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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 21, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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stay above 50 degrees during the course of the day. and yes, indeed, the mention of snow flakes as close by the blue ridge mountains by monday morning. if you've got stuff to do outside, mow the lawn, wash the car, whatever you need to do. if it needs dry weather, hurry. your weekend will not be all pretty and dry as it's starting out. temperatures in the low to mid-60s right now. ny dry hours to come pl after 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon those showers will have had time to make it over the blue ridge mountains. you folks, you could see rain as early as 2:00, 3:00. in and around town, i don't think our rain chances ramp up until after 4:00 this afternoon. today starts dry, looks great. up near 80 today. maybe a rumble or two of thunder by 6:00 this afternoon. then tomorrow the complete
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opposite of today. clouds all day long. rain turning heavy at times. late afternoon and night could be a slow go. monday morning's rush hour commute could be a nightmarish one for sure. i think snow flakes could be as close by as martinsburg, west virginia, and measurable snowfall across parts of central pennsylvania. we'll have to keep a close eye on this. it's going to be a cold, windy, rainy finish to the weekend and start to the week. it's going to feel like early march, not early june. >> it's like three seasons in one weekend. >> absolutely something for everyone. we are following some breaking news in the district. police are investigating a homicide near the marine barracks in southwest washington. derek ward joins us live from that scene. what have you learned so far. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in the 700 block of eighth street southeast. this is actually barracks row. we're across from the marine
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barracks, one of the parts of is the city that has o developed and sustained itself. but there's no pride in what happened here early this morning. police say they got the call at 2:30 this morning for an altercation on the street. they found one person that had been stabbed. he later died. police did make an arrest. they are not identifying the subject or the victim. they are adult males. this is around the time these establishments would close, the bars and restaurants here. so there would be a lot of folks out on the street. of course there's always a w robust military residence here. we did see some police officers out here earlier this morning doing what appeared to be recanvassing some of these establishments here. we know police made one arrest and one person has died. in southeast, derek ward, news4.
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>> all right. thanks. we'll check back in. you later. new this morning. a baby girl is safe and back with her mother. metro transit police say they did not know where the girl was for several hours. her mother dropped her off with another woman at the anacotia station. the other woman returned to the station nearly 11 hours later than planned. around 1:40 this morning. investigators have not said if charges in this case will be filed. the prostitution scandal hanging over the secret service has cost agents their jobs. pushing the total number of people who have left the agency to six. investigators also say a 12th employee has been put on leave for their role in the scandal. for the first time, president obama was briefed by the secret service on the investigation. the white house says it's too early to say whether secret
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service culture and leadership are to blame. >> the president and i do not want to get ahead of the conclusions of the investigation. make broader judgments while the investigation is still underway. >> the lawyer for two secret service supervisors said the president's safety was never at risk. he also criticized leaks of internal governments in the case signaling a strategy for an upcoming legal defense. in division 2012, mitt romney has a lot to make up when it comes to campaign fund raising ahead of the general election. finance reports show president obama has a 10-1 edge over the presumptive republican candidate. mitt romney's campaign raised $1.6 million in march. ended the month with $10 million
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to spend. super pac is to help romney ahead of the election. mitt romney is using an old rival to reach out to potential voters. former presidential candidate and senator john mccain joined romney for a gop event in arizona. the two fought a bitter and personal fight for the 2008 presidential nomination. yesterday mccain praised romney saying he's a principled leader who understands how to grow the economy. >> this race is about the fundamental difference between mitt romney and barack obama. barack obama believes that government creates jobs. mitt romney knows that business creates job in america. >> next up on romney's schedule is a campaign event in pennsylvania tomorrow. former florida governor jeb bush says he would consider running with mitt romney but doubts
