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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 at 11. right now at 11:00, a disturbing crime. police make an arrest after an elderly blind woman is attacked
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in her home. a thief that stole thousands of dollars has unraveled thanks to an uncover sting. digging out. part s of the northeast are digging out. is the worst of it over now? we begin tonight with a developing story out of dulles airport. a disruptive passenger forced a pilot to declare an emergency just before that plane landed at dulles. it happened on united flight 662 which took off from denver, colorado. the plane landed safely about two hours ago. according to wtop radio, witnesses say the passenger was yelling and playing in the aisle. airport officials say medical staff took him in for evaluation. he's now at a hospital. also tonight, an 18-year-old is in custody accused of beating an elderly blind woman. the victim's daughter and neighbors are reacting to the robbery that's rattled their upscale neighborhood. darcy spencer joins us from
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northwest d.c. >> reporter: i was able to speak to the victim's daughter off camera this evening. she tells me she was able to visit her mom in the hospital. the good news here? she is going to make a recovery. the family says they're very pleased with the exceptional police work that led to this arrest. the daughter of an 81-year-old woman who was robbed and beaten in her own home tells news4 she'll be okay. the victim has lived here for decades and while she's legally blind she's known to take walks every day. >> she's a very fine person, and i'm really sorry that anybody would abuse her like that. >> reporter: police arrest eed 18-year-old, charging him will with burglarizing an occupied home. will they say he punch the victim and walked away with her computer. >> it's a heinous, violent crime. the person who did this as far as i'm concerned is a coward. >> police say he got in through
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a broken window which is surrounded by bamboo. neighbors tell me the victim planted bamboo around her property years ago and it provides her with privacy. but those same neighbors are concerned that it provided protection so the suspect couldn't be seen when he broke in. the victim was found by the mailman at her doorstep wednesday afternoon, confused and barely conscious. now, police have not said how they were able to link the teenager to this crime. we're hoping to find out tomorrow when he makes his first court appearance. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer, news4. now to an illegal operation run out of george washington university. the scheme centered around stolen textbooks, all caught on tape. shomari stone joins us with more on this crime. >> reporter: well, federal prosecutors tell me that these thieves worked here at the university's bookstore across the street and they stole hundreds of books from there and recruited a man well-known on
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campus who sold hot dogs like this one for two decades. look at this video at george washington university's bookstore. campus police set up cameras after thousands of dollars in textbooks went missing last december. federal prosecutors say darrelle coleman shown in the dark shirt and apron places the new books on a table. kyle puts the books in boxes,s in the red shirt. and another man police say is also involved. the boxes are dropped off at the bookstore's loading box and the well-known hot dog vendor picks it up. prosecutors fell us this scheme went on from december 13, 2010, to january 19, 2011. today a jury found the group guilty of conspiracy and theft, stealing -- get this -- $200,000 in textbooks. >> it's like they were stealing from the university. >> reporter: jordan mandel is surprised how lynn is involved. >> you wouldn't expect a hot dog man to be stealing textbooks.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say he sold the stolen textbooks online. this man told me naun is his brother and he doesn't want to talk. the police says -- i am proud of our officers' wron going effort and dead occasion to investigating crime like this. the arrests was a result of an investigation led by our officers and bookstore employees. we are pleased with the outcome of this case. now, the three men are scheduled to be sentenced on january 18th. as for the fourth man, he is going to be sentenced next friday. live here on gw's campus, shomari stone, news4. tonight -- there is growing frustration for hundreds of thousands of people in new york and new jersey. just a week and a half ago after hurricane sandy, a record-breaking snowstorm is adding to the power problems. 200,000 more people lost electricity, adding to those who have been without power since
