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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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over there. you can see that pool. it is now closed. and that's where it occurred. let's roll video. the 5-year-old boy was swimming in the pool. there were eight to ten kids in the water having a good time. the child went under. a man named doug jumped in and pulled him out. people starting yelling. a woman who was also a nurse was there with her kids. she then felt the boy. he didn't have a pulse. he was unconscious. she then started doing cpr. and she says he was able to come back with a pulse. we're now going to hear what she has to say. >> he wasn't breathing and he had very little of a pulse. so we started chest compressions and he brought up a considerable amount of water and food. >> reporter: now, we just got this picture moments ago. this is the child right here. we just found out he's actually 7 years old. according to his aunt. she just texts me.
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this is him. good news is that nurse seseal she spoke to him on the phone and says he is going to be okay and they say this is another example of why it's important for people to learn cpr. they say good things like this would happen today will occur. live here in rockville, showmari stone, news 4. a man who triggered a security scare on capitol hill said it was a munsing. his car was found on 3rd street blocks from the capitol and it was wreaking of gasoline. news 4's chris gordon spoke to the owner today and joins us live. chris? >> reporter: it happened about this time yesterday. you see the u.s. capitol. there was a concert there for memorial day. they heard it was an explosion. this is what happened. the bomb squad detonated what's left of the pressure cooker
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here. this is the crater. israel of alexandria tells me he's law-awiding citizen but capitol police saw the unoccupied vehicle parked near the capitol, smelled gasoline and called in the bomb squad. they removed a pressure cooker and propane tank and disrupted them with explosives. he says he understands. they needed to protect the crowd gathered for the evening concert. >> right in front of the capitol, of course i would have done the same thing. you know? i would have freaked out and i would have done the same thing but they i understand. that's all. >> reporter: he tells me he runs a food truck saying he needed space in it and removed the rice cooker and propane tank putting them in his car and they were there yesterday. >> i just happened to be there. i should have thought about it a little before. you know if i had to do it
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again absolutely i would have been a little more careful. >> reporter: most people we spoke to on the mall today think police did the right thing. >> wow. that's -- yes. very scary if something like that were to happen close to where i live and glad the authorities were here to take care of the situation. >> i think it's a little range rous for people to be bringing pressure cookers down to a place where there's a lot of crowds after what happened in boston. >> reporter: the only charge facing the man, a citation for driving on a revoked license. coming up is he ready to apologize? we'll hear from him on news 4 at 6:00. that's the latest jim, back to you. >> all right. chris, thank you. a suspect in custody but a crime far from being solved. police in the district are searching for possible accomplices in the murder of a couple child and housekeeper in that northwest washington mansion. news 4's megan fitzgerald is live in prince georges county where neighbors of wentt are
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reacted reacting to his arrest. >> reporter: the neighbors say they're hearing more and more about how the family that died and they say the suspect family are friendly people and still horrified that a suspected murderer lived just a couple of doors down. it's memorial day and grilling is what a lot of folks are doing to honor the holiday. but neighbors on westview lane have something else on their minds. >> i thought about it. i mean who can do that? >> you never know who's living around you. >> reporter: residents say they're horrified by what what the court documents say their neighbor did to the family and housekeeper. police say it was sharp force. the little boy died of thermal and sharp force trauma. >> somebody's life but $10,000
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a pop, he should be under the jail. >> reporter: many neighbors feel relief wint is in custody and hoping whoever else is involved is quickly brought to justice. police have not yet identified additional persons of interest or suspects but they're confident there are more. coming up at 6:00 new video showing the manhunt for the suspect in new york for law enforcement searching for him. also some questions about the whereabouts of a key witness in this case. reporting in prince georges county news 4. >> thank you. six months after a tragic plane crash proposals to change operations at montgomery county airport have stalled. a mother and two young children were killed when a small plane crashed into their home. three people on the plane also died. only on news 4 tonight, a report of safety reviews of the airport are now on hold. scott? >> reporter: good evening. montgomery county officials and
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federal aviation administration officials say there will be no changes ordered until a federal investigation of the crash is cleated and could take months if not well into next year. let me begin by showing you the site of where the plane crashed into the home six months ago. the house is demolished. it's an empty site now. no plans to rebuild that house. in the time since, montgomery county officials made head lines by staging public metings to discuss rather large proposals of changes here at the airport including reductions in the training flights and the overnight flights to reduce the risk of future crashes. they did so under some heavy pressure of neighborhood groups here. >> some of them come out here and obey the flight guidelines that we ask without any qualm. but a high percentage or too high a percentage just are cowboys.
