom means excitement and glamour. at montgomery county police aim to keep it that way, launching prom season task force. >> our goal is to prevent underaged drinking.
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>> statistics show one third of alcohol related teen traffic deaths happen in april, may and june. the height of the prom season. and it is not just cop whose are on alert for underaged drinkers. limousine companies are also keeping a close watch. >> we asked the parents and the kids to sign a prom promise says they won't bring anything illicit or illegal in the car. put their bags in the trunk. don't let them have those in the vehicle if they break the pledge or promise we return them to home. >> back on montgomery county streets, the prom task force and patrols will be looking for impaired drivers from now until early june. working overnight shifts and concentrating on areas where proms are being held. >> weep coordinate after prom events we know where events are. we have eight, ten officers out patrolling specifically for dui enforcement and handle underaged drinking parties that occur that we get calls about or intel that
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the party is going on. >> reporter: a sobering message. live in silver spring. dispute over a wig led to a stabbing inside fairmon heights high school in capital heights. a 15-year-old girl stabbed a 17-year-old in the stomach. it started after an argument on twitter and spilled into school. one parent we spoke to plans to transfer her daughter out of the school because of the violence. >> so it doesn't surprise me that my, that this happened today. i am getting my daughter out. this is the transfer papers, i'm just waiting for them to okay it. >> the stabbing victim its expected to be okay. the other girl transported to county jail for processing. charged as a juvenile with assault. >> dramatic scene on the baltimore/washington parkway this afternoon. a school bus burst into flames. there were no children on board at the time. it happened near annapolis road. the bus driver man anythinged to get out safely. no word on how the fire started.
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something of a glitch on two separate flights today. one carrying vice president joed by ear by -- joe biden. the other, carrying hillary clinton. clinton's plane hit between brussels and paris. the engine on the plane was not dap a damaged and did not make an emergency landing. air force 2 did have to make an emergency landing after it struck birds in california yesterday. the plane landed safely in santa barbara. the vice president took another air force plane home. >> nasa's renowned shuttle on display in chantilly, virginia. the "discovery" exhibit debuted. it saw the most action of all the fleet, flying 39 missions before being retired. discovery swapped places at the smithsonian with "the enlts prize." that shuttle was scheduled to travel to new york city monday the trip has been delayed because of the threat of severe weather this weekend. >> expect delays on the rails
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and road this weekend. right now the tacoma, brookeline metro stations are closed. buss replace trains between rosalynn and pentagon on the blue line. trains on the orange line are single tracking. the international monetary fund is hosting its spring meeting this weekend. therefore, 19th street northwest its closed. from pennsylvania avenue to g street. roads will reopen sunday night at 7:00. >> next on news 4 at 11:00. an arrest after a shooting in a local rite-aid farm spharmacy. >> terrifying moments as a teacher in virginia lined up his students and started firing blanks at them. tell you why he did it. >> lust and found. h -- lost and found. on the today show a woman is reintroduced to her dog after he disappeared. >> summer and winter.
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both days will be wet. which one might we be able to got outdoors and do a little something.
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a man has been locked up after he shot a rite-aid manager in d.c. last week. ricky vincent charged with assault with intent to kill while armed. investigators say she was arrested after a viewer saw the surveillance video on the news. police say vincent opened fired
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in a robbery attempt and got away with a pack of candy. court records show she has a long criminal history. the rite-aid worker survived but is paralyzed from the waist down. >> an apology from george zimmerman the man charged with second degree murder after shooting unarmed teenager trayvon martin in february in florida. a judge set zimmerman's bond at $150,000 saying he will be allowed to leave the county jail until his trial takes place. zimmerman will have to wear a gps monitoring bracelet and will have a curfew. but it was zimmerman's apology today that grabbed the attention of the court. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. and i did not know hiif he was armed or not. >> martin's parents did not speak. an attorney said they were outraged at that apology. zimmerman is in jail while details of his release are worked out. >> teacher in virginia is on
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bond now after firing a gun at students to get their attention in class. his name is manuel dello, he lined up 12 kids in his welding class and fired between four to ten blanks at them. this happened earlier this month at the neff center vocational school in abbington, virginia. nobody was injured. the kids were frightened. he is now facing 12 felony charges. among them having a firearm on school property. he is not working right now. he has the a court hearing next month. >> breaking news -- police in the district are searching for a 3-year-old girl missing for hours. her name is alana richards. the child's mother says she dropped the child off with a 19-year-old woman, chibrea murphy. dropped the girl off at anacostia metro station with the agreement they would meet at 3:00 this afternoon. the woman and toddler have not
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been seen. a woman who lost her dog will be reunited with him tomorrow thanks to a segment on the today show. ruth torez and her irish wolf hound dusty have been apart three weeks. she thought her brother was taking care of the dog but it turns out he had abandoned him at a park in the bronx. dusty was brought to the city's animal care and controlatured o show in adoptions. >> it was a miracle. it doesn't happen like that. it is no coincidence. yes, i believe it was to get dusty. >> dusty will spend one more night at the shelter so he can get microchipped and licensed to prevent the same thing from happening again. >> nice to see that happening. not going to think it is nice to seep the weather coming at us this weekend are we? >> right. especially sunday. looking like the sloppy day. could be buying a few extra hours of dry weather saturday.
