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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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re is no windows 9 so don't worry if you missed anything. the nosew os changes. and you can use catana as part of the system. if you can't wait to use the new windows there's actually a windows 10 launch party happening in our area today. the microsoft store in tysons corner will have demos. you can also meet ali krieger if you're one of the first in line at the store. microsoft said you can get in line at 7:00 or 8:00. siri are you friends with catana? >> i can't answer that. stay with us.
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"news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're keeping an eye on a couple road closures that could really impact your drive into work today. >> melissa mollet standing by with that. first, we do want to check in with tom as we enter day two of the heat? >> siri do you hate heat and humidity? >> ooh you didn't want to hear. >> starting off with dense fog. right now the counties in gray stratford, response veinia and shenandoah valley, watch out, visibility down to a quarter mile. and this dense fog is around here through 8:00 9:00 this morning. right now, you can see a little bit of fog. live view from the tower camera. by 7:00 a.m. mid to upper 70s. metro area temperatures will be near 80 by 8:00.
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hazy sunshine through the morning. by 9:00 most of the fog will be gone. by 11:00, partly cloudy, temperatures jumping into the mid-80s. your drive time forecast coming up at 5:11. aaron. >> tom, thank you. your first 4 traffic right now, you may see big delays in your commute to work to virginia. the x lane on eastbound 66 is closed between nutley street and the beltway right now. ddot views are making repairs there. news4's kristin wright is heading there. we'll talk to her in 15 minutes because you'll be losing a lane there on i-66. right now an intersection remains closed because of a water main break in bethesda. bradley boulevard and huntington is closed still. crews will be back out there to pave the road and do other repairs. that's expected at 7:30 this morning.the repair is taking
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this long because petco and washington gas both have lines in those areas and trying it not to damage the lines. let's check in with melissa mollet. good morning. >> again, bradley boulevard and huntington parkway, as you just said going to be shut down here through the morning and evening commute. alternate river road, georgetown road, you just don't want to go down through bradley in that section. 66, as aaron mentioned shut down between nutley street and the beltway. not going to be too pretty along 66. leave early if you can. 270 at montrose road. no problems. beltway rolling along nicely. prince george's county looking good as well. live look in ten minutes. montgomery county police trying to figure out what led to a crash that killed a man. police say that the 54-year-old man lost control and hit a utility pole about 9:30 on clarksburg road in clarksburg.
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if you saw anything, give montgomery county police a call. this morning, a man is waking up in jail arrested for a deadly shooting in nationals park. 37-year-old gary proctor is charged with murdering 37-year-old jerome diggs. police found diggs in a home on first street southwest yesterday afternoon. he'd been shot in the chest. a high-ranking state department employee is due in court in d.c. daniel rosen is director of counterterrorism for the state department. d.c. police have video of him stalk stalking. the d.c. fire department is accusing one of its employees of incompetence. the fire department that the lieutenant violated policy in march. they did not tell us his name, though. we're told the lieutenant failed to send the paramedics to help a
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boy choking just a few blocks away. he sent a paramed from farther away. the boy died. the d.c. firefighters union say the allegations are unfair. >> one could assume the closest unit was being selected properly. >> there say call for a choking child that's three blocks away get out of the station and get there. >> lieutenant was posted at the tentlytown station. he will face a board for disciplinary action in this case. this morning, we're watching for a full court press on capitol hill to try to win senators over in the iran deal. secretary of state john kerry, secretary of defense ash carter chairman of the joint chiefs dempsey and the secretary of energy also testifying at say hearing. the deal gives iran economic relief in exchange for proof that its nuclear program is peaceful. it comes as a new poll shows
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that over half americans don't like the deal. also today, president obama's new pick to run the transportation security administration will face tough questions from lawmakers. peter messenger just took off this month, is already dealing with the fallout from a june report on tsa failures. that report found screeners missed wednesday and restricted items 95% of the time during the investigation by the department of homeland security. also just this week, a man made it through security and on to a plane in dallas without a ticket. the federal government is investigating how the arlington county jail cares for deaf inmates. according to court doubts, the department of justice is launching an investigation after a deaf inmate filed a lawsuit earlier this year. this man said that he spent weeks in veil before he was provided with an interpreter. the inmate's lawsuit is being put on hold during the investigation. the jail has defended its treatment of deaf inmates. the search is on for two gunmen who held up at least three people.
