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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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single-tracking. this is a scene here at the grosvenor metro station where crews are cleaning up the problem on the tracks. how it will affect your commute. megan mcgrath is talking to workers and to commuters. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, we have not seen any trains traveling on this outbound track. so they are still single-tracking here on the red line this morning. not good news for people who had a difficult time yesterday because of the same problem. here's what we have learned just here within the last half hour or so. there was a foam-filled tire on a piece of work equipment that ruptured yesterday afternoon. that created slippery conditions down on the tracks. in fact, trains apparently were losing traction on the outbound track along that stretch. so for safety reasons they began to single track. take a look at this video and that of course caused major delays throughout the day yesterday.
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people were late, trains single-tracking of course slows everything down. they had crowded platform. i talked to one gentleman who said it took him about an hour and a half to get home yesterday. normally it takes half an hour. i told him unfortunately we are still single-tracking and he was not happy. >> i have to be at work at 6:30 and i'm tired of this. >> reporter: so single-tracking between grosvenor and the twinbrook station on the red line. i talked to a worker earlier this morning and they hoped to get things back to normal within half an hour and we're keeping an eye on the situation. for the moment bake in some extra time in your commute because things are still slow here this morning. we'll let you know as soon as they return to normal operations. with more on traffic, we go over to melissa mollet. how's it looking? >> not so bad.
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we'll check back with megan throughout the hour. we're tweeting about this on first 4 traffic as well. single-tracking between twin brook and grosvenor. and train 302 and 304, both behind. 10 to 25 minute delays because they're stopped before fredericksburg, mechanical problem there. georgia avenue at colesville road a brand-new crash. tom? fast forward two months, it feels like fall, not mid july. down to 60 degrees in montgomery county, fairfax county, the rest of northern virginia. mid to upper 60s around the bay. walking to metro and the bus stay in the 60s with some sunshine in and out. al mostly sunny in the afternoon. mid 80s with dry walkways. aaron? >> tom, thank you. 6:02. in a few hours we expect to learn new details about the disappearance of the lyon
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sisters. yesterday, police announced an indictment of lloyd welch jr. on two counts of first degree murder. katherine and sheila lyon were last seen 40 years ago and new evidence sparked the grand jury in bedford county virginia, to charge welch with murdering the girls that is where we find news4's david culver live in bedford. good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good morning to you. we made that drive about four hours south from the d.c. area overnight to here in bedford county, and this is where we expect the new information to be released in a press conference at about noon today. this was a case that really rocked the d.c. area back in 1975. terrified families. yesterday, we learned from montgomery county police that they're crediting a young cold case detective with connecting an old mug shot of welch and a witness sketch. police named him a person of interest in 2014 while he was in prison for another crime. an inmate on his cell block told officials welch told him about burying a family on a property
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in virginia. unsealed search warrants give us new information on taylor mountain right here in bed ford. in december investigators interviewed a man who said he met welch in 1975, helped him fete two red-stained army duffel bags out of the trunk of the car. they were thrown on a fire and smelled like death, according to that search warrant. pretty disturbing details. why the press conference today if we had that press conference yesterday? well, we expect them to elaborate on some of the evidence that led to the charges in this case and we'll be here of course for that press conference. aaron, back to you. >> david culver live in bedford county, in southwestern virginia thank you. and right now, welch is serving time for sex abuse charges and he's expected to be extradited back to bedford
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county in the next 30 days. we'll stream the news conference live and get up to speed before that by heading to the nbc washington app for a deeper look at the case. it's now 6:05. new details about a d.c. homicide. d.c. police arrested kenneth garner for a brutal beating on north capitol street. they say he struck thomas harris in the head and robbed him. harris died. police charged garner with first degree murder in this case. there's a second arrest connected to the mysterious death of a landover woman. the charles county sheriff's office charged a man. if remains were found in a park in 2012 and police charged raymond posey iii for murder in connection to this case. we have some developing news right now about former president george h.w. bush. this morning he's recovering after breaking a bone in his neck.