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>> reporter: just one of the neighbors homeowners concerned about the training flights, the many training flights at this airport. but news 4 learned that the county and the feds will not touch those training flights until the federal investigation of the december crash is completed. again, that's months or early next year. even then the feds might block any changes to flights, training or overnight or otherwise at this airport. we explain why tonight on news 4 at 6:00ment right now, i'm scott mcfarland. back to you. >> see you then. thank you. turning to storm team 4 now and turning up the heat this holiday, folks. it looks like it's going to get hotter. meteorologist veronica johnson joining us now. it could be one of the warmest mays on record? >> it could tie with the warmest may on record since 1991. those back to back temperatures that we're forecasting for this week alone right close to 90 degrees, but take a look at the
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heat index values for today. not too bad. we're at 85 degrees. 82 gaithersburg. 85 when it feels like in fredericksburg and the humidity rising and the temperatures going up moving from very warm toasty pleasant-type conditions to later this week hot and downright oppressive. i'll show you just when it turns uncomfortable and storm chances to deal with this week too. so i'll have the timing on those, as well. >> thank you. a day of reflection and remembrance as the nation pauses to honor those who made the greatest sacrifice. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns today at arlington national cemetery and then a moment of silence and noted it's been 147 years since the first memorial day. and that while the nature of war has changed, the values that drove those who have died in service to the country over the years remain constant. >> honor, courage, selflessness
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those values lived in the hearts of every day heroes who risked everything for us in every american war. men and women who now rest forever in these quiet fields and across our land. >> the president says the sacrifice of the fallen is a debt that americans can never fully repay. we're still working several developing stories. record-setting rainfall triggered deadly flooding in texas and oklahoma. we have new reports from the disaster zone. chemical weapon threats against ten planes today. what the fbi is saying about the investigation. words of warning hosting a holiday gathering. consumer watch team explains why to have your deck checked. check out photos of the old guard placing flags at arlington national cemetery.
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we continue to follow a developing story. the fbi looking into a series of airline threats today. somebody claiming to have chemical weapons made threats against ten flights in a series of calls made to police around the nation. in one case norad launched two fighter jets to escort an air france plane into jfk airport. the plane and its passengers were later cleared. we have a reporter working on this story in new york right now and we expect to have a complete report in this broadcast. 12 people are missing tonight. three others dead this after record-setting rains leave behind devastation in parts of texas and oklahoma. officials say the 12 missing are from family that is gathered for the long weekend and the group likely includes children.
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hundreds of others are homeless after 400 houses were washed away by the blanco river that crested at more than 40 feet. a thousand other homes were damaged. >> we do have whole street that is have maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest are just slabs. >> another example of how powerful the floodwaters were. this is near san antonio. the suv nearly swept away with the elderly driver still inside. bystanders managed to help get him out unharmed. >> and the floodwaters in texas too much for this kayaker. he was going over a rapid yesterday when his kayak flipped over and he was thrown into the water. the man tried to flip it back over and and he was able to swim towards shore. bystanders threw him a rope and pulled him to safety. and right over the u.s. border a tornado devastated a
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city in mexico. these are the latest pictures taken not far from del rio, texas. at least 13 are dead. more than 200 injured after a twister struck there this morning. rescue workers are digging through rubble in a race to find more victims. it's been a beautiful weekend to spend some time outside. and an outside deck is a pretty popular place for a gathering. but how do you know if your deck is in good enough shape to host your guests? consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a warning. >> reporter: decks, meant for relaxing grilling and chills outside. but when it comes to safety not all decks measure up. surveillance video caught this collapse in indiana little over a year ago. a group of people gathered far picture. but the deck couldn't hold them. >> the posts five foot on center and double posted and the post itself. >> reporter: in maryland jim is the acting manager for inspections. >> we go to existing decks and
