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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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>> and very, very different. >> we have, elizabeth smart is with us today. i talked about reading her book. so moving and powerful. it gives you hope. if somebody can live through what she lived through and have the grace, forgiveness and kindness and normalcy that she has, there is hope for people. >> when we look at life's problems, day in, day out, you listen to elizabeth's story and honestly, you think, i didn't know somebody could make it through something like that, but she is one of those shining examples. i can't wait to see her. >> and the other one. diana nyad, fresh from that swim in the seas. swimming two days straight coming up. >> in a pool! >> if that weren't silly enough, she thinks we're going to get in it with her. >> they don't make enough bathing caps.
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>> we're very, very proud of her. >> this is a woman -- >> yeah. >> we love her. >> we love her and you are proud of her. >> on our plaza is was a big, big, big morning, because -- >> miley was here. ♪ remember only god can judge you, forget your haters somebody loves yeah ♪ >> lying in the bathroom, trying to get -- ♪ >> yeah. >> okay. a modern miley kind of day around here. apparently getting very good grades for her appearance as musical guest and host of "snl." did you see it? >> i saw a little of it. we'll roll the clip. one thing you can always tell from our people behind the scenes you get to know how
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somebody really is. and everybody who worked with miley cyrus behind the scene said she was so kind, nice, sweet, adaptable, all of those things. >> not a diva moment and apparently donna our wardrobe lady said the same thing. she's always like that at "snl." if that's right, the -- >> in case you missed it, here's a little bit of "snl." >> i'm not going to do hannah montana but i can give you an update on what happened to her. she was murdered. >> and, also, we went back and forth on this but, guys, i just don't think we should do that wrecking ball sketch. >> what? come on! >> sorry. >> oh, look. it's teddy. great rehearsal. >> we shouldn't be doing this! this is for kids! >> i'll see you onstage. >> she had a lot of fun. >> well good for her, and she
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was -- wowing the crowd out there. was she wearing a diaper, though? what was that? apparently frank just called and said, i want to get you one of those. >> how was your weekend? >> yes. the halloween costume of the year, it is hot. >> it's so tiny. >> i thought they were going to put it on. >> no. >> you left, you know what -- anyway, if you want the hot costume, you've just seen it. there it is. it's going to be everywhere. >> you went off to beautiful cayman islands this weekend. >> i'll tell you about it. it was a spectacular beautifully event. heather mclaughlin did the thing. how beautiful the room was, how great the people were. of all the people you meet at events like this, you meet a lot of people, the room was rockin'.
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a big party atmosphere, but there was one young lady, a guy who acted like a waiter and started singing pavarotti in the room. >> is his make michael? mike? >> i think it is. >> he used to be a waiter at -- >> yes. they call themselves waiters. she was a transformative figure in my life and she's a breast cancer survivor. she now has breast cancer that moved to her bones. she's an optimist. look in the her eyes, you can see it. she stood at the podium, doesn't have a long time to love but said i'm the luckiest woman in the room. i'm married to him and have all of these friends and people who support me. it was a beautiful, beautiful weekend. >> i am so glad. wonderful. you came back raving about everything. >> how was your weekend? >> my weekend looked like it was going to be lovely but then i had to be mommy all weekend long. no, it wasn't cody. no, it wasn't cass. >> what happened? >> that is bambino with the cone of shame.
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bambino i am sad to report had a bowel obstruction. very bad bowel obstruction. you know how they rub their bottoms? well, he was raw, his little butt, until it was awful. we had to take him to the vet. we take him to the vet. all weekend long i spent putting preparation h on bambino and benadryl every four hours so it wouldn't be itchy and slept with him all night. i was up all night friday, all night saturday. i thought any minute he's going to projectile bottom -- no difference between when i was taking care of my kids and bambino? >> what's the obstruction? >> i'm at fault. we've had different vets through the year. dogs can have all the table food people have. if it's healthy food, it's healthy food. i always have given louis and
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lola the same -- you know, just a little tiny bit in there. >> yeah. >> and -- >> oh, no. >> he can't. too little. can't handle it. so just a warning. if you have -- yes! >> look at his cone. >> he's feeling better. i took the cone of shame off and he went right for his little bottom again. he's been drugged all weekend long. not out of the woods just yet. your heart goes out to them. you love them so much. it's timely time for our big living room reveal. >> yes, i want to see this. >> remember, vera dushy won the makeover contest. >> that's dushy. we messed it up last time. and now we remember. >> don't get it wrong again. >> vera and her husband and daughters and son here in new york. we're going to reveal -- >> you think you're going to say it wrong? >> what is it? >> mayapac? i know that so well.