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the armed robberies happened early yesterday morning in upper northwest washington in the chevy chase area. a woman attacked described what happened. she asked us not to show her face. >> a guy was coming up behind me. i was listening to a book on tape. i didn't hear him approach me. he grabbed me like a bear hug from behind. i was like, what's this? >> police say as many as two gunmen assaulted three victims demanding phones and wallets. 5:07 we're expected to hear more about tom brady's four-game suspension for the deflate wtae. this is the cover of the "the boston herald" after commissioner goodell upheld the ruling. now we're waiting to hear from patriots coach bill belichick. patriots quarterback tom brady will sit out the game's first four games of the season. the investigation found that he
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was, quote, at least generally aware of several underinflated footballs during the patriots afc championship win earlier this year. in a ruling goodell also found that brady destroyed his cell phone before meeting with investigators. angie goff will have a building collapse killing several people. taking a look outside, on a hot day it's very hot and humid out there. 75 degrees. feels hotter than that. aaron? >> yes. >> okay.
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i'm angie goff at the live desk. we've got a frantic scene out of india we're following. take a look at this. debrises and crumbled concrete after a two-story building collapses. they're looking for anyone still strapped in this rubble. we know ten people are confirmed
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dead. many others being treated in the hospital for their injuries. the building had been in bad shape for years and is believed to have finally given in following a string of days filled with heavy rain. we will continue to keep an eye on it and the death toll, back to you. 5:12 is our time right now. we want to get you up to speed on today's very hot forecast. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tells us what to expect. tom, what can we do about this? >> wait have some patience. lower humidity is coming. i'll tell you when that will arrive at 5:21. prince william stratford, spotsylvania, cullpepperculpepper. shenandoah valley. caution for midsometime. but by the afternoon, caution again for possibility of spafgpassing thunder showers.
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and by the afternoon mid-90s. >> a couple problems this morning. including one that tom was talking about. here we go 66 at the beltway, we do have that fog there. remember inbound, that x lane shut down between nutley street and the beltway. in bethesda, bradley boulevard at huntington parkway shut down. 95 and 198 looking good there in maryland. and then a mass overall nice and green there. a desperate plea from a son for his missing father. but why is he still planning on playing in this week's quicken loans national tournament. outrage after a dentist killed a popular lion in africa
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5:17 is your time right now. you're in for a mess if you are driving into d.c. from virginia. a lane is closed on 66. we'll have more from that. first kristin wright live on the highway. >> reporter: good morning this is major delays this morning. we're talking about, again, i-66, northern virginia. i want to show you exactly where, we're driving live right now. eastbound side of 66 between nutley street and the beltway. the right shoulder is going to be closed this morning for road repairs. it's the -- when i say the shoulder, it means the lane that people usually drive to get into the city. it's about a 2 1/2-mile stretch. there are cones lined upright now. it is closed. and what it means is that traffic is going to be down to just the two regular lanes and the one hov lane. so just know that things are going to be slow.