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he'll be asked. bush told the conservative website that marco rubio is probably the best choice as a gop running mate. rubio has cede repeatedly he isn't interested in leaving the senate. birds hitting planes caused scares in the air for joe biden and secretary of state hillary clinton. secretary clinton's plane was hit somewhere between brussels and paris. the engine was not damaged and the plane did not have to make an emergency landing. investigators are investigating air force 2. it had to maic a landing in santa barbara after it struck birds thursday. the vice president took another air force plane home here to d.c. next week maryland lawmakers will take new steps to settle an ongoing budget battle. o'malley will meet with michael bush and senate president mike miller on tuesday. that's according to the washington post. the general assembly failed to
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reach a deal this month. nothing by july could trigger a doomsday budget that would cut a half billion. metro's spring break, it's over. that could mean big delays this weekend. track work returns at three stations on the system's busiest line. on the red line are shut down. three shuttle buses between the silver spring and rhode island avenue stations. buses are also replacing trains between the rozlynn on the blue line. on the orange line expect single tracking. . expect headaches if you're driving downtown this weekend too. the imf is hosting its annual spring meeting. closed from pennsylvania avenue to g street. the roads will open again tomorrow night at 7:00. starting today it will cost you more to catch a cab in the district. taxi fares are going up. the old price was $1.50 per
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mile. now it's $2.16. that's a 44% increase. some fees won't go down, however. cab drivers can only charge a bag fee if they handle backs in the trunk. there's no charge if you take care of bags yourself. only vans can charge an extra passenger fee for up to three people. no fee after the fourth person. commuters who use virginia railway express will soon have to pay more for their ride to work. the vre approved daily fares and monthly passes during a meeting friday. the increase is expected to generate $900,000 in revenue next year. it'll pay for rising fuel cost andday ta day costs. a prince george's firefighter is home with his family after pending months in the hospital after burns he received in a house fire. he got hugs and cheers from his
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fellow firefighters as he left the burn unit at the hospital friday afternoon. o'toole was burned over half of his body while fighting a fire back in february. the 21-year-old described what the smile stone means to him after undergoing so many painful treatments. >> i'm feeling pretty good. it's a great accomplishment from being so badly injured to walking out of here in two months. it's a great privilege to walk out and see everybody. every day is a good day from now on. >> after leaving the hospital, o'toole boarded his fire truck and headed back to visit his station. his next step in recovery is physical therapy. he will be getting treatment in his parents hometown of beth page, new york. the time now is 9:09. a virginia teacher lined his students up, pulls out his gun, then pulls the trigger. why he says he did it. also ahead -- >> this sentence sends the message that the lives of our
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three children virtually meaningless. >> a man admits he was drunk when he crashed his car into a tree killing three of his friends. he could be out of prison as early as next year.
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this is prom season. one of the most exciting times of the year for high school juniors and seniors. it's also one of the most dangerous. an average of 48 teens are killed in car crashes during the typical prom weekend. more than 5,000 others injured. students against destructive decisions claims car accidents are the main -- more than a third of those deadly crashes are alcohol related. montgomery county police are stepping up their efforts to make sure this prom season is safe. they are launching a prom season task force to cut down on
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underage drinking and keep drunk drivers off the roads. officers will be working overnight shifts on weekends and patrolling areas where proms are being held. >> so we know where all the events are. we then have eight to ten officers out patrolling specifically for dui enforcement and to handle the underage drinking parties that occur. >> many limousine companies are focusing on keeping teens safe. they're asking kids and their parents to sign a pledge agreeing not to bring anything illegal with them. if they break that pledge, the limo will bring them home immediately. one mother knows all too well the dangers of drunk driving. her son was killed nearly one year ago. darcy spencer spoke to that mother about the tragedy that changed her life forever. >> i feel like i've aged a
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hundred years. i have such a hole in my heart. that will never be healed. >> reporter: kerry hoover's 20-year-old son johnny was one of three passengers killed in a drunk driving crash nearly one year ago. >> i'll never be the same person i was before i lost my son. >> reporter: hoover remembers coming home after a trip to find everyone there crying. everyone except her son johnny. she knew something was wrong. >> i started to turn around and put my hands over my ears and i ran out the door and started to run away because i didn't want to hear what they had to tell me. my sons grabbed me and told me that johnny was killed. johnny was dead. >> reporter: hoover appeared at a mothers against drunk driving event at the natural cress club where experts reveal 26% of underage drinkers are getting their alcohol from relatives or other parents.
