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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00 close family friends remember a virginia hiker. found dead after days of searching in the mountains of 14&?ç mexico. >> more plane crash vips pulled out of the java sea. tonight a possible break in the search for wreckage of flight
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8501. >> d.c.'s new mayor muriel bowser celebrating tonight at her inaugural ball. >> news4 at 11:00 starts now. >> first tonight, officials have winter weather advisoryóúbúñ for parts of our area this weekend. and even d.c. could see some sleet falling saturday. >> let's go to storm team chief meteorologist doug cameron to find out what we're going to wake up tomorrow. >> many of us will wake up to sleet falling around the region around the time around 6:00, 7:00 it 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. many of us seeing freezing rain. no rain or no freezing rain out there right now. we have nothing across our area. we continue to be on the dry side. but we've cooled quicker than expected. that is going to have concerns for tomorrow morning. rain down to the south. this is what's moving our way and this whole area right in here will start to fill in as it moves our way because of that we do have that winter weather advisory.
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not for d.c., even though they could see sleet. back to the west we could see accumulating sleet and freezingl rainçñux from frederick right down west of the blue ridge. and then we've got a winter weather advisory and possible record-breaking high temperatures. and it gets even more wacky. i've got the whole forecast for you coming up in a minute. it is the news an entire virginia community was dreading. a local yoga instructor missing in the mountains of central mexico. he was found dead this afternoon. >> search teams say hari simran fell in a ravine and died from a head injury, missing since tuesday. he was 25 years old. he and his wife lived in leesburg and they were in mexico for a yoga retreat. >> singh was a devout slooek. temples held memorials including this one in new mexico. ja
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>> dozens gathered outside the spiritual center in sterling, virginia, where hari simran was deeply loved and respected. just 25 years old when he was found dead this afternoon ofc apparent fall during a hike+je in mexico. his faith and adherence to the principles of she cannism is described as that of an old soul. >> he lived his life full of the virtues of being giving and giving to anybody that wanted it. that's something i could say if i could be 1/18 of him, one small percentage of him, i would be a complete human being. >> those who gathered prayed for his widow emily seen next to a search helicopter in this recent photo from mexico. show told news4 last night they were part of a group attending a yoga retreat when her husband set out for a short hike to a
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nearby mountain december 30th. i later texted this photo of himself, pointing down at the site of the tree treat. mexican officials say it appears he later fell into a ravine, struck his head and died instantly. members of the spiritual center in sterling spoke glowingly of devotion to the yoga center and his qualities of faths, compassion and acceptance. >> playing for those he left behind. we all have very heavy hearst. he was aññ >> it is likely some of the money raised to search for hari simran will be used to further the good he tried to spread in the world. jackie bensen news4. >> thanks, jackie. new tonight, helicopters called in to save an injured hiker at shenandoah national park in virginia. the hikerfáñ was at the summit of old rag mountain when he fell about 20 feet and broken his leg. it would have taken hours to carry him down the mountain. so the national park service called in a
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crews lowered a rescue basket to him and hoisted him to safety. an ambulance was waiting to take him to the hospitals. >> part of route 301 in prince george's county had to be closed tonight because of a house fire at the corner of mitchellville road and booey. the southbound lanes were closed around 8:00 because of the fire. you can see the flames in these pictures from counties fire chief. the fire chef says the house was vacant so no one was injured. >> muriel bowser celebrating her first night as mayor of the d.c. only the second woman to hold the office. g on at the washington convention center. z derrick ward]'>cz is right there at the inaugural ball. what have you been seeing? >> indeed it is a lot about a party at this point. in ceremony this morning. and you don't get a in the way of details speeches at the ball. we did hear a few things. one of the things we did hear was that theme that has been
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prevalent throughout this campaign and now throughout this administration a fresh start. that is a big part of what we heard here tonight. >> so had me god. >> so help me god. >> the ceremony this morning made it tñofficial. the official inaugural ball made it fun, d.c. style. ♪ the greatest city in the world y'all. >> my name is muriel bowser. and i am the mayor of the district of columbia. ♪ >> soon begins the business of running a city of more than 600,000 which swells by nearly a million with the daily influx of commuters and tourists. >> i would hire the best and brightest people. set impossible expectations, and hold them accountable. now i'm going to wake up every day and do what i'm supposed to do. are you going to be with me? >> residents came to revel but besides the dancing shoes, they also wore their hopes and want
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for the incoming mayor and city council. >> ward 8, man, looking for morehousing, man for our people over there. >> we're looking for new energy on the council and, of course, a new injection of dignity after some of the scandals of the last few years. >> a lot of changesc toñ especially in the d.c. public school system. >> i'm looking forward to mayor bowser continuing many of the wonderful initiatives that mayor gray started. >> there's a sense there is a certain momentum to things now, no massive budget deficits that other new> some of the other themes we heard here open an inclusive government, bold new:5 ideas. perhaps the most telling the way this administration has been described is data driven which might speak to the come stat model made popular in baltimore.