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they're doing some road repairs. and watch "news4 today" for the latest here and how it looks. back to you. and i'm really turning to you guys and asking for help. >> an emotional cry for help from pro bowler and leesburg native billy hurry iii who is looking for his missing father. this weekend is supposed to be an exciting time for the golfer playing in the quicken loans tournament in town. he's asking for your help to find his father. his father's name is bill hurley. he tacked up about ten days ago and no one has seen him since. the golfer said he will play this weekend in hopes that his missing dad will reach out. >> if he goes to to check my tee times and check my scores and sees this and understands that dad, we love
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you. >> police say bill hurley used a credit card to buy gas in woodstock, virginia the day he left home. july 16th. he also stayed in a hotel in arkansas. if you have any information police would like to hear from you. the naacp and fairfax students wants name of the school changed. they discussed putting together a petition that proposed changing the name to thurgood marshall. stewart was a confederate general. the students' petition efforts started before the south carolina church shooting that prompted calls to remove confederate flag memorials from around the country. today, you can buy a piece of maryland's history. the barbara fritchie house in downtown frederick is scheduled for the auction block this morning. it's a replica of the original home. she became a legend in the civil war era for standing up to a
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confederate soldier and refusing to put down her flag. she was 91 years old at the time. keep a close eye on older friends and nanseighbors this summer. older adults are more likely to suffer from heatstroke. if your older neighbors don't have air conditioning, encourage them to go to a senior center or a shopping mall to stay cool. also news4 your health. a phone call could help you control your diabetes. researchers found telephone counseling have been highly effective in lowering blood sugar. they found four phone calls a year to check on patients with diabetes help patients stay up to date with treatment. this morning we're getting proof that there's no business like show business. a deer with dramatic flair crashed the signature theater in
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arlington. a publicist said the deer entered by jumping on to a loading dock. they were able to shoo the deer down the sidewalk. the deer was not hurt. probably just wanted to audition. >> makes perfect sense ooh i can do that. 5:21, our time right now a live look at -- oh -- a live look outside for you this morning. clouds and fog and haze. >> is that a technical term tom, ooh -- >> yeah hash tag ugg. that's a live view from our tower camera. we have patchy, dense fog if you run into that, definitely slow down and use your low beams. most of that fog, east county is in gray. shenandoah valley prince
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william culpepper orange county, visible down here down to quarter mile or less. this is in effect until 9:00 this morning. that feels like temperature when you add the humidity to the air temperature is going to feel like 100 this afternoon. weather alert day tomorrow. it will feel like 103 or so tomorrow afternoon. with storms coming through. then low humidity moves in. more comfortable feels like temperatures in the 90s on friday and saturday. right now, with the humidity high and that patchy fog now, it's hovering near 70, most of the rural areas. closer to the beltway and nearby areas low 70s. and today climbing up to around 90 degrees. a lot of humidity around and a passing thunder shower possible this afternoon. then on thursday, likely afternoon storms. some of those storms could produce some damaging winds. and before then reaching the mid-90s. then that lower humidity arrives. that's going to be coming in on thursday evening. and in place on friday. a much more comfortable day. even though it's going to be in
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the low to mid-90s, it will feel more comfortable with with lower humidity lots of sunshine friday. then on saturday, partly cloudy, a little more humid. but still just moderate humidity, not the sweltering humidity we have now. another hot day on saturday into the mid-90s. the seven-day forecast into sunday a bit cooler. moderate humidity continues on monday and tuesday with highs in the low 90s. i'm working on new hour-by-hour storm timing to be coming in shortly. and i'll show you that coming up at 5:31. melissa, what's going on on the roads? right now, i have two new crashes. first of all, the inner loop at st. barnabas road, left lane blocked because of an accident. 270 at montgomery village, that part looks fine, but southbound a brand-new report of crash with injury there. trying to get more information on that one. 66 inbound remember that x lane that right lane shut doan
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between nutley street and the beltway. two mile stretch going to be closed. bethesda, bradley boulevard and huntington parkway. that's is shut down for the morning and evening commutes as they make repairs for the water main break. you can take river road or old georgetown. you just don't want that section of bradley boulevard. back in ten minutes. there is a lot of outrage on social media aimed at a dentist from minnesota who killed cecil the lion. cecil is the most revered lion in system backzimbabwe. walter palmer said he hired professionals, local hunting guides apparently lured cecil out of the park where he was protected. some reports say palmer paid more than $50,000 to go on that hunt. there's been so much backlash for killing cecil, that palmer closed the doors to his dental
5:25 am
practice. people are flooding him with negative reviews. the yelp rating and things on facebook as well. so he shut down that page for his practice. in the day ahead, the united nations will decide whether to set up an international criminal court do prosecute the people who shot down a plane. all 298 people on malaysia airlines flight mh-17 died when a missile hit it and the plane crashed last year. that plane was flying over ukraine at the time. ukrainian leaders say rebel forces carried out that attack. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a large tree to fall and land on eight kids, critically hurting two of them. the accident happened yesterday afternoon at a children's museum in pasadena, california that's near the rose bowl. the kids were there for a summer camp. they range in ages from 6 to 8 years old.