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>> if we could just save one family from going through the heart ache. but it just keeps happening over and over again. >> reporter: the driver 20-year-old kevin coffey pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular manslaughter and was sentenced to serve -- >> we're angry. we're angry that he killed my son. and that he ran away and left them to die on the side of the road. >> reporter: although hoover says she had talked to her son about the dangers of drinking, she's filled with regret and still wonders what, if anything, she could have done to change what happened. >> i think parents need to keep on top of it as best they can and pray for the best. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. >> kevin coffey, the driver we just mentioned just had his
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prison sentence reduced. a three judge panel cut his sentence from 20 years to just eight years followed by five years probation. the parents of those killed in the crash say the reduced sentence sent the wrong message. >> this sentence sends the message that the lives of our three children virtually meaningless. >> if you're out there, hear this news, and you want to drink and drive. come here because you'll get away with it and you'll get away with murder like this kid is getting away with. >> a lot of emotions following the court hearing. and like we mentioned, this was just one year ago. still very, very difficult story. >> hopefully it is a sobering message for teens out there. especially if they have a prom this weekend. just be careful. let's switch some gears. we're expecting some wild weather. >> we are. let's check in with chuck bell. he says rain is on the way later. >> we've got plenty of dry hours ahead. anything you want to do on the
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afternoon, no problem. nothing but sunshine out there for now. rain drops in the forecast. and cold air too. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ nasa's most traveled shuttle is on display at its new home. discovery displayed yesterday swapping places with the enterprise. the new shuttle flew 39 missions in space before its retirement. while discovery gets settled in, spending the weekend in a holding pattern. >> that's right. nasa has postponed the trip until further notice because of the threat of bad weather. enterprise was supposed to leave monday for its new home at the intrepid in manhattan. the shuttle will be flown on the same plane that brought in
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discovery. nasa says they are monitoring weather forecasts and will schedule the flight as soon as possible. i wonder if we'll see that. >> we should have them do a few laps around the national mall as well. tomorrow will be a bad day for flying especially with a space shuttle strapped to the roof of an aircraft. >> which i am amazed by. the whole piggyback thing going on. >> had 20,000 to 30,000 people watching on the national mall. glad the weather cooperated for that. no problems at all first this morning. but that's not going to last too much longer. clouds are on the way by early this afternoon. and rain drops are likely by late this afternoon into this evening. if you have things to get done in the dry weather, hurry. it's not going to last long. so outside we go. hazy sunshine and feeling a little bit like early summer out there this morning. temperatures already climbing into the mid and upper 60s in many locations and it's just a great way to get the weekend started. if only we could keep it this
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way all weekend long. but we cannot. 65 at national airport. winds out of the south averaging 7 miles per hour. clouds on the increase over the next couple hours. 64 gaithersburg. 61 leesburg. and 63 in manassas. 61 hagerstown. and more cloud cover to the west now. rain showers in western west virginia making steady progress in your direction. getting up to 80 degrees today before the rain drops move in. first drops around the metro probably after 4:00 now. more like 4:30, 5:00. so we've got plenty of dry hours left to go here for the next couple days. but nonetheless, this rain out here is moving in our general direction. there's a little break in the action down here. that's why i can't guarantee all rain all the time for everybody later on today, but most of us are going to get our first taste of the rain drops around here
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just about the time we get into late afternoon, early evening. a wet go. jet stream energy across the upper midwest. low pressure along the gulf coast are going to combine with this weather front to bring us a busy weather day for tomorrow. here's our future wlv forecast. by about 5:00, 6:00 tonight that's when the rain showers moving through. rain coming in late today. then overnight tonight a big storm coming up the coast for tomorrow. very energized storm system. so heavy rain possible tomorrow really from the i-95 corridor eastbound of the eastern shore. parts of the eastern shore could get three or four inches of rain out of this system. when it pulls a i way, the cold air pulls down behind it. might get snow flakes in the mountains of pennsylvania. little bit of a break in the action overnight into early tomorrow. more drops coming in late tomorrow morning and afternoon.
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today becoming mostly cloudy. showers likely but not until late this afternoon. so not a bad outdoor day for your saturday. tomorrow the complete opposite. much colder. rain heavy at times. leaving us with a windy and cold start monday morning. temperatures upper 30s and low 40s with the rain monday morning. that's the reason that snow flakes might be as close by as places like frederick, maryland. have the chance of see conversational snow flakes. but snow in april is always worth talking about. >> seems like april can't make up its mind. >> it's the march we should have had. >> thanks, chuck. okay. today a special group of athletes will continue their historic bike ride across our area. they're cyclists from the wounded warrior project cycle
9:26 am
rider program. president obama welcomed the riders to the white house yesterday. soldier ride is a four day cycling event that helped wounded service members restore their physical and emotional well being. >> so i want to encourage everybody who sees these riders going by this weekend to go out and cheer and say thanks and salute and show your support. as commander in chief i promise to do everything i can to make sure you guys get the care and benefits you deserve. >> the cycling event is now in its sixth year. there are rides here in washington and ten other cities across the country. there's excitement for this. cats fans will be hoping for a huge history in boston. >> here's a preview of the game in this sports minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with what else? how about a little hockey. the capitals and bruins back in
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boston this afternoon at 3:00. that game right here on nbc 4. the series tied at two games a piece. sunday's game six going to be at verizon center. also watch that at 3:00 right here on nbc 4. nationals opening up with the marlins. a solo shot off zambrano in the fourth. the number five starter goes stix strong. no hits and three runs while striking out seven the nationals beat the marlins 2-0. acc men's lacrosse tournament semifinals. maryland and duke. terps down by one. josh dion beats matt of me the
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terps now 7-4 on the season. the maryland women with beat virginia tech 15-7 in the acc quarters. the terps will face duke later this afternoon. that's your sports minute. everybody have a great weekend. >> thank you, dan. the time now 9:28. a fight that began on twitter nearly cost a teenage girl her life. what started the dispute if the first place. it's one of the most notorious murder in d.c.