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that storm hit. new york's governor andrew cuomo is calling for an investigation. he accuses utility companies of being unprepared and badly operated. families living in damaged homes are coping the best they can. >> that was the frosting on the cake. it was just. >> reporter: you're laughing about it. >> you know, if i started to cry, i really don't know when i would stop. >> new jersey governor chris christie says all 400,000 outages in his state should be fixed by saturday. as some areas cope with all that snow, our area is getting ready for a warm-up. doug lets us know just how warm it ae's going to get. >> doreen, a sorely needed pattern shift. we've been talking about below average temperatures for two weeks. a nice night out there, but notice the breeze. we're still seeing winds gusting to 25 miles an hour at this hour, actual winds at northwest at 15 miles an hour, sustained and with a temperature of 47
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we're talking windchills. take a look, 32 in winchester,s 37 in leesburg, 37 in gaithersbu gaithersburg, cold night, but we're in for a warm-up. i'll tell you all about it in my forecast. tomorrow, president obama will deliver a speech on the economy from the white house. it will be his first address since election night, and it is on the eventuality of what they're calling a fiscal cliff. that's the term being used for automatic across the board cuts that were part of the 2011 budget compromise. if congress does not reach a budget deal, those cuts take effect next year. today virginia's governor bob mcdonnell ordered state agencies to cut their budgets by 4% to prepare for that possibility. there is a new effort to stop a casino from coming to prince george's county. some residents filed a civil suit against question 7 today. they say a casino would
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compromise their quality of life. the lawsuit itself is based on voter turnout. it claims that too few registered voters came to the polls to constitute the majority required to approve question 7. a chapter now closed for former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords. she was in court today as a judge sentenced jared loughner to life in prison. it was the first time that the two came face-to-face since loughner shot the congresswoman and several others nearly two years ago. six people were killed, 13 wounded, including giffords. her husband, mark kelly, told loughner the shooting changed his wife's life but not her spirit. seven navy s.e.a.l.s, all members much the famous s.e.a.l. team six are punished over a video game. one was involved in the raid to kill osama bin laden.
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the s.e.a.l.s reportedly worked as paid consultants on a video game. an official telz nbc news they've received letters of reprimand and will will have their pay docked for two months. the new metro expansion will bring four stations to tyson's corner. but don't expect to see parking lots for the riders. workers are not building lots. there is an effort under way to turn that area into a walkable downtown focused on public transportation and not on cars. the urban planning experts say parking lots just would not work with their plans. he believes parking spaces woulded add to the traffic with commuters flooding into the area in order to take metro to work. black friday is coming even earlier this year. walmart, sears and kmart plan to open on thanksgiving day. walmart's door-buster deals, they're called, start at 8:00 p.m. retailer is giving away a $75 gift card with a purchase of a
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$399 ipad 2. other deals include a 32-inch hd-tv for $150 and blu-ray players starting at $40. macy's, best buy and kohl's will open at midnight black friday. a very memorable child birth for a d.c. couple. their son was delivered on the sidewalk right outside their home on "l" street in southeast d.c. happened last friday. the newborn's mother says she felt mild labor pains and called her husband. as he drove home, she says those labor pains took a sudden turn. >> all of a sudden, things shistsed and i just knew this baby was coming right now. >> she rested her hands on the car and she was standing up. i held my arms underneath and the baby fell right into my arms. >> wow. doctors say the baby boy is just fine. his mother was in labor for 50 hours with her first child. she was hoping that it would go
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a little faster this time. maybe that's not quite what she had in mind. >> that's really fast. coming up -- newly released video shows a pilot crashing a pain on the runway. investigators say it was not an accident. our news4 i team looks into the resurgence of a dangerous drug and why it accounts for half of the police-involved shootings in one local county. and a really close encounter at a zoo. x.
