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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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director of counterterrorism for the state department. he's also facing charges for soliciting a minor in fairfax county, but those are not part of this hearing today. a d.c. fire lieutenant is now facing accusations of incompetence. that lieutenant was posted at the finleytown firestation. the city is not releasing that person's name right now. they say he violated policy when he didn't realize that the call for a choking toddler was just three blocks away. the toddler died. >> one could assume the closest unit was being selected properly. >> if it's a call for a choking call that's three blocks away, get out of the station and get there. >> d.c.'s deputy mayor for public safety concerned that the system failed to show there was an available paramedic at the
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finleytown station. the civil rights group and students met last night to discuss putting together a petition that would propose changing the name to thurgood marshall high school. there's a counterpetition to keep the name. he was a confederate general. it started before it was prompted to remove confederate flags around the country. today you'll have a chance to buy a piece of history. the barbara fritschie house. she became a legend during the civil war era for standing up to a confederate soldier and refusing to put down her flag. she was 91 years old. time to get the forecast. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tells us about the
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brutal humidity. >> it's still with us. you can see it on the power cam. look at the thick haze in the air maybe a few patchy clouds. and that fog is getting thicker, so watch out for that, essentially any roads near open fields. by 6:00 a.m., we'll have that haze in the sky, temperatures in the upper 70s. near 80 by 8:00. this is in the metro area. still in the 70s in the rural area. by 10:00, in the low 80s, a quick jump in temperatures through the morning, and the clouds will begin to build as well. let's check on roads this morning. it may be an issue on 66. >> going to have a problem on 66 all morning. allow yourself some extra time because of this. right now, 66 east the right lane shut down between nutley and the beltway until 5:00 a.m. then the x lane on the right side closed between nutley and the beltway for the morning
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commute for repairs for an overhead sign. and bethesda have this problem, bradley boulevard and huntington porkway, road work from that water main break. closed for the evening and alternate commute, georgetown anywhere around there. 95 to newington looking good. beltway at kenilworth avenue inner loop and outer loop moving along nicely. bw parkway, everything nice and green. >> and i'm really turning to you guys and asking you for help. >> an see motional cry for help billy hurley iii who is looking for his missing father. this weekend was supposed to be a good weekend playing golf in the town. he's asking for help. his father's name is bill
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hurley. he packed up and left home about ten days ago. no one has seen him. he will play the weekend in hopes that his missing father will reach out. >> if you go to to check my tee time and see this and understand that dad we love you. >> police say bill hurley used a credit card to guy gas in woodstock. he also stayed at a hotel in texarkana. here at the live desk with this developing story out of india. rescue crews frantically searching for people who might be trapped in this, a two-story building that collapsed. we know at least ten people. >> narrator: hospital. they're being treated for injuries. the built was built in 1972. it had been in bad shape for years. the heavy rain in the last few
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days is what is believed to be what led to this collapse. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> thank you, angie. we're watching for a full court press on capitol hill to try to win senators over on the deal on iran. secretary of state john kerry, ash carter, chairman dempsey and secretary of energy are all testifying at the hearing. that deal gives iran a chance to prove that the deal is peaceful. also today president obama's new pick for the transportation security administration is facing tough questions. peter messenger also took office this month and found reports that screeners missed weapons and restricted items 95% of the time during the investigation by the department of homeland security. also just this week, a man made
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it through security and on to a plane in dallas without a ticket. >> the federal government is investigating how the arlington county jail cares for deaf inmates. according to court documents the department of justice is launching an investigation after a deaf inmate filed a lawsuit earlier this year. the man says that he spent weeks in jail before he was provided with an interpreter. the inmate's lawsuit is being put on hold during the investigation. the jail has defended its treatment of deaf inmates. this morning, police are looking for two gunmen that held up three people in the morning. in the chevy chase area. a woman who was attacked said she was listening to music and didn't hear him approach her. she asked us not to show her face. >> i turned around and he had a very small pistol in one hand that he really wasn't pointing at me. just kind of at his side, and
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with his other hand he was trying to pull my backpack off. >> police say the victims say they stole phones wallets and wanted to know passwords and pins. a new plan going into effect to overall in the seven corners area. the plan has worried some people because traffic can already be very messy there. neighbors think the plan will make it even worse. fairfax neighborhood leaders said they made several plans. we're expecting to hear even more today about tom brady's four-game suspension for the deflate-gate scandal. this is the cover of the "the boston herald" after nfl commissioner roger goodell upheld the ruling. now, we'll wait to hear what coach belichick had had to say.