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this happened in a fall in maine. our affiliate station in maine said that bush is at the maine medical center. he is doing okay. he'll have to wear a neck brace though when he leaves the hospital. president bush is 91 years old and he's the oldest living former u.s. president. today the man accused of killing nine people at a historic black church in south carolina will be in court. 21-year-old dylann roof will be in a hearing in a few hours. the judge there will decide whether to release more documents in the case. the judge originally sealed the documents to protect roof's right to the fair trial. they include 911 calls, witness statements and reports from a medical examiner. that's according to the station there. right now, a store in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood is closed for at least a year. aida's electronics on florida avenue is closed for allegedly selling synthetic drugs. the northwest store was the site
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of many seizures and an employee was shot there and may have been related to the drug sale. the owner of the store is a retired cop. last week, mayor muriel bowser signed a tough new law to allow the stores to be closed for selling synthetic drugs. and we reported the school's vendor planned to break a contract after settling a lawsuit between them. according to "the washington post," the school's attorney says the vendor can't do that under the terms. the vendor wanted to leave as early as this fall. but may have to provide lunches and snacks for next year or longer. if you're heading to dulles today you may see a group of flight attendants picketing the baggage claim area. they're calling for united to negotiate a fair contract. this is one of 16 protests taking place across the country and abroad. the protests starts at 11:30.
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today officials are kicking off a widening project for part of a road in loudoun county. it widens the five mile section. and eventually it will ease traffic to dulles airport and the future route 606 metro station on the silver line. and breaking news right now in the first 4 traffic office. we are single-tracking on the red light. full details coming up in a minute. and putting himself in harm's way. the drastic action taken by one firefighter to stop a criminal from getting away. plus a big day ahead for supporters of the u.s. olympic bid for 2024. why what happens in boston today could determine if that bid
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right now, breaking news. red line single-tracking. that single-tracking happening between twin brook and grosvenor this morning. another long morning for metro riders. hoping for an update in the next couple of minutes. v re fredericksburg pulled out of service because of an issue this morning. so they're delayed. as far as travel times maryland looking quite good. no problems in virginia either. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. tom? oh, the air is fresh and cool, the sun is coming up now in a clearing sky. just a few clouds hanging around. and here's the view from our other tower camera looking into downtown washington. there's the washington monument. excellent visibility. there's prince george's county on the horizon. temperatures right now only in the 50s and low 60s. mid to upper 60s by 8:00 a.m. by mid afternoon, mid 80s and low humidity.
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a look at the weekend in the next weather and traffic on the 1s. the city that beat d.c. to be the 2024 u.s. olympic bid could lose its chance. the leaders are meeting in boston today and they're concerned about the city's low support for the olympics. boston organizers also say they're worried about the city's ability to pay for the games. if the issues persist the olympic committee could choose a different committee for the bid some time in the next few months. emotions over the confederate flag are still boiling over. the social media trend that's adding fuel to an already fiery debate. but first, breaking news involving that fifa scandal. what we're learning about the extradition of one of the key
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we have breaking news right now. it could be another messy day for you on the red line. take a live look here trains are single-tracking again. metro says workers are trying to get rid of some kind of slick stuff on the track near grosvenor and it's been a problem for 18 hours now. metro should have an update within the next 15 minutes.
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we'll send you an alert on the nbc washington app. just in, we now these which know who the former fifa official is that was just extradited to the u.s. the former vice president of the soccer's world governing body, jeffrey webb of the cayman islands in the middle. he is accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes. webb by the way did agree to be extradited just last week, so this is the first fifa extradition to the u.s. of seven fifa officials who the u.s. has requested be brought to the u.s. for prosecution. aaron? >> all right, kristin, thank you. 6:17. residents are concerned about a growing crime wave in the noma neighborhood. the fast growing neighborhood has reported three murders including a young political aide killed on a metro train.
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they say the murders are just the tip of the iceberg here and they're also dealing with increased prostitution. >> a much more concerted effort for the children -- elementary school kids don't have to step over or picking up dirty condoms and latex gloves in front of their schools. it is totally unacceptable. it's gone to the highest level of the city government and the police department and yet it continues. >> the police are promising residents there will be more patrols in the area. a large crowd gathered to remember a waldorf man killed at a house party in accokeek. chopper 4 over the scene here as friends and family used white balloons and hundreds of candles to remember darrell sylvester king, jr. someone shot him shortly after leaving that party early sunday morning. as police search for the killer the owners of the party are facing a fine. prince george's county police say they were selling tickets to the party which is illegal without a permit. fairfax county is now taking new steps to make your drive easier in seven corners. that area can get packed with traffic as you know.