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we shall see in the5d3iejt days just exactly how that materializes. we are live outside the convention center derrick ward, news4. >> outgoing mayor vincent gray says he's leaving on a high note. he and bowser hugged each other on stage today. federal agents are still investigating his role in a shadow campaign meant to help get him elected in 2010. he told tom sherwood he's proud of what he flished and says he leaves the district in a good state for mayor bower is. one of her first tv interviews as mayor will be right here on nbc4. bowser will appear oná q "meet the press" sunday along with cathy lanier and school chancellor kiia henderson part of a speciala$o# segment called the women who run washington. you can see did at 10:30 sunday here on nbc4. >> major changes coming could be coming soon to increase security outside the white house. news4 has learned the secret service is meeting privately with the two governmentmb agencies that would approve raising the
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fence. no formal requests have been submitted. a house committee is recommending that fence be raised four to five feet and the horizontal bars be removed. these changes are being asked after a man managed to jump the fence and run into the white house in september. new at 11:00, a christmas eve bank robber has been caught on camera. police say this is the guy who held up a td bank in silver springs. he got away with some of the money the teller handed22r,÷ him but not all of it. witnesses say thevkñ robber dropped some cash and bystanders started scooping it up. he was last seen running into a family dollar store where he may have changed clothes and run off. >> several teenagers stabbi a party in a local hotel. alexandria police say minors were drinking at the hilton on seminary roader i this morning. after an argument three of the teens were stabbed. one seriously. investigators are not releasing
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des skrings of the two suspects. 14 teenagers were cited for underage drinking. so far no pun has been charged with providing the booze. >> there's been a possible break in the search for air asia flight 8501. tonight the head of indonesia's search and) two large objects have been found in the java sea. it's unclear at this point if they are part of the downed plane. monsoon rains and waves made divers again today. but search teams did recover another 21 bodies bringing the total to 30 victim who have now been recovered. the crew of the "uss samson helped recover a lot of those remains and another u.s. naval ship is on its way to the area tonight. although the bad weather is expected to last well into sunday experts say they still have several weeks to find more wreckage. >> currently we have about a three-week window left for the pingers for the cockpit voice recorder and flight data rodder. once the weather calms down, the
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odds go up exponentially. >> today the teams found three or i should say two l pieces of wreckage and spotted an oil slick but they're still looking for more remainsóá" as well as the plane's black boxes. >> a federal judge today refused to delay jury selection in the trial of the boston marathon. ing suspect. the trial will begin monday asw>ch scheduled.ka prosecutors say theo6 : 21-year-old and his brother who was later killed by police set off two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 marathon killing three people, injuringf=uñ 260. tsarnaev could get the death penalty if convicted. >> prosecutors will also seek the death penalty for a man accused of opening fire at los angeles international airport. he is charged with killing a tsa officer and wounding three others at l.a.x. in 2013. the u.s. attorney's office says the spree was premeditated. that he specifically targeted
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tsa officers and terrorized passengers. he's due in court qñ monday but the decision to seek the death penalty could delay the trial. next at 11:00 before we see any sleet or freezing rain tomorrow, a look at the daniel already done. how icy conditions are impacting parts of the south. >> a zip line ride over vegas ends with a mid-air rescue. air. >> the weapon you could be taking through security at the airport without even knowing it.