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welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff.
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three more secret service agents are out of work resigning as part of the ongoing prostitution scandal. a 12th agent is also placed on leave as investigators expand their case to include past presidential trips. president obama was briefed on the investigation. an only man who killed three of his friends in a drumpg driving accident could be out of prison next year. his sentence was reduced from 20 years to eight. starting today changes go into effect for cab fares in the district. it will now cost passengers $2.16 per mile rather than $1.50. and only vans can charge the extra passenger fee up to three people. no fee after the fourth person. speaking of people, someone's throwing us a curveball today.
9:33 am
>> big changes in our weather coming up. let's go to the storm4 weather center with chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. saturday off to a glorious start. temperatures are rising wickly now with all the filtered sunshine out there. 70 now in stafford and fredricksburg. temperatures hovering around the 60 degree mark this morning. nothing showing up on radar too close to us just yet. rain showers moving into western virginia. they'll be making our way into the state of virginia. could bring rain drops into the washington metro area as early as 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. still plenty of dry hours in front of us. they'll be warm ones too. temperatures into the mid and upper 70s today. some folks might even make it all the way to 80 before the rain drops move on in. showers, maybe a rumble or two. up to 9:00 or 10:00. then for tomorrow, good-bye summerlike warmth.
9:34 am
tomorrow it's going to be bone chillingly cold outside. temperatures will fall from the mid-50s in the morning back into the 40s tomorrow afternoon. with rain likely pretty much all day long tomorrow. and that rain is going to turn heavy at times tomorrow night into early monday morning. i already think the commute back to work and school might be very problematic and slow going to say the least. we'll give the seven day forecast and show you more of the radar in a few more minutes. back to the news. the family of a woman brutally murdered several years ago is speaking out only on 4. monday seven men convicted in that murder could get a new hearing that could lead to their release. they're behind bars for the 1984 death of kathryn fuller. the mother of six was walking home. she was dragged into a zbraj, beaten, raped, and sodomized. now says some of the men were
9:35 am
wrongly convicted. the victim's sister is disturbed one of the victims is writing a book about the kroo im. >> you want to get paid? write your book. leave us alone. but will you spend the money that you get from your book? leave us alone. leave us alone. >> a judge will begin hearing evidence in the case monday morning in d.c. superior court. a man is behind bars accused of shooting a drugstore employee during a robbery. ricky vinston's arrest came after someone saw this on the news. he opened fire on the manager of the rite aid last week paralyzing him from the waist down. court records show he has a long criminal history. surprising turn in the trayvon martin murder case when the man who killed the florida teen took the stand to
9:36 am
apologize. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. >> george zimmerman told trayvon martin's parents that he did not know how old their son was the night he shot him or whether martin was armed. zimmerman's attorney admitted putting him on the stand was risky but his client wanted to respond after martin's mother said in an interview she would like to hear from him. >> he had always wanted to acknowledge what happened that day in the death of trayvon martin. i was hoipful that could be done in more private ways. >> the family is disappointed he will be released on $150,000 bail. it is unclear if he can live outside of florida. once released, he will be required to wear a gps monitor
9:37 am
and have a curfew. a teacher accused of firing a gun at students to get their attention in class. dillow lined up his students in welding class and fired blanks at them. he faces 12 felony charges for having a firearm on school property. right now he's out on bond and not working. he has a court hearing on the charnls next month. a 15-year-old in maryland faces assault charges after a stabbing at school. she stabbed a 17-year-old in the stomach at fairmont heights high school yesterday. their fight apparently started on twitter other a wig. >> it doesn't surprise me that my daughter -- that this happened today. i was somewhere. my daughter called me. she said mom, there was a
9:38 am
stabbing. so you know it doesn't surprise me. you're getting your daughter out of here. >> yeah. i'm getting my daughter out. >> the teen stabbed is expected to be okay. police charged the other as a juvenile with assault. major backups on the baltimore washington parkway after a school bus burst into flames. it happened near annapolis road. fortunately no kids were on the bus at the time and the driver was able to get off without serious injury. backing up traffic for miles. at this time it's still unclear what caused that fire. in new york a handyman denies any wrong doing of the missing boy seconds ago. police are tearing up a basement for new developments in the disappearance of etan patz. at the time the handyman, othniel miller, auch used the
9:39 am
basement as a workshop. he was friends of etan's family. recently questioning miller again. a law enforcement official says an fbi dog detected the scent of human remains in that building. the president of a pakistani airline is being blocked from leaving the country after the crash. the air jet was trying to land in islamabad when it lost control killing all 127 people on board. the airline which resumed operations just a -- blames for that crash. however, investigatorers say they were looking into how well the airline maintained the 737. welcomed news for drivers. gas could fall another nickel by next week. we're seeing the drop in our region. drivers in the district are paying about $4.14 far gallon of regular. that's down a fraction of a penny. maryland's average is 3.91
9:40 am
$which dropped two cents in one day. and in west virginia you're paying $3.91. you can thank lower oil prices for the drop as well as negotiations with iran and the west. looking to quit smoking? the healthy and free way to kick the habit. and forget about facebook. the next site is pinterest. more when we return. welcome to first takes on the week that was. it was a week we got different word on the presidential contest. >> some polls showed president obama was in in lead. another said romney was in the lead. romney on the edge on the economy. >> the poll also shows president obama with a substantial lead
9:41 am
among latinos. the obama campaign kicked off the -- targeting. are m romney was speaking to hispanic leaders friday. also say romney go to charlotte for the address there. and bracketed him in ohio. plus there's more fallout from the secret service prostitution scandal. and certainly created a perception problem of government perception problem of government gone wild.