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patriots quarterback tom brady is now out for officially the first four games of the season. an investigation found he was, quote, at least generally aware of underinflated footballs last season. in goodell's ruling yesterday, the nfl also revealed brady destroyed his cell phone before meeting with investigators this year. new developments in the search for two florida teens who vanished in the middle of a fishing trip. why friends and family are now starting to lose hope. and a live look outside this morning, a lot of our morning team says that they ran into some fog into the way in this morning? but will you? tom's back with the walk to work forecast. and the time may life's the food
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that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. a community now effectively mourning two teenagers who are lost at sea. take a look. this is a vigil that neighbors in jupiter, florida, held for austin and george last night. crews found their capsized boat 170 miles from where they started. the lincoln memorial, the washington monument, the white house they'll all be about six inches lower in the coming years. that's according to a new study
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that says land under d.c. and the chesapeake region will fall six inches over the years. they're studying ice sheet melting and the study's climate change was the issue. and the study was done by the u.s. geological survey and the university of wilmington. >> we don't want it to sink too far. >> not too far. let's check weather and traffic now. we'll start with tom. >> hey, good morning as you're walking to the metro and the bus stop this morning be prepared, you'll be walking through that wall of humidity. the walkways will be drying out, we had a few showers last evening. we'll have hazy sunshine. then when you're walking back people, have the umbrella haerngsd wehandy
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we might get a passing shower. not severe. we'll be in the mid-90s by the afternoon. you want to stay cool today, we'll have the heat and humidity making it feel like 100. you'll need that sunblock, sunglasses, too. coming up at 4:51, we'll have a look at when this high humidity goes away. >> looking at construction right now, colesville road has just the right lane getting by. also 66 inbound, right lane shut down between nutley and the beltway for the next 20 minutes or so. and then we still have 66 east, the x lane shut down for the rest of the morning. and you see that fog here through virginia. a wide look at the beltway everything is nation and green and rolling along well. back in ten minutes, i'll see you at 4:51. back into the live desk this morning, firefighters have contained a wildfire burning in california. angie goff with the latest from the live desk. and senator bernie sanders
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brings his campaign to our area. the rally the
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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at the live desk following this developing story out of northern california. take a look. this is where crews have finally contained this. a spread of a wildfire that jumped a containment line. this is just east of the napa valley area. we know more than 200 people were evacuated from their homes as a safety precaution. 400 acres are ruined by this blaze. it's one of many burning that was burning still across the state. back to you. >> thank you, angie. after weeks of heavy focus on donald trump's issues including abortion and energy are finally taking center stage. this is a republican last minute bump in the polls that assures
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them a good spot in the debate that is only weeks away. nbc's tracie potts is live with a look on the campaign trail. one of those issue, abortion, planned parenthood and possibly cutting $500 million on federal funding. on a secret report that shows a doctor talking about fetal tissue donation in an explicit way. rapids paul senator, and republican candidate is leading that fight. and we could see a vote on that issue here, before the senate recesses for the august break in the next few days. also, iran, big issue on the campaign trail. ted cruz has been talking about that. and whether or not the president's plan his deal with iran is going to keep people safe. he thinks that it will not. that it will pose a threat to both israel and the united states. hillary clinton pushing climate change and making no comment on the keystone oil pipeline. she's been asked about it a number of times.
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she said because she was involved in the decision making as secretary of state she feels it's necessary to wait until president obama makes a decision. lots going on in the campaign trail, chris christie in new hampshire, rick perry in new york, and bernie sanders in ohio today. >> thank you, tracie. we want to talk more about bernie sanders. the senator will spend part of his day here in d.c. on the issue making the centerpiece of his campaign medicare. celebrating 50 years of medicare registered nurses will join him and head inside to lobby congress. sanders wants the u.s. to adopt a single payer medicare for all system. in the wee hours of the monk, president obama landed back here in the u.s. after a busy trip to africa. the president departed just after a speech in front of african union. he didn't pull any punches. he called for more work to fight corruption and extreme poverty.
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and he pressed for human rights. we are getting more reaction from the story you saw first on four. the prince george's county police station will stand vacant for almost a year. a delayed opening of a $14 million police station is no surprise. >> i told them, if you pass this budget this is what will happen. these are the cuts that you can expect. >> we will promise that it will be built and it will be staffed. >> if the district 7 station does not open, there is concern the prince george's county police force will be stretched thin once the mgm casino opens next year. montgomery county schools are going to prioritize. the school admits the system they use is flawed. it says overcrowding wasn't considered.