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>> she's from -- [ talking together ] >> new york. >> two great brothers, you know, helping us with this from hg tv. >> drew and jonathan scott are on the scene. you guy, how did the weekend go? >> the weekend, great. where are we right now? pronounce that one more time? >> we're having a lot of fun. my team's been here working tirelessly through the weekend with the folks from hg tv home. night and day. >> they're going to be blown away. such a beautiful family. i'm excited to see how they react. >> are these the befores? >> yes. >> we're going to show the after in a segment coming up. guys, we're so excited. i saw them in "people" magazine, by the way, the recent one. they're very fancy. >> great. you guys, looking forward to that. >> we're back from the summer. we're going to be doing "every has a story" again on thursday.
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i got a from a theresa sirrail i believe it's pronounced from new york city. >> what city? >> manhattan. >> a singer/songwriter, struck by an impaired driver down in midtown manhattan june 11, 2002. lost her right leg and her hip. imagine that. right on impact. obviously, she was devastated. with the helps loved one, doctors, caregivers and music therapy she recovered and is now using her music gift to help others. she says the act of visiting and singing for other trauma patients, as a patient herself, many, many people freshly back from iraq or afghanistan truly transformed her. >> is she on the phone? >> she is. dedicated to her work and on the phone with us. theresa, how are you? >> hi! i'm great. how are you? >> you sound awesome and we are so looking forward to meeting you on's thursday, but what's going to happen, you're going to make history here now, theresa. i don't know how many times we've done this. we're up to about 50 "everyone has a story" that we've done. you're the very first one that's
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actually going to sing the song david and i have written for you. we're so excited about that. >> oh, i am thrilled beyond belief and grateful beyond words and so is my family. >> glad you don't have to travel too far. looking forward to seeing you. >> me, too. see you soon. >> thank you. god bless. >> favorite things, you guys. if you buy one book, one book, buy this one. "david and goliath." by malcolm gladwell. i saw it at the airport. picked it up. it's about how the little guy can beat the big guy, whether a ragtag basketball team that beats the big team? a ragtag little army that beats the big army or a kid with dyslexia, becomes the ceo of a company. when you read these stories, you go, oh, my god. i tore through the whole book. on the last couple of pages and don't want it to end. "david and goliath." >> isn't that unusual. i have a book, too. and i read it on saturday while i was holding -- called "the
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reason for life's hope" by billy graham. he is 95 years old now. his son franklin will be on tomorrow. i read the book in anticipation of our guest. >> next week. >> thank you, honey. so i didn't have to rush? anyway, billy is a dear friend, but this book -- i learned things about what napoleon said about jesus, about what all these people in history have said. it's fascinating. i'd never known that. it's $15 on >> wondering about the price of this bad boy? $39.99 at $40. >> $40. could be it you? about to surprise our celebrity fan of the week. >> and, boy, this movie took the world by storm. it was out of this world. >> yeah, literally. >> uh-huh. hey, have you guys heard about probiotics?
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for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways?
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it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. we are back with "today's buzz." you cannot start your week without it. >> newest celebrities making debut. chris witherspoon, if that's his real name. >> it is. >> all the scoop. entertainment editor and host of "the dish" at >> start with miley. talking about her. quite a weekend. >> yes. an amazing weekend. we saw her on "snl." i think she did a great job. really went out there and performed. that's what we know her form, a performer. a really tame show, nothing controversial. nothing too crazy. that's the dress she wore to the after-party. the same as for the wrecking ball but oversized shirt that showed all.