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a lawsuit for two rape victims aims to change attitudes about sexual assaults at military institutions. it's against the naval academy in annapolis and the military academy at west point. the women say both institutions ignored and failed to file claims of assault.
9:45 am
both sponed to the claims saying they had a strong history of accountability. virginia governor bob mcdonald is asking leaders across the country to improve their background check systems fur gun sales. he sent a letter to governors in the 49 other states. the letter came as the state looked at the virginia massacre anniversary. after the shooters, virginia closed a loophole in state law that only requires names of mental hospital patients before a gun sale. now those who get outpatient treatment must also go into the data base. are you trying to kick that smoking habit? a little exercise might help you succeed. a new study in taiwan found that smokers who engage in moderate@were 50% more likely to quit than those who just sit around. and less likely to relapse. physically active people also increase their life expectancy
9:46 am
by nearly six years once they quit smoking. metro says it's finished upgrating defibrillators at rail stations. that comes after a man died. he suffered a heart attack and a defibrillator failed to work prop forly. a spokesperson for the agency also says it's upgrading at every kiosk. that should be finished by the end of the month. well, can't find your keys? talking yourself through your search may help you find them faster. researchers in wisconsin say talking to yourself outloud could help your memory. scientists looked at pictures of objects and look for the objects. participants who repeated their search outloud found the objects faster. studies show children who talk to themselves guide their behavior better. >> people might be looking at you weird talking to yourself all the time.
9:47 am
but at least you'll know where your stuff is. >> but now everybody's got the wireless things. everyone looks like they're talking to themselves. >> good observation. >> sunshine for you. our weekend off to a beautiful start. no problems at all? right? not so fast now. complete neck check coming up. next.
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looks like today you can pull out everything in your closet and at some point you'll be able to wear it. >> very true. there's a cool thing going on today. if you're wondering what you could do on a beautiful afternoon like today, a guy named mark rutherford left annapolis on a 28 foot sailboat. he went through the northwest passage down past the islands and all the way around the tip
9:51 am
of south america. he's landing in annapolis today. they will be bringing him back on dry land for the first time since june 11th of last year. if you're around annapolis, they're having a big thing down there today. welcome back somebody back to dry land. congratulations to him. great looking day to get your weekend started. the rain showers not far away. it'll be raining on your head less than 12 hours from now. you will be wet if you're still outside. good looking day so far. hazy sunshine getting through a partly cloudy sky. winds light out of the south at 7:00 p.m. southerly winds will allow for a warm day today. near 70 in fredricksburg. still upper 50s near cumberland. cloud cover out there as well. clouds will be on the increase today.
9:52 am
rain chances wrap up substantially around 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. a warm one today with temperatures in the upper 70s and a dry start to the weekend for sure. these rain showers out here, they're not racing in. they're running further behind schedule than i thought this morning. instead of raining by 3:00 or 4:00, i think it's by 5:00, 6:00 this evening. low pressure along the gulf coast and jet stream energy diving south out of the upper plains will combine to make a doozy of a storm. today we deal with the showers and thundershowers along and ahead of the cold front. b here we are at 7:00 tonight. rain chances coming in. kind of a showery saturday evening. by 9:00, 10:00 tomorrow morning, rain starting to move back in. and a big area of low pressure coming up the coastline tomorrow. if this were february, what a snowstorm we'd be having. instead heavy rain tomorrow and
9:53 am
tomorrow night into early monday. then monday as that storm pulls away, cold air racing back behind it. that's snow across parts of pennsylvania. and we could get snow flakes as close in as martinsburg. they do have accumulating know in north central pennsylvania. enjoy though sunshine while it lasts. it won't last forever. today upper 70s. tomorrow about 30 degrees colder. we'll struggle to stay above 50 degrees tomorrow. heaviest rains tomorrow, late evening into early monday. the monday morning commute looks tricky at best. all the way through tuesday and wednesday time frame. not getting back close to average until we get through the end of the week. follow me on twitte
9:54 am
twitter @chuckbell4. tomorrow's storm looks like it's going to be the real deal. that's going to be a lot. >> around here a good time to watch tv or something. >> a good book and tea day tomorrow. >> thanks chuck. a man locked up in a cuban prison is begging for release. alan gross worked as a government contractor in cuba. the contract claims he brought satellite equipment on the island. gross has served two and a half of his 15 year sentence for spying. his wife recently said her husband's health is deteriorating. he's been pleading for parole to visit his mother before she dies of lung cancer. heart failure led to the death of andrew breitbart. that's according to the los angeles coroner's office. it ruled friday that the commentator died of heart failure that stemmed from coronary disease. the coroner said an amount of alcohol was found in breitbart's system but no drugs.