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according to "the washington post," the fairfax county planning commission will add a new grid of streets to fix that problem and they'd put in thousands of new homes in the area. the supervisors will vote on the plan later this month. we expect to learn more today about whether investigators will begin looking at the actions taken by governor scott walker's staff during his 2012 recall campaign. the question is whether walker's campaign staff illegally coordinated with conservative groups during that recall. walker denies the charges. the recall was sparked by anger over walker ending collective bargaining for most public workers. walker announced his 2016 presidential bid a few days ago. donald trump's financial disclosure has done little to end the mystery of how much his fortune is worth. trump has officially disclosed his personal wealth to the federal election summary. they say he's worth in excess of $10 billion. but there are very few specifics
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on his assets. that has a lot of people scratching their heads. the "usa today" suffolk university poll shows trump leading the republican field, but still losing to hillary clinton by a wide margin. it is 6:20. today we could see a senate vote that can lead to big changes for students and teachers and congress is considering overhauling the controversial no child left behind law. the senate bill would roll back federal involvement in public schools and it rolls back common core, the set of academic standards that have come under fire. if this bill passes it still has to be combined with much broader house bills. this video has made the rounds on social media now with more than 4 million views. it shows a man stealing a confederate flag from a home. well, now that homeowner wands justice. the flag was outside robin eker's home in tampa, florida. he put it up when his south carolina flag was worn out. he didn't report the flag missing until a neighbor told him about the viral online
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video. he said he does not want the flag back because someone else will take it. the theft is part of a new trend called the no flagging challenge. daring people to tear down other confederate flags. search crews recovered two bodies from the wreckage of to small airplane that crashed into the washington state mountainside. that plane was carrying a montana couple and their step granddaughter when it went down on saturday. when crews reached the site yesterday it was still smoldering. the 16-year-old survivor of the crash took two days to hike to safety. taking down robbery suspects all in a day's work for one texan. a firefighter and former marine is standing at the counter of the store in lothian when a masked man walks in pushed him aside and tries to hold up the cashier. you don't do that with a marine standing behind you. he waited a second and then jumped on to the robber's back
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and held him down until police got there. he's facing charges. >> he knows what he's doing. >> you won't win that one. >> not recommended for your average -- >> let's turn to tom kierein and get up to speed on the lovely weather this morning. >> great morning for a run. when you walk the dog the dog won't want to come back in. cool temperatures. in fact, down right chilly in parts of western pennsylvania only in the 40s now. a bit of a breeze. pleasant humidity today, but beginning tonight and into friday, it will turn uncomfortable and sticky and over the weekend, oppressive humidity is going to be moving our way. right now fresh and cool. upper 50s in maryland and virginia. it's in the low 60s. prince george's county. upper around the bay and inside the beltway and there's the live view. storm team 4 tower camera, a banana and peach sunrise underway on a clearing sky. temperatures by 8:00.
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upper 60s by 10:00. low 70s by noontime. a few high clouds are coming through. and then by mid afternoon when headed back home, in the mid 80s. a wonderful perfect summer day. still beautiful into the mid to upper 80s. that heat and humidity build for the weekend. on saturday into the low 90s. now you might have your afternoon interrupted by a brief passing thundershower on saturday. then again on sunday too in the afternoon and all the heat and humidity. perhaps an isolated thundershower rolling on through. and then drifting away and then year night sunday night, still warm and humid. upper 70s on monday morning. some drier air will push in. that will drop the humidity on tuesday and wednesday. highs near 90 both of those days. next weather and traffic on the 1s, your drive time forecast, 6:31. melissa has breaking news on metro. >> breaking news on metro right now. again, red line, we are
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single-tracking right now between twinbrook and grosvenor. we have something coming in. red line outbound trains are all bypassing white flint and twinbrook right now to reduce these delays. so they're saying to use inbound trains instead for these stations. that just came from metro in an e-mail. 395 north at 14th street bridge the right lane is blocked because of an accident. wide look at the beltway here. overall, no major problems on the beltway 66 at fairfax county parkway looks great. inbound and outbound. a little bit of a sun glare. 95 into town, totally typical, everything is fine. 95 southbound going to keep an eye on this metro station and be back in pa few minutes. governor larry hogan returning to the hospital this weekend for a second round of chemotherapy. the governor has stage 3 non-hodgkins lymphoma. it's an aggressive hogan recovered very well from the first round of chemo, so doctors will increase his level
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of treatment. and lyme disease appears to be getting worse. certain kinds of ticks carry the virus. now most cases are in mid-atlantic northeastern and upper midwestern states. the centers for disease control reports that the risk of catching lyme disease has doubled in the last decade in traditional high risk areas. in a few hours the emmy nominations will come out and here are some of the changes you'll notice this year. the emmys are expanding the best series categories from six nominations to seven. the show clarified the drama and comedy category classifications. dramas are shows that air 60 minute episodes. comedies are 30 minute episodes. another change -- the nominations won't be announced until 11:30 this morning. usually they're at 8:30. you can watch the emmys on september 20th. now 6:26. a little bit of duct tape and a lot of imagination helped two fairfax county teens win a whole lot of money for college. take a look.