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you see the bra and panties. shear, with the paparazzi, you see all. >> she's in control of all of this. she knows exactly what she's doing. >> knows what she's doing. she told matt she's the happiest she's ever been. a great start for the new chapter for miley, personally. >> big weekend at the box office. "gravity." >> way beyond expectations. >> brought in $55.6 million. the highest grossing film for sandra bullock and george clooney opening weekend. >> word of mourning. huge, huge, from the beginning. >> like hollywood royalty. downey jr. almost got it, but he does too much ad-libbing. scarlet johansson was running for the parts of sandra bullock. if you see it, these two are meant for this role. i think sandra might get an oscar nomination for this.
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>> had it locked up until this. >> i was breathless throughout the whole film. >> the plot is what is she doing out there floating around? >> basically. that's my whole thing. we were given legs to be here on the ground. i don't see why you need to be in space, but it's a -- >> they get untethered and -- what? 90 minutes trying to get back to the mother ship. >> it, works. it works, though. one of those 3d films and it's bringing out a different demo that normally goes -- you see the film. that's great. >> we have every intention of seeing that, of seeing -- what was the other one that came out, phillips is that out? >> yes. out this friday. >> coming. i didn't miss that. all right. >> still a great one, too. >> good news for halle berry. >> a little boy. >> back on diaper duty. halle berry, a 5-year-old daughter. gave birth over the weekend to a boy.
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her and her boyfriend a hot couple. halle's had a rough year fighting paparazzi. she won. there's a new bill. this go-around, an easier time being a mom and also doing a new tv show with steven spielberg. working, getting ready to make a move to tv. >> hopefully found personal happiness as well. >> married in july. 47 years old. i their they're a great couple and get each other. they're both 47. >> and speaking of babies. kim kardashian's swaddled little bundle? >> baby northwest. they are beautiful. people buzzing saying this might be the most beautiful baby in hollywood right now. >> hold it. my kids are out there. >> post them to instagram, what's wrong with you? >> what's wrong with you, and becoming a kardashian. saying, look at this. look at this. >> no. this baby is beautiful, and -- >> look at her. >> only the second photo. >> love that -- >> that plush back ground she's
2:22 am
on, that little -- fur thing, whatever it is. the baby's beautiful. a great combination of kim and kanye. second time seeing the baby since kanye debuted the baby on kris jenner's talk show in june. >> she's got -- a throw. >> i want to borrow that stuff for my house. >> okay. very nice to see you. >> thank you for the lovely job. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. all right. she swam, yes, swam from cuba to florida. now diana nyad is about to make another splash. we're going to be back right after this. it is fun day monday and it's time to surprise our fan of the week! [ coughs, sneezes ]
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it is fun damon day and it's time to surprise our fan of the week! >> find out this week's winner is, roll the globe. ann marie ashdown from tennessee watches on wmc-tv.
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>> hey, ann marie, congratulations. >> oh, my god, i can't believe it! hi! >> poor child. screaming flight her ear. >> an >> he likes it. so before we tell what you you've won we want to tell everyone at home while you were named our fan of the week. first of all, you and your adorable 9-month-old son matt watch every day. drinking pineapple juice while he relaxes with a bottle of milling. >> named after the days of the week. fun damon day, boo who tuesday, wacky wednesday, booze day thursday and wacky friday. >> are you ready to find out what you won? >> i am. >> you and a guest are headed to the luxurious inn and organic farm in albuquerque, new mexico. four days three nights at a bed & breakfast as diamond collection inn. >> during your stay, dine at a restaurant for dinner, enjoy a
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picnic lunch surrounded by 25 acres of lavender fields and treated to a wonderful resort property tour. round trip airfare for two is included. >> hotel accommodations provided by los poblomos. >> you know who you're going to take with you? >> my husband. >> you are. >> oh! and someone has to watch that adorable little boy, but i don't the think you'll have trouble getting somebody to watch him. >> thank you so much! >> thank you so much. >> lavender fields. oh, my gosh. if you think you deserve to be our "fan of the week" what should you do? >> go to first time courtesy of hg-tv show. and elizabeth smart's first book after her kidnapping. first, your local news.