5:26 am
the child said he heard a crack and saw a glimpse of the tree falling down. the kids ran in every direction. and a 7-month-old baby is in critical condition this morning after being left in a hot car in illinois. police say the mother of the child thought her boyfriend had taken the baby out of the car while she attended a meeting near chicago. she returned to the car several hours later. the child was not breathing. firefighters managed to revive the baby. we learned sorted new details about the manipulation and misconduct in the runup to the escape by two prisons in upstate morning. yesterday, we watched joyce mitchell the worker who helped two inmates escape. now she reveals details. she said she was caught in a fantasy and enjoyed the attention. she sent them nude photos and performed sex is acts with one of them.
5:27 am
her husband says he still stands by his wife. >> i love her. it's time now and we're looking at hour-by-hour storm timing for 5:41. and new reaction to a story you saw first on 4 about a brand-new police station e
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"news4 today."
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good morning to you. i'm yng eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today." hot hazy, humid, all of that stuff. check out the temperatures as we look outside as we get ready for day two of the heat wave. >> that is not all we're seeing. let's check in with tom kierein now with a chance of storms. tom, what's going on? >> we can't see a lot of-if you're in fog, visibility down to quarter mile in prince william stafford spotsylvania, orange and culpepper. that dense fog is around until 9:00. watch out for that elsewhere. a little ground fog around the metro area. later today some thunder showers may come into the mountains and shenandoah valley around 2:00. this is similar timing to what we had yesterday between 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., they could get closer to the metro area. out of the mountains those areas in orange and red. then after that by around 6:00 7:00 p.m., you might get a few
5:31 am
of those showers and thunder showers coming through the metro area. then by late evening, they're mostly all gone. we are seeing some of that fog around, melissa, a couple accidents. >> seeing that fog. now look at this problem, montgomery village avenue, we're starting to see slowdowns here. this of course is because of the crash i told you a couple minutes ago, southbound at 270. we are seeing yellow here. sounds like the crash is getting off to the shoulder now, but still slowing things down quite a bit. 66 that "x" lane shut down between the beltway, and you're losing that lane around 66. 95 virginia, prince william parkway, no problems there. bethesda bradley boulevard at huntington, remember we're shut down this morning as we take repairs. river road old georgetown will get you around. coming up on 5:32, frightening details how a man tried to use money to entice a
5:32 am
girl in virginia. in herndon parkway. police say a young girl was at a bus stop when a man approached her and offered her to wash dishes at his house. first he offered her $100, then $200. he said a boy that the girl knew lived at the house. the girl said she was uncomfortable and tried to run away. listen what happened next. >> he did put his hand on her shoulder, it was at that point that the juvenile broke free and ran home. >> police said they've made progress identifying the suspect but no one has been arrested yet. after weeks of heavy focus on donald trump contentious issues including abortion, iran and energy are suddenly taking center stage. senator ted cruz is pushing that deal hard with iran saying it could lead to millions of deaths. hillary clinton is pressed on the keystone pipeline and said she will wait to comment on whether or not the obama decides to build it.
5:33 am
and rand paul came out swinging after a video allegedly shows a doctor discussing fetal tissue donation. >> we should stop once and for all any money going to planned parenthood. >> republican candidates are fighting hard for a last-minute bump in the polls. only 10 out of the 16 candidates will receive first spots in the debate. the president left yesterday just after a speech in front of the african union. that's the video you see here. he's the first american president to addressing the group. and he did pull any punches. he called for more work to fight corruption and extreme poverty. and he pressed for human rights changes. we have more on a story you saw first on 4. the prince george's police station in ft. washington will not open for another year even know completed in a month. opening a station requires a
5:34 am
staff of 50 police officers and 7 civilians. executive baker said the county just can't afford it right now. >> because of the budget cuts, it takes police officers from other areas throughout the county and staffers. and that will be unfair to the other districts out there prince george's county. >> if district 7 station does not open, there is concern that prince george's police force will not be able to handle the demand. it will be stretched thin once the mgm casino opens next year. montgomery schools is going to prioritize which schools will be expanded. the school admits the system they use is flawed. it says overcrowding was not considered. montgomery county says a new list will be created by october. leesburg police now investigating a truck that they say belongs to a hit-and-run suspect. place say they found jose pablo
5:35 am
orlando reyes hit a man when he pulled out of a parking spot on monday. that man is in critical condition. police have not said where he think reyes is right now. a new medical device to help you lose weight. federal regulators approved reshape balloon tim to treat obesity. doctors insert a medical balloon into your stomach and fill it with saline to take up space. it's an alternative to gastric banding that shrinks the size of your stomach. new developments for two florida teens who vanished in the middle of a fishing trip. why friends and family are starting to lose hope. and a landmark in the district will soon be much shorter. looking live outside. and a peek at where we work this
5:36 am
morning. you can see a little haze there in the shot. what will it be like when you leave?