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. video just released shows a pilot crashing a stolen plane at a utah airport. he was wanted for a murder back in july. police say he hopped a fence and stole a 50-seat skywest passenger jet. video shows the wing tear through a terminal building before crashing into a parking lot. after the crash, the man shot and killed himself. no one else was hurt. it's the one drug that police officers dread above all others. not crack. heroin or even pills. we're talking about pcp, and it's back. tonight tissha thompson talks about why so many are worried. >> i'll gut you, man. >> reporter: prince george's county police say this is their new reality. >> sir, we're here to help you. >> reporter: a state-of-the-art scenario offering a glimpse of something they hoped they
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wouldn't ever see again. >> drop the knife, sir! drop the knife. drop the knife, sir! taser, taser! >> we go through scenarios all the time in the academy having to deal with people on pcp. >> reporter: major mark person is trying to prepare his officers for a worst-case scenario. >> we believe it's back and back aly different than in the '90s when it was prevalent. it seems to be stronger. >> reporter: persons say people used to buy the powdered form called angel dust. now 70 bucks gets you a vial filled with rick wid to make dippers, marijuana cigarettes dipped that a potent cocktail including ether and embalming fluid. >> probably the most will dangerous we deal with. >> reporter: one of the most frightening examples happened this year. >> it's my son. i think he's smoked some pcp. and he swears somebody is after him. >> reporter: andre mccoy has a gun and people say that pcp is making his paranoid.
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>> he want us to leave. he said get out. >> ma'am, go, go. take everybody and go outside. if that's what he wants, do it. >> nobody's in the room. >> mom, i'm not playing with you. >> reporter: police say mccoy forces his mother outside. police report they shoot and taser him before he steals a cruiser, arresting him only after he crashes. the news4 iteam found half of the police-involved shootings this year involved pcp. will but major persons says officers are trained to first try nonlethal will tech nieks like tasers, paint pellets, and a swarming technique. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: they strap the suspect down before carting them to the hospital. >> pcp patients are on a scale of 1 to 10 they're at a 15 coming in the door.
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>> we wrap this around the arm. >> reporter: emergency room doctor michelle carter says pcp takes a terrible toll on ers because everybody from security officers to doctors gets pulled into restraining the patient. >> they're screaming and hollering, sweating. some are dressed. some have taken off their clothes and we're trying to keep sheets on them. they're spitting, cussing. >> reporter: a news four iteam analysis of statistics show there's an upswing in pcp deaths, hospitalizations, and arrests, concentrated in prince george's county and the eastern half of the district. >> we definitely are seeing a surge. >> reporter: experts aren't sure why there has been an increase. they say pcp is cheaper than many other drugs and gives a longer high. doctors fear a new generation not familiar with pcp might now be experimenting with it. they hope this year's bad trip is almost over but worry the pcp
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problem may get worse before it gets better. tisha thompson, news4 iteam. >> andre mccoy is awaiting trial and faces more than a dozen charges for first-degree murder, stealing a vehicle and multiple assault charges, including assaulting a police officer. doug's here with a check on our weather. we're heading into eye holiday weekend for a lot of people, and you bring good news, huh this. >> finally. you don't have to look at the weather and say, oh, man, not again. this time we get sunshine. a lot of people still wait fog our first snow, but we don't want anything like what they got toward the northeast. take a look, just a beautiful shot down toward the lincoln memorial a little earlier. the water looking good there this time of year. look at that, what a great shot just after sunset. temperatures today got up to 56 degrees. you look at that number and go, well, still pretty cool. it was the warmest temperature we've seen in almost two weeks, even though it was still below average by about 5 degrees. the good news for us is i think
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we go back above average over the next couple of days. right now, toward the capitol, currently 47 degrees, winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. a pretty good windchill, some seeing windchills into the low 30s already. that's where we're going to be most of the night. but here's the actual temperature, 41 gauge urzburg, 45 in manassas, the cool spots, winchester and hagerstown, 41. it will be a very cold start when you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s in most locations. but by tomorrow afternoon, no problems at all. the radar showing nothing around our region and that storm that came through yesterday bringing snow from boston right through connecticut, over a foot of snow in parts of connecticut, new york and new jersey, is moving well out to sea. you can see the last of it around the boston area before it continues to move out. and behind this for us we're seeing clear excise. so the chilly, windy weather we saw today gave way to sunshine today. we will see much more in the way of sunshine during the day tomorrow, high pressure starting to settle on in.