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breaking news tonight out of kentucky. police say a little girl is the only survivor of a plane crash
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outside nashville, tennessee. she's only 7 years$g old. she was able toxx,i walk to a nearby home and tell the residents she had been in a plane crash. they found the plane itself a few hours later. the pilot and three other passengers on board dead. the faa says they lost contact with the plane shortly after the pilot reported engine problems. >> a thrill ride turned into a harrowing rescue for over fremont street in vegas. a man got stuck upside down on the slotzilla zip line. it left hip danglingçcío@ more than 100 feet above the ground for about a half hour. eventually firefighters were able to rescue him. ride owners say they are still looking into how he got stuck. he was not hurt. >> the fight against ebola can be won this year. that's the message coming from the outgoing chief of the u.n.'s anti-ebola mission. anthony ban bury says they missed the mark in 2014 but now there arez áenough treatment centers and highly trained teams to isolate patients and safely bury the dead.
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it has infected more than 20,000 people in west africa and nearly 8,000 of them have tl&bcdied. the transportation$m/afety administration says more passengers are walking through airport security armed with weapons and they don't ifô1ç this is the problem. 'cane with daggers or swords hidden inside. securityd fz agents a+e confiscating the weapons on a daily basis. in fact, it's become such an issue, thel 3q tsa is now advising anyone who uses a 'cane to try :u%w twisting off the top just in case. before youkln go through security. >> you say what's that? it's a rock. it's a rock. so the same thing. it's a 'cane. what's in it? it's a 'cane. it's almost the question seems odd to begin with. >> in many cases passengers have no idea that they have a concealed weapon. but accident or not, if you are caught with a 'cane like this at the airport, you could be arrested.
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it's a good time to check your pockets because if you're a powerball player, could you be a million dollars ritcher. a liquor store in northwest d.c. sold atñ winning ticket on new year's eve. shelf field wine"f]÷ and liquor sold a ticket matching ãall the numbers except the powerball. >> dangerous driving conditions in texas again teáñtonight. ice covered roads led to a number of accidents today. temperatures in north texas and oklahoma are as much as 20 degree below ub and that system, oh it's coming for us. what's it going to mean for us? it's not going to be that bad is it. >> it's really not. you mentioned 20 degrees below average. we will see those here next week. that puts us in the teens and 20s for high temperatures. that's what's coming after the storm. that's coming tomorrow. we've got a lot coming in over the next couple days. right now it is jusp@ñ that storm moving in. we've seen clearing skies in parts of the area. temperatures have really fallen
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faster than expected. current temperatures sitting at 39 degrees. no wind. that's another reason why we're seeing temperatures fall. look at the numbers right now. below freezing. 27 in manassas. 30 in gaithersburg. 30 in la write. 27 back towards pete terseburg west virginia. all we need the is the rain now. the rain is starting to move in. the good news, i expect the temperatures to rise a little bit overnight. storm team 4 showing the rain is back to the west. but it is starting to fill in towards our region. back towards kentucky and ohio. you can see: toward the south. all trying to move our way and it will be filling in over the next couple of hours and most likely by the time you get up, we're talking about rain, sleet and maybe freezing rain. the winter weather advisory back to the west does not include the d.c. metro area. even in d.c. i do expect this to start off as sleet. frederick, haggerstown, this is
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the area we could see significant problems. heads-up into that area. what we're calling for back towards winchester and shep pardstown is sleet and freezing rain, maybe .1 inch of rain. that could cause problems on roadways. use caution back into those areas especially early between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. after that, i expect temperatures to warm to a better position so that should be all rain. notice where the freezing rain and sleet is back towards the west. but as i mentioned even in d.c. could start off as sleet before quickly changing over to rain. 1:00, temperatures are warmer. we're talking the entire area. some of the heavier rain toward the south. this move throughf3nç between 1:00 and 4:00. after that we start to clear out, at least from the rain. we still see the cloud .bdñcover. temperatures go up big-time for sunday. :nls we see more shower activity early on sunday. maybe another shower or two during the afternoon. that's about it. sunday will be dry.