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mia and chandler from chantilly high school each received $10,000 for creating these colorful outfits using nothing but duct tape. that stuff is -- it's just a miracle worker, right? this is part of a stuck at home scholarship where the students had to wear the outfits to prom this year. the bow tie is not a clip on either. it took 39 rolls to create the outfits. i love the colors, the style. >> ten grand, wow. >> looks good. >> they nailed it. or taped it. 6:26 now. coming together to take a stand the steps a group of homeowners are taking to keep power lines out of their community. plus, jobs on the chopping block in maryland. the state agency that's facing layoffs. and breaking news in the first 4 traffic center right now. the red line is single-tracking. we got this in.
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also have the red light bypassing a c
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we have breaking news on the
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rails right now. metro trains are single-tracking on the red line right now. >> there is an issue is on the track between the grosvenor and white flint stations. it could be fixed soon but we learned it will be worse before it gets better. news4's megan mcgrath has the latest. megan? >> reporter: well, good morning. just moments ago, a train on the outbound side, that's the side that was having the problems, a train took on passengers and did leave. so i believe that we may have seen the end of single-tracking. here's what metro said in the last update. it said test train reports good track inspections. we are in the process of restoring two track service at this time. look at this video. we believe that this is the test train that went through. it went through oh i'd say 15 or maybe 20 minutes or so ago. it just went in very briefly, stopped here at the grosvenor station did not take any passengers on.
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then continued on. just within the last few moments literally right before i went on the air with you, we did see a regular train take on passengers and then continue on on that outbound side. so we may have seen the end of single-tracking. we are waiting for the official word from metro. but we'll of course keep you up to date. now, this was a real problem yesterday. so this really started yesterday afternoon. they had an issue with some foam inside a tire on a work vehicle that split open. it created only slippery conditions on the track yesterday. they had to single track for a good hunk of the day. there were lots of delays. lots of people were late getting where they needed to go. a lot of unhappy riders. they had hoped to get it cleaned up before they opened this morning but they couldn't get there. so we started a little bit with the single-tracking this morning but we may be back to normal. now with more on traffic we send it to melissa. >> and megan, just a second ago we found out that we are back to normal as you're talking about, ten seconds ago. so right now the red line, no
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longer single-tracking. hopefully the end to the yesterday evening for a lot of people. 395 north at the 14th street bridge, the right lane is blocked. overall, prince george's county looking good. montgomery village a little bit of volume. but rolling along nicely. tom? >> no problems weather wise driving to and from work on this thursday morning. we have dry pavement around. we have mostly clear skies, a few clouds around. in the upper 60s for the afternoon commute. temperatures into the mid 80s. a look at hometown highs coming up at 6:41. back to you. >> thank you. 6:32 right now the search is on for the driver who dragged a police officer with his car in prince george's county. molette green has more on this. >> reporter: good morning.