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montgomery county said a new list will be created by october. frightening new details on how an unknown man tried to use money on a way to entice and abduct a girl in herndon virginia. this happened at herndon parkway. police say a girl was at a bus stop where a man offered her to wash dishes at his house. first $100, then $200. he said a boy she knew lived at the house. the girl said she was uncomfortable and tried to move away. >> he did put his hand on her shoulder and it was at that point that the juvenile broke free and ran home. >> police say no one has been arrested yet. in news4 your health there's a new device to help you lose weight. rescape medical systems balloon system. here's how it works, doctor insert a medical balloon into your stomach and fill it with saline solution to take up
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space. the procedure takes less than 30 minutes. the weight loss balloon is now an approach to the gastric bypass surgery that shrinks the size of your stomach. the next story say bit odd. this morning, we're learning about a rescue from the white house grounds. those are baby squirrels. city wildlife and national parks service remove the squirrels from the white house grounds. not sure if they'll go back to the white house once they've grown up. >> where's their mom? >> i don't know. i've never seen a baby squirrel before. i've seen a black squirrel. before my early visits here before i moved here it's the first time i've ever seen a black squirrel. >> they're all over d.c. the squirrels in our area are aggressive, too. just to let you know they're not scared of people. don't get me started on the rats. that's another conversation, right?
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>> thank you for that furry body. start off this morning, the feels like temperature feels like maple syrup as you step out the door. it's going to feel like 100. tomorrow we've got a weather alert day. it's going to feel like 103 or so by midafternoon. then a nice break comes our way. lower humidity on friday. feels like in the low 90s. saturday feels like temperatures in mid to upper 90s. somewhat lower humidity finally coming along. it's going to be a nice break for a couple days. shenandoah valley, mountains of west virginia, and virginia, patchy fog in many rural areas. watch out for that, right around the bay, low 70s. we don't havemy more rain like showers of yesterday afternoon. mid-70s by 8:00 a.m. by hazy
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sunshine. partly cloudy noon time. hot humid. 30% chance of an afternoon storm by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 coming on through, a passing thunder shower, likely not severe. low 90s. then 70s tomorrow morning, weather alert day due to storms in the afternoon, they could be severe with perhaps damaging winds in addition to the heat. it will be in the mid-90s. feels like temperature, 103 or so. then low humidity for friday and saturday but hot in the afternoon in the mid-90s. sunday, monday up near 90. still moderate humidity. not terribly humid. maybe a little hotter too as we get midweek into the low 90s. melissa is looking at construction. >> good old construction starting in prince george's county. dulles tollway at fairfax parkway, left lane blocked for the next ten minutes or so.
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this is the one you have to worry about, bethesda, bradley into huntington, again shut down. georgetown alternate, will get you around it. 66 here, right lane closed at the beltway until 5:00 a.m. but that x lane on the right side of the roadway shut down throughout the morning commute between nutley street and the beltway. kristin wright is on that story. taking out to virginia no problems northbound or southbound. remember to listen to our friends at wtop when you hop in the car. outrage, after a 911 answers a dramatic call. what he's accused of doing when a teen tries to get help for her dying friend. >> and a
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 today." >> he barely breathing. how many times [ bleep ] do i have to tell you? >> you know what, ma'am? you can deal with this had yourself. >> this morning, a 911 operator is on administrative leave after hanging up on a caller trying to keep a 17-year-old gunshot victim alive. you can hear the teenager trying
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to help her friend who was shot at a house water in new mexico. the dispatcher abruptly hung up the phone after getting frustrated after the caller swore. the ambulance eventually did arrive but the teen did not arrive. the they're launching an investigation. and the teen's mother wants to know what happened. >> i just don't understand. i don't understand why he did what he did. it's just very, very upsetting. >> when asked whether there are any other calls when a dispatcher responded to a call in this manner, a fire department spokesman said that is part of the investigation. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a pepper spray incident on a metrobus. the bus was growing silver springs to the national archives and people complained about trouble breathing and stinging eyes. a story you heard first on news4, you may be riding in a
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metro railcar that contains asbestos. hundreds of metro's oldest railcars contain a small amount of asbestos. contained in a heater at the front and back of each railcar. metro said the asbestos is outside the cabin and not accessible to riders. there are almost 300 of the one series car running. many of you may be looking out for those railcars. >> i look to see which car it is. >> i'll be avoiding those as much as possible. >> metro is working with the contractor to remove the asbestos. metro says the asbestos pose no sir health risk. all 1,000 series cars will be phased out as others are put in service. you can get the new version of windows. windows 10 is available with a free upgrade if you're using windows 8.
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there is no windows 9 so don't worry if you missed anything. the nosew os changes. and you can use catana as part of the system. if you can't wait to use the new windows there's actually a windows 10 launch party happening in our area today. the microsoft store in tysons corner will have demos. you can also meet ali krieger if you're one of the first in line at the store. microsoft said you can get in line at 7:00 or 8:00. siri are you friends with catana? >> i can't answer that. stay with us.


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