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look at the condition they're in. >> reporter: he sees everything from -- >> this deck here is built pretty -- quite well as a matter of fact. >> reporter: to this. these pictures over few years. problems. big problems. >> the more load on it the more potential. you know? the more stress on whatever the weakest point is. >> reporter: every may, they offer free deck inspections. we put deck safety information for other counties in the area on nbc he says deck maintenance is vital to keep a deck safely secured and if it needs repair be sure to get a permit. a permit comes with a plan followed by an inspection and always make sure the contractor you hire is licensed. >> some decks constructed without permits and inspections may have been nailed to the house and that can result in deck failures. >> reporter: news 4. are you ready? lacrosse fans history on the line today at the men's
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championship game. maryland squares off against denver. now live from the newsroom the terps are not on the right side of history on this one. >> no. maryland looking for a first men's lacrosse national title since 1975. that's 40 years. but denver going for its first championship in school history and the pioneers they got it. maryland fans making the trip to philadelphia. but it was denver they saw take home the title. the pioneers jumping out to a 4-1 lead and they just never looked back. denver wins it 10-5. the first men's lacrosse title in their school history as the terps unfortunately fall short again. the weekend in philadelphia not all bad for the university of maryland. women's lacrosse team taking down unc in the title game last night. back to back championships for the women. their 12th title in school history so they have something to celebrate over there. >> indeed they do.
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thank you. a lot of veterans are also spending the day honoring the men and women who stood beside them on the battle lines and today they honored the ones that never made it home. zachary keisch is live on constitutional day when the national parade is wrapping up. hi zach. >> reporter: hey. it was a beautiful day out here. you probably can't tell now but there were literals of thousands of people out here. i had an opportunity to talk to bunch of folks across the country and many of them have cookouts planned today and wanted an opportunity to say thank you. say thank you to the veterans who put on their uniforms and defend this country. and do it so selflessly. they got that opportunity today. some cool things that happen today. the grand marshall this year honoring not one or two people but a whole generation of fecks and veteran that is came home from world war ii, that war ended 70 years ago this summer. they started here on 7th street headed down to 17th street where they wrapped up.
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for some vets it was a day filled with mixed emotions. >> you know in one way, it's a jubilation. another, sadness because a lot of people you trained with didn't come back. >> and it's a pleasure to see the navy the marines and the army. it's a pleasure. i love the uniforms. all of them. they look real crisp. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll hear more from all the great times that were had down here on the national mall. again, the memorial parade. it was a beautiful thing. i 'm zachary keisch. back to you. >> i'm with her, zach. you have to love a man in a uniform. thank you. emotional graduation day. why one woman says her diploma saved her life. and we're expecting some hot conditions now for the remainder of the work week. some of the highest temps that
5:20 pm
we have seen back to back so far this season. let's take a look outside getting a live check of the bay bridge where traffic is flowing but from what we hear it's congested for miles in some areas. kind of stop and go and looking at the traffic and
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it's turning out to be one hot month for us. so kind of nice that the more lower reasonable easy to take temperatures came around the memorial day weekend. from the 70s to the 80s, we're still in the 80s right now. 85 degrees in d.c. 82 in manassas and waldorf and 82 and 86. not too bad and look at the areas well east. ocean city 72 degrees. with sunshine. and that wind today is blowing out of the south. look at this.