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sunday will be extremely warm. it's amazing. we go from the 20s and 30s now to what i think could be 60s during the day on sunday. overnight lows, in the 20s. once again, most likely will warm by early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow morning 39 geathersaithersburg gaithersburg, 43 down towards the washington area. so when it is raining, it's going to be a chilly rain. you need the coat and the umbrella as you step out the door. wet, tough outdoor travel if you're thinking about doing exercise outdoors, it it will be on the cold side. 66 on sunday. it the record is 68. we'll be close to that. look at monday, right back down. here comes the roller coaster. 35 on tuesday. boy does it get a whole lot colder wednesday-tr]ñ thursday and friday. highs only in the 20s. low temperatures in the teens. winds about 30 miles per hour. windchills in the single digits. can i go on? >> no. i'm stuck on sunday. we're frolicking on sunday
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okay? >> frolic away. >> i'm not even listening to you. yeah, yeah. >> come on. not looking at you. >> all right. still ahead, kevin durant. taking on his hometown team and taking them to school. jason" >> thank you. hey, 4cuváy julianne moore, michael sura here. the music of kid rock. watch. we're on next. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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this is the xfinity "sportsdesk," brought to you by xfinity. your home for thelñ live sports. >> i think a lot of wizards fans got a peek what it would be like to have kevin durant on our
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side. >> everyone's hoping kd comes to d.c. we've still got a long ways to go. let's hope it happens. as the old saying goes, if you can't beat him please try and sign him as a free agent in the summer of 2016. kevin durant was kevin kechb durant. he made big plays scoring 34 points to lead his team to victory over the wiz kids. kevin durant welcoming his hometown team to okc. third quarter knotted up at 65. rasual butler throwing it down-wx] over search ibaka. butler is 35 years old. still got hops. wizards with the two-point lead. later on, kd took over. the three-pointer. that one's good. cut theb1é, lead to three. another three ball here just seconds later. that tied the game at 82. he wasn't done in the fourth. the alley-oop from russell westbrook. count the bucket and the foul. kevin durant finished with 34 points. thunder up eight.
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the wizards not going away throw. they're outrunning john wall. finds beale for the corner three. that one's good. he had 21 points tonight, bradley beale. a few seconds later, still a three-point game. john wall making a critical turnover here. westbrook gets the steal. misses the layup. but okc follows it up. that was your ball game. they beat the wizards. your final score 109-102. no rest for the wizards. they're in san antonio tomorrow night. they have lost 14 straight in san antonio. on to college basketball now. it's their first year ten. already maryland has taken down a powerhouse in the conference in michigan state. tomorrow they host minnesota. before the season started, not many people expect. ed the terps to be this good except for them. >> i was kind of mad. i thought we would be 14-0 right now. i'm a little let down but just
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happy to play. >> got a little bit of everything we need to be successful. and just got to keep -- it's early. i keep saying it's )xbuearly. we've got to keep getting better. our guys want to get better. that's the encouraging thing. >> let's go down another level. high school hoops. out in arizona, facing sierra canyon everyone california. second quarter canyon up seven. pass inside to cody rielly. he knocks down the fadeaway jump shot and one. canyon's up 11 at halftime. third quarter, stacks coming back. d.j. harveyk throwdown. big-time play for him. stacks within four at this point. the trail blazers close it out with defense. harvey driving once again through the lane. that is rielly coming up with the monster black. they fall to sierra canyon, 65-60 is your final score in that one. don't forget about the 25th-ranked hoyas. georgetown will host crayton2u tomorrow as big east conference
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play continues for the hoyas. >> the nfl playoffs getting started without the redskins. were they close to making the playoffs? >> just missed it. >> we'll be right back.
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and let's just tuck you in tonight with some cold weather coming our way. >> i was checking my storm team 4 weather. we've got showers making their way our way. once again tomorrow starting off with some sleet. >> doesn't look like it. >> that's like a facebook page. >> you can catch itg4ag always right here.
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tomorrow. >> if only we had a close-up. we'll be in tomorrow morning. >> enjoy.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore michael cera musical guest kid rock


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