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we're back on this monday with more of "today" and story of resilience, courage and try triumph. >> elizabeth smart, kidnapped from her own bedroom and held captive for nine months. >> ten months later broken her silence about what happened during that terrifying ordeal. a new book called "my story." elizabeth, we're so glad you're with us, and so glad you're here to tell your tale, which we think is going to be really inspirational for so many other people who have maybe lost hope in their life. we won't go through the whole thing, because we don't have as much time as savannah had with you, but tell us why you wrote the book, first and foremost. >> i do a lot of speaking. i just an incredible opportunity to go around the country and speak to a lot of different groups, and every time that i have spoken to different groups i have had at least, at the very least, one person that's come forward and said, i was raped,
2:32 am
or i was kidnapped, or my parent tried to sell me to pay the mortgage. >> heard it all. >> every time, and i -- i mean -- i hate hearing it, but when i decided, this is really a big reason why i wrote my book. i wanted to be able to reach out to these survivors and victims and let them know that they're not alone. let them know that they can move forward, and that they can be happy and that this moment in life doesn't have to define them. >> this book has, there's so much devastating news in there to read, but one thing that struck me so much, three things were going on in your life for those nine months and it was hunger, boredom and rape. and for some reason to hear it boiled down in a nutshell like that, it took my breath away with standing that kind of
2:33 am
grueling treatment over the course of that many months. >> for a 14-year-old child. >> what did you say in your own head, sort of, to make it through those difficult times? >> well, the first moment i had been kidnapped after i was raped i felt shattered, broken, i felt like -- being dead would be better than being alive, but as i sat there thinking these things, i remembered how much my parents loved me, how much my mom and my dad and my brothers and my sister have always been there for me and i realized that that would never change. and that despite maybe nobody else ever liking me or wanting to be around me, they still would be. they would still be my family, and so it was really because of that realization, realizing they wouldn't change i was able to make the decision to survive no matter what. >> didn't you worry that people would have forgotten? i can't only imagine being locked up a period of time. were you wondering, was someone still looking for you? >> it's only voices you heard
2:34 am
were their voices. >> it was a long time, nine months. after helicopters disappeared and airplanes disappeared, after it just went silent. i thought that i was forgotten. >> a point where you were almost -- someone walked up to you, a police officer, you had the veil on. you thought this might be your moment and you describe your heart pounding and you thought, he's going to see. he's going to know, and -- >> you'd been told not to speak at all. >> yeah. >> and that near miss, almost being rescued there, must have been just another devastating blow. >> it was heartbreaking. it was just everything was happening over again, to be so close to being saved. >> right. >> so close to being rescued and watching him turn around and walk away. it was just like being kidnapped all over again. >> i was very moved by the way you would describe how you would visualize your own mom, and how beautiful she is, and tell us about that.
2:35 am
how that gave you strength? >> well, my mom -- >> she is beautiful. >> she is the most beautiful woman. i mean, i know everyone comes out, but it's wrong. >> wrong on every level. >> but i mean, she's always been there to pick me up when i fall down and, i mean -- she always likes asking elizabeth what do you do when a horse bucks you off? you get back on. that's just kind of how she raised me all through life. >> you don't give up, you get back up. she's always been there for me. >> tell us briefly about being reunited? i cannot imagine, their arms around you, what that must have felt like to finally be back to the family. >> that's how i imagine heaven. i felt safe. i get loved. i felt like nobody in the world could hurt me in that moment. >> and you're married. >> what joy in your life. a beautiful young scottish man in your life.
2:36 am
we're so happy for you, sweetheart. >> and god bless you. it hopefully will be a great inspiration for so many people. you're an angel. so good to meet you. >> elizabeth, thank you for coming to talk with us. >> okay. >> the property brothers. the segue, it's unbelievable. >> getting ready to show the dushy family what they've down done to their living room. >> and they're going to see it for the first time and jonathan and drew, coming up after this. >> you're the best. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit.
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it's time for our big contest reveal from our designer, in honor of our big studio makeover last month we decided to give one of you a brand new living room. >> we received thousands but could owned choose one win around she is -- [ speaking at the same time ] >> vera dushy. >> mayopak, new york. she and her family are blindfolded waiting to see their redesigned living room courtesy of hg-tv's jonathan and drew. hi, guys. >> hey. >> exciting.