9:55 am
medical examiners also found no signs of foul play. the 43-year-old died after collapsing while walking his dog in l.a. last month. a warning for hundreds of thousands of computer users. you could lose your internet connection this summer. about to shut down servers that have been keeping victims of hacking online. allowing them to control the machines without the victim knowing. the fbi used their own computers to help keep infected computers working. on july 9th, those are being shut off. you should log on to to see how to fix the problem if it's effected. a new website is catching on. pinterest is becoming more and more popular. the site lets you save random pictures of stuff you find online and share it with your friends. christen dahlgren shows us how
9:56 am
it's also becoming a big moneymaker. >> reporter: debbie jackson could be a poster child for pinterest. >> pinterest became an obsession. >> reporter: the hair stylist and photographer using the sleek pin board for everything from recipes to decorating ideas. >> a good way to describe it is it's folders of things you collect and do and want to do. inspirations. >> reporter: she was recently inspired to form a group with other fanatics to try out their pinned progts. >> i'm going to take a picture. pinned. >> reporter: the growth has been phenomenal. from 3.3 million users to almost 19 million in just six months. making it one of the fastest growing internet companies ever. with millions of visitors and all of those aim js with you might expect pinterest to have a huge high-tech headquarters. you'd be wrong. this is it in palo al toe with about 30 employees.
9:57 am
>> as a kid i was really into nature and science. >> reporter: cofounder ben silberman was a bug collector as a child with an idea to take collecting online. it paid off. forbes recently stimed the two-year-old company could be over $7 billion. >> pinterest has the limit. and they have the buyers. they have the money. and they have them in huge numbers. and these people are addicted. >> reporter: the perfect target for companies. 85% of pinterest page views are from women. most between the ages of 21 and 34. from the midwest. and households that earn $75,000 a year. everyone wants a piece of the pinning. oscar de la renta live pinned its bridal show. the political campaigns pin and so does nightly news. >> we wanted to build something we're really proud of. something that was really beautiful and useful. >> it looks awesome. >> reporter: and in doing that, the new internet darling with
9:58 am
the funny name may just have hit the bullseye. christen dahlgren, california. >> i'm a big fan of pinterest. >> you're a big fan of all those things. >> it's cool. you can create a board for everything. we could create one for our saturday morning show. >> once you get hooked on something, something new comes along. and you've got all these pass words and codes. tolls won't be the only fees vurz commuters may soon be paying. and we are following breaking news. a deadly stabbing near barracks row.
9:59 am
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thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. three more secret service agents are out of a job and another is on administrative leave as the investigation into the prostitution scandal grows. the latest resignations push the number of people who lost their jobs to six. for the first time president obama was briefed on the investigation. a man who killed three of his friends in a drunk driving accident could be out of jail as early as next year. reduced kevin coffey's sentence from 20 years in prison to just eight. prosecutors say he coup eligible next may. cab fares change today in the district. it will now cost $2.16 per mile. also there's no charge if you handle your own bags and only vans can charge the extra passenger fee for up to three
10:03 am
people. no fee after the fourth person. also new from overnight, a homicide in the district. >> police are investigating this case near the marine barracks in southwest washington. that's where we find news4's derek ward. he joins us live with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. one man is dead and one in police custody after an incident here on barracks row at about 2:30 this morning. it was 2:30 when police got a call about a disturbance in the district. when police arrived, they found one man stabbed. he was later pronounced dead. police took one person into custody. we have no information about the identities of either. only to say they are both adult males. most of the bars were shutting down. there were lots of people out here and always a vigilant presence across the street to
10:04 am
the marine barracks. less than two blocks away, engine company eight is there. help was here in a relatively short period of time. that was not enough time to save that victim. no information being released about the identities of those involved. we'll have more for you as it becomes available. derek ward, news4. >> thanks so much for that. northern virginia commuters are going to have -- possibly see fare includes. we're going to get to that story in one minute because we have something more important to talk about. that is going to be our weather and the changes ahead. >> nice looking way to get your weekend started. today folks mowing the lawn early today. get it out of the way because the rain drops are only about seven or eight hours away. and tomorrow will be an indoor day for certain. unless you really like to be cold and wet. outside, there you go. beautiful way to get your weekend going. sunshine for now over washington.