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let's head outside see what is going on right now. temperatures in the low 60s. high clouds moving in. the clouds will thicken up. a little patchy fog for tomorrow morning. st so for tomorrow morning. cool, not quite as cool as what we have seen over th last couple days. starting in the low 50s to the north. mid, upper 50s south, fredericksburg and pax river. while the radar is dry. storm 4 radar. there are big storms gathering already west of our area. take a look. we have two areas of low pressure. one down south. one up north. this one -- with the showers and cold front that k tenextends. detroit is wet. lexington with storms approaching. big storms through louisiana. that's the area of low pressure that will give us the soggy weather. as it reorganizes down across the southeast part of the country. late saturday, then sunday. so watch the cold front. there it is.
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stormy conditions, i think we could be dry now. up until about 3:00, maybe 4:00 p.m. on saturday. buying a few dry hours. stormy conditions for the evening. right of until 9:00, 10:00 p.m. a look at sunday with the second ear l secondary low. wet late night sunday. a look at your time line forecast. here we are at 4:00. the showers just to our west. looking at a partly sunny sky. early tomorrow morning. changing to mostly cloudy. that rain again. just to our west. it moves in, 4:00, 5:00, 7:00. thunderstorms could bring winds and hail. rainfall amounts that look as though they could be anywhere from a half to over an inch of rain by late sunday. there we are at 9:00. the low moving up the coast. a lot more rain, areas east of i-5. behind me, the line white you
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see snow in the hypigher spots. colder air expected stun day night, monday morning. as far as tomorrow goes. not as the cool. we'll have a break. partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. 54 to 60 degrees. so not too bad. and then it is short sleftz, short pants for tomorrow proventomorrow -- probably flip-flops. when the thunder comes in. keep a watchful eye on the sky. sunday we are wet, windy, in fact, chilly tootoo. 55 degrees for a high temperature. like a nor'easter coming up the coast. it will hug the coast. rain, until 10:00, 11:00 sunday. wrap-around showers monday that will not amount to much at all. it will feel like may on saturday. it will feel like late february, early part of march on the next day. and even for next week -- next week, you might need to keep the coat handy. starting out in the 40s with highs in the 60s. again some very beneficial
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rains. especially sunday. >> it will be good to get the rain. the hard way to do it, isn't it? >> uh-huh. >> thank you. >> the commander-in-chief will appear on nbc's late night with jimmy fallon. usually taped in new york city. this episode will be recorded at university of north carolina chapel hill and air the same night. president obama's first time on the show. >> coming up, we will fell you how three guys woke up and had a penguin in their hotel room. >> coming up in
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>> i watched part of the game, eighth inning. slid into second base. somebody waved him on. no, don't go. did you see when he pulled his left arm back so he wouldn't get tagged. touched the bag. >> that's not the first time he has done that this year. >> such a cool move. thoroughly enjoyed it. >> last time he did it sliding home. jason worth, the highest play paid player on the team said ankel its the best athlete in major league baseball. national outfielder, good game. a four-hitter. a former hitter, led his way with the bat. talking rick ankiel. the second 11-win team in all of baseball. looking for his second win of the season. start in the top of the second. getting help from the d. runners on second and third. rick ankel has the got it. and john carlos is staying put.
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ankiel's arm once again saving a run for the national's pitchers. bottom of the third now. and dealing with ankiel at the plate. ankiel doing it at the dish too. solo home run. first jack of the yeartion natiyeartion -- of the year. top of the sixth. same score. doing a little window shopping. goats six. three hits. no runs. strikes out seven. bottom of the ninth. all the starting pitchers on their feet. nationals up 2-0. henry rodriguez. closing it out. chris coughlin grounds out. nationals win 2-0. they improve to 11-4 on the season. it is official, folks. caps/bruins, game five, game six will both be on nbc. game five tomorrow at 3:00. game six which is back here in d.c., will be on sunday. at 3:00. now the question is, will alex ovechkin get benched in crunch
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time like game four. seemed to be overlooked during the broadcast. capitals best player played all of 15 seconds in the final 14 minutes of the game. he wanted to be on the ice end of the game. he downplayed his lack of minutes to day. the head coach was thinking defense. he wanted his best defensive minded forwards out there. right, coach. >> part of it. they were going back. and sometimes, you know, some lines, short changed a bit. and do whatever to win the game. >> to understand it. i accept it. but again -- i want to beep out there. but, it's his decision. and not going to be -- talking about it because the it's -- not, time for us, you know. and the game, most important thing right now. >> interesting. when you bench your best player. one final note tonight. the men any lacrosse team loses
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to duke tonight. 6-5. duke going to play
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police in the district are searching for a 3-month-old baby girl missing for hours. alana richards. the child's mother says she dropped the baby off this morning with a 19-year-old woman
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named chibrea murphy, she dropped her off with agreement they would meet at 3. the woman and baby have not been seen again since. if you know anything call police right away. >> the story out of a movie or something. three guys on vacation in australia. they went on a drunken rampage at a sea world park. when they wok up the next morning there was a penguin in their hotel room. now they managed to record their wild night on a camera phone. it included a swim with dolphins in the park. but they weren't so happy and kind of panicked matter of fact when na when they saw the penguin and decided to dump it in a canal. people passing by rescued the penguin. the penguin is doing okay. the same cannot be said for the three dudes. they have been charged with stealing a protected animal. they perhaps might be fortunate that that's all they're charged with. apparently there is not a law in australia about being stupid. but that's another story.
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>> that penguin looks a lot more harmless than what nay hthey ha the movie. >> the tiger. >> yeah, that's our broadcast for tonight. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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