2:41 am
before you guys reveal, we want them to see, let's show everybody the old living room so we can live in history a minute. this is the old living room. >> uh-huh. >> all right. and now we're going to turn it over to the property brothers for the -- big reveal. >> all right. they're excited. it's a little bit different. are you ready for this? >> yes, yes. definitely. >> on the count of three, see your new room. one, two, three -- open it up. >> oh, my god. >> oh -- >> wow. >> what do you think? >> it looks great. >> oh, my god. look at this. >> do you see any resemblance of your old place? >> none at all. >> look at this compared to what you are before. >> it's beautiful. >> ah, it's beautiful. >> the biggest problem you guys have is a problem everybody has. it was so dark and it wasn't inviting. those couches were not comfortable. want a place where you can all
2:42 am
get together. that's why we've put in all of these pieces, they're comfortable and look good. >> how did you fit your whole family of six on the old sofas? you couldn't. so comfortable and all from the influence of the "today" show. >> watching tv, it was so close together. this is amazing. >> what does it mean to have something like this for your family. you have a beautiful family, you're a tight family and now you have a living room you can all enjoy. >> it's very nice. it will keep us all together in one space. gorgeous. thank you very, very much. >> vera, tell us your favorite part of the whole house? what do you love the most? >> she's having trouble deciding. >> i -- you know what? i really -- every area is, is a place to gather with the family. brings us closer. >> that's exactly what you want.
2:43 am
you want balance in the room. everything before, the wrong size of furniture pieces. pieces too big or too small. all the inspiration was pulled from the "today" show set. the color scheme. it has personality. you are a family with personality. >> yes. >> and we also have this, two defined spaces. dining room and living room. that's what you no today have for your family. >> right in time for thanksgiving. >> there you go. >> yes. >> don't eat thanksgiving dinner on the sofa. all right? >> that's the rule. >> watch what you eat on that baby. >> all right, guys. you guy, thank you, and thank you to the brothers. >> we're happy for you. >> thanks, brothers. thanks, guys. >> bye! if there is a child in your life, we'll tell you how to raise them to be a successful student. >> talking about success, she made history swimming from cuba to florida. >> diana nyad jumps into her next big feat after this.
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fall is finally here. >> and for every season there's a reason to watch. wake up with al weekday mornings on the weather channel. >> it's just right. all your local weather, travel updates, and the day's top stories. >> this front is going to move through. that's going to change the temperature. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> the big picture. >> we're sort of like a killer app in the morning. >> tap into us. >> wake up with al with stephanie abrams and al roker weekday mornings at 6:00 and 10:00 only on "the weather channel."
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all right, sir. diana nyad is proof you should never give up on your dreams. swam from cuba to florida without a shark cage. something she first tried at 28. this was her fifth attempt. >> now she's diving right back into the fast lane getting ready to swim for 48 straight hours. >> a maniac. >> right here where she was born in new york city. >> we're so happy you're here, diana, and so proud of you. >> it's a pleasure, thank you, thank you. >> what you accomplished would be amazing for a 25-year-old and to do it at 68 -- >> 64. >> all right. you'll do it again when you're 68. >> when i finished, i looked about 100 when i finished. people were like, wow. i guess she can do anything. >> we did suggest a facial afterwards. what was going on? stings, bites? >> mostly saltwater immersion
2:49 am
and, also, that look, what was going on? also, i wore that jellyfish mask. the only thing we could think of to get through the deadly jellyfish and a retainer like kids wear at night, and that, for 13 hours, just rubbed. the inside of the mouth was a mess, and i guess -- >> what was -- >> he was elated. singing. >> i just don't understand how you can do something like that. >> what's it like when you got to shore and people were cheering? it must have been such a moment for you. >> you know what, hoda? you know because you live it and you are it. but celebrities as a general role, if you played a role or people have an image of you, they want to be close by, but when you've done something that means something to them, those people were crying, and i could
2:50 am