5:37 am
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
5:38 am
a community now effectively mourning two teenagers who are lost at sea. take a look here. this is is a vigil th neighbors in jupp sister, florida held for austin
5:39 am
stephanos and perry cohen last night. crews found their capsized boat 170 miles from where they started. the coast guard and the navy are searching for those teens right now. the lincoln memorial, the washington monument, the white house well, apparently all of those icons will be six inches lower in the coming years. that's according to a new study that says land under d.c. and the chesapeake rege will be fall six more inches over the next hundred years. the researchers say the land is settling due to a prehistoric ice sheet melting. six inches in 100 years. we have a while in our lifetime to enjoy it. but we don't want it to go underground completely. >> plenty of time to plan for that. coming up at 5:40 we want to get you up to speed on the forecast. the chance of storms, tom? >> yeah we've got dense fog, too.
5:40 am
forming in prince william culpepper, stafford, orange. central shenandoah valley, parts of the northern valley, points of visibility have dropped down to near zero to just a quarter mile. watch out for that. walking to the metro and waiting for the bus this morning, you'll have dry walkways. a steamy morning in the upper 70s. have the umbrella ready. might have a thunder shower during the afternoon. generally around 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. hot and humid afternoon is on the way. so you want to do what you can to stay cool today. you may need that umbrella later today. also the sunblock, sunglasses, you're heading to the pool. you'll be comfortable in short sleeves all day long. a look at when this humidity finally gets out of here next weather and traffic on the 1s on 5:51. melissa, what's going on? >> breaking news on the roadways. 270 montgomery village avenue a two-mile backup because of an
5:41 am
earlier crash. i just spoke to police it's now off to the left side. i have to say in the past 30 seconds or so it's started to look a lot better especially passing montgomery village avenue. remember, 66 inbound, x lane closed between nutley street and the beltway because of road work happening there. one less lane this morning. 270 south from germantown to the beltway taking you longer. 18 minutes. top of the beltway, i-95, 270 ten minutes. 66 inbound from fairfax to the parkway, 16 minutes 95 north from quantico to the parkway taking you 26 minutes. 66 westbound at nutley street have two left lanes because of the crash that just popped up. again, the eastbound lane in that area has just two lanes. remember to listen to our friends at wtop 105 fm when you hop in the car. she called 911 in a desperate effort to save his life. why did the operator not only
5:42 am
refuse to help but hung up on her? >> it's a story that will you looking twice on your morning
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:45. right now, traffic is building on eastbound i-66. the "x" lane is closed between nutley and the beltway. ddot crews are making emergency repairs to one of the overhead signs there. we have news4's kristin wright headed in that direction. also with melissa mollet with first 4 traffic. when you encounter the dense fog, definitely slow down, use your low beams. might have a deer dart out in front of you. watch out for pedestrians in the dense fog that we have around. we have in these areas in gray here on the storm team 4 map showing up now. these counties in gray, in northern virginia, have this in effect until 9:00.