10:05 am
temperatures are jumping. thanks to all that sunshine. east in maryland out on the eastern shore. petersburg 71 degrees. 69 in arlington. so here we go on storm4 radar. no drops close to us just yet. the rain drops are sneaking in towards far western maryland already. the drops will be in and around town by about 5:00 or 6:00 this afternoon into early this evening. saturday planner warm and dry for the majority half of the day. but then clouds coming in. once the drops are here, they're here to stay. showering weather turning noticeably colder. today we're going to flirt with 80 degrees. tomorrow we'll be lucky if we hang on to 50. about an inch or two inches coming. the heaviest rain will be tomorrow. this is mainly going to be a sunday evening, monday morning
10:06 am
problem. but it's going to be a big storm up the coast. monday morning looks like a disastrous commute. this is going up the coast. philadelphia, new york, hartford, boston. all those airports will be negatively impacted monday. >> you think it will be a quick switch? or gradual? >> i think 80 to 50 in about six hours. that's a fast change. >> thanks so much. going to be a busy morning for tax officials in maryland. the state comptroller there and 300 members of his agency are opening tax returns. 2011 of them to be exact. last year they opened 71,000 on the saturday after the tax deadline. maryland taxes were due tuesday. after the openings today, the comptroller will give his feedback on the filing season. northern virginia commuters may be facing another vee.
10:07 am
julie carrey has more. >> reporter: for northern virginia travelers who want to speed their commutes, easy pass are requirement -- now they are free. ez pass transponders. but with the future opening of the beltway express lanes, that number is expected to double. that's why v.d.o.t. wants to charge a dollar per month. >> this is not unusual. sh of the ez pass tolling agencies charge fees. >> reporter: along the dulles toll road, we're gracing for higher tolerates next year. the fee gets a thumbs down. >> a dollar a month doesn't sound like much. $12 a year on top of everything else you're dealing with, it's just kund of a pain.
10:08 am
>> the days of technology, i think they tend to overcharge because technology will take care of most of the administrative fees. i think it's a way to get into our pockets. >> reporter: but even those unhappy with the proposed charge say they aren't likely to turn their transponders in. >> given the traffic problems here, i think anybody would pay 12 bucks for relief a year. >> reporter: there is one bit of good news in the v.d.o.t. proposal. right now people pay a $25 deposit. under the v.d.o.t. plan, that would be wiped away. >> if the proposal goes through v.d.o.t. hopes to impose the fee in july. >> a lot of people interested in that one. especially you. >> you don't want to talk to me about that. right now it's 10:08. he spent ten months alone at sea sailing around the americas.
10:09 am
today he's heading home to maryland. we'll tell you what was behind his journey when we return. and a new danger lurking in afghanistan. nothing to do with insurgents. nothi[ male announcer ]rgents. this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band.
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five militants in custody this morning accused of trying to carry out a deadly series of attacks in afghanistan. the five members of the taliban were caught with 11 tons of explosives they had brought in from pakistan. they hid the explosives in bags hidden under potatoes in a truck. they were planning an attack in kabul. syria's central city of homs is quiet this morning ahead of a visit by u.n. peace keepers. the u.n. observers are visiting the area as they monitor a ceasefire agreement.
10:13 am
the city has been the hardest hit by government troops who have shelled it for weeks. rebels accuse syrian's president of failing to honor the truce. a new report reveals the use of drugs in the war zone. 56 soldiers in afghanistan on suspicion of distributing or using heroin, morphine, or other opiates. eight soldiers died of drug overdoses during that time. the army says drug abuse has not been a major issue in afghanistan despite opium so easily accessible there which is the raw ingredient for heroin. more on a story chuck first told us this morning. a maryland man is due in about two hours after a long distance at sea. matt rutherford spent ten months on a solo trip around the americas. he sailed more than 21,000 miles and did it to save money for
10:14 am
regional boating. the sailing program helps people with disabilities. rutherford raised about $70,000. >> i bet he's exhausted. >> i bet he's in the mood for a steak. tired of fish. taking that off the diet for awhile. >> this is cool. you could have the opportunity to go out and welcome him back. just hours from now. >> that's right. a good day at the city dock in annapolis. great weather for it as well. nice day for him to get into dry dock. no doubt tomorrow would have been a terrible day to be at sea. we'll talk about today's good weather and tomorrow's not so nice forecast.