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there's a tree right behind me with obvious damage that's where we believe the car crashed after dragging this officer. now there's no sign of a suspect in police custody this morning. but this is what we can tell you. the officer pulled over a car and when the officer approached the driver the car sped off and dragged the officer. the officer somehow was caught in the car's door. and the car went about 100 yards away before crashing. the suspect got out, ran off. the officer was thrown to the ground in all of this. and is expected to be okay. the officer was injured but expected to recover. there you can see the damage to the tree that is behind me. this morning here in district heights all is quiet. no sign of a suspect. that is the latest. back to you. >> molette green, thank you. it is 6:34 and today, president obama is in oklahoma where he plans to visit el reno
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correctional institution. the president is there to press for justice system reform. he's talked bluntly about this issue making it a centerpiece of his second term. we could hear more today about a plan to cut public works jobs in maryland. a board is considering eliminating public safety and corrections l told, 63 jobs could be on the chopping block. governor larry hogan is making the proposal. the board will crunch the numbers today at a meeting in annapolis. it would reportedly save about $3 million. new this morning, a girl is recovering from a shooting in southeast d.c. police just told us the girl was shot in the shoulder on trenton place southeast off 13th street. they did not say her age. police are looking for a man they say may have shot the girl. she is expected to survive. and d.c. police want your help. take a look at some video here. someone is caught stealing from a library. he stole multiple computer froms the deanwood library and he cut
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the wires holding them in place then took them to the window one by one. that happened on saturday, june 20th. if you think you know about what happened, call d.c. police. many of you in prince william county are fighting plans for a new power lines. the newly proposed power wires would stretch from gainesville to haymarket to residential neighborhoods. fight the power lines is the rallying cry from many in that county and you're concerned that the new power plant will impact the value of homes. neighbors and power officials met last night to weigh the options. dominion power said there's many options. the company will look at all the options and submit a final application to the state corporation commission by the end of the year. members of congress calling for change after a news4 i-team report. they want more money spent on internal government agents to cut down on the number of awol federal workers. monday night, the i-team's scott
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macfarlane reported that internal watchdogs have catch at least 60 government workers doctoring their time sheets since 2012. now, skipping work to golf, to gamble or just playing hooky in general. the cost to taxpayers -- $1 million. the i-team also reported those internal auditors have been facing budget cuts. now a powerful u.s. house chairman, a committee chairman says the auditors need a boost to keep the workforce honest. >> not only from what you found but what we have found in our overnight and government reform hearings is that the employees, federal employees in particular want something to be done about it. and yet, they don't seem to trust management or the bureaucracy to get it done. >> and maryland's democratic congressman chris van holland says inspectors general need more funding. breaking news on the rails right now. red line no longer single-tracking. that is good, but what about the
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roads? travel times in a couple of minutes. also ahead a story that still has many of you talking on social media this morning. caitlyn jenner's message to america at the espy's and how she hopes to use the awards to help others. and new numbers shedding light on the race for th
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breaking news on the rails. red line no longer single-tracking. do expect some residual delays because of the problem, that's kind of come over from yesterday for us. but again, we are no longer single-tracking.
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mt. vernon memorial highway, both lanes are shut down because of a nasty crash. 66 inbound, little bit slow. 95 north slow from quantico to the beltway. taking about 40 minutes. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. the hometown forecast, dale city, prince william county, at 64. later today climbing into the 70s degrees. and lanham, some clouds around there. in the mid 60s and then during the afternoon reaching near 80 degrees with lots of sun. in centreville in western fairfax county, now only around 60 degrees, hitting the low 80s with bright sunshine. a heat wave on the way for the weekend. aaron? >> all right, tom, thank you. we are getting some new poll numbers in this morning. that spell trouble for presidential candidate hillary clinton. only 39% of americans have a
6:42 am
favorable view of clinton. this is according to an a.p. poll. that's up eight points since april. in a couple of hours, frederick city, maryland, will find out who will lead the police force. the new police chief will be announced for the frederick police department. we'll send you an alert through the nbc washington app when it's made. new developments in the disappearance of the lyon sisters. what we expect to learn at a news conference today. just a day after a major break in that case. we have breaking news in the fifa scandal. what we're learning about the extradition of one of the key players in that ♪ ♪ ♪
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breaking news on the rails. we had a mess all day yesterday. this morning started off slow. right now though red line, no longer single-tracking. of course had that problem at grosvenor, that oil slick has been cleaned up. do expect some delays here. red line no longer single-tracking but some delays because they were bypassing and single-tracking earlier this morning. eun? >> thanks, melissa. it is 6:45. in a few hours, we expect to learn new details about the disappearance of the lyon sisters. yesterday, police announced an indictment of lloyd welch, jr. kathlyn and sheila lyon were last seen at a shopping mall 40 years ago.