5:46 am
>> we're slow because of an earlier crash and another issue westbound at nutley two left lanes blocked box of a new crash. we're following a developing story in the district right now. new from overnight police are looking into four new robberies including three at gunpoint. they all started after midnight. police are already looking for two armed gunmen wanted in in connection with three robberies yesterday morning. those incidents happened in upper northwest near chevy chase. the woman who was attacked said she was listening to a book and did not hear the man approach her. she asked us not to show her face. >> then he had a very small pistol in one hand that he wasn't really pointing at me but he just kind of had it loosely on his side. then with his other hand he was trying to pull my backpack off. >> police a as many as two gunmen assaulted victims. they stole phones and wallets. >> he's barely breathing how
5:47 am
many [ bleep ] do i have to tell you? >> you know what, ma'am? you can deal with it yourself. i'm not going to. >> this morning a 911 operator on administrative leave after hanging up on a call here was trying to keep a 17-year-old gunshot women alive. you can hear the teen trying to help her friend. the dispatcher became frustrated and abruptly hung up the phone after the caller cursed. an ambulance eventually arrived there, but the teen did not survive. the albuquerque fire chief has launched an investigation. that teen's mother just wants to know how this could have happened. >> i just don't understand. i don't understand why he did what he did. and it's just very very upsetting. >> when asked whether there are any other calls where the dispatcher responded to a caller in his manner, a fire department spokesman said that is part of the investigation. this morning, four sitting uggs senators will testify at a high profile hearing on how
5:48 am
congress can help stop campus sexual assaults. senators mccaskill dean, heller and hillebrand and kelly ayotte will all take questions from their colleagues on the senate education label. homeland security's janet napolitano will also speak. also today, president obama's new pick to run the transportation safety organization will face tough questions from lawmakers. peter messenger just took office this month and is also dealing with the june report on tsa failures. that report found screeners missed weapons and restricted items 95% of the time, during an investigation by the department of homeland security. also just this week, a man made it through security and on to a plane in dallas without a ticket. lawmakers are also taking the issue of how to handle the terror group isis and how it treats women. we've heard horror stories about
5:49 am
forced marriage and rape. as well as the efforts to recruit women only. one of the recruits a professor who teaches international affairs. right now, a florida man is in custody after being accused of trying to bomb a beach. police said he told an fbi source in a recorded call that he planned to bury a backpack bomb on a beach and set it off with a cell phone. the attorney says the charges are overblown. >> he's not a violent jihadist. he is not a member of isis. he is a cuban-american kid who may be troubled may be confused. >> the attorney said he was distraught. he's due back in court next monday. developing today, reaction now pouring in online about patriots quarterback tom brady and the deflate-gate scandal. brady's four-game suspension is official. take a look at "the boston herald" cover. a big picture of goodell who
5:50 am
upheld that decision. it says "goodell goes to war." we'll also hear from patriots coach bill belichick in his first press conference in the team's training camp. the investigation found that brady was, quote, at least generally aware of several underdeflated footballs during the patriots afc championship game this year. also there are reports that brady destroyed his cell phone before investigation. if nothing changes brady will sit out the team's first four games. i'm zachary kiesch here. 6:00 a.m. is usually when the party ends, but it's just getting started here. check this out, this is called day breaker. it's a flip on the typical rave. these guys are getting ready to do yoga. and at 7:00 they're going it do a dance party.
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it's a better way to party. no drugs, no alcohol. coffee, tea, juice will be served here. it's for millennials but open to all ages starts at 6:00 and will go for a couple hours. >> thank you. let's check in with melissa with breaking news. >> good morning, guys. we still have this problem 66 inbound. that "x" lane shut down from nutley street to the beltway. we're talking about a four-mile backup this morning. it's very slow there. westbound at nutley, the two left lanes blocked because of an accident. still seeing slowdowns both sides of 66 at nutley. 270, montgomery village avenue and the crash at 370 that's now out of the way. wide look at the beltway. no major problems. bethesda, bradley is still shut down at huntington parkway through the morning and evening rush river road, old
5:52 am
georgetown. you just don't want to hit that bradley situation this morning. prince george's looking quite good. let's turn to tom kierein, we want to get you up to speed on the forecast. we know it's hot, we know it's humid. now, you're going to add in maybe a little storm factor? >> you don't want to talk to me. you don't want to hear it. >> what happened for this time of year? it's kind of yucky out there. >> we call these the dog days of summer. everybody is growling about it. >> just don't bite anybody all right? >> yeah, right. this morning we've got fog to growl about. in the counties in gray. prince william, stafford, culpepper and orange county. also the counties in shenandoah valley, 9:00 o'clock, minimum visibility. feels like temperatures, it will feel like 100 this afternoon. and it may peak at 103 tomorrow.