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
zblamplts lot of people don't know where their umbrella is. it's been a long time to use it. >> the rain we need whether we want it on the weekend or not. the rain we need is on the way.
10:18 am
the old saying goes every drought ends with a flood. it's a mini draught around here. may not have a flood tomorrow, but a lot of rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. today we're going to get some bonus hours of dry weather. i thought the rain early this morning might be in my b.i.d. afternoon. bonus dry hours. get outside and enjoy it. tomorrow will be an indoor day. let's take a look then on our city watch sky watcher camera. say good morning to you, washington. sunshine out there still. a mild day. temperatures nearing in on 70 degrees in many spots. up to and including ronald reagan international airport which is at 69 degrees now. winds out of the south. i good wlooking weather for the front half of your weekend. clouds back in by late
10:19 am
afternoon. but for now a nice day start to your weekend. temperatures climbing now mid to upper 60s in many spots. 68 now in winchester, virginia. still dry along the blue ridge. the rain drops will reach you first. they could be along i-81 as early as 2/this afternoon. in washington more like a 4:30, 5:00, 6:00 time frame before the drops get here. then for tomorrow, couple of ingredients come together. this first batch of rain part of a cold front. area of low pressure along the gulf. jet stream energy, low on the coast, cold front hanging around. this is going to form one big storm. tomorrow night on into monday. so warm and sort of a humid start. here comes the weather front. so your saturday evening dinner plans will need umbrellas for sure. overnight tonight we get a little break in the action.
10:20 am
it won't last long. that rain will be heavy tomorrow at times. late afternoon into tomorrow night. then watch -- here we are at 10:00 tomorrow night. it heads into new england and pulls cold air on the backside of it. changing to snow flakes in pennsylvania. not much in the way of accumulation that far south. might even be able to get an inch in west virginia. so for now a dry start to your weekend. here we are now 7:00 on your future weather forecast. there's the first shot of rain showers coming through here. clears out after about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. but the roadways will be wet. here come the rain chances back into play before lunchtime tomorrow. then the heaviest and steadiest of rains here between 4:00 or
10:21 am
5:00 tomorrow afternoon and monday morning. today then becoming cloudy but quite warm today. upper 70s to near 80 degrees today. a nice day to be outside. showers likely into e the evening. for the cloudy skies, cold and wet rain. maybe a rumble of thunder today or tomorrow. one to two usuals of rain tomorrow night into monday morning. a stormy finish to the weekend and a wind ripped rain soaking monday. this is going to be a big storm up the eastern seaboard. if you had the opportunity to take sunday morning flight instead of monday morning flight, i would suggest doing it. >> i heard on the "today" show before us this would be a nor'easter if it was winter. >> we can still call it that it's named for the wind direction on the coast. but typically we associate those with february or january. if this were february, we'd be
10:22 am
measuring -- it'd be this much snow. >> you could only dream. next year. >> we're just out of sync. a lost dog finds its way home. all because of the "today" i'm drinkin' dunkin'. we're drinkin' dunkin'. dunkin' iced. some people wake up with an alarm clock, i wake up to dunkin'. sometimes, when i need a little pick-me-up, i'll go get a dunkin'. it hits the spot. you're ready to go. dunkin' keeps me going. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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now to a disturbing story about childhood obesity out of india. a 2-year-old girl that weighs almost 80 pounds. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, the average weight for a child her age is around 26 pounds. the girl's weight makes it difficult for her parents to carry her. she's also been having trouble breathing and walking.
10:26 am
her mother says she can't play with other children because she has trouble moving. if you want to get out to enjoy america's national parks, right now you can do so for free. it's national park week. you can check all 397 national parks without having to pay any fees. they waiver includes commercial tour fees and transportation entrance fees. the park services are offering other deals on tours, food, and fishing. national park week runs until sunday of next week. well, a woman and her dog -- i love this story -- they're back together again. >> she tracked this dog down because of a segment she saw on the "today" show. ruth torres had not seen her dog dusty in three weeks because she thought her brother was taking care of the dog. turns out the brother abandoned the dog at a park in the bronx. dusty was brought to e the city's animal care and control center and was featured on the "today" show in a segment about
10:27 am
pet adoptions. that's when torres saw him. >> it was a miracle. that doesn't happen like that. it's no coincidence. yes, i believe it was to get dusty. >> ruth and dusty were reunited yesterday after he was microchipped and licensed to prevent the same thing from happening again. maybe don't leave your dog with her brother again. >> that's why we don't like the story but we like the happy ending. >> off the christmas wish list. no birthday presents. that's it. you're done. >> all right, everybody. thank you so much for joining us early on this saturday. >> it's academic is coming up next. we're back tomorro
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