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17 miles per hour right now. we have had some higher gusts with sunshine across the area. yes, it is a nice one for us and the evening just as great. mostly clear with high pressure still holding firm. we dropped to 71 by 10ek to 11:00 p.m. and the 70s to 80s, a drop of 10 degrees but boy, we have heat to deal with tomorrow. we have high pressure in control of the weather. just off the coast. wind around that area of high pressure bringing the warmth our way out of the south. southerly flow and by tomorrow the humidity creeps up. pleasant conditions to sticky in the morning, uncomfortable in the afternoon and we will have several days of uncomfortable to oppressive conditions to deal with around here. for early tomorrow morning, a cool start for us and in fact i think our coolest start out of the work week between 20 and 70 degrees. the sky mostly clear. and muggy and sticky in the afternoon and with higher humidity and the heating of the
5:25 pm
day we'll have some showers and thunderstorms popping up. 2:00, around i-81 for tomorrow afternoon around 2:00. but then as we get into the late afternoon, and early evening hours tomorrow we've got a greater threat to see those storms pop in some areas. very scattered in nature but with a higher humidity and any areas that see the storms will mean for the possibility of some downpours like la ray and harrisonburg for tomorrow afternoon and maybe gaithersburg and then we lose that threat of storms with the heating of the day and all over again on wednesday. in fact, i think early in the day, earlier, we'll have the showers and thunderstorms into spots like howard county or d.c. but for the afternoon and evening, just about every day this week we're going to have to deal with stormy conditions. you have got the live radar right there. the app cast as well. 88 in d.c.
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little cooler toward the west. so the best time to exercise tomorrow is early in the day. get out and beat the heat. we've got 70s up until about 10:00 a.m. and then we'll see the temperatures soaring into the upper 80s in the afternoon. here's the chance of storms each day from a 30% chance tomorrow to a 50% chance wednesday, 40% chance on thursday. when i return in a little bit, talk about the impact on the air quality and what you can expect as we head into next weekend. guys? >> thanks veronica. drug charges for about a dozen defendants dismissed. >> judges and prosecutors applauding the decision. ahead at 5:30 how a local court is saving lives one person at a time. a tragic crash here in hyattsville. a 7-year-old dead and it's all pointing to questions about motorcycle safety. i'm adam tuss. we'll have the story. late they are evening, chris gordon continues his look back on the fall of saigon.
5:27 pm
new at 6:00 tonight, two men from opposite sides of the war form an unusual friendship.
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crash investigators tell us speed had something to do with a motorcycle crash that killed a little boy in hyattsville here over the woekd. >> the biker collided with a car on east-west highway and careened into a small group of children killing 7-year-old. >> this is a sad reminder that bikes, cars and pedestrians need to watch out for one another. >> adam tuss has more on a government push to make our roads safer. adam? >> reporter: that's right. and tonight the memorial to that little 7-year-old boy is growing here along east-west highway. heading into prime motorcycle season yeah, there's an increased focus on motorcycle safety.
5:31 pm
chances are you've seen it. a motorcycle taking a risk on the road. >> just going too fast and darting out of lanes and things so definitely. >> reporter: while the investigation into this motorcycle crash is still ongoing, police have said it appears speed may have played a large role. that's a big concern as the weather turns warmer and more motorcyclists gear up for a ride on our roads. >> every year as soon as the season turns the something warm the bikes are out. and things happen. >> reporter: tracy greg was eating dinner at a nearby restaurant when the deadly crash happened on saturday. she said it stay withed her. >> the shoes and debris and everything too much. my mom came over here and said a prayer. >> reporter: another man that didn't want to appear on camera said he waits for the bus here every night and wasn't here when the crash happened because he was asked to work late but he admits it can be dangerous here. may is motorcycle awareness
5:32 pm
month and safety groups are asking everyone to share the road and for cyclists particularly to follow the rules and make themselves visible to other drivers. and back here now live now some are saying while we are doing more to make cars safer we aren't doing enough for motorcyclists, especially with helmets. more on that next hour at 6:00. reporting live, in hyattsville, adam tuss, news 4. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. bb king died at 89 a few weeks ago but now there's a homicide investigation into the death. two of his daughters say the musician's business manager and personal assistant poisoned him. an autopsy is now performed on king's body but it's going to take up to two months for the results to come back. in the meantime las vegas homicide detectives are looking into this. the investigation isn't expected to delay memorials this week this week in memphis and