6:46 am
a grand jury charged welch with murdering the girls. it's there that we find news4's david culver with more. >> reporter: eun, good morning to you. we made the roughly four who are drive overnight. this is where the press conference is going to be held in a few hours to give us some of the new information in this case. the case that rocked much of the d.c. area community back in 1975. really terrifying families and yesterday, montgomery county police telling us it was a young detective in the cold case unit that connected an old mug shot of welch with a witness sketch. police named a person of interest last year while in prison with for another crime. an inmate on his cell block said welch told him about burying a family on property in virginia. search warrants give us new details about the taylor mountain. in december, investigators interviewed a man who said he met welch in 1975, helped him get two red-stained army style
6:47 am
duffel bags out of the trunk of a car. they were thrown on a fire and smelled like death. according to that search warrant. now, here's what we expect coming up on this press conference we're supposed to get new details on this investigation. so you may wonder why we're if we had just one yesterday. well, they're going to elaborate on some of the evidence and the details. we are expecting to hear from the prosecutor and the sheriff right her in bedford county. that will start around noon. back to you, eun. >> thank you, david culver. right now, wellch is in a delaware prisoner issing serving time for sex abuse charges. he is expected to be extradited in the next 30 days. you can watch the conference on the nbc washington app. new details about a d.c. homicide, police arrested kenneth garner for a brutal beating on north capitol street. garner hit thomas harris in the him last week. harris' family said he was out to buy fireworks. he died.
6:48 am
police charged garner with first degree murder in this case. and there's been a second arrest connected to a mysterious death in landover. the charles county sheriff's office charged darrell wilson for first degree murder in the death of crystal anderson. a hiker found anderson's remains at a charles county park in 2012. in march police also charged 22-year-old raymond posy iii for murder in this connection to this case. new details about the health of former president h.w. bush. he is recovering after breaking a bone in his neck after a fall at his home. he is at maine medical center and bush is doing okay. he will have to wear a neck brace though when he leaves the hospital. bush is 91 years old. today, the man accused of killing nine people at a historic black church in south carolina will be in court. 21-year-old dylann roof has a hearing in a few hours. the judge there will decide
6:49 am
whether to release several sealed documents about this case. those documents include 911 calls, witness statements and reports from a medical examiner. that's according to our affiliate in charleston. today in colorado a jury will begin the second days of deliberations in the theater murder. prosecutors say holmes deserves the death penalty. jurors deliberated for more than seven hours yesterday. they asked the judge three questions. holmes is charged with killing 12 people, injuring 70 more during a midnight movie premiere. breaking news now at the live desk. the first of seven fifa officials arrested on those corruption charges is being extradited to the u.s. right now as we speak. we understand that one of se -- that the one who is being extradited right now is
6:50 am
this man in the middle. former fifa vice president jeffrey webb of the cayman islands. he agreed to be extradited last week. that's not officially confirmed but we believe he's being brought back right now. webb is accused of accepting bribes totaling millions of dollars. we think he's on a flight to new york right now from switzerland. the person who is being extradited is being escorted by three u.s. law enforcement officials. the other six who the u.s. has requested be extradited here to the u.s. have been fighting their extradition. eun? >> all right, kristin wright thank you. coming up on 6:51. tom kierein is back with us. we have hours to enjoy some really nice weather this july. >> enjoy it while you can. this feels more like a september morning than mid july. and this is the time of year where we're smack dab in the middle of when we have the hottest temperatures so enjoy this we'll you can. our brief break from high heat and humidity. there is the washington skyline, live view from the storm team 4 tower camera.