5:53 am
weather alert, due to the higher offense of the humidity and heat and storms tomorrow. then the lower humidity arrives on friday. so it's a much more reasonable feels like temperature. it may climb a bit on saturday. right now, it is muggy and mild. we're in the mid to upper 70s around the bay. most of the metro area and the suburbs where we have fog, it's right near 70 shenandoah valley, most of the locations upper 60s and low 70s. storm team 4 radar, we don't have any more showers around now but they may be arriving later today. morning fog. mid-70s then by noon time partly cloudy the mid-80s. extreme heat up around 90. we have a 30% chance of a passing turn shower.hunder shower. later this afternoon and evening. mainly just south of the metro area. storm team 4 forecast, tomorrow a weather alert day due to the higher heat and humidity. and the chances of afternoon
5:54 am
storms on thursday which may produce some damaging winds during the afternoon. we're going to get that drier air pushing into the humidity creating the storms. the lower humidity in place on friday. it's going to be hot in the afternoon. still hot, humid on saturday but not sweltering. then hot and humid sunday, monday, tuesday. 5:54 now. today, the newest version of windows is here. you can download windows 10 for free if you're using windows 8 right now. there's no windows 9. the new operating system changes several things including adding an actual start button again. you can use desktop and tablet modes. and quintana is also in the system. we found that she's not a friend of siri. if you're just getting the new windows isn't enough, there's actually a windows 10 launch party in our area today. you can get that, at the
5:55 am
microsoft store in tysons corners is showing off demos and you can meet world cup champion ali krieger if you're one of the first 170 in line at the store. microsoft said you can get in line starting at 7:00. 5:55. drone zones. that is the plan being proposed by the world biggest online store. cnbc's morgan brennan is joining us. >> good morning. amazon wants to one-day drop by drones. the company is proposing drone zones for high-speed flying machines between 200 and 400 feet off the ground for added safety, amazon's plan also includes a 100-foot no-fly zone just above that, as a buffer between drones and other types of aircraft. the faa is expected to finalize the rules for commercial drones next year. meanwhile, more pain in the
5:56 am
oil patch. chevron is laying off 1500 workers or 2% of its global staff as it cuts costs to offsociety falling oil prices. most of the layoffs will be in it if where chevron is developing land to drill for shell oil. oil prices are down more than 50% in the past year on concerns of oversupplies. of course that it's good for folks paying at the pumps. police want to know what led to a pepper spray incident on a metrobus in the district. crews rushed six people on the bus to the hospital. this happened at georgia and irving streets in northwest yesterday afternoon. the bus was going from silver springs to the national archives. and people complained about trouble breathing and their eyes stinging. the story you heard first on news4, you may be riding in a metro train with asbestos.
5:57 am
a small amount is contained in the heater at the front and back of each of 1000 series railcars. the metro said the asbestos is outside the cabin and is not access about to requires. there are 280 cars still running now and the people we talked to said this is something they'll be looking for. >> i'll be looking to see which cars. >> i'll be avoiding those as much as possible. >> metro is working with a contractor to remove the asbestos. metro says the asbestos pose no, sir health risks. all 1000 series cars are being phased out as the 7000 series cars are coming online. we're watching a trouble spot that could be a long commute this morning. fairfax county crews have roads closed right now. why the work has to be
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. right now -- drivers in northern virginia dealing with a stressful commute. you're looking live at the backups that are starting here. the problem that will keep one lane on i-66 shut down through the morning rush. the video of the accident scene, to show you just how violent the crash was. take a look at that car there.
6:00 am
looks like the roof was ripped off. what we're learning about this crash that left a man dead in montgomery county. but first, storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the conditions you'll be dealing with over the next few hours. not so great, tom. >> yeah, we've got some dense fog around. so yeah use the low beams and slow down because you won't be able to see pedestrians or maybe even a deer jumping out in front of you. the densest fog in these county gray, prince william, spotsylvania culpepper and counties as well, shenandoah valley. visibility down to quarter mile, even zero in shenandoah valley. south down 95 and up 66. there is one of the tower cameras where you can actually see the ground a few minutes in. it was socked in by fog. low 80s by 10:00, by noon tim


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