5:33 pm
mississippi. chris lawrence reporting, thank you. a stick-up ends with a shooting and tonight d.c. police say it may have been part of a much longer crime spree. it ended 3:30 this morning. but police say it started a lot earlier with a stolen car. police say the suspects then carried out a number of other robberies before shooting two men in the last robbery. a man was shot in the leg. another in the hand. they're expected to be okay. so far, though nobody's arrested. it is graduation season. today we focus on a different kind of graduation ceremony in the district. in addition to their diplomas they were given a second chance that many people never get. news 4's mark segraves introduces us to a young woman who says she would be dead except for drug court. >> and i'm glad -- >> reporter: she is wiping back tears of joy. >> because i got my life back.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: after being arrested on drug charges, she like every person arrested in the district of columbia made the first appearance before a young in courtroom c-10. >> i was addicted to pcp for over seven and a half years. >> reporter: randolph addicted to drugs after her mother died. >> i tried to make the pain go away. >> reporter: because she didn't commit any violent crimes randolph was eligible to enroll in the drug court intervention program. a high-intensity treatment program that's overseen by a judge. >> we get them as soon as their case begins. >> reporter: last week about a dozen people of all ages stood before a judge in the exact spot where they stood months earlier and charged. and they heard the u.s. attorney dismiss the charges against them. >> in the matter of united states versus lakeisha randolph we dismiss the case. >> reporter: they offer drug court as an option more than 20 years and 2,000 graduates later,
5:35 pm
it's a role model for drug courts across the country. 12uddyes show drug courts save taxpayers money and most of the graduates don't end up back before a judge. >> they get jobs. they start school. things that would not have happened while they were suffering from their addiction. >> reporter: looking back, randolph says if it weren't for the program, she knows where she would be today. >> dead probably. >> reporter: instead, she is looking forward to a bright future. wishing her mom had lived to see her today. >> i know she would be very happy. >> reporter: in the district mark segraves news 4. communities around the region have events today to mark memorial day and rockville with one of the oldest. 71st annual ceremony and parade. more than 60 floats bands and color guards marched down the streets in rockville. the grand marshall was a retired ma mean corporal who was wounded
5:36 pm
in afghanistan. memorial day coverage continues with tributes in northern virginia. new at 5:00 a tearful interview with a man who lost his son. a virginia girl's letter lights up social media. what she told the president. we're keeping an eye on traffic as the holiday weekend comes to a close. congestion on the bay bridge as people head home tonight.
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developing now, a mega merger nearing completion. sources tell nbc news charter communications is close to acquiring time warner cable. the cash and stock deal a month after comcast corporation dropped its merger agreement with time warner over anti-trust concerns. the deal is expected to be
5:40 pm
announced tomorrow. a growing rescue effort tonight off the coast of california. teams from sea world are now stepping in to help animals sickened by last week's widespread oil spill near santa barbara barbara. rescuers took in an elephant seal and two sea lion this is weekend. one died but the remaining animals are being treated by veterinarians and other sea world rescue team members. >> right behind it is pectoral flipper, see a spot of oil. where the animal is most impacted is around his cheeks and the back of his head and the nape of his neck. >> last week's spill dumped 2,500 barrels of crude petroleum in the pacific. a court is deciding to drop charges against the student whose violent arrest was caught on video. he filed a motion saying alcoholic beverage control officers didn't have a reason to stop him in march. he is charged with public
5:41 pm
intoxication and obstruction of justice and due back in court on thursday. we continue to work a developing story right now. multiple people missing following historic flooding. >> others confirmed dead in texas and oklahoma. the weather channel will have a report from the flood zone coming up. and it's a hot and humid week for us. so what day will feel the worse and what day or days do we need to watch for a thunderstorm? i'll detail it all. patriotic parades to observances. how a community right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text.