see even through my days, i could feel the emotion. the authentic message that i lived out loud is that you never, ever give up. you find a way to whatever your other shore is. you're dealing with cancer, you're dealing with divorce. you find a way, and you live a good life, and that's what i saw on that beach with those people. that's what i saw. >> how long has it been for you to heal up? >> until today. >> and now, why, swimming for the two days? other people would go back to havana and have a nice vacation, smoke a cigar. but, no. not you. >> you're back in the pool. >> you guys are here. you're new yorkers. you're here. i'm a new yorker. and this sandy hit a year ago. how many thousands of people are still homeless? but have we forgotten them? that's in the back pages. who cares about hurricane sandy? we're on to the new news. i don't want to forget them. i don't want to forget any people who have been through disaster. >> you're spending 48 hours in a pool? >> it's getting erected right now. it's very cool in herald square. i'm going 48 hours. all the people, who are -- the procter & gamble people, duracel batteries that honestly go up and show up with the batteries,
2:51 am
they paid for the entire thing. everybody who gives a dollar, you go to the nyad swim for everybody who gives one dollar, they get 100% goes to the sandy victims. none goes to this event. i feel very proud of that. >> you have a bunch of celebs? >> roscoe, quick. >> roscoe is a dog that survived hurricane sandy. he's coming to lay next to me, not to mention, ryan lochte and richard simmons. >> richard simmons? >> richard simmons. what kind of speedo is that guy going to have? we've got to see that! >> i'm going to give you some money, honey. >> one thing you did promise, diana, we were going to give you a facial when you got back. so we got one. >> you know what i'm going to need. you know what i'm going to need. you are -- >> here you go. we love you. >> you are a big hero to us. >> thank you so much. so sweet. >> i got to -- all right.
2:52 am
you want your kid to have the same perseverance as diana nyad had in the water? some students share successful secrets. that's coming up. >> why am i doing this? yeah!
2:53 am
2:54 am
2:55 am
we are back kicking off our special campaign called "education nation" today. if you need help keeping your child on the right track we're about to find out the secrets of successful students. >> with cell phones, facebook, twitter, it's hard for kids to stay focused especially when it comes to hitting the books. here with advice, angela duckworth, associate professor of psychology at the university of pennsylvania. >> i love her. >> and perspective from students who got out. >> high school students. hi. >> welcome, everybody. >> all right. so angela, distractions are a major thing now. look, any kid would rather be on facebook, twitter, anything, as opposed to doing their work. it's hard to separate those two. >> always has been, hasn't it? >> absolutely. i argue self-control has been a parental concern.
2:56 am
lead me not into temptation. they're getting worse. algebra will never be as fun as "candy crush." one thing kids can do, they can change their physical situation. how can they make temptation easier for themselves? put the cell phone out reach. make the homework the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom. >> that's what you did. right? >> you specifically made changes, right? >> in the school i'm in now, we actually, at that university, me and my roommate kept other beds kind of on the floor, to chill out when we wanted. this we're realized the higher the bed, the higher the gpa. >> i like that. >> having your bed there is a distraction in itself. like a cell phone. plop down, it's comfortable. raise it high, you have to get
2:57 am
down to turn off your alarm, get up into bed if you want to go to sleep. actually can keeps you at your desk and working. >> do parents have a big role in this? tell us. >> i think that parents might be, if not the most important, one of the most important things in a student's success. definitely my parents are extremely involved in every student that i see who's doing really well has an involved parent behind them. >> calling the teachers? what are they doing? how involved? >> well, my parents are really involved in education themselves being educators. my dad sort of is a special case. he's the head of the school board. >> oh. >> which just happened this year, but before that, they were always asking me if i'd completed my homework, what's going on in school in class? not just academically also extracurricularly, what's going on at the school? what kind of cluks are clubs are going on. >> your parents could probably help you with your homework. i couldn't help my kids with homework past the second grade. that's how much i had forgotten or never learned. what about for the parents who
2:58 am
really -- i wouldn't know that equation if it smacked me in the face. what then? >> particularly a parent frustrated or confused when doing a homework assignment with their child. one thing that parent can do that's valuable is explain to the child that everybody gets confused. in fact, confusion is a necessary stage for learning. in fact -- >> i feel better. >> it's something that, kind of like learning to love the -- kids have to learn that confusion, frustration and even boredom are actually the typical emotions associated with homework and learning. >> okay. thanks. >> good luck. >> thank you. tomorrow from the new movie "romeo and juliet" it's a broadway show. orlando bloom is with us. >> tony bennett, and someone very special. and quick fixes tomorrow, too. bye, everybody.
2:59 am
>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> thank you for coming. thank you very much.


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