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that's going to be mean mild weather. still a breeze tomorrow but not as strong as what we saw foed. say good-bye to theild weather, say hell will low to the warm weather, high pressure dominating saturday and sunday, temperatures that will get above average into the 70s potentially as we make our way through the holiday weekend. here's what we're talking about with the pattern change. we've seen this big trough in the jet stream. that brings cold air across the mid-atlantic and northeast, including the great lakes. also gives us that chance for coastal storm. that is no longer going to be the case. we'll see a ridge of high pressure start to build across the area. that brings mild air to the northeast and warm air to the southeast. with us right smack in the middle, meaning some nice weather for us over the next couple of days. once again, the east coast of the united states really needs to dry out. clear skies, chilly morning, 28 to 36, northwest winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and nice, finally warmer. still a little breezy, though,
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temperatures 57 to 61 degrees. and we'll just call this a fantastic friday because as we move through the next couple of days it gets even better. 67 on saturday, 72 sunday and monday. of course veterans day is sunday but we'll observe it monday, both days great. tuesday the next chance for a storm, that will be a cold front that ushers in cooler numbers but nothing real significant with that storm. a typical run of the mill storm we could deal with on storm team 4, no problem. >> thank you, doug. we'll be right back. actually, we're going to go to sports, dc united sending
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we've got sports and good news. >> we. the postseason is always dramatic and there's extra drama tonight on the pitch. one night after the snowstorm, d.c. united brings the thunder
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united in new york to face the red bulls, second leg of the eastern conference semis. it was postponed of course because of snow last night. tonight the pitch was in perfect condition for do or die showdown. united lived. five bus loads of united faithful made the long trip to red bull arena, they were in for a treat. we'll begin 70th minute, no score. red bulls kenny cooper on the run, billy meade with the challenge. cooper goes down, hamid gets the red card, he's ejected. five saves before that. backup joe willis takes the field. he immediately has to deal with the penalty kick, cooper down the middle, willis guesses wrong and it looks like a red bulls goal. but referee calls encroachment. two new york players ernltded the box early and he has to kick again. tension building, right? encroachment. tension building, willis in a tough spot, re-kick, he comes up
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clutch. to the 88th minute, united on the attack, robbie russell with a pass to nick deleon, the only goal of the game by anyone. this is his seventh goal of the year, none bigger. united advances to the eastern conference semis. can you believe take us seriou, but we're moving on to the conference finals. it's unbelievable. as you can see, it means everything to this franchise, everything to the fans. it's just, like i said -- i'm speechless wi speechless. i can't believe we won, but i couldn't be more happy. >> united faces dynamo on sunday in houston. bill hamid will sit it out because of the red card. virginia tech hosting florida state. the hokies have had a disappointing season, in front of a nationally televised
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audience hoping to see some beamer ball come back. lane stadium was rocking, tech with a two-touchdown underdog. founch quarter, florida state only up 20-17. handoff, hokies there for the stop. three men tried to get rid of the ball, refs rule a safety. under a minute to go, tech up 22-20, e.j. manuel hits green. green shows some moves and speed, takes it all the way. he's saying, oh, no, he knows eye 39-yard touchdown, florida state wins a thriller. kevin durrant and the thunder visiting the chicago bulls. first quarter, bulls up 22-18. nick collison, making it look so easy. fourth quarter under 30 seconds to go, thunder up two. who else is getting the ball?
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durant. and top of the key, the fadeaway, you can't defend that. you kooncannot defend the fade-. the thunder win 97-91. even though he's played there for the thunder, we still root for him, local kid. >> he's still ours. >> definitely. >> he's been ours and will be. >> he's goo
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. witness now a trip to the zoo one little girl will not soon forget. that was in france. little girl posing for a picture at a zoo when a lion decided to get a closer look, snuck up behind her and photo-bombed the
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picture. when the girl turned around, she did what anybody would naturally do and go, whoa! and then moved away. you can read the lion's eyes. oh, a snack! no one injured because, as you probably figured out by now, that lion was behind a very thick glass enclosure, but still, oh,
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