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across northern virginia communities marking this memorial day. some like this in falls church offered a chance to reflect. >> julie carey is checking out several events and joins us live now from vienna. hi julie. >> reporter: hey there. well the festival is one memorial day tradition to sort of kick off to summer and had a tribute to the fallen earlier today here. in nearby falls church groups
5:45 pm
and city leaders make sure that the community remembers what memorial day is truly all about. ♪ he's 92 years old. but world war ii veteran hank carp played with the band today in the observance. >> we have to return the obligation. we have an obligation i think. and everybody i knew was involved in world war ii. every male friend. >> reporter: carr says it's an obligation to remember his fallen comrades. just like it was his obligation as a teenager to join the air force and fly a b-25 bomber in world war ii. already a musician he even entertained his friends on the side. >> i didn't have that much contact with tragedy but yes whether's on my mind i think it's a wonderful, necessary
5:46 pm
holiday. >> henry fairfax. charles west. >> reporter: they read the names of every falls church area service member killed since the american-mexican war. there's a fund raising effort now to add a new memorial plaque bearing the names of those killed in afghanistan and iraq. robert winterbottom's son will be among them. jonathan was killed in the second tour of iraq just dayed before his 22nd birthday. >> jonathan was a great kid. he graduated from falls church high school. he went right directly into the army. i think it's you know just wonderful that we are able to remember the service. ♪
5:47 pm
>> reporter: and coming up at 6:00 we'll take you to a place where memorial day traditions often start for the very young. along the curb at the parade route. back the you. >> julie carey, thank you. a solemn ceremony today honoring county residents who died in world war i. but a lawsuit could put an end to a memorial that's been there for decades. at the center of the lawsuit is this cross honoring 49 fallen veterans of prince georges county but there's a lawsuit filed by the american humanist association. they say it's a religious symbol on state property that it violates separation of church and state. a local residents says it's a peace premoirlmemorial and making it her mission to save the cross. >> the judge needs to know that the peace cross is now part of the national register. that should be a game changer for the lawsuit. >> the cross is owned by the
5:48 pm
maryland national capital park and planning commission. it has been in place since 1925. well a spectacular day for all the ceremonies and parades. but we are going to be in the soup later this week huh? >> that we are. cue the band. next cue summer because summer not missing a beat. boom tomorrow. we are going to start feeling wit the higher temperatures across the area. higher humidity. sticky a little uncomfortable, too. all of that coming our way for the week. and one other thing, too, seeing in a moment. evening planner forecast one thing i'm talking about not going to get will be those storms this evening. 76 degrees by 9:00. nice conditions and then dropping under a mostly clear sky to 71 degrees by 11:00 p.m. very pleasant the evening. impact forecast for tomorrow way up here. moderate to impact for tomorrow because of the higher temperatures the higher humidity and that threat of afternoon thunderstorms.
5:49 pm
any time after about 2:00 we need to keep an eye on the sky. your morning rush is looking dry. nice and quiet. warm yes. low 70s between 6:00 and 8:00 a.m. by 8:00 to 10:00 a.m., the mercury very quickly jumps to 80 degrees and with that muggy, sticky. and we're already going to see some of the clouds move into the area turning over the a partly sunny kind of day. and as we get deep sbeer the afternoon, too, our air qult starts changing so for today we have moderate conditions for air quality. moderate to unhealthy at times for two days for your tuesday and wednesday. mine while meanwhile, the bus stop tomorrow the short pants and the short sleeve wear as well as maybe some of the sunglasses for heading to work. we will have a lot of sunshine until the clouds move in late in the afternoon. late day thunderstorms, 80 to 88 degrees for a high temperature range across the area. cooler conditions to the north
5:50 pm
and west here around martinsburg, winchester areas of d.c.. the high 88. here's a look at the storm team 4 four-day forecast. we never hit 90 but upper 80s with higher humidity that's plenty warm and feeling like summer than the weekend split so it's a good week to download our nbc washington app. jim? >> thank you. a surge of water after record rainfall in the midwest. this afternoon, thousands of people throughout texas are watching the skies again as more rain threatens to move in. the storms this weekend are blamed for three deaths. two in oklahoma, one in texas. hundreds of homes destroyed and debris piled up 20 feet high into trees. dallas facing a threat of dallas tonight and where we find mike seidel. >> reporter: here in downtown dallas the water is receding after chesting sunday night just
5:51 pm
over 40 feet. ten feet above flood stage. here's the stop sign which you can typically drive on with a permit when the water isn't here. look how far the water has expanded across this flood plain. from this side to the other side is about 2,000 feet. the actual location of the trinity river is in the middle. where the trees are, trees on either side of the bank of the river. right now looking at 2,000 feet across under the commerce street bridge. because of all the rain over five inches since last wednesday night and thursday. on saturday a raydy record. now almost a foot of rain in the area and in may. fourth wettest on record. we have more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. this afternoon and this evening. most likely impact will be certainly more heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds. there's a threat of a toshd and the flash flooding should be minimal and not last long.