6:51 am
only 60 in the rural areas. we'll stay this way through 8:00. then by noon the upper 70s. a few high clouds coming through. by 5:00 in the mid 80s with low humidity. right now only in the upper 50s northern montgomery county and parts of northern virginia. just mid to upper 60s. upper 60s right by the bay. you need a light jacket and then you'll be comfortable in short sleeves by the afternoon. no need for an umbrella today. you need that sun block and sunglasses, we'll have increasing sunshine throughout the day. comfortable humidity through the day. gets sticky on friday. and then tomorrow afternoon and evening, and into the weekend, it starts to turn oppressive. oppressive humidity with increased heat. should be a beautiful afternoon with the mid 80s. and then on friday, the upper 80s. a little more humid. then oppressively hot over the weekend. low 90s both saturday and sunday. small chance that your outdoor activities on saturday and again
6:52 am
on sunday might be interrupted by a passing thundershower during the afternoon. both days on the weekend, heat wave continues into monday. chance of afternoon storms, a little bit less humid. still hot though tuesday, wednesday, with highs around 90. melissa now has an update on the rails. >> update on the rails right now. red line, again, no longer single tracks but you can expect some delays from that earlier single-tracking and bypassing there on the red line in the grosvenor area. 95 north at fairfax county parkway, center lane is blocked because of the disabled vehicle. overall no major issues in prince george's county this morning. outbound, slow for some reason and inbound as you approach 32 no actual problem in the way but we're slow. 95 okay. 29 okay. getting a little slow here top of the beltway outer loop as you approach georgia avenue. 270, no issues. 66 overall a little slow here as you're headed inbound to the
6:53 am
beltway there. just passing 50. but westbound at nutley street the right lane is blocked up. coming up in a couple of minutes until 2:00 this afternoon for some road work. 6:53 right now. a developing story, greek pensioners are lining up outside of banks in athens over concerns about the future. greek lawmakers agreed to the harsh austerity package so they can receive a three-year bailout worth $93 million. the central bank is being asked to increase emergency help to the banks. getting to the airport and metro is about to get easier in northern virginia. today officials are kicking off a part of old ox road in loudoun county. the project widens the five-mile section between evergreen mills road and the dulles greenway. eventually it will ease traffic to dulles airport and the future route 606 metro station.
6:54 am
a store in the bloomingdale neighborhood is closed for at least one year. aida's electronics on florida avenue closed after allegedly selling synthetic drugs. d.c.'s attorney general now says the northwest store was the site of multiple synthetic drug seizures. we're learning that an employee was shot there and it may have been related to the drug sale. the owner of the store is a retired d.c. cop. last week, mayor muriel bowser signed a tough new law allowing police to fine or close businesses for selling synthetic drugs. your children's lunches at the d.c. public schools aren't changing any time soon. the vendor wanted to pull out after settling a lawsuit, however, they can't do under the contract's terms. according to "the washington post" the vendor has to provide service for at least the next year and possibly longer. if you're heading to dulles today you may see a group of flight attendants picketing the baggage claim area. they're call for united airlines to negotiate a fairer contract.
6:55 am
this is one of 16 protests taking place at airports across the country and abroad. protests starts at 11:30 a.m. caitlyn jenner is still trending on facebook and twitter. many commenting on the speech she gave at the espys. she was awarded the arthur ashe courage award. a lot of you have watched her gender transformation play out, making her one of the most prominent transgender voices in the world right now. last night she said she plans to use it as a platform to help others. >> it's not just about me. it's about all of us. accepting one another. we're all different. that's not a bad thing. >> jenner got emotional thanking her family who she said she feared losing during her transition. you can find out more on "today." it is 6:56. time for 4 things to know before you head out the door.
6:56 am
former president h.w. bush is recovering after breaking a bone in his neck. this happened during a fall in his home in maine. bush is doing okay. >> one of the seven fifa officials has been extradited to the united states. new developments expected in the hours ahead in the disappearance of the lyon sisters. we believe investigators will elaborate on the evidence that led to lloyd welch, jr.,'s indictment for murder. a big problem on the red line is finally over. trains stopped single-tracking by governor and white flint stations less than 30 minutes ago. metro said a piece of broken equipment make the track slippery yesterday. >> it's fresh and cool now. temperatures in the 50s and 60s into the 70s by noon. low to mid 80s by mid afternoon. lots of sunshine. enjoy. melissa? again, red line is no longer
6:57 am
single-tracking. it could be a little slow because we were single-tracking. a crash at 95 fairfax county parkway, the middle lane is blocked. >> right in the middle. >> right in the middle. go left to right to get around it. >> thank you, melissa. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with
6:58 am
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7:00 am
this morning breaking overnight former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in maine after falling and breaking a bone in his neck. his condition stable this morning. we're live at the hospital. unfiltered president obama launches a vigorous defense with the deal with iran. >> the notion i'm content as i celebrate. it's nonsense. you should know better. and what the president had to say about the rape allegations against bill cosby. we're all different caitlyn jenner calls for acceptance at her espy award speech. >> if you want to call me names and make jokes. go ahead. the reality


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