5:52 pm
there we'll keep an eye on the severe threat this afternoon. there are new concerns tonight about the number of airport security badges considered either lost or stolen. lawmakers are asking for answers about the missing i.d.s. and nbc news investigation uncovered nearly 300 missing badges at one airport, san diego international. back in march, we brought you a similar story about 1,400 badges unaccounted for at the hartsfield jackson airport in atlanta. the badges allow employees access to secure areas of the airport. developing right now, a series of threats made against at least ten flights. >> caller claims to have chemical weapons. what the fbi is saying about security and the extra precautions taken today in new york. tragedy on a maryland playground. a 3-year-old is found dead. we speak to the child's father. why he says the court failed his famia8
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a 5-year-old girl from virginia caught president obama's attention on twitter. yasmeen wrote a letter to the commander in chief asking him to stop war for the world and have a meeting and asked the president to, quote, give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want. her aunt tweeted a picture of the letter to president obama. and he responded. the president said quote, tell your niece i really like her letter. couldn't agree more. >> mama showed me the letter. of the president. >> it was pretty exciting stuff, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the fact that you know he responded to a letter that a 5-year-old wrote, to be able to share with her that her words got to the president was pretty remarkable. >> this is president obama's sixth tweet. if you're keeping count since getting his own account. trending online today, a surprise homecoming for two
5:57 pm
brothers in the u.s. army. they surprised their sister at her high school in new jersey. she had no idea they were home after spending a year overseas in qatar. it was their surprise and they got home just in time to spend memorial day with their families. fighter jets are scrambled after an anonymous threat is made against an airfrance flight headed to new york city this morning, one of six impacted by threats today. the fbi believes it was all the work of one man. >> reporter: every piece of luggage searched every passenger screened. this video obtained by news 4 shows port authorities canine searching for traces of explosives and chemical weapons on memorial day. one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> i was scared. you know? it's pretty clear that when the plane isn't allowed to come to the terminal something serious is going on. >> reporter: kelsey was on board
5:58 pm
this flight targeted by a man phoning in threats saying there's chemical weapons on board. >> frilgtenned of flying for sure. >> reporter: it was escorted by fighter jets into jfk. after u.s. officials had difficulty reaching the airline. >> we were followed in by two fighter jets apparently so that's more scary but i don't think anyone is really aware of that happening. >> reporter: an american airlines flight of england and a saudi flight surrounded and searched by emergency crews also targeted at jfk. a memorial day hoax? no one here is laughing. >> thank god is over and safe and the plane is safe. >> reporter: from zwrosk newark two flights there searched after a threatening call and a plane from england and another arriving from spain. >> all the services showed up. emts, fire police fbi. you name it they were all there. >> reporter: the series of threats deemed not credible. but for airfrance passenger bob, he had no problem with the delay
5:59 pm
or being searched saying safety is top priority. >> they told us to get off the plane. pick out our luggage, don't touch it. they took it. put us on buses and brought us here. and they did their thing. they were very efficient. i have to admit they were. >> reporter: all of the planes landed safely. nothing was found on board. and none of the passengers were injured. at this time the fbi is taking lead in the investigation. at jfk airport, mark santia news 4. now at 6:00 urgent calls for change denied y. the government is saying no to neighbors near the scene of a deadly plane crash. also a new twist in the d.c. mansion murders. a key witness reportedly has disappeared. and an explanation tonight from the man who sparked a security scare near the capitol. first tonight, the scene of a horrible crash, but six months later, safety changes at montgomery county airport are on
6:00 pm
hold indefinitely. >> a mother and two young children were killed in the home. three others on the plane also died. in the days after there was a major push to reduce flights at that small airport but scott mcfarland learned no changes have been made since the accident. he's in gaithersburg tonight to explain why. >> reporter: for months community groups in this area formally asked montgomery county and the federal aviation administration to reduce the number of training flights and late night flights at the airport they say to reduce the chance of another crash but officials tell news 4 the reductions will not happen not in the foreseeable future. a flurry of activity at montgomery county airport this memorial day. series of taxis, touchdowns and takeoffs. the homeowners who live nearby